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  1. "RELEASE ME! WHY ARE YOU TRAPPING ME IN THIS CAGE?!" Yuka shook the cage she was in while Jebediah took a sip from his chalice. " The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky...you think this would make a good backdrop for the rest of this chapter? Its Avant-Garde nature suits me rather well! Right then, shall I resume ruining Edo's reputation? It's quite fun really." Jeb put his arms down and took a deep sigh before sitting back down. "Now, my lady." Jeb snapped his fingers and it zipped Yuka's lips shut. He turned back in his chair to give Yuka a smile. Turning back, he faced out of Yuka's eyes from within her head to see the back of a space police van. She was being loaded in there, shackled by gooey handcuffs. Jeb turned Yuka's head to face Shige, who was looking at her concerned from outside the vehicle. He simply made her smile before the intergalactic police closed the doors, "She's being transported to the Higher Courts of Oukoku to face trial. In the meantime Shige-Shogun, I advice you prepare for the repercussions of your ally's actions." the officer bowed as he entered the van and flew off. Shige looked down at the ground dis-heartened. His best friend was just shot, Majesty Yuka was carted off, and he didn't have his stunt double just in case more action spilled out. The entire council was empty aside from Umibozu who was walking up to Shige. "I have reason to suspect that this wasn't entirely her doing, Shogun-sama." Shige turned to the Yato and just let out a sigh, "I thought I could trust her. She helped save our planet from the biggest threat we've seen since Utsuro." Umibozu shook his head, "I highly doubt she would intend to harm Barkas like that. I know there's something bigger at play here, trust me. Dealing with Altana beings, such as Utsuro has given me this sort of sixth sense. There was someone else there, we just have to prove it." Umibozu said. He began to walk away and turned back to Shige, "Go back to Edo and sort things out with the Globberians. I'll talk with Fumiko and head to Oukoku." Umibozu flung his cape as he turned around to try and act cool as he walked out of the building, but noticed his son saw him do it. "HA! LOOK AT MY OLD MAN TRYING TO BE HIP!" Kamui yelled from the stand he was at. He began to laugh so hard that he was crying, leaning on No Man's (sticky) shoulder. "Half Dick, fetch me a towel! I'm crying so much, HA LOOK AT HIM TRY AND PLAY IT OFF!" No Man did as he told as the camera panned back to the police van driving through space. Jebediah was pleased with himself as his plans were unfolding just as he wanted. "I do say, I'm rather good at what I do. I've been planning this for hundreds of years, so you know. I think I should be quite well at this." as he was swirling his wine, the record player scratched. "What the-" "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF-" "Boss! You finally got out of that window!" "Of course I managed Haji, I also found some paint on the ship so I can blend in." "You don't really look like you blend in at all. You look like you belong with those Jouis." Kintoki said. Heiji took a puff from his cigar. He puffed out a cloud of smoke that hit one of the lower ranked Yato's in the face. He coughed and wiped the smoke away, "Why am I even still working for this damn ship. That damned leader killed my...only brother." Heiji ignored him and turned his attention to Haji who was holding the notepad. "Oh yes, I forgot that I got all this juicy information Boss! This is the big break I tells ya!" Haji said, getting really excited. "Apparently that Yuka lady we visited SHOT someone! I bet you anything it was that B.O.D fellow!" Haji said. Heiji rubbed the paint on his face and nodded. "Excellent detective work Haji! This is bound to be a hard-boiled case that will end with a great explosion from all the heat." Heiji took another puff, but this time the smoke hit Kamui in the face who was smiling through it. "Who the HELL are you and why are you talking with my crew mates?" Kamui asked smiling. Heiji's face scrunched up, "I uh...I'm a lost bunny. Pyon pyon, look at me." Heiji began to hop like a rabbit, "As you can see from my face, I am clearly a Yato. I request to join your crew immediately." Kamui smiled as Abuto walked up behind him, re-attaching his arm. "Chief, I don't think any of these people are Yato. They're obviously just freeloading off of us." Kamui cracked his neck as he turned to face Abuto, "OLD MAN, clearly this man is of Yato origin! No one would ever lie about their identity would they?" Kamui turned back to the three of them as a sad trombone sound played. "Anyway, they're perfect for my newest business endeavor!" Kamui said smiling at the three. They smiled back and rubbed their necks. "You don't mean that stupid Long Wohn Silvers idea you have, do you?" Abuto asked, but was met with Kamui ripping his arm back off right after he just re-attached it. "Of course I mean the AWESOME Long Wohn Silvers idea I have. Remember those idiots that hoard around Shinsuke are going ice skating! I want to ice skate, and I want to build a fish restaurant. So, I now hereby arrange to have BOTH! A Long Wohn Silvers with an ICE RINK in the middle!" Kamui said, tossing Abuto's arm back to No Man as it hit him in his (sticky) face. "You two and Samurai Gintoki! You three will be my servers! The old, stinky man waiter, the young girl waitress, and the super cool samurai waiter!" Kamui smiled, throwing paper pirate hats on them. "Well, this does match my apron pretty well." Kintoki took his Good Egg badge and pinned it to his hat. Heiji bent over to Haji and whispered to her, "This is our opportunity Haji, this ice rink fast food joint will surely get us to the bottom of this intergalactic act of terrorism. More importantly, to the bottom of this B.O.D character who forced me to drink tea instead of Camus." Haji looked back at him in confusion. "Alright Kozenigata-danna...why the hell am I still wearing your boxers-" Kintoki ripped the heart boxers off, causing Heiji to frown, "Whoever this dream hopping, Tendoshu wiener-head is, he isn't stopping me from getting my 8 pack." the three "Yato" detectives stood proud as the crew packed up all the merchandise they didn't sell into cartoon pockets. "Well come on! Aren't you three DORKS coming or what?!" Kamui said, ushering them quickly onto the ship and flying back towards Edo. As the scene was transitioning to the Yato ship, it was quickly slapped back to face Jebediah in Yuka's mind, "Do you honestly think this is funny? I think it's quite preposterous that those 3 hooligans changed my music and took over MY scene." Jebediah looked disgusted as he banged on his record player. The van was just now arriving to Oukoku, as was Barkas in the space ambulance. The van parked just outside of a large prison looking building, and the guards began to unload Yuka to the facility. The two guards held Yuka's goo arms as the carried her through the doors, as they entered the building, the scene transitioned back to the Harusame as they were landing just outside the Ice Rink, "HA! HERE!" Kamui jumped from his ship and landed on some random ass civilian. Kamui then reached into his pocket and pulled out an entire Long Wohn Silver's restaurant out of it, landing it in the middle of the ice rink. Luckily, there was no floor to the establishment, so the people that were underneath the building, were now in line for some fish and chips ay Jebby? Among them were Pakuyasa and Ikumatsu who were just going around the rink for the first time. They ended up in a booth as a waiter skated up to them, "Welcome to Long Wohn Silvers, what can I get a fine couple like you for today?" Kintoki said, spinning the sparkling champagne plate in his hands as he too twirled. Heiji and Haji looked on from the front cash registers. 4th was working the grill, making Haji nervous. "I really hope he doesn't go in the cooler." Haji said, pushing her pin against the notebook. The two detectives looked attentive as the front doors opened up. Gintoki and Katsura both walked in, Gintoki just having been voted off Wurvivor. "The Old Hag may kill me Zura, but at least I'm out of that chaotic game. I can actually spend the holidays with my family and friends. Shinpachi-kun is even letting me and Kagura stay in his dojo...yeah." Gintoki said as Katsura nodded. Gintoki's expression went blank as he saw the two "detectives" standing there with their goofy-ass hats on. "W-welcome to Long Wohn Silvers! How can I help you?" Heiji said nervously. Gintoki just sighed, "Whatever you two are getting up to, I'm just glad I don't have to carry that weight as the main character." Katsura nodded, "I'll have the...Half Dick Ha Combo." Katsura said. Gintoki's face went dark. "One Half Dick HA Combo coming right up!" Haji said, handing the ticket off to 4th. "Uhhh, I think I'll have theeeeee" Gintoki lingered, but as he was, the door labeled "YER MANAGER" blew open and Kamui barged out, "SAMURAI GINTOKI! Get back to work!" Kamui said, waving his finger at him. Gintoki gave him a slight smile before looking back at the menu, maybe just thinking this was one of Kamui's playful jokes. But this was far too real. Kamui slapped a hat and apron on Gintoki, pushing him through the Long Wohn. He skid and eventually bumped into Kintoki, causing the champagne to spill on the ice. "Watch where you're going bucket of bolts." Gintoki said, pushing Kintoki, "HEY MY ABS ARE GOING THERE! WATCH THE BUTTON NUMBSKULL!" the two were getting in a scuffle before Kamui came over and picked them both up. Kamui sat them both on their feet as he put his hands on his hips, "Now THIS is fun. TWO SAMURAI GINTOKIS!" Kamui hugged them both tightly, nearly snapping Kintoki in half. Gintoki took his apron and hat off and skated for the door, but was knocked over by Kagura and Soyo slamming it wide open. The two were being flanked by Isaburo, Nobume, and Testunosuke. Haji and Heiji's eyes widened ever more as they ducked underneath the table. "This is it Haji. We're toast. Kaput. Donezo. No amount of Camus can save us." Heiji said, rocking back and forth on the ice. Haji slapped him, knocking the pirate hat off his head. "GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME BOSS! WE CAN DO THIS!" Haji said with fierce determination. She shot up from behind the counter and greeted Kagura and Soyo. "Welcome to Long Wohn Silvers! What can I get for you?" Haji asked. "Yeah can I get uhhhhh" Kagura said, drooling. Soyo smiled, "I'll take the Hushpuppy Combo!" she said. Haji quickly jotted it down, trying to hide her face from Isaburo, however, he was busy. "Isaburo-san, can I leave. This place smells like wet socks and BOOMERS. I want to skate with some hot chicks or something." Nobume said, crossing her arms. "We have to catch two fugitives on the run from the law. This is a matter of national security Nobume-san." Isaburo said, looking at the menu. "AND WHY THE HELL IS THAT SACK OF POTATOES FOLLOWING US?!" she pointed at Tetsunosuke. He just shyly went up next to Kagura to order his food. "Y-yeah can I get...wait a minute..." Tetsu reached into his pocket and pulled out a sketch Oboro made for him of the wallet thief. he lowered the sketch and compared it to Haji's face, who was now getting extremely nervous. She bent down and saw Heiji was sawing the ice out from underneath himself with some cartoonishly large handsaw. When she looked back up, Kintoki ran into the counter next to Soyo. "Bad news dude, the FUZZ IS HERE." he said, practically yelling and pointing at the three police officers standing right next to him. Isaburo looked at him and narrowed his eyes. But, before he could say anything, the kitchen door busted open, "YOU! YOU TRIED TO HIDE MY BODY IN THE COOLER!" he pointed at Haji. She grabbed Kintoki in a chokehold and dragged him over the counter, and slid into the ice hole Heiji had cut. The three swam down what seemed long a great depth, no one swimming after behind them. Eventually the three stumbled upon a door at the bottom of the lake the rink was built upon. The three raised their eyebrows and decided to open it. They popped out of the door, "HELLOOOOOO NURSE!" the three all yelled at once. "Oh?" "I think we will get going now." Heiji said, about to open the door. But, Jeb appeared behind him and grabbed his shoulder. "What gives Detective? Why are you pulling your wank friends in the dream world with you? I didn't know you possessed such power...although you once again changed my music." Jeb looked at the record player. Heiji just coughed, "W-well we were swimming in a lake and came across this door-" Jeb put his hand over Heiji's mouth. "A lake you say? Hmph, that damned Utsuro I swear. He never fails to make me laugh you know? A lake this time, really?" Jeb removed his hand from the detective's mouth. Haji was secretly jotting down notes, as was Kintoki in his memory bank. Jebediah just chuckled to himself as he swished his wine back in forth. In his mind, small snipets of memory was flashing: "You are really testing me, aren't you Jebediah?" "So that's what he did with it...cheeky bastard really. Poured an entire lake over me. But how did you...ah yes I see. Bearded fellow! You were able to open the door, yes? Perhaps only because I've been in contact with you." Jeb scoffed as he sat back on his throne. "Never did I think people from the outside world would be able to open my casket. Alas, it appears only those certain few can! He hid it well I suppose, he had to keep it hidden for thousands and thousands of years for a reason, cause he knew he couldn't kill me." Jebediah smiled at the three, "You can depart if you wish, I'm not able to leave to the physical world in the state I'm in. Anyway, you three gits are not worth my time to even deal with. I have to concentrate with this one. The three hard-boiled detectives looked up and saw Yuka, who's mouth was zipped shut sitting with her knees pulled up to her chest. Heiji stepped forward, "So, you're the one who started the chaos on Skolex?" he asked. Jeb simply nodded. Heiji lit his cigar and grabbed the handle to the door, "You'll be sorry you let us hard-boiled detectives go. We always crack the case." he swung the door open and jumped in along with his two cohorts. Jeb just smiled as the door shut behind them. The three had to quickly swim back up to the hole in the ice and get a breath of air. Unfortunately, they were met with 2 white coats and a black coat with 3 sets of handcuffs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Welcome everyone to today's immunity challenge! As you can see, we have a very special guest. In collaboration with Lily Mu, we have its number 1 star Oboro here with us as the focus of today's challenge!" Ketsuno said. The scene cut to Shinsuke in confessional, "Great, Honey and Gintoki are voted out back to back and now this jackass is the main focus of the challenge." the scene cuts back to Ketsuno explaining the challenge. "Alright, so it's rather simple! All you have to do is make Oboro laugh. The first tribe to have at least one person makes him laugh, they win immunity for the whole tribe! Monika, since you won the last challenge, you can attempt first!" Monika stepped up to the microphone, "What instrument do you think I play Oboro?" Oboro thought, "I'm not sure Monika-dono. What do you play?" he asked, "The HarMONIKA, hehe!" she said with a giggle. "Next." Oboro said. "Alright, Otae-san, you're next!" Otae stepped up, "Alright Oboro-san, are you hungry?" she asked. "Well, I am famished." Oboro said. "Hi famished, I'm Otae!" "Next." Oboro said. "Saitou, you're next!" Saitou stood up to the microphone, "Z." "Next." Oboro said. "Alright, Enshou, you're up next!" "What happens when your third in dickmand gets ripped away from you in the middle of the night by your fantasy wife? Nothing but pain and misery." "Next." Oboro said. "Uhm...ok Shinsuke, you're up!" Shinsuke walked up to the microphone, "F*** you dickhead." he walked away. "Wh-what?" "Uhhh, Tama-san, you're up!" Tama walked up, "Processing funniest joke possible....calculating punchline...." Ketsuno cut her off, "Sorry, you have to come up with it on the spot Tama-san! You're disqualified from this challenge!" Tama simple nodded and backed away. "Wow, none of you are funny at all I guess! Stephen, you're next!" Stephen walked up and cleared his throat. "Where does a crow go to get drunk? A CROW-BAR!" Stephen said. "Hehe, excellent job Stephen-dono. You've made me laugh." Oboro said, giving him a solo round of applause. The screen cut to Stephen in confessional, "I knew a bird joke would work." "YUUKI WINS IMMUNITY FOR THE 3RD TIME IN A ROW!" Ketsuno said as the Yuuki tribe high-fived and cheered while the Kibou tribe groaned. "Kibou, you guys have a date with me at tribal counsel tonight, I got nothing for you." the tribes headed back to the respective camps. Enshou sat down in the shelter with his face over his hands, sobbing into the fire. "You need to REALLY get a hold of yourself bro!" Pirako said, smacking Enshou on the back. "Work some magic and get us another hidden immunity idol! There's bound to be another one out here since you've played it!" Pirako is seen sitting in confessional, "If Enshou, me, or Matako find another idol; we are essentially set for the rest of this game. As long as we play well of course." the scene cuts to Tama looking through some foliage while Matako staring at Enshou from across the fire. "Can't you just suck another guy's dick and get the idol again?" Matako asked. Enshou shook his head, "Impossible. I'll be thrown off the show for sure." Enshou said, sadly. "Well, we just need to decide who we're voting out. Tama or Otae. I think you know who we should boot." Matako said winking. Enshou obliged. He was just sick and worried about Shijaku to really care anymore. Matako stood up, but was confronted by Otae. She pulled the blonde aside to speak with her alone, "Matako-san, I know that you are planning on either voting me or Tama-san out...but hear me out. The merge is soon, and just think about who is all on that tribe." Otae patted Matako on the back, leaving her a little conflicted. But, soon enough, tribal counsel came. "Alright! Enshou let's get started, you cried like a baby during the challenge! Not a good look at all. What can you say in defense?" Ketsuno asked. Enshou sniffled, "Shijaku got shot at a conference of leaders...but I have to block that out of my mind and keep playing this game." Enshou said. "Otae, there's gotta be talks of idols! Two of them were played successfully this season. Has there been mention?" Ketsuno asked. "Oh sure, people are still looking for idols. But I think we're more worried about tomorrow." she said. "Ah, so I see you guys believe the merge is possibly tomorrow. Matako, what goes into planning for the merge?" she asked. "Well, you have to factor in a lot, especially this season where a lot of us already know each other. There's bonds over there that carry on to over here." Matako said with a little weary. "Pirako, you worried about the merge?" Ketsuno asked. "Not really, I think my alliance is solid enough to take us to the end." she said with the utmost confidence. "Alright, I love the grit. With that, it's time to vote. Tama, you're up." the contestants all go up to vote: "I'm sorry Enshou-sama!" "It's time to move forward and win the game." Ketsuno stands up, "I'll go tally the votes." she goes and grabs the urn and returns, "If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so." Everyone looks at Enshou who just shrugs with a devilish smile. "Ok, once the votes are read the decision is final, the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal counsel area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote: "Enshou. Second vote," "Tama. That's one vote Tama." "Tama. That's two votes Tama, one vote Enshou." "Enshou. That's two votes Enshou, two votes Tama, one vote left. 6th person voted out of Wurvivor Edo and the 1st member of our jury:" "Tama, you need to come bring me your torch." Enshou let out a sigh of relief as Pirako patted him on the back. "Tama, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go." Tama smiled and bowed to her friends and walked away to Ponderosa. The scene shifts to Otose turning her TV off in disappointment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Why the hell am I dressed up like this Takechi? Don't we have practice?" Bansai said, furrowing his brows at Takechi. Takechi twirled his gun around, accidentally firing it off in the photo shoot they were in. "Kyuubei-dono said we should take ridiculous photos together. Anyway, I figured you and I could go look for Elizabeth-dono. He's bound to be somewhere in the neighborhood. I doubt he's at the skate rink with everyone. So maybe we should try that new cafe that opened up. What was it again?" Takechi was scratching his chin with his gun. "You mean that weird cafe two doors down from the new Lily Mu Towers? I heard it was a cat cafe, but also something else. Seems dangerous, so I assume he'll be there." Bansai said, struggling to walk in his high heels. The two made their way out of the studio and spotted the cafe. They both nodded as they entered. The two bandmates were greeted by only whom they could assume was the owner, "Well well well, looks like some big hot shots are visiting the small guys! Welcome to TBC's Forgotten Cat Cafe! A place for people like me who, apparently appeared here once or twice. My appearance must have been before the elusive time skip. It's crazy we live in a world like that you know? All this shit coming to light is hitting all us lower ranked characters like bricks. Never thought it was possible." the Cat not Burglar Cafe Owner rambled on as Bansai and Takechi looked around at all the cats lounging around, playing with Tatsumi and Tetsuko as they drank coffee together. "Yeah, we get a lot of characters that just haven't debuted yet in TBC. That Kyoushirou fella just hit the big time a few days ago, ain't seen em round these parts lately. Guess he got a bit with ol Enshou. Lucky bastard." Bansai and Takechi looked at who was talking to them, "You youngins got it easy. Whole subplots dedicated to yourself. I ain't play like that y'hear. I'll stay here, with the kitty cats an ol outlaws." Bang said, drinking a mocha. Bansai just did a Jim face to the camera and walked out of the cafe. Takechi shook Bang's hand and followed Bansai. "It's no use in there, he wouldn't associate himself with those people." Bansai said, sitting on a bench outside of LilyMu Towers. Takechi was leaning against the wall in front of the bench, watching the passing cars in the bustling Tokyo daytime. The looked at the doors of LilyMu as they opened up and some small people walked out of them. "Hey! Can it with the short jokes would you!" said the insignificant director. Simplepachi was next out the door, followed by that dork Shinji. "The whole crew is rolling together huh?" Bansai said, yawning on the bench. "Well, we figured with all this free time during the holidays, we'd hang out and do some much needed catching up!" Shinpachi said. "Yeah, whatever. Have you seen Elizabeth anywhere dude?" Bansai asked. Shinpachi pondered, "No, I can't say I have Bansai-san." Shinji nodded, as did Guano. "I think we should try somewhere else Bansai-dono." Takechi said as the Trio walked away. Bansai stood up and cracked his neck, "Yeah, I could use a real nice scenery change. Maybe Paris with a certain black coat? Sounds like a good idea, how about we just go to Edo and meet up with him instead." Bansai said, but Takechi grabbed Bansai by both his shoulders. "Woah calm down man, what's with this lolicon strength you have?" "Lolicon strenght janai, feminist strength. I have the power of every single, strong, independent woman in the universe in my biceps. You cannot leave your bandmate behind Bansai-dono. Remember what Kyuubei-dono told you." Bansai put his head down as he knew Takechi was right. Takechi let go of Bansai as their attention was caught by a bumping car pulling up to the stoplight next to them, "What's up gay boy. Where the hell you been at the LGBTQ+ meetings dude? Flaking on a sister. Anyway, we just busted some idiots for trying to kill the Shogun or sumn." Bansai shook his head. "Have you guys seen Elizabeth at all?" Bansai asked. Isaburo leaned out his window, "Yeah, he was trying to hide from me and Testunosuke while we were in a bar at Edo. I would check there. Also, email me once in awhile Bansai, is my boomer memes not good enough for you?" Isaburo rolled back up the window as the two Elites (and Tetsunosuke in the trunk!) sped off with the three eggtectives in the backseat. "You heard him Bansai-dono, it's off to Edo to capture our bandmate." Takechi said, striking pose. "Come on man, I'm not doing that....seriously? Fine." Bansai also struck a pose. TBC
  2. "You really mean it? I can become just as hard-boiled and tough as you Kozenigata-danna? Frankly, I don't trust Tama to win the million dollars to get me my sick new abs." "Boss, what are we doing with this guy?" Haji said she she put her head against the "Liquid Egg" van. The three were standing in front of a large mansion just outside of the village. Heiji took a puff of his cigar and blew it in the robot's face. Luckily, he has no lungs so it did not effect him. "He's the main character of this story isn't he? I think it will be a cakewalk to get into the Globberian Village with him tagging along. A very hard-boiled plan that will go over-easy." Haji face palmed at the horrible pun and misinformation. "That ISN'T the main character Boss! That's just some clunky robot that freeloads off everyone he meets!" Haji banged her head against the Liquid Egg van yet again. Kintoki ripped the cigar from Heiji's mouth and took a puff himself. "What do you mean I'm not the main character? Don't you see me in every arc? Wavy perm hair, dead fish eyes. You know, I'm hard to miss." Kintoki accidentally swallowed the cigar after he couldn't puff it. Heiji frowned as he lost his last cigar. "Only the main character could do something so magnificent. In fact, I might even say he is most certainly the main character of this specific arc. Haji, this is big, bigger than we both could ever imagine." Haji interrupted him by shoving her phone in his face. It showed Gintoki picking his nose next to a passed out Enshou in the shelter. "HE'S ON THE CURRENT SEASON OF WURVIVOR, THE NAME OF THIS ARC!" Haji yelled. Heiji took a look at her phone and tossed it over the fence of the mansion. Haji shook her head and produced another phone she had stolen. "Who's mansion are we in front of anyway? It's getting dark out so I think their motion sensors or something will go off." Heiji put his foot on the bumper of the van and pointed at the name on the address, "Some fool named Dragon. I figured he was out of town so I parked our van in front of his gates." Heiji said. But, as Heiji said this, a loud HA could be heard coming from the mansion. The three jumped into the van and peered out the passenger side window at the mansion. The watched as the front door of the mansion opened up and they saw a red-haired pirate with an umbrella step out with a man sporting a large nose. "It's always nice catching up with a friend of a friend, Kamui." Jackie Chan patted Kamui on the back while the Harusame leader took a sip of a red slurpee. "Well, I'm not really friends with Shinsuke's husband! I really hope Monika crushes both of them under her feet in Wurvivor!" Kamui said, smiling. Jackie just nervously chuckled as Kamui twirled his umbrella. "So, we're good on the deal, yes? I'll borrow some of your men and we can open up that Long Wohn Silvers just up the road? After building that OLD BASTARD'S house for an entire half of an arc, I've gotten pretty nifty at construction!" Jackie nodded and Kamui smiled back at him. He turned around and noticed the Liquid Eggs van parked out front. Unbeknownst to the three hiding there, they failed to notice the giant ship parked next to them. "Who parked in front of my ship? HA, I'LL JUST DEAL WITH IT MYSELF!" Kamui jumped over the fence and kicked the van. It went spinning down a hill and crashed through one of the drive in theater screens at the base of the mountain. "THIS WAS A RENTAL CAR! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR THE DAMAGE AND THE RENTAL!" Heiji yelled as he kicked one of the windows out to crawl out of. The van was sitting upside down, as Haji was hunched over the backseat and Kintoki was in pieces. "I'm guessing you didn't even have the money to rent this in the first place, and took a loan out eh Boss?" Haji said, as she was tossing Kintoki out of the van piece by piece. "Watch the merchandise man! HEY, THAT TORSO IS ABOUT TO PACKED TO THE BRIM WITH ABS!" he yelled as she tossed his body parts in the snowy ground. Haji got his last piece out of the mangled vehicle and climbed out herself. She stood over the discombobulated robot before looking up and seeing Heiji crying on the ground. "It's OK Boss," Haji put her hand on his shoulder, "No matter how much debt you're in, nor how much trouble with the law we're in; the payoff for this humongous job will be enough to keep you afloat." Heiji nodded and stood up, "It's a good thing I was paid a quarter of it in advance Haji." Heiji adjusted his sunglasses and reached into his pocket. "And that's only 1/4th, magnificent no?" Heiji smiled. "I ASSUME YOU JUST STOLE THAT FROM A BOARD GAME?" Haji yelled, knocking the Wonopoly Money from his hands. "No! It was under my pillow when I woke up. I swear on my badge." Heiji began to form a thought bubble: "There I was talking to the man named B.O.D." Heiji began, "THAT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT YOU! YOU DON'T HAVE LUSCIOUS BLONDE HAIR OR BULGING BICEPS!" Haji interjected. "He poured me a glass of tea, which I vehemently denied. As if a hard-boiled detective such as myself would drink tea. The posh British man was stern when I refused his disgusting beverage. So, I showed him I meant business." "Why are your dreams so simplistic and stick figure like?" Kintoki asked. Heiji ignored the disassembled robot. "He was shocked at my defiance, perhaps scared even. So he said he would back off, and split my cut when I woke up. I'm glad we can find some middle ground, and I'm guess finding this 5000 smackers under my head was the sign I needed. I still got it, hard-boiled blood runs even deep enough to effect my dreams." Heiji said, proud of himself, "Or, your dreams are being hijacked by something with much greater power than we could ever imagine Boss." Haji commented. Heiji waved his finger at her, "Impossible, no one that powerful can interject themselves in a comedy plot line Haji." Heiji picked up Kintoki's lower half, while Haji carried his torso and head. The three made there way back up through the mountains, passing Jackie Chan's mansion, which was now absent of the giant ship. "So, should we dispose of this?" Heiji asked Haji. Kintoki's eyes darkened, "YOU CAN'T THROW ME AWAY! HEY!" Kintoki yelled as Haji opened up a trash can next to the Chan mansion. But as she looked down, she stopped, "WHY ARE THE MOST RANDOM CHARACTERS SHOWING UP!" Kintoki yelled as Haji attempted to close the lid, by Tatsumi stopped the lid, "Oi, don't blow my cover. There's been a spree of arsons in the surrounding area, and Chief David asked me to take post on the outskirts of the Globberian Village. Don't ask why I chose a millionare's trash can, I just figured he wasn't home." Heiji's interest got peaked, "A spree of arsons you say? Seems like a hard boiled case for a scrambled detective like myself." Heiji said, scratching his beard, "They all appear to be by the same person too, they leave a tag behind at each scene. It isn't huge arson, but they're targeting higher up officials, mainly burning a small portion of their government buildings. We suspect they'll target Yuka-danna next." Tatsumi said, adjusting herself in the trashcan. "Us lesbians have to stick together in these trying times!" she grabbed her bicep and flexed. Heiji nodded and jotted down 'less bean' in his notepad. "What does the tag look like?" Heiji asked. Tatsumi pulled out her phone and showed the detective, it was that of a peacock's tail feathers. "We have a lead, but we can't be certain." Heiji smirked. He reached into Kintoki's pockets and pulled out a cigar he hid on him. He lit it and took a big puff, "It isn't anything a little hard boiled evidence collecting can do. Leave it to me maam, I'll catch the culprit. Just after I-" but before he could finish, Tatsumi sprayed him down with a fire extinguisher. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "Welcome back everyone! Are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?" Ketsuno looked at the tribes and noticed that Kibou was missing a member, and one looked completely different. "My! It seems King transformed into an old man and wounded our cameramen and producers! And where is Prince Enshou?" Gintoki stepped forward, "Ketsuno Ana, oh great one, we attempted to wake up Enshou but he would refuse to budge. It seems he's in a coma." Gintoki said, saluting. Ketsuno smiled and pointed her finger at Jirochou. "I would expect a lot more from one of the 4 Devas of Kabuki-chou! Sneaking and cheating your way into the game, and then pulling a sword on staff! Tsk, tsk. We can't have that on Wurvivor! Jirochou, I'm sorry, but we're going to have to pull you from the game." as she said this, a sword came wizzing by her head. She smiled at Pirako, who was the culprit. "I don't want to have to kick two contestants, now would I?" Pirako began to cry as she hugged her dad. "I'm so sorry you have to go-" Jirochou stopped her and gave her a hug. "It wasn't my fault that I cheated my way into this game. It was against my will...I feel disgraced, but I humble accept the consequences. Pirako, win this game for the both of us." Jirochou nodded as he stepped into a helicopter that was waiting for him. Ketsuno turned her attention back to the tribes, "We're still vying for immunity. Someone from the losing tribe is still going home. Considering Enshou is asleep back at camp, we have even tribes today! Today we're going to take a dive in this frozen lake! The tribe who can stay completely submerged the longest wins!" the tribes looked nervous but they had to do it regardless. They all got in position in front of a giant ice hole in the middle of a lake, "Wurvivors ready...GO!" they all jumped in at once, the icy touch of the water tingling their skin...well except for Tama and Monika. Most of the contestants only lasted a minute under the water, coming up for oxygen and climbing out shivering. Katsura and Shinsuke were huddled together on the sidelines, ignoring the tribes. Ketsuno picked up Shinsuke and placed him in the arms of Eren who gave him a big hug. The only remaining players in the water were Monika, Tama, Stephen, and Pirako. The teams were cheering for the respective Tribemates. Eventually, Pirako had to come up after 2 minutes under the water. The contestants cheered for her, while Stephen was the next to come up after 3 minutes, "Helps being a fisherman and stuck with Enshou for years." Stephen said in a confessional. The scene cut back to Tama and Monika doing patty cakes in the water. "I don't think those two are coming up." FDL said, putting her chin in her hands. Ketsuno walked over to the hole and peered down to see the two ladies shaking hands, Tama coming up first. Ketsuno threw her hands up, "Yuuki wins Immunity!" Ketsuno helped the two out of the water, both getting a huge ovation. "Monika-sama and I agreed that sense their tribe hasn't won yet, that we would take the fall tonight!" Tama said, displaying sportsmanship. "Kibou, I'll be seeing you tonight at tribal, Yuuki, you guys get immunity and comfort!" Ketsuno dropped a huge chair on top of Shinsuke, who popped up like an accordion. The camera followed Kibou back to camp, where they all sat around Enshou in the shelter as he remained sleeping. The scene cut to Katsura in confessional: "It's pretty obvious that we must get rid of Enshou-dono. He may rule his planet with Monday Elizabeth, but he completely flaked out on his during this challenge. Plus, he really isn't apart of my alliance. Working with Gintoki, Matako-chan, and The Boss Lady benefits me the best before I can hook back up with Shinny-bear and Monday Elizabeth." the confessional cut to Enshou who was passed out: "LET ME OUT OF THIS CAGE YOU BLITHERING MONGREL! I COMMAND YOU AS MY SUPERIOR BROTHER!" Enshou shook the cage he was in, knocking Suave to the ground. "Could you calm down dude." Suave said, but Enshou lifted him up off the ground. "I'M FUCKING FINE, LOOK AT MY MY MY POKER FACE." Suave just kind of sheepishly smiled at Enshou and picked his sax up. The two sat there in silence for a few moments before a portal from beneath them opened up. "Just what I fucking need, a portal. Ol rick and morty shit." Enshou said. He was staring down at it when Roberta flew out of it and landed hard on the marble floor. Enshou narrowed his eyes and wiped his mascara away, "Worm Lady. You return from the dead to haunt my nightmares. I'll have you know I got over my fears of Freddy Wuger years ago." Enshou said. Roberta face palmed, "That idiot teleported me to an even bigger idiot's dream." Roberta got to her feet and brushed off. "I see you two are in quite the pickle." she looked up at Suave and Enshou. "Can you just let us the hell out. The God of Sexophone is getting on my last nerve." Enshou said, causing Suave to look weary. "Yeah, that damned Jebediah is on the loose! I need to get in touch with my brothers as soon as possible." Suave said. Roberta looked at the cage with perplexity, but a thought occurred to her "Well, I am free from Hell right now, so maybe I can just-" she transformed into her worm form, "Nice!" she opened her mouth and ripped the cage from the ceiling, violently shaking the two inside. However, the cage would not budge. "Well what the hell am I supposed to do?" Roberta went back to her normal form and looked at the two banged up in the cage. In the waking world, the tribe had pretty much all but decided to vote Enshou off. However, Pirako was restless. She was frustrated and decided to lift Enshou out of his bed. The rest of her tribe looked confused and concerned, and didn't even notice the glowing purple crystal. The cage Enshou was in opened and he scrambled to the outside, Suave following close behind. "Finally! I'm getting the hell out of here. Never sleeping ever again." Enshou vanished, causing the room to turn to an empty void. Suave and Roberta stood in the emptiness before Suave took a deep sigh, "Let's go back to hell and get Billy." Roberta nodded as Suave played some notes to open a portal back to Hell. In the waking world, Enshou woke up to Pirako slapping him in the face. "What the makeup." Enshou said, "Your makeup is AWFUL, YOU'VE BEEN CRYING THE ENTIRE TIME YOU'VE BEEN ASLEEP!" Pirako said. Enshou walked over to the water well and looked at his reflection, "Well shit, you're right." Enshou shook his head, deciding to keep his stained make-up. Pirako slapped him again, "They want to vote you off tonight! You slept through the whole challenge today and we lost! Plus, my dad got kicked from the game!" Enshou scratched his chin, "King." Enshou's eyes grew 3 sizes that second. "My...minion was removed from this game..." Enshou hardly couldn't believe it. Pirako slapped him again, "He was forceably removed...something is happening. I just can't put my finger on it. However, I can't let you go in this game Enshou. This is our time to shine. You know what this game is all about? Big moves and striking while the iron is hot." Pirako smirked while Enshou held his head. He leaned against the well. "Look, my head f***ing hurts and I just want to get this tribal over with. I'll vote however you want me to vote." Enshou said walking off. The scene cuts to Pirako in confessional. "I could pull off a huge move and rid the game of a huge threat. I've just got to do some light convincing and I think I can pull off the blindside." the scene cut to Gintoki who was narrowing his eyes. He leaned over and whispered to Katsura, "Oi Zura...I think we should consider splitting the vote tonight." Gintoki said, "Pirako running off with Enshou like that has me really worried." Gintoki said. Katsura nodded in agreement. "I'll talk with Matako-chan, you talk with Tama-dono." Gintoki put a thumbs up as they scrambled before tribal. Before long, it was time to head to the counsel area. The all arrived, dipped their torches in the fire and sat down. "Alright everyone! Shall we get started?" Ketsuno looked at everyone, ignoring Gintoki's heart eyes. "Enshou! Glad to see you were able to drag yourself to tribal! Never have I seen anyone miss a challenge because they were in a small coma!" Enshou narrowed his eyes, "I was trapped by my estranged brother who is threatening to cause so much damage to this universe that even I cannot begin to fathom. With that being said, my neck is on the chopping block. They'd be wise enough not to slice my head off just yet." Enshou said glaring at everyone around him. "Tama, you stayed in that water over 6 minutes! Impressive, but you aren't human so that's to be expected. You gave up immunity to Monika in a sportsmanship-like ma-" but Ketsuno was cut off, "YOU GAVE UP IMMUNITY? Well, if that doesn't show weakness I don't know what does!" Enshou said, throwing his hands up. Tama gave him a straight face, "They needed a win, so I gave them one." Enshou rolled his eyes. "Matako, Enshou has a point. She did throw the challenge," Ketsuno said, "You're right, and it's a good way to look at it. Both of them are in the wrong one way or another." Matako said nodding. "Katsura, is it hard to get along with everyone here?" she asked. "Some more than others I would say Ketsuno-dono." Pirako rolled her eyes, "Pirako, that comment got your attention did it not?" Pirako nodded, "Some people here have friends on either tribe, and some of us are lone wolves. We have to fight from the bottom." Pirako said, Gintoki chimed in: "Yet, that makes the lone wolves the most dangerous no?" Gintoki smiled, "And with that, it's time to vote. Tama, you're up." Tama was the first to get up, and everyone else followed suit: "I just really don't like you." Matako was the last to come back, "I'll go tally the votes," Ketsuno walked to pick up the urn and bring it back, "If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you'd like to play it, now would be the time to do so." Nobody spoke up, "Once the votes are read the decision is final, the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes: First vote," "Enshou." Enshou glared, "Enshou, that's two votes Enshou." "Pirako, that's one vote Pirako, two votes Enshou." "Katsura, that's two votes Enshou, one vote Pirako, one vote Katsura." "Katsura, that's two votes Enshou, two votes Katsura, one vote Pirako." "Pirako, we are tied. 2 votes Enshou, 2 votes Katsura, 2 Votes Pirako. One vote left....4th person voted out of Wurvivor Edo:" "Katsura. That's 3, you need to come bring me your torch." Katsura stood up, "WHAAAAT WHO I ASK! WHO FLIPPED!" Katsura demanded to know. As he asked, Matako raised her hand up high. "No hard feelings when we get back to the ship, eh Katsura-sama?" Matako winked at Katsura who put his head down, "I am disappointed in you Matako-chan...I thought me, you, Monday Elizabeth, and Shinny would be the final four. However, this is a game and I accept defeat." Katsura grabbed his torch and walked over to Ketsuno. "Katsura, your tribe has spoken." Katsura turned back to his tribe, "Gintoki, Tama-dono, Boss Lady. I hope you three can carry the game with integrity. Matako-chan, I'll have a stern talking with you back home." Katsura turned back, "It's time for you to go." Ketsuno said as Katsura waved back as he walked away. "Well, it's about time, but I believe we got our first true blindside of the season. Grab your torches and head back to camp, goodnight." Ketsuno signed off the show. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Yuka turned around in her swing and locked eyes with Jebediah. "Oh! What a sight to behold! The quaint Queen of Globberius in her completed form! My, oh my a sight never to be seen in the waking for sure." Jebediah snickered as a cup of tea appeared in his hands. He snapped his other hand's fingers and a table complete with chairs, cloth, and a tea set appeared. "Care to join me, or are you too busy lollygagging in your dream. Your day to day life must be quite stressful indeed Madam!" "The Wockphoto fits quite nicely for me, no?" Yuka stopped swinging and stood up. "You look exactly like someone I've met in real life. Someone I don't like associating with. Whether this is just some wicked part of my dream, inserting his face on someone, then so be it." Yuka took a seat across from Jebediah as he poured her a cup of tea. "Well, at least you're more gentlemanly than that caterpillar browed freak." Yuka looked at her tea, seeing the reflection of her and Sofia combined. Something that always kept her comfort even in her most darkest days while dreaming. "Well, that's most exquisite to hear, no? I haven't received such kind words in quite some time. But to hear something like that from you Madam, it's quite reassuring." Jebediah took a sip of his tea and gestured for Yuka to do the same. Yuka picked up her tea cup and stared at it for a few minutes. "Go ahead, I mean no harm! Besides, nothing bad can happen in a dream." Yuka narrowed her eyes as she took a sip from the tea. Jebediah smiled and sat his cup down. "I'd like to at least continue my generosity by being blunt with you and cutting to the thick of this. I'm here to ask you about your long time lover, Roberta." Yuka sat her cup down and gave Jebediah a look of discomfort. "I figured perhaps...you dream of this woman from time to time. She was in your life for a long time, and an important life at that! It's just so fascinating you know? How she has this other worldly ability to just come back to life." Jebediah smiled. "No. I rarely dream of that woman. And if I did, it's a dream I don't remember." Jebediah adjust his cravat. "Hmm, I figured perhaps she would get permission from that old Billy down below to come see you more often. Perhaps he's tightened up on his dream skipping! Either way, now that I have skipped host off that disgusting git I called my brother, I think this place will suit me nicely. Don't you think, Yuka? It is hard functioning as one half of yourself after all." Yuka slammed the tea up on the table, causing a bit of it to drip on the table cloth. "My, getting quite antsy aren't we Madam? Never mind me, but your dreamworld is prime for me to lay in. Your brain is under constant stress and anxiety. Those are easy for me to wall myself with and lay low from those pesky Gods." Yuka lounged at Jebediah, but he caught her by the arm and tossed her over his hip. "Don't even try Madam. I can read your movements, it is your brain after all!" Jebediah snapped his fingers and Yuka quickly raised herself out of bed. She put a green arm up to her head and let out a sigh. She looked at her door, which began to creek open, "Uhm, Sorella. Yous were makin noise in your sleep. I hope you're doin alright." Valentino walked into the room, flanked by Heiji, Haji, and Kintoki. "Who are those three people Valentino." Yuka said, rubbing her liquid eyes. Valentino rubbed his neck, "Uhh, dees guyz say they're detectives or somethin. They seem completely haamless ya know?" Valentino said while shrugging. Yuka just put her head down, "Fine, what brings you guys to my bedroom at 1am?" Yuka asked. Heiji slapped a map up on Yuka wall. It was adorned with yarn and pins with pictures all over it. "As you can see Majesty Yuka, I have cooked my thoughts long enough for them to become completely hard boiled. Racking my brain over why I was sent here, the serial arsons, the peacock feathers." "Uhm. Valentino...could you turn my lights on." Yuka interrupted. Valentino walked over the flicked the lights on. As they brightened the room, Yuka's face went dark. "The culprit may very well be dressed just like this." Yuka punched Heiji in the jaw, sending him flying to the floor. Haji picked her boss up and propped him up in a chair, putting a tooth back into his head. "As I was saying, a lot of recent events have been connecting together. See here:" Heiji pointed at the words "Kabuki". "The Kabuki-cho in Edo is ran by 4 Devas. Otose, Saigou, Hime Kada, and Jirochou the Gallant. If you've been keeping up with the latest season of Wurvivor as Haji has been, you'll have seen that Jirochou was outed as faking his identity in the game for unknown reasons. Seen in the extra features online that the Wurvivor Woutube channel posted, we can see that he was complaining of a so called "red haired man"." Yuka's interest was perked now, "Otose's Snack Bar was completely obliterated, what caused it you may ask? The scrimmage with the Skolexians is a decent answer...but I have my doubts. Following leads given to me by this blonde haired bucket of bolts was enough yolk to get to middle of this mystery. As for Hime Kada...it's obvious she is behind these arsons....but is she really? Perhaps something, or someone, is trying to further tarnish her name. That leaves us with Saigou, the Divine Mademoiselle. How he is linked in all this is a mystery to this hard boiled detective...but I did happened to dig around and find out a certain red-haired Burian works there part time. That leave me to the boiling hot question...who is this B.O.D...this red haired man. Perhaps, you know something about him Yuka-sama?" Heiji turned to her. Haji clapped for her Boss's performance. Yuka was impressed too, "I'm...quite shocked. I also know of this red haired man. He just visited me in a dream. Valentino, keep the capital under high alert for any suspicious activity." Valentino gave Yukes a thumbs up and headed out of her door. "As for you three, you can rest in the guest bedroom for the night. I'm sure you've had quite the long day." Yuka showed them off and sat in her room alone. The lights turned off as she looked out her window to the village she overlooked. "Maybe that red haired freak was right...I'm stressed out way too much." ----------------------------------------------------------- "I really hope they aren't looking for me." Elizabeth was looking at Isaburo and Tetsunosuke sitting at a table, grabbing a bite to eat. He pulled his hood over his head more, turning away from the officers but trying to eavesdrop on their convo. They weren't saying a whole lot, which made Elizabeth even more nervous. 'Please just leave, please just leave, please just leave.' he kept begging to himself. But, his thoughts were interrupted when the door to the bar opened. Isaburo spoke up, "Skeleton Bonestein, Mutsu. Glad to have you guys." Isaburo shook both their hands as the couple sat down opposite of the two cops. Tetsu kept silent as he older brother was leading the questioning. "Glad to meet up with you!" Skele said in his cheerful manner. Mutsu just looked annoyed. Isaburo pulled out his phone and began to text, "So, you two were at the """egg restaurant""" the same day the Shogun was poisoned correct?" Isaburo asked. "Yeah, we tried to help, but this really tough wrestling guy got in our way. Needless to say, Mutsu kicked his butt! She was a tough as I've ever seen anyone." Skele said, complimenting his girlfriend. Isaburo was still texting, "Mhm, and was the wrestling guy perhaps linked to the culprit?" Isaburo asked. "Well, he showed up claiming someone attacked his friends. Then he got sent through the window. Oh Mutsu, did you hear that Oboro had his wallet stolen? Tatsuma was texting me about it, but I just kind of shrugged it off you know? He's rich, I'm sure he can afford a new wallet." Mutsu rolled her eyes. This peaked Isaburo's interest as he looked up from his phone. He turned to his younger brother, "Testu, this is your chance to make yourself useful. Got to Ikumatsu Ramen, I'm sure that Jizz Brained man will be there as he always is." Isaburo said. Tetsu reluctant stood up and made his way out the door. Ikumatsu Ramen was a few doors down, so it wasn't a hassle. But, Tetsu felt his brother was just trying to rid him so he could get his work done easier. He sighed as he pushed the flap open. "Welcome! Sit anywhere you'd like!" Ikumatsu said with a smile. As expected, Oboro was sitting at the bar nearest Ikumatsu with Poe resting on the bar in front of him. Tetsu looked at the man, who gave up an aura he couldn't even imagine. Dark waves were coming off of him as he sat there, peaking at his ramen. The bird turning its head as he too was eating the noodles. Tetsu tensed up as he neared the man who did not look up from his bowl. An ever sense of dread coming over him, he was meeting someone so dangerous, so famous, and important. He was trembling as he inched closer, and before he knew it, they were within feet. Poe noticed and flew up to Oboro's shoulder. Oboro's waves began to give off an even stronger sense before he turned and made eye contact with the Shinsengumi. "Oh hey, do you want my autograph or something mister police officer?" Tetsu sat down next to Oboro and his face hit the bar. Oboro nodded and went back to his bowl. "I was asked to come interview you about the day you had your wallet stolen. I just got really nervous because my brother expects so much from me...or so I think." Tetsu said pulled out a notepad. Oboro scratched his chin, "Yes, that was an interesting day wouldn't you say Poe? I was telling Ikumatsu-dono all about it, vented to her about that whole day. Let me tell you, it just got weirder from there on out." Oboro said turning to the Shinsengumi. "There I was, walking the snow streets with Poe. Sun-dono was out, smiling at us as I continued my stroll after running into that Lady who asked for eggs. My wallet went missing around that time, but I was too busy taking in the beautiful day in Edo. It's not often I travel here, it was a nice change in pace. I wrapped up the latest batches of TV filming and had plenty of free time. Poe suggested that since I lost my wallet, that I should head to the park and maybe play some ultimate Wrisbee with all the cute single guys and single girl birds. But, those plans were dashed the moment I bumped into a most peculiar individual. I knew he meant trouble the moment I locked my eye on him. I turned to Poe and told him to watch from above while I deal with this man." ""Sir, what brings you here, looking as though you want to start trouble."", "That's what I told him. Pretty cool right? Anyway, the man turned to face me, taking his straw hat off to face me mano y mano. That was when I knew he meant business. He picked me up by my shoulders and hoisted me in the air like I was a ragdoll. Never had been manhandled this much since Universe 4. It was perhaps one of the most terrifying moments in my entire life. The man was no mere human, he had to be part Amanto. However, the great and awesome Oboro would never back down from this challenge. He may have nearly dislocated both of my shoulder blades, but my warrior spirit would prevail. With my lack of male genitalia, I was able to split my legs apart and completely wrap them around his waist. A smart move on my part, hmph, he didn't even see it coming. Poe I could tell was in complete aw and shock as I managed to suplex the giant beast down directly on his head. The onlookers cheered and clapped as I stood triumphant over the foe. However...what came next was perhaps the most humiliating thing to happen to me in quite some time, and the reason I needed to vent to Ikumatsu-dono...the beast was still hungry for blood. And with my back turned, it striked. Before I knew it, my trousers were around my ankles and my boxers with bird print patterns was revealed for the world to see. Paparazzi was there to catch the whole act...I am ashamed but not surprised by what happened. So, I had to come here and spill my soul to one person I knew who would listen." Tetsu was staring blankly at him the entire time, "So could you describe the person who took your wallet?" Tetsu asked. Oboro gave him the classic face, "Uh yeah, it was a girl, had a scar on her face. Brown hair I think." Poe cawked in agreement. Tetsu stood up and bowed, "Thank you, that's all I needed." he marched out of the ramen shop and quickly headed back to the bar. Oboro turned back to face Ikumatsu, "I really do talk too much don't I Ikumatsu-dono...I heard from the Wurvivor Television Program that you were widow to Kurokuno-dono, the former Joui patriot. Your husband was a good man Ikumatsu-dono, you should be proud of what he accomplished that day on Koukan." Ikumatsu smiled as she was cleaning her wok, "It has been hard...to have no one to talk to about this, but I think I may have found that person recently. We both get the same type of customers, always giving us their life story. Not that I don't mind Oboro-san, it's just that, I think we really understand each other on that level. He's a really nice guy." Oboro smiled at this and paid his tab plus tax. "He is a good man Ikumatsu-dono, I hope he too can do what you do for me." Oboro nodded his head as he walked out of the ramen shop. Ikumatsu smiled, thinking of the newly kindled friendship she formed with Pakuyasa over the last few days, something she began to look forward to more and more. TBC
  3. "Welcome Edo TO THIS VERY SPECIAL EDITION OF WURVIVOR!" the camera zooms into a snowy mountain top, The person turned around and faced the camera, "I'll be your host for this season of Wurivor, Ketsuno Ana!" "Can you believe this? She gets a TV gig this big and doesn't even summon me up there to be her assistant." Gendomaru crossed her arms as she leaned back in her Wazyboy. Billy rolled his eyes while Ungyou's tear was finally cleaned up by Roberta using a handkerchief. The scene goes back to the TV where Ketsuno gestures out to the empty air, "16 Contestants will compete against the elements and against themselves to claim the prize of 1 million dollars and the title of Sole Wurvivor! Let's meet our contestants for this season!" Ketsuno smiled as the scene faded as the contestants were introduced, "I'm Takasugi Shinsuke and I'm for sure not a terrorist and totally a peaceful activist. I'm playing Wurvivor to prove I'm better than Gintoki and win the million dollars. If I win, I'll probably just take my husband on a really nice second honeymoon. I plan to play ruthless, I was a villain in the first arc for a reason you know." "My name is Doromizu Pirako! I'm playing on behalf of my father who is old and out of shape! We're mega Wurvivor fans, so this has been a dream of ours for a long time! I'm glad to finally be introduced to TBC this way." "Nobume Imai, everyone should be familiar. The Dick-Slaying, Pussy Destroyer Elite of all Elite is here to play Wurvivor. What would I do if I won the million dollars? Probably move out and live by myself so Isaburo would just leave me alone." "Why am I playing Wurvivor? Simple, Lord Enshou is playing and I just so happen to be living in Edo full-time to study TBC. I hope to be put on the same tribe as the Greatest Man Alive, but that remains to be seen. If I win the million dollars, I'm giving it all to Enshou." "I'm Shimura Tae! I work as a hostess, it's the best I can really do for me and Shin-chan. I hope to win the prize money so we can help rebuild Otose's Snack Bar and perhaps open up our dojo! Not that way of course!" "Kijima Matako. I'm only playing this stupid game because Shinsuke-sama and Kyuubey-chan said I had to. If I win the million dollars, I'm opening up my own music shop and ditching those smelly dudes." "Z." "Eren, of the Renho! Finally, getting the opportunity to compete in a game show, reality show hybrid! It's about time I got my moment to shine. Playing with my best friend, Zura is going to be so much fun. If I win the million? Oh, I'll fund my kids for the rest of their lives! No worries cause daddy's bringing the title of Sole Wurvivor home babies!" "My name is Takasugi Kotarou, and that is totally just a coincidence that I have the same name and look very similar to this person. I swear I am not a terrorist. If I win the title of Soul Wurvivor, I'll use the money to sprucen up our ship and take Shinny on a very very nice date." "I'm Lily, the real star of Lilymu! I'm playing just so I can totally blow this gig at Lilymu and work at the top with Tokyo's A-listers. I gotta play as dirt as like possible so I'm going to backstab everybody to get to the top, like I've always done!" "The name is Stephen Harvestein, and I'm First Captain under Lord Enshou. Playing Wurvivor has always been a dream of mine, and I've got some people that need helping out back in the real world. Hoping we can secure that million dollars and get their business back afloat!" "Just getting the chance to speak in TBC is enough to make me happy. If I win the million, I'm ditching Ozu's old ass behind and starting a new life in Wegas." "I'm Monika! Hehe, I'm playing for the rest of my crew back at the Harusame! Go, Pirates Go! With my prize money, I'll be able to accompany each room on our ship with cherry slushee machines! I know what's what our Chief would want! I'm just a video game character so I don't have much need for money." "Oi I'm Sakata Gintoki and my house exploded. I need the million dollars so I can sleep at night." "I'm Tama and I'm playing on behalf of Genghai-sama and Otose-sama. And also...Kintoki-sama wants waxed on abs." "Hello puny humans, I need no introduction. The million dollars I'm going to win is going straight to buying make up and more sex toys." The screen fads back to Ketsuno Ana smiling, "And there you have our contestants! Come on out guys!" Ketsuno claps as the 16 contests walk out in front of her. "Alright guys, are you ready to begin Wurvivor?" the contestants cheered excitedly, Gintoki even salivating at the sight of the host. "First things first, we gotta make two tribes. Everyone reach into this bucket and pull out a buff. Yellow buffs stand over on the Yellow mat, you'll be the Yuuki Tribe. Orange buffs stand on the orange mat, you'll be the Kibou Tribe!" the 16 of them all reached into the bucket and pulled out a small package with their buffs. "We made sure the teams were even, so you'll be getting 4 girls and 4 guys on each team! Everyone reveal your buffs." Everyone revealed, taking their place on the mats. Ketsuno walked in between them, "For the Yuuki Tribe we have: FDL, Lily, Saitou, Monika, Eren, Nobume, Shinsuke, and Stephen! For the Kibou Tribe we've got: Otae, Gintoki, Pirako, Katsura, Tama, Enshou, Matako, and King!" the scene cuts to Shinsuke with his head down at confessional, "Of course I'm playing the beginning of this game without Honey. To be away from him even until the merge, this is going to be heartbreaking. But I'm a big boy, I can do this." the scene cuts back to the contestants putting their buffs on. Ketsuno steps aside and shows the two tribes to their campsites. "Tomorrow, you guys will compete for immunity and the following night, someone from the losing tribe will be voted out," Ketsuno turned to the camera, "39 Days, 16 contestants, 1 WURVIVOR!" Gedomaru turned the TV off and laid back in her seat. Billy sneered as he cracked the billiards on the table, "Aw come on Gedo, why you gotta turn it off? Don't you want to see those numbskulls suffer in the cold?" Billy looked over as Ungyou blinked in his direction, "Oh yeah and you can just shut your fucking yap over there ya?" "..." Ungyou retorted. Billy had to be restrained by Gedo and Roberta as he was lunging at the headed one. --------------------------------------------------------------- Skele and Mutsu were sitting in a quiet cafe by themselves, or at least so they thought. It was their first date since that fateful kiss they had at the cabin. Mutsu got away from work for the first time in what felt like forever, and crime was significantly down since the universe unreseting. A lot of goodwill, and happy people in the city, so it made Skele's job much easier. The two decided to meet up at this brand new cafe that sprung up in the middle of Edo while reconstruction was happening. "So...all they serve here is black coffee and egg products? Doesn't seem vegan friendly you know. I have a few vegan friends in the Hero Association!" Skele said as he was scanning the menu. Mutsu put her hand on his free hand, causing him to blush, "All that matters is we get to hang out on our day off you know?" Mutsu said, smiling at Skele. From beyond the table, a pair, who looked to be the owners of the cafe looked on, "Boss, do you really think this is a good idea? Why did we build an entire Egg-based Cafe just to get information on these two? Can't we just do espionage or something?" Haji asked, but Heiji put a finger to her lips, "We have to do this the hard-boiled way Haji. There isn't anyway around this conundrum. Take a look at these two...holding hands. Just what I'd expect." Heiji set the clipboard down on the counter and spread out a bunch of pictures of Skele and Mutsu together. "Why did you even take this job Boss? This is just gossip magazine digest at best!" Haji said, but Heiji hushed her as he smiled. "Are you two fine people ready to order?" Heiji said with a large smile. Haji sighed as she gathered up the pictures and stacked them neatly. Mutsu shot daggers at him while Skele smiled back, "I think I'll take a coffee, with extra sugar and creamer if that's possib-" but Heiji snatched the menu from Skele's hands as a vein popped out of his hand, "Boss what are you doing!" Haji whispered loudly. Heiji sighed and jotted down the order, almost sending the pencil through the notepad as he wrote. "I'll take an order of 3 scrambled eggs, 2 egg Benedict, 2 poached eggs, 2 fried eggs, and 1 sunny-side up egg. Black coffee." Mutsu said. Heiji's face went dark as he wrote down the order. He bowed and took the two menus from them and quickly scrambled up to Haji, "Haji...I only brought one egg into the kitchen." Heiji whispered to her. Her face went dark as she slammed the clipboard down. "You're going to have to sneak through the back and steal some eggs from that farmer next door." Heiji pointed out the window, "What the heck are you looking at? I'm not even a damned farmer, me and BH are doing a skit!" Bores yelled, but the two detectives couldn't hear him from inside the cafe. Haji nodded, as she was a former thief, this was her expertise. She got down on the floor and began to crawl like Snake, but turned around when she heard the bell at the front door ring, "IT'S THE SHOGUNNNNNNNNNN" Heiji and Haji both said in tandem. Haji scrambled as quickly as possible out of the back of the kitchen while Heiji raised the notepad in front of him as he shook violently, sweat beating down his face. "Oi...you guys only serve black coffee? Sho-chan really like apple juice-" Pops was cut off as Heiji magically produced Apple Juice from behind his back. In reality, it was something far worse than apple juice. Shige took the glass and inspected it, "Matsudaria-san, why do you suppose this apple juice is pixelated?" Heiji tugged at the collar of his shirt as Matsudaria looked at the glass himself. "I'm not sure Sho-chan, maybe it's homemade?" Pops said, scratching the scruff on his chin. Pops picked up his menu, "I think me and Sho-chan will just get an order of scrambled eggs." Heiji quickly jotted down the order and scrambled to the kitchen. He attempted several times to light his lighter before eventually sparking up a cigar and starting up the gas oven. He opened to mini fridge he used personally and pulled out a single egg that was sitting next to a half empty bottle of Wack Daniels. He closed the fridge and looked at the coffee pot, dripping down to the bottom. He reviewed the orders and cringed at Skele's order. He walked next to the stove and brushed the dust and cobwebs from it. When he opened it he heard, as bugs and dust scattered all over the kitchen. The sugar and creamer were caked in dust as he took it from its nearly final resting place. He poured three cups, and put the dusty and old creamer/sugar in Skele's cup. He sighed and walked back to the dining area and began to hand out the coffee. Pops took a big sip and gave a satisfied smile. Mutsu took a sip of hers as she still shot daggers at him, which caused him to gulp. Skele stared at his cup, as the sugar came up to the top lumped together. Heiji hurried back to the kitchen, leaving the couple to themselves, "Why did you order that many eggs Mutsu?" Skele asked, examining his dreadful looking coffee. Mutsu downed her whole cup and shattered the mug against the table, "I don't trust those two, plus I need to reach my macro limit before I work out later." Mutsu said, showing Skele her killer abs. Skele blushed, as did Mutsu as she realized what she did. The Shogun began to sip at the """apple juice""" while Heiji looked from a creek in the door. He hid behind it after seeing the Shogun do that, praying that Haji would quickly make it back with the eggs. The scene shifted to Haji hiding inside a hay bail, watching Bores and Hercules going over their script. "Alright so you just stand over there and act like a pig or something," Bores said. BH nodded in agreement, but Haji just couldn't help herself, "He certainly looks like one." she said just loud enough, still hidden. BH swung his sword around, but ended up falling into a pile of snow. "YOU IDIOT, YOU'RE RUINING OUR PROPS!" Bores attempted to get off the hay bail, but stumbled, "Woah!" he fell off the hay bail and knocked himself out on impact with the ground. Haji quickly looked around and ran past the two and looked around the farm. "What the...these two aren't even real farmers!" Haji picked up a toy chicken that squawked at her. "Hey, who's messing with Bore's pet chicken out there! Bores where are you? It's dark...I'm scared, really really scared." BH said as the audience clapped for his catchphrase. Haji threw the bird down, causing it to shatter into a million pieces, but that action caused an uproar. A bird flew in and started pecking at her, "Hey, OW! WATCH IT!" Haji shielded herself, but heard a voice call out, "Poe! Calm down, it was simply plastic." Haji looked up and saw the dumb face of Oboro walking up to her. He looked at me with his banter face before switching back to serious Oboro looking down at Haji. "What caused you the destruction of this plastic bird? Certainly it did nothing to you." Oboro said. Haji sighed, "I need eggs to feed my...customers?" Haji said. Oboro nodded, "Well, it just so happens that I have the whole month off since my co-star is competing in a reality television program. Ozu-dono was kind enough to give us the month off as he re-furnished his penthouse. I was about to go to the store and pick up an assortment of fruit and vegetables for me and Poe to cook. We don't usually have the time to make delicious home made meals like we used to with this extremely busy schedule of filming, media appearances, other filming for commercials and sponsorships. Not to mention having to save the entire universe on a near monthly basis. To say me and Poe are busy is a complete understatement. We had to shoot a scene the day I un-reset the universe, like are you kidding me? But, I love acting so it's something I can really sink my teeth into. Sensei always told me a day lost is a day wasted. So, I have to use each day to its fullest. Perhaps even meeting and talking to you today was just what I needed to push forward. Meeting new people is always great, since I always meet fans and giving them autographs. I'm not like most celebrates who push their fans away, I am very approachable. Perhaps you would like mine?" Oboro was too busy monologuing and staring off into space to not realize Haji was already long gone. "She stole my wallet didn't she Poe." Poe simply beakwinged as Haji was sprinting to the small market down the street. She quickly bought two dozen eggs and raced past the stunned Oboro, dropping his wallet off at his feet. Haji kicked the back door and threw the eggs at Heiji who swiftly caught them and began to crack them gracefully into the pans. Each egg beginning to cook to perfection, both were following the instructions Mutsu had given them, each egg being cooked the way she asked. Heiji and Haji cleaned the sweat off their heads as they marveled at their culinary accomplishment. Each egg was cooked accordingly, seasoned perfectly, the aroma filling the kitchen as Heiji put his cigar out in an ash tray, "Haji, in all my years of detective work, this has got to be my greatest, most hard boiled task I've ever completed...no, we've ever completed." Haji sniffed as a tear ran down her cheek. "Are you ready to see those happy faces glowing with excitement Boss?" Haji asked. Heiji simply smiled as he tipped his Eggscellent hat before opening the door to the diner. "SHO-CHAN, STAY WITH ME!" Heiji and Haji's eyes darkened as they saw Matsudaria bent down, holding Shige's head up. The """apple juice""" glass was empty and the "blood" coming from Shige's mouth dripped onto Pops. "Matsudaria-san...I don't know what that apple juice was but...I could really go for some eggs right about now." Shige said, beginning to struggle to his feet. Skele and Mutsu stayed seated watching the madness unfold in front of them. "Sh-should we just leave Mutsu?" Skele asked, but Mutsu closed his jaw shut and pointed at Heiji and Haji holding her eggs. "Bring me my eggs." Mutsu said. Heiji slowed walked to the table, passing by Shige as he puked out the """"apple juice"""" thankfully, Pops did not notice him. He slowly placed the eggs in front of Mutsu before scurrying back to the kitchen. Haji walked over the placed the eggs on the table Shige and Pops were sitting at. Haji also booked it back to the kitchen, peering through to door at Mutsu who was downing her eggs. Pops lifted up Shige and yelled, "IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?!" at that, the front door of the cafe slammed open, "Time is money...and I am the Doctor of Pain." Takatin ripped the door off the cafe and tossed it to the street outside. His snatched the Shogun from Matsudaria and hit him with a backbreaker and then did a leg drop on top of him. Takatin stood up, "I'm looking for the fool who disrespected my friend, Best Hercules. Someone who does my tag team partner wrong, does me wrong." Takatin glared around the cafe. Pops shot his gun at Takatin, but the large muscular man caught the bullet in between his pecs. Matsudaria was shocked and looked down at the Shogun, who was completely knocked out. Skele was sweating, somehow, as he turned back to his girlfriend who completely devoured her eggs. She stood up and met eyes with the large man. "So, it was you. BH did say it sounded like a woman." Takatin cracked his knuckles but was met with Mutsu punching him so hard that it sent him flying through the window and falling on top of Bores and BH while they were looking in. "Come on Skele, let's go somewhere else for our date. Away from this chumps." Skele smiled nervously as she scooped him up and carried him out of the Cafe. Haji and Heiji's darkened faces looked on as Pops carried Shige out of the cafe, crying as loud as he could. "Boss, who even sent us to document these two? This seems rather dangerous." Haji asked. Heiji lit up another cigar, "Some sucker going by the name B.O.D." he said, taking a puff. "Let's continue tailing those two Haji, we can't let them slip through our fingertips so easily." --------------------------------------------------- "KIBOUU, WINS IMMUNITY!" Ketsuno yelled as she through her hands up. Enshou came to a halt and stuck his tongue out on a snowboard. "I had no idea he was that good at snowboarding." Stephen said, pretty impressed with Enshou. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me babe." Enshou said, throwing up a shakabrah. "Kibou, come get your immunity. You guys are safe tonight, no tribal council. Head on back to camp. Yuuki, you've got a date with me at tribal council where someone will be the first person voted off Wurvivor Edo. I got nothing for you, head on back to camp." Ketsuno said with a smile. The Yuuki Tribe reached camp and Shinsuke plopped down in the shelter. It cut to a confessional with Stephen, "Well today's challenge was pretty difficult. Having to hit a backflip off the slopes. How I didn't know Master Enshou knew how to snowboard is beyond me, but damn did he kill us in that challenge." Stephen said sighing. The confessional cuts to another one with Enshou, "They doubted me, but now they'll see just how useful I can be." Enshou said, but the scene cuts to him sleeping in the shelter and not helping around camp. The scene cuts back to the Yuuki tribe who was scrambling on who to vote out. Lots of players were splitting up in pairs. Lily and FDL were standing just outside of camp in a small patch of the forest, "So, OK, here me out FDL. We get out that old geezer and get some kind of girls alliance going. Though, we'd need one of the boys to flip." Lily said. FDL thought about it and it cut to her sitting at a confessional, "I don't think that bitch even knows my real name. She's been working with me for years and years now and she's never once said 'hello' to me. Though numbers are important, so if I have to, then I'll work with her." Another confessional starts up, "Couldn't trust that FDL as far as I could throw her." The scene cuts to Shinsuke laying in the shelter with Nobume and Eren. "I miss Honey." Shinsuke said. Eren nodded, "I miss Fumiko." he said. Nobume sighed, "I should just vote one of your asses out tonight and go with the girls." Nobume said. Shinsuke glared at her, "After all we've done together? You're always hanging out with me and Zura." Nobume rolled her eyes and got up out of the shelter. Eren shrugged at Shinsuke. "So, who are we voting tonight? I assume we're going to work together to get to the merge right Shinny?" Eren asked. Shinsuke reluctantly agreed. The scene cut to a confessional of Eren, "Me and Shinsuke haven't always got along, but I think we can let bygones be bygones and play a little co-op. Cause this game for sure isn't a single player one." the scene cut to Monika talking with FDL as the two tended to the fire. "So Lily wants to get out Stephen? Well I suppose he's a threat later on down the line, but I'm not sure if it's the smartest decision. We need strength and well..." Monika peered over to Lily who was struggling to bring a small twig to the firepit. FDL and Monika both gave each other the look of, yeah she should probably go. Meanwhile, while everyone was distracted, Stephen had slipped out of camp and was looking for the hidden immunity idol. He was frantically searching each crevice and nook of the trees, rocks, river and everywhere in between. But unknown to him and everyone else, Saitou had found the idol without barely even trying, (art by anele) 'I found this ugly thing laying by a tree and found an Idol inside of it.' Saitou signed, through the Elizabeth plush in the fire. Eren twinged in the shelter as his self was being burned unbeknownst to him. Stephen gave up his idol search and sat de-jected at the shelter. Saitou patted him on the back as he hid the idol in his afro. The day was waning, so it was time for tribal counsel. The 8 made their way to the site and sat down in front of Ketsuno. The eight castaways walk into an indoor, tribal looking area with a fire brewing. The take their torches and begin to light them in the fire. "Fire represents life in this game, go ahead and dip it in there and have a seat." Ketsuno said. The 8 took their seats, "My, my, doesn't everyone look chipper?" Ketsuno asked. The contestants all groaned. "Eren, how's tribe life? Everything as chipper as this back at camp?" "Well, I suppose. Lots of sleeping, lots of whispers, but I think everything is pretty alright past this murky surface." he replied. Lily gave him a confused look, "Lily, you got an issue with that?" Ketsuno asked. She nodded, "Some people are more difficult to work with than others, some don't even want to work at all. Just sit around and do nothing." Lily said rolling her eyes. "Shinsuke, does she make a good point?" Ketsuno asked. He shrugged, "Well, she just kind of looks at her nails all day. Reminds me of some other blonde on the other tribe." Lily growled at Shinsuke who just chuckled. "Stephen, let's talk idols. You guys know they're out there, do you think anyone's got one?" Ketsuno leaned in, "Well Ketsuno, I'm not really sure! Some people today I'm sure went looking but came up empty. Perhaps, there's just no idols this season?" Ketsuno nodded, "Perhaps! Saitou, the challenge today, pretty tough. Snowboarding can take some learning curves but you performed pretty well out there today. Do you think being a physical threat poises danger?" Saitou sat there, with a sleep bubble. Ketsuno nodded and moved on to Monika, "What about you Monika? You seem to be a physical threat too." she asked, "Well, I was an athlete at school before I came to Edo, but having physically strong people early in the game is very important, perhaps weeding out the weaker ones are priority." but Nobume spoke up, "Or get rid of the physical threats first and deal with the social threats later in the game." Nobume said, smirking. FDL added, "She's right, it's not always the weakest person we should focus on, but perhaps the physical threat!" she said. Tension was building in the tribe as they were murmuring to each other. Ketsuno stood up, "With that, it's time for our first vote. Lily, you're up." Lily made her way to the voting booth, as did everyone else in following sequence. "You're way too dangerous to keep in this game, sorry old man." "Rather you than me, hey my first voting confessional! Love you Fumiko!" The rest of the tribe voted without confessionals. The last person took their seat, "I'll go tally the votes." Ketsuno walked off to grab the urn. She brought it back and sat it upon a podium. "If anyone has the hidden immunity idol and you'd like to play it, now would be the time to do so." Ketsuno looked around, but no one stood up to play the idol. "Ok, once the votes are read the decision is final, the person voted off will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes." she took out one parchment, "First vote," "Lily." "Lily, that's two votes Lily." "Stephen, that's 1 vote Stephen, 2 votes Lily." "Stephen, we're tied 2 votes Stephen, 2 votes Lily." "Shinsuke, that's 1 vote Shinsuke." "We are tied again, 2 votes Stephen, 2 votes Lily, 2 votes Shinsuke." "Lily, that's 3 votes Lily, 2 votes Stephen, 2 votes Shinsuke, 1 vote left." Ketsuno pulled out the last vote, "First person voted out of Wurvivor Edo, Lily." "That's 4, that's enough. I need you to bring me your torch." Lily shook her head and stood up, "You'll all regret not voting out that Old Man." Shinsuke looked around, "Who the hell voted for me?" Nobume smiled at him devlishly while Saitou Z'd. "A white and a black coat working together, I'll be damned." Lily picked her torch up and placed it in front of Ketsuno. "Lily, the tribe has spoken." "It's time for you to go." Ketsuno gave her a smile while Lily stormed off. "Well that was an exciting first tribal, hopefully keeping strength over social was the right moves. Grab your stuff and head back to camp, goodnight." the 7 castaways got their stuff and headed back to their campsite. Lily sat at the confessional and gave her farewell message, "Well it was certainly something. I got away from the Lilymu cast for a few days, so that's really nice." Lily shrugged and walked away. The scene cuts to Enshou twitching in his sleep, "A little rough tonight aren't Bro?" Enshou stared down at B.O.D who was bowing to Enshou to say sorry, "I won't be as rough next time oh Dark Overlord! Just please, try and bring that man into your dream! Think of the excellent o-" but he was cut off by Enshou, "I have to focus on this game Idiot. I'll try tomorrow for sure, but I'm pretty beat from that snowboarding." B.O.D looked dejected as Enshou vanished. Enshou had woken up to relieve himself. B.O.D stood up and sighed, pouring himself some wine, swishing it in the cup. "Oh Jeb, Jeb, Jeb, Jeb. You're getting closer and closer to that Saxophone Wielding Git. But, once you do, their healer is out, you make your move." he smiled to himself as the classical music played in the background. "Now, if those detectives would just do their job and get me more intel on the Globberians and the Joushishi..." he put his fingers to his chin. "I'll have to contact my liaison in the land of the waking to get my updated." he quickly put the wine away when he heard the bedroom door creek open. "Ready for Round 2, Idiot." Enshou asked. B.O.D. nodded in acceptance. -------------------------------------------------------------------- "Yukes ain't come outta her room ina few days. I'm gettin kinda worried bout her." Valentino was leaning on a carhood in the Wrooklyn part of Globberian Village. The Shinsengumi were stopping by in the efforts to calculate the damage of both Edo and Tokyo. Valentino was leaning against Hijikata's car as the Vice Chief looked solemnly at the village. "You know, I'm glad you guys got your village restored. I know a lot of samurai that helped fight in the Great Solid Wars, as they're called now." Hijikata said, Valentino smiled, "Well, yous samurai have helped our people immensely. We even owe some of ya our lives." Valentino said. "Don't worry about your sister Valentino, I think alone time will do her best right now. I've never had an actual sister, but I've grown up around someone I'd consider one...maybe even closer." Hijikata sighed. "Just, make sure to knock on her door every once and awhile and ask how she's doing." Hijikata smiled at Valentino and got back in his car. He leaned out the window, "And if you guys are ever in any trouble, just let us know." Valentino nodded as Hijikata drove off. "Jus check up on her sometimes huh? That's too easy for a nosy fratello like myself." TBC
  4. "How hard is it to get service around here?" Joe sat down at the table Yuka and Valentino were at. Their wine spilled across the white table clothes. The two Globberians stared in horror at the sight of Roberta laying limp on the ground at the feet of Joe. The Tendoushu withdrew their weapons and stepped away from the group. Joe looked back at the Tendoushu as they whipped their cloaks and turned about face. "We can't be bothered to deal with this being. He's out of our control and much more powerful than us. Plus they're here." one of the Tendoushu pointed at Oboro, Poe, and Stephen. Oboro gave the Tendoushu the classic banter face as they passed by. Poe caw'd at them as they passed. Joe tapped his fingers on the table. "You, jizz head in the back." Joe pointed at Oboro. Oboro stepped forward as Joe continued to stay seated. "Joe-dono. You are sinister, causing the reset of the first TBC universe." Joe narrowed his gaze, "I have no idea what you're even talking about. All that I know is that you're in the way of me getting to that damn man who ripped Her away from me." Joe shifted his eyes to the red wine, dripping to the floor of the restaurant. Oboro stared at Joe as silence filled the joint. "Captain-dono." Oboro did not break his gaze from Joe as he spoke to Stephen, "I'm sure you are powerful enough to hold Joe-dono down while I go somewhere. I need purple Altana." Oboro began to walk out of the restaurant, but Joe grabbed his arm. "Where the hell do you think you're goin?" Joe tugged hard at the jizz head's arm, causing a small amount of pain. Oboro yanked his hand away from Joe while Poe grabbed a tuff of Oboro's curly hair. "You're going to have to deal with someone in your past Joe-dono, regardless if you've met him or not. Poe, to the cabin." Poe lifted Oboro up and flew out the door with him in his beak. Stephen's face darkened as he realized just how powerful Poe could be. Stephen turned his attention to Joe who turn his attention back to the wine dripping from the table. Yuka and Valentino were the only other two in the building as Stephen stepped forward to face Joe. "Joe, you can choose to believe me or not, but I know you...personally from the outside world." Stephen took his captain's hat off and put it to his side. "I'm good friends with Wilford." Joe's eyes shot up from the wine and met the Captain's gaze. "I knew your parents, very well. Our families were so close Joe." Joe got out of his seat and stood across from Stephen. "Let's just put this little thing aside so we can get back home." Stephen said. Joe walked up to him and with the blink of an eye, lunged at Stephen. Stephen caught the punch from his metallic arm. Joe opened the palm of his hand within Stephen's grasp the create a sword, but Stephen channeled his powers into his own hand and sent Joe flying across the room, crashing into a table with spaghetti plated. "Whata waste of good noodles!" Valentino said, receiving a slap from Yuka in return. Joe looked up in surprise, "Gosh! It's about time I got someone as strong as me! If I can't get Utsuro, then you'll have to do Old Man!" Joe shot up and began to rush towards Stephen before the scene shifted to Poe flapping his wings while Oboro flipped through a small pocketbook he had. "Poe, I know he's going to be there. However, it's the only place I can find purple Altana in this universe. I'm terrified to face him again...not after that dream I had. Do you think he knows about that dream Poe? I'm sure he does, he is Sensei after all." Poe slowed down as the two spotted Utsuro's cabin, indeed emitting smoke from the chimney stack. Oboro planted his feet in the snow as Poe started panting on his shoulders. Oboro let out a sigh as he put his pocketbook back in his breast pocket. He trudged through the thick snow and faced the door of the cabin. He gave the wood three knocks as his heart was racing. The door opened and Oboro made eye contact with his Sensei...for the first time in what felt like a lifetime. "I figured you would be knocking at my door Oboro." Utsuro gave Oboro and smile, allowing the two inside his cabin. Oboro hesitated at first, but stepped inside. It was warm in the cabin, the firewood crackling just like it was hours ago in the present universe. "Not but 5 minutes ago, you two just vanished from your chairs! I was quite shocked at first, but I figured something happened with time and space and all that." Utsuro put on his "Kiss the Chef" oven mitts and opened the oven door. "This batch came out really well I think!" "Why don't you try one Oboro?" Oboro looked at the cookies, hot steam coming from the freshly baked snacks. He shook his head as he sat down. Poe flew from Oboro's shoulder and landed on the table in front of Utsuro. Utsuro turned and smiled at the bird as he sat the cookie tray down next to him. "I'm dead, isn't that right Oboro?" Oboro put his head down, staring at his lap. Utsuro took the mitts off and sat opposite of him at the table. "It's ok Oboro, I understand if you don't want to talk to me. It must be difficult for you, from whichever universe you hail from. I'm guessing someone caused a little ruckus and spilled the cookie batter! No problem really, I know pretty much exactly what's going on Oboro so you don't have to explain anything. I'll gather up the crystals and let you be on your way." Utsuro reached into his pocket and pulled out a small sack that was glowing purple. "I hope you remember what I told you in that dream." Oboro covered his face with his hands after that last line. "In death, I may not be there physically Oboro. But, rest assured that my essence lives on somewhere in this plain of existence. I just hope that you are happy. I'm glad to see that you continue to live on without me." Utsuro slid the bag across the table, hitting Oboro's arms while his face rested in his palms. "You can fix this mess you're in without me Oboro." Oboro removed his face from his hands, "You were the only person I could come to with purple Altana, Sensei. I...I've become stronger than maybe I realize. I've accepted myself for who I am and began to embrace the people around me. I have friends now...a life outside of your own." Oboro grabbed the pouch and put it next to his pocketbook. Utsuro smiled at Oboro as he stood up. "My, you have grown haven't you Oboro. I can't say for sure how many times I've reset the universe up until your point in time, but with those crystals, I sense you are willing to prevent a reset. It shows me how happy you are there, and that's all I can ask for. You still make me proud." Utsuro stood up and faced away from Oboro as him and Poe began to head out of the doorway. Oboro was fighting back tears, but he couldn't cry, not now. He had to help save the universe he called his permanent home. Utsuro smiled to himself as his cabin door closed, the crackle of his fireplace the only noise he heard. "Keep living Oboro, for both of us." The scene shifted back to Joe, who was shooting knives from his arm at Stephen, who ducked and dodged, grabbing a hold of his hat so it didn't fall off. "Phew! You're wild aren't you Joe! Shame this'll be the last time I see this version of you! Though, I much prefer the one that doesn't try and murder me." Stephen caught one of the blades flying at him and chucked it back at Joe. The blade got lodged into his metal arm, causing it to spark. Joe rushed at the Captain, morphing his hand into a blade. He began slashing at Stephen, but he was stopped at his legs. He looked down and saw green strands weighing him down. "Fratello, I told you not to interfere!" Yuka yelled. Stephen took the opportunity to grab Joe's metal arm and rip it from his flesh. He tossed it aside while Valentino let go of Joe. Joe staggered in front of Stephen when they heard Poe and Oboro crashing into the window outside. Oboro took the pouch from his pocket and flashed it to Stephen. But, while the Captain was distracted, Joe gave him a huge uppercut from his normal hand, causing a tooth to fly from his mouth. Joe took down the Captain and started to throw haymakers on him. Oboro quickly rushed inside the diner, and held Joe back, tossing him into a booth. Yuka stood up from the back of the diner and walked over to the dis-figured Roberta. She bent down and stared at the woman, who's head was nearly completely destroyed. "Why is this happening..." she said to herself softly. Yuka let tears come from her eyes. Valentino was shocked, he's never seen his Godsister openly weep like this. "It feels like...this is all my fault." her head fell to Roberta's cold chest. Joe adjusted himself in the booth he landed in while the only sounds filling the building were the open sobs of Yuka. Oboro walked over to her, "Yuka-dono, it is not your fault. Roberta-dono was clouded by guilt. We all are at some point...but her grief made her succumb to fate. I'm positive the Yuka in the present will understand she was never at fault for this. The best I can do now, is help reverse the effects of Roberta's actions. Go, take your Godbrother and be happy here. He won't be much of a problem for long anyway." Oboro shifted his gaze to Joe, who was still groggy from the toss. "Yo, Captain over there." Stephen climbed to his feet, placing the teeth he lost in his coat pocket. "What does he mean by that? I'm not a problem for long?" Joe asked, leaning in the booth. "You're a changed man where we live Joe. You accepted Her death, the death of your parents. You even-" but as Stephen was talking, the door to the pizza joint opened up and a hefty, elderly gentleman stood in the doorway. "Joe, I've been lookin up and down f-" Brimley met eyes with the Captain. Stephen, a man he knew years ago in his past. "So..this is where you ran off to all those years ago? Hmph, could have at least told me. Someone you'd considered a brother. I can't stay here Joe, I'll be on my way when you're finished." Wilford shut the door and headed up the street. Stephen stared at the door, and putting his head down. Joe rested in the booth he was sitting at, "You weren't lying when you said you knew me...I'm just confused man. Where did you even come from? Why are you guys even here? That thing I killed brought you all here? God." Joe put his head down on the table. Oboro was silently reciting the Latin from his pocketbook while the crystals in his bag began to glow. Stephen let out a sigh and walked over to Roberta's corpse. He bent down next to Yuka and put his hand on her shoulders. "Everything will be alright in the end Ms. Yuka. I'll make good on that promise when I get home." Stephen picked up Roberta's body and placed her next to Oboro. He stuck his hand through the closed up sword wound and materialized green crystals from the sword she was stabbed with, dust particles still resting inside the stab. Stephen grabbed the small crystals he created and placed them in the small pouch alongside the purple Altana. Yuka looked up, tears still running down her face, Joe looking at Stephen somberly, and Valentino turning his back to the three. "We'll see you on the other side." Stephen said, picking Roberta up as a small portal began to form in front of Oboro. He stopped his phrases, "This is our only moment to get back to present time Stephen-dono, we have to go now." Oboro said, as he and Poe grabbed the small pouch. Stephen nodded, still thinking of the last thing Wilford ever said. The last thing he'd ever hear his long time friend from the real world say. 'Someone you'd consider a brother'. Stephen smiled through his busted up mouth and jumped through the portal with Roberta's body on his shoulder. Oboro and Poe bowed to the three in front of them and jumped into the portal as it closed up behind them. The landed in a crowd of people as time had began to resume. They were cheering on Sadaharu and the Gods as they were using all their might to hold back the power of the Altana. "Jesus, it's about fuckin time you 3 showed back up! Did you get that worm or..." Billy was in his titan form, sending energy to Sadaharu when he noticed the body that Stephen was carrying. Oboro brought himself to his feet and continued the ritual. He stopped for a second cause he saw one of his co-workers, "Raj-dono, give me one of your megaphones." Oboro said. "YOU JUST ASSUME I HAVE A MEGA-PHONE BECAUSE I'M LOUD? Of course I do, here you go." Raj handed Oboro a megaphone, as he continued the ritual. The sky was beginning to shift in favor of the blue, warm hue everyone was used to. The cheers and roars from all of Edo and Tokyo cheering on Sadaharu, Ane, and Mone as they were further harvesting the Altana back to its stable state. The cracks in the Earth beginning to shift back into place. Dylan stared from the outside world as the sky around him began to calm, the ocean was fading in color. He smiled, walking out of the cave and feeling the warmth of the Sun. All the people surrounding the core began to hug and cheer, even some of the Skolexians began to shift to human forms and cheer on the three and Oboro as the universe was shifting back into place. Ane and Mone released their cast as the Altana had finally became stable enough, and Sadaharu had enough strength to hold it together. "Alright everyone! Great job!" Ane and Mone both said as all the characters cheered, hugged each other, and celebrated. Oboro was still completing his chanting while Tatsuma patted him on the back from behind. "AHAHAHAHA! NICE WORK OBORO! You really helped save our butts back there!" Oboro smiled through his chants. He finally finished the enchantment and closed his book. He looked to his right and saw Stephen carrying Roberta through the crowd of people. He saw Skele/Yuka following him close behind. He sighed to himself as he followed the three of them. The scene shifted to Yorozuya who were standing by Ane and Mone, watching Sadaharu. "So, how long is he going to be in there for?" Shinpachi asked. "He should be stable enough to stay in there while construction is being done. We'll keep him company just in case." Mone said. Gintoki stepped away from the kids as he met eyes with Katsura a few feet away. "Oi Zura, have you seen Shinsuke?" Gintoki asked. Katsura looked away from and turned his back, "O-oi..." Gintoki looked in horror as Shinsuke dragged himself from the back alley Katsura happened to be standing in front of. "Gintoki..." "I...lost." Gintoki dropped to his knees, "SHINSUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Gintoki yelled as his voice cracked with despair. Shinpachi looked down at Gintoki and back up at the white stains on Shinsuke's face, "OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WHAT WERE YOU TWO DOING DURING THIS WHOLE THING! WHY ARE YOU CRYING GIN-SAN?!" Shinpachi yelled. Shinsuke leaned against the wall of the alley and coughed up white blood. "THAT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT WHITE BLOOD!" "It was one of those worms...they attacked me." Shinsuke said, adjusting his belt. "YOU DON'T EVEN WEAR A BELT! AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY WORM?!" Shinpachi yelled. "Shinsuke..." Gintoki caught his friend as he fell to his knee. Shinsuke looked up at Gintoki, the sun shining down for the first time in a few days. "You two are absolutely ridiculous." Shinpachi said, storming off. The scene followed him until it stopped on Enshou, who was still knocked out from earlier. "Mmm, come on bro...not here..." he mumbled to himself. No one was around him at all. The scene caught up to Sweetcheeks as him, Yuka, Skele, Oboro, and Poe all made it back to Utsuro's cabin where Valentino's ashes sat. The all entered the cabin, as Yuka removed herself from Skele. She sat on the couch in her glob form, next to Sophia. "How did she die." Yuka asked, not looking at her former lover's body. "It was Joe, well not the Joe that lives here but one from another universe. She...she died in your arms Yuka. You and Valentino were at the place we battled that Joe." Stephen said. Yuka's gaze clouded as she continued to stare at her solid. Oboro walked up to the small coffee table in front of Yuka and sat a small cookie jar in front of her. "Yuka-dono, I placed Valentino-dono inside this jar. You may do with it as you wish." Yuka looked up at the cookie jar with a small turtle on it. "Oh Valentino..." she grabbed the jar and held it close to her. Her glob form pretty much absorbing the jar. Skele looked down tentatively. Oboro snapped his fingers, doing so caused Poe to bring out the small pouch. It was glowing a small grayish color. "Bonestein, I'm sure you don't remember, but back in Okinawa when Sensei resurrected you; he used this. He completely reshaped your skull that he ground into ashes. Poe placed you back together and brought you back to life." Skele nodded as he remembered the moment he came back to the land of the living. Yuka put the jar back on the table, "What I'm trying to say Yuka, is that we can either bring Valentino-dono back to life...or we could fix your solid half. It is impossible to bring Roberta back to life, that is up to Billy-dono from now on. I see her stay in Hell to be a permanent one. But these two, these two can be saved." Poe sat the pouch down next to the cookie jar while Yuka squirmed on the couch. "Life is never easy, is it Oboro. We just fought to stop a universe where I could have all three of them again, yet you prompt me with this. Making me choose between the two beings closest to me. Two of a handful that truly understood me on a personal level." Yuka lamented on that last statement. Stephen stepped forward, "I can always help, you know I do have the purple Altana running through my body. Shouldn't that be enough to save them both?" Stephen asked. Oboro scratched his chin as he looked at the pouch on the table. However, Yuka used her liquid tentacles to grab the pouch herself. "Stephen, you needn't worry about me. Sophia...Sophia has been long dead. If you couldn't tell by my disfigured appearance when I was in my solid form. But...I just don't know how I feel about abusing powers like this. Roberta, she did the same. Look where that got her. She became a shell of herself, misguided by her fate and her stubbornness." Yuka said, solemnly. Skele approached her at least and sat on the couch next to her, "Yuka, I understand why you're hesitant in bringing him back, but I want to at least say my peace before you make any decision. I've gotten to know Valentino very well over the past week or so. He's...one of the most caring beings I've ever met. He'd always talk about you, you know that? He was worried sick you might do something you'd regret, or that you'd get hurt. And by the look of it, he died because of that worry. I had no time to stop him, he threw himself in harms way just to protect not only you, but to protect us. He's a hero Yukes. Just as much as Stephen, as Oboro, as....Hitsugi, and even as you. We all saved the universe from collapsing. It may sound selfish of me, and that's completely against everything I was brought up on; but I really miss him. He...he is just like how our species are. We're co-existing, not co-dependent. You...may not realize it but you really brought together something I was missing to this planet. I'm sorry if I may sound rude, but I figured I would just share with you how much your Godbrother meant to me. Please, do what makes you feel most at ease." Skele gave her a smile, but as he was about to give up, he felt Yuka yank him towards her. She didn't morph with him, but she simply gave him a hug, a tight hug that she didn't want to let go. "All I wanted to do was make my people happy...never did I think we would be able to, as you said, co-exist with the mammals living around us. I was scared we were going to get pushed away, like we always have. Regulated to nothing but pawns...but here on Earth, people view us as equals. To be called a hero...I don't deserve such a moniker. But, he does." Yuka let go of Skele and she grabbed the small pouch. "I'm ready Oboro. I want to bring Valentino back to life." Oboro nodded as he pulled out a small book from Utsuro's bookshelf. Stephen smiled as he began to walk out the door, "Skele, do you know where Hitsugi is?" Stephen asked. Skele looked somber, "He's in the hospital...but his injuries are fatal. He fell into a coma when he arrived." Oboro's eyes went dark as he held the book. Stephen looked down at the ground and nodded his head. "Then, there is no need for me to see him. I shall pay visit to others in his place." Stephen said, closing the cabin door behind him. He made his way through the snow, a few mile walk was nothing, but he was still hurting from his fight with Joe. He was adjusting his jawline and rubbing his cheeks most of the way towards his destination. He saw the fence, and large gate drawing nearer to him as he was trudging along through the snow. He picked a few flowers that hung from trees along the way. He opened the cemetery gate and headed towards the middle part of it. He looked down to see "Hitsugi Family" written on the headstone. He placed a single flower in the vase, remembering that day he ran into Hitsugi here. He continued to the back of the cemetery, reading each headstone to find the name he was looking for. Eventually, he came across the one he came to find, Stephen sighed as he laid the rest of the floors down at the foot of the tombstone. "I'm sorry for leaving you guys Wilford...I wish everything could have been different. I...I was just afraid to face you again while you were still here. God, I have so many regrets in my life....I should have been there for a friend. I try, try as I must to put flowers on your grave. Yet, I can never get your forgiveness, nor do I deserve it. I have to leave, and return this book home." Stephen went down to one knee and wiped the tears from his eyes. But, he heard a familiar voice from behind him, "So, you really are leaving Sweetcheeks." Stephen turned around and saw Enshou staring down at him. "You still have that minichip I put inside you, so I knew you were out here. Alone, I assumed. No one comes to a cemetery with friends...well unless you're into that stuff." Stephen stood up and faced Enshou. Before Enshou could speak, Stephen embraced the redhead. Enshou put his hands up in shock. "What is this about..." Enshou asked. "You should know, you didn't come all this way out here for nothing, Sir." Stephen said, looking up to smile at Enshou. "I won't be gone forever Sir. I just have to get the comic book and that kid back to safety." Enshou put his hands down, still not accepting the embrace. "And yes...I did hear your song Enshou. It was beautiful." Enshou's heart jump, just now realizing he could feel the heartbeat of his Captain's against his. Enshou finally gave in and embraced Stephen. "You know how much it pains me to say this Captain, but...I've really missed you. Please be safe out there." the two stood in each other's embrace for awhile until Sweetcheeks spoke up after giving Enshou a small kiss on the cheek. "I promise, I'll be back for you Sir." Enshou nodded as Stephen broke off from him. Stephen looked up and gave a thumbs up, "Blue skadoo'd, we can too!" Stephen jumped out of the comic book and landed in front of Dylan. "Alright wise guy, Dylan had had it up to here with all this smadoo nonsense. It makes number 1 on his top 11 weirdest and most annoying things list." Dylan said, tearing at his beard. Stephen sighed, "It's alright kid, I'll get ya home." Stephen said, patting Dylan on the back. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The scene shifted to the Keiheiti/Joushishi ship sitting opposite of the Harusame ship as the Yato continued to rebuild LilyMu Towers. Katsura was whistling in a bubble bath, washing off after the attack from the Skolexian earlier. Shinsuke was laying on the couch, while Gintoki snickered counting the money he won from winning the NNN bet. The shot shifted deeper into the ship, landing on Bansai and Elizabeth's bedroom. Bansai was leaning up against his bed, Elizabeth not present in the room. He peered down next to him, that note he only just read after his big Tokyo Wome performance. That note that Kyuubei had left for him in his dressing room. "We're not just colleagues, band members, nor friends. The 5 of us, we are family." that was all the note said with a picture of the band, Kyuubei, Katsura, and Shinsuke all posing together. Bansai smiled as he picked the note up one more time just to read those two sentences. As he sat the note down and picked his guitar up, the scene shifted through the citizens of Edo. Joe hugging Josh in his hospital bed, while Steve and Hijikata entered with flowers. The royal family were gathered with white coats and black coats (and Barkas!) celebrating, perhaps he was celebrating because Enshou had left him alone. Soyo hugged her brother and he in turn gave Nobunobu a hug. Nobume crossed her arms, pouting as Isaburo patted her head. Sougo smiled at Hata, as he gave his brother a hug at the legs. Ozu put his arm around Kiyoko as they marveled at the sparkingly, new building being built for them. Kamui spit red slurpee down on Saitama's head while they worked. The couples in the Harusame were taking a break, eating lunch together and enjoying the sun. No Man was alone. The scene shifted back to the cabin, where Oboro finished saying the small chant. He opened the cookie jar that contained Valentino and dumped the dust from the crystals on top of his ashes. He shut the lid, as it began to rubble a little, and then a small "poof" came from within it. Yuka's eyes began to swell as the jar settled, "Hey, waz the big idea? It's all dark alluda sudden!" she began to sniffle as the lid burst open and a green liquid squirmed out of the jar, "F...Fratello..." "Yukes!" the two Godsiblings embraced each other as the fire crackled once more, the two letting the love for each speak through actions, and less than words. Family coming together once more. "I...I was dead and gone Yukes, I tried to protect ya from her!" Yuka looked at her Godbrother, then to where Roberta's body laid. Valentino looked past her to where she was and slowly nodded. "This ma...Oboro brought you back to life. I'm truly indebted to you." Yuka said. Oboro simply shook his head, "No, this was something I had to do. Selfish reason for you, may just be an even more selfish reason for myself. Come on Poe, let's head on home." Oboro said, as Poe landed on his shoulder. The two left Yuka, Valentino, and Skele alone in the cabin. Skele sat back down on the couch and hugged Valentino. But as Valentino settled back into the world of the living, he was gathering his surroundings. He noticed the bones of Yuka's solid laying on the floor. He looked back at Yuka, "So...you's chose to bring me back to life and not Sophia huh. I oughta scold you, but I undastand Yukes. Skele, what's gonna happen to Roberta back theaha?" Skele looked at Roberta and gave his response, "We could send her back home with her people, but we're not sure they're willing to accept her." Skele said. Yuka looked back at Roberta, but put her liquid head down, "If they won't bury here...then we will." Yuka said. Valentino nodded in agreement. "Well Yukes, it's up to you...I know how much pain she caused ya." Yuka hugged her Godbrother again, "She's taught me a lot about myself Valentino...she was closer to me than anyone even you. It's only right that she gets a proper grave, one that gets tended to...one that gets remembered." Yuka said, through tears as Skele got up to leave the two siblings alone as they embraced within the living once more. TBC
  5. "Bansai, the show starts in 5 minutes and you haven't even done your makeup." Bansai looked up at his manager but tilted his head back down. It was still on his mind, that envelope that Kyuubei handed him just prior to him coming to the big show in Tokyo. His biggest gig since becoming solo. It was eating him up, even though he never opened it. Just what he had said to her in the dressing room, his manners, and her body language. It was all eating him up. "David, I don't think I'm going to be able to attend the show tonight. Haven't you seen the news reports of the Amanto Invasion? It's not safe here, even with all the security." Bansai said, showing Snake a photo from his phone of the giant worm creatures causing havoc in the city. Snake shook his head, "Don't worry about that, we have the highest of security here. You, nor none of your audience will be hurt." Snake reassured him, putting a corner of his codec screen on Bansai's shoulder. Bansai stood up and turned his back to his manager. "It's not my safety I'm worried about David. It's bigger than that." Bansai walked up the stairs that led to the left side of the large stage in the Tokyo Dome. He turned back to face Snake, "This may as well be my last performance." Bansai turned back and walked on the stage as the whole crowd erupted in cheers and applause. The Dome's roof was damaged from the Skolexian attack, but was heavily guarded by several persons in white coats. From the right side of the stage, a car squealed and parked just out of site of the audience. Isaburo stepped out, texting, and gave Bansai a thumbs up. Bansai nodded and walked up to the microphone. As he was about to introduce himself to the audience, half of a giant worm creature landed behind him from the damaged roof, splattering blood all over him. Bansai turned around, shocked and saw a man with red hair emerge from the worm's body. "Oh, sorry about ruining your set loser." Enshou brushed himself off and flung guts off his laser beams. The other half of the worm followed a few seconds later, this time with a sax covered in guts. "Hey Sex God, I got some cuts on me." Enshou snapped his fingers and Suave managed to play a single note with the little power he had left after the purple crystals halted his full potential. "I can't heal you fully man, so don't get too hurt!" Suave said, panting exhaustively. Bansai narrowed his eyes at the two, "You two interrupted my biggest show of all time." Bansai pinched the bridge of his brow. Enshou's ears perked up at this, "So, you're playing a show? Biggest of all time? Maybe, broadcasted world wide?" Enshou asked. Bansai nodded. Enshou smiled, "Maybe they'll hear this. Mind if I play with you? I've got some music I need some people to hear." Bansai shrugged as Enshou took his robe off and picked up his trumpet from a cartoon pocket. ----------------------------------------------------------- "Sorella, ay, Sorella!" "Fratello..." Yuka's eyes were red, she was curled next to her Godbrother's ashes. The snow was beginning to cover her, not caring much anymore about what nature would do to her already fragile state. Her emotions completely overflowing, her mind drawing blanks. She was whimpering, a sad state for a leader to be in. Through the noise of the snow, the battle raging in the forest, and the voice of her Godbrother in her head; she did not see the foresight of something swooping in and picking her up from the snow. She did not have the energy to struggle, or do anything in the state she was in. Whatever picked her up, however, landed at the door of the cabin. She was still looking at the white snow blanketing the ground as the door opened, and she was picked up again. It placed her on a small bed next to the unlit fireplace. She heard a match strike as dead wood began to crackle. She moved her eyes to face the creature as it sat at the bedside table, She stared back at this bird, familiar looking. She realized soon that it was the same bird that sat upon that man's shoulders in the village. She was confused as to why it saved her, but she soon remembered the story Roberta told her, "You...must be Poe." she managed to say. Poe hopped around the small table before flying over to the other side of the cabin. "Not many people come here anymore." Yuka faced where Poe flew to and saw Oboro standing at the fire place. He was looking at the dusty pictures lining the mantle. He picked up a photo of him and Utsuro after a sparing session, long ago in his youth. He sat it back down and turned to face Yuka. "I saw what happened to Bonestein's liquid half...I'm sorry this had to happen to you." Yuka eyed her solid half, still laying in mangled pieces near the living room couch. "Poe and I, we didn't just come here by chance. We figured something terrible was happening here, near this cabin. I also see that Roberta-dono has plans to reset this universe." Oboro walked over to the bookshelf, to the right of the fireplace. The crackle of the fire, and several loud crashing sounds were the only things breaking the silence of the cabin. Poe flew to the bookshelf and cocked his head at the missing book. "She can try to say those phrases...but I'm afraid there's no way she'll be able to reset the universe." Yuka managed to speak up, "Is that...really a bad thing to do? Wouldn't that mean I get to see my Fratello again?...Sophia?" Yuka coughed as she was struggling to speak. Oboro turned to face here and walked up to her. "I understand that you've just gone through trauma. You've lost someone close to you...and one who appears to have been apart of you. I understand that you want them back. I understand your pain." Yuka mustered enough energy to slap Oboro in the face. She quickly retracted her goo as it was extremely painful for her to move any more than she was already. Oboro place his hand to his cheek, "You'll never understand what I've been through mammal..." Oboro shook his head. "I've lost people in my life more times than I can even count. I'm sure Roberta-dono told you about Sensei. How he is...was an all powerful being. Living for hundreds of years. He's reset this universe dozens of times, yet after each reset I got used to losing people I grew up with. People who fought with me and Sensei. Then...I had to kill the 2nd most constant in my life. I killed the man I gave my life to. The man who let me be apart of his journey every universe after the next. I didn't just give him my life...he provided me one. I know why you think I don't understand what you've gone through, because I haven't. But just as much as any creature, mammals can love to." Oboro took a seat at the dinning room table he had sat at many times before. Poe sat on top of the table, hopping around the cold wood. Yuka coughed more, but couldn't think of words to say back to Oboro. "I will collect Valentino-dono's ashes so that he does not get lost in this storm. Please rest here." Oboro stood up and walked out the door. He walked to where Valentino's ashes were piled up. "Sensei...I'm sorry but I cannot fulfill your wish. I failed to protect Roberta-dono from herself. However, I believe I can fulfill a similar task." Oboro collected Valentino in a small, empty cookie jar and headed back to the cabin. ------------------------------------------------------------ "Dylan, was terrified. Perhaps he was going mad. Hearing strange voices calling out to him, and the sea growing such a menacing color." The audience laughed at Dylan, but he was struggling to understand what was happening around him. He was staring at the comic book as it sat upon a small rock. The madness was beginning to get to him. "Maybe, he could just toss this book in the ocean and be done with it." Dylan lamented. The audience responded with a chorus of boo's. "Maybe Dylan shouldn't have listened to the crazy man in the book. These crystals are doing unspeakable things to him. Going mad and perhaps will do something he'd regret." Dylan said. He peered into the book to see what was happening. He noticed a large green hue coming from one of the panels. The camera zoomed down to show the Skolexians raiding the Altana station, destroying everyone and everything in their path to get to the Altana. Roberta led the charge, her face full of determination, anger, and sorrow. It was a tiring mixture, but she wasn't going to be stopped. "St-stop! AHHHHG!" the guards were shooting at the Skolexians, but their gunfire merely ricocheted off the giant beasts. Almost as suddenly as they infiltrated the terminal, they were at its core. They were ready to erupt Earth and suck its energy source. The worms all formed a semi-circle around Roberta, she stared at the core. Her mind was at break-neck speed, but she knew she needed as much raw Altana as she could. She morphed back into her human form, but heard a small round of clapping coming from the top of the stairs that led down to the core. She narrowed her eyes, "Tendoushu..." "Nice work Skolexians! I applaud your destruction and chaos. You've done much more to help us than that hapless hack who went into business for himself. You especially Roberta! You disposed of Yuka quite nicely. She was merely a pawn in our game to control her people more easily. She was always a weak leader...always denying our help. Can't say I'll miss her." one of the men stepped forward from the group. Roberta watched as the man came up to her and offered a handshake. She looked down at the hand, "Are you ready to collect this Altana? Earth's perhaps has the most pure in the entire galaxy...the same Altana that bore Utsuro." Roberta thought back to her stay at his cabin, how much she knows. "So what do you say? Let's get this started." Roberta nodded and extended her hand. However, instead of a handshake, she ripped the man's arm completely off and used the arm as a bat. She cracked the Tendoushu's head so hard that it split nearly in half. "I don't bow to anybody. I have to do this on my own. My fellow Skolexians, if you're too afraid to join me then be my guest. But if you're tired of being held down by this counsell, then rise up and help me change the world." Robert raised the dismembered arm in the air and tossed it into the Altana core. The other Tendoushu members stayed put. One simply sighed, "I guess we'll just have to cancel your mission and collect this Altana for ourselves, like we were going to do anyway. I commend your efforts to thwart us anyway." the Tendoushu began to de-robe and readied their blades. Many of the Skolexians were confused, conflicted, and just stood around while Roberta began to charge headfirst at the Tendoshu. She was shocked as all the Tendoushu ran past her and sliced through half her small army right then and there. Electrical explosions and black blood spewed all around the terminal's core. Roberta quickly turned around but was grabbed at the top of the stair case by two Tendoushu members. She struggled, kicking and attempting to shape shift back into a human, but their grip was too powerful. As she was struggling, she noticed that only their arms were grabbing onto her. She turned to see their bodies tumble down the stairs. "Who's here?" she looked at the other end of the terminal and saw a man dragging himself towards her. "It took me way too long to get here, you're way too fast Roberta. Though with one arm, I still have some tricks left up my sleeve." Hitsugi flung the blood off his arm blade and stood up to face her. "Shouldn't you be with the binding? I still need that purple Altana to reset the universe. And I see you took your stash back from that Captain." Hitsugi's pockets were lined with lumps, glowing a faint green. "I'm getting rid of these Roberta...and you're the only thing standing in my way. I'm already exhausted from hustling to get down here, and of course all the Skolexians you left to fight us...sometimes I underestimate my ability. Now...will you let me pass?" Roberta shook her head. "I'm going to take those crystals from you even if I have to kill you." she said, narrowing her eyes. "And what of your people below you, surely getting slaughtered by those Tendoushu. I'm certain that's just a messenger group sent by the top members. Now please, let me dispose of these in their proper resting place." Roberta morphed into her worm form and completely blocked the path downstairs. "So, it's come to this Roberta. You're making the same mistake I once did. You're trusting nobody." Hitsugi was cut off, "I cannot trust, not anymore. Not after what I did to Valentino." Hitsugi was shocked, "You...killed her Godbrother?" Hitsugi gave her a look of surprise. "I just want all this to start over...I won't make the same mistakes I've done in the past. This is my 3rd chance at life...I have to make things right Hitsugi." Hitsugi closed his eyes and got on his knees. He placed his head down, bowing in her direction, "I beg of you...not to make the same mistakes I've done in this life. You've already done irreversible actions, but I can't sit and watch you do more harm. What you may think is right, isn't right for everybody around you." Roberta shape-shifted back into her human form. She began to walk up to him, as he still laid his head down on the floor. She stood over him, peering down at him. She thought about what he told her, about having done irreversible actions already in this third life. "I don't need you to beg at my feet Hitsugi. Stand up, and fight me like a warrior." Hitsugi, still kneeling down answered, "Very well Roberta. If I cannot convince you here, then there's only one person who can. I will not be able to strike you down, not in the shape I'm in. However," Hitsugi pressed against the ground and slowly raised to his feet, standing mere inches from Roberta, "If you want to fight me, then I accept. I will not hold back." Roberta nodded and stepped away. Hitsugi held his hand in a stopping motion and took his vest off. He tossed the crystals to the side of the room, and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small picture and gave it a smile. He stuffed it back into his pants and signaled for Roberta to make the first move. Roberta transformed into her worm form and charged at Hitsugi, who held his arm blade up to hold off her tackle. His feet skid across the ground, digging into the metal floor below as she pushed him further and further through the empty terminal. Eventually he hit a snag in the ground and flipped over, maintaining his balance. She charged again, but this time Hitsugi dug his blade into the ground and vaulted over her. Roberta smashed into the wall, ending up into the streets of Tokyo. Several people scattered as members of the Hero Association were escorting people to safety, including Skele who didn't get a good glimpse of the explosion from his distance. He was more concerned with helping the citizens. Roberta quickly retaliated and flung her body at Hitsugi, knocking him into one of the train cars. In his quick thinking, he rushed for the engineer's room. Roberta shifted back to her human self to get on the train, just to morph back into her worm body the slither through and destroy the inside of the train car. Hitsugi grabbed the lever to start the train, and it quickly snapped to life. It was an express track, catching Roberta off guard as half the train car sped at nearly 200 MPH. Hitsugi held onto the driver seat as the train car sped through the tunnel. Roberta flipped and tumbled out of the destroyed half of the car, sustaining several scraps and cuts. But her mind was already past the point of pain, she morphed into her worm body and squirmed through the tunnels. As she was nearing the destroyed half, the train car beeped, "Arriving in EDO. Arriving in EDO" the train's PA system boomed as Roberta used her teeth the cling onto the train car and eventually flipping her human self back onto the intact half. He walked through the train as the windows blinked with the passing lights in the tunnel. She was silent, using her senses to gauge where Hitsugi was at. She headed for the engineer room slowly, but as she reached it and saw he was missing, the train slowed down and stopped at the Edo terminal. It was completely empty, evacuated by the Shinsengumi earlier in the night. She saw that the train would loop back to Tokyo in 5 minutes. She began to head back and check the rest of the passenger cars that weren't left back in Tokyo. She check the overhead compartments, under the seats, but he was nowhere to be found. She didn't have the energy to say anything, nor did she want to give away here location so easily. As she neared the torn up back half of the train, she peered out into the tunnel, but stepped back as Hitsugi fell from the roof of the train, slicing off some of her curly hair. Roberta smirked as she ripped a pole out from inside to train to block the slashes and hacks from Hitsugi's blade. Hitsugi stabbed straight through the pole, piercing Roberta's shoulder. She quickly morphed into her worm form and busted the train from the inside, causing glass and metal shrapnel to fly at Hitsugi. He managed to dodge and block all of it, but a metal plate had sliced his left leg open. Roberta shot her tongue out and wrapped it around Hitsugi, but as she did the train blared out, "Departing for TOKYO. Departing for TOKYO." the doors slid shut and the train belted down the tunnel. It caught Roberta off guard, as Hitsugi stabbed into her upper jaw with his blade, causing her to drop him and morph back into her human form. Hitsugi began to slice in her direction, but she was swift on her feet. She ducked and dived over every swing. One went array and Hitsugi's arm was stuck in the wall of the train car. Roberta grabbed his arm and began kneeing him in the gut, and hit a swift kick to his arm. Hitsugi winced as his arm made a loud cracking sound as he ripped it from the train. The two stared off as the lights in the car flickered. It was brief, but it felt beautiful. The white noise of the train riding across the tracks contrasting with the loud scrapping and sparks just a few train cars down. Hitsugi made the first move, stomping through the train's floor with his right leg, causing the train to bump and send Roberta hitting the ceiling. Hitsugi pounced on her and began slicing. She put her hands up, getting them sliced up. She thrusted him off of her and scrambled to the engineer room as the train began to slow down, "Arriving in TOKYO. Arriving in TOKYO." the train skid to a halt as Roberta ran for the staircase where Hitsugi tossed his vest. She was faster than he was, using her worm form. The Hero Association began to make their way through the terminal after evacuating all the citizens. Hitsugi hobbled out of the train car with his bad leg as Skele approached him. "Aren't you Hitsugi? What happened to you?" Skele asked. Hitsugi leaned again a pillar in the terminal and faced Skele. "Don't let her reset the universe Skele. Don't let my final wish fall on deaf ears." Hitsugi began to hobble quicker to where he encountered her from the start. Skele stood there confused at what he meant by "final wish", he wasn't sure what to make of it. Roberta slithered to the vest and morphed back into her human form. But, as she lifted the vest, she realized she had been duped. She emptied the contents in the vest, and it showed it was just green glowsticks. "The Captain let me borrow those...heh, said he used them all the time with that creep Enshou." Roberta dropped the vest and shook her head. "It doesn't matter that you don't have those crystals. Me and my Skolexians are about to harvest the Earth's core Altana. I'll reset the universe within the hour." Roberta revealed the book she took from Utsuro's cabin. "I've studied the phrases he's used. I'll make everything right again Hitsugi. And, I'm sorry you can't understand why I must do this." Hitsugi lunged himself at Roberta while she was talking. She managed to dodge him and shove him into the wall of the terminal station. "You think you can pull a fast one on me Hitsugi? I've been around as long as you to not fall for something as simple as that." Hitsugi smiled under Roberta's hand, "I wasn't aiming for you, Roberta." Roberta looked as Hitsugi had stabbed Utsuro's book. Roberta let him go and stepped back. "I told you Hitsugi, I have that phrase memorized." Hitsugi threw the book from his arm and shook his head, "It wasn't about you memorizing the book Roberta. I just...can't look at something he once owned. It reminds me of why I'm still here. The last link to my past." Hitsugi said, retracting his sword. Roberta looked down and pointed at Hitsugi's pocket, "And what about that picture? You claim to want to rid that book, rid your past. Yet, you looked at that picture before we tussled." Hitsugi sighed as he felt for the picture in his pants. "I...can't throw away that part of my past Roberta. It's the reason I decided against my original idea. It's not right for me to run away from the problems I've caused, the people I've hurt. We're more similar than perhaps you may think. We're always clinging to something." Roberta turned from Hitsugi and began to head to the core of the terminal again, where the fighting was still raging on. Hitsugi grabbed her shoulder, but it was a fatal flaw. A trap Roberta knew Hitsugi would fall for in a vulnerable state. She punched her fist directly through his chest just as Skele came down the terminal and met eyes with Roberta. "He was in my way. News flash, I'm resetting the universe," she looked down at Hitsugi, "send your regards to Valentino in the afterlife. We'll meet again shortly." Skele's eyes widened, "What happened to Valentino? HEY! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Skele demanded. He began to sprint but Hitsugi managed to put his hand up. Skele slowed down as Hitsugi was slumping over on Roberta's arm. She ripped her fist out of his chest and headed down the stairs. Hitsugi's wound poured blood to the floor as Skele picked him up. "Don't worry, I'll get you help right away!" Skele said, but Hitsugi smiled. "Please...take the photo from my left pocket. I want to see it one more time...." Skele obliged, reaching into the man's pocket and pulling out the picture. Hitsugi took the photo from Skele and stared at it, memories flooding back: "You like it? I think this whole set up is pretty neat. Got the whole crew to myself! Never before have I had something like this man. We really worked ourselves up to the top." Kaname laid back on a bench in a small park in Edo. It was fairly empty, just a mere week before the Naraku invaded. Hitsugi was leaning against the bench, facing out to the bustling street. "What gives Big Man? We got our whole army ready! This is OUR MOMENT!" Kaname said, popping up out of his seat. "What about him?" Hitsugi pointed to a small Amanto with a camera. Kaname chuckled and patted the guy on the head. "He's just a little photographer. Figured I'd catch our great moments before the invasion, y'know?" Hitsugi slighty smirked at Kaname's energy. He'd never been around someone with so much vigor and pep. It was a stark contrast to the stoic Utsuro, or the goofy Oboro. It was someone that complimented his own stoic nature. He needed that, not just someone like Kaname, but Kaname himself. "Oh, I know! Let's break in that ol camera, what'ya say?" Kaname opened up his arms in excitement and extended them towards Hitsugi. Hitsugi didn't want to show it, so he covered his mouth with his hand as he accepted the embrace. The camera snapped as the little Amanto gave a thumbs up, Hitsugi let his mouth go, producing a genuine smile for the first time in years as he hugged Kaname, a man he's been searching for. Hitsugi was staring at the same picture he took that day, laying in Skele's arms as the hero lifted him up to get him out of the terminal while the other heroes were just coming in. Hitsugi was feeling numb, a feeling he's never really felt before. Cold, yet he wouldn't let go of the photograph. Hitsugi let out that same, genuine smile he had that day at the park. He whispered, barely. He couldn't tell if Skele heard him, but it was no matter to him. "I freed myself Kaname... I did what I felt was right for the first time in my life. The pain I've endured for hundreds of years...the hatred and sorrow. The regret in my heart can cease...there is no more pain. I am free...." ------------------------------------------------------------------- Stephen and Steve were sitting on the cliff that overlooked the Globberian Village. It was in near ruin as the battle had spilled there between the Skolexians and themselves. Joe had rushed Josh to the hospital while the Gods were still fighting with the Globberians. "Are you sure you're willing to go out there alone?" Steve asked Stephen. Stephen sighed, "I'm the only one who can. I'm apart of those purple Altana crystals out there. You and Joe only have passed on DNA of it. You two aren't powerful enough in this condition." Stephen said, taking Steve's handy dandy Notebook. "Will you come back...Stephen?" Steve asked. Stephen nodded, "We have to get to know each other after all! Your parents gave you my name! Of course I gotta come back. I just need to get the book in a safe space, where I know it won't get harmed. Hitsugi is doing his part, as the Earth's core hasn't erupted yet. Glad he changed his mind when we needed him to most. But, you guys aren't the only reason I have to come back." Stephen's thoughts still flickered to that dastardly redhead once again, just couldn't escape his mind. Steve patted Stephen on the back. "I'll see ya Cap'n! Please be safe." Steve said, giving the Captain a hug. "Likewise kid." Stephen got up and took a deep breath, "Blue Skadoo'd, we can too!" Stephen jumped through the bindings and tumbled out in the cave right next to Dylan who screamed at the top of his lungs. The audience clapped as Stephen landed. "DYLAN WAS COMPLETELY IN SHOCK AT WHAT HE WAS SEEING. AN OLD MAN HAD JUMPED OUT RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM." Dylan yelled, but the Captain reassured him. "It's ok boy, I'm not here to hurt you. I can actually help you. I know my way around the sea, so don't worry." Stephen grabbed the comic book, as Dylan stared stunned. "Hmm?" Stephen peered at the comic book and saw a small panel that caught his eyes. The Captain peered at it just enough to catch what was happening, and more importantly could hear what was happening. At the same time, Yuka was resting in bed while Oboro had the radio softly playing in the cabin. Poe was spoon feeding Yuka tomato soup, which was just kind of seeping out of her liquid state and into the bed. But she could faintly hear the radio, "Could you please turn that up, mammal." Yuka asked, softly. Oboro turned the radio up, and could hear a broadcaster talking about a huge finale, "That's right folks! The grand finale of Bansai Kawakami's first major show is coming up! And, it appears he's taking to the piano! Let's have a listen!" the broadcaster turned off and the mic cut to the stage. "Alright, for my last number, I'm turning it over to our random and special guest tonight: Enshou, the Supreme Overlord of Burei!" Yuka sigh with agony while Stephen listened in carefully. "This one...is dedicated to two people I care very much about. I've taken some time to find myself these past few days. Staring in Broadway Musicals, doing impromptu musical numbers in the streets, to even burning down an entire Wkea. This one is called, Thoughts of Love. To those two listening, you know who you are. I'm sorry for what I've said to you both, I hope someday you'll forgive me. I just want it to be like old times...we all wish it were. But, we can't have that. We need to look towards the future, one with more Enshou. And one with more peace. A war is raging just outside of this stadium, and I want to remind everyone how music can make a change. Hit it Bansai." Enshou pushed the microphone stand aside and took a deep breath, Suave was backing up the rest of the instruments as Enshou poured his heart out for the world to hear, and even beyond. No words needed to be sung, but Stephen understood. Yuka hid under the pillow she was resting on, but couldn't deny the feeling portrayed by the estranged man. Stephen felt a tear form in his eye as he pressed the comic book against his chest. Dylan was confused and sunk further into the cave to get away from this crazy old guy crying and hugging a comic book. He placed the comic opposite of the green Altana he had stored in his coat. He walked out of the cave to the raging storm happening around him. He took in the beauty of the purple sky and sea and smiled. "Thank you Hitsugi. I'm grateful you entrusted me with these crystals." Stephen stepped up to the sea and reached into his pocket. He fished out the last of Kaname's Altana Crystals and tossed the small sack into the ocean. Stephen booked it back to the cave as the green and purple crystals began to react with each other, causing a blinding light to shoot from the ocean and douse the sky in a muddy gray color. The result of the two colors mixing. Dylan was entranced by the light, but Stephen pulled him deeper in the cave. Everyone in the comic noticed the sky was dimming, turning into a wintery gray, instead of the intense purple. The Gods fighting along with the Globberians felt their powers mounting, but a few people did not notice. Roberta got back to the core and finished off the last of the Tendoushu's messengers. Her whole crew had perished however. The core terminal was like the scene of a massacre, something she did not want to think about. But, before she could continue with unleashing the Altana into the sky, a lone hero stepped down from the floor above. "You must stop...what did you do to Valentino." Roberta turned to face Skele. She gave him a somber expression, "I cannot express my regret for killing...who I presume was your liquid, through words. I can only change the past through actions." Skele clinched his fist and looked up at Roberta. "Not if I have anything to say about it." Skele rushed towards Roberta as she was about to unleash the terminal controlling the Altana. TBC
  6. "Hmm? Man my phone is absolutely blowing up! But I can't check it right now, they're about to hit the big finale!" Lt. Simon was sitting in a balcony sit at a large theatre. The vibrations from his phone were from a number of different people: Mutsu, Guano, and from some unknown number. "Why isn't that bastard answering my texts? I swear I'll ring both of their necks out when I get the chance." Mutsu was standing in Skele's living room. They, along with the rest of the Joui's/Terrorists had left the Skeleton Village the night previous, sure that Yuka wasn't coming back anytime soon. At least, to their knowledge. "I'm sure Tatsuma is just uhhh busy?" Skele said. Valentino shrugged from within Skele as he was pondering about his Godsister. Mutsu glared at her phone before giving a sigh and sitting on the couch next to Skele. Guano, on the other hand, was standing on the street outside of their temporary house. It was chilly, and snow blanketed the winter ground. He was staring at his phone, waiting for his older co-star to respond, "How hard is it to get in touch with those two idiots? I swear, these lead roles go right to their heads." Guano was furiously texting Oboro and Poe as well, but neither of them were responding. Guano spotted Mitsuki who was walking with two men in black coats. "Gonard! It's been so long buddy!" Guano and Gonard gave each other a hug and Yamazaki gave the director a handshake. "I figured if we were going to get some help with the housing situation, that we call in some other close friends!" Mitsuki explained. "Yeah, the blue haired lady explained the whole situation to us! You know, we're just so busy with Bansai and everything that we couldn't be apart of your sub-plot!" Gonard said. Guano and Yamazaki's face got dark. "Yeah...I'm just glad to get out of his hair. I hope he just, you know, leaves me alone while he's starting his solo career." Yamazaki said. "Well, I'm glad you're coming around to help some old friends Gonard." Guano said. Gonard shook his head, "Anytime Guano! The Shinsengumi is always there to protect!" Gonard saluted. Guano scratched his chin, "So, what exactly are you two going to do for us?" Guano asked. Yamazaki smirked, "Well, we know where those Yato and other Arsonists are. Captain Sougo tipped us off in Wexico." Yamazaki explained. "Wexico?! I mean, it's just arson...I guess I understand you'd want to hide from Ozu's wrath." Mitsuki said. "We're sending our whole police force down there to get them! So, no issues whatsoever will arise from that!" Gonard said, smiling. The others sighed as the scene shifted back to Mikey, who was chowing down on some popcorn next to his fellow crewmates. "OO! This is it boys! The final number!" Mikey threw his snacks up as the ensemble began to start up the piece. The whole audience erupted in applause and cheers as the actors gave a curtain call and bowed out. Mikey got out of his seat and met up with them backstage with his VIP pass he has for all musicals. "So, what'd you think Lieutenant? Am I a magnificent singer or what? AHAHAHAHA!" Sakamoto laughed. Mikey laughed with him, but questioned, "How did you 5 become stage actors for a major musical like the Book of Worman in the span of three days?" Oboro chuckled and put his hand on the shoulder of his predecessor. "I have connections Mikey-dono. Since production of LilyMu has halted, I figured I'd dip my toes in musical theatre. Plus, you know, we have royalty and a God to back us up in our lead role for our theatre troupe." Oboro gestured to Enshou and Suave who were fiddling with their respective musical instruments. "What a night, our 2nd show. Thank you for introducing me into theatre, Suave-sama. It's rare that I admire someone as much as I do myself, but you sure take a close second." Enshou said, patting his co-star on the back. Suave played a small solo from his sax and laughed with his new-found friend. Poe and Oboro sat down and began to have their make-up removed. "It's always been somewhat of a dream of mine, you know Poe. In no other universe did Sensei allow me to perform any sort of play. Well, I had heard he did a small play with his other students as Shoyou, but never for me." Poe plucked the eyelash extensions from Oboro's face, while Oboro plucked his extension feathers. Tatsuma reached into his bag and saw the constant stream of death threats he was getting from Mutsu and laughed. Mikey put his hand on his head as he remembered his phone blowing up as well. He scrolled past the usual messages of Mutsu threatening violence and Guano crying until he reached the unknown text, "Simon-dono, we must meet up, and quickly." ---------------------------------------------------- "That was was dedicated...to myself, Kawakami Stardust. I want to thank you all for attending my first show." Bansai sat the mic down on the stand and bowed as the roaring audience members in a sell out arena cheered and chanted "KA-WA-KA-MI!". Bansai blew a kiss to the audience and all the girls squealed trying to catch it. He sat down in his private dressing room and stared at the mirror, "You've done it Stardust. You've proved all the critics wrong. We're going to be the biggest thing to ever grace entertainment and beyond." as he was monologuing, a knock came at his door. Bansai got up and opened the door and met face to face with his old manager, Kyuubei. "Kyuu-Kyuu..." she gestured, "May I come in Bansai?" Kyuubei asked. Bansai pondered, but allowed his friend in. The two sat down opposite of each other in luxury chairs, "What brings you here Kyuubei, you're not my manager anymore. Don't you have a meeting with that band or something? " Bansai asked, as he began to wipe his face with a rag. Kyuubei sighed as Jugem was crawling on her shoulder. "Can't a friend come speak without bringing up business?" Kyuubei asked. Bansai removed the towel from his face and gave Kyuubei a look of regret. "I'm sorry for being rude to you Kyuu-kyuu...what is it you wanted to talk about?" he asked, trying to sound more friendly. Kyuubei looked down at the carpet instead of at her friend, "We've replaced you Bansai." she said bluntly. Bansai stared blankly at his friend, "So, it was about business. I should have known. I can't even trust someone who I've been paired up with in duo scenes before. Get out of my dressing room Kyuubei." Bansai began to wipe his face again. Kyuubei's face changed to a look of regret, and hurt. She stood up, as Jugem left behind a small envelope for Bansai. Kyuubei stood up and walked out of the room without saying another word to her friend. Bansai tossed the towel in the back of the room, and noticed the small envelope. He was puzzled, but picked it up anyway. The front of the letter read, "Dear Bansai". He stared at the letter and rested his head back on the chair he was sitting on. He threw the letter in his bag without opening it up and headed out of the room towards his hotel. His new manager, Snake was sitting in the limo waiting for Bansai, "Alright Mr. Stardust, are you ready to head to your hotel?" Snake asked. Bansai rested his hand on his chin as he stared out the window. "Sure...sorry, I just got a lot on my mind tonight David." Bansai stared at the letter in the bag as the limo drove off. -------------------------------------------------------- "Ano...Gin-san, Takasugi-san, are you feeling alright?" Shinpachi was standing in the living room, cleaning up some trash while Gintoki and Shinsuke were slumped on the couch. The two were staring blankly at the wall across from them. Gintoki looked over at Shinsuke, who's eyes look like they'd sunk into his head. "Shinny...I don't know if we can make it this year..." Gintoki coughed up what appeared to be blood. Shinpachi quickly stopped sweeping, "GIN-SAN!" Shinpachi ran over to Gintoki and knelt down next to him, "Shinpachi-kun...take care of Kagura-chan for me..." Gintoki closed his eyes as the red substance came from his mouth. Shinpachi quickly grabbed a rag and cleaned up the "blood" but as the rag got close to Shinpachi's face, he could smell the distinct sweet scent of red beans. "OIIIII WHY ARE YOU GUYS ACTING LIKE THIS?! WE HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING IN THE PAST 2 HOURS SINCE YOU'VE BEEN HERE TAKASUGI-SAN!" Shinpachi yelled as he threw his cleaning equipment down. Shinsuke turned his head to face Shinpachi, "Listen brat...this is banter territory. You wouldn't understand." Shinsuke coughed up what looked like cooking oil. "OI, WHAT A MINUTE, WHAT DID YOU JUST SPIT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH?" Shinpachi attempted to clean the oil, but the cloth got too sticky. "My body is starting to deteriorate without Honey here to cleanse me..." Shinsuke attempted to get off the couch bet fell to the floor. "CLEANSE?!" Shinpachi couldn't believe the words that came out of that man's mouth, "DONDAKE!" Shinpachi yelled. Gintoki got out of his paralysis state and managed to sit up. "It's been nearly half a week Shinpachi-kun...you could at least cut us some slack." Gintoki said. "What if Yuka-san returns?! You guys are in no condition to fight!" Shinpachi said. Shinsuke managed to roll over to face Shinpachi, "We might not...but Honey is." Shinsuke held up his phone showing Katsura wearing some scantly clad clothing to try and tempt his husband into failing the NNN. Shinpachi grabbed the terrorist's phone and threw it against the wall. "HE'S IN CONDITION FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!" Shinpachi yelled, quickly cleaning up the phone bits on the ground. "You two never acted like this previously! The last two Novembers you've never acted so deathly!" Shinpachi said. Gintoki struggled to lift his weight off the couch and walk over to Shinpachi. "If when the time comes Shinpachi...take my sword into battle." Gintoki then collapsed at Shinpachi's feet as he face palmed. -------------------------------------------------------- "Next stop, Tokyo Station. Next stop, Tokyo Station." the train intercom rang out as Yuka sat alone in the back of coach. She was still thinking about what the Skolex told her about meeting one of their messengers. What it meant for her people and the other beings that lived with them. The rest of Earth and how by doing this, she'll make this planet home to just only her Globs and the Skolexian's. Two neighboring planets potentially becoming more than just allies, but one in the same. The weight was overbearing, but she understood that as a leader. She straightened her self up, adjusted her suit and tie, and began to depart from the train. As she was power walking through the busy station, her mind was drifting back yet again to a time long before any of these humans. "Sorella? Yo! Are you even listenin to me?" A younger Yuka turned to face her Godbrother. The two were standing outside the capital building of Globbus. "You do know how busy I am, right Valentino? A leader's job is never done." Yuka took a drag from her cigarette and let out a puff of smoke. Valentino reached into his pocket and pulled out a carton, pulled out a cig for Yuka to light. He took a puff of his cigarette and let out a sigh. "You know how much I care for yous, right?" Valentino asked. Yuka smiled and put her cigarette out on the ground, "Of course I know how much you care for me. As if you don't make it evident every time we see each other. So, what did you want again fratello?" she asked. Valentino shifted his eyes down to his Godsister and gave her a hug. She was confused but accepted the hug. "I heard yous and Roberta are going steady." he said, softly. Yuka nodded in his chest, "You could call it something like that...I suppose. We haven't seen each other for a few days. So I guess it isn't too steady, just more than friends." Yuka said, removing herself from her Godbrother's embrace. "It breaks ya brotha's haht to see his little sista grow up. I just hope you undastand what you're getting yourself into." Valentino pressed his cigarette against one of the large pillars and puffed his last drag of the cigarette. Yuka rubbed the back of her neck, feeling a bit embarrassed. "I love ya Yuka. We may not be blood, but you are family. Family is everything. Just remember that when yous feeling down, or lost. Family is everything." Valentino walked over and rubbed his hand on her head before walking down the steps of the building. He gave her a wave without turning as she watched him walk away. Yuka fixed her hair as the words of her Godbrother lingered in her mind then, and even now to present day. She hailed a taxi in front of the station and hopped in the backseat. 'I hope you can understand why I must do this Valentino...it's for your's and everybody else's sake.' Yuka thought to herself as she told the taxi driver the location where she was going to meet up with the correspondent. As the taxi was heading off, the scene shifted to her correspondent, driving a news van through dense woods. Roberta was checking each bush with her camera crew in toe, making sure to get the action on camera. "If I can just find these God's and capture them for all of Skolex, I'll be the hero! The hero for my people." Roberta slithered around on the ground, trying to not make as much noise as possible. But, it was fruitless to search the woods for people with such power. Jazzy and Billy focused their energy in camouflaging themselves and the other 3 as they scowered the woods for Stephen and Hitsugi. "Oh man, I'm getting fucking blown up over here bro. I can't keep using powers like you do." Billy said, wiping the sweat from his forehead. While they were searching, the two missing men were in a small clearing, several miles out from where they fell. Sweetcheeks was sitting against a tree, his leg wrapped in a tourniquet. "Hitsugi, are you doing alright?" Stephen asked Hitsugi, who was drinking some water from a fresh stream just up ahead. The large man came over to pick Stephen up from his sitting position so they could continue their trek. "Now that the snow has died down, we can continue searching for civilization." Hitsugi said, ignoring the question. "Why did you use some of your blood to heal my leg? Your arm hasn't grown back yet." Stephen said. Hitsugi couldn't avoid the questions anymore, he turned his head to face Stephen, "It's not going to grow back, Captain. What little healing my blood has left, I have to give it to someone who needs it. I've learned a lot since you've last seen me Captain. I don't want to be viewed as evil, menacing, or a villain. Some people may say my actions are not righteous, but to me, they are for the better of everyone around me. If helping your leg heal faster screws me and my plan up in the long run, then at least I can die saying I helped somebody." Stephen rested his head against Hitsugi's shoulder as his mind drifted, 'Why am I thinking about him again...' Stephen said in his mind, "I haven't even known you for but an hour or so, and you've got me dressed up like this...God why did Utsuro send me here..." Stephen asked Enshou. The two were waiting to talk to Saigou, the Fearsone Mademoiselle, Eventually, the two were brought in to speak with Mama, "Ah, I was expecting you here Emiko!" Saigou put his arms around Enshou and gave him a noogie. "Who's your little friend?" Saigou asked. "Ah, that's Sweetcheeks, I just met her in the streets. She's pretty cool Mama." Enshou said. Saigou gave Stephen a big slug as a show of appreciation. Stephen chuckled and rubbed the punched arm. "So, I've got a show here tonight right? I figured I'd make it a duo bit tonight with Sweetcheeks here." Enshou said. Saigou pondered about it, but shook his head approvingly. Saigou let out a loud, roaring laughter as he hugged the two, "I gotta keep one of my most requested girls happy, y'know? They get excited when they know you're in town Emiko!" Enshou nodded, "I have quite the knack for performing, I love it so much so it's no problem when I'm able to fit it in the schedule." Enshou remarked. "In here, I'm not viewed as the Gunsmoke Prince, I'm not viewed as some villain. If my performance can make someone happy, then my day is made. I'm sure you'd say the same thing, right Captain?" Stephen's mind came back to the present as he heard Hitsugi saying "Captain" as he was regaining consciousness. "Sorry Hitsugi...I've just barely had any food for the past few days. Just some berries and water." Stephen said, exhausted. "Don't worry Captain, we'll get help soon-" as soon as Hitsugi finished his sentence, he was blinded by a camera flash, and saw several cameramen surround him and the Captain. A van quickly sped into view and came to a screeching halt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Shinsuke janai, Katsura da. Look, my husband is not home right now. WELL WHY DID YOU CALL MY PHONE AND ASK FOR HIM?! LISTEN HERE LEADER'S BROTHER-" but Kamui quickly hung up the transmission. Katsura clutched his fist and turned to Elizabeth who was just kind of milling about. "November is THE WORST MONTH OF THE YEAR ELIZABETH!" Katsura yelled. "You know, you don't have to always think about sex Katsura" Elizabeth signed. Katsura broke the sign in half and threw the word "sex" away. Elizabeth scratched his head and turned to Makoto and Takechi who were sitting down at one of the many couches in the ship's living room area. Otsuu and Kyuubei were discussing tours and other band related things in the opposite corner of the room. "Why is she even on my ship to begin with? I thought I told you guys that she's the exact same character as me and we can't be in the same scene." Katsura said to Elizabeth. "She's had a long day, as have you Katsura. Let's just cook dinner together, like old times yeah?" Katsura started to tear up as he hugged Elizabeth. The scene shifted to Kamui who threw his phone half way across Wexico. "DAMN IT! WHERE ARE SAMURAI GINTOKI AND SHINDIOT WHEN YOU NEED THEM!" Kamui yelled. He lifted his sister from off the ground. Kamui had enough with the boring ossans and hopped over the foodtruck to see all the commotion. "AND YOU! HA! IDIOT SISTER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN WEXICO!" Kamui yelled, violently shaking her. Kagura slugged Kamui and sent him flying through the taco truck, causing an explosion of beef and nacho cheese. "I'm just trying to have a good time with my FRIENDS AND NOT BE ON THE LAMB FOR GRAND ARSON!" Kagura yelled, shaking her Popeye arm at her brother. The beef landed on Abuto, while the scolding cheese landed on No Man making his entire (sticky) body sticky. Monika sat there, not getting her nicely crafted yato outfit dirty in anyway. The author smiled at Monika, though he wasn't sure if she could see that or not. He was happy to be able to write about her without Abuto interfering this time, the meat covered bunny man. Anyway, Kamui managed to toss tortilla shells at Kagura, managing to throw so many that it wrapped her up like a burrito. "HA! I GOT YA SIS!" but Kamui was swiftly met by Soyo and Hata tossing the Kagura burrito at Kamui, sending him flying through several other food trucks, and eventually slamming into the hood of the car that was passing by. The bald passenger quickly woke up and looked at the wreckage at the front of the car. "Sensei, I believe we just ran over a bunny." Genos said, trying to diagnose the situation. Opposite of the crashed car was Isaburo walking to his car about to drive back to Edo. "Hmm, I really hope Nobume got my emails. No one is guarding Nobunobu-dono, and she's supposed to be on duty while I'm gone. Though, I just can't leave the princess here by herself with these maniacs." Isaburo pondered about his decisions while leaning against a super eliteo mobile. He glanced over and saw Kamui pick up the Kagura burrito and start slamming it into Genos's car. He looked up and saw several black helicopters flying in. "Hmm, well this is my cue." Isaburo hopped in the Eliteo Mobile and started speeding off. "OI WHAT THE?! THAT WHITE COAT JUST DITCHED US!" Hasegawa yelled, but was patted on the back by Sougo. "Don't worry about it Hasegawa-danna. I brought some back up to help situate the whole problem, and lock up several criminals as well." he pointed to the lead helicopter, "WAIT, SAITOU-SAN!" Sougo yelled, but it was too late, the helicopter quickly descended and crashed down on top of Genos, Saitama, Kamui, and Kagura Burrito. The other Shinsengumi members followed suit, crashing the helicopters down like lemmings. None of them blew up thankfully, or at least they would have if Sougo's bazooka hit them. Saitou stepped out of the wreckage and placed handcuffs on Genos, Saitama, and Kamui. "YOU THINK SOME MEASLY HANDCUFFS WILL STOP M-" but Kamui was quickly cut off by Saitou sticking a red slurpee in his face. Kamui sucked it down through the straw, giving a warm and happy smile. A terrifyingly rare sight that made the rest of Kamui's crew hand themselves over to the Shinsengumi. Sougo gave lower ranked captain a thumbs up and met back up with Soyo, Hata, and Kagura Burrito. "So my brother is going to get the chair right?" Kagura asked, now devoid of all tortillas from her body. Sougo shook his head, "No, he and his crew are going to build a new LilyMu Towers. We're making huge bank off this y'know." Sougo said, trying to sound cool, but was once again ignored by Hata. Saitou looked at his phone as he Wacetimed Ozu. "Good job! Finally, some criminals being brought to justice!" the camera switched to Ozu's perspective as he sat in a rundown shed. He clicked off the Wacetime and sighed as he put his face in his hands. His only alone time now that his entire apartment complex was miss-placed was this small shed. It wasn't much, but he would use it as a work space, or just a place to get away. The only other person who visited was Yes Man, when he need to bring Ozu something or run a small errand. Yes Man sat on a small crate that was situated against the thin walls of the shed, just in case Ozu needed anything. "Yes Man." Ozu said, "YES OZU?" Ozu was silent, and Yes Man knew to calm himself down and take his seat back on the crate. "I haven't had to face this much adversity ever since I left Kiyoko all those years ago...I've been so carefree and laid back these past few years that I had the thought I was invincible. Or, better yet, I was invisible. I just do my job as producer, I provide for my family, and sometimes I might get out and have time with my friends. The one time I try and get everyone together again, it ruins not only my life, not even my family's life, but the lives of everybody that rented from my apartment building. My staff, my crew, my stars and their families, all out of homes. I've lost my biggest star, Oboro hasn't shown his face here in a week. No replies to my texts, nothing. I feel I am responsible for all this." Ozu said, his face still buried in his hands. Ozu however, did not know Kiyoko was at the door of the shed, since Yes Man knew to stay silent. She put her hand on the door and opened it slowly. Ozu lifted his face up to meet hers, which had tears running down it. In a rare sight of vulnerability, she bent down and gave Ozu a hug while he was sitting in his chair. He wiped her tears away, "It isn't your fault Ozu, you're doing everything you can to help all these people. It may not be a whole lot, but renting out this much space just to house these people from the cold...to provide them clean water and food every day. You aren't invisible, you're a hero. You're my hero Ozu." Ozu let a tear slide down his face as he embraced Kiyoko. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yuka tipped her cab driver as she walked out on the drive-in's parking lot. She looked down at her watch, which had a small GPS coordinate on it. 'So, they're already near my people...hm.' Yuka thought to herself. She saw that the location was deep within the woods. She morphed into a snake to slither quickly along the ground to reach her correspondent quicker, and to not be spotted by her people in the nearby village. She couldn't risk something like that, not now. She had to shapeshift back out of her liquid form, as it was beginning to hurt. She was clear from the sight of the village, so it was ok to start running in her regular form. But, something in her foresight started to get her attention. She hid behind a tree and sunk to the snow below. 'This isn't good, something isn't right...' Yuka thought to herself. She was clutching at her breast pocket, and peak around the tree. She saw a small spotlight and several people holding cameras surrounding Hitsugi and Stephen. She covered her mouth and hid back behind the tree as to not alert anyone. He stretched her ear to listen in on what they were saying, making sure to keep it hidden in the snow. It was muffled, but she could make out enough to gather information. "I don't know....are, we're....get through the woods...." Yuka strained to hear anything more, she did however recognize it was Hitsugi speaking. Her attention was broken when she noticed the sky beginning to turn a weak, purplish hue as the sun was setting. She quickly snapped back focus, but heard a voice she couldn't quite recognize at first, "I need....crystals...meeting up...a plan to..." she could guess it was the correspondent. It seemed they had Hitsugi and Stephen covered, so she didn't want to intervene. As she retracted her ear however, she heard several pair of footsteps running through the woods. She tried to blend into the tree and snow and hide herself as one ran past her. She knew she had to get up and do something to help the Skolexian. She left her hiding spot and ran behind the person who went past her and formed a sword with a globside to stick it at his throat. Josh froze and put his hands up as Yuka held him hostage. Jazzy, Billy, Steve, Josh, Hitsugi, and Stephen all turned their attention to her. "Yuka...what are you doing here?" Hitsugi asked, now even more confused with the inclusion of everyone. Billy rolled his eyes as Jazzy put his hands together. But, the scene was interrupted by Roberta, who honked her horn from within her news van. She turned back and looked Yuka directly in the eyes. Yuka's whole body ran cold as she dropped her arms from Josh, who quickly scrambled away and held up his notebook. "R...Roberta? You're my correspondent from Skolex? I...thought I would never see you again...not after what you did to the solids and me." Yuka was at a loss for words until Roberta walked up and lifted Yuka's chin up, "I'm glad I was able to hear your voice once again Yuka, so beautiful...and soft like a melody." Roberta let go of Yuka's face and turned back to Hitsugi and Stephen, who's pockets glowed. Stephen looked around and saw Steve and Joe, his face growing pale. "You two...look just like your parents." Stephen said, smiling as the fighting began to break out. TBC
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