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  1. It's possible that I'll be inactive for a week or two.

    1. MMM


      I guess "busier" is a better word

  2. hey jackie chan, any way you can stop the massive week long rain storm currently under way in the atlanta, georgia area? thanks

    1. Jackie Chan

      Jackie Chan

      I wish I could son, but not even I can stop the weather.

  3. VI. The Secret Box The rocks picked the box up, and it began to vibrate. They dropped it on the floor, curious but afraid, and it turned around by itself. “Hey.” the box said, “Who…are you?” Tim asked. “They called me a ‘secret box’. They were filming me for an opening card for something of the same name. It was a grueling process, and so long…I had to…man….” “Well, it sounds like we’ve had to do the same thing.” “Really?” “I’m sure of it. Can you tell us more?” “Well, let’s see. I honestly don't remember all that much. What I can first remember is a bunch of weird, old white substance spilling on me, seeping through a table... Must've had something in it, I started to feel more alive...there were a bunch of tall figures constantly yelling at me to stay still. One of them... kicked me out of anger and they had to give me some tape." "That's awful!" "No kidding." "We've had happen to us, for so many years. How long has this happened to you?" "Eh, just the once. I've just been sitting here all this time...better this than getting that again." "Do.you ever find it sad in here?" "Don't get me wrong, I do. Just so drab being in here all these days. I just want to escape, sometimes..." "Same." There was silence as both parties realized this was the perfect opportunity for them to leave. The rocks went for an exit, imagining the box would follow behind, but...oh yeah, he didn't have legs. The rocks went to over to him, and made a plan. "We need to climb into you." spoke George. "Are you sure?" "Yes. We can poke.holes to get our legs out and running, I think." "I...I...I'll do it. Just be gentle." The rocks tried to be gentle, and seemed to do good in that right. With this convoluted setup, they slowly, but surely inched their way over to the exit. They had to be careful, as the visits from the suits were seemingly at random. “Man, it’ll be good to get out.” “Yeah, we can’t wait to see the rocks again.” “Rocks?” “It’s a long story. You can scroll up to the first episode to read more.” “Ah, gotcha.” “Are there any other characters here?” “Yeah, but they’re long gone. Probably for better uses anyway.” “Well…we have just as much worth. We’re the leading stars!” “Ah, I suppose. Not me, though.” “…hmm.” Eventually, they got to the exit, but “blocking” their way was a small hatch. The rocks decided to get out, and tinker with this hatch, trying to fidget with it, to see what it could do. Eventually, it completely broke off, and they were pushed out into an alleyway, landing on some bags of trash. A well dressed old man standing near looked back, beginning to walk over out of curiousity.
  4. MMM


    Okay. Is one title good enough, or would you like 2/3?
  5. Not sure if anyone cares, but I’ll put this here. Maybe there’ll be other stuff later. Obviously, send me the money and I’ll PM you the goods. Doubloons or credit card only. Apartment 406 new episode titles* ($100) Apartment 406 new episode outlines ($500) Behind the Scenes thing ($500) Unfinished Octerror Fest 2018 Scary Story ($666) Unfinished mystery pilot ($300) Apartment 406 shorts**: 1. Worms ($275) 2. At The Airport ($170) *max you can buy at once is currently 3, $100 per title **more coming soon, will likely be posted a while down the line, cost based on rounded word count
  6. There seems to be a mistake in the win tally, it says that indies didn’t win. 😕
  7. Well, it’s been five years. Looks like SBC has lasted that long. I guess I’ll go first. When I first joined, I didn’t expect to stay, to even last a week, to not be hated by the community. But, lo and behold, i’ve spent a lot of time talking on here. Admittedly, I did have some long absences, but the point is that I’m still here after five years. (Looks like I was a right only a year ago) Throughout that time, and especially recently, coming here has helped cheer me up a lot. so thanks. And, October 29, 2023. What do you all think?
  8. “Tour de France” - Kraftwerk
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