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  1. Lol wtf rock has been around for 12 seasons and suddenly it's a sea turtle. Uhhh weird.
  2. Disney company was built on the foundation of Mickey Mouse which Walt Disney had reign and freedom and he handed the mouse to others. If he didn't want Mickey Mouse to be used by others, he would have just shut down the company. Nick was never built on SpongeBob and Hillenburg was just a show creator and nothing more. Nick did this without his approval to do whatever they can with SpongeBob. You are right that SpongeBob would have continued regardless without him but at least it would be just one damn show, not a damn prequel spin-off and 11 more spin-off they wanna do because apparently SpongeBob is their own Marvel universe.
  3. Here's the difference. - Hillenburg never wanted SpongeBob to be aged down to a kid so much that he almost walked out of Nickelodeon when they wanted the show to be that. - He was strictly against at crossovers and spin-offs. - season 4-9A are still in the show itself. - This was done to tie in to third movie which will feature the flashback. - This is pure Nickelodeon meddling and this has come up after he died. Not a coincidence and Tibbitt pointed out Hillenburg would have hated this.
  4. YOU ALL HAD ONE JOB *sob* Such a shame Plankton's Army deserves ever single love and care it respects. It's the funniest, most character driven and most creative episode ever imo. This is the peak Plankton and you can't tell me otherwise. One Krabs Trash is great but it's hardly one of my favorites. Nevertheless, I'm glad for making it this year.
  5. WhoBob

    Hal Hates Music

    Damnit i fell for clickbait!
  6. oh just wow. Patty Hype has made the list and I couldn't have been happier ever. It's one of my all-time favorites for many reasons. It's arguably one of the most creative plots in the entire show. What if SpongeBob makes his own patties and sells it to costumers? Absoultely genius. I loved how Mr. Krabs got so jealous of SpongeBob's success that he took over the place but eventually it backfired. You could argue SpongeBob was the one responsible for people being affected by pretty patties and it's true but Mr. Krabs took the estabilishment out of greed and he is the one to get the riots. It's such a well written episode with tons of hilarious gags that it made my list. I'm very shocked It's a SpongeBob Christmas has made the list. It's not on my list but damn, people are so right to call this one of the best specials ever. It's true that the episode has some weird plot holes but the story itself is very sweet, creative and fun that it gives me joy. Stop motion is perfectly executed and the humor was well done for a special. I loved the songs, I loved the episode's plot, humor, animation and tone, what can I say more? It's a worthy of a good SpongeBob special, in fact an amazing special imo.
  7. Alright, we can finally start this spin-off miniseries!!! Reminder that this spin-off is not an accurate to SBC's own history. It's a parody, so enjoy! Forum Wars Chapter I: The Reveals Ah August, 24th 2013...the day the legendary SpongeBob Community has been shut down by a petty member who has been manipulated by some other petty member. The destruction created a massive explosion that SBC's pieces were sent to an My Little Pony forums across the Internet as bunch of spams. And it wasn't just one MLP forum, SpongeBob related sites whom were close to SBC, were exposed to this attack as well. Not as large as that MLP forum but still. Storm, who single handedly destroyed SBC, was laughing with joy. But what Storm didn't predict was that after he destroyed SBC, all of a sudden he forgot where he had been. Storm: "uhhhhhhmmm...where, where am I. What? Is this... Oh god... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SBC?" Storm felt so shocked to find out that SBC has been destroyed but why? Didn't he just destroy SBC all by himself with the help of a traitor inside??? Storm: "How did this even happen? Who caused this?" All of a sudden, some mysterious anon whispered Storm this. "you did it" Storm felt creeped out by the anon and he decided to walk away. He went to his twitter account to cool off and process what he has done. Storm: "I'm still speechless, I can't be some sort of monster who destroyed SBC. This must be a mistake. I don't recall any memory of this whatsoever." Suddenly Storm has been hit in the head by a twitter member named TRAFON. TRAFON: "hey douche, what are you doing looking like a sad member? Prepare yourself for the upcoming war. MLP has decared a war on us for them claming that we caused SBC's destruction, even though us twitter community know that they are the ones that caused all of this." Storm got a mild concussion and because of this, he started to remember some stuff. Every single sbc storm has banned, all those spams he posted to cause a havoc and those little homophobic complaints he didn't mean it to happen. "Nooooo, I didn't want this, did I? Why would I have a sudden hatred over SBC? I didn't even want to be homophobic. Oh god, I feel so ashamed." Storm recovered some of his memories but not all of them such as him seeing future storm and the traitor that gave him admin powers to ban everyone. Storm decided to disappear to make up all the losses he has caused, even if it was unintentional. Meanwhile war cry are heard through many spongebob websites. Many of members of SpongeBob Wikia, SBM, SB Twitter, tv.com's SpongeBob forums, bikinibottomtwitter subreddit and more sb places online are prepared to battle against MLP Forums. Unfortunately, MLP fandom was incredibly huge that they started the fire first. Their first target was tv.com forums because well...it was so easy. tv.com has been a very popular website for people to communicate about any tv shows. SpongeBob had its own forum there The bad thing was that tv.com admins and mods treated its members so harsly that most of its members had to immigrate to SBC that there are only a few of them left. tv.com admins were truly shocked to find out their place has been attacked first and as a result, their forum has been shutdown so badly. Other SpongeBob sites, seeing all the losses at tv.com, decided there is no more time to give them merciful attacks, whatever that meant, THIS IS A WAR! So they decided to become more savage. For all the memes they have been making for so many years, SpongeBob fandom knew they were fully prepared to spam MLP forums with their memes, low or high effort. All of it counts! Some of lesser known MLP forums got attacked by these spams very badly, so MLP tried to make a shit ton of pony fanarts to shove it into SB fandom's accounts. This very disturbing and cruel war was not expected to start off this brutal. The worst part of this was that it was ust the beginning... 10 years later Year 2023...SB fandom, once one of the highest fandoms of all-time, have fallen massively. Over the last 10 years, SBM has been shut down and bikinibottomtwitter has been recieving tons of downvotes, SB Wikia and SB twitter community has shared all of their secrets and knowledge to defeat MLP fandom once and for all. While they managed to take down some of their forums, MLP fandom was incredibly strong that they have been outnumbered very badly. During that time, Storm has been secretly helping SB fandom with some of his alts but even then he had to do it rarely, otherwise more people would be aware of his existence and they'd know he was the one responsible for all of this. However, this was all just a secondary plan for Storm to put an end to this miserable war. His real plan was to make a time machine to stop his past self from destroying SBC, thus making sure Forum Wars never exist! Unfortunately Storm was missing some key elements to make his time travel work. So he went to Discord to dig up some of bots to make him help finishing his time machine. When he encourtered there, he discovered someone coming to his way. That someone hit Storm with a ping, thus making Storm unconscious. By the time his account was online again, he has discovered something huge...that anon, the very anon that told Storm it was all his fault was none other than... HAWKBITALPHA!!! Storm: "Wait, I...I know you. You are HawkbitAlpha, the legendary member of Task Force 51" Hawk: "Yes, that's me alright, HOW DARE YOU enter my server and think that you'd be welcomed here?" Storm: "I don't understand, I'm just your ordinary member that would like to take a look at your finest bots" Hawk: "You have no idea who am I, aren't you?" Storm: "I beg your pardon?" Hawk: "Remember the whisper you have recieved 10 years ago that told you you did it?" Storm: "Yes???" Hawk: "It was me all along. After you woke up, it was my job to remind who you were. You had amnesia that you didn't recall you destroyed SBC. It was a reminder for me to pay for your mistakes." Storm: "Then why the hell you didn't tell me all about it?" Hawk: "Because I was only an anon, I had no access to SBC, I could only lurk around it but I could never talk. When I was on Discord chilling, I have heard a noise echoing through all websites, I decided to check in and it led me to SBC. What made me told you was a small breach. I could only say a little, so I thought I'd use my words wisely when you were questioning who caused all this. And now you are coming here to do WHAT? Destroy my server too? I don't think so." Before Hawk hit banhammer, Storm quickly stopped him. "WAIT!!! I...can fix all of this." Hawk stopped and said. "Excuse me? How would you do that? Storm: "I wanna finish my time machine to prevent my past version from ever destroying SBC" Hawk: "And how would you exactly do that hmm?" Storm: "I wanna use your finest bots to finish it, so I can stop my evil past." Hawk: "And what makes me think that you'll be trustworthy?" Storm: "I want you to join me on this, so you can see it in your eyes what I want to stop. Do you wanna live in your life hiding in your server before MLP Forums come you and ban your entire crew? So please help me." Hawk: "Sigh, you have a point, I'll help you but I'll be keeping an EYE on you." So thus began the teamwork of Hawk and Storm. Over weeks, they have worked very hard to finish this plan. They built each other a strong trust not to be broken. Hawk have convinced himself that Storm will keep his promise. The plan was that Storm and Hawk would go back in time to stop past Storm from commiting forum genocide. As a result, they successfully completed the time machine and they were ready to do this trip. By the time they opened it, they gathered all of their tools to enter the portal. Unfortunately there was a big ass stepback. Some mysterious troll came out of nowhere to attack. Storm: "WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHO'S TRYING TO TROLL US FROM GOING TO THE PORTAL?" Hawk: "I don't know but they have made a big mistake messing with me!" Due to the attack, Hawk shouted Storm to go to the time machine. "STORM, GO NOW" Storm was very upset about this. "What about you?" Hawk: "I'll be okay, JUST GO." Storm managed to go back in time to stop his past self. Hawk tried so hard to keep the troll from time machine and he did it, he managed to damage the troll but when he was face to face with the troll, he was in shock! Hawk: "Oh god...not you again..." Of course this troll was none other than THE DS GUY DS Guy: "Sadly it's me hawkguy. I just can't let you enter that portal. You were not supposed to be in that time." Hawk: "What makes you say that you bastard?" DS Guy: "LOL, isn't this obvious? Storm had to go back in time to stop himself and FAIL. I observed all of this. You know why? Because it was ME who destroyed SBC" Hawk: "Nooooo...it can not be. You are the most pathetic member I have ever met, you can't even do proper political discussions. You always get scared and run back to your little hideout. You aren't capable of destroying an entire forum!" DS Guy: "But I was. See hawk? After last time you roasted me, I decided to crawl back to my space WHICH IS NOT SAFE BY THE WAY. Anywho, when I was hiding, I discovered something truly sicking. A SpongeBob forum with LGBTQ+ MEMBERS!!! That was wrong on so many levels. You can't even think of how I was so damn angry" Hawk: "I see you are still petty." DS Guy: "I'm a man with a vision. These little fucking gross members discuss how they love their same sex gender, doesn't that disturb you one bit? Hawk: "No it doesn't..." DS Guy: "WELL IT SHOULD. I knew that I had to come up with plans to destroy SBC but I didn't wanna ruin my rep, I mean...get any homoenemies. So I decided to infiltrate with one of my alts named hf80 to become a full admin. I gained so much power from that website that I noticed a member named Storm outside SBC wanting to join the forum, without jjs noticing, I quickly made him a member but before he announced himself to the forum, I mindcontroled him to do my bidding. I made him a complete proud heterolover to attack the forum. Oddly enough, my alt gained its own identity and I lost all control over him that he truly believed himself as a true admin of this forum and I certaimly did not expect a petty mod to give powers to Storm to experiment on SBC. I wasn't sure If I was to be offended by him being more powerful than me but I saw this as an opportunity. Storm managed to ban my alt with no traces back to me and thus he destroyed SBC with his legacy being torn apart. What didn't work as a plan was to start a war between SB forums and MLP forums but I couldn't care less, thus making Storm completely irrelevant because both fandom were blaming each other on the attack. Oh well." Hawk: "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!" DS Guy: "I won't be...because your account won't be alive to stop me" Hawk was quickly suspended by one of the old and fearsome enemies of SBC, TheWolverine. Hawk: "oh no..." DS Guy: "Thanks for helping me man, I appreciate it." TheWolverine: "No problem, jjs will pay for his crimes for disliking Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?" DS Guy: "ehhhh, alright. Okay, lets destroy this time machine before anyone gets their hands on it." DS Guy and TheWolverine were prepared to destroy it but what they didn't predict was that someone would come out of that portal fast. They were both shocked that this person was...JCM!!! They started to troll his account but JCM with his fast skills, he managed to dodge them and escape from Discord. DS Guy and TheWolverine didn't wait around to check on him, they instead destroyed the time machine. JCM, finding himself in this bizarre future with forums battling against each other, had one response to all of this. "wtf" To be continued...
  8. WhoBob

    Ask the Kat

    Big Little Lies is off to a damn strong start. Color me shook.
  9. happy birthday @Klu welcome to adulthood.
  10. Private Message. You basically send members private messages. This is how 1) you click on member's profile 2) click on message 3) 4) click send and there you go
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