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  1. "I Want You" // Third Eye Blind
  2. This was definitely one of the more satisfying season concluders, concluding the Amazon plot from the last episode well as well as tying a nice bow on everything from the season. The ending of this one was stupid from every single angle but in the best way possible, easily my favorite part of the episode as Tegridy Farms as a whole was a hilarious and insanely enjoyable plot point to me. God that Tegridy Farms country song about living in a Colorado farm is stuck in my head now lmao. Wasn't as strong as Unfulfilled but still pretty strong. Solid 8 or 9/10 from me. I enjoyed this season way more than I thought I would. It started out rough but easily became the best season in my opinion since Season 18. They finally ditched story arcs and kept the storytelling like it was from Season 18, and the re-emergence of plotlines around the boys was such a welcome change. Also glad they ditched the Trump Garrison stuff which was getting old fast, but I have no problem with his minor cameo at the end of Bike Parade. Very enjoyable season and easily the best since 18. The Best (Favorite in bold) "Tegridy Farms", "The Scoots", "Let's Get Cereal", "Nobody Got Cereal?", "Unfulfilled" The Worst (Least favorite in bold) "A Boy And His Priest", "Dead Kids"
  3. Well, I'll be blunt. This isn't a list but I really, really want to talk about this show and why it's the best in animation that I've seen all year. Also spoilers.
  4. I've figured out a lot since this. I know why it didn't make me socially awkward. Not to sound too depressing, but this was from a part in my life turning around from about a year or two straight of depression where I refound confidence in myself and made a lot of new friends, which have mostly moved on and I've made other new friends. I've always been socially awkward and it never quite occurred to me why a lot of people were ehh on me as a person and while a lot were dicks, I was socially awkward as hell and I'm still socially awkward as hell, if not more than ever. Despite asking out 4 girls and getting rejected and having a decent amount of female friends, I'm typically really shy around girls but I've been getting better recently, and socially in general but I'm still socially awkward. I've got a nasty habit of changing subjects constantly and trying to splice my specific interests into conversations with people. But the latter is kind of a thing with Asperger's where I get too into things, which isn't bad, but if you gave me the time I could probably talk about shit like DBZ/Bleach/early Simpsons/Naruto/FMA for hours straight.
  5. I forgot to mention this even though it happened a week from last Thursday, but I got into my top college! It's no super hard to get into school that's across the globe, it's got a high acceptance rate and is only an hour away, but I'm fine with it being close by. I'm majoring in Media Studies by the way.

    1. hippythehippo


      Nice! Good luck.

  6. Forget to get around to it since I finished it while the site was down, but here's my best and worst for the second season of King Of The Hill.


    The Best

    I just want to start out by saying this was actually pretty dang hard because there were so many serious contenders for it, but here we go, I'll try to narrow it down to 5 or 6: "Hilloween", "The Son That Got Away", "Three Days Of The Kahndo", "Leanne's Saga", "Peggy's Turtle Song", "Husky Bobby". I'd like to also give an honorable mention to the first part of Propane Boom, but I felt that was kind of cheap as the second part is in the second season. But seriously, there were so many strong contenders.


    The Worst

    None, but I was kinda iffy on "The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteberg" just for the fact they got Green Day to guest star and pretty much did absolutely nothing with them. Also worth mentioning that Green Day is one of my favorite bands so that added to my disappointment. Not a bad episode, but I probably won't be rewatching it any time soon.

  7. Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody for one of my best friends's birthday. It was alright, but I had fun with my friends and that's all that counts. We also played Smash Ultimate for 5 hours straight beforehand so I feel like my eyes are gonna pop out of my head.

  8. Just for a little recap on what I missed -Buddha Box was pretty funny but definitely was lacking compared to the previous episodes. The social commentary was not really effective and it was kind of a mess but it still made me laugh, so it gets a pass from me. Definitely one of the weaker episodes this season, but definitely above Dead Kids and A Boy And His Priest. -I fucking loved Unfulfilled. Absolutely great satire, with describing working at the fulfillment center like working at a coal mine, Amazon putting out smaller businesses, everyone's reliance on Amazon, and Jeff Bezos was absolutely fucking hysterical as this weird sci-fi creature. My only worry is they're probably not gonna finish this 2 parter strongly knowing how Matt and Trey are with finales. Still loved it for what it is. Also small nice detail I noticed is in Jeff Bezos's introduction scene meeting with the mayor, you can see a portrait of her with George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Condeleeza Rice. Nice little background touch.
  9. I'm asking for a Kindle this year for e-books and to save television too but other than that not much. I'm asking for a couple video games, clothes, of course money and DBZ action figures.
  10. I think this is one of the only celebrity deaths I've legitimately cried at. Hillenburg changed the scope of television and especially animation and will be missed greatly. His work has made a humongous impact on my creative process and style of humor today, and I solidly believe there will never, ever, ever be another cartoon that will be able to capture the charisma and charm of SpongeBob. Stephen Hillenburg was a genius. RIP. I may not watch Spongebob as much as I used to, but I've recently been getting back into it and wow, this just really devastated me, honestly. Side note- I'm actually listening to Spongebob and Patrick Confront The Psychic Wall Of Energy and I didn't even see the first post yet. That song really is amazing. I was actually crying to it pretty hard last night.
  11. God I really really really hope they don't mess up this next one about vaping. Vape culture seems like a ripe target for South Park and the idea of Butters as a vape dealer is a match made in heaven.
  12. That was the first episode this season I can say I enjoyed. Mr. Hankey was fun to see again and it skewered controversies like the James Gunn one and the controversies over characters like Apu pretty well, although I kind of wish they went more with lampooning the Brett Kavanaugh hearings; that seems satire-rich for Trey and Matt but I can't really complain because the stuff lampooned was a little broad and cluttered, but I definitely still enjoyed this one. Also really helped that this episode was definitely the funniest this season. I'd give it a 7-8/10. Also honestly did not mind watching a Mr. Hankey episode in October because the episode was just straight out funny, the Speedy Gonzales joke had me laughing out loud. Also the Simpsons nerd in me loved the ending. I do hope we get another Halloween episode honestly, because I think they're taking a dark week next week and the next episode would be around Halloween and I honestly really enjoyed last season's Halloween show.
  13. "I Will Be There When You Die" // My Morning Jacket
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