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  1. to what do I owe the honor, handsome
  2. "Oh Mr. Bowie, what would you do in my situation?" Bansai sat his framed picture of David Bowie down on a nightstand next to the bed he was given. Bansai was sitting alone in a gigantic room within the Prince's Castle. Bansai laid down in his comfy as hell bed and strummed on his guitar. He didn't mind the company of the Prince, but he felt slighted. This was supposed to be his big break, the big time. Bansai strummed a long note that held for several seconds. 'This was it. I was going to break through as the greatest singles musician ever. Now I'm in this dress.' Bansai shook his head at his own thoughts. He couldn't let the fame get to his head, but he craved it. Was EF holding him back? "Oh BANSAIII~!" Bansai snapped his head to his door and saw Hata standing there in a spiffy suit. "I brought your favorite sandwich! Tuna salad and eggs!" Bansai looked at the sandwich, his favorite indeed. Bansai stood up, lifting his dress so he wouldn't step on it and took the sandwich from Hata. Hata swooned as Bansai took a bite. "This is pretty good little dude, but um, can I like leave yet? I think Matako wanted to get a pedi-medi tod-" Hata ripped the sandwich out of his hand and began to walk out the door, "Do NOT mention her name on our wedding day." Hata shut the door in Bansai's face as he pondered what Matako was up to in his absence. "Honey, do you have anymore of that formula?" Shinsuke was holding a baby bottle, examining the contents inside. "YOU'LL NEVER GET ME FORMULER SHINNY!" Katsura said, cackling like Mr. Wabs. The little babies were crawling around the floor of their nursery as the terrorists babysat them. Shinsuke was checking his phone every now and again to get updates from Gintoki on the party. "Honey look, Gintoki is hitting on two moms now. Man, I can't believe we got stuck doing baby duty." Shinsuke hung his head down as Baby Cherry bumped into his shins. "Nonsense Shinsuke, taking care of the children is going to push the development of these little tykes even further! We should do all we can to help them while Eren-dono and Fumiko-dono are getting shitfaced." Takechi said. Matako oddly nodded in agreement. "There's nothing like taking care of some squirts. I'm pretty natural at this y'know." Elizabeth signed. Katsura picked up Baby Alex and spun them around like an airplane. The baby giggled and Katsura joined in too. Shinsuke smiled at his husband who was having the time of his life playing with the children. 'Maybe missing the party was worth this.' Shinsuke thought as he wrapped his arms around Katsura. ------------------------------------------------------------------ "Dylan, sat there incognito watching the 4 mysterious men take the even more mysterious book away." Dylan tilted the baseball cap to hide his face from the 4, plus the millions of his adoring fans. Steve, Joe, Billy, and Josh were all huddled at a table outside of a Starbucks. "We're in the outside world Billy, we can say Starbucks." Steve said. Billy looked up at disgust of the real world version of his favorite coffee shop. Billy was twisting and turning the comic book, inspecting the outside of it, flipping through some of the pages. "Yo, what's this?" Joe pointed at a small signature within the front cover of the book. It was a small hat with an unrecognizable signature attached to it. Joe snatched the book from him and nodded. "Oh yeah, I know this. Check it out Steve." Joe showed the signature to Steve but Steve shook his head. "Not really sure who's that is. I'm guessing it was the person who owned the book before me. I know that isn't either one of my parent's signatures." Steve scratched his scruff. Josh was sparkly eyed, admired by the coolness of his two cousins. "It's Mr. Harvestein's. Y'know that Captain guy our parents were friends with." Steve was still a bit confused, but Joe realized, "Ah, yes, right. You probably wouldn't know, since Wilford was the one who told me about him." Billy put his hand out, "A Captain that knows Brimley...he couldn't be the same guy. I don't want to believe it but damn if I'm sure he is." Billy leaned back and sipped his coffee. This perplexed Joe, "You knew Mr. Harvestein? How is that possible? Unless he went into the book..." Joe rested his chin on his metallic knuckles. "Well, I'm not sure if it's the same guy, but if I saw him I could probably tell you." Billy said. Joe straightened up and held the book out, "Well, let me tell you what Brimley told me a few years ago about him." Joe said. "So, you're taking that rickety old thing out to the Atlantic, Stephen?" Brimley opened up his briefcase and pulled out a cigar to puff on. Stephen nodded and smiled at Brimley. "We're not afraid of these myths of the Bermuda Triangle. I hear there's some shit out there that'll make ya millions Wilford. Derek's already got the funds saved up, the research equipment and everything. Maria's got her fancy degree from college so she's got hookups." Stephen leaned back in his chair and popped open a comic book. Wilford tipped the top of the comic book down to look Stephen dead in the eyes, "I don't think you understand the risks of this trip Stephen. Annabelle is due any day...you guys are so reckless." Wilford shook his head. Stephen just chuckled as he turned the page, "I'm going whether you like it or not Wilford. It's fate if you will!" Stephen closed the book. "So, you're gonna watch over both the houses right? You're a good man you know that Brimley." Stephen packed up his stuff and began to head out the door. Wilford got up and stopped him before he left. The large man reached into his briefcase and handed Stephen a small pistol. "Never know when y'll need it." Wilford patted him on the back and shut the door as Stephen waved goodbye. Wilford sighed and walked over to the window and saw Stephen pull away in his car. "Damn kids are gonna give this old man a heart attack with such foolishness." Wilford looked over at a picture that was sitting behind Stephen while they were talking. "Please come back safe." "And well that's the last time Brimley saw him. Says our parents named you after him, Steve." Joe finished telling the story. Steve was more fascinated and interested more than ever about what happened to his parents and Stephen on that venture out to sea. Billy sat his coffee down and beamed his eyes directly at Dylan. "Whatcha looking at Billy?" Josh asked. "Rats." Billy responded, as a small mouse ran across the busy market area. Dylan tipped his hat down further. "You know, that guy really really sounds familiar. Reckon that could be the same guy from Universe 22." the three stopped and stared dead at Billy. "You mean...he was IN in the comic book?" Steve asked. "Well I mean, something happened in that universe concerning a captain of some sort. Utsuro never queued me in on a lot about why he was resetting the universe. He kinda did that on a whim. Fuckin bastard." Billy tossed his cup in the recycling bin. "Not saying it's the same guy, because I never seen him. He obviously never died, so at least you know he's alive. I see everyone who dies cause I hang out in hell you know." Joe nodded his head, "We gotta get back in here. We have to find this man, and I know exactly who to ask." Joe said, closing the comic book. The 4 decided to take it somewhere safe so they can skadoo without anyone seeing. Dylan lurked behind them, keeping his distance. --------------------------------------------------------------- "Enough is e-fucking-nough. We are GOING to Chipotle. We are GOING to eat burritos." Sakamoto pulled out a gun and pushed it against Marco's head. The host stepped back and snapped his fingers. The entire studio that was hosting Family Feud turned into a Chipotle. "Better?" Marco asked in English. Sakamoto peaked inside the building and saw it completely empty. Gintoki put his hand on Sakamoto's shoulder to calm him down, "Oi Tatsuma, it's o-" but Gintoki startled the crazed man, causing him to turn around and shoot his pistol, striking Gintoki directly in the head. Gintoki fell to the ground, blood running from the wound. "GINTOKI!!!" Utsuro bent down and picked his limp student up. "Oh that's just wonderful Tatsuma, now I have to reset the universe, again!" Tatsuma's hand shook as he looked down at his dead friend, one of his best for a long time. "What the fuck have I done..." Sakamoto looked at his friend as Utsuro stood up. "You've done the unthinkable and broke his plot armor Sakamoto Tatsuma. I can't allow this man to die here, I'm going to be forced to reset the universe once again." Utsuro stood up, as Oboro and Poe flanked him. "Well Poe, I guess we gotta brace ourselves again." Poe and Oboro nodded. Sakamoto shook his head. "I-I..." he aimed the gun at Utsuro. "I can't let you do that." he fired 5 rounds right into the chest of Utsuro, sending him flying. Oboro jumped in and sliced Tatsuma's arm clean off. Tatsuma, on pure adrenaline and instinct, pistol whipped Oboro and Poe with his one arm and shot both one time, incapacitating them. Tatsuma dropped his gun and took out a small knife. He stabbed Oboro in his left eye and was about to stab Poe when he was grabbed from behind. It was Marco, he slugged Tatsuma and stepped on the crazed man's chest. "Permíteme manejar esto, hombre." Marco stepped off Tatsuma and punched Utsuro as hard as he could in one of the bullet wounds, causing it to split open and leave a huge hole. Tatsuma was up now, holding his gun at Utsuro's head. "Your move." Tatsuma fired several rounds into his head and walked back. Marco laughed and patted the crazed man on the back. "Nice! Now, let's get some Chipotle!" Marco turned away from Utsuro, but it was a grave mistake, Marco looked down at the blade going through his chest, as he was pushed off of it, leaving him in a heap. "You won't kill me that easily with weak powers like that Marco." Utsuro ripped the sword from Marco's chest and was about to chop his head off, but Tatsuma shot several rounds that left his barrel almost simultaneously, hitting Utsuro in his right wrist. The power of the bullets were enough to rip his entire hand off, causing Utsuro to drop his sword. Utsuro turned to Tatsuma and flashed with lightning like speed to uppercut the man as hard as possible. Tatsuma flew through the air, Utsuro following him in close pursuit. "Sorry Sakamoto." but as Utsuro was about to deliver a killing blow, Marco regained his composer and flew up at Utsuro with his own speed and power, knocking him flying through the Chipotle building. Utsuro slid along the burrito station, causing meat and guac to go all over the place. "Vamos a jugar!" Marco came in with a barrage of punches and kicks to Utsuro, laying into the all powerful being. He punched Utsuro through the building again, hitting his van, blowing up everyone inside. Suddenly, the Elite pulled up as the van was in pieces. Isaburo kicked it into reverse and sped out of there, "Nobume, we cannot go there, we have to go to the next Chipotle." Isaburo felt a blade hit the back of his head, and veered off the road. Utsuro recovered from the wreckage to face Marco again. His hand re-attached itself and he gripped his sword. "Vamos!" Marco gestured to Utsuro. Utsuro leaped through the Chipotle and began slashing at Marco, who dodged each attack. As they were fighting, the van began to squirm, as Tatsuma was laying on the ground after his fall. He saw a bloody, red headed man toss the destroyed vehicle out into oncoming traffic. "RAAAAAAAAAAA FUCKING KILLED MY CREW!" Kamui stormed into the Chipotle and threw his umbrella right through Marco's eyeball as he was trying to dodge both Utsuro and Kamui. Marco fell into a heap and was about to get pounded on by Kamui, but before he could a shot rang out and Kamui looked down at his stomach and saw a bullet wound. He turned around to face Sakamoto and was met with a bullet between the eyes. The Yato was down, for good. Utsuro looked at Marco who was struggling to his feet, removing the umbrella from his face. He turned to see Oboro and Poe finally recovering from their bullet wounds, but Oboro's eye remained shut. He then turned to face Sakamoto again, who was aiming the gun directly at him. "Pull the trigger Sakamoto, and see who dies first." Utsuro taunted the man. Sakamoto aimed and took fire, but at the same time, Marco threw the umbrella at Utsuro's back. The bullets hit his weak wrist again, and the Umbrella pierced his chest. "Oboro, the plot armors are weakening. We need to take drastic measures." Oboro and Poe nodded in understanding. Utsuro ripped the umbrella out from his chest and jumped through the roof of the Chipotle. Utsuro pointed at Oboro who reached into one of his pockets and tossed something to Poe. Poe caught it in mid-air, dodging the bullets from Tatsuma. He dropped it off into Utsuro's hands. It was a purple crystal. "I don't like wasting one of these crystals, but I have to." He smashed the crystal with his hands and struck a hand pose. Utsuro began to hum under his breath, a sort of chant. "What is that bastardo doing?" Marco asked aloud. "Summoning from beyond." Oboro said, dashing at Marco. Marco blocked Oboro's slash, but Poe flew through the hole in his eye, plucking out bits of the inside of his head on the way out. Marco yelled, but was met with a swift beheading from Oboro to cease the man once and for all. Or so he thought. As Oboro and Poe turned around to face Tatsuma, Marco caught his head as it was flying through the sky. He dropped his head and kicked it like a soccer ball, hitting Poe off of Oboro's shoulders, "POE!" Oboro reacted, but was ready for Tatsuma to shoot, and got out of the way. The stray bullets hitting Marco's body. Marco walked over and picked up his head as his body was slowly healing. "Pretty neat huh?! I'm kinda like those guys y'know?" Marco said, but Sakamoto's mind was racing. The small stand still in the battle, Utsuro chanting. He peered down at the ground again and saw Gintoki's dead body once more. He winced but looked to see Marco screwing his head back on. Tatsuma remembered when Oboro took a crystal from his pocket and moved fast. He ran over to Oboro and pistol whipped him at full force, robbing his small fanny pack and shoved some of the crystals, both green and purple into Marco's neck hole. "QUE?!" Marco yelled, but Sakamoto barrel stuffed his neck, shooting the crystals. "TATSUMA YOU FOOL! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" Oboro recovered and dug his blade into Tatsuma's guts, sending him flying while dropping the crystals. Marco's body was reacting like crazy, light of green and purple were shooting from his body. As the light from him was intensifying, a huge beam of light formed around Utsuro. "Finally, we shall end this." Oboro said. Utsuro was yelling at this point, the skin on his hands peeling and ripping apart as the crystal dust fussed to his palms. Suddenly a huge flow of water fell from the sky, and a man wearing a captains uniform came with it. Utsuro collapsed to the floor of the Chipotle, while Oboro rushed to his side. The Captain was starting to gain consciousness after his fall into the comic book, and subsequently into the world of TBC. He looked up and saw Oboro and Poe standing over him. "You were the one Sensei called upon to save us, owner." Stephen was confused, but Utsuro managed to collect himself. "I...think he looks more like a Captain, don't you think Obo?" Utsuro gave the three a smile, but as he did, a shot rang out and hit the Captain in the chest. Utsuro quickly stopped the bleeding and helped the Captain up. "You've been graced by the Purple Altana, Captain. Use it to end this." Utsuro looked as Marco was shaking violently, light shooting from his body. "There, in your waistband." the Captain shook himself to get concentrated, he knew who these characters were. But he couldn't believe it, perhaps a dream? But, he didn't want to act irrational. "You got it, Utsuro." the Captain reached into his waistband and pulled out the gun Brimley gave him. It began to glow a menacing purple aura as he aimed it at Marco and fired. The bullet sped and hit Marco, causing him to explode in a bright, colorful display of purple and green dust. Tatsuma stood there as the dust was settling, facing the 4 in front of him, Stephen aiming his gun at Tatsuma. "All of this over some stupid burritos." Tatsuma threw his gun down and raised his hand. Stephen lowered his gun to show sympathy. "I killed one of my best friends...on accident." Tatsuma looked back at Gintoki's corpse. "It didn't have to be like this, but then that man said something about resetting the universe...or something." Utsuro lifted his sword up and started to walk towards Tatsuma. "Sakamoto Tatsuma of the 22nd Universe, you may have been the most powerful foe yet. You and that game show host pushed me to my utmost limit. For that, I commend you eternally. But, you have come in contact with these crystals. Something I cannot allow to happen. If you must, look away Captain." Utsuro raised his sword. "Utsuro wait!" but Stephen's pleas were not enough. Utsuro's blade came down over the neck of Sakamoto Tatsuma, decapitating him. Stephen wretched away from the site, but was quickly consoled by Utsuro. "Captain, if I may call you. I know who you are. You read our stories, but I needed you here, now. And, I see you have come in contact with the real world's Altana. I simply can't have you go back." Utsuro was surprised as Stephen got defensive. "What about my kids?! I have to go back and see them!" Utsuro shook his head. "You'll be with me. Resetting the universe as many times as I need. You'll relive the same events over and over again, Captain until I died to end it, or I find peace with my students. Every other universe before this, you drowned in that storm. But not here, not ever again. When you have me by your side, you'll be forever." Utsuro said, giving him a smile. Stephen was starting to get frustrated, he raised his fist and punched Utsuro right in the jaw. Oboro readied his sword and Poe got into a kung fu stance, but Utsuro put his hand up to them. "I understand you're resistant, but your fate is forever determined. And now, I want your fate to be intertwined with mine. Regardless, you will fall back into place when the time comes, and I'll be waiting. Waiting for as long as it takes." Utsuro took two of the crystals and smashed them together and began chanting. Oboro grabbed onto Stephen and smiled at him, "This is going to be a fun ride, Captain-dono," Oboro said with a smile. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "And that's pretty much the whole story Tatsuma-san." the three were sitting in the lobby of LilyMu towers. Sakamoto sat there, trying to take all the information in. "Hmm, so I killed Kintoki and went completely berserk?" Sakamoto asked. Poe and Oboro both nodded. "AHAHAHAHA! That's crazy Obo! I would never do that to Kintoki or our friends, but I have seen what you and Utsuro were able to do, so I have no choice but to believe you!" Oboro blushed a little but put his mask back on. The elevator opened and a mountain of beer cans spilled out of them. The Front Desk Lady rolled her eyes as her boss, Gintoki, Umibozu, and Gendo all stumbled out of the elevator. "Ah! That guy out there in the gimp outfit, that must be our Uber right?" Gintoki asked, slurring his words. "There is no doubt in my mind Yorozuya." Ozu flung the door open and walked up to Enshou who was putting eyeliner on outside his limo. "You must be my Uber, well, we're here so let's hit some clubs!" Ozu yelled. The rest of the Dads cheered, but Enshou was not pleased. "You dare walk up to Prince Emperor Enshou and CLAIM THAT I DRIVE DISGUSTING PEASANTS AROUND?" Enshou lifted Ozu up by the cruff of his plain white t-shirt, but several body guards talked Enshou and beat him senseless with nightsticks. "GAAAH SWEETCHEEKS HELP ME!" Enshou was getting wailed on, but eventually Ozu called them off. "Now, where should we hit first boys?" Ozu asked. The Dads all crammed themselves inside Enshou's limo. Sweetcheeks shrugged as him and Enshou sat in the front seat. "Can you believe THIS shit Captain?" Enshou's eyeliner was running and his lipstick was fucked up. Sweetcheeks chuckled to himself, but Enshou pushed his head against the window. "Now, laugh at me again Captain." Sweetcheeks just smirked and nodded, "Certainly Sir." Enshou smiled and leaned back in his seat. Sweetcheeks looked at his phone while driving (don't do this kids!). He got a text from Hitsugi and opened it up, "Captain, I may be getting followed by the Globberians. Their leader was very suspicious." Sweetcheeks opened up the attachment Hitsugi sent him. Enshou snatched Sweetcheeks phone from him and checked out the picture. "My, she's very pretty Captain. She almost looks like Lady TBC if I do say." he dropped Sweetcheek's phone in between the seats, before he could read Hitty's last two messages, "Watch out for her, she is their leader. Her name is Yuka." the scene cut back to Oboro, Poe, and Sakamoto heading back up to the party. As they were standing in the elevator, Tatsuma’s phone began to ring, “Oh, it’s Mutsu! Y’llo?” Mutsu sighed into Sakamoto’s ear. “Chief, Bonestein would like to speak with you. He forgot to bring pockets, so he left his phone at home.” Skele could be heard thanking Mutsu and getting on the line with his friend. “Skele! What’s up my friend? I thought you and Mutsu were going on AHAHAHAHA! A date?” Skele blushed on the other end, but quickly snapped out of it. “We were but I...I got a really disturbing distress signal on my pager.” “Skeleton Villages? Isn’t that your homeland, the place you liberated a few years ago?” Sakamoto asked. He remembered Gintoki talking to him about the Second Great Skeleton War he participated in over some drinks one night. “That’s right Tatsuma. One of the heroes requested help, and I gotta get there since it’s the place of my people, but I have no way to get there. You dropped us off here in the park, so I have no way to get there.” Skele sounded worried over the phone but Sakamoto re-assured him. “Don’t worry Skele, I’ll get the ship over there and assist you. I hope you don’t mind but I’m bringing Oboro with me.” Skele let out a small nervous sigh, but he knew Oboro was powerful. “We could use all the help we can get. I don’t know what’s happening there, and I’m scared to find out.” Skele hung up the phone, while Tatsuma stopped the elevator. Oboro smiled as he got to travel with Tatsuma alone, but he wasn’t sure what they would confront at Skeleton Village. -------------------------------------------------------- “Now, THE PARTY CAN BEGIN! HA!” Kamui and his crew entered the Penthouse and began pillaging all the finger food and punch being served. Kamui walked over and was catching up with BUNHEAD! And talking about nothing in particular. Monika and Abuto were chilling out with the Ninja 5 as half of them were shit faced and the other half was Sonic. Ham-san and 4th leaned against the wall, acting like the cool couple who were too good for everybody. And there stood No Man in his potato costume. He stood behind the 4 gamers, who were duking it out in Super Bario Kart. “YOU ARE NOTHING KING DUCK! RAJ WINS AGAIN!” Raj threw his hands up in the air, his wig flowing majestically. Eren, who was in second place after getting hit by a Blue Shell gripped his controller so hard it began to crack. “Alright! THAT’S IT!” Eren ripped Raj’s hair piece off, wigging him. “Come now, let’s be civil. I took 12th place and I’m doing just fine!” Mikey said, his make up getting smeared with tears. “Yeah right you’re fine, you’re crying your eyes out!” No Man said. The 4 turned to him and they all gave him a weird look. Saitama turned back, “Anyway, we have one more track left!” the 4 got back into position, isolating No Man again. The sad, lonely potato sat on one of the many couches set up. He sat next to a man wearing nothing but pixelated underwear. “What troubles you small potato man? Want to talk with me and Barky about it?” No Man looked over at Barkus, who was dressed as Princess Weach. “I’m not sure how much help I can be, I look ridiculous as is.” Barkus showed off his dress but No Man just looked away. “I just have a really bad feeling about something, my half ass can feel it.” No Man put his (sticky) hand to his head. He wasn’t sure why, but something in his gut was stirring, and it wasn’t the curry Monika made last night. The screen zooms out of the Penthouse and flies over to a large mountain looking down a small village. “If that mammal wants to mess with the past, then I’ll just have to prevent him at all possible points. I cannot cause such a disaster...yet. We aren’t easily defeated, so I only need to send a handful of you down there.” the figure said to a small gathering behind her. “GLOOP GLOP!” the crowd chanted. “You can’t re-write history so easy Hitsugi of the Naraku. Not when you’re dealing with someone much higher on the pecking order of you.” the figure turned to the crowd. “GLOOP GLOP!” they screamed once again. “Raise some hell boys. I’ll take care of Hitsugi, use yourselves as sacrifice if need be. Don’t let anyone get in my way of bringing him down.” Yuka threw her goopy hand in the air, causing everyone else to join in on the fist pump, “GLOOP GLOP!” TBC
  3. "Fumiko, it's ok! We're almost back to Edo." Tsuki was re-assuring her former right hand woman. The two, the eggs, and the rest of the Hyakka women were flying their escape ship back to Edo. The trip didn't take long, before Edo was in sight. Fumiko's mind, however, was still on Burei and her husband. "He has to survive Tsukki. He has plenty of 1ups at his disposal!" Fumiko said confidentially. Tsukuyo smiled and directed the Hyakka stirring the ship to change course for Wix Flags where Kamui and his crew were waiting. "Alright ladies, you did bring the slurpee machine just in case right?" Tsukki asked. One of them showed off a brand new machine straight off the presses of a Weven Eleven. Tsukki nodded, but when she turned her head to face the window, her face grew dark, "AAAAAARRRRGGGGG ABUTO ME FIRST MATE! I THINK I SPOT SOME WENCHES APPROACHING US STARBOARD SIDE!" Kamui pulled out a telescope and looked at Tsukki, who threw a kanui threw it piercing his eyeball. "AHHHHHHHH THAT'S ME EYEPATCH EYE!" Kamui reached into his pocket and put an eyepatch over it. The ladies crashed their ship into Kamui's giant pirate ship that was already on fire from the destruction below. Tsukuyo blew open the hatch and stepped out of the ship, sending fractures through the metal. She lifted Kamui up by his shirt and stuck a kunai up to his throat, "Just what the hell are you doing? YOU'VE SET AN ENTIRE AMUSEMENT PARK ON FIRE!" Kamui pushed off of her and brushed himself off. Abuto sighed and began to explain, "Well, Chief here got a little over-excited to say the least. Yare yare. The owners of the Wix Flags kicked all of us out for causing a public disturbance." Abuto said, rubbing his temple. Kamui got into Abuto's face, "THE TEA CUP RIDE WASN'T GOING FAST ENOUGH!" Kamui whined. No Man chimed in, "Yeah, Chief went crazy dog. He spun Shinji so fast in the teacup, that the teacup flew through the whole park and smashed 3 others rides with the sheer force of the throw." No Man said, still covered in trash. "So, I lit the Wix Flags on fire for being dishonest with their most loyal customer!" Kamui said smiling. He peeped behind Tsukuyo and saw the brand new slurpee machine. His eyes grew and sparkled as his eyes rest on a thing of beauty. "Aww, you guys shouldn't have! A new slurpee machine just for me?!" Kamui shoved Fumiko and the others out of the way to get his slurpage on. Tsukki was glad to have him out of her hair so she could talk to Abuto. She explained the whole situation to him and he rubbed his forehead even harder, nearly breaking skin. "This could have all been prevented if we just went there with everyone, instead we're stuck with a burning Wix Flags and about 50 police cars beneath us." Abuto rounded up the crew and pressed a giant red button that transformed the pirate ship back into their regular spaceship. Kamui looked over, his face stained red, "What's the big idea old ass man? We aren't done piligin!" Kamui said, lifting a slurpee in the air, acting as if he was drunker than a skunk. "We're going to protect Fumiko-san and her eggs!" Monika said with a warm, beautiful smile. Kamui shrugged and stumbled his way to the ship's wheel and spun it, causing the vessel to do a 360, "OFF WE GO MATEYS! HOLD ON TO YER EGGS!" Kamui shifted the craft into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, sending it bolting into space, evaporating Wix Flags in the process. Just off the road of Wix Flags, a group of wild looking people were staring at the burning coasters. "Would you look at that Hime-sama...a beautiful blaze. It's almost like we're so close to civilization yet so far away. How long do you think we've been out here?" Yamazaki asked. Soyo shook her amazed, "I'm just as surprised as you, though I thought you were supposed to be the straight man holding us grounded." Yamazaki's gaze did not snap from the blaze, "We don't need straight men where we're at." Yamazaki turned to Gonard who had his head stuck in a tree. "Jimmy, there's birds in here! OW!" Gonard yelled as one peaked his head. The three were interrupted by a loud honk sound, and a set of beaming highlights flashing just outside the trees, "Your music choice is going to net you 10 more months." Isaburo said. Nobunobu shrugged it off, "Reckon y'all got your precious screen time, you should be happy." Nobume tossed him out of his 18 wheeler, and slapped cuffs on him. "Well yeah, you're still under arrest so it's whatever." Nobume said, pushing him out to the woods. Soyo ran up to him, "Big cousin! I'm glad you came!" She gave him a hug, smearing dirt and mud on his clothes. The white coats separated the two and placed handcuffs on Yamazaki and Gonard (who was still stuck in the tree). "WHY ARE WE GETTING ARRESTED?!" Yamazaki yelled. Isaburo place duct tape over his mouth to shut him up. "You black coats endangered the Shogun and the Princess. We should have all of you commit seppuku." Isaburo said, yanking Gonard out of the tree. "I don't know Jimmy, I'm not good at Sudoku..." Gonard said concerned. Isaburo and Nobume walked into the makeshift camp with Nobunobu behind them. Sonic swoop down from the tree and readied his blade at the sight of the newcomers. He lowered his hand when he recognized the three. "So, help finally arrived." Sonic said smirking, "I know where everyone is if you want me to round them up." Nobu tumbled over trying to get Sonic's attention, "Can ya at least bring me with ya?" Isaburo and Nobume sighed and uncuffed him. Sonic lifted him with one arm and jumped through the trees. At a separate campsite sat the rest of the stranded crew. "Sho-chan...stay alert. I finally managed to get you clothes...yeah. Just be careful, those two look dangerous." Pops was hiding behind a tree, watching out for the shogun who had some large thing protruding from his kimono. "Nobunobu! Have you come to rescue us! You can always rely on family." Shige bowed his head. "AAAAAAAAAAAA SONIC LOOK WHO I FOUND ALL THE WAY OUT HERE, IT'S GIN-SAAAAAAAAAN!" Ayame present the man to them, however, her glasses were missing so she couldn't actually tell who it was. "Uhh, look I'm not Gintoki, I'm Kintoki. You kidnapped me while I was having a picnic with Gengai." Ayame's eyes darkened as she sat him down. She reached down, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Kintoki malfunction and fell to the ground. "WHAT HAPPENED TO Y'ALL?!" Nobunobu yelled. "Why you got yer...lil shogun out cousin?" he asked. Shige raised his eyebrow in questioning, but Sougo spoke up. "Everyone here is insane...they've all gone mad." Pops got up to his face, but Sougo turned the tables on him. "Not so fast Old Man, we're not gonna cause a scene. We're getting out of this god forsaken forest once and for all." Sougo tossed the gun aside and hit Zenzou in the head, blowing a bullet through his book. "NOOOOOOOOOOO YOU SHOT GINPACHI! YOU BLACK COAT BASTARD!" Zenzou started punching Sougo, but the punches were not affecting him with the shield of his massive beard. "Y'all know this forest is like a mile from them city slickers right?" Nobunobu said. Everyone stopped and looked dead eyed at him. "Why didn't you tell us Sonic?" Ayame asked, throwing the metallic junk to the side. "I tried but no one listened to me, they were distracted by the cl-" he received a shot from Pops in said posterior. Nobunobu picked up the wounded ninja and began heading towards the rest of the group. The deranged and unhinged followed them to civilization at last. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Oboro, I..." the Captain stopped in his tracks as he saw everyone peeping out from the room. He sat the AK to the side on the wall. Oboro was forming a tear in his only. Poe wiped it away with his wing and continued his salute. "CAPTAIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I DEMAND YOU TO TAKE ME TO THAT WHITE DEVIL AND GET ME OUT OF THIS FINGER PRISON!" Enshou was kicking at the back of Sweetcheeks. The Captain dropped Enshou to the floor of the hallway. The Captain turned around and started to hobble quickly back to where he came. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!" Enshou banged his hands against the floor. "ABANDONING ME NOW? After all we've been through.." 'I can't be here...he shouldn't be here.' The Captain thought to himself. He was slowly picking up his pace, looking down at his leg. 'He can't see me like this.' the Captain rounded the corner, and reached into his coat pocket. He produced the keys to Enshou's ship, which included a miniature woopie cushion. He could still hear the cries and yells from his superior down the hall but forced himself through sheer will to push past it. Oboro and Poe put their hands down and began to chase the Captain, "Oboro wait!" Lily could be heard crying from inside the room. Oboro ran past Enshou and tried tripping him but missed. Oboro rounded the corner and faced the Captain. "Just leave me alone Oboro. What I did for you back then, it was out of sheer chance." Oboro looked stunned. "You...know about Universe 22?" Oboro was at a loss of words. The Captain's gaze shifted to the floor, "There's a whole lot about me that you don't know Oboro. Not even Utsuro told you." the Captain brought his eyes back to Oboro. Oboro was shocked at the revelation. "To think I let Enshou drag me here, and I meet someone I never wanted to face again. I thought maybe this would be my final break of life...God knows I needed it." The Captain looked emptily at Oboro. "Utsuro not telling you about me reassures what I already know, Oboro. If destiny truly wanted us to reunite here, then so be it. But I can't stick around any longer, as much as it pains me to leave that man behind. After all he's done for me after Okinawa." "You should really eat up. You've been sitting outside my bar for the past 2 days and haven't had a lick of food. Don't think I can just do this everyday, but I am used to feeding strays." Otose turned her back to the Captain who began to eat away at the food she gave him. The Captain pulled out his wallet, but Otose denied. "You don't need to pay me back, this is nothing. It's on the house!" she said, smiling back at him before entering the snack bar. The Captain sat the empty plate down and stared back up at the sky. "Why did you send me here Utsuro? What purpose does this even serve? You appointed me as Captain...Captain of what? You-" but he was cut off by his phone ringing. He picked it up and heard a familiar voice on the other end, "Utsuro...is dead. I can't give you any more details than that. Remember our deal Captain." the phone clicked as the Captain laid his head back against the wall. He punched the dirt next to where he was sitting and felt his eyes water up. He stood up and left the plate at the front door of the bar. "Thank you maam...I'll kindly repay you next time I visit." the Captain began to wonder off in the streets of Edo. He had multiple things running through his mind, the double mission he was on, each mission directed by another man. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small note that Utsuro had wrote him, "Go to Edo, the prankster will guide you." he stared at the note dumbfoundly. He couldn't make sense of what Utsuro wanted from him. The man stumbled along each little side shop, bumping into people accidentally. He was getting jossled by each person he was bumping into, and even at one point thrown into the mud. He lifted his head and saw a man with bright red hair staring at him. "You look like a sorry, no good nothing. Scum like you don't even deserve to look at me." The Captain looked back at the mud that was underneath him, "You're right, I'm just a useless no one who's destined to walk this planet forever. Forever lost and alone." Enshou raised his eyebrow at this, "I know of your pain. Your loneliness. I've been lonely for years and years...the destruction of my people." The Captain looked back up at Enshou who's face grew dark. "I've been traveling the universe to look for someone, anyone other than that bastard Shijaku to call a subordinate. Perhaps even a friend...the name is Enshou, the Gun Smoke Prince of Burei." Enshou extended his hand to the Captain. The Captain stared at it for a second, before grabbing a hold of it. However, when he grabbed Enshou's hand, he felt an electric shock run through his arm. Enshou chuckled to himself and showed the Captain a buzzer in his hand. It was titled on the buzzer itself "Sweetheart Shocker". Enshou picked him up from the mud and put his hand on the Captain's shoulder, "Gotcha, Sweetheart." The Captain snapped back to the present and turned away from Oboro again. He began to walk away, the limp fading. "Do not bother chasing me further Oboro, it will only cause more trouble for the both of us...until we meet again." Oboro started after him, "But I have so much to talk about!" Oboro began but the Captain slammed his fist through the wall next to him. Oboro stopped this time for good, "Oboro, please. I have to leave, we cannot do this here. I want the to meet you under different circumstances, a last meeting. Goodbye." The Captain retracted his fist from the wall and started to walk brisker out of the building. Enshou's men and the Renho were still fighting outside and in the building while the Captain made his way back to Enshou's ship. Enshou, still laying there, realized his pockets were turned inside out, "HE...he stole my woopie key..." Enshou said, but as he said this, Eren stepped out of the room to confront the man bound by finger traps. "You dare face me after what you hideous monsters did to my home's ruins." Eren waddled up to him and released him from the finger trap. Enshou was in shock at how the gamer was able to free him from the trap so easy, "Only Dragonia knew how to unleash the binds of that hell trap..." Enshou said, looking at the trap in awe as it sat on the ground. "Enshou, I never meant for this to happen. I-i didn't know this was your home planet at all!" Eren said trying to reason with Enshou. Enshou scoffed as he readied his lasers. "It's always the same with you white devils, it's all destruction and conquering. You don't give two shits about my people and the suffering we've endured." Enshou slashed at Eren, who just managed to dodge the attack, but it cut open his suit partially. "ALWAYS BEING ABANDONED AND TOSSED ASIDE LIKE TRASH, BUREI IS NOTHING MORE BUT STOMPING GROUNDS TO YOU!" Enshou was slashing madly, but Eren used a technique he picked up in Wuper Mario Brothers and jumped high in the air, landing on Enshou's head. Enshou was knocked to the floor but got up quickly, "Man, that usually kills goombas!" Eren said, angering Enshou even more. "You step on my head with your dirty flippers one more time and I have your neck!" Enshou was slashing again, but was caught by both hands with Eren's flippers. "I won't stop until I've slain your entire species, Renho." Eren stared back at the man, "I can just give you this planet back, it's nothing really...we just don't have anywhere for our own to go to." Eren reasoned. Enshou unsheathed his lasers and Eren let go of his hands. "Why can't we just be civil about this? Do we really need to shed any more blood?" Enshou listened as the cries of his men and the sounds of the Renho getting slain in the other room. He reached into his breast pocket, which caused Eren to get in position to cast a Hadoken at him. Enshou however brought out his locket. He opened it up, moving the picture of Lady TBC, moving the restraining order from Bob Barker, and moving the picture of him and Shijaku. Behind that was an etching within the locket, 'Never forget your home'. "Great, the author gives me sad OSTs now. Renho, this planet is my life. I may say I'm going to take over the entire universe. I may be the Dark Overlord of All Living Beings, but I am also proud of my planet. Proud to have walked its grounds. If the universe was my empire, this would be the capital. I can cause all the mischief...all the pranks, and all the goofs I want, but that won't bring my planet back. It won't bring my people back. Having already been out pranked by someone who I thought of as a he- no...I can't even say something so demeaning. And then...someone so close to you just leaving you for the wolves. The damn Captain...what is his problem. I can't do any of this alone..." Enshou dropped the locket to the floor, but saw a white flipper pick it up and hand it back to Enshou, "Then why should you do it alone? Why can't we just live here together?" Enshou took the locket back and put it in his breast pocket. "We're both in pain from loneliness. I may have a family unlike you do...sorry, but my people are lonely. We don't have a home, but you do. After all my years living on Edo with Katsura, I've learned that loneliness is a void other help you fill. I reunited with my wife, I made life long friendships, and I've met people who would be willing to put their lives on the line just to save me for me. Why don't we fill each other's loneliness, Enshou?" Eren extended his flipper to Enshou. Enshou stared at the flipper for an extended amount of time, trying to process what Eren was telling him. "But...I blew up your ships. I caused so much destruction towards your people, crashed your baby shower...why are you forgiving me? Why are you letting me have my planet back?" Enshou was confused, but Eren reassured him. "You may have hurt me. You may have hurt my people. But I'm not the kind of person to let grudges last a life time. We all don't have extra guys, and sometimes, we just need to make it to the next level in order to continue." Enshou just put his head down and looked at his own hand. He saw the small buzzer sitting in the center of his palm and began to remove it. He dropped it to the floor and accepted Eren's handshake. "THAT'S ALL IT TOOK?! YOU ALMOST HAD SEX WITH ME JUST FOR THIS!" Barkas interrupted their handshake. "Dude, really?" Enshou said shaking his head. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Wow, well that was pretty crazy!" Billy said closing the book. Josh was tearing up while Dylan was standing at the window. "Little did the three of them know, but a pair of deranged looking detectives were running through the parking lot. Maybe they're looking for someone?" Dylan commented. Josh perked up when he heard this, "Steve and Joe?!" but as soon as he said that, the door busted down and there stood the two cousins nearly out of breath. "FINALLY!" Joe said, coughing up a lung. Steve walked over and grabbed the book from Billy and Josh. "Hey Stevie, what's poppin?" Billy asked. Steve rolled his eyes at the God. "We finally found you, it took us this final clue to get the lead we needed." Steve took out a 500 dollar shirt that just said "Chills" in white letters. Dylan snatched up the shirt and continued to look out the window, "The strange men had stolen his merchandise and was trying to sell it on the deepweb for some cheap bucks. Dylan was upset but not particularly surprised." the man said. "Why are you talking like that dude?" Joe asked, "The strange man asked him a strange question, to which, Dylan ignored." Dylan responded. Josh stood up to confront his cousins, "L-look, I'm sorry for accidentally taking the comic! It was a mistake, honestly." Steve sighed and gave his cousin a hug. "Josh, we're not mad at you, we just wanted to make sure you and everyone in this book were ok! Now come on, let's get back to campus so we can sort all this mess out and get you out of trouble." Steve said. "What the hell about me? I kinda like it out here!" Billy said, stroking his beard. Joe shook his head, "Sorry Billy, but you're gonna have to go back into the book when Steve jumps in there to meet with Toshi." Joe said. Billy shrugged, all that meant to him was that he could chill in his awesome man cave with Gendo. The 4 left the room while Dylan was staring out the window as they walked away. "The 4 walked away as if they didn't give away disturbing evidence that made Dylan curious. Very curious indeed." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You take to the sword very well, my Captain." The Captain lowered his training sword as Utsuro placed his blade into his sheath. "Why are you training me now? I thought you were done with me after what happened at Chipotle." the captain said, remembering the horrifying events of that day. Utsuro handed the Captain a Good Boy Cookie and sat down, patting the mat next to him. The Captain knelt down and began to eat his cookie. "My little ray of sunshine happiness, Joe, has done something that I cannot allow. I have to reset the universe for a 23rd time. The reason I'm telling you this is because I can't lose you to this universe's reset. Sure, it will be the same like the last reset-" the captain dropped the half eaten cookie at this and began to stand up. "I can't do that again Utsuro. I can't bare to lose them again." Utsuro stood up himself and comforted the Captain. "I know this is difficult for you, just as it is difficult for me. I have to live my own life over again, making the same mistakes each time, but hopefully improving everyone's life around me considerably." Utsuro said. The Captain shook his head and placed the training sword at Utsuro's feet. "I cannot stop you from resetting the universe. Hell, I can't match your power at all. I swear I was just at the right place at the right time that day. I shouldn't even be here right now. Why not just leave me in this universe, have my memory forgotten in the next and let me move on." the Captain asked Utsuro. Utsuro smiled to himself as he placed his mask. "You may not realize it yet, but you are important. You saved me in the last universe. You hold importance, somehow. It's my duty to protect that importance, no matter how small it is. I could not even tell Oboro nor Poe of your memories. You already contain the power to survive a universe reset, so it's not as if you can do anything. Let it happen, for as many times I deem necessary." the Captain thought of the aftermath of universe 22. "I'm afraid it's too late Captain. I'll see you upon the arrival of a newly formed world." Utsuro opened the door to his dojo and left. The Captain clutched at his wallet firmly placed in his pants pocket, as he did the same in the present day. The ship he stole from Enshou landed just a few meters in a field from where he wanted to visit. He passed by a picture hung up on the wall of the ship, Sweetcheeks took the photo down and stared at it, before putting it in his pocket. "I'll be back for you Enshou...sorry for leaving you." the Captain walked off the ship and walked the crisp, cold ground beneath his feet. It was dark in this part of Edo, but he knew this path exceptionally well. It was a small trail that led up to a small cemetery. Many tombstones and grave markers lined the trail, until at the very edge of the cemetery he rested to his knees in front of a small maker. There was no name, but a lit candle sitting in the incense burner on the grave. From the corner of his eyes, he could see someone leaning against another grave marker. "So, came here to visit too huh? Surprised you ended up back on solid ground again after what happened." the Captain said. The figure was speechless, but nodded its head before speaking up. "Both of our families lie in this graveyard. It's only natural trash like me ends up back where it came from." Hitsugi stood up and looked down at the kneeling Captain. "Well, how has your mission gone, Captain?" Hitsugi asked. "I've been gone for awhile now, I just want to be kept up to speed. I haven't been able to get in contact with that Nameless man. Do you at least have some good news for me?" the Captain looked up at Hitsugi. "Kaname is dead Hitsugi. He was killed after you were sent flying into space." Hitsugi's expression changed to a concerned, yet saddening look. He sulked back down to the tombstone and sat there as the Captain gave a small prayer before pulling out his wallet. "I'm nothing but a ghost now Captain. I have no one, as I'm sure you are the same. Two souls wandering aimlessly yet again." the Captain shook his head, but did not answer the larger man. Hitsugi composed himself and shook off the news that hit him like a ton of bricks. "I'm sure we will be back in touch eventually, Captain. Until then, you'll know where to find me." Hitsugi placed his hat on his head and walked away from the graveyard. The Captain simply gave him a nod before pulling out a faint picture from the back of his wallet, "Having to relive the same tragic memory 3 times over...seeing that frizzy head man and his bird just reminded me of why I'm here. Papa will always love you guys. No matter what." he flipped the picture over to read their names once again. The final words on the bottom left were scrubbed, but could read "Adopted by:" but his own name was smeared out. The Captain pulled a small pen from his pocket and scribbled down in the smudge "Sweetcheeks". TBC
  4. "HA DO YOU SEE IT! IT'S WIX FLAGS SUSPENDED IN MID AIR!" Kamui ran through the gates of the park without paying, blowing the security guards 50 feet in each direction. The rest of his crew was trudging behind him, Abuto stopping to pay for everyone's tickets. "Yare yare, why can't we just be at the baby shower with everyone else. We're standing out here in the burning sun with these long coats on." Abuto turned his head to see Monika wearing her summer dress. The white glisten of her beautiful fabric hitting his eyes, as she blinked her gorgeous emerald green eyes at his direction. The author was enamored at the sight, and also slugged by Abuto. But he was ok with it. "Chief never said we had a dress code. It's too stuffy in those coats out here!" Monika said, running into the park after Kamui. No Man caught up to Abuto wearing nothing but (sticky) swim trunks. "Dude are you serious? You'll bake alive halfling" Abuto propped open his umbrella and tried catching up to Kamui and Monika. 4th and Ham walked hand in hand to a tea cup ride to have some big chill with the other lower ranked members. Kamui was standing in line for the "SUPER BONE CRUSHER", tapping his feet impatiently. "HURRY UP! I WANT TO HIT EVERY RIDE AT LEAST 5 TIMES TODAY! HAAAAA!" Kamui twirled his umbrella in front of him, knocking people out of his way. Abuto face-palmed, he turned to see No Man's glasses sitting on a pile of ashes. "NO MAN! I WARNED YOU WHAT WOULD HAPPEN WITHOUT YOUR UMBRELLA AND CLOTHES!" Abuto kneeled down and picked the (sticky) ashes up as they ran through his fingers. "Dog, can you hand me my glasses, I dropped them in that pile of cigarette ashes." Abuto's face grew dark as he picked the glasses up and chucked them half way across the park. "DOG WHAT THE HELL?!" No Man started to run after the glasses, but accidentally bumped into Monika, sending both of them toppling over each other. No Man ended up on top of her in an awkward position, "Ahaha, oh No Man, you're so clumsy." No Man was thinking to himself in sheer fear, 'Oh no dog...this is worst case scenario number 1...Glitcherina is going to kill me but worse...Abuto is gonna hang my (sticky) ass above the mantle.' he gulped as he attempted to stand up, but was grabbed from behind by meaty ossan hands. Kamui turned his head to see Abuto and Monika stuffing No Man into a trash can and smiled. "I'm glad my crew are enjoying themselves so much! We needed a break like this." Kamui put his hand on the shoulder of the person in front of him. The person turned around and looked him directly in the eyes, "Why did you angles follow us here...I swear I cannot escape you guys." Kamui was in such a rush he didn't even see Shinji at the front of the line, after Kamui threw everyone else out of the line first. Shinji looked back from his wheelchair and quickly turned around not to look at Kamui, "HA LOOK WHO IT IS! IT'S MY TICKET TO THE FRONT OF EVERY LINE!" Kamui lifted Gendo off the ground and threw him in the sky to stand behind Shinji. Gendo was flying through the air, "I just wanted to spend time with my son..." Gendo did not know when he would come down. "H-uhhh, hey Kamui..." Shinji was nervous but Kamui slapped his legs as hard as he could and sat in his lap. Shinji's wheelchair squeaked with the added weight of Kamui. "Come on kid! Let's hit the SUPER SKULL ANNIHILATOR or whatever this is!" Kamui said with a smile. Shinji reluctantly rolled his way to the seats of the coaster. The worker there was puzzled as only two people were there to seat. Kamui sat at the very front and dragged Shinji up next to him. "START THE DAMN RIDE, HA!" the worker saluted and cranked the shaft. Shinji prayed as the rollercoaster began to move. The coaster then zoomed at super high speed and Kamui lifted Shinji up like the scene in the Titanic, "I'M THE KING OF THE COASTERS!" ---------------------------------------------------------------- "Gin-san, we're at the Warty Wity." Shinpachi shook Gintoki. Gintoki awoke from his death state and screamed. He looked around and sighed, "Those ducks are dangerous under those suits, I tell you." Gintoki stood up and brushed himself off. "Why don't we just leave? Shinsuke handed us 200 dollars. That's one months rent right there!" Kagura scratched her chin but Shinpachi objected, "Come on guys, this is for Eren and Fumiko! Even though I'm not entirely sure they're even pregnant..." Shinpachi was also conflicted. Shinpachi shook his head and put his foot down, "No, we have to do this guys!" He turned to the rest of the Odd Jobs and saw Gintoki and Kagura entering a Wubway. "OI! WE CAN'T JUST GO ON A LUNCH BREAK!" Gintoki stopped and showed Shinpachi a list. It was a list Eren had given Kagura before they left. "What's this?" He examined it and saw "4 foot long subs. Stuff some good classics from the Wega Genesis in there if you could. Buy Spongebob-dono pinata and banners for Katsura. Buy Easter Eggs. Buy something special for Fumiko, oh and pick up some Mountain Dew." Shinpachi crumpled up the list and threw it in a recycling bin, very responsible Shinpachi-kun! "Do you think Fumiko-chan would like this empty WFC bucket here on the side of the road?" Kagura asked Gintoki. Gintoki nodded his head, while Kagura picked the bucket up to use as sandwich holders. "DO YOU KNOW HOW DIRTY THAT IS?!" Shinpachi was getting enraged. "Alright Shinpachi-kun, you go buy the Cheesepants stuff from the Warty Store, while me and Kagura get some old games from Wamestop." Gintoki said. The camera shifts back to Eren and Katsura passed out on a couch together after achieving an "extra man". Fumiko slapped her flippers together and stared dead at Shinsuke. Shinsuke froze in fear. An intimidating duck lady, his worst nightmare. "Hey, you aren't much of a cherry boy are you?" Shinsuke let his guard down and smirked, "I've been around the block, but I'm only committed to Kotarou. Sorry duck lady." Shinsuke walked away to sit on his throne again. Next to him was Bansai strumming on his guitar, trying to write a song for Skele. "Look man, I can only write songs from my heart! It's hard for me not to sing about my Yammy." Bansai sat the guitar down. Skele looked disappointed, but picked the guitar up himself. Bansai's eyes got dark. "Who said you could touch Yammy boneyhands." Skele strummed some beautiful chords and sat it back down. Bansai looked impressed. "Well I'll be damned, you made Yammy sound beautiful...giving me a little inspiration." Bansai started to pin down some ideas. Shinsuke looked back at Skele and gave him a thumbs up. "Say Shinny, wanna grab some punch?" Skele stood up, as did Shinsuke, "Didn't even have to ask twice buddy. It's not often we get to just hang out, the two of us that is." Shinsuke smiled and put his arm around Skele's shoulder blade. "We should get together sometime after this party!" Skele said smiling. Shinsuke leaned against the punch table, collapsing it over and spilling punch and snacks all over the floor. "So Skele, how about you and that Yato? You two have been real prickly lately. Do I have to show you the ropes or what? You seem more lost than when you were a child coming into Sensei's school." Shinsuke picked up a small sandwich soaked in punch from the ground. "Aww come on Shinsuke, i-it's nothing like that...I've just never felt this way about someone." Skele blushed. Shinsuke just chuckled, "You never change Skele, that's why I couldn't ever stay mad at you, even back then when I turned my back on everyone...I never really had the chance to tell you that I'm glad you came back into our lives." Shinsuke said, unexpectedly to Skele. "I'm glad you feel that way Shinsuke, even if this is a comedy arc, that means a lot to me." Skele gave his friend a bro hug. From the other room, Makato and Mutsu were looking at all the nice...uhh cartridge based beauty packages they had. "Barbie's Beauty Salon on the Wintendo DS?" Mutsu held it up, severely confused. Makato looked fed up and chucked her copy of Barbie across the room, hitting Eren in the head while he was laying on the couch. He woke up and scratched the wound on his head, "What the...who threw perfectly good beauty supplies at me while I was sleeping..." He turned to see a bald man and a robot enter the building. "Sensei, you have such a beautiful voice. Way more beautiful than that old man Yes Man barks about all the time." Genos clapped as Saitama was singing his lungs out. Eren sat up and greeted a fellow gamer in Saitama. "Ahh, nice to finally meet you face to face EpicGamingEren." Saitama shook his flipper in mighty respect. Genos was in complete awe. Eren smirked, "I was able to beat you a few times in Street Wighter...but that King guy is someone to reckon with." Genos came up to Eren and shook his flipper and bowed, "Thank you for helping us Heroes protect Edo and the universe from those Tendoshu." Eren patted the robot on the head and walked past both of them to hand Matako back her beauty supplies. Saitama walked into the main room, accidentally stepping into the punch that was spilled. Genos quickly laid down in front of Saitama, "Here Sensei, walk over me to a comfy chair." Saitama sighed and walked on Genos to a dryer spot in the room. He heard a laughing man from the distance get closer to him, and in tow with Tatsuma was his first lieutenant Mikey Simon. The two locked eyes as their faces got darkened. The two walked towards each other with such massive energy field forming around them, the ground was shaking and the air was whirling inside the building. The both extended their hands and grasped a hold of each other, "Long time no see Mickeyiscool." Saitama said seriously. Mikey just laughed, and so did Saitama as the two old pals had been re-united. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "uhhhg my ass hurts..." Sonic was laying in a heap at the bottom of a cavern. The limosine was torn to shreds and he saw no trace of anyone near him. "How the hell did I end up in here..." Sonic looked around the cave and saw someone sitting there out of the corner of his eyes. "So you're finally awake Ninja." Sougo did not break his stare from the wall. Sonic was taken aback by the Shinsengumi officer sitting alone in the cave with him. "Why are we here Shinsengumi?" Sonic asked demandingly. Sougo sighed, "After the wreck, you were the only person I saw left from it. I dragged you to this cave and patched up your ass wounds." Sougo said. Sonic grabbed his cheeks out of embarrassment and began to storm out of the cave. "Good luck find them...I've been searching all afternoon. I just wanted a chance to talk with him, I can't even find him." Sougo remained still in the corner while Sonic stood at the entrance of the cave. "Don't worry, I'm pretty speedy, so I can get through this forest fast." Sonic leaped out of the cave and began dashing on top of the trees. Sonic peered down as he was running, and eventually spotted a small fire coming a little ways out of the cave. He slid down the tree and saw Soyo, Gonard, Yamazaki, and Prince Hata squatting around a fire. "Jimmy...this has to be her." Gonard said running up to a tree. "For the 20th time Gonard, no. That is a different tree." Yamazaki looked up and saw Sonic sitting on a branch above them. "Oooo, a ninja!" Prince Hata said excited. "Do you know where everyone is Mister Sonic?" Soyo asked, warming her hands with the fire. Sonic shook his head. "I have to look for the others, stay put." the 4 nodded as the ninja began leaping through the trees. Eventually he came across a clearing with the waning sun shining through it, and there someone stood. "Sonic! I'm glad to see a familiar face. Have you see everyone else? After the accident, I got separated from Barkas and Matsudaria-san. I'm grateful a long time friend like you would come along." the Shogun was buckass nekked in the middle of the clearing with nothing or no one around him. Sonic face palmed and walked up to Shige. "You aren't safe here Shige, your little sister and her friend are just about a few meters back. Join them and for heavens sake put some clothes on." Sonic continued searching around the forest. Sonic then spotted not too far off from the clearing three more people huddled under a tree. He landed above them and spooked Pops pretty badly, which caused him to fire a shot through Sonic's hair. Sonic saw Sacchan making out with a tree that she painted with silver poofy hair, and Zenzou still reading the same comic he had in the limo. "They have to bring him back, right Pops?!" Zenzou shook the older man, who was completely feral looking at this point. "Can't trust no one in these here woods...just me and my gun...Sho-chan is probably safe...yeah he has to be..." Sonic shook his head and jumped away. He was still looking for one person, but the sun was setting fast. He decided it was best to meet back up with Sougo in the cave for the night. --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Come on dude, just one more spin. What if one of these things has a clue on it?" Joe slapped his metallic hand on the slot machine button and won nothing again. Steve yanked him from the chair and started to lecture Joe. "We don't have time for this! He hasn't come back to his dorm room yet, and you're here playing freaking slots!" Steve threw his notebook down in frustration. Steve shook his head and went to pick it up, but right next to it was something crumpled up with a huge clue on it. "Joe, it's a clue!" Joe reluctantly got up from his seat and picked up the clue. "This is Josh's Bull's jersey...I'd recognize it anywhere." Joe said. The two were now getting closer to finding their cousin. "Let's ask management for security footage." Joe nodded to Steve's arrangement and the two went to find some workers. Joe and Steve flashed their badges and were let into the security office. Joe started flipping through the footage from earlier in the day and the previous night. When he was rewinding though, he saw one screen that caught his eye, "Look Steve, there he is! He was here earlier!" Joe paused the tape and pointed. But both of them saw something that shot shivers down their spine, "B-Billy...how did he get out of the book? Unless...oh no, no dude..." Joe shook his head, "I should have never told him that order." Joe put his hands on his face. Steve's face got dark with anger, but forgot about it. "Those two are up to nothing but trouble...look Josh is getting escorted out of the building...what the hell were these two doing?" Steve was perplexed, but the security guard spoke up, "Oh those two? They were causing all kinds of chaos. We asked them constantly to leave but never did. We had to force them out before anyone else got hurt. Police were called and everything." Joe and Steve looked at each other in horror. "They didn't..." both of them said in unison. ------------------------------------------------------------- "So this is where you've been for the past like what, 500 arcs." Gintoki was looking dead fish eyed at the Wamestop Employee. "What brings you all the way out here Gintoki? I wanted to travel and meet new people but somehow I end up right back where I left." Tsukuyo took a puff from her cigarette pipe. "You're scantally clad and smoking while working inside a Wamestop. Not surprised really." Gintoki shrugged. "We need some retro games, you guys carry Wragon's Quest or what. Or maybe you carry some AO games in the back. You wouldn't mind taking me in the back room would y-" Tsukuyo kicked Gintoki and stepped on his head, "Another word and I smashed your head like a watermelon." Kagura walked up to Tsukuyo and showed her a game that said "Cooking Mama, Super Mama Edition" "Tsuki! Can I have this one?" Kagura asked. Tsukuyo smiled and rang up the game. "150 dollars please." Tsukuyo said. Kagura unrolled the money and handed it to her. "Do you think the 25 dollars we gave to Shinpachi was enough money?" Gintoki asked, still laying on the carpeted floor. "For sure Gin-chan! Tsuki, do you have any boomer games for 25 dollars?" Kagura asked. Tsukuyo thought about it and brought out a game that said Muster's Revenge. "OIIII WE CAN'T HAVE A GAME LIKE THAT IN OUR STORY! IT'S GROSS AND RACIST!" Shinpachi busted down the door carrying a cheap looking Spongebob pinata and a bag full of plastic eggs. "Shinpachi, look what I got!" Kagura showed Shinpachi the Cooking Mama game and the price tag on the game case. "OIIIIIIIIII 150 DOLLARS???? WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE? WHY IS TSUKUYO-SAN LIVING ON THIS PLANET?!" Shinpachi was close to busting a gasket at this point. Tsukuyo tilted her head at the party supplies. "We're celebrating a baby shower Tsuki! You should come with us and make Gin-chan less of a lonely loser." Kagura said, popping her cooking mama game in her WS. Gintoki gave her puppy dog eyes but she shoved him into a display that toppled over and dozens of games fell on him. "There's a lot of booze!" Tsukuyo suddenly rushed over and lifted Gintoki on her shoulders, "Let's blow this joint and have an awesome baby shower." The 4 made their way back to the baby shower, which now looked like an absolute warzone. Furniture was broken, and no one had cleaned up the punch. Eren was sitting on his cartridge eggs in the back of the room keeping them warm, Mikey and Saitama were gaming on the large TV, Shinsuke and Skele were still talking at the broken table, and EF were tuning up their instruments on the stage. "Ah, you guys are back! Just set the pinata up over the band, and hang the banner above the door outside. Put the sandwiches uhh...on the ground next to the punch bowl." Eren said. Kagura walked over and handed the empty WFC bucket to him and whispered, "This is for Fumiko-chan!" Eren looked at it perplexed but Kagura walked off before he could say anything more. Tsukuyo walked over and grabbed an entire bottle of sake that was sitting next to the spilled punch bowl and began drinking it. Fumiko walked in and clapped her flippers loudly to get everyone's attention. "Alright all my cherry boys and cherry girls~ I think it's about time we get this party officially starte-" but she was cut off by Eren, "Dear, Shijaku hasn't arrived yet! We can't start without him." Fumiko rolled her eyes. "I'll give him 20 minutes, and if he isn't here, we're starting regardless if his Super Cherry Ass is present." Fumiko waddled back to the couch Katsura was laying on and sat on him, crushing him into the couch. -------------------------------------------------------- "To think the author would save me for last...smart man really." "Uhm Sir, we have "slid" into Shijaku's DMs. Would you like the location?" Enshou's first captain said, shaking with nerves. Enshou grabbed him with one hand and lifted him off the ground. "Certainly." Enshou sat him down while the coordinates projected onto his Wotel 8 wall. The grime and weird stains on the wall were fully illuminated from the projector. "Fairly isolate location wouldn't you say?" the location was in the middle of the forest. "Uhm..yes he also ended the DM with the message "Please anyone save me."" Enshou's interest was perked at this. "He dares block my number and then has the audacity to cry for help. I'll help you by snuffing you out underneath my boots Shijaku." Enshou threw one of his pillows in the air and punched it, causing it to explode on impact. The scene abruptly cuts to Oboro and Poe in front of a microphone, "Good morning to all my LilyMu Loveys! It's me, your host, Oboro and my best friend Poe." "Caw!" Enshou looked at his first captain with complete disgust. "You dare turn that shitty radio show on IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SUBPLOT." Enshou was enraged. However, the jizz haired man said something that caught Enshou attention, "Me and the crew are going to be LIVE in the Bungan Galaxy in the newly reconstructed planet of Burei! Can't wait to see you guys there!" The Jizz Head said before Enshou crushed his first captain's phone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2lGv8bVDKQ "They really want to trample my home planet like this...the burn this villainous fire in me even more. Those damn Renho thinking they can walk all over the bodies of my fallen men." Enshou stepped outside of his motel room and stood next to a homeless man. "What has the world done to me...fate can be cruel sometimes don't you agree? Being as you are homeless...I too am homeless." Enshou looked down at the man, "Yeah, after being a hero and everything. Now I'm just back on the streets." Enshou ignored him and walked to the huge ship parked across the street. "Come Captain, we've got a forest to attend." Enshou beckoned the man to come with him as the two walked up the ramp of their ship. Enshou gave the engine a good purr before it zoomed at near light speed, taking a mile of forest with it when it arrived. "Th-this is the exact coordinates from his WPohne sir!" Enshou nodded, "Good, good. I need a song to play in the background for this epic confrontation. AUTHOR, FETCH ME SOMETHING!" Enshou demanded from me as him and his first captain stepped off the ship. "Stay alert sir...it's very dark." the captain advised Enshou. Enshou shrugged him off as he came closer to a smoke bellowing out of the night sky. "This has to be the loser Shijaku, HE WILL ADD ME BACK ON WACEBOOK!" Enshou started to full on sprint to the fire, but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his former friend sitting there, "I figured you would be the one to find me. Enshou, I swear I can never escape you. First I try to ditch you, then all my friends and little brother exploded in a freak limo accident, and now I'm forced to live like a wildman." Barkas was sitting on top of Jii who was cramped inside of a suitcase. "Sometimes I still hear the cries of that old man." Barkas put some sticks in the fire as it crackled. He looked up at Enshou who was looking down on him, "Your stupid sob story is nice and all, but I have a baby shower to attend to. You'll have no choice but to surrender yourself to me and take me to the Renhos." Shijaku stood up and stuck his hands out for the Captain to handcuff him. "Well that was pretty easy...VICTORY IS MINE! PHASE 1 IS COMPLETED!" Enshou laughed maniacally into the empty, dark forest. TBC
  5. Brock for sure is going to Smackdown, does he win the title friday? Not sure, but I could see him sticking there. I think most of the rosters are actually pretty balanced as is. I could see Buddy going to Raw, in trade for Cedric to Smackdown that is he doesn't beat AJ tonight. If he does, I could see Cedric and Shinsuke getting swapped. I think tag teams are fine where they are currently, maybe swap some of the undercard tag teams. I see Shayna getting called up to Smackdown, that should be pretty cool. Hard to guess, but a lot of the major players I think are staying on their respective brands. Maybe have Roman be a cross-brand superstar like Cena
  6. "Yo Hitty, what's your deal? I've never seen that expression on your face before." the small ship was endlessly flying through space at this point. Hitsugi leaned against the only window the ship provided. His memories of Utsuro and his final days as his understudy were all coming back to him. "Do you remember that day in Okinawa?" Hitsugi asked the Nameless man. Nameless's mouth was still bleeding, but he looked down, his face getting darkened. Nameless thought back, for what was only a few months ago when he learned the secrets of the Naraku and Utsuro. It wasn't, however, the first time Nameless crossed paths with the likes of this organization. His memory zoomed even farther back 5 years before the events of Okinawa. "Prisoner 355-370. Do you like this old Western type OST?" Oboro grabbed a boombox and started to play a song, The Nameless man was shackled at his hands and ankles, sitting against a rock. Oboro, Poe, and Histugi were the only three Naraku members watching him. For whatever reason, Oboro was tasked in torturing the prisoners to extract information. His method was to play songs he thought were annoying. "This song has absolutely nothing on Rocky Raccoon. Paul-dono's genius shines on that track. This however, is garbage. That perm headed idiot uses it sometimes, so it's tainted." Oboro beckoned Poe to peck at Nameless and pull on his goatee to torture him more. Nameless wiggled as his facial hair was getting tugged on. Hitsugi grabbed Poe and set him on the ground. Poe looked annoyed and flew up in the sky. "Listen Joui scum, you've been imprisoned here for 5 years. Tell us what we want to hear or I'm going to have to get physical." Hitsugi cracked his knuckles, but the Nameless man just chuckled. "I've already told you big man, I don't associate myself with those scum suckers anymore. After what they did to Kurokuno, I can never forgive them." Nameless smirked as his looked up at the much more threatening man. Oboro shook his head, "Hitsugi-dono, I'll leave him to you. Let's go Poe, I heard Sensei is making fresh cookies in a few hours and I'm not going to miss the first batch." Poe picked up the boombox and the two walked out of sight. Hitsugi cocked his first back and slugged the samurai as hard as he could, leaving a very visible mark on his cheek. The Nameless man still smirked, "You're rather strong...Hitsugi, was it? Look man cut me a deal here. I don't want to bring down your little organization, at all! I'm more thinking I need to do whatever is necessary to take these samurai schmucks out....who am I kidding," the Nameless man looked down at his feet, "Why am I even bothering preaching my story to you...I'm stuck in this place until I die a miserable death, perhaps even by your hands." Hitsugi stared at him for a couple of moments. He made mental note of how fragile, how afraid, and how alone this man seemed. He was a lost soul...much like himself. Hitsugi unballed his fist and kneeled down. The Nameless man's eyes grew in shock as the Naraku member pulled out a set of keys and began to unlock his shackles. The Nameless man stammered, "W-won't you be killed for this? Why are you freeing me?" Hitsugi stood up and offered his hand to the Nameless man. Nameless was still surprised, but grabbed the large man's hand and was helped to his feet. "You and I...we are one in the same. We're lost souls. No one knows our name, no one knows our family." Hitsugi stared at Nameless with a serious expression. Nameless, still holding onto Hitsugi's hand, shook it up and down. "We aren't the same. You don't know my story, only bits and pieces. I don't know your story, I only know your name. That's enough though isn't it...to have a name people can call you by, people can recognize you by. I remember that moment we first met, 5 years ago in the prison cell. I could tell you were hurting, but I don't know what from. I don't know what, but something between us sparks. Look at me saying something so weird and we've only had a few conversations...you wouldn't be letting me go if we didn't." Hitsugi was staring back at the man, taking in his words by heart. It's as if the Nameless man had merged souls with him. He understood him, and vice versa. Hitsugi shook his hand back. "If you ever need someone to get your back...you know I'll be there." Hitsugi tipped his hat and walked away, letting go of Nameless's hand. Nameless stood there, registering what to do with his new found freedom. Hitsugi's mind flashed forward back to the day after receiving the blood of Utsuro. He was sitting on the bed of Utsuro's hotel room, watching the battles outside raging on. Utsuro had told him specifically to stay out of the fight. His body was still getting used to Utsuro's blood flowing through it. He was groaning with each pain shooting all over his entire body, but he heard his room door begin to creak open. Hitsugi sat up, even through excruciating pain and drew his sword, "Who's there...I'm not afraid to fight back..." Hitsugi lowered his sword as he saw a familiar goatee'd clad man walk into the room. "You're..." Hitsugi was at a loss, he hadn't seen this man since he let him go all those years ago. "I have my ways...had to do a little ass kissing to get your room number. Listen, I'm just going to cut to the chase here...I need you big man." Hitsugi looked at him confused, "You know of Altana, do you not?" Hitsugi looked at the cut on his forearm and nodded. "I've been researching this stuff ever since I went on the lamb. Do you realize how difficult it is to run from two different sets of people? Well, not so much the Naraku since I've been pretty buddy buddy with them." Nameless said, sitting down in a chair opposite of Hitsugi. "I'm also informed that you're the new head of the Naraku. That old cumstain Oboro could live up to the title huh? I'm glad to see you're getting recognized for something Hitty." Nameless said, getting cocky. "How have you infiltrated our ranks like this?" Hitsugi said, getting concerned. Nameless scoffed, "It was easy really. Being so secondary that I was able to slip onto a plane to Okinawa and come here was a cake walk. I've studied these people Hitsugi, my former comrades, those beasts from the other world. I came here undetected, but of course there was one man who detected me. Utsuro." Nameless started to chuckle to himself. "He knew what I was doing, yet he didn't stop me. You know what he told me Hitty? He said, 'Please free Hitsugi of his pain.'" Hitsugi had a shocked look on his face when he heard what Utsuro said about him. Why did he care about him? "It seems you're important to him one way or another Hitty. He seemed to know you let me go too, like he was a fly on the wall of our conversation back then...hell, he could be listening in right now." Hitsugi was still thinking about the comment Utsuro made...free his pain. "How can you free my pain?" Hitsugi asked the man. Nameless stood up and began to leave. Hitsugi looked distraught and reached for him, but the Nameless man turned around, "It's simple. We take down those who wrong us. I hope you'll be ready when the time comes." The Nameless Man walked out of the room and shut the door. Hitsugi looked down at the floor of the hotel and pondered, 'Free myself of the pain...' Hitsugi jumped back to the present, "Here big man, I poured some scotch...it'll help take the pain away. Free yourself if you will." Nameless was downing his shot glass to ease his pain a little. Hitsugi reached over and grabbed a glass himself. "Yeah, I gotta free my pain." Hitsugi took a shot himself. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "AND I RECKON I'LL TAKE YOU OUT WITH THIS ONE!" Nobu was throwing a barrage of punches that all missed Shige completely. Nobu looked at his bloody knuckles after punching the hard, metal floor several dozen times. Shige pushed his cousin off of him and stood up. "We don't have time to battle like this cousin. That kid in there is going ballistic." the small group could hear Kamui tearing the ship apart from the inside. A Yato rage flowing through him the likes of which only Umibozu have been witness to. "RAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kamui was yelling, thrashing about the ship. Umibozu lifted his daughter up from the ground and began to walk towards all the yelling. Shinpachi turned to Umibouzu, but Gintoki stopped him before he could speak, "Shinpachi, let him go...we'll get Kagura back when they've finished with their little family reunion." Sadaharu was whimpering, but Gintoki laid his head on Sadaharu's. "Shogun-sama, what do you want to do with your cousin here?" Shinpachi asked. Shigeshige looked down at his cousin who was looking at his busted up knuckles. "We have no choice but to bring him back to Edo. He's a criminal." Shigeshige said, putting Nobu into an armlock. "Now come on cousin! Ain't this a little too much rough hou-" but before he could finish his sentence and explosion happened in the hallway where Umibozu went, and seveal Joui members including Katsura, Tatsuma, Skele, and Pakuyasa arrived to the small group. "Sadaharu-dono!" Katsura ran up and hugged the giant dog. Skele walked up to Shinpachi, "Skele-san! You guys are alive, thank goodness." Shinpachi said. Skele walked over to Gintoki, "Gintoki...what happened to you?" Skele was looking at all the wounds Gintoki suffered, "It's nothing...Skele, I've been through worse." Gintoki was fading from his blood loss, so the others hurried up on the large dog to get out of there. Sakamoto spoke up as they were racing down the halls, "AHAHAHAHA! Take me to my ship please! We have plenty of medical supplies there! I'm sure Mutsu would love to see a certain someone here too!" Sakamoto said. The group finally reached the exit and saw the previous battlefield they were just in overrun by a bunch of Elizabeths "OIIIIIIIII WHAT HAPPENED WHILE WE WERE GONE?!" Shinpachi yelled at Shinsuke. Shinsuke was curled up into a ball, sucking his thumb as all the Renho were taking down the Harusame. "Th-they're everywhere..." Shinsuke was shivering but managed to look up and lock eyes with his husband for the first time in months. Shinsuke's body stopped shaking, and a different emotion began to fill his heart, love. "K-Kotarou..." "Shinsuke..." Katsura jumped off the back of Sadaharu and ran to embrace his love. Tears began to flood from the both of them as they were finally reunited after all this time. The two stood their in each other's arms as the Rehno were launching bazookas out of their duck mouths and blowing away Harusame fleets. Explosions, gunfire, and sword clangs were ringing in their ears as the two shared a passionate kiss. "I missed you so much Kotarou...never leave my side again..." Shinsuke tugged on the back of Zura's kimono. Zura could feel a lump in Shinsuke's kimono, but not from the regular spot. Shinsuke opened up the breast of his kimono and showed Zura the wedding present from Skele. Skele could see it from where he was and smiled to himself. "See Shinsuke...I've been with you this whole time." Zura said, taking the small figure. Zura looked back and nodded to Shinpachi. He motioned for Sadaharu to continue, leaving Zura back with his husband. Katsura looked around him and saw the smiling faces of his shipmates. Bansai, Matako, and Takechi all giving him a nod of "welcome home" while they continued to fight. Still in Shinsuke's arms, Zura looked around for one last member of his family, until he saw the familiar golden locks flowing from one of the back of the duck suits. Elizabeth turned around after taking out an Amanto and met eyes with Katsura. Elizabeth looked away with tears in his eyes and threw up a sign, "Welcome Home" Sadaharu was running, trying to avoid all the carnage in his way, barking up a storm, throwing some Amanto out of the way. Nobu was still complaining as his cousin had him by the arms, "I can't believe yall broke my favorite keys...at least you ain't break ol Ruby's." Nobu said, smiling to himself. As they were running, Sadaharu skidded to a halt and stopped in front of a familiar Renho. "Hey...aren't you Katsura-san's friend? Yeah, I remember you!" Shinpachi said. Eren turned to Shinpachi and waved, "I wouldn't go too much farther if I were you guys!" Eren called out. He pointed up with his flipper as a giant mecha landed on the surface of the planet, "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THERE'S MY SHIP!" Sakamoto laughed. Shinpachi's face darkened as the giant mecha grabbed one of the Harusame ships and flung it out of orbit. "H-hey! It's Captain Sakamoto! What's up man!?" Lt. Simon was controlling the right arm of the mecha as he called out. Sakamoto waved at the head of the robot, which was controlled by Mutsu. "Raj, lower the ramp." Mutsu called over the intercom. "YES THIS IS WHAT I AM MADE OF! FINALLY, SOME USE OF MY GREAT FEATS!" Raj's crotch part of the robot opened up and a large ramp folded out of it and landed at the feet of Sadaharu. "OIIIIIIIIIII WHAT KIND OF DESIGN CHOICE IS THIS SAKAMOTO-SAN?!" Shinpachi yelled. "AHAHAHA! What are you waiting for?! Let's get on!" Sadaharu barked and went into the giant robot's crotch. The robot retracted its ramp and rocketed back off into space to fight the Naraku ships. Sadaharu ran through the ship, being pointed in the direction of the hospital bay. Sakamoto was directing his men to treat Gintoki as fast as possible. The gang reached the hospital room, where Gintoki and Pakuyasa were lifted into one of the stretchers. "Gin-san..." Shinpachi stood by his side and grabbed Gintoki's hand. Gintoki smiled at Shinpachi. "Don't worry Pattsuan. I've...I've got plenty of plot armor left on me. Just, take Sadaharu and wait for me...wait for Kagura." Gintoki let go of Shinpachi's hand and was wheeled away. Shinpachi sat on the ground, sobbing. Sadaharu gave him a few licks and laid next to him. Sakamoto was busy escorting Nobunobu to a prison cell when Mutsu came down from the head of the ship. "AHAHAHAHA! DID YA MISS ME MUTSU?!" Sakamoto put his hand on Mutsu's shoulder and laughed, Mutsu punched him so hard, it sent him flying through the robot and sent him straight to the pilot's chair. He was dazed, threw up a little, but managed to start piloting the Mecha. Skele and Shigeshige stood there with sweat drops coming from their heads. Mutsu looked over at Skele and began to walk towards him, "Hey Mutsu! So glad to see you ag-" but before he could finish his sentence Mutsu grabbed him by his jaw bone and gave him a big kiss. She turned around and started to walk away, Skele left blushing. "Don't ever leave again Bonestein. That's an order." Mutsu walked away, blushing herself after she couldn't believe what she did. ------------------------------------------------------------------- "Kamui, please calm down." Umibozu was holding onto Kagura with one arm, and blocking Kamui's punches with the other. Kamui was unresponsive, throwing a barrage of punches his father's way. Umibozu was being pushed back, sent through walls, and eventually out of the ship with the amount of beat down that Kamui was providing. Umibozu caught an arrayed punch and flung Kamui meters away with the flick of his wrist. "I seriously don't want to fight you Kamui. I just want you guys to get home...not here." Umibozu looked at the barren landscape he once called home himself. Memories of his wife were flooding back to him, but he had to remain strong for his children. Umibozu began to walk towards his son, who landed somewhere between where the giant Orochi was being distracted, and the battlefield with the Renho and Harusame. Near the edge of the battlefield, the 7th division's fleet was parked with Abuto and No Man just receiving the massive Skadoo energy. "Shit, my phone is fried...yare yare." Abuto sighed as Monika, Poe, Joe, and Josh all came landing out from his phone. Monika got up and hugged Abuto while the other three dusted each other off. Poe flew around the ship pecking at No Man's (sticky) hat. Josh was gobsmacked to be on a completely different planet than Earth. He was pretty much speechless. "Ahh, you'll get used to it cousin." Joe said slugging his little cousin in the shoulder playfully. Abuto briefed Joe and Josh about Steve and what had happened. Mutsu relayed to him information from Shinpachi about the small ship that Nameless used. "So, we just gotta locate that ship and I get my cousin back?" Joe said, sternly. Abuto nodded, "It would seem so. We also got information from these two other Amantos." Abuto pointed to Barkas and Enshou who were giving orders to their own men. "Ahh, the feeling when we take these dastards down and I, ENSHOU, THE GUN SMOKE PRINCE WILL BE THE BANE OF ALL OF TBC!" Enshou threw his fist in the air with the locket's chain interlaced in his fingers. Abuto rolled his eyes and brought his focus back to Joe and Josh. "Anyway, it seems as if that small ship is somewhere past our line of attack, floating in space. It'll take a miracle to find them." Abuto said, shaking his head. But, as he said this Poe came over and started cawking at him. "What do you want you mangy bird?" Abuto asked, he received the hardest peck known imaginable, sending him crashing through the floor. Abuto stuck his hand out of the hole and gave a thumbs up. Poe sat down and reached into his feathers to pull out a phone, "How does a bird...nevermind." Josh didn't even want to bother asking, "Poe, are you there? Good. Ikari-dono is piloting us towards Koukan." Oboro said. "Caw! Caw!" Poe replied. "I see, so we should be on the look out for a smaller ship? Sounds good. Mukuro please, you're bogarting all the room in this thing." Oboro could be seen shoving Nobume's feet off of his lap. "There's plenty of room there, you're missing parts jizz head!" Nobume said. "Hey small crippled child, put on some REAL music!" "Hell YES! Now this is a real ride." Nobume could be heard saying. Oboro sighed and turned his attention back to Poe, "Alright Poe, we'll be on the look out. I'll let you know when we find this bastard." Oboro turned off his Wacetime and Poe his phone back up. As the bird put his phone away, 4th could be heard yelling from the front of the ship, "H-hey guys look! It's Chief! He's...fighting his dad?" 4th was looking with comically large binoculars at the family fight. Abuto face palmed, "After all this time and yet he still has time to fight his dead, good grief." Kamui twisted his arm back into place after landing from that huge hit from his dad. Kamui started running towards Umibozu, throwing dozens of punches and connecting, sending his dad flying backwards with Kagura still in his arms. He tried protecting her the best he could from Kamui's onslaught. "That's enough Kamui, I won't allow you to hurt your sister." Umibozu laid her down, but got distracted by a large roar from behind him. He turned around and saw the large Orochi knocking a small object in the air. He squinted and saw a can being tossed miles away. "That's..." but before he could say anything else, Kamui hit him directly into the Orochi. The Mother Orochi bent it's neck down and roared at the two, but soon recognized Umibozu after his helmet fell off, revealing a rather convincing toupee of his former hair. The Orochi looked confused, but soon started roaring as it remember he was the reason Kouka left the planet. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Umibozu yelled while being picked up by the beast. "Please! I know I made Kouka leave, but you've got to help me! Help those two down there!" Umibozu pointed at Kamui and Kagura. The Orochi flung him down to the ground and got close to Kagura's face. The beast could tell the resemblance and began to purr. The soft murmurs began to make Kagura stir and awake from her unconscious state. "Huh..." Kagura looked up and saw Kamui standing over her ready to punch her down, but the Orochi put it's head against Kamui. Kamui froze and looked at the beast with a look of murder in his eyes. But the soft purrs were beginning to calm him also. Kamui's eyes glazed over as he slumped down in exhaustion, landing next to his sister. Kagura rolled her head over and smiled as her brother was sleeping like a baby. Umibozu laid in a large crater staring up at the sky before a man walked up to the edge of the crater and looked down, "It seems you three were able to tame the beast...I'll be on my way then." the man, whose face was hidden, walked away towards the battlefield. ------------------------------------------------------------- Kurokuno walked through the raging battle of the Renho and Harusame, explosions and blood waking in his path. He eventually made his way to the abandoned Naraku ship that he was once imprisoned in, "Now if I know him...he'll have another one in here. Aha!" Kurokuno came upon the escape pod station of the ship and saw that there was a second one. He hopped in it and turned on the controls, seeing there was an active GPS with Nameless's coordinates bleeping on the radar. "Rather foolish of him if he wanted to remain hidden. I'll be sure to stop you Kaname, or at least toss up an ally-op for one of my comrades to take you down." Kurokuno started up the escape pod and launched into the planet's atmosphere, following his former comrade as fast as he could. He set the ship to go into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE (a setting on the ship mind you) and made haste towards Nameless and Hitsugi. Within several minutes, he was right on their tail. The ship crashed right into the side of Nameless's, causing him to spill his scotch all over the floor and himself, "WHO THE HELL?! HOW COULD THEY FIND ME SO..." Nameless looked at the GPS and saw the second blimp on the radar, "Damn it, SHOW YOURSELF!" the cockpit was crashed inside the ship, making it tight enough to not allow the suction of space to hinder the ship. The door of the ship flung open and there stood his former comrade, "Kaname...it's time to end this...you cannot run away anymore." Kurokuno held up his phone and sent a ping to Pakuyasa's phone. Nameless couldn't believe what he was seeing. His dead friend after all these years of disappearing. He was getting worked up. Hitsugi stood up, but Nameless sat him back down. "I killed him Kurokuno... there's no reason to send a prayer to a dead man." but as he said this, the ping was received. Nameless looked surprised at this, "But how..." the ping was picked up by one of the medical staff members, who relayed the info to Mutsu, who relayed it to Abuto, "You got the location? Great, alright I'll send them." Abuto sent the ping to Poe, who ping it to Oboro. Oboro sent word to Shinji who shifted his mom into MAXIMUM SPEED! Nameless shook his head. "Kurokuno...you bastard, what have you done? I should kill you myself...but for all those years I thought you were dead. Why now...why all of the sudden you show up after all these years just to stop me..." Nameless clinched his fist. Kurokuno lifted his kimono and showed a blade, a blade branded with "Kaname" on the hilt. Nameless looked down at his old blade with disgust. "You threw your life away Kaname. I could not do the same. I forgave my comrades for their errors...but you could not. You tarnished yourself by being associated with these...villains. You aren't a villain Kaname, you're a hero. You're a friend, and you'll always be that to me. No matter how many people you cut down on your way here now, you are still my friend." Kaname looked at Kurokuno with a somber look, "Hitsugi, take care of that on coming mecha. Let me deal with Kurokuno." Kaname pointed at a blimp on the radar that looked like Eva 001. Hitsugi nodded, grabbed a space suit and exited the space ship. Hitsugi launched himself at full speed towards Shinji, Oboro, and Nobume. He landed on the head of the Eva and punched a hole through the top of it. The three put on spacesuits themselves, as the emptiness of space was beginning to suck all the liquid from Eva 001. Shinji tried to control the mecha, but it was failing. But, as soon as the engine was beginning to fail, Sakamoto's mecha came to the rescue, "AHAHAHAHA! I GOTCHA KID!" Sakamoto's mecha held up Eva 001 by the armpits and helped stabilize it. Shinji coward in the corner as Hitsugi climbed into the small cockpit. "Hitsugi-dono...I should have expected you here..." Oboro looked at his former comrade with despair. Hitsugi grabbed Oboro by the neck of his suit and kicked Nobume to the side, "You can't defeat me Oboro, you never will live up to the true power Utsuro had. My blood is richer, newer, and healthier than yours. You're a hack of your former self. Hitsugi began wailing on Oboro, punching him into the side of Eva 001 repeatedly. Nobume drew her sword and slashed into Hitsugi's suit, but he grabbed her sword and broke it in half. "Mukuro, you're nothing either. Don't even get yourself involved in this fight. Oboro is the one I need." Nobume's face darkened at the mention of her former name. The three once being apart of the Three Wings of Naraku Crows. "I may be of no use to you Hitsugi, but I know damn sure I'm not letting you take him away." Nobume lunged again, but at the same time, Oboro drew his blade and thrusted towards Hitsugi. The large man stuck both his hands out, catching both blades inside the palm of his hands, and exiting out the backs. He cocked back his fist and punched Nobume out into space, "Mukuro!" Oboro yelled, but she was caught by Eva's left hand. Shinji got back in the controls and began to move the Eva. Hitsugi turned his attention to the small child and raised Nobume's blade up to him, "Time to rid ourselves of this nuisance." Hitsugi raised his blade, but as he did, Shinji flung Nobume back into the cockpit, she tackled Hitsugi hard and sent him flying to the ground. Nobume rolled through and kicked Hitsugi in the air, "OBORO!" she yelled. Oboro leapt up from the creases of the dents and kicked Hitsugi out of the EVA and into space, "Now Ikari-dono!" Oboro yelled. Shinji nodded and knew what he needed to do. Shinji raised Eva's left hand and clinched her fist. He took a mighty swing and punched Hitsugi into the depths of space. Hitsugi's body was damaged, and flying at a rate in which he couldn't control. The large man was thinking to himself as he was defeated, knowing he could not die from this, only left to drift through space until someone finds him. "Utsuro...what did you mean by those words...why couldn't you have told me them yourself? Was I...not good enough for you?" Hitsugi's mind drifted as he himself drifted through space. "Will I ever feel pain again...or am I destined to live forever free from it?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kaname stared down Kurokuno, as both men drew their blades. The two stood there in silence as they were locking eyes with one another. Eventually, Kaname broke his silence, "Kurokuno...I don't want to kill you..." Kaname let his guard down and began to tear up, "You were always...you were always there for me. But now...now you're here against me." Kaname faked Kurokuno out and went with an upwards slash, but Kurokuno blocked him. The two traded slashes, each time the blades hitting each other with perfect harmony. The music of the blades grinding and clinking against each other as the men were at deadlock. Kurokuno smirked at his friend, "Never one to back down from a fight...even if you use nasty tactics." Kurokuno came back with heavy strikes, but each time Kaname had an answer for them. Kaname managed to strike Kurokuno once in the shoulder, knocking his friend backwards a bit, but Kurokuno answered back with a slash on Kaname's cheek. Kaname put his hand on his cheek, and removed it revealing the cut was already healed. "You're Altana won't work much longer Kaname. You're on borrowed time." Kurokuno said. Kaname smiled and pointed his sword at Steve, "That's why I have him." Kaname kicked Kurokuno back and threw his own sword at the glass tube. It shattered instantly and Steve came washing out of it. Kurokuno looked concerned, "What are you going to do to him Kaname..." Kurokuno started getting closer to Kaname. Kaname bent down and picked the unconscious man up, reaching into his own pocket. "You've got to come prepared Kurokuno...you never know what the enemy will have." Kaname revealed he had Steve's notebook and paper. Kurokuno rushed towards Kaname, "KANAME!" Kurokuno's sword pierced Kaname's chest, but it was already done. Kaname used Steve's hand to draw a blade from the notebook. The blade stretched out long enough to stab Kurokuno in the neck. Kurokuno fell to the floor, a pool of blood forming around him. Kaname looked at his own blade dug deep into his chest, pulled it out and looked at the hilt. "To think...you kept this blade all these years. Why Kurokuno...why me?" Kaname dropped the sword to the ground and looked down at his comrade on the floor. Kurokuno was alive still, the blade did not stick deep enough to cut an artery, but he was unable to stand and fight as the blood was flowing. Kurokuno managed his words, "You...were my best friend Kaname...you, me, Pakuyasa...we were like our very own trio. You threw that all away...just to be a slave to your own shortcomings." Kurokuno coughed up blood. Kaname's wound was healing a lot slower than usual, the pain becoming overbearing. Kaname grabbed the sword from the notebook and pointed it to Kurokuno. Kaname's hands were trembling, looking down at Kurokuno, defenseless. His throat was getting choked up, but he managed to swallow. "I'm sorry Kurokuno...you should have stayed dead." Kaname raised his hand, but before he could, Kurokuno's pocket began to light up. Kaname looked down, but before he could react, Josh skadoo'd from Poe's phone, to Kurokuno's phone. Kaname looked at the man confused, "Who are you? How did you get here?" Kaname looked down at Josh's hand and saw the notepad. He smiled, "So, you are the rumored 3rd user. Why come alone? I would have loved to see Joe again." Kaname said. Josh stood his ground and readied his notepad, "I came here to prove myself...to everyone-" "That I'm willing to earn my place in this world." Josh took out his notebook and drew a sword up for himself. It was glowing, and emanated such a powerful aura. Kaname stared at it in awe. He grabbed Steve's hand and quickly drew a shield to block the incoming attack, but Josh's blade was too powerful and Kaname had to step back before the blade cut through the notepad. "Your technique...there isn't anyone like you is there? Your sword can't touch me.." Kaname coughed up blood, but was met with another quick drawing from Josh. Josh branded a small knife and threw it at Kaname, stabbing him in the arm as he went in to block it, "LET GO OF STEVE!" Josh rushed Kaname and shoved Steve out of the way. Josh lifted Kaname up by the scruff of his shirt. "I hope you're ready for what I've got planned for you." Josh flipped open his notebook and revealed a small scenery. He skadoo'd both of them into it and used his abilities learned from Joe. He battered Kaname down with his flowing punches, a skill he picked up from the real world as a theater actor. He was graceful, but his strikes were dealing significant damage in his turf. The Skadoo'd landscape was completely devoid of any hiding Kaname could do. He was getting pummeled until Josh skadoo'd them back onto the ship. Kaname laid in a heap as his body'd regeneration was wearing off. He reached into his bag next to Steve and searched for more crystals. "My crystals...where did they go..." Kaname looked over at Kurokuno who dragged himself into a sitting position, holding all the crystals in his kimono. Kaname reached out towards Kurokuno, but his hand was cleaved off by Josh. Kaname's right hand fell to the floor of this ship, blood oozing out of it. Josh stood over him, about to finish the job, but he was starting to get cocky, "This is what everyone was worried about? I mean, I handled you pretty well." Josh said, tapping his chin, but that small moment of distraction was enough for Kaname to use the last of his regeneration to reattached his hand and hit Josh with a huge low blow. Josh grabbed his crotch and fell to the floor, dropping his notebook and sword in the process. Kaname stood up, grabbing Josh's sword. Kaname kicked the notebook out of the way and threw the sword at Kurokuno, who was just fast enough to dodge it as it lodged into the wall next to him. Kaname took Steve's hand and began scribbling again. This time he pulled a gun out of the notebook and pointed it at Steve. Josh's eyes widened in horror, "Please...don't hurt him...him and Joe are all I have left..." Kaname looked back at Kurokuno, and pointed the gun at him. "Give me the crystals Kurokuno. Or I'll kill everyone on this ship." Kurokuno looked at the crystals in his hands. He shook his head, "Kaname, you are not going to threaten me with such claims. I cannot allow you to continue this quest of being immortal and killing the samurais. If you do succeed in that...then what's left of the samurai's will and the samurai's spirit will continue to haunt you." Kaname had flashbacks to earlier when he was fighting Pakuyasa, the same sentiments shared by their 3rd man. "I'm sorry Kaname...I cannot give you my final assist...Josh turned the ball over." Kurokuno removed the sword from the ship, leaving a hole to the emptiness of space. He dumped all the crystals in the small hole, shocking Kaname who didn't hesitate to pull the trigger. The bullet struck Kurokuno in the shoulder, but he managed to throw the sword to Josh in time for him to knock the gun away from Kaname. Josh turned the blade and drove it into Kaname's stomach. Kaname slouched over as the blade slid up inside of him. He was resting on the opposite wall of the ship from Kurokuno. The two were staring at each other, as if their souls were connected. "Josh...thank you." Josh was shocked at Kaname's words. "Thank you for the best battle...I've ever had. You made me humble...and to think you are only so novice." Kaname hacked up blood. "Steve is...unharmed. He should be waking up any minute now. To think, there's now more than just one person in this miserable world...that knows my name." Kaname looked up at Josh. He looked back over at Kurokuno. "Kurokuno...I don't expect-" but Kurokuno cut him off, "I forgive you Kaname. From the bottom...of my heart. You will always be the most special person to me. Not just some background character...not just a throw away placement holder...you were real. And you will forever be real. Others may look at you as a criminal...a man hell bent on destroying those who...wrong him. To me...you will always just be...Kaname." Kurokuno stuck his fist out in the air. Kaname was weak from the blade, but he struggled to his feet. Blood was dripping from the wound with each step he took. Josh got out of the way as Kaname dragged himself to the opposite side of the ship. A long trail of blood was following him, along with a steady flow of tears falling from his face. Along the way, he picked up his own sword, his name on the hilt stained in his own blood. The sword's blade dragging across the metallic floor, making a loud hissing sound as he crept closer to Kurokuno. Kaname came within inches of his comrade, arm still stretched out. Kaname fell to his knees, his legs giving out from the pain. He looked up at Kurokuno, who's head was tilted down. Kaname looked at his hand, and balled it up in a fist, "Kurokuno...I'm glad we were able to live together one last time." Kaname stretched his hand out and connected it with Kurokuno's. The two's hands stayed like that for a few seconds until Kaname fell flat on his face at the feet of Kurokuno. TBC
  7. I want Corbin to win it, but I think Ricochet will win
  8. That would be a pretty lit stable ngl
  9. "Hey Big Guy, where are we going? You've been dragging use around these woods all morning. Are you trying to find the new TBC chapter? I wouldn't be searching too hard if that was the case." Sougo was munching on a kebab he had brought along with him on this "Top Secret Super Excellent Mission" that Gonard had prepared for the Shinsengumi. "We're almost there guys, see look!" Gonard pushed past a large shrubbery and revealed something so bizarrely idiotic that Toshi dropped his kebab in shocked stupidity. "We're going on a roadtrip!" Gonard yelled. Yamazaki's face went completely pale as he saw the letters E and F in conjunction with each other. "Oh so we're just rehashing ideas now huh author? Couldn't come up with anything new?" Sougo said mockling at me. The Shinsengumi consisting of Kondou, Toshi, Sougo, Yamazaki, Gonard, Joe, Steve, and Saitou walked up to the three standing at the police van. "Vandalizing a police vehicle..." Toshi said scratching his head. "No worries Green Man! the Princess did it!" Gonard said patting him on the back. Toshi walked over to pick his kebab up to drop it again. "Wh...why is the princess hanging out with those two Amanto Princes? Where's Pops at?" Koundo asked worryingly. "Don't worry Gorilla! Hata is like, one of my bffs too. Kagura couldn't make cause she said she "Isn't paid enough to be in a B story"!" Soyo said, fist bumping Hata. Barkus sighed, knowing this was going to be a long road trip. "P-p-please don't tell me we aren't going to see Exploding Feminism..." Yamazaki said, shivering. "Of course! We have to meet Bansai, we got VIP tickets!" Hata said, holding up exactly enough tickets for everyone. "Well I don't mind a break from all this detective work, eh Joe!" Steve said, playfully elbowing his brother. Joe smiled and nodded. "Why does it say NYPD on the side of the truck?" Sougo said. He shrugged as he and Saitou climbed into the van and snag the most comfortable seats for sleeping. "This is gonna be great guys, come on!" Gonard hurried everyone on the bus. "I guess I'll drive." Barkus said, starting up the massive police vehicle. "Think about this, we turn our blinkers on and run every red light on the way there!" Hata said, excited. Soyo jumped up and agree. "NO WE ARE NOT!" Toshi yelled back as he sat in the passenger seat. Hata and Soyo were sitting across from Kondou and Sougo. Sougo stared across at Hata with unease, rubbing his neck. "Didn't think we'd see each other again so soon." Sougo said awkwardly. Hata brushed it off and returned to gossip with Soyo. Kondou put his hand on Sougo. "Sougo my boy, it's ok to not understand love. My burning passion for Otae and Fake Otae are immense and it burns my heart. I'm sure you feel the same." Sougo stuck his kebab stick in Kondou's hand and stood up. He put his facemask on and slouched down next to Saitou who was already asleep. Joe and Steve sat in the back of the van with Yamazaki and Gonard. There was a couple of TV's set up and a Wamestation that Zaki and Gonard were hogging up. "This will keep my mind at ease before the big disaster." Yamazaki said, as video game sounds played in the background. "I'm not sure why you're so scared to see Exploding Feminism, I hear they're excellent live!" Steve said, a little excited since he was a fan of their work. Yamazaki put his controller down and turned to Steven with a horrified look. "That man is a criminal. I know what he does to me...I just haven't caught him yet. I guarantee he has an entire altar in my name." Yamazaki turned back around and continued gaming. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "He's totally thinking about me KyuKyu, I just know it." Bansai was sitting in his dressing room with Kyuubei and the rest of EF. Their show starts in 3 days, perhaps their biggest venue yet. "Well, I'm sure he is, and I'm sure Otae-san is thinking about me too. You just gotta believe!" Kyuubei slapped him on the back, causing his glasses to fall to the floor out of sheer force. "Be careful, we need him later." Elizabeth signed, flipping the drumsticks in their flippers. "Senpai, that Yammy Wammy whatever guy is not thinking about you. Just get over it and focus on the gig!" Matako said with a hint of anger. "I agree Bansai-dono, don't fuss with our manger, she's a busy woman." Takechi said, nodding to Kyuubei. Kyuubei had been labeled as EF's new manager going forward after the events of Valentine's Day. She didn't really know what to do, but she's happy to help her friend and his band. "Yes, I've got to consult with Otae about money handling at the moment. I mean, we're playing in the largest stadium in the country, the Mega Ultra Dome, about 60 miles outside the capital. It's pretty much its own city at this point." Kyuubei got on the phone and walked out of the dressing room. Bansai sighed, "It's not like me to be nervous, but I got a feeling that I need to play my heart out in a few days." Bansai stared at his guitar, the word "Yammy" etched into the side of it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I've heard, all those love ballads are about ME!" Yamazaki said, throwing the controller, Hata and Soyo butted in, "Uhm, no, they're about me." they both said simultaneously. "Alright you hooligans, we're making a pit stop." Barkas parked the van outside a rest area. "What, old man gotta rest?" Hata said to his brother. Barkas turned around and glared at him while turning off the van. "I need to get this thing fueled up, since no one bothered to before we left." "We never use this thing anyway, it just sits in the back of our headquarters." Toshi said, shrugging. Toshi and Barkas got out to fill the gas tank, but as they put the nozzle into the tank, it busted off and gas started pouring everywhere. Toshi looked down, having a lit cigarette in his mouth. He looked back up at a non-existent camera like in The Office. The cigarette fell from his mouth and caught the gas trail on fire, setting him, Barkas, and the van on fire. '"ONII-SANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Hata screamed as Barkas ran screaming into the rest area's convenience store. "TOSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" Kondou yelled as he and the rest of the Shinsengumi tried to put the Vice Chief out. Soguo carrying a gas canister in his wake. "THE EF MOBILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Soyo yelled as she fell to her knees in horror as the police van caught on fire. Gonard joined her as the two sobbed on the ground. "Why don't we just try and put the fire out of the can instead of crying here...wait...SAITOU-SAN IS STILL ASLEEP IN THE VAN!" Joe yelled as he peered into the van, but he was grabbed from behind. "Don't worry Joe-sama. That's just my body double." Saitou handed a card that said this to Joe. Joe looked back at his body double, which was now melted away, "Wh...was that a real human being?" Saitou turned away and walked into the convenience store for a bottle of Arnold Palmer. The three stood there as their van burned to rubble. A couple of fire men came rushing, put out the fire, then left. "I loved that van..." Gonard said, putting his head down. He looked over as Sougo had his head shoved into the gas canister, while Steve was pouring water on Toshi, who was burned to a crisp cartoonishly. "Someone go into that store...buy me as much mayo as you possibly can." Toshi said, and Kondou rushed in there. He saw Hata shoving Barkus into the freezer to try and put the fire out, which kind of worked, but just burned Barkas more before finally the flames died down. Eventually the whole gang met up at the burnt van. They all were shaking their heads, some crying. However, Gonard was not detoured. "Look guys, how about we just take that van under that bridge over there!" Gonard pointed, "We gotta make that concert one way or another!" Gonard yelled pushing them towards the bum van. "This is stupid, why is the only time we get screentime is on some stupid adventure to a concert that I don't even want to attend." Sougo said, putting his sleeping mask back on. "ROADTRIP 2.5!" Soyo and Hata yelled as the hopped in. TBC
  10. I would love to see Joe succeed in any timeline also
  11. tough, not really sure really. The easy answer is Roman, but I could see them going with someone else like AJ if they really want to push The Club to the moon
  12. NA Title Match baby (what I'm looking forward to most this weekend) between The Velveteen Clarke, Stronk, and Peter Dunne. Really excited, I expect Roddy to win. Mommy Io vs Mrs. Hotdog Legs, I expect IO to bury Candice, simple as that. The Raw Profits vs Fishyboys for the Tag Titles, I got Fish and O'Riley winning this one. MMA Bayley vs M.I.A for the Women's title. I got Shayna retaining on this one. Turkey Legs taking on Mashed Potato Cole in a three stages of heck match. I got Adam retaining here, UE draped in gold baby. Drewby defending the Baby Man title against ONEY FUCKING LORCAN, I got Oney winning the title, it's only right Gillberg taking on Nerd Ziggler. Goldberg is going to shoot brainbuster and kill Dolph. Momma Stratus takes on The GOAT, I got Charlotte winning here, only makes sense. The Momma Stealer vs Mr. Sound Effects. I have AJ retaining by dubious means. Finnious Balor vs. The Friend. It has to be Bray, no exception. Steen vs The Best in the WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Honestly, the Aya upset pick of the night, I got Shane winning. Non MMA Bayley vs. Ember of the Sharingan. I got Ember winning the title here, another upset pick I think. Beckly vs Nattie, should be good, I got Becky retaining. Randall Keith Orton taking on Kofert for the WWE Title, I got Kofi retaining, no reason to put the title back on Orton. Bork Laser taking on The Internet's Biggest Loser for the Universal Title. Brock has to win, no exceptions.
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