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  1. Why is it that whenever I’m looking for best lists for new songs to check out, the #1 is something I’ve already listened to? (No, I will not spoil it, but I do like the song even if I’m not a huge fan of the band that made it.) Not blaming you personally, Steel, it’s just an odd coincidence I keep noticing. Also, I listened to The 1975’s “Give Yourself a Try” (I know it’s not on either list, but you brought it up in the comments on your best list) and while the lyrics are interesting, the guitar riff sounds so close to Joy Division’s “Disorder” that I think the remaining members of Joy Division should sue, lol. Not a good first impression of the band, honestly. Then again, speaking of British rock legends, I’ve heard the 1975’s new album has been compared to friggin’ OK Computer, so I might listen to the whole thing to see if it lives up to the hype. Also, haven’t heard anything from Run the Jewels (I really should, though) or much of anything DJ Shadow’s done since 2011, but the latter’s first two albums are pretty great, in my opinion. Either way, thanks for the recommendations!
  2. SpongeBob was one of my favorite cartoons growing up, probably the first favorite cartoon I had ever. The show’s influence can be felt to this day through memes and the many aspiring animators on this thread and who knows where else, and it’s strange to see the person responsible for it pass away. While I was more of a regular on the infamous SBM, SBC has its fair share of great members, too, and it amazes me that this man’s creation brought so many people from different walks of life together. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live with ALS, it must have been really painful, but props to Hillenburg for working on his creation to the very end, and I hope he was surrounded by his loved ones in those final moments. Thank you, Stephen Hillenburg, and may you Rest In Peace.
  3. SBManiac

    Ask IG

    Don't know if you've answered this before (my activity leaves a lot to be desired), but how did you get into Danganronpa, what aspect of the series do you find the most appealing, and why?
  4. Damn, do I need to catch up with what the little yellow sponge has been doing lately. As for the special, the animation looks gorgeous and I'm interested to see how the Flying Dutchman will make Halloween scary again (for SpongeBob, that is).
  5. Count me in as a Regular Show fan who wasn't impressed with the trailer, though not because of its increased edginess, surprisingly enough. To me, *based only on what's in the trailer,* Close Enough just seems like a rehash of what Regular Show was, and I was hoping JG Quintel would do something different with another show. Still, I'm not against checking it out to see if it will have those more emotional moments or at least be funny. I'll just have to wait and see, I guess.
  6. Never watched the original, though apparently I have a lot to catch up to (99 episodes!). Would probably be a good idea to watch some of it before this reboot to compare the two. Otherwise, I hope fans of the original will be happy with this one.
  7. Same as some other people here, I loved it as a kid but grew out of liking it as I got older only to complain about how terrible the newer seasons were. Nowadays, outside of PieGuy's "Every Season Reviewed" videos and that musical soundtrack I'm waiting to hear, my interest in SpongeBob is pretty darn low. Then again, seeing how most of Season 9B got glowing reviews from PieGuy and how two of his "good" picks for 9A entertained me ("Jailbreak" and "Eek! An Urchin"), my interest might be making a comeback. I certainly want to watch 9B now, that's for sure.
  8. It's nice to see you grow as an artist here! Your King Thorax and Yo-kai Watch drawings are your best, in my opinion. I'll be following this topic, so keep up the good work.
  9. I need to get on the Swans bandwagon already, although the length of Soundtracks and their more recent album To Be Kind do kind of intimidate me a bit. Your review was great, as always.
  10. You're looking at one of those 500,000 downloads right here. Given all the fucking around Kanye was doing with the album prior to its release, there was no way in hell I was going to pay for it even if Kanye did release it outside of Tidal. Anyway, the one major problem I had with this album is that there wasn't enough Kanye on it (and no, the production doesn't count because he did each song with at least three or four other people). When you feel like a guest star on your own album, that's when you go back to the drawing board and step up your lyrical game. Yeezus may have had some of Kanye's most cringeworthy lyrics, but at least it felt like his album. Chance The Rapper's verse on Ultralight Beam, FML (especially the outro, which I fucking love for how creepy the sample sounds), Real Friends, No More Parties in LA, and the beat to Fade are the only parts worth salvaging from this project. Everything else I can take or leave.
  11. I've literally only listened to one of these, so I can't say much about how your list is ordered. However, your reviews of these albums are great and very insightful!
  12. They Might Be Giants getting involved in this alone is worth the price of admission, though there are also plenty of good artists involved in the music as well! Hope to see it on the stage soon!
  13. I think the voting age should stay right where it is because I really doubt 16 year olds would be mature enough (or know enough about politics) to make a serious, informed decision on who to vote for. Then again, considering how even 18 year olds can be immature and ignorant on politics (like myself), maybe the age should be raised even.
  14. I have nothing against CGI, I just think it's been used enough when it comes to SpongeBob movies.
  15. SBManiac

    Ask the Kat

    What anime does Kenma Kozume come from and do you think I would like it?
  16. Can't say I really listen or am really that interested in listening to them. I mean, I know they're one of the all time greats supposedly when it comes to rock music, but they're just not grabbing my attention these days.
  17. Shit. Well, hope the rest of the list is as good as what you've posted so far. You're doing a real good job on it.
  18. Wow, that sucks. Have you tried just reposting them? I'd really like to know what those songs were, and I'm sure others would, too.
  19. "By This River" - Brian Eno
  20. Here are some of my thoughts on this really solid list (though there are still a bunch of songs on it I haven't listened to): - I will never forgive you for putting I Love It in front of one of my favorite bands/albums/songs of all time. (lol jk) But seriously, what you call silly I call life-affirming. - I like MGMT and find their second album Congratulations to be tremendously underrated. - Have you listened to "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck? It's probably my personal favorite jazz song, coming from someone who also has almost no experience with the genre. - lol what happened to numbers 50-41? - Instant Crush is a cool song, respect.
  21. Contra has to be one of my favorite indie pop albums of recent times, so yeah, I'd say I like these guys, too. Still have to dig into their third album, though. Wonder if anything new is on the horizon with them.
  22. How else would they have gone about it? Good thing Nick allowed the SB crew to retire Ernie's character with dignity. Same with Tim Conway and Barnacle Boy.
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