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    Hello, I'm Mr. Krabs and I like money.
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    Ararar! Wouldn't you like to know you little-
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  1. Discuss me swashbuckling grandfather here!
  2. Eugene, why did all of the dinosaurs die?

  3. Discuss me wonderful mother here! And you better not badmouth her!
  4. Kneel before the Lord, punk.

  5. Is this Thanos guy rich?

    1. Shark


      Rich in plump, succulent protein...

    2. Shark


      Rich in plump, succulent protein...

    3. Thanos


      Not rich enough to afford my own fish items. How “pensive.”

  6. Drink up me hearties yo ho yo ho

    1. sbl


      hashtag Sizzurp...

  7. FREE FOOD!?

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    2. 🌻Cha💚


      I thought fug killed you and took your place among the fan five

    3. Steel Sponge
    4. hippythehippo
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