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  1. Topsters is no more but I decided to make an updated version here I'd say the first 10 are in order but the rest aren't in order
  2. "Goodbye Weekend" // Mac DeMarco
  3. The Long Ring Long Land Arc of One Piece (aka Davy Back Fight Arc or whatever you want to call it) is one of the most needlessly over-hated shonen arcs of all time. Like, come the fuck on guys. Not every arc has to be Water 7 or even Skypiea involving the Straw Hats taking down a super powerful big bad and otherwise dealing with a lot of deeper subjects (Robin and Franky's past, Usopp's inferiority complex, the corruption of the World Government for Water 7/Enies Lobby). While One Piece uses it's more serious subject matter really well and tells its stories masterfully and what not... this is still the world of One Piece. Despite the harsh realities of the world of One Piece, it's still a world where people who look like this are pretty much among the strongest, most powerful, and tyrannical people in the world. It's a world that ranges from depressing and real to absolutely beyond fantastical and just straight-up fucking bizarre. And few arcs of One Piece capture the show's fun essence as well as the Davy Back Fight Arc. It's literally just a short breather between the panic of Skypiea and the extremely emotionally intense Water 7/Enies Lobby arcs involving the Straw Hats playing rigged games against a hunchbacked Waluigi-look alike with an English voice akin to Doofinshmertz. It's absolutely silly and light hearted and that's what makes it so great. It really takes advantage of the weirder parts of the world, and is just plain fun and is even a great arc to show newcomers, because you really don't need any context and it shows off the traits of the main cast pretty well.
  4. Taking a night out to listen to stuff I used to listen to in middle school and man while Korn is still a poor mans Primus they still got some bangers tho

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      "poor man's Primus" would need way more funk, ya know

  5. Mordecai is literally the textbook definition of a simp

  6. As a kid I always remember my parents skipping Be My Girl- Sally by The Police whenever we listened to Outlands d'Amour in the car and now... yeah, I finally get why.

  7. "Dum Dum" // Butthole Surfers
  8. Just realized it's been seven years here since Sunday. I've wanted to talk about this for a while but never really knew how to phrase it or if I wanted to say it at all but I really do feel bad about my decreased activity. This last year has been ungodly hard for me and my entire family and from juggling being a college student, mental health, and personal interests it's been a bit difficult to be on here. But I want to keep going on here and I've made a habit to go on at least once a day because I really do love y'all. I guess a lot of the time I just don't know exactly what to add but I realize I've got to start my own conversations and what not and I want to engage in your convos more too. Quick obligatory thanks for putting up with me during 2015-16 when I was an obnoxious edgelord who hated everything with a pulse haha, but also I don't want to be too hard on my former self as it really was just a part of me growing up although it doesn't justify it. Anyway, sorry about my decreased activity during 2019 and I'm trying to make an effort to be here more. I really do love you guys.



    1. jjsthekid


      It's fine man, we miss you too. You don't need to post to be active, even visiting here or the Discord till means a lot. Hope things get better for you irl.

  9. I've got a lot of these, but recently I've started reading a ton about Satanism and while it's not something I personally believe in, there's a lot about it that's really interesting and a lot I agree with. While the alt-right death and destruction kind can kindly fuck off, I like a lot of the stuff about defying authority and how the Golden Rule rewards parasitic behavior, and what not. It's a really strange religion in that its pretty much made out of skepticism of the concept of a god, and while I like that, I'm not too crazy about "being your own god" because it can be easily misinterpreted to lead people on ego trips with the whole worshipping yourself part but I guess that part isn't super mandatory. Still, I prefer to be religiously unaffiliated/agnostic (it kinda fluctuates lmao) but it's certainly an interesting religion. Here's some more: -Not endorsing their use and what not but psychedelic drugs. I absolutely love looking at art and just general media influenced by it. I find it absolutely fascinating how real substances can lead the mind to do stuff like that. Also trip simulator videos are a really cool experience. Might do them in the future, but I don't wanna talk about my personal experience with something illegal on a public site like this. -Pop music. I love videos of people ranking Billboard lists like Todd In The Shadows and also people authoring them like Wumbo. It's just so interesting to me what people latch on to and how much weird ass shit has charted. That whole C.W. McCall thing is fascinating. The dude was a marketing executive who created a character... and then proceeded to come him, release shitty country music and release "Convoy", and then release socially conscious stuff in the late 70's/80's.... and then become the mayor of some town in Colorado 10 years after Convoy charted. What the hell. -East Asia. No idea why. Countries like China, Cambodia, Vietnam... are just fascinating to me. I have no idea why.
  10. "Thick As A Brick (Pt. 1)" // Jethro Tull
  11. Please don't tell me I'm the only one who thinks that Seasons In The Sun sounds like something that's playing as you're about to be murdered.

  12. As someone who failed a college class last semester....

    Look, it really ain't that big of a deal, as terrible as you may feel about it (and I felt awful before telling my parents and them supporting me because they knew the professor sucked and knew Ii was struggling). I've got no holds on registration and from what I can see a lot of other people in my shoes on the internet turned out just fine. Failure is a part of life.

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      You don't wanna get too comfortable with it though. Failing classes too much will drag down both your transcript and your GPA (the latter, I can attest to from experience).

    2. CyanideFishbone


      ^^^- Obviously, but from my experience once won't bring you down too much. Sometimes you just end up in a bad class with no way to drop it.

  13. Chin from Hong Kong 97 Smash DLC when

  14. We Built This City is far from the worst song ever written. Yeah it sucks loads but ehh on one hand shit like this exists and makes me sick to my stomach from every angle and also this and way more but on the other hand I get why someone would enjoy it. It's basically everything about 80's music Super Saiyan charged shittily into one song and it's corny as hell. Also it's just a pretty innocuous song that I just can't stay angry at it. It's just obnoxiously stupid and depressing considering how far Jefferson Airplane fell considering the psychedelic giants they were, but ehh, at least they admitted they fucked up (or at least Grace Slick did)
  15. Yeah this didn't age well. I'm really sorry, guys. A lot has happened during my first semester and especially around when I made that post just in regards to personal stuff and I really needed my break mostly to myself to recharge and figure a lot of shit out. Anyway I'm posting this to say that I'm about to start working on 2001 in a little bit and it should be out in the next week or so (I go back to class tomorrow so it all depends on my workload)
  16. Thoughts on: Toxic My Immortal Milkshake Just Lose It (I think you covered it before my bad)
  17. Sorry about the absence. Been busy a lot of November with some mental problems and school in general. 2001 should be out by the end of next week.
  18. LMAO I named my Barraskewda Heart too.
  19. Just got through about the first 8 hours of Shield. You know what, despite me not being crazy about a lot of the choices, man is this game still as fun as every other mainline Pokemon game that I don't really mind all of these changes (at least for right now). The presentation is actually pretty damn good, the new Pokemon are a ton of fun, but man, hats off to Game Freak for both the gyms and the regions. Absolutely love what they did with the gyms here, especially with how cinematic and grand each gym battle is (despite a lot of them not being super difficult but that's par the course for a Pokemon game), and they knocked it out of the park with the region and the attention to detail going into it. I absolutely fell in love with little nods like "mum" being said instead of Mom and "telly" for TV. It absolutely feels like a Pokemon-ized version of Britain, and I think that's something Game Freak succeeded at with both Gens 6 and 7. Also, thank god for less tutorials, man. Make the whole game feel way more streamlined. I've had an absolute blast with it so far. Don't wanna knock on wood with saying this, but definitely feels nice after the shitstorm since E3.
  20. "The Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon (Fisherman's Chronicles, Part 3)" // Primus
  21. "The Icicle Melts" // The Cranberries
  22. Yeah, in all honesty despite all the game drama which I'm starting to get really sick of, I'm still really excited. I'm getting Shield and my planned team is Cinderace, Appletun (literally getting this just because my roommate hates the apple Pokemon and wants me to catch it and name it after him and I need a grass type so yeah), Barraskewda, Grimmsnarl, Toxitricity, and Indeedee.
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