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  1. Good game, Eugene. But we will dominate next time!

  3. I pick @That’sNoGood for my fourth buddy!
  4. I pick @WinterArcanine for my third member!
  5. I pick @Pervy Pirate for my second Chum Buddy!
  6. Thanks, Krabs! My first pick is... @DarknessDG!
  7. I will lead the Chum Buddies to VICTORY! MWA HA HA HA!
  8. And remember malefactors, that my chum is metabolic fuel!
  9. Oh, but me and the Chum Buddies will make sure you are down on the cold, hard, ground, eating chum and licking my boots, pal!
  10. I hope I don't get stuck with a bunch of neanderthals-err, I mean, can't wait to see who else signs up! I'm going to get first pick, so don't even try to argue it, KRABS!
  11. What is this tomfoolery!? I haven't taken over the site since 2016! First some superhero weirdos steal my thunder, and now a purple guy!? No fair!

    1. Klu


      Don't worry, at least you can take over the world.

  12. Can you please closed down your restaurant! The food is HORRIBLE!

  13. Karen is my computer wife now :funny:

  14. As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end at some point. My reign on SBC is over...for now. Alas, it appears the foot of the Mr. Dr. Professor was a lot bigger than I expected for my tiny body. But I shall return one day again, to wreak havoc on your pitiful forum again! This was my closest attempt, but twas not meant to be. Who knows, third times a charm! Maybe next time I'll fully succeed. Also, not withstanding the fact that it's incredibly hard to breathe up here... Now, I take my leave back to the ocean. Your old stupid skin and old stupid leader and his old stupid, non-chummy staff will be back momentarily. My reign will forever live on though...at least in my heart! As a gift however, those Loyal Customers can keep my skin, so I'll live on with them if they use it. Which they should if they want to live before I boil them in hot oi-I mean yeah use it. Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy! I won't actually, except for my knights Freddy, Omair Llamas, JCM and Trophy. They did good.
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