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  1. Hiya 7 years!

    1. Cha


      Hiya 1 reply!

  2. As part of our 2020 SpongeBob Community Census®, pick your age. Inspired by a Discord conversation had not too long ago.
  3. ARRRR!

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      shut up matey or i'll poke ye in yer one eye

    2. OWM



    3. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      oh but ringo gets a bunch?!

  4. unfortunately both these two are actually fruits. what is the best veggie that also comes in the best color?
  5. Something Surprising
  6. The Good Plate has absorbed sponge Bob into his body and eternally trapped him into a horrific ceramic prison oh myh godd
  7. years of human evolution have brought us to peng gang, the superior bird-based club on sbc. please join. Ball #4:
  8. Be sure to catch Cry Baby Lane tonight at 8:00 PM! The poll has also been reopened to give you guys an extra chance to break that tie for the week. The screening will be held here: https://cytu.be/r/sbcmovienight
  9. Voting has now begun, with 10 movies to pick from. Happy voting!
  10. Happy Octerror Fest! In preparation for this year's celebration, every Saturday during the event we'll be watching three spooky Halloween movies! What are they, you ask? October 12 - Cry Baby Lane (the first movie ever shown at an SBC event, way back in 2011!) October 19 - ??? October 26 - ??? That's right, those last two nights are up for you to decide! You'll have the opportunity to suggest a movie, TV episode, or really anything scary-themed for SBC to watch. Here's how it'll go: -Down below, post the name of a movie, TV episode, or really anything Halloween-themed enough you'd like to watch at some point during the event. You only get one pick, so choose wisely. -At the end of the day on Tuesday, October 8, submissions will close and a poll will be made with everything suggested over the days. You'll vote on what you want to see until that Friday. The top two most voted will be our winners and get assigned a night. So, it's time to get naming! Make sure your submission is scary, spooky, or Halloween-themed, or otherwise justifiable enough for it to be considered one of those three. Have fun!
  11. HI eggheads I know it's been a while since we all played together because of Life but I wanted to show off this new content that showed up while we were away: Two new guns: "Whipper" This thing is fucking fantastic sbl whooped mine and jjs' asses with this at least 20 times. Works like the AK but is better somehow I haven't figured it out. "Crackshot" Tried this one for about two seconds and it didn't feel much different from the sniper rifle. Not sure why this was made but I'll try it next time I suppose. There are also a few new maps that I don't have pictures of but I'll name: - Town (new name for Shellville?) - Castle Arena - Dirt Base - Field - Space Arena - Death Pit (we tried this one it wasn't that good) - Road
  12. I mean they’re pretty funny looking back so I guess they’d get brought up again eventually. We do like reminiscing a lot.
  13. A lot of shit happened in those 5 years. You can see the good, the bad, and the ugly from here onward: https://www.thesbcommunity.com/wiki/index.php?title=2015 Anyway hi I'm still TheOpenWindowManiac. Your shitposting antics still get brought up sometimes but it's more nostalgic than anything. We're glad to have you back again.
  14. I have no doubts that Spidey no longer takes his vacations underwater. Based on the pink one's reaction here spending your 3 days of unpaid vacation time in Bikini Bottom seems like a life of hell for arachnids like him. If you ask me he's almost certainly dead by now. He'd have to spend his days hiding from the natives, being seen as nothing but a useless pest, getting hunted down and almost smashed into amorphous blobs. But why take such a perilous holiday like this? Maybe it raised his Halloween spirits? Maybe he only wanted to feel the thrill of hiding in plain sight, just like Gloria had during Fridays with that bitch Martha? I only wish I could talk to Spidey right now. Give him a big old spider hug. Give him some flies to eat. I guess we'll never truly understand him.
  15. who wants to cyber with me to celebrate 10 years

  16. Hey guys. Yeah, it’s been a while. But that’s only because I’ve been back in the hospital this whole time. My little rabbit adventure in April, well uhh, didn’t go so well. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH But now, my studies have taken me to the mysterious waters of Hong Kong, where I've discovered a new species! Isn't that right, Squidmando? I hope you choke on your own vomit, Dan. Observe: The Chan Fish in all its glory. Master of kung fu, and also one hell of a movie star! Let me tell you though, his movies are shiiit. Rush Hour 3 has to be the worst thing I’ve ever seen since Forbidden Ki- I hear you, Daniel. Wait what the fuck it speaks English? You bet I do. But I don't like it when people trash-talk my films in English. They don't tend to live very long afterward. I uhh didn't mean it like that buddy! I loved your show! Too late for that now, Mr. Devilfish. I have a bounty to collect. Wait what a bounty? Now I'm really confu- ... Ugh... where am I? Ah, finally you're awake. We have some unfinished business to attend to about a broken clarinet. TO BE CONTINUED
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