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  1. whoa i got this out super super quick because the songs in this list were pretty dull! how about that (7/15/17) Champion - Fall Out Boy The sad thing is that I prepared a whole shitton of material I could use towards FOB for this year, but i'm not able to use it. Granted, as far as post-hiatus FOB tracks go, this is one of the better ones. Of course, with songs like Young Volcanoes and Animals-mals Centuries, there's not much I really expect much from them in the first place. And mind you, I like the stuff from the first two albums! Maybe not high art, but those songs were catchy and enjoyable. New Fall Out Boy just seems like gravy to me. But yeah, this isn't half bad, at least when you compare it to... the other song I planned to talk about... Whole Wide World - Cage the Elephant UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm not sure if this or Trouble has been played more. This is seriously just a punchline by the DJs at this point. End. Please. Eh, the song itself's a mediocre cover of a decent song, i guess So Close - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Andrew McMahon does his thing which I am completely neutral towards, so good for him. (7/22/17) Literally nothing this week, lmao (7/29/17) Lay It On Me - Vance Joy Vance Joy is... Vance Joying. I don't know what to say. You've heard one Vance Joy song, you've heard them all. I don't like Vance Joy, so I don't like this on principle. Golden Dandelions - Barns Courtney And... here's another dude sounding like Vance Joy. I feel kinda pathetic as a reviewer considering that the literal only thing about this song I can say is that it is indeed a song. Like, what am I supposed to write about this? (8/5/17) Less Than - Nine Inch Nails Now THIS is a nice change of pace. I feel like this dropped off the charts kinda fast, and that's kind of a shame because this tune... hold up, I think I said something among these lines before... uh???? Yeah, this has a lot of parallel with my thoughts on Green Light. Both of which are among the best of the year, btw. Maybe I need to brighten up a little bit and... Vacation - Dirty Heads ...oh..... you. Remember when I alluded to earlier that Dirty Heads need to get their heads in a dirty layer of the earth? Yeah, this is one of the biggest reasons why. I'm not sure if this reaches the same nadir as "That's All I Need", but that doesn't matter, because nothing I've heard from them shows any real mark of quality. These guys keep rehashing the exact same kind of "Oh hey, you know, you're a big douche if you don't like our bro-reggae shit, stop thinking too much and relax maaaaaan!" tone, one that sucked the first time I heard them and one that's kept sucking since. This song is endlessly annoying and even though I only think it was played over here for a few weeks, I cringe every time that goddamn chorus enters my brainspace. Basically, you might wanna think twice about releasing a song called "Vacation" when the summer is almost over. (8/12/17) Ahead of Myself - X Ambassadors Everything about X Ambassadors confuses me in the worst way possible. In a world with millions of more interesting acts to have potential success in the mainstream consciousness, I don't know why these guys are big deals, at all. Hell, the name X Ambassadors sounds sort of like a punk band if you think about it. But no, it's lifeless "indie" that's strong on piano and has deep lyrics, man! Yeah, I'm annoyed by them as much as you are and their presence in favor of more interesting acts is nothing short of baffling. Like, here's a track I heard once or twice circulating on that bubbling-under show my radio station has: I don't care what the fuck your opinion on this Jimmy Urine soundalike going rap is, you have to admit it's not something you can block out of your subconscious. What the fuck are we gonna remember these guys for? The Wanting - J. Roddy Walston & The Business even for 2010 alternative rock bands, that is quite the fucking clunky band name. the fucking vevo channel name can't even get it lmao I think it got a bit more airplay over here because they're local i guess you can say i'm wanting of a more interesting track heyooooooo ...can i just say that track i linked to above should've made the charts so i could talk about it more? Holding On - The War On Drugs ...Wow, was this a boring entry. I mean... this is a cut above the other songs on here (probably because The War On Drugs have been well established by now as Pitchfork-approved and whatnot), but at this point I'm just tired of lo-fi indie tunes in general. No, there's no way I'm ending this with the dreary dreary, I am going to violate my own rules and give this entry another week past the around-ten-per-entry rule to muster up an actual attempt at anything interesting. (8/19/17) ...literally nothing.
  2. on a side note, if you actually go ahead into google and search for "mac and cheese burger", one of the first links (maybe the first) leads you to the cheesecake factory's website, which refers to their burgers as "glamburgers" man am i happy i haven't changed my name yet
  3. a124ed01738b9b03b2c1656842433de9.png

    what am i listening to

    1. Wumbo


      [unknown] - [unknown]

  4. Teen Titans Go movie in July 27, 2018

    Fun little fact: Nicholas Cage playing Superman in live action was for a time a legitimate possibility of happening. Like, photos-in-costume levels of happening.
  5. (6/24/17) Everything Now - Arcade Fire ...Is this supposed to be satire of going commercial? Arcade Fire, these critical darlings with a gigantic fanbase (and a might i add hilarious non-fanbase) and already-solid record sales, apparently felt that they needed to overwork that synth focus from their (already divisive from what I've heard?) last album and crank out this absolute monolith of mediocre onto the world. What exactly convinced them to unleash this slog? Maybe they knew that with their Best Album grammy from almost a decade ago, they had pretty much any reason to drop anything and expect their fans to eat it up. And it must've worked, because this went all the way to #11 and became their highest charting single of all time on the alternative chart. ...yes, THIS is Arcade Fire's biggest hit of all time. I'm not sure how either. Twice - Catfish and the Bottlemen Oh, welcome back NOT-Arctic Monkeys! Nice to see you again! Uh huh.... that's good... tell you what, how bout' you guys get me a Dr. Pepper while I tackle on some more songs, huh? Thanks. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness - The National And speaking of mid-2000's indie rock critical darlings.....! I swear to god I didn't group these bands on my own, it's just how the charts were handed to me. However, the difference between these songs is uh... ...this is a lock for my top 5. I'm just saying it right now. Holy fuck. This is just so good. Revolution Radio - Green Day The weakest of the album's singles, although it's more tired than weak. I don't know, I'm running out of things to say about Green Day. Green Day. Green Day? Green Day! (7/1/17) The Man - The Killers The Killers to me are this band who have this really great... half-album (saying that because... does anyone really listen to any of the songs after All These Things I've Done?) and a couple singles from the other albums worth hearing on their own, but overall, I just can't get that much into them. This is one of those good singles though! It's all funky and stuff, that's cool. ...but does Flowers really have to tell me that he is the fucking almighty person who created all life and matter? why you fucking piece of shi- ...oh. Perfect Places - Lorde Lorde. Lordie Lordie Lordie Lorde. Better than Green Light. Nothing short of perfect pop. Top 10 lock. It's a Trip! - Joywave It's a Song! - me And mind you, I think Joywave are a very underrated act that deserves more attention outside of being attached to that very mehhhh Dangerous song. But... eh, this isn't their best. (7/8/17) The Way You Used To Do - Queens of the Stone Age The only problem I have with this song is the QOTSA name being used on it. Granted, I know that sounds like a dumbass complaint, but... considering this is what's directly following up Like Clockwork, their most depressing work to date, this is way too radical of a contrast for me to really view it as a QOTSA song. Of course, viewed in context of a Eagles of Death Metal song I enjoy it quite fine, and it's gonna be really hard for me to rip on anything involving Josh Homme in general, so this is still getting a pass from me. Donald Trump Walk - White Weird yeah, i'm not even trying this time THUNDA?!?!?!? - Imagine Dragons Okay, so I know that when a band signs a contract with the record business, they don't have to make songs they're confident in feeling are good. But... there has to be some clause in all of that saying the music they make should at be technically satisfactory, right? Because I am straight-up disqualifying this from my worst of list. Mind you, I fucking hate this as much as Believer. But... holy fucking shit. Everything about this song is so wrong, it becomes an unintentional masterpiece in it's own right. First off, it just starts off like it was playing for a few seconds before recording started. No buildup, no instrumental intro, not even any spoken word. It just starts right into the verse. It seems kinda weird to point out, but I'm just seeing it like "Well, you want this song. Here you go. Are you gonna pay for your Mac and Cheese Burger?" This never even develops, it just sounds the exact same throughout, with a slightly-different-sounding bridge. I was joking while I was making that intro, but... holy fuck this doesn't sound that different from it, shit You can really tell that Dan Reynolds is a masterclass writer for music with totally foward-thinking lyrics such as; i still don't know what you're even trying to say with that, i sit where i want to By the way, uh, only two verses in this entire thing, and they both last maybe 20 seconds in a 3 minute song? genius And of course, [THUNDA]. I really love the idea they looked at the masters, listened to this autotuned chipmunk monstrosity and went "Yeah, that's the sound we want." Holy fuck, that sound just describes this tune in a nutshell. Even if we ignore everything above at the end of the day this is literally a song whose sole purpose is telling people "Hey, look at how famous we are! Aren't we famous? Isn't it great to be famous?" So, what's an unironic good thing about this song? They know lightning comes after thunder ...that's it. If there's one good thing about these dogshit Imagine Dragons songs, they're good at making me laugh. I think I saw somewhere before that the point of Evolve, the album this and Believer was taken from, was to be some statement about being open-minded simplicity. Y'know, getting back to the roots and all that! Yeah, you sure nailed it buddies!!!!!!!!!!!! Legendary - Welshley Arms I know I've heard this in a commercial somewhere, but I can't tell you what it was advertising. I don't have anything else to say about it. ...Hey, thanks for the Dr. Pepper, guys!
  6. What'cha Listening To?

    I Own Swag - Lil B
  7. What'cha Listening To?

    Bump (Switch Remix) - Spank Rock
  8. (5/20/17) Doing it for the Money - Foster the People Well, uh... this title is way too easy to joke about at it's own expense. I like Foster the People and even I feel like this track is just them going through the motions and trying to be like everyone else. Nothing really bad here, mind you. You could say they actually perfected the art of 5/10. J-Boy - Phoenix Oh hey, Phoenix's back! This being Phoenix, it's yet another Top 10 contender. I really need to explore their discography more. A Change of Heart - The 1975 Eh... while I generally like The 1975, most of their ballady stuff does absolutely nothing for me. I guess you could call the title ironic, but I still like these guys I swear (5/27/17) The Night We Met - Lord Heron uh... this is a song alright. i already forgot what this song sounded like immediately after listening to it. i'm sorry but this song doesn't do anything in either direction for me. Let You Down - Seether goddamn you steel, i thought you were referring to the one currently sweeping the airwaves heh heh uh yeah, the title of the eighth track from the downward spiral perfectly captures my feelings for this (6/3/17) Dig Down - Muse young pleb me introduced through Muse via Guitar Hero: Oh holy pee, MUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2018 me: Oh... Muse..... Yeah, uh... I don't think these guys ever did a truly good (i.e: replayable) track after Black Holes and Revelations. Yeah, you've probably never heard someone say that before. Anyway, Freedom by George Michael is a good song, innit? This isn't even something I can laugh at unlike the Drones-era singles from my early years, this is just useless fluff. Little One - Highly Suspect Probably my favorite High Sus track. ...heh, I didn't even realize what I was typing until I saw it. But really though, this is quite solid. Can't Get You More Pregnant - blink-182 .... ???????? This kind of reminds me of those 33 second throwaway NOFX tracks, except not funny. You guys fucking failed hard at giving me the baby. ...wait, how did this chart in the first place to begin with? ...shit, I grabbed the wrong song. Home is Such a Lonely Place - blink-182 Nowhere near as interesting to talk about, and different in a much worse way. get me out of this place (6/10/17) Fire - Beth Ditto I can't tell if the music video is twisting my opinion on this, but I enjoy this quite a bit. It has all the ingredients to be a hit too, so what's going on? (6/17/17) Run - Foo Fighters so there's a new thing from foo fighters, the band that gets progressively less interesting with each new album i'm sorry but i just can't bring myself to listen to anything released after one by one, it all mostly just kinda sounds... okay. But I will say this is one of their best tracks in years! Which... isn't saying much, considering I find pretty much everything from them I've heard this decade (Rope aside) is only... adequate, but it actually gave me a motive to care about them again with a good song. Huh, so maybe this is when the tracks finally start to get good! Angela - The Lumineers BLECH BLECH BLECH BLECH
  9. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    Who Killed Captain Alex? infinitely rewatchable
  10. What'cha Listening To?

    Horizons - LTJ Bukem
  11. What'cha Listening To?

    Blueberry (Pills and Cocaine) - Darq E Freaker
  12. Uh... why am I only getting the movie catagories when I try to vote? Is this because I'm using AdBlocker? Edit: no it's not okay they were experimenting with new catagories on a weekly basis why did they think this was a good idea??????
  13. What'cha Listening To?

    Get Your Head Down - Luke Vibert h i p h o p w i l l r o c k a n d s h o c k t h e n a t i o n
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