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  1. This special ended up being not as good as expected and it wasn't as good as Handemounium but it was a much better special than Birthday Bloutout imo. My only complaints with this episode are that pacing can be messy at times and i wish they'd cut down on craziness and loudness but what made me like the episode was the overall plot. It was just too much fun to see behind the scenes of Glove World and I loved parallels they made with Glove World/Disneyland and Mr. Glove World/Walt Disney. Best jokes to me were the reference about frozen Walt Disney theory, hamfisted line, Mickey Mouse reference, and Patrick yelling at the old robot that he broke the Mr. Glove's head cuz old robot kept saying they broke the rules. I do wish this episode was better than what we got but it was still a pretty entertaining SpongeBob special imo. Grade: B+
  2. NOTE: Most of this was written last decade. Hello everyone. This is the time where we all share our favorite and least favorite entertainment of this wonderful/awful decade. I'm so happy we are about to do this. Especially for TV. There is no doubt that TV was at its highest this decade. It's literally having a golden age right now and there are a lot of amazing shows to prove this case. Today, I'm going to show you my favorite TV shows of 2010s. And yes, it's top 20 because there are this many good shows that shouldn't be missed. First things first. Let's start with... Honorable Mentions: Now that honorable mentions are over, lets dive into my actual list!!! WhoBob's Top 20 Best TV Shows of 2010's #20-11 #10-1 That's it for best shows of 2010s. I hope you all enjoyed reading this list as much as I loved writing it.
  3. This show's first season was just great. This show is what Star Wars needed after countless good vs evil battles that it's refreshing to see a Star Wars show about an anti-hero. The action is great, characters are loveable and visiuals are astonishing as usual. It may be a tropey af show which is a fair criticism, it's at least good at it imo. All Star Wars fans should check out the show.
  4. I didn't love this episode but this was yet another solid episode to focus on Mr. Krabs' character. I found it so amusing that Mr. Krabs actually loved eating freaking chum the most of all food and him desperately trying to get it after his favorite restaurant was closed made it interesting to watch. Mr. Krabs' navy flashbacks with ties to Shell of a Man was a nice touch here. I loved that Mr. Krabs became so desperate enough to give up the formula to Plankton and while Plankton was actually at success, his downfall was him betraying Mr. Krabs. My only complaint is that i wish humor was stronger here than usual facial expressions gags over but I did laugh at times. Squidward running away and the ending with SpongeBob, Karen and Mr. Krabs watching a movie of former boss of Mr. Krabs' favorite restaurant were the highlights of this ep. I also dug Chum Monkey here. While i wasn't so crazy for this one, it did it job well with irony of Mr. Krabs' favorite food ever. Grade: B+
  5. This episode was so damn good as a beta-Christmas episıde. Plankton hiding his disgusting chum all over Bikini Bottom is enough of a good concept already but what made the execution so great was Plankton convincing SpongeBob that this is pure holiday like Christmas and they just went all the way with this. Chum blew up all over Bikini Bottom and just when mob was about to punish Plankton, SpongeBob convincing them about this holiday made the episode so bizarre and entertaining to watch. A lot of jokes this episode brought were superb imo. Gary stealing a car to get back some was very clever. Plankton blowing up Mr. Krabs' window to dump all the chum made me laugh. Patrick saying chum made him dumber but one of the mob saying he is already dumb and then Patrick backing it up by saying it didn't make him smarter was a nice exchange of Patrick's usual stupidity. One couple not liking the chum but not minding it for sake of spirit was amusing. There are more good jokes coming from this episode but these ended up being the funniest ones for me. SpongeBob/Plankton dynamic was once again fun and Plankton's punishment at the end was really good. To sum up, this was a really clever and hilarious s12 episode. Grade: A-
  6. This episode was soo great. I like when the show fleshs out its supporting cast and this was no exception. Dirty Bubble has always been a fun character but he truly shines here. I like seeing a new version of him that wants to stay clean, so he wouldn't go back to his villain side but he can't help himself. I love SpongeBob's role so much. He does his best to prevent Dirty Bubble from being bad again and that back and forth action was very entertaining. The entire conflict kept my interest, even if this episode felt light on jokes. My only issue would be that Patrick being a literal plot device to make Dirty Bubble bad again and I would prefer a better ending where Dirty Bubble cleaning up the city with his villainy wouldn't be destructive later on. Still I really like this episode for focusing on Dirty Bubble's character. Grade: A-
  7. This episode is one of the most exciting episodes of the season. For an episode that was kind of light on humor, although it had its moments like "your grandmother was a combat boot" line and meta joke about the theme song, the episode made each moment fun to watch. The premise of Plankton making the glove of his restaurant alive was used at its fullest potential with Plankton using it to beat Mr. Krabs at arm wrestling and later on him losing control of it, thus making him team up with SpongeBob to stop it. The pacing was very good with good amount of action in it. I enjoyed Hans' role as the force against at Plankton's glove and their fight was awesome. I liked seeing Mr. Krabs have arm wrestling nights and SpongeBob being inside the emergency box was cute. SpongeBob and Plankton once again shine together with their shenanigans to stop the glove backfiring and then them succeeding it with Hans' help only for Plankton to not get his glove at the end. Albeit since status quo is god, Plankton will get his glove for sure but ending it with a giant combat boot falling into Plankton's building was funny. For a 16 minute episode, it used its premise so well with great character dynamics and action. It earned its place in one of the best episodes of the season. Grade: A
  8. I can't praise this episode enough. Mr. Lawrence is one person that gets how Plankton episodes should be. Fun, creative, interesting with originality and cool dynamics. This one had it all. This was more of a Flying Dutchman teacing Plankton to be scary than another steal the formula shtick to me. I loved the mentor/apprentice dynamic Plankton and The Flying Dutchman had. Plankton going from a pathetic ghost to be an actual skilled ghost was a good progression only to be backfired by more disadvantages of being a ghost, which i found it so much interesting to watch. Comedy here wasn't the main focus but I did like the jokes they made here. Especially the Pearl shapeshift gag, which couldn't have been funnier than ever after OCM shit. I loved seeing how unimportant SpongeBob was in the episode and his cameo was actually gold. I think pacing was at its finest of all s12 episodes. Every plot progression flowed nicely and the episode was wrapped up with Plankton regretting to be a ghost and Flying Dutchman regretting to have a body. The animation was once again stellar. It had just the right amount of creepy and scary faces and the episode felt dark in a colorful way. This episode is truly one of the strongest episodes of the season. Grade: A
  9. WhoBob

    Joker (2019)

    Now that I have seen this movie, even though I have been dreading since the beginning, I have some thoughts. I can't say I like this movie because of how it was written as a Joker movie (also my feelings that Joker has been so overexposed in pop culture that I can't stand at his existence at times) but I'll say the movie at least interested me, so it wasn't a really bad experience. I would recommend seeing this If you wanna see something different for a comic book adaptation and there are some stuff that are worth talking in the movie but I'll say that this movie will make you uncomfortable for how it tells Joker's journey here.
  10. Huh, I actually managed to tolerate this episode. Was it really good? Nah. Was it interesting enough? I guess? Was Patrick actually bareable for once? Yes. Patrick wasn't exactly funny to me in this episode for the most part but for once, I didn't feel annoyed by his appearance. In fact, despite his entire motivation of wanting free ice cream, I did feel kind of bad for Patrick to not do his job properly. I'd say first half of this episode was kind of bland and none of jokes were funny to me but once SpongeBob arrives in the episode, it got better. I really enjoyed him doing amazing job with ice creams and making people happy, whereas Patrick just stood there and be asleep. And jokes here were funnier to me like the huge frozen age lasting centuries and Patrick leaving with aliens. Patrick losing his job was predictable but I did get find amusing he said he had lactose intolerance to the boss. The pacing was surprisingly solid for a Kaz episode. There weren't exaggrated moments for the most part and the story progressed pretty well. I wouldn't say this episode was "good" but for a Patrick episode written by Kaz, it was servicable. Grade: B-
  11. This episode had some sort of potential to be pretty cool. Two people switching their jobs to see who handles each other's well is a concept that is done but it's not often, at least in this show's state. So the whole Squidward doing something else to prove how he's a better driver than the actual bus driver had all the possibilities of being an entertaining piece. And of course it was hijacked by SpongeBob and Patrick because there wouldn't be an episode without it. Sadly the execution of it was pretty flawed. I actually found more flaws in the story than the overall comedy of this episode but firstly, I'm done with SpongeBob and Patrick being plot devices to ruin Squidward's day. Especially Patrick considering Squidward's attempts to get away from him (I wonder If this is some sort of comment on how Patrick's existence is pain for Squidward in this show, especially the year old Ink Lemonade hehe). If they actually had some purpose to the story other than ruining Squidward's life, I'd enjoy more because this episode did have some jokes I laughed. Pillow fight joke, dead skeleton lady waiting for her bus forever, "wow, that's deep" sign and Grim Reaper appearance. I also enjoyed the pressurized place or whatever the episode called it. Unfortunately this episode needed more jokes like those and less SpongeBob and Patrick getting on my nerves. As for flaws in the story, It was odd to me that Squidward was actually not so bad bus driver until SB and Pat arrives. They did put seeds in him being bad bus driver at the beginning like taking the old lady's umbrella and throwing the kid's Krabby Patty outside but when SpongeBob and Patrick arrived, it was out of his control, so that was kind of a let down and Squidward realizing he is better at being a cashier than a bus driver didn't feel earned when Squidward experienced same deal as a cashier. Maybe i'm thinking too much but that was what I got from the story. One more issue I have was that how come you expect the bus driver to be a cashier when fry cook wasn't even there. SpongeBob was on the bus throughout, Unless there was a temporary fry cook but yeah, that was just weird. Overall, I didn't "hate" this, it did have some material I enjoyed but when this was same old "SpongeBob and Patrick ruin everything" episode we have seen billion times. It's time to come up with new executions in these good ideas. Grade: C+
  12. SpongeBob in Randomland has earned its place in one of the best episodes in recent years. It's mind blowing that an episode based on literal randomness manages to be creative, fun and exciting. At times post-second movie era suffered from adding too much randomness and slapstick that it can get pretty irritating but this episode took the randomness and make it weird and strange that it worked. It feels like a good episode of Uncle Grandpa. Animation and designs of people and buildings in Randomland were top notch. I really liked the comedy here because the episode's plot fit the random and weird humor they were presenting and it didn't feel forced or loud. Some of them were in fact clever like the chicken joke or Squidward in heels. The biggest shoutout goes to Red Mist reference, which was so hilarious and terrifying. This definitely earned its place in one of the best episodes of s12, If not the best episode of s12 (depends on how the next episodes will go). So yeah I highly recommend this episode. Grade: A
  13. I know this episode is not gonna be liked by some people but I personally enjoyed it. It's an episode that surprised me how much it was toned down on usual fast craziness after season 10-present being like that. Not shocking enough It worked. The premise could have been really gross like SpongeBob biting his fingernails over and over seems like a season 6 premiere but they managed to make it not sickening at all. I was still a little disturbed by it but judging by the show's previous shtick, this felt tame and at times kind of funny with how surreal it has gotten but never to a point I was annoyed or grossed out by it. The humor worked like a charm, in fact I liked seeing more dialogue based humor this time. Patrick's line about Glove World helping people forget their struggles but also saying it makes him forget his name is a type of joke I usually hate being used on Patrick but in the story's context, it actually made me laugh. Fred's My Nails line was predictable but it was still bizarre enough to be funny. Gary suggesting a walk for SpongeBob, except SpongeBob thinking only he should get a walk, thus forgetting Gary was a well done joke. Sandy's line about Mr. Krabs' bank account is my favorite joke of the bunch.. This episode wasn't incredibly hilarious but it gave me enough laughs to entertain. What I actually loved about this episode was this episode focusing on SpongeBob starting to make a bad habit and trying to get rid of the problem but being unsuccessful at it. At first, I was rolling with this but I also felt headscratched since I don't see SpongeBob having a problem like this but when it got to the end, it actually made a lot of sense. I loved it. SpongeBob being affected by Squidward's mood earlier in the episode made him have a bad habit. That was quite an interesting result of giving SpongeBob a flaw to overcome. Albeit I'll say that this could have been more interesting If SpongeBob started this habit after Squidward saying how much SpongeBob can be annoying, that was such a missed opportunity I would love the episode to explore but I did like what we have gotten. The end actually ended on a twist of SpongeBob's therapist ending up being Hans (the giant hand) and while I sort of saw this coming, it was still a nice gag. Normally SpongeBob would fix his problem but he didn't do it at the end and that is normally really frustrating but I thought it was funny, so I can forgive that. Plus Squidward showing up was really amusing. I wouldn't say this episode is really great, they could have done more with this concept and it can be disturbing but I thought it was fairly entertaining and it was a good SpongeBob centric episode to flesh out his character. Grade: B+
  14. WhoBob

    257b. Breakin'

    Now there's a s12 episode I actually loved. The concept of SpongeBob never taking a break before and taking a breka now kind of felt weird at first, considering he has taken a break in Bummer Vacation. I was also worried this episode would try to be like Bummer Vacation but luckily, it is not the case here. It's more about having small breaks in your job like afternoon breaks and getitng back to your job at the same day. SpongeBob took a 5 minute break just the way the episode's length was and it worked out so well. The episode went into its own direction with SpongeBob trying to have fun at the breakroom and it was consistently entertaining to watch. I loved seeing SpongeBob hanging out with expired food, trying to surf on the chair and having a rock concert that every costumer joined. The episode had great enegry in 5-6 minutes and it worked without ruining the pace. The episode wasn't too funny but I did laugh at the part when SpongeBob cleaned the table and Mr. Krabs went giant and stopped SpongeBob from it and the part at the end with Squidward purposely stuck in the breakroom. I honestly have no complaints whatsoever, this episode was simple and yet it did something incredibly entertaining in its short time. Grade: A
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