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  1. I watched this today On Demand and i have a feeling that it might become my favorite SpongeBob episode.
  2. Hi Guys.Today is friend DenMark's birthday (he's turning 12).So,i made this drawing using Windows Paint.
  3. My favorite episode of this marathon would be "The Crepes of Wrath" P.S "Shoplifting is a victimless crime,like punching someone in the dark" -Nelson (S7 E11)
  4. Which one is your favorite? Mine is Tiki
  5. Here are my top five Nicktoons _________________________ 1.SpongeBob Squarepants 2.Making Fiends 3.CatDog 4.Hey Arnold! 5.The Fairy OddParents
  6. Episode 5:Surfing Contest (Part 1) _________________________________________________________________________ It was one sunny morning when Bob and Patrick visited Goo Lagoon.Patrick couldn't wait to show Bob his surfing skills.On the walk there,they saw Mr Krabs enjoying a hamburger at the Snack Bar.They also saw Squidward tanning,and Sandy was weight-lifting with Larry the Lobster. "Why is Sandy wearing a astronaut suit?" asked Bob "It's not.Her suit contains air so she can breathe outside" answered Patrick "Right" said Bob Bob set up the beach chairs and asked if Patrick was ready to surf. "Yeah,i am.You should watch the master" said Patrick "I doubt that" Scooter said as he appeared out of nowhere "What do you mean" asked Bob "I've seen him surf many times and he always failed like that guy i know who never passes his boating test" Scooter said "Well,i can do it right." said Patrick "Alright.Show me" said Scooter Patrick started by surfing on his belly.When he was ready,he got up and surf on his feet and said "See,Bob?I'm doing it!".When a big wave came,Scooter said "He can't ever survive that wave".Unfortunately,he was right as saw Patrick wiped out from that wave. "Patrick,are you okay?" Bob asked as he ran to Patrick "I'm not okay" Patrick said with a sad face "I told you he's a idiot at surfing.He should just stick to golf." Scooter said as started laughing "That's not true.I challenge you against him with a surfing contest on Saturday at noon." said Bob "How?I'm just gonna win by a landslide" said Scooter "I will teach him.By the time the surfing contest starts,he will be ready." said Bob "Fine,i'll be there" Scooter said as he shook Bob's hand "Don't worry,Patrick.I'm gonna teach you alot and you're gonna kick his butt at that contest" Bob said ______________________________________________________________________
  7. Today,i went to my school orientation.It was good seeing some of my friends from 5th there.I really hope that i can have a blast this school year (which is next Tuesday).Anyways,i would like to ask people who already started school if they're doing fine.
  8. If this was in my town,i'd start going here more than McDonalds.
  9. Wow,I've never seen someone who loves this show so much,That's nice.How about i cheer you up with a good old Simpsons quote? "No children have ever meddled with the Republican party and lived to tell about it?" -Sideshow Bob (S6 E5)
  10. Do you like my new profile picture?

  11. Episode 4:Two Friendships ________________________________________________________________________ It was one sunny day when Bob came outside to hang out with Patrick.When he got to him,he saw him reading a letter. "Patrick,what are you reading?" asked Bob "I'm reading a letter from my friend,Sandy" answered Patrick "Why haven't you told me about her?" said Bob "Sandy gave me a letter saying that she's back from her family reunion in Texas." said Patrick "Texas?That's impossible" said Bob "No Bob,you don't understand.She's actually a squirrel from Texas.She lives here to do research on inhabitants." explained Patrick "So,all she does is that?" asked Bob "Well,not quite." answered Patrick "Oh.That because i-" said Bob "Hey,we're at Sandy's" said Patrick as he pointed out that treedome "What a nice house.But,why a treedome" asked Bob "The treedome is filled with air.She wouldn't survive here without air." answered Patrick "Also,you might need a water helmet so you can survive in there." said Patrick as put a helmet on Bob "Now,let's knock the door" Patrick said as he walked toward the door.Patrick knocked the door and Sandy opened it. "Hi Patrick,who's your friend?" asked Sandy "This is my new friend Bob.He moved in while you were gone" said Patrick "Well,hello Bob.It's nice to meet you.Come on in,guys." said Sandy The treedome looked like a forest inside.Patrick was right about how there was air in it.They saw a large oak tree which is supposed to be Sandy's house.There was also a picnic table in front of it. "It's beautiful" Bob said as he couldn't stop staring "Why,thank you.Lets continue our chat at the picnic table,shall we? asked Sandy "Okay" which both Patrick and Bob said *scene bubbles* "Bob,tell about yourself" said Sandy "I was born on a cold Thrusday night,and i was charging through." said Bob "No,not that.Tell me your interests" said Sandy "Well,i do like reading novels" said Bob "Me too.I have quite a few novels in my bookcase" said Sandy "I also like to do karate" said Bob "Me too.Maybe we can play a quick game of karate" said Sandy "Sure.But,i forgot to pack my karate gloves.I rarely do karate these days.But,maybe i can do it again this time" Bob said "Here are some spare karate gloves i keep" said Sandy as she gave him gloves To start the game,Sandy gave a karate chop to Bob.To attack her back,Bob has tried to make a kick,but was stopped by Sandy,who gave Bob a massive strike to blow Bob away "Well,i'll be going if you need me" Patrick said as he went out. When he was walking to his home,he was thinking. "I felt so left out there.Maybe i start doing karate again.Nah,not after that accident of mine.Maybe i'll find something me and Bob can do tomorrow" Patrick thought in his mind *scene bubbles* The next day,Bob was going out of his house to hang out at the Treedome when Patrick stopped him saying "Hey Bob.How about we start the day by going Jellyfishing?". "I can't,Patrick.I'm going to Sandy's for karate." Bob said "Cmon,Bob.Just one quick game" said Patrick "No,Patrick" said Bob "Bob,i expected you to come minutes ago.What happened?" said Sandy "Well,he decided to come with me to Jellyfish" Patrick said "But,i think he wants to hang out with me!" said Sandy as she tried to hold Bob's hand "Which is translated for,he wants to stay with me" Patrick said as he hold Bob's other hand The two kept on fighting until Bob stopped them "Hey!!" Bob said to stop the fight "Patrick,i know you started this fight.Why?" asked Bob "Because i was feeling left out,i thought i was gonna lose you." Patrick explained "So in this case,you're right and wrong." said Sandy "What does that mean?!?" Patrick asked "You're right because we should had paid more attention,and you're wrong because you could've spoken to us if you feeling that way" Sandy said "Oh.I'm sorry all of this happened.Maybe we can all be friends." Patrick asked "That's a great idea.How about going to the Krusty Krab to eat?" said Bob "Sure!" which was both said by Patrick and Sandy After that,the threesome went to the Krusty Krab and hanged out-together. ______________________________________________________________________
  12. Episode 3:Jellyfishing ________________________________________________________________________ This episode first takes place at the Krusty Krab.We see Bob finishing up a Krabby Patty so he can give it to Squidward. "Here you go,Squidward.One Krabby Patty." said Bob as handed the patty to him. "Thanks,Bob" Squidward said "Did anyone order one Krabby Patty" asked Squidward "I did" said Fred Rechid "Oh.Here you go,Fred" Squidward said "Thank you,and here's your tip" said Fred Rechid "Thank you again" said Squidward as he put the money in the register "Attention Krusty Krew.It is now lunch break." said Mr Krabs through the speakerbox "Yay,lunch break.I think Patrick told me to meet him in the back" Bob said as he went outside. "Patrick,where are you" Bob asked "I'm right here" Patrick answered as he was holding a net "Are we gonna catch butterflies?" Bob asked "No,Bob.We're gonna go Jellyfishing!" Patrick answered "What's Jellyfishing,Patrick?' Bob asked "We'll see when we get there" Patrick said *scene bubbles* "This is Jellyfish Fields,home of the Jellyfish!" Patrick shouted "Wow,amazing" Bob said as he looked at the Jellyfish "Jellyfishing is easy,Bob.All you need to do is to try to get a Jellyfish and release it." Patrick explained "I think you explained everything.So,do you have a spare net?" Bob said "Nope.Only this one" Patrick said as he handed the net to him "Try to catch that one." Patrick said as he spotted a Jellyfish "Okay!" Bob said as he ran for the Jellyfish Patrick ran after Bob and said "Look out for that rock!!" "Ahhh!!!" said Bob as he tripped over the rock The jellyfish that Bob was catching stinged him and he said "Ouch". "Bob,are you okay?" asked Patrick as he got Bob up "Yeah" said Bob sadly "Cheer up,Bob.You were just running too fast.Let's find another one" said Patrick *scene bubbles* "Try to get that one,Bob" said Patrick as he founded another one "Are you sure that's impossible to catch?" asked Bob as he saw a very big jellyfish "That's Queen Jellyfish.Run!!" Patrick shouted Bob and Patrick started screaming as they ran from Queen Jellyfish and ran until they found a cliff. "Where do we go?" asked Bob "I don't know. said Patrick "Well,make up your mind!Queen Jellyfish is about to catch on to us" said Bob "Let's just fall off the cliff!!" said Patrick "On the count of three.One,two,three!" said Bob Bob and Patrick started screaming again as they fell down,and landed safely.After they got down,a jellyfish that came out of nowhere got into Bob's net. "Look,Patrick.I got a jellyfish!" said Bob "That's good.I knew you would finally catch one.I think your used to Jellyfishing now,right?" Patrick asked "Yep." Bob answered "Look,it's Mr Krabs" Patrick said "Bob,lunch break ended five minutes ago.Customers are waiting!" Mr Krabs said "Alright,Mr Krabs.I'll come" Bob said "So, do you wanna jellyfish again tomorrow?" asked Patrick "You betcha,and i want to catch more of these tomorrow" said Bob as he released the jellyfish from his net. ______________________________________________________________________
  13. Yay!! My spin-off made it on the board.I want to thank everyone who read it.
  14. "Oh,it won't come down for months.Curse the man who invented helium.Curse Pierre Jules Cesar Janssan" -Principal Skinner (S6 E14)
  15. Episode 2:A Krusty New Job ___________________________________________________________________________ At 7:00 A.M,the clock rang and Bob woke up.He went to do his normal routine and went outside to greet Patrick. "Good Morning,Patrick!" said Bob "Good Morning,Bob.Are you ready to show Mr Krabs your the one for the job?" asked Patrick "Well,i do feel kinda nervous,but yeah" answered Bob "Do you have your spatula with you?" asked Patrick "Yep,right here." said Bob as he got his spatula "Alright,you're ready for the job.Now go out there and show them what you got." said Patrick "Yeah!" said Bob "I'm ready,i'm ready!" said Bob as he ran down the road to the Krusty Krab When Bob got to the Krusty Krab,he saw a guy making a burger to Mr Krabs.Also he saw a squid with his nametag saying "Squidward". "Hi,you must be Squidward.My name is Bob.It's nice to finally meet you." said Bob "Hi Bob.I heard you were the guy who moved into that pineapple." said Squidward "Yep,that's me" said Bob as he made a wide smile" said Bob "Right" said Squidward After Bob and Squidward's chat ended,the guy came out of the kitchen with a patty and let Mr Krabs taste it. "Blech!" said Mr Krabs "That's disgusting.Next!" said Mr Krabs "Hi Mr Krabs.My name is Bob.I saw your commercial on T.V" admitted Bob "Okay.Here are the list of ingredients to help you.You bought a spatula,right? said Mr Krabs "Yeah,and i'm ready to cook!" said Bob Bob went to the kitchen and hoped he would do it right.After 5 or 6 minutes,he finally got out. "Here you go,Mr Krabs" said Bob "Thank you,Bob" said Mr Krabs Mr Krabs tasted the patty and had a smile on his face "Wow,this is delicious.Your hired!" said Mr Krabs "Yippe!" said Bob "Thank you so much!" said Bob "Maybe,you can start by making a patty for that customer coming in." said Mr Krabs "Hey,that's my friend Patrick!" said Bob "Good morning,Krusty Krew,one Krabby Patty please!" said Patrick "Coming right up!" said Bob as he ran into the kitchen again Bob turned on the stove and starting making patties and said "I hope this will be the best job ever!". _________________________________________________________________________
  16. "Good going,son.But remember,most lynch mobs aren't this nice" -Homer (S1 E8)
  17. Episode 1:Hello Bikini Bottom ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hours later,Bob finally made it to his new home.Bob was excited to go in when he saw it.Bob went to get the boxes outside,with a little help from the guy who driving the truck.After all of them were out of the truck,the guy went into his truck and wished him good luck.When Bob was about to carry the first box,a starfish appeared to him. "Who are you?" asked Bob "My name is Patrick.I live two houses away from yours.Nice to meet you" answered Patrick "Nice to meet you Patrick.My name is Bob" said Bob "Bob's a great name" said Patrick "Thanks" said Bob "Need help with your boxes?" asked Pat "Sure,i could use a little help" said Bob Patrick and Bob each carried one box and unpacked them inside,Later,they sat on the couch to relax. "So,what do you wanna do?" asked Bob "We should watch some television!" said Patrick "What a great idea!" said Bob Patrick turned on the television,and they saw a commercial for the Krusty Krab "Hey,that's the Krusty Krab.I eat there all the time!" admitted Patrick "Hi! I'm Mr Krabs,owner of the Krusty Krab" said Mr Krabs "For the first time in almost a decade,we are searching for a new fry cook" said Mr Krabs "If you want to prove that you can be the next fry cook,be sure to bring a spatula tomorrow with you and try to make us a patty" said Mr Krabs After that,the commercial ended and Patrick turned off the television. "Pat,i think i should try to get that job.I am good at making patties,you know." said Bob "You should!I bet you will pass that test." said Patrick "Unfortunately,i have no spatula" admitted Bob "You can borrow mine" said Patrick,as he grabbed a spatula from his pocket "How did you get that?" asked Bob "For some reason,i keep forgetting stuff in my pocket" said Patrick "Anyways,it's late.I should go to bed." said Bob "Alright,see you tomorrow" said Patrick as he left through the door After that,Bob went to bed,hoping that he would get that job ________________________________________________________________________
  18. Prolouge ___________________________________________________________________________ The story starts at Bob's house.Every box was inside the moving truck,waiting to be un-packed in his new home.Bob just finished saying his final good-byes to his family,and was about to get in the moving truck when his best friend Clay stopped him. "Bob,i gotta talk to you" Clay said "What is it?" Bob asked "I wanna say that i'm gonna miss you so much.I'll never forget our memories together since we were in the playpen.I wanna give you this picture to remember me by." Clay answered "Wow,thanks.I just hope that you'll find a new best friend just like me" Bob admitted "Thanks.I hope you'll make many friends in your town." said Clay "Thanks.I should get going now" said Bob "Alright then" Clay said with a tear dropping from his eye". Bob went into the truck and waved to all of his family and friends out of the window.At the same time,he felt sad because he left everyone,and excited because he's gonna start a new life in the town called Bikini Bottom. ________________________________________________________________________
  19. Hi Guys! This is my first spin-off called The Intertidal Zone.It's based on the comic Stephen Hillenburg made.The spin-off is about a sponge named Bob who moves into the Bikini Bottom to start a fresh,new life. _________________________________________________________________________________ Season 1 Episode List 1.Hello Bikini Bottom (aired 8/23/2014) 2.A Krusty New Job (aired 8/24/2014) 3.Jellyfishing (aired 8/25/2014) 4.Two Friendships (aired 8/26/2014) 5.Surfing Contest:Part 1 (aired 8/27/2014) 6.Surfing Contest Part 2 (aired 8/28/2014) 7.Rock Bottom (aired 8/28/2014)
  20. Is it very wrong that i like Chuck E Cheeses better?
  21. abisert


    I love their chickhen nuggets.
  22. abisert


    Aww...all these posts are making me hungry.
  23. "If you get the chance,get em right in the family jewels.That little doozy's been a Simpson trademark for generations." -Homer (S1 E5) "I think women and seamen don't mix ." -Smithers (S4 E5) (I'm finally back to my regular color) I just want to keep the thread active for a few days by adding some Simpsons quotes.Sorry if it's bothering you.
  24. I love this story! Can you please make more?
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