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  1. Can't believe I'm 18. Just wow. Feels pretty crazy albeit not bad at all to be an adult now.

    1. dmandamanAndKnuckles


      welcome to the club

  2. "Swimming Ground" // Meat Puppets
  3. "Black" // Pearl Jam God as a Pearl Jam fan I've been sleeping on this one for too long, I can't believe I forgot about it. I need to relisten to Ten, man. "I know some day you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky, but why, why, why, why can't it be mine?"...... god damn, that always hits me so hard.
  4. "This Is The Place" // Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. Guys I have a problem. Prom is this month and my friends want me to go. Only problem is out of my friends going I'll be the only one without a date and I'm terrified of ending up the third wheel. Also I don't have my ticket yet but I have to buy mine this week. Should I even end up going? Senior prom is a one time thing so I feel like I should go. Also worth noting I don't like any of the girls at my school in the way that I'd ask them to prom.

    1. NegiSpongie


      I never went to my prom (I wasn't popular), so I don't feel like it's a big time thing you'll miss out on. If you were invited by friends, you should go, but if all your friends are gonna be taking dates knowing you don't have one, I think they definitely should help you find one first. But it is your choice on whether you want to go at all.

    2. E.V.I.L.


      tbf I went alone and had a blast but that was junior prom. I skipped senior prom to go hiking. Go if you want, but if it sucks, it's just one night

  6. King Of The Hill Season 11:


    The Best

    "serPUNT", "Hank Gets Dusted", "The Passion of Dautrieve", "Grand Theft Arlen", "Lucky's Wedding Suit" (honorable mentions to "Glen Peggy Glen Ross", "Peggy's Gone To Pots", "Bill, Bulk, and The Boddy Buddies")


    The Worst

    This is the shortest season of the series I'm pretty sure, so no really bad episodes but Luanne Gets Lucky's B-plot is absolutely awful. Easily the worst content I've seen on the show so far. It's wrong on so many levels. It's just creepy in how straight it's all played, and why is Peggy encouraging Luanne? I get Peggy doesn't like Lucky but she wouldn't go this far and she's not being naive and she's knowing full-well what Luanne is doing. But that's another rant for another time.



    -Kinda wanted "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" to put it on honorable mentions, but it barely made it because I felt like I had already too many episodes as honorable mentions. Still a pretty good episode with a great A-plot and B-plot, especially the B-plot with Kahn's unbelievably futuristic nephew and Dale thinking he's been transported to the future. The A-plot is basically "Nancy Boys" in reverse, except with the status quo. But the status quo isn't always a bad thing and certainly not here.

    -Yes. Keep it up with the BWAAAAAAAAHs. That stuff absolutely cracks me up for some reason. I kind of miss how theatrical in a sense they were in the earlier seasons, especially when used as act breaks, but I ain't complaining. 

    -Lucky's Wedding Suit was intended to be the series finale. Not a bad episode at all to go on, but we'll see when I get around to the real finale which episode seems better as an ending episode. I smell a comparison journal entry, perhaps?

    -Luanne Gets Lucky's B-plot is terrible. It's creepy, goes against Peggy's character, it's uncomfortable, unnecessary and such a..... strange choice for a B-plot. I don't think the whole prom conceit is a bad one, but they should've saved it for another episode and not have gone with Luanne, a 20-something girl dating a 15-year old. Luanne's not very bright, but why does she never question this? Why does the kid never question this, is he that horny? Why is Peggy perfectly okay with this? They should've done a B-plot where Peggy showed Luanne there's other guys out there besides Lucky out of Peggy's dislike for him. It's a little by the numbers, but it makes sense a million times more than this drivel. 

    -Grand Theft Arlen is such a great episode. "Pro-Pain" is absolutely brilliant. Hank becoming addicted to a GTA clone is a great set up and they did a stellar job providing a logical way for him to get interested. Tons of laughs in this one too, probably the most of this entire season. "I married a MAN, Hank, not a...... gamer.". Only thing I have a problem with is I kinda doubt those kids could fully program a game like Pro-Pain, but I'm really just being a nitpicky butt.

    -Didn't expect to like Hank Gets Dusted as much as I did. Definitely the other funniest episode of this season along with Grand Theft Arlen. I also don't like ZZ Top at all but I thought the member in this episode did a great job and I love how they made him Hank's in-universe cousin. I just adore the conceit of the no-nonsense Hank getting put on a prank reality show against his wishes and it proves pretty darn funny. The ending with Dusty making up with Hank can be seen from a mile away, but it's still satisfying and that's all that matters honestly.


  7. King Of The Hill Season 10


    The Best

    "Hank's On Board", "Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana?", "Church Hopping", "The Texas Panhandler", "Edu-macating Lucky" (quick honorable mentions to "Harlottown", "Business Is Picking Up", and "24 Hour Propane People")


    The Worst

    Welp, here we are, "Hank's Bully" is the first episode of this show I consider to be terrible. Also worth noting it's the 200th episode. What a way to celebrate that milestone, guys.



    -Yeah honestly I'm really starting to enjoy Lucky's presence. It's pretty clear he was added to pump more new life into the show, but I really don't mind as long as that character is enjoyable and doesn't really ruin anything, and Lucky is the both. Also Tom Petty puts on a great performance so hats off to him. RIP.

    -I really do hate Hank's Bully. Especially because of how unbelievably insufferable Caleb is. There's a term thrown around a lot in the review community on how to "make characters annoying to the characters and not the audience", which is hard to do but very true, and man, they failed spectacularly doing that with Caleb. Sheesh.

    -I forget if I said it in my Season 9 notes but god I love how they brought back Hank's "BWAAAAAAAH" that kind of got forgotten around seasons 6-8. It's definitely my favorite Hank Hill-ism, I could listen to it all day. It never fails to crack me up.

    1. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      "...Green dust?"

      I hate that episode too, but that line always kills me just from how Hank delivers it. Other than that, though, Hank's Bully is horrible; I feel they made Hank out of character just to facilitate that plot.

    2. CyanideFishbone


      @Renegade the Unicorn I don't think Hank was too bad in that one. The way he handled the situation was very true to his character, trying to tell him to stop with words, telling his parents, and even taking his bike as a last resort but of course none of it works so he has to go wildly out of character for his last resort. That kind of rubbed me the wrong way but it's his last resort so ehh I'll let it slide. I do like the idea of Hank having to deal with an annoying little brat but I just wish there was more to this character and he wasn't so freaking obnoxious. Every time he came on screen I just wanted to punch him so hard and it just makes me angry. It's an unusually vindictive show also, there's this unusually nasty and mean-spirited undertone to the entire thing. "Hank Gets Dusted" was similar in the way that it beat Hank down a lot, but managed to do it with a comedic tone while this one just felt unusually nasty and vindictive. 

    3. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Yeah. Dusty had a reason to be obnoxious. Caleb didn't; maybe he was bullying Hank for attention.

  8. "Explosivo" // Tenacious D
  9. Applied for my first job today at a Japanese restaurant that's about a 5-10 minute drive. Gonna continue to apply to other places in hopes of getting a job. I do hope i get this one though, the hours are extremely workable for me and it's very close by.

    1. Sauce Mama

      Sauce Mama

      How funny...I work at a Japanese restaurant thats a 5 minute drive and with very workable hours as well lmao. Best of luck to you!!

  10. Hilarious fact about Milli Vanilli and all the buzz around them in the late 80's-early 90's is there was a Super Mario Bros Super Show episode where the main characters went to a Milli Vanilli concert and the episode featured their songs (I don't know all of the songs they used but I know they played Blame It On The Rain). Anyway, the show used a lot of copyrighted songs and in subsequent DVD releases and reruns, a lot of these songs had to be removed from those episodes because of copyright stuff so in that episode basically all mentions of Milli Vanilli were removed, even their song titles had to be removed and cut out of the episode, and for the scenes with their music playing they edited it and replaced it with stock music. It's pretty goddamn funny. RebelTaxi has a great bit about it (from 3:53-6:10):
  11. King Of The Hill Season 9:


    The Best

    "Ms. Wakefield", "Dale to the Chief", "The Petriot Act", ""Gone With The Windstorm", ""It Ain't Over 'Till The Fat Neighbor Sings". (honorable mentions to "Redcorn Gambles With His Future" and "Bobby On Track")


    The Worst

    Maybe I'm too forgiving, but since this was a short season I've pretty much got nothing. Some are weaker than others yadda yadda yadda.


    Some notes about this season (I really should've done these with the other seasons, but better late than never I guess. I'll continue to do these until I finish KOTH)

    -The big change this season is that Lucky pretty much joined the main cast. Now it's pretty evident he was added to help keep the show fresh. A lot of people are mixed on him, but I think he's a welcome addition despite being added to help keep the show fresh; Tom Petty is great with him and he's enjoyable enough without being overbearing. But this could all change down the road, but I can say I enjoyed his presence this season, not loved, but i think he's a welcome addition. 

    -In some scenes where the guys are in the alley they're seen drinking out of mugs instead of beer? I really don't get this. Is it some FOX censorship thing or a jab at it? I can't really tell, but it's honestly really strange.

    -Even though it was first used as early as Season 6 and started to be fully used around Season 7-8, the show has completely transitioned over the digital animation at this point. It looks fine, but I definitely prefer the hand-drawn style, but hey that's just me. Doesn't really take anything away though, I don't mind it at all really.

    -Yeah the show is definitely starting to feel tired. It's still funny luckily, but I definitely think that most of the stories are starting to get weaker and that's really KOTH's bread and butter, which is telling a good story with these characters and sprinkling in jokes whenever the opportunity shows. However, storytelling prowess still continues to show up pretty often and of course the episodes are still funny so I don't really mind. I'm gonna finish the whole show either way.

  12. King Of The Hill Season 8:


    The Best

    "Reborn To Be Wild", "Livin' On Reds, Vitamin C and Propane", "Dale Be Not Proud", "Apres Hank, Le Deluge", "Stressed For Success", "The Redneck On Rainey Street" (some quick honorable mentions to "Flirting With The Master", "That's What She Said", ""Phish and Wild Life", "Girl, You'll Be A Giant Soon", and "Talking Shop"


    The Worst

    Nothing bad, but yeah there were a small handful of flimsy episodes here in terms of plot: "The Incredible Hank" and "Rich Hank, Poor Hank" come to mind. But both were funny so I can't really dislike them but they were definitely some of the weaker episodes of the season.

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