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  1. Where did ye get that photo, laddy!? Are you a Russian hacker? What would I have to gain by deflating a bunch of balls at an event I'm catering!? I'm actually losing money due to this! I don't remember that. Can you ask that question again? Mr. Squidward doesn't like sports very much, so he has a potential motive right there!
  2. Already answered that in the first post. Are you implying something, laddy? I didn't leave the stadium, but I did talk to them fancy team players. They were nice.
  3. Ahoy mateys, sadly I'm not too happy that my catering gig got ruined thanks to some knucklehead. What a tragedy...all that money on this event WASTED! Whoever is responsible for this is gonna suffer the wrath of me big meaty claws! Anyways, I was busy dating Mrs. Puff after setting up the catering stuff, and then when the game started...all those balls were deflated. I have no idea who could have done it, but perhaps it be Mr. Squidward? I dunno. Anyways, ask me anything, lads!
  4. FREE FOOD!?

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    2. Kotarou💚


      I thought fug killed you and took your place among the fan five

    3. Steel Sponge
    4. hippythehippo
  5. ...Get back to work, Mr. Trophy!
  6. I agree with the lad above, check your email. Also, how rich are ye?
  7. Arr, where is OMJ? Come back me lad!

  8. Would you like to convert to Satanism?
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