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  2. o yea thanks. movie was soooo good. my brother and I both enjoyed it very much. Pretty funny for a historical movie but every joke sold it and the serious moments truly hit. one of the most unique takes on history I might say?
  3. i didn't catch it but what was the song they played in The Favourite credits?
  4. Finishing this project in 4 months not before Infinity War, before Endgame, this is a joke. I shall make up to this. Airdate: November 3, 2017 Directed by Taika Waititi PLEASE FORGIVE ME, MCU STANS OF SBC. It has been months since I've rewatched this movie, so this is gonna be weird to review this just now. Without a doubt, this is the funniest MCU movie ever existed. I know, I know humor is soooo overdone in MCU. I can always agree to that criticism because at times I feel like they are forcing the humor, rather than play it naturally but this was the movie that knew what it was doing. I can see why this would be a bit turnoff from Thor fans from comics and I can't say too much about this since I've only read one Thor comic thus far and that was about Loki but If you ask me, this was Thor done right. Before this movie, I always found Thor to be a cool character but he didn't stood out to be and he didn't have much of a clear arc. First Thor movie had that and we've seen an arrogant god turned into a caring and wiser superhero but even that one was missing the pure over the topness and epicness Thor should be. Second movie tried to do that but It didn't have any arc for Thor to overcome. He was just bland there and only character that carried the movie was none other than Loki. It's actually bad when the only thing in Thor mythos people actually cared about was Loki. But this movie changes all that. It turned Thor into a more comedic, more self-aware and more badass character. Firstly we see Thor chained up in Surtur's place, the monster that is gonna cause the Ragnarok, aka the end of Asgard but Thor managed to stop Surtur and his army single handedly. We got the first scene already covered with a ballsy action sequence that show why Thor's such a cool character. Before all of this, he just goofed around with some really hilarious gags and how he kills Surtur and his army was pure comic booky moment for me. Before he returned to Asgard with Surtur's skull, one guy named Skurge was showing off his guns to ladies instead of guarding the door to Asgard since Heimdall was missing. Oh man, that moment right there was amazing and it showed a lot about Skurge's character being some loser who has nothing going on. After Thor returned and found out that Odin was watching a play of Loki's death and that right there was great comedy right there. It knew how to be silly and when it was revealed to Thor that Loki was Odin, it added more to the humor. Granted, the movie having too much humor would be a bothersome for me but I found myself enjoying these jokes because they come around at the right place at the right time. As a result, Thor and Loki went to Earth to find Odin just when some fangirls showed up and told that it sucked how Thor and Jane broke up, off-screen. Ngl, Jane wasn't adding much to Thor franchise anymore, so I was kind of okay with her being written off. Plus this means Thor's single, so he is mine . But suddenly Loki was teleported, as well as Thor but Thor went to Doctor Strange's place because Strange was questioning why would Thor take his dangerous brother to Earth. Thor explained that they were searching for Odin. Some shits and giggles happens with location switching while Thor's trying to drink his beer. Strange found Odin's place, he brought back Loki from falling for 30 minutes and he teleported them to Odin's hideout. This was just peak Doctor Strange moment that was sort of missing from his own movie. Granted I liked his own movie but here, I liked how magic was more nonsensical and weird and Doctor Strange was this calm weirdo that did some magic tricks. Normally, this would be a cheap fanservice, OH HEY LOOK A CHARACTER FROM ANOTHER MOVIE SHOWED UP but here, he was used not only to help Thor, it added a bit more into his world. I liked that and I hope this type of weirdness is translated in Doctor Strange sequel as well. When Thor and Loki encourtared Odin, they found out that Odin was dying and when he died, Goddess of Death Hela would appear to take his place and rule Asgard. Oh and Hela is Thor's sister YAY. I admit that I wasn't all that into another family issues plot since they already did this with Loki and Hela wasn't even Thor's sister in comics but it just worked. Hela's introducion was nothing more than a savage villain taking down both characters without breaking a sweat. She fucking destroyed Thor's hammer with the touch of her hand. That was legit badass, even if it was shown a lot in theaters. Not the mention that she could have been another Loki but she was more brawn than brain, yet she was smart and cunning. She was the ultimate threat to Asgard and when she tried to go there and Thor and Loki followed her, Hela just stopped them and they were teleported to another planet and Thor had no powers to protect himself. Yeah, this type of plot is a bit familiar. Thor loses his powers and he was sent to anothe planet to change. Yep, first movie, except that worked better here... Let me explain why. I still consider first thor movie to be good because it was a good exploration of Thor, a god finding humanity in himself. So him being on Earth powerless perfectly made sense but at the same time, lets be real, Earth's kind of a boring place for an almighty god to spend his time. So here, he was sent into some weirdass planet with alien scavengers, slave gladiators and jerky alien rulers. That was much more interesting to watch as opposed to some "grounded" journey on Earth. Plus it delved into a much more compelling storyline that I'll get into later. Meanwhile Hela went to Asgard to use Bifrost bridges to rule the realms but Heimdall took the sword that controls the bridges and him, along with most of Asgardians went to hiding. Back to Thor, you see that Thor was a powerless and he was kidnapped by some bounty hunter lady that sold him to some douchebag named The Grandmaster, ruler of gladiator matches. Stan Lee (Rest in peace ) shaved Thor's hair and tbh that was much much better. Thor met the lady that kidnapped him and she was actually the last Valkyrie, female warriors of Asgard. Later he met two guys named Korg and Miek and they are the most cinnamon rolls out of all characters in MCU, despite how Miek is actually an asshole in comics but hey, another time for that. Thor was sent to the arena to fight the best champion of gladiator matches. He noticed how Loki was alive and BFFs with The Grandmaster and Loki looked embrassingly. Grandmaster sent his best fighter ever and it's none other than THE INCREDIBLE HULK!!! That's right, Thor vs Hulk, now that's a civil war you have never seen. . Thor and Hulk's fight sequences were incredible. Hulk managed to show how badass and savage he can be whereas Thor, someone without no power, can kick Hulk's ass just as much. Later on, Thor's lightning powers have started to occur and he used those to stop Hulk from winning but after that, Grandmaster put a stop to the fight. What a shame, no one won 😛 . Hela began to take over Asgard when she finally arrived. She turned Skurge into The Executioner and she tried reclaiming the Asgard throne from Asgard warriors. Sadly during this time, Thor's warriors friends were murdered, as well as others. The entire scene was a great example of how Hela is literally a powerful Goddess who can take down an entire army without breaking a sweat. She's just so much fun to watch overall. When she entered Odin's palace, this was when we finally get to see the Asgard lore in the movie. I usually didn't like when other Thor movies tried to portray Odin as this righteous and wise king, yet his enemies keep shouting Odin's not a great person. It was more tell than show for villains and this was why Frost Giants and Makekith turned out to be so bland af, they were villains who wanted to control Asgard or all other realms blah blah. Hela had the same goal but what makes her unique is that not only she was charismatic and fun, her backstory was actually pretty interesting for a villain who wanted to control the realms. Hela was born as a weapon for Odin to take control of realms. See? This is how you actually show a villain backstory. She was literally raised a as killing machine. A true Goddess of Death. Unfortunately, her passion became more unstable that Odin had to lock her away for thousands of years and try to become a peaceful king. This right here was a great example of how to write a compelling villain who wants to take control of things. Marvel suffered quite enough for villains who wants power and we don't even know why but Hela's motivations make sense, especially how horrid of a move for Odin to imprison her and never tell Thor and Loki about her. Granted she was a monster but a monster created by Odin's own selfish goals, yet Odin didn't pay the price for it until the very end. And because of this, Hela resurrected her own army and giant wolf to start a war. Turning Hela into a deadly warrior definitely was the mistake of Odin that Thor had to fix this. Speaking of Thor, oh lord... Why were women cleaning his abs??? Dammit!!! Those ladies were LUCKY. Stupid Sexy Odinson. Everytime they find a way to make Thor hotter, I lose my mind but Thor was not the only hottie in the movie. Hello Hulk dammmmmmmm, delete all of this. Thor had just woke up and kind of pissed off to Hulk for not helping him escape. Well, as a shocker, Hulk loved to be a gladiator. Thor wanted Hulk's help but Hulk rejected her. Later, the drunk warrior Valkyrie showed up to hang out with Hulk. Thor asked her why did she stop being a warrior. She told him that in the backstory, during Odin's command to stop Hela, she killed all of the Valkyries but her, therefore, she didn't wanna be involved with another Asgard situation. One another big problem I have had with other Thor movies were that his supporting characters were very underdeveloped or that his human supporting cast were just forgettable. Although I didn't like how they killed off his warrior friends in this one, Valkyrie was a step up in the right direction for giving Thor a good supporting cast. Her motivation to stay away from Asgard made sense and she was just a charming and compelling character to engage into. Hulk was already a good character, so this was a big plus for someone who's not the biggest Hulk fan. I liked that they made him smarter than his other appearences. He still acted like a goofball around the time but his speech has gotten better, he had a mind of his own and he was just much a anger and brutal machine he was. If this was the closest we could get to a great Hulk story, this might be it. Hulk and Valkyrie didn't agree to go to Asgard with him but Thor reached to the ship Hulk got to Sakaar. As a result, Hulk followed him and the ship was destroyed while Hulk was turning into Bruce Banner after seeing Natasha's hologram, ew.. and Bruce's naked. Bruce has realized that he has been Hulk for 2 years and If he does into Hulk phase again, he can never go back to being Bruce. I actually like that they finally acknowledge that Bruce has a double personality disorder and it plays a big role in this movie. For all the Hulk stories, this was def their best material. Since Thor has escaped Grandmaster insisted Loki and Valkyrie to catch him and Hulk but Loki made Vakyrie angry and they started to fight, therefore Valkyrie defeated him and captured him to help Thor instead. Valkyrie managed to track down both Thor and Hulk, except it was Thor and Bruce. She later took him into her place where Loki was tied up. Thus begins the godliest story ever told. Kid Thor once saw a snake that he took it in his hands and it turned out it was Loki who stabed him. The end. There's no better backstory than this ladies and gentlemen. As a result, Vakyrie agreed to help Thor to escape and Loki suggested to steal one of Grandmaster's ships. After how Thor freed the slaves and Korg and Miek started a revolution, Thor and Loki had a nice conversation about their relationship and how they pretty much grew out of each other over the time. Thor and Loki dynamic is one of the best ones out there in the movies, so I was glad it was explored further here. It was great to see Thor no longer following Loki's tricks, so he pretty much left Loki in Sakaar. Now Thor, Bruce and Valkyrie tried to escape but Grandmaster's squad tried to attack them. This entire action sequence was so much fun and there's not much else to say here. They finally found a way to escape Sakaar and went back to Asgard. Loki, on the other hand, was saved by Korg and Miek, and he joined them to get out. Hela soon found Heimdall and the citizens of Asgard, so she decided to attack them to get the sword but Thor, Bruce and Valkyrie managed to arrive just in time to kick Hela's army's ass. While Bruce decided to jump off the space ship and fell this miserably, Valkryie joined the battle and Loki arrived just in time to save the citizens, Thor went to the throne to claim his right from Hela. Thor and Hela had a brutal fight in which Hela removes Thor's right eye from him and therefore, Thor had a vision of Odin. Now this was the biggest deal of the movie. Thor, close to being defeated, told Odin that he's nothing without the hammer to stop Hela and Odin reminded him that he's not God of Hammers, he is God of Thunder. Well, that shouldn't be much of a shocker for anyone and we've all known that Thor is God of Thunder but what made this scene so powerful was that Thor finally found a way to channel his powers without needing the hammer, this led to him accepting that he has been a God all along and his powers were finally loose. Thor managed to get away from Hela and destroyed many of her warriors single handedly, while the movie playing the Immigrant Song. The entire sequence was so badass for one thing. Thor was just as powerful as he should have been. He got rid of his identity crisis and became the almighty god he was meant to be. Many Thor fans didn't like the fact that Thor and Asgardians were more or less aliens with high technology and it didn't work as much for Thor. So it was good seeing they embracing the Thor mythos. In the mean time, Bruce became Hulk and started to fight with Hela's giant wolf. And Thor finally realized something big. In order to defeat Hela, they had to let Ragnarok happen. I, for one, enjoyed that aspect of the climax. Usually superheroes have to defend their home from being taken over or destroyed but Thor wanted to do the opposite. Instead save his people and destroy their home. That was pretty unique for a superhero tale, even if it meant destruction of Asgard. Korg and Miek got as many citizens as possible (although that was one particular thing I didn't like in the movie, you can't just save every citizen, so that didn't feel as believeable enough for me) but Hela's army was getting in the way, Skurge wasn't as into being The Executioner anymore, so he decided to hide among the citizens but he later sacrificed himself to save the people. His death was very noble and it added a lot to his character more than I expected. In the mean time, Loki went back to the palace to summon Surtur to bring the Ragnarok but during that, he took the Teserract as well. Surtur finally showed up and started to destroy Asgard but Hulk, as angry as usual, attacked Surtur. That moment was pretty unexpected and funny. So Thor, Valkyrie and Hulk escaped and Hela and Asgard itself was destroyed by Surtur. Thor finally became the king of Asgard he was meant to be and he decided to took his people into Earth but sadly, Thor's ship was caught by one giant ass ship that is totally not Thanos' ship!!!! And Grandmaster is doomed in Sakaar. This movie was how you do justice to Thor that many of his previous appearences didn't try. Thor finally ended up being as charismatic and badass god-figure as he should have been, his supporting cast got a boost, they spent more time in space than Earth, which was a big plus, story was pretty simple, yet engaging enough to be colorful and fun, humor was strong with almost every joke being a hit, Hela was a menacing and fun villain etc. When I think about this movie more, it's just that this movie isn't even close to being one of the most compelling and original superhero movies ever but what it made work is that it became this much fun and yes, you can say that to a lot of superhero movies but this one knew how to use its comedy and it had a style of its own to make itself seperate from others. I don't even have as much complaint to say here, aside from that the movie could have been darker than it should have been considering this is the destruction of Asgard and It's nonsensical that every citizen was alive (not for long tho!!!) but for what its worth, this movie was a great way to spend some fun time. MCU Movie Ranking: Captain America: The Winter Soldier - A+ Avengers - A Thor Ragnarok - A Iron Man - A Captain America: Civil War - A- Guardians of the Galaxy - A- Captain America: The First Avenger - A- Iron Man 3 - A- Guardians of the Galaxy - A- Ant-Man - B+ Spider-Man: Homecoming - B+ Thor - B+ Avengers: Age of Ultron - B The Incredible Hulk - B Thor: The Dark World - B- Iron Man 2 - C+ Today or tomorrow, idk, Black Panther review is coming soon and finally we can end this thread once and for all.
  5. happy birthday to @Holiday Special Grampa Wookiee!!!
  6. SpongeBob should be gassed for this henious crime. You can smile all you want but you don't deserve to live anymore.
  7. holy crap you are right!!!!!! hello step-brother, step-sister, step-mom and step-father.
  8. wtf this topic lmfao. oh memories. yeah squidward is a bi folks.
  9. Now, anyone who has seen this post will definitely think of iconic cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Looney Tuunes, Tom and Jerry etc have been marketable projects that have countless spin offs and you'll ask me why I act like this is the first time this has happened. Firstly SpongeBob isn't anything like those cartoons, to me at least. Those cartoons are shorts that were already making spin offs and SpongeBob has been around for 20 years with no spin-offs and it's still contiuning. I know it's like I'm being hypocritical and yes, this wasn't the first Nickelodeon show to have a spin-off (Rugrats, Jimmy Neautron, Loud House...) but why I'm so biased when it comes to SpongeBob is that the show has a special place in my heart and it's all because of the show's creator, Stephen Hillenburg. Him along with the cast and the crew, turned the show into one of the most creative and imaginative shows of all-time. Even in so-so latter seasons, there are sparks of humor and heart put into it. The show had 2 movies and It's having a third one (and we're getting to that for a brief time) and it's like the network has to rely on the show all the time be successful and I get that, I do. No show has ever reached the success SpongeBob had and I understand why these spin-offs shouldn't be a shocker and it shouldn't be worth arguing for. Yeah, you are right. But what I'm annoyed and disappointed about it is that this happens only a few months after Hillenburg's pass away. Granted, this wasn't the first time to fuck you to the show, the third movie is supposedly gonna recton what the show built on in the first place and I was already mad at that concept but this is even more insulting. The fact that Nickelodeon considers SpongeBob their own "MARVEL UNIVERSE", despite the fact that the show was never EVER built on that concept in the first place. Nickelodeon considering "SpongeBob and Patrick" tv show when the show makes a lot of those episodes is a scream for money. SpongeBob is a cash cow but I've never seen this much insulting way to make profit from this show. His death wasn't even long and they are already shitting on his legacy. I don't care if these spin-off will be good in the first place. The fact that this is a greenlit shows Nickelodeon insults dead people's efforts. What a shame, for a network that has built on making "original" shows and inspiring other creators to step up. Granted, Nickelodeon has always been a shitty company, so this news shouldn't be surprising and it shouldn't be turned into a big deal but I hate everything about this. What's next? Crossovers Hillenburg didn't ask for? That would certainly be a thing. Nick has always been a SpongeBob and others channel for a long time but now they are officially SpongeBob Show Universe and don't even try to disagree when the network already claimed they want to be like a shameless rip off of Marvel Cinematic Universe. You know what, fine. Have your own shitty recton movies and countless spin-offs that will dry away every drop of creativity, Nick or whoever is behind all this news. SpongeBob is officially a zombie franchise like The Simpsons.
  10. "That’s our Marvel Universe," I'm gonna shoot myself
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