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  1. Wow I actually got everyone else in my family sick, I guess I didn't have food poisoning?
  2. Can I come live with you and we have our own cheesy sitcom where I try and bother you to go shopping but you refuse to?
  3. Poor Omair while shopping, I can take you so it can be fun? (i'm just gonna make it worse)
  4. I bet I look so typical 24/7 with a band shirt now kill me I love going to Hot Topic?
  5. Black Friday is kind of a waste in my opinion? Although, I might try and get some more band shirts (wtf am I)
  6. It pisses me off when people say that you have to look a certain way to listen to like a certain type of music? Like, who the fuck cares music is about enjoying it. It about the fucking passion, not fashion?
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