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  1. I haven't been this excited in such a long time. How about you?
  2. I know that feeling. I'm working around the clock now to start applying for jobs this month and picking up skills since graduating. I'm happy on one hand that I'm done with school, but on the other hand, wonder how my life would be now if i had done a few things differently. For one, I remember getting accepted to a school an hour away from my house a few years ago, but cancelled the application in favor of the closer school since I thought it was more affordable, though gas prices and all of those commuting costs weren't factors I considered then. I mean getting that independence would have been nice, but the main priority for me would have still been to go to school to get a job anyway. Have you ever been to the CNN Center?
  3. I'm late here, but so sad to see this happen. I wasn't even into Star Wars much, but I can certainly feel for both Carrie and Debbie's loss.
  4. Stressed due to lack of funds in my bank account, in the red by hundreds of bucks there and keep second guessing past decisions.
  5. Yay. I see that my degree has been officially posted to my transcript. Now it's just time to focus deeply on teaching myself more skills and applying for jobs. Back-up plan would be to go back for either a master's or a second bachelor's degree in a different field and take classes in other interests I have when I get my financials straightened out. 

  6. I can't change my username anymore? Did the process change?
  7. I ordered a 32 GB iPhone 7 yesterday and paid 0 down payment for it. I only had to pay around $62 up front and picked overnight shipping. Should be getting here via UPS tomorrow. I'm switching from Verizon to T-Mobile because many months ago, I got my mom a Samsung Galaxy phone with my name and credit, so it's all technically under my name. What's your favorite news channel or organization?
  8. What do you think you might get for Christmas? I think I'm getting an iPhone.
  9. Today's the day. Graduation, here I come!

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