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  1. Plankton's Anecdote

    If I knew it, I would've stolen the secret formula already.
  2. Plankton's Anecdote

    Nothing much. Just thinking about how I'll take over the world, good stuff like that. SpongeBob, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, the blowfish, and the squirrel knew I was there. Don't know about the rest of those fools.
  3. Plankton's Anecdote

    Everyone is stupid and thinks I did it. Why would I? That's just petty.
  4. What are you doing in here!?

  5. miranda cosgrove spills the tea

    Is there a gas leak in here!?
  6. Plankton's Anecdote

    1 - I heard an obnoxious scream. I couldn't see anything. 2 - I dunno, sounded like a scared baby.
  7. Plankton's Anecdote

    1 - No, none of their looks rubbed me the wrong way. 2 - Krabs was being his greedy self at the register, the squirrel was talking to the lobster, the sponge was obnoxiously dancing with the starfish, Squidward was dancing horribly as that shady guy Squilliam watched, and the blowfish ate a patty while disgustingly flirting with Krabs. I hear that old fool was in the bathroom, but I couldn't see him, so...
  8. Plankton's Anecdote

    I may have only one eye, but I am not blind, fool! ...No comment.
  9. Plankton's Anecdote

    He gave me a shady look.
  10. Plankton's Anecdote

    Because I crave interaction too...even the most minuscule of kinds.
  11. Plankton's Anecdote

    No, college was a splendid experience, one better than that miserable party! Sure you are.
  12. Plankton's Anecdote

    Greetings, malefactors. I know what you simple-minded bozos are probably thinking. "He did it because he's an evil genius!" While I admire the flattery, I hate to break it to you, but I DIDN'T steal those patties for once! I signed the truce with Krabs to attend the party, and I'm not idiotic to break the promise. The truce stated I could only attend the party if I: stayed in the corner of the restaurant for the night away from everyone, did not try to steal the formula or Krabby Patties, and did not bother any of you fools. I can assure you I did all three of those things. If anything, I have my suspicions on that Squilliam guy... Anyways, that's all I'm writing. Any stupid questions will get you my death laser...uh, never mind...
  13. Can you please closed down your restaurant! The food is HORRIBLE!

Doubloons: $577

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