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  1. Again, it's sad to see the show get unfair treatment and stuff. As for finding their next big hit, Nickelodeon just needs to be more patient. As for a couple of seasons, I thought SpongeBob was already a hit by it's second or third season? It's not the end of the world for CH as maybe another channel can pick him his new, eventual ideas instead.
  2. I actually can't wait to see how this turns out. Do you guys have any opinions on the release date?
  3. abisert

    ask werky

    What are your goals in life?
  4. It looks like a kinda big change. Just as long I can get used to it, I'm good.
  5. Can I be on it too? I'm fairly active.
  6. Welcome to SBC. Enjoy your stay.
  7. So, this is how college/univeristy is like? Does it get easy or comfortable overtime or? As of my current situation, I'm going back in September, and let me just say I'm against my school. I would rather transfer. This can probably go along with this:
  8. I've signed up for SBC/SBM, and a lot of other forums for my fandoms. I'm not into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media.
  9. Ah, how good is it? How speedy is it? How old is your computer?
  10. abisert

    Burger King

    Well, lucky you. I get Burger King at least once a week, and I have to eat the 10 piece nuggets. It tastes decent, but not that tasty, so it feels like a lot eating all of those nuggets. So for that, I much prefer McDonald's chicken nuggets over Burger King's, though I think Burger King's fries are superior, or maybe that's just me.
  11. I have Windows Vista (32 bit, and I have the Home Premium version to be exact) for my computer. I had Windows 7 too, but my computer had to be wiped, and degraded back to Vista last year. Vista is okay, and I'm very used to it. Unfortunately, it feels slow, and when it does, doing something on the computer feels like a chore, rather than just doing it. Although, it might be hidden viruses, dirty registry, or not powerful enough computer (even though the speed was good when my computer was picked up back to the my house) I only use my family computer, and my family doesn't have plans to upgrade in the meantime, although it should since Vista is losing support next April. If my computer had a complete revamp, it wouldn't be necessary to upgrade.
  12. Classic cheese pizza, even though pepperoni pizza can be good too.
  13. I've had close online friendships over the course of the past three years. Some stayed, and some I lost contact with. I do have a few close friends in real life at school, but thinking about it, they don't seem different: only in terms of communication, which they makes them two different things, or groups.
  14. #sbc2016 #makesbcgreatagain #cantrustsbm
  15. When I think of time travel, I always like the opportunity to observe what it was like when I was much younger. Older eras like 90s/80s and so forth would be interesting too. But, time travel seems like a very impossible thing to do, so it's unlikely. I'm also wonder about time travel and the future.
  16. I'm feeling okay right now. Just normal, nothing big.
  17. McDonald's or Burger King's.
  18. I'm mostly a introvert. I can extroverted sometimes
  19. Lots of good episodes coming out, especially SpongeBob Longpants and Larry's Gym. I hope they keep it up.
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