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  1. I’m wishing the best for you, SOF
  2. I’m not worthy I’m not worthy I’m not worthy I’m not worthy
  3. The music that plays during the rapsittie snowball fight
  4. -Candy -Other food/drink stuff -$25 in Dunkin Donuts gift card -$50 in Amazon gift card -Money -Sand thingy -Two calendars -Nintendo Switch -Super Mario Odyssey -Switch pro controller -Switch screen protector pretty good, I can’t complain :)
  5. A slice of cheese divided into equal parts for all members
  6. Dan and Dan 3 stood there, they were just in complete shock. It seemed as though Dan 2 had gotten back into his timeline, but neither could really tell the exact specifics of what exactly had just gone on, where exactly Dan 2 had just ended up, if exactly he ever could, or if exactly he ever would be able to make full and normal return to the original point of view Dan timeline, or what. It was completely unknown to them then that Dan 2 had achieved his transportation back to his home timeline by simply concentrating on the ideas and speculations he had that came from the ideas and preconceived actions that came along with doing so, unfortunately enough. They thought it had something to do with looking around, or whatever. However, Dan 3 still felt okay to step up to bat. He originally first gained consciousness in this timeline in the exact same spot than Dan 2 did, so there was not much trouble or difference there. Dan 3 looked up, looked down, looked left, looked right. Nothing. He then believed that the key was the intent, complete focus on the floor bestowed to him. He closed his eyes, and Dan 2 did, and, akin to Dan 2, his mind began to drift to all of the possible things that surrounded his journey back home to his timeline. Dan 3 focused so incredibly hard, it seemed his mind was about to burst, it was all he wanted in that moment, for everything to work out, not for hate, but for hope instead. The hope that everything could go well and he would be able to travel between timelines just like that. Eventually, Dan 3 underwent the same departicalization that Dan 2 had just previously underwent. Dan watched in amazement as to what was happening, as it seemed to him that the process of looking around and seeming deep focus was the cure to being stuck in a timeline, provided that one was standing in the original spot of consciousness. He did not know how to feel in that moment about having to do this a lot, as it was a surreal scene for sure, if one that, while not keeping either of the Dan clones intact for a small bit, at least had a quick and painless air to it. After a moment of reflection, Dan returned to his car to start the drive back home. He couldn’t believe what the past couple days had brought him, he would now be spending some time with these versions of himself, he had doubts that this was even real, in fact. He had never heard of any this case of clone deal happening in his entire life, or even before that. However, that could also mean a couple of things. Foremost, he felt a bit of paranoia at what could possibly occur if he and his clones were ever found out, like they could be taken away by the government, or given a ton of vapid media attention. It was a pretty tough tightrope to walk, so Dan understood why they could potentially want to be obscured, but this brought up more thoughts and ideas about this into his mind. Is this is a completely normal thing? Can one out of every four people claimed to have had clones come from different timelines? The worst part was that he wasn’t completely sure that he would ever really learn the answer, so he had no idea how to go about his life, like how are the clones connected in relation to him? There’s another question. If they wanted to transport back to the timeline this has all taken place in, where exactly would they end up? Dan decided that likely the best thing for him to do in this area of moments was to just take a quiet walk around the neighborhood, surveying similar area that he did by car, funnily enough. But, when the time and place were right, walks could always help Dan get another quiet and natural place to reflect on life, and reflect on life was what he desperately needed to do right now. As soon as Dan returned home, he turned right back around, something he always hated doing, yet this time, obviously, he was on foot. He decided to walk through his usual back neighborhood, simply as he couldn’t see anything wrong with doing so. As he walked, there was little sound, except that of the ever present suburban ambience. He walked and he walked, reflecting on the same things he had told himself, and I in turn have told you, yet he would still attempt to let himself be free from the chains of worry, whenever he thought that possible, which, as it turns out, is very hard to do. Dan was a decent amount into the walk when the wind really started to pick up. Luckily, he didn’t mind it, however, he actually enjoyed wind if anything. Yet, as the wind went, he seemed almost fall into a slight daze. Crap, he thought. Could his body be getting taken over again, by some unseen force? The wind? As he walked down a slight incline, the incline seemed to be growing longer and longer, at the very least not steeper. As he began to run down it with all of the force he could put himself, it seemed as if the incline has transported him to a different place altogether, one that seemed faintly familiar to him, but still different.
  7. Dan 3 then made his way into the car, stuffing himself in to the cramped back seat area. Despite yet another new Dan joining Dan, the car ride home was still another one that went without any conversation or man made noise. This newly formed trio of Dans returned to the home stead without issue, and all walked inside of the home as if they were a collective, militarized unit, all having the same idea about what to do, as they had programmed it into their heads for so many days. This was a bizarre instance, however, because all they had basically done at this point was an unintended drive around the greater area of Dan’s neighborhood. The work place wasn’t that far off, definitely not in the suburbs as Dan was, but it was still in familiar territory. Predictably and formulaically, all three Dans sat down on the same couch for a moment of reflection. This was normally never done as one returned from a not work related drive, but it still felt right. Dan, Dan 2 and Dan 3 needed to seriously process what was going on, and this was one familiar area that they believed they would get a lot of reflection done at. Particularly Dan, again, had a lot of logistics to think about. He had three solid mouths to feed now, and not one third bed. He ended up having to turn to his new two quote on quote companions to get everything figured out here. “So, I’m supposed to feed all of you with my single person work pay, and I need another bed. That’s what’s going on.” “Well, don’t get mad or anything.” “I’m not mad! I’m just frustrated!” “Yes, I see, I…I apologize.” “And does anyone have ideas how I can pay for Dan 3’s head?” “No need to pay for it, I was born with it.” “Ahhh, good one. I mean that for real.” “Thank you.” “But, anyways…” “Should I try to find a way to make it back to my timeline?” “I mean…I don’t know how we could, but I’d gladly welcome that…” “Would I go permanently, though…” “Yeah, I mean…I’ve only been here for a few minutes, but it’s nice to have some lads here. Even a couple people, it’s…you know…it’s fine.” “I see where you are coming from. The fact that you guys are just clones helps that out massively, I’m not sure I could live with two other ordinary people.” “True, true.” “Ahhh…yeah.” Beat. “So, do any of you remember how you got here from your other timeline?” “No, I remember nothing of my unconsciousness, and everything of my consciousness.” “However, if I had to guess, I suppose it would be in the work place parking lot that we could try, as that is the general area where the timelines more visibly split, is what I would guess, at the very least.” The three decided in that moment to go back over to the work place parking lot. Hopefully, they would find some shred of hope which would go on to tell them what they needed, specifically, a way for Dan 2 and Dan 3 to transport themselves back and forth between all of the timelines. They had absolutely no idea where to start with this, however. Even when they were going into the car, full ready to leave, they did not how they were going to accomplish this goal. None of the Dans had any pinch of an idea at all of what to do, so it seemed like they would just have to wing everything. They reflected on this in the car more, but did not get very far in that department. As they drove around to the work place parking lot, things were still not very hopeful at all. All three men were completely puzzled and totally stymied as to what they had to do. As they walked out of the car, and into the familiar area that had originally affected them all in this way, things seemed worse and more hopeless than they ever had been before. The three stood around for a bit, desperately try a to think to themselves of ideas on what to do. Eventually, however, Dan spoke up, mainly with hints of desperation all over the place, but the others did not really mind, as they felt the exact same way at that time. “So…where do you guys remember your first consciousness in this timeline?” “Well…I was right just a bit to the right, a little further up, maybe a few feet from the puddle…does that sound familiar to you at all, Dan 3?” “Hmm…yeah, that’s actually about where I was, too.” “Cool.” “Okay, you guys. Try and stand there, and see what happens.” “But what if the space is small enough, so that only one of us can be there?” “Good point…maybe…how about Dan 2, you try it first. Just try and match up exactly where you are when the timeline split up, do the best job you can, at least it’s something, then.” “Got it.” Dan 2 slowly, yet without hesitation, walked over to the approximate area in which he first regained consciousness. After some silence and non action, he looked left, he looked right, he looked up and he looked down. There was nothing to speak up. He closed his eyes in complete frustration, thinking about what to do in that moment. Maybe this was just a silly waste of time, all three of them thought. Maybe they would just have to live with this bizarre phenomena, all three of them thought. Standing there, Dan 2 could only focus on the goal of getting back to his home timeline. He envisioned how it would it happen, not exactly sure, but hopeful that something would come out of it. As he did this, Dan 2 began to shake a bit, again, losing control over himself. It went off into him contorting violently, in ways he didn’t even know the human body was capable of. He was completely stunned, and all of the three Dans believed they had found what they had so desperately been looking for here. Dan 2 began to disintegrate before their eyes, before a small part of the sky ripped open, and the particles that were once Dan 2 were now swallowed whole by the sky.
  8. Dan and Dan 2 spent most of the evening trying to figure out what to do with each other. Dan would likely not have to make many adjustments to his home life, he would still do everything in the same places, but now he had this clone tagging along with him. He didn’t know how he could feed the two of them, for example. The money from his job got him to live decently, but it would definitely take a toll on his savings. Dan and Dan 2 compromised on things such as this throughout the night, deciding that maybe Dan could potentially ask for a raise, as he had definitely been working. Dan 2 could also sleep on the couch easily, and it could be considered a better situation, one more homely than that of Dan’s traditional bedroom. At the end of the night, Dan settled into his bed, and likewise, Dan 2 settled into his. There was very argument between the two, so everything seemed that it would work out fine. As Dan lay there, however, he couldn’t help but wonder how long this would last. He didn’t want to keep he caring for this new version of himself up until his death, but at the same time, he didn’t want to wake up the next morning to see himself suddenly died, lying on the floor from some mysterious cause or another. Dan had no idea how he would handle this, in terms of the long term, at least. He had always heard the motto to take one day at a time, he always thought it was a crap idea, but couldn’t but take it as a plan due to how unsure he was about what was going on. Eventually, however, these thoughts were able to die down, and Dan went back to sleep, The next morning, the new Dan duo woke up at around the same time, conveniently enough. Dan slowly went to get ready for work, while Dan 2 sat around, waiting for him. Dan 2 knew the specifics of getting ready for work decently enough, doing it a couple times in his prime timeline, so he wasn’t very anxious in the moment. Eventually, the two were off on their way. As Dan drove into the parking lot of his work place, he noticed a small pool of dried red substance. He initially only gave it a cursory glance, maybe some kid had sprayed it there or something, he thought. Dan 2 didn’t take notice of it at all, especially as Dan did not feel the need to point anything out to him. The distinct possibility of it being blood jumped into his mind as he parked the car, but surely that wasn’t true, as he would have something of that nature, some warning from another, some traffic if an accident had gone on, but there was nothing of that sort, so he carried on with his ways, not assuming anything (This is where you guess that an accident occurred). …wait, dammit. I completely forgot this until right now, but right now, the current events of the story, those would be taking place on a Saturday, which means that Dan would not have to go to work or anything. Hang on… Dan suddenly realized that it was a Saturday, which meant that he would not have to go to work or anything. He was visibly upset by this, prompting a mini conversation with Dan 2. “What’s wrong?” “It’s a Saturday. We’re not supposed to be here.” “What?! Ahh!” “I’m sorry about this…” “Not your fault. You’ve been trapped in the work mindset so long, again not your fault, you don’t know how to turn off anymore, you’re psychologically trapped within the confines of the nine-to-five environment.” Brief silence. “Okay, so I’ll just turn around.” Dan went to turning around, and everything seems to be okay, as he was driving along the street. Eventually, he got to a traffic light, still very close to his work place. There was a crosswalk, and normally, he didn’t really have to worry about anyone walking. Today, however, there was a man who seemed to have the top of his head wrapped in some sort of bandages. He was waiting to walk across the street, and that was exactly what he began to do after brief hesitation. He slowly passed through his bounded area, before stopping for a quick moment. The man then proceeded to walk slowly towards Dan’s car. He was at a leisure pace, but didn’t stop for even a single beat. As he got closer, Dan and Dan 2 saw the man, in fact, looked a lot of like them. Dan motioned the man to come over to the front left window of the car, which the man did right there. Dan cautiously rolled down the window, and did not hesitate to start asking questions. “Who are you?” “My name is Dan.” “What is the first thing that you remember?” “I was walking out my work place building, over to my car, I was in the parking lot, of course. There was a small puddle of rain that acquired in a small spot near my vehicle. I was running to the car, because obviously I wanted to get out of the rain. I slipped, and I fell, and I landed on my head.” “Aw…” “I have unable to flag down medical attention, and believe me, I have been trying hard. I am still expected to be going to work, and all of that, even though this is causing me such anguish. I can’t afford to go to a medical center, and it seemed…it seemed like you guys might be able to help. I felt a connection when I saw this car.” “Look, you are…my clone. I have another clone in the seat next to me.” “What?!” “He is from a different timeline, where he fell on his back, and I am from this specific timeline, where I almost fell, but managed to catch myself.” “So what do I do?” Brief silence. “Get in.”
  9. For a minute, there was nothing but dead silence between the two men. They stared at each other, their eyes almost directly locking into each others’. Dan felt his stomach start to cramp up, as he genuinely could not believe what he was seeing. It had to be some crazy hallucination, he thought. These past couple slight oddities in his life, they had to be related this somehow, or maybe this just buildup…for that? Who the hell knows, honestly. Finally, after some time, Dan 2 spoke: “Hello.” Silence. “I am you.” More silence. “How are you me?” “I am you from another universe.” “How? How are you me from another universe?” “Well, another timeline, I suppose…” “But how? How?” A long pause followed. “Well…I…don’t really know. It almost seems like that information had already been pre installed inside of me, as if it’s always been that way…” “I’ve always had this timeline duplicate?!” “Oh, no, it’s not like that at all, I don’t believe. The earliest I can remember is a couple days ago.” Dan paused at this, as that was exactly when these weird subtle things started occurring. This seemed to him like a potential piece of this sudden puzzle. “Go on.” “I was walking over to my car, when all of a sudden, I stepped into a small puddle, see…I managed to completely lose my balance, slipped and fell on my back.” “Wait…what?” “Yes…I couldn’t really stand up from that for a while, so to speak.” “So, what do you think happened, for us to be here?” “I don’t know.” Dan took a quick glance at his watch then, which signaled that it was time for him to get to his office. He briefly paused, however, having to think about what to do with Dan 2. He envisioned the layout of his office, and where he could potentially put Dan, at least for the day. He was completely unsure how long Dan 2 would be around in his life, but it seemed to him like he would just have to take it one step at a time, not the best thing to do in this situation, but he wasn’t sure what else to do. Dan slowly crept out into the upstairs hall, where his office was located. He looked around carefully, and listened carefully to make sure there was no presence of anyone else. He went back to Dan 2, and motioned for himself to be followed. Dan’s office was pretty close to the stairwell, so there wasn’t much trouble involved. Dan ran over to his office with Dan 2 close behind. They closed the door quickly, and Dan pointed to a location of the office, in a corner, obscured by many miscellaneous academic items for Dan 2 to cower under, and surely, these items would give him something to do during the long work day. The rest of the day just went on as usual, the rest of the work day, at least. Dan did his work, while Dan 2 just lay there. In the end, Dan 2 honestly didn’t mind laying there that much, as at the very least, it was good for his back (I assume, at least). Eventually, however, 4:00 came calling, and Dan and his new clone got the hell out of there. They got to the car without issue this time, and went off on their way home. No words were spoken by either Dan in the car, and that was a likely outcome. Both being Dan, they shared a similar idea of what the car ride was meant to be, how it was supposed to be taken in from their view. This pattern continued when they arrived at the house, as they went and sat down on the same couch, taking in a quick moment of rest after the work day. There was a brief bit of hesitation between both of them, however. Dan had gotten used to the vibe of taking the seat there, alone, more quiet time, so this was all a little strange to him. As he sat there, he began to think of more questions to ask Dan 2. He reflected on how to approach Dan 2 with them, seeing as he deathly wanted answers, but figured, as it was himself, there wasn’t really much to worry about. “So, what else do you remember?” “I remember just coming home from work, going back the next day, coming home, had a little trouble with the back, but-“ “Was there anything that was slightly odd to you?” “Well…I suppose.” “What happened?” “The first night I can remember, I was trying to fall asleep, when all of a sudden, I heard this loud whooshing noise above me, like the amplified sound of an airplane. I don’t know what it was, I couldn’t tell, and as far as I know, it didn’t really affect anyone else, but then again, how I would know…” “That happened to me, too…” “What?!” “Yes, and then the next night after that, I woke up around 2:26 in the morning, and I slowly stumbled over to my kitchen, and I stood there for a brief moment, all I did was stand there. I didn’t feel like I had full control over my body. It could’ve been sleepwalking, but I, at the same time, felt completely conscious.” “That also happened to me.” “…oh.” There was another long silence as both Dans contemplated what this meant. “Well, I suppose there was a just bizarre split in this universe timeline, I’m not sure.” “I can only remember what happened right before I slipped, so maybe it was split there.” “You think so?” “I mean, what happened to you with that small puddle?” “I nearly slipped, but I manage to keep my balance and avoid any fall. I came pretty close, however.” “Close enough to confuse the universe itself?” Another long pause. “I suppose.”
  10. He arrived at his office without any issue. While walking up the familiar stairwell he began to run through his most recent actions, to make sure he did everything correctly. He had his briefcase, of course, but dammit, he forgot to lock the car. Dan hurried back outside to his car, on the way stepping in the same place where his foot almost slipped yesterday. That area was now a puddle, with water splashing all over his shoe. Dan didn’t mind much, just focusing on locking the car. He locked the car, and then proceeded to head back inside. For the next hours, nothing spectacular happened, really. It was just a normal day at work for Dan. Eventually, however, the clock came back around the 4:00, and Dan gleefully left the building. It was another quiet drive home for Dan, but it was where his reflection continued. As he drove through the suburb of his residence, he thought about how insignificant it was in the grand scheme of things. A collection of houses, all arranged in streets, all arranged in neighborhoods, all arranged in towns, in cities, in countries, in continents, in worlds. Sometimes it all seemed so futile, as if he could hardly make a blip in the billions of years of history, and in those years, everything had culminated to the blocky, drab buildings people spent their lives in, as everyone was expected to. Everything just seemed like it was all meant to be the same, that everyone was all just the same sometimes… Okay, enough about that, Dan thought. It seemed like an angst ridden child was controlling his thoughts sometimes, maybe he needed to clear his head for a while, or something. Dan’s night was, yet again, rather uneventful, basically exactly the same as what you read last time. After a bit of tossing at turning, again, close to midnight, Dan lost consciousness for the night. Yet, a few hours later, he woke back up. He looked at the clock, which read 2:26 AM. For whatever reason, this was far from the first time he would wake up at this very minute, as if he had a bunch of strange clocks in his system that only worked at complete random, controlling when he was and wasn’t awake. Those clocks would piss him off, by the way. Normally, at this point, he would just go back to bed, yet he felt a strange sensation here. Dan got himself over the door, slowly walking out, like a zombie, with only partial control over his brain. He didn’t really panic or anything, he had problems with sleepwalking and the like before, only a bit, but it was still something that noticeably went on, you know. He didn’t feel much control over his body, he felt a lot more tired than usual. Dan potentially brushed this off as it being around the middle of the night, he was bound to feel a tad drowsy, but still, he couldn’t help but feel as though something was off. He hobbled over to the kitchen, and stood completely still. There was almost no sound to speak of, painting an incredibly eerie picture. Dan could hardly even tell where exactly he was in the kitchen. For about a minute, he just stood there, no noise, no movement, nothing. It would truly be an eerie sight to anyone on the outside looking in, such as myself. Dan eventually made the journey back to his bedroom, however. As he was going back, he began to regain more control of his actions. While getting into bed, he thought about all of the possible explanations for what was happening to him, but in the end, he couldn’t really think of that many. Dan didn’t consider himself to be very superstitious, and thus ruled out the possibility or some supernatural being taking his body over. Yet, he seriously wondered if this was a sign of his sanity slipping, if this was possibly a sign of the tired, old, hyper routine lifestyle that he had living for quite a while now getting to him. He had never heard anything related bizarre possession focused on this before, so for a brief moment, his mind went spiraling down a rabbit hole of what could be going on with him. Yet, he got himself into bed, and after his mind was able to shut off completely, he went back to sleep. Dan woke up the next morning, and everything seemed fine. He was preforming all movements without any confusion, and had no trouble getting everything he needed for work. However, this didn’t stop Dan from reflecting on what had gone on, as his current fineness just made it seem weirder. He couldn’t but wonder if this would come back again, as far as Dan knew it didn’t cause any harm, but he still felt freaked out, by a seeming loss of control over his own movement. But alas, Dan had to get ready for work. It was Friday now, so Dan had just one more day to blast through before getting a deserved, if short break. He didn’t have many assignments to do at the office, so he anticipated a quiet day, which was fine by him. I understand that this all seems very repetitive, but again, Dan had a quiet drive to work, and proceeded to make his way to his office. He entered through a stairwell door, and began to go up the first flight. Dan heard footsteps then, pausing to look around, to see who it was. It was another overwhelmingly eerie picture, and the bizarre kitchen “possession” immediately jumped to the front of Dan’s mind. A cough sounded out, and Dan cautiously walked over to the source of the cough. It was from a man who was facing the wall. As Dan walked closer to the wall, the man turned around, revealing himself to be Dan.
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