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  1. Meanwhile, unemployment rate in Indonesia is.... 6.25%?!?!? I really under estimated my own country, I expected it to be 10% or something.
  2. America (the country), you never run out anything to entertain me.
  3. I once saw a I picture of nebula that formed a hand giving middle finger.
  4. I pull this out in a minute:
  5. Most of the levels in this game is too repetitive, but there's one thing I love about this game. Them artworks: Yeah, too bad I can only find 2. But really, this game use some of the most awesome SpongeBob artworks for it's loading screen.
  6. I really want to play this but I still can't find this game.
  7. Because of some stupid thing, my movie ends up with a single actor playing multiple roles.
  8. I wish that image could be larger so I can use it as my wallpaper.
  9. So my entire city was flooded so I have to swim to my house while being chased by giant cathfishes
  10. This game is actually quite cool, although I still prefer BfBB.
  11. This: (sorry I can't find any better image)
  12. I have no problem with her in Demolition Doofus, because of stress SpongeBob puts to her throughout the show it's justified, kind of. If I have to choose one character to be removed from the show, I'll chose Sandy. She rarely appears in recent episodes so it's not going to make any difference. Except that now the shippers have to find someone else to ship SpongeBob with.
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