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    Hello, I'm Mr. Krabs and I like money.
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    Ararar! Wouldn't you like to know you little-
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  1. ...Get back to work, Mr. Squidward.

  2. Ahoy lads! It appears some yellow belly ::dolphin noise:: decided to rob the prize store's loot, eh? Well I'm not happy, so they better be brought to justice soon! Me thinks it was the Bubble Bass!
  3. Mr. Krabs' computer is a computer owned by Mr. Krabs. It appears in the episode "Wet Painters" and the book Friends Forever.
  4. Ar ar ar! Nobody's taken a break at the Krusty Krab since the Chum Famine of '59!

  5. Great job, me loyal Krew! Don't cry too hard Sheldon, I admire the good sporting effort ye put up.
  6. My fourth Krew member will be @Biggest Fan of the Film Cars 2!
  7. Yarr, I pick @Randall Weasott for my 2nd Krew member!
  8. Yarr, I pick @Illegal Music Downloader for me first Krew member!
  9. Shut your yap Sheldon, me Loyal Krew will have this in the bag!
  10. Remember laddies, the Krusty Krew will never deny a guest, even the most ridiculous request!
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