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  1. Two weeks ago,i started playing Toontown Rewritten.It's a private server of Toontown Online,which closed last year.I've been addicted to this game since the first day i've played.I only have one toon at the moment (Weasel),but will make another one soon.I'm not really sure if i should tell you guys about this because it's in open beta,but still i hope one of you can join,and maybe we could hang out on there sometime. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7JfUO6FD5c
  2. Maybe we're just young and we won't know til we're old.Too young to free ourselves from this lonely fishbowl. lonely fishbowl

  3. Episode 12:BlackJack ________________________________________________________________________ This first takes place in Mrs Puff's classroom,where everybody is in their seat chatting before the bell rings.We also see Bob and Franco talking about the new addition to the class. "Did you know there's gonna be a new student,Bob?" said Franco "No.What's his name?" asked Bob "His name is BlackJack." said Franco "Do you know anything about him?" said Bob "All i really know is that he's big" said Franco.The bell rang,and Mrs Puff sat in her chair to talk about the new student. "Hello,class" said Mrs Puff."There's a new student outside waiting to meet you.His name is BlackJack.BlackJack,you can come in!". BlackJack's look was nothing Bob expected.BlackJack was circular (like Bob).He also had strong muscles with tattoos on it,and he wore Biker-Gang clothing. "It's about time we got some new blood in here" said Mrs Puff."How about sitting next to Bob on that empty desk?".When BlackJack sat on the desk,Bob greeted him by saying "Hello.My name is Bob". "Bob?" said BlackJack."What a stupid name." "I can't believe he thinks Bob is a stupid name." said Bob."Maybe my dad should've named me Robert.".Without Bob looking,BlackJack threw a spitball at him. "Mrs Puff,BlackJack threw a spitball at me!" said Bob. "No,i didn't" BlackJack said "Yes he did.He's lying" said Bob "Bob,i hope your not making up stuff" said Mrs Puff "Yeah,Bob." said BlackJack."Listen to the teacher." "I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!!" Bob yelled "Bob,i don't tolerate nonsense in this room.Please sit in the desk at the back." Mrs Puff.Bob walked to the seat and muttered "Stupid BlackJack". *scene bubbles* When class was over,Bob approached BlackJack in the hallway and said "I still know what you did in class,and you need to stop." "Oh,so the coward finally stands up for himself." BlackJack said "I mean it!" said Bob."Stop your stupid nonsense!" "Oh,the sponge still wants to be tough." BlackJack said."Since you wanna be Bob the Tough Guy,we are gonna fight here later at 3:00.Be there." "Aw man.I'm not strong enough to defeat him.I'll just try to escape out of it" thought Bob *scene bubbles* It was 3:00,and many students were there to see the fight.The fish was wondering if Bob or BlackJack would win. "Tell me when you're ready,little man" said BlackJack.Bob was thinking for a moment how to escape the fight,then he thinked he could run through the gap between BlackJack's legs. "Okay,i'm ready" said Bob.They started running to each other,and when they got close,Bob tried to do his plan and worked.His destination would be his home.Unfortunately,BlackJack and fish followed him. In the middle of running,he had to wait at a spotlight,and would later cross.However,BlackJack wasn't paying attention and got ran over.The day after that,Bob went to see BlackJack in the hospital. "Are you starting to feel better,BlackJack?" said Bob "Yeah.But i still want to beat you up." said BlackJack "So,i'll probably see you at school in a while?" asked Bob "Nah.I decided to move to another school.I hope there'll be more short people like you to pick on" said BlackJack "Um...okay then" said Bob _______________________________________________________________________
  4. News about Intertidal Zone ---------------------------------------- Episodes of the Intertidal Zone is now available on Fanfiction.Net (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10715462/1/).As of right now,Season 1 episodes are the only ones on the site.But,Season 2 episodes will be added to FF.Net soon.Be sure to look out for a new episode of The Intertidal Zone (BlackJack) later today!
  5. Episode 12:Plankton's Regulars ________________________________________________________________________ "Shoot...we're broke" said Plankton,counting money from his wallet "How about selling you junk" said Karen as she pointed at Plankton's failed inventions "No way.Some idiot will buy it and blow up the town." said Plankton."Let's face it.I'll never get the money to build my inventions.". Outside,we see a group of fish staring at the building,which appear to be chum-lovers.The group consisted of three fish named Nat,Dale,and Archie. "After months of searching,we finally find a place that serves chum!" said Nat "I know right?" said Dale."Let's go inside".The group went inside and found the place to look like as it closed long ago "This place looks dirty.Did we suddenly went in the future?" said Archie.Plankton heard the fish in the dining area,so he went outside the kitchen and said "What are you guys doing here?" Archie bent down to talk to Plankton and said "Is this place open?"."Are you and your friends are here to trash this place up?" "Of course not!" said Archie."Me and my friends are hungry for some chum and we would like some. "Don't worry,we got some cash." said Nat as he showed Plankton their bag with a lot of cash in it.Plankton was really happy to see the money and went back in the kitchen to make some chum "Is he scared of your cash?" said Archie "Nah.He's probably gonna make us some chum" said Nat *scene bubbles* "Karen,i encountered some fish that like chum" said Plankton,almost finishing up the chumsticks."They have like a heck load of cash.I really need that money for my inventions." "Sometimes,i just think your being greedy" said Karen "Karen,why do you have to speak nonsense?" said Plankton.He went out of kitchen with the chum to serve the fish.They all tasted it and enjoyed it. "Sir,this is delicious." said Dale."What's your name?" "Sheldon J. Plankton.Just call me Plankton." said Plankton "Alright,Plankton.We'll see you tomorrow" said Nat as the group exited the restaurant "The plan worked.Soon,i'll be able to make a amazing invention" said Plankton with a evil laugh Like Nat said,the group came every day to eat some chum.As Plankton got more money to make his inventions,he started to care less about the chum and the group,even making excuses such as "I ran out of ingredients" and "I was hungry".Soon,they finally got suspicious and sneaked in the Chum Bucket at night to see what's going on "Alright,guys." said Dale."We're about to go into that kitchen,and see what's Plankton up to.They went into the kitchen and founded out he used their money for his evil inventions "I feel betrayed." said Nat "I'm speechless" said Archie."I'm reporting this.".Minutes later,the police came and it woke up Plankton and Karen from upstairs "Sheldon J. Plankton,your under arrest" said one police officer "I thought we were cool,guys!" said Plankon."Don't you still want some chum?" "Not anymore,you betrayed us!" said Nat."We don't feel like eating chum anymore after we saw everything." "I'll destroy you!!" said Plankton as he exited the building with the officers *scene bubbles* "So,how are you enjoying those patties,guys?" said Bob "Amazing" said Nat."These are way tastier than chum" "Yeah.I rather not eat a restaurant run by a evil inventor." said Dale,followed by a good laugh with Bob and the gang _______________________________________________________________________
  6. Your Welcome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohiCYu14lY0&index=20&list=UU15em__eAmR-FfPUgaogd6Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3pTSizzYWY&list=UU15em__eAmR-FfPUgaogd6Q&index=19 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zanw_CkUy3k&list=UU15em__eAmR-FfPUgaogd6Q&index=18 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTEtx1sjRg4&list=UU15em__eAmR-FfPUgaogd6Q&index=17
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvIMIARMe0s
  8. Some guy named Spongebob456 took my profile picture. :(

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      Technically you took his, since SpongeBob456 joined before you. :)

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      Its alright. Besides, you're the active one of the two.

  9. Some guy named Spongebob456 took my profilr picture. :(

  10. You want to know how I sleep? You know,i just put on some regular t-shirt and pants and lay down and use my orange blanket to cover me.
  11. Episode 11:Quickster and Friends ________________________________________________________________________ It was one sunny afternoon in Bikini Bottom where Bob,Sandy,and Squidward was helping Patrick find his socks "We've been looking for half a hour!Can we go home?" asked Squidward "It's not just some regular sock.It's my lucky sock!" said Patrick.As they were walking,Bob spotted a cave "Hey Patrick.Check out that cave!" said Bob as he spotted one "Maybe my lucky socks are in there!" said Patrick as went in the cave.It wasn't a old cave.It was Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's hideout,The Mermalair. "Guys.Take a look at this!" said Patrick with excitement.They all went in the cave and looked around "It's the Mermalair!" said Bob as he looked around "I know right?This is amazing!" said Patrick "But your sock isn't here.Let's just go" said Sandy.Just about when the gang was gonna leave,Barnacle Boy stopped them and said "Hey!Who invited you here?". "Wait!We found someone!" said Mermaid Man as he appeared "What do you mean" asked Bob "We are going to a convention for the weekend and we need somebody to fight evil while we're gone." said Mermaid Man "That sounds like a good idea!" said Bob.Everyone agreed with Squidward adding "I don't have something to do this weekend,so count me in.". *scene bubbles* "You guys will be wearing those uniforms" said Mermaid Man "Cool.I'll be the Quickster.The one who can run really fast." said Bob "I wanna be Captain Magma.I can shoot lava by saying one,cool word.Krakatoa!" said Squidward "I can be the Elastic Waistband.I can stretch so long i can touch my feet." said Patrick "Finally,i will be Miss Appear.I can turn invisible so nobody can see me." said Sandy "And together,you guys will become the International Justice League of Super Acquaintances!" said Mermaid Man *scene bubbles* Their first battle was with Man Ray.Their first try was Captain Magma shooting lava,which made Man Ray took a step back. "Don't worry Captain Magma.I'll take care of this." said Miss Appear.Miss Appear turned invisible to attack Man Ray from behind.Their second opponent was Kelp Thing,who is in his car with money which he stole from the bank. "Since Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are away,i can finally do my thing now" said Kelp Thing with a evil grin "No so fast!" said The Quickster appearing from behind "The Quickster?!?I gotta start the car!" said Kelp Thing as he started driving the car.The Quickster ran after Kelp Thing's car til he found a tow-away zone. "Barnacles!This car was expensive." said Kelp Thing as he his car got into the tow zone.They all continued to fight til Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy came back "Hi guys.We're back." said Mermaid Man "Unfortunately,the convention had a accident,and we had to leave early" said Barnacle Boy "Aw man.I actually had fun doing it" said Bob "Don't worry Bob.On occasion,maybe we could do it again sometime" said Mermaid Man *scene bubbles* "From the guys who made "The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy",they bring a new spin-off called "Quickster & Friends!" said an announcer on TV "Their first adventure shows the gang chasing after Man-Ray.To defeat him,Miss Appear went invisible and put on a tickle belt on Man Ray.He got tickled til they finally handcuffed him.See you next time on Quickster & Friends." said the announcer "That was amazing.I'm glad we got to do it a second time,right Pat?" said Bob on the couch watching TV "Yep.I also finally found my lucky sock.I'm gonna put it on right now" said Patrick.Patrick put on his lucky sock and said bye to Bob.When he got outside,a stranger approached him. "Whatever you do,please take my money!" said the stranger as he handed Patrick his wallet.He continued running and said "Freedom!I'm free!". "That is some weirdo,but i'm so glad he gave me money.I can spend this on some pink gum." said Patrick _______________________________________________________________________
  12. I like this.I hope there will be more coming out.
  13. Hi Guys! I didn't get to watch the rest of the marathon because i didn't had FXX anymore (which is why i don't post quotes anymore).At times when i watched the marathon,it reminded me when i would tune into My9 and watch it (they would show a themed two-hour marathon on Thrusdays).Sadly,they don't air it as much anymore.Anyways,i hope you guys really enjoyed it and watch some of it after the marathon. P.S Can someone close this thread for me?
  14. Start:Tuesday September 2nd (Tomorrow) End:June
  15. I'm so happy that my friend Urchees got to be Employee of the Month!I gave him $20 as a gift

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      Wow, that's nice.

  16. Episode 10:Boating School ________________________________________________________________________ "This is gonna be a wonderful day of School!" said Bob as he went outside.Just when he locked his door,Patrick hold one of his leg and said "Gotcha!" "What do you want,Patrick?" asked Bob "Ever since last week,you been hiding from me every morning,and why are you holding that backpack?" said Patrick "That's because i started going to Boating School." said Bob "Is it different from regular school?" asked Patrick "Of course.Boating school is where i go to learn about riding boats" said Bob "Can i come?" said Patrick *scene bubbles* "Hello,Mrs Puff.I bought a friend!" said Bob as he and Patrick walked in the classroom "How Great!He can take that empty seat next to your desk,Bob." said Mrs Puff.After Bob and Patrick took their seats,Mrs Puff started class. "Before we start our first lesson,how about I introduce our new student.What's your name?" asked Mrs Puff "Patrick Star,ma'am" said Patrick "Everyone is pleased to meet you,Patrick.Let me add you on the Good Noodle chart" said Mrs Puff "What's that?" asked Patrick "If you do good,you get a star on the Good Noddle chart." said Bob "Alright" said Patrick "Okay,class.Our first lesson will be on turning" said Mrs Puff as she wrote on the chalkboard "Bob.Guess what?" said Patrick "What is it now?I'm taking notes" said Bob" "24!!!" Patrick bursted out luaghing "Patrick!!.It's your first day and you come like this?!?!?Please move your chair to the back please" said Mrs Puff "I didn't know Boating School is boring.I gotta tell Bob that after class"thought Patrick as he moved the seat *scene bubbles* "That was a good lunch.Now,where's Bob?" said Patrick as he walked oput of the lunchroom "Your looking for Bob?He's outside taking his boating test" said Nat "Oh,thanks Nat!" said Patrick as ran outside "Your welcome!" said Nat.Then,he muttered and said "That guy needs to lose some weight" said Patrick *scene bubbles* "Bob,are you ready for your boating test?" asked Mrs Puff "I'm ready!!" said Bob.Just as when he was starting to drive,Patrick got in the back seat quietly "Bob,can i talk to you?" said Patrick as Bob started driving As soon as he saw Patrick,he said "Patrick,what are you doing here?I'm driving!!".Due to Patrick's distraction,they saw the boat moving like crazy and finally crashing in the Barg'n Mart "Who is responible for all this?" said Lou,an employee at the store "It was my fault.I wanted to talk to Bob that i wanted to quit boating school" admitted Patrick "Alright,Patrick.You are now expelled from my boating school!" said Mrs Puff "What about my boating test?" asked Bob "You'll try again next semester" said Mrs Puff "Okay,see you later" said Patrick as he walked away.Lou stopped him and said "Not so fast.Even if it was all his fault,you and your yellow blob are gonna stay and fix up this mess!". *scene bubbles* "I'm sorry for what happened,Bob.I should had be patient" said Patrick "It's alright.At least there's next time,buddy." said Bob "I think we can go now,it looks perfect." said Patrick.The wall did look like it was fixed,but unfortunately,it collapsed. _______________________________________________________________________
  17. Episode 9:Plankton and The Nematodes ________________________________________________________________________ Today,we meet a small,green,and evil guy named Plankton.His plan is to conquer the world.So,he made a lab in a abandoned restaurant named The Chum Bucket.His evil attempt today was to order a jar of nemotodes to use as his defense.Right now,we see a mailman delivering the jar. "Hello,is anyone there?" said the mailman as he knocked the door "Hi.You must be the mailman" said Karen (Plankton's computer wife) as she opened the door "Yes.I'm looking for a Sheldon J. Plankton" said the mailman "Um..he's very busy.Let me take care of this" said Karen "Okay.Here you go." said the mailman as he handed the box "Thank you.Have a nice day" said Karen "You too" said the mailman as he walked away *scene bubbles* "Yes!My package is finally here." said Plankton as he opened the box "But,i'm small.How am i gonna carry this around?" asked Plankton "Your in luck.I bought a potion from a store that increases your height.There's even one to decrease." said Karen as she was getting the potion "Man,i love this plan.It's better than Plan Z!" said Plankton "You betcha" said Karen as she rolled her eyes "Anyways,be ready for this." said Karen as she put the potion on Plankton.In seconds,Karen saw Plankton growing til he was Karen's size. "This is amazing.I'm out" said Plankton as he grabbed the jar and ran "Wait Plankton!There's something i gotta-" said Karen "Not now.I got business to do!" said Plankton as he went through the doors *scene bubbles* "My first stop will be the Krusty Krab.I wanna taste those good old patties" said Plankton.He went to Squidward to order a patty. "Welcome to the Krusty Krab.How would i take your order?" asked Squidward "Yes.I would want one Krabby Patty please,with cheese" said Plankton "Okay.Bob,we need one krabby patty." said Squidward "I don't know what kind he is,but i do know he looks ugly" Squidward muttered "One Krabby Patty!" said Bob seconds later as he gave it to Squidward "Thank you.This is my first time." said Plankton.Instead of eating at a table,he just ate his patty standing up near the counter "Okay,that will be 4.99" said Squidward "I ain't paying" said Plankton "You have to.If you don't,i will pull this lever to get Mr Krabs know your eating without paying" said Squidward "Does this help" said Plankton as he opened the jar of nematodes to make them eat Squidward's clothing,which made him naked,and humiliated. "Squidward,stop being naked!" said Mr Krabs as saw Squidward "Next Stop,Bikini Bottom Mall!" said Plankton as he walked out of the Krusty Krab *scene bubbles* We see Plankton at the clothes shop.He is going to the cashier to buy a new shirt. "Excuse me,sir.I would like to have this shirt" said Plankton as he put the shirt on the counter "Sure.Lemme-" said the cashier.The cashier stopped because he noticed Plankton shrunk. "Sir,i think you are beginning to get short" "Um...what are you talking about?" said Plankton "Take a look for yourself" said the cashier as he gave Plankton a mirror "Nooo!!!!!!" said Plankton as he grew back to his tiny size.Plankton got out his tiny cell phone and said "Karen,can you pick me up?" *scene bubbles* "Why didn't you tell me about this?!?" asked Plankton "I tried to.But,you were too busy thinking about your little plan" said Karen "Anyways,where are my nematodes?" said Plankton.The nematodes appeared through the door,and went to Plankton to get revenge "Oww!!!" Plankton yelled as the nematodes got him ________________________________________________________________________
  18. When is the next SpongeBoard coming out?
  19. Man,i haven't updated my status in a long time.But,i'm just gonna do it because i'm bored.

  20. Episode 8:Bob's Bubble Party ________________________________________________________________________ We see a few people at Bob's house one afternoon.Why?It was a party.It wasn't your usual party,it was a bubble party.The main point of the bubble party was to see who can blow the biggest bubble.After they would announce the winner,they would party.Everyone was in line so Bob can record all of their's bubbles one at a time.Patrick was first in line "Okay,Patrick.Show us what you got" Bob said.Patrick's was actually in the middle,not was so big nor small,but was regular. "Okay,your size is 23 mm." said Bob.Patrick was happy to hear his score,hoping he would win. Meanwhile,Sandy was having a little chat with Squidward."Squidward,why not you go in line and try out? It's fun!" Sandy said,trying to persuade Squidward. "No thanks,Sandy.I'm gonna lose anyway." Squidward said "So,your not a squid,but a chicken?" said Sandy.Then,Sandy tried to imitate a chicken,hoping he would say yes and successfully did. "Alright,alright.But if i do win,your gonna regret the whole chicken thing." Squidward said.Sandy agreed by saying "Yes,i would.Now,get in line!" Mr Krabs was next in line.He tried to make one,but didn't turn alright,relieving he doesn't know how to make one. "Bob,can you teach me how?" asked Mr Krabs "Only for 25 cents" said Bob.Mr Krabs agreed to pay,and Bob told him how to. "Okay,i want you to take one inch away,and gently (and slowing) inhale.That's pretty much it." Bob said.Mr Krabs did the following and actually did.He got a size of 19 mm. "You were almost there to beating the high score,but not close" said Bob "Eh,winning isn't everything" Mr Krabs said walking away.When it was Squidward's turn,he changed of mind of entering the bubble contest and thought of playing his clarinet to keep the party going. "Hey,Bob.Do you mind if i play some music?" Squidward asked.Bob agreed and let Squidward stand next to the table.Right when he was about to play,it started to rain.The water got into the clarinet and got bubbles as a result "Look,Squidward!Your blowing bubbles with your clarinet." said Bob excited.It got everyone's attention and Squidward contiuned to play for a little while before they went inside. "Squidward,what you did outside was amazing.For that,i decided to give you the trophy,congrats." said Bob. "Thanks Bob.Maybe i show this to everyone that i'm a true blue clarinet player." Squidward said,which made Squidward and Bob have a good laugh.After that,they continued having fun for the rest of the party. ______________________________________________________________________
  21. Ahoy Buddies! Welcome to the second season of The Intertidal Zone.I hoped you enjoyed the first season,I guarantee this season will be a blast.Let's get started! ________________________________________________________________________ Season 2 Episode List 1.Bob's Bubble Party (aired 8/29/2014) 2.Plankton and The Nematodes (aired 8/31/2014) 3.Boating School (aired 9/1/2014) 4.Quickster and Friends (aired 9/6/2014) 5.Plankton's Regulars (aired 9/20/2014) 5.BlackJack (aired 9/25/2014) 6.Dutchman Attacks [NOTE:This is not all of the episodes.More will be added eventually].
  22. Episode 7:Rock Bottom NOTE:This is the last episode of the season.I wanna say thank you to everyone who read this spin-off.I remember six days ago,it was just a new spin-off.Today with 112 views and six (or seven if counting this episode),i can pretty say it turned out to be good.This isn't the end yet,there's a second season on the way! ________________________________________________________________________ "That movie is awesome,and funny too!" said Bob as he exited the cinema "I should probably get on the bus now.My home is WAY far from here" said Bob Bob went out on the bus to go home.Minutes later,the bus was almost there to Conch Street. "That bus gotta hurry.I kinda need to use the restroom." said Bob.The bus finally made it to Conch Street.Unfortunately,it went past it,that's when Bob found out he took the wrong bus. "Excuse me sir,can you please stop?" Bob tried to ask to the bus driver.That didn't work due to loud voices,and he was in the back.He tried to pull the bus handle,but his was broken.So,he gave up and sat down until the bus stopped The bus stopped at a mysterious place called "Rock Bottom".It was very dark compared to Bikini Bottom.The signs looked crazy-looking. "This place is so creepy-looking.I gotta get outta here!" said Bob as he tried to find a way out when someone stopped him. "Hello" said a stranger "Who are you?" asked Bob "My name is Jordan" said the fish.Jordan was a purple fish who wore a black parka and blue pants. "Nice to meet you,Jordan.My name's Bob" said Bob "It's nice to meet you too,Bob.What brings you here?" asked Jordan "I was supposed to take a bus to my home up there,but i took the wrong bus." Bob explained "Well,how about we continue this chat with a walk?" said Jordan *scene bubbles* "So,what are you interests?" asked Jordan "Mine is Jellyfishing." said Bob "Sounds like a made-up sport.How do you do it?" said Jordan "You use a net to catch it.It's very easy" said Bob "That's nice.I like to read books at home often,and i really enjoy that.It made me dream of being a writer someday" said Jordan "That's nice.I like to read books too sometime." admitted Bob "This must be my house.Here,you can go first" said Jordan as he opened the fence for him "Thanks.You must be polite." said Bob "Welcome.Actually,i am" said Jordan.Jordan checked to see if anyone was there.He only saw his brother coming. "Hi Jordan.Who's your friend?" asked Jordan's brother "This is my new friend Bob.He's just visiting town." Jordan explained "Hello,Bob.My name is Scott,your friend's brother.I'm glad you came to Rock Bottom,it's actually a great place despite the darkness" said Scott "Oh,i forgot i gotta use the restroom.Do you have one?" asked Bob "Yep,there's one right there" said Scott as he pointed the bathroom "Thank you" said Bob as he ran for the bathroom *scene bubbles* Minutes later,Bob got out of the bathroom when Jordan greeted him "Hi,did you enjoy your break?" asked Jordan "It was alright" said Bob "Where is your parents anyway" asked Bob "They're on vacation.They don't come til tomorrow.Don't worry,i'll tell them you came" said Jordan. "Anyways,i'm feeling homesick.Can you find a way to get me back home?" said Bob "My brother is working on it.Anyways,i'm really gonna miss you.Your my only friend.Everyone at school won't give me a break because they think all i do is read." said Jordan "I feel very bad for you,Jordan.Someday,they'll be the ones crawling back to you" said Bob "Thanks" said Jordan.After that,Scott told everyone to come outside.When they came outside,they saw a huge cannon. "Scott,what the heck is that?" asked Jordan "It's a cannon.It's gonna send Bob back to Bikini Bottom" said Scott "Don't worry,he always try to do weird stuff" said Jordan. "Anyways,i'm gonna miss you too.I wish you good luck." said Bob "Thanks." said Jordan as he gave Bob a hug a shed a tear.After the hug,he wiped the tear and put Bob into the cannon. "On the count of 3.1...2...3!" said Jordan.On the count of 3,he pulled the rope that caused Bob to fly in the air,and waved good-bye.The cannon was strong enough to land of his front yard.When he landed,Patrick came to talk. "Bob,where were you?" asked Patrick "Oh,just a town called Rock Bottom" said Bob "Rock what?" asked Patrick "Nevermind" said Bob ______________________________________________________________________
  23. Surfing Contest:Part 2 ________________________________________________________________________ That afternoon,we see Bob and Patrick at Goo Lagoon preparing for the contest. "Okay,Patrick.you still need to know how to catch a wave,and i'm gonna teach you.First,i know you can paddle,so we'll move on the next step.Try to catch that wave" said Bob as he spotted one. "Okay" said Patrick on the water using his surfboard. "While he was trying to catch the wave,he tried to be quick,patient,and staying low,which causes him to finally ride on it "Oh my gosh!!Im riding it!!" said Patrick as he was riding it "Go Patrick!!" shouted Bob when a lifeguard came to him "So,he finally did it?" asked the lifeguard "Yep,taught by me" said Bob "How do you know about this" asked the lifeguard "When i was little,my dad would take me to the beach often and showed him surfing,hoping i could follow in his footsteps someday." said Bob "Ahh.I see" said the lifeguard "Anyways,i gotta tell you that it's closing time.So,i need your friend to get down" said the lifeguard "Okay.But,i gotta teach him how to wipe out safely." said Bob "Alright.Since i really gotta get home,here are the keys to the gate to close them" said thelifeguard "Okay" said Bob "Patrick.I want you to sink yourself safely and make sure the board isn't moving directly above you." said Bob "Okay" said Patrick as started to wipe out "I think that's all you need.All we need to is wait" said Bob *scene bubbles* The day of the contest finally came and Patrick was ready.When Bob and Patrick got there,they saw Scooter surfing first "Oh look,it's the showoff." said Patrick.Scooter continued to surf safely until a big wave dubbed "The Big One" came "I can ride any wave,but not this one" said Scooter.On accident,he falled and got stuck in the wave. "Help!!!!" Scooter yelled as he got in the wave "Patrick,you gotta help him!" said Bob "I will try to" said Patrick as he got scared.He tried to face his fear and got to the wave. "Cmon,Scooter.You gotta hold my hand" said Patrick "What if i don't?" asked Scooter "See for youself" said Patrick.Scooter tried to get Patrick's hand and successfully did.They also wiped out and got back on land. "Patrick,you and Scooter survived the Big One!" said Bob "I did?Hooray!" said Patrick "Congratulations,Patrick!For your bravery to save Scooter,here is a trophy." said the lifeguard "Yay!!" said Patrick as he got the trophy.Then,Scooter came to apologize "Patrick,i'm sorry i made fun of you a few days ago.Also,i'm really thankful you came to save me.Maybe we can go surf together sometime" said Scooter "It's okay,and sure,we can surf sometime" said Patrick as he gave him a pat on the back _______________________________________________________________________________
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