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  1. As someone who failed a college class last semester....

    Look, it really ain't that big of a deal, as terrible as you may feel about it (and I felt awful before telling my parents and them supporting me because they knew the professor sucked and knew Ii was struggling). I've got no holds on registration and from what I can see a lot of other people in my shoes on the internet turned out just fine. Failure is a part of life.

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      You don't wanna get too comfortable with it though. Failing classes too much will drag down both your transcript and your GPA (the latter, I can attest to from experience).

    2. CyanideFishbone


      ^^^- Obviously, but from my experience once won't bring you down too much. Sometimes you just end up in a bad class with no way to drop it.

  2. Chin from Hong Kong 97 Smash DLC when

  3. We Built This City is far from the worst song ever written. Yeah it sucks loads but ehh on one hand shit like this exists and makes me sick to my stomach from every angle and also this and way more but on the other hand I get why someone would enjoy it. It's basically everything about 80's music Super Saiyan charged shittily into one song and it's corny as hell. Also it's just a pretty innocuous song that I just can't stay angry at it. It's just obnoxiously stupid and depressing considering how far Jefferson Airplane fell considering the psychedelic giants they were, but ehh, at least they admitted they fucked up (or at least Grace Slick did)
  4. Yeah this didn't age well. I'm really sorry, guys. A lot has happened during my first semester and especially around when I made that post just in regards to personal stuff and I really needed my break mostly to myself to recharge and figure a lot of shit out. Anyway I'm posting this to say that I'm about to start working on 2001 in a little bit and it should be out in the next week or so (I go back to class tomorrow so it all depends on my workload)
  5. Thoughts on: Toxic My Immortal Milkshake Just Lose It (I think you covered it before my bad)
  6. Sorry about the absence. Been busy a lot of November with some mental problems and school in general. 2001 should be out by the end of next week.
  7. LMAO I named my Barraskewda Heart too.
  8. Just got through about the first 8 hours of Shield. You know what, despite me not being crazy about a lot of the choices, man is this game still as fun as every other mainline Pokemon game that I don't really mind all of these changes (at least for right now). The presentation is actually pretty damn good, the new Pokemon are a ton of fun, but man, hats off to Game Freak for both the gyms and the regions. Absolutely love what they did with the gyms here, especially with how cinematic and grand each gym battle is (despite a lot of them not being super difficult but that's par the course for a Pokemon game), and they knocked it out of the park with the region and the attention to detail going into it. I absolutely fell in love with little nods like "mum" being said instead of Mom and "telly" for TV. It absolutely feels like a Pokemon-ized version of Britain, and I think that's something Game Freak succeeded at with both Gens 6 and 7. Also, thank god for less tutorials, man. Make the whole game feel way more streamlined. I've had an absolute blast with it so far. Don't wanna knock on wood with saying this, but definitely feels nice after the shitstorm since E3.
  9. "The Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon (Fisherman's Chronicles, Part 3)" // Primus
  10. "The Icicle Melts" // The Cranberries
  11. Yeah, in all honesty despite all the game drama which I'm starting to get really sick of, I'm still really excited. I'm getting Shield and my planned team is Cinderace, Appletun (literally getting this just because my roommate hates the apple Pokemon and wants me to catch it and name it after him and I need a grass type so yeah), Barraskewda, Grimmsnarl, Toxitricity, and Indeedee.
  12. Old thread but I've started smoking. I first smoked in summer 2018 with my cousins in SoCal and proceeded to smoke with them when I saw them (christmas 2018, summer 2019), but since a couple weeks ago I've really started using it here. I just use a vape for it (easy to hide; not somewhere where it's legal) and usually smoke 1-2 times a week; even though it's not addictive I just wanna make sure it gets to the point where I have to rely on it constantly, just usually a fun thing I do to unwind and chill out and listen to music and watch TV and what not. But the big thing is that I think it's really helped my general demeanor; I used to be really anxious about almost everything and I just generally had a short temper, and after smoking for the first time I really feel like I've just come to accept things better that don't go my way and I really don't find much to be anxious about anymore besides socializing but that's another story for another time. I've had some great stories while high with my cousins too, some of the most fun I have all year is just hitting the bong, listening to vinyl and watching shit, and just talking and doing what we want. I'm 100% for legalization. I think it's fucking ridiculous that someone who smoked weed gets a greater sentence than someone who committed a murder or did a hate crime and that needs to be fixed. And for fuck's sake, unless you're literally using it constantly and you need it to do literally anything, weed really isn't dangerous. It's not that addictive; there's some days where I'm like "heyyy I got the time, I'm in the mood, I'll get baked as fuck" while there's times like "ehh, I don't need to get high, I'll just chill sober". Literally smoking a cigarette/vape (with a nicotine cart ofc) which is pretty much available in every state is way more dangerous and risky for your health than smoking a bowl/joint/what have you. And then there's a lot of the medical benefits for anxiety and whatnot which is definitely a plus. Don't wanna kind of get off topic here but considering all the batshit hate crimes and murders and legitimate criminal acts that go on in our country, trying to criminalize drugs should be the least of our concerns (and I say this as someone who's vehemently anti-cop). Obviously not saying some aren't risky for health (coke, heroin, pcp, that lot) but stuff like weed, and hell, even magic mushrooms (idk what the medical benefits are though, I'll have to look into that) aren't dangerous at all as long as I said, you're not doing them almost every day and need them to pretty much function. I haven't tried edibles yet, but I've been meaning to. I know to take a half or a quarter because that shit is generally way stronger than smoking bud or a cart.
  13. Ehh I'll probably pass. Nice that The Simpsons is all readily available on one streaming platform though, which is honestly all I'd end up using it for.
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