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  1. King Of The Hill Season 6:


    The Best

    "Bobby Goes Nuts", "Father Of The Bribe", "The Bluegrass Is Always Greener", "Are You There, God? It's Margaret Hill", "My Own Private Rodeo", "Returning Japanese"


    The Worst

    ..well, another season, another batch of episodes I have no real problems with. Maybe I'm too forgiving but I don't care, I thoroughly enjoyed every episode this season. I feel like I'm speaking too soon though... but whatever.

  2. King Of The Hill Season 5:


    The Best

    "The Perils of Polling", "I Don't Want To Wait", "Hankee Yankee", "Hank and The Great Glass Elevator", "Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl: A Love Story", "'Twas The Nut Before Christmas"


    The Worst

    ...Well, look at that. Another season and no episodes I have any real squabbles with.

  3. I will never get over the fact the guy who voiced The Brain on Arthur in the early 2000's is now a far-right political commentator and also the guy in the "change my mind" meme

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cool Cat

      Cool Cat

      something something facts not feelings

    3. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      damn didn't know ben shapiro was on arthur 

    4. The Guy in the Sweater
  4. "Shimmy" // System Of A Down Been listening to Toxicity a ton these last couple of weeks. Such a great record.
  5. Well, sorry it's a day late but one day ago, six years ago I joined this site. The 2013 me and 2019 me are night and day as people and I want to thank all of you for making this a great experience and putting up with me through some less than stellar times (ex: when I became an obnoxious edgelord around 2014-2015 who unjustly bashed music I really didn't give a shot and was just a negative, hateful person). However, through being on here I met some really rad people and I always felt like being here was a safe space where I could speak my mind on whatever I wanted to, unlike most other online communities I joined that were either restrictive or full of complete jerks, I can gladly say I feel right at home here. Whether what i faced was depression, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, anger, or questioning my own existence, I always found a soft place here and I thank a lot of you here for listening to what i have to say and just generally being good friends, and I'm sorry if I was a jerk to anyone during those less-than-stellar times as I really tended to be as a way to get over the depression and classic teenage angst I was feeling, but that doesn't justify it and it really wasn't cool and I'm sorry. As I'm going to college next year I'm sure I'll find more time to talk on here and share my life story as I'm ready to listen to yours. I've been considering making a video entailing my SBC experiences when I graduate from high school, so I guess just let me know if you'd like to see that. Until then, I'll still be on here; sorry for the drop of activity, it's just... real life becomes more of a commitment as you grow older. And if it ever comes to the point where I'm too busy to go on here anymore or whatever happens, I've got no problems with any of you guys and I'd like to thank you all for six great years, here's to the future ❤️


    -Ryan (my real name, this is of course a note from CyanideFishbone but especially a note from me personally)

    1. Judy Hopps

      Judy Hopps

      Thanks for kibd words.

  6. Finished Season 4 of King Of The Hill tonight.

    The Best

    Well, hell. This was easily the best season yet so this is gonna be hard. "Aisle 8A", "Hanky Panky"/"High Anxiety", "Naked Ambition", "Won't You Pimai Neighbor?", "Meet The Propaniacs", "Nancy Boys". Not gonna lie, I feel like most episodes could be honorable mentions in their own ways, but I'd like to give a special mention to "Little Horrors Of Shop", "A Beer Can Named Desire", and "The Hank's Giving Episode"


    The Worst

    If I'm being honest, there were no episodes I took any real issue with here. Some are weaker than others but there were no episodes I had legitimate problems with.

  7. I will never, ever get over the fact the guy who played Cousin Oliver in the Brady Bunch also did the english voice for Choji in Naruto and has voiced in multiple Final Fantasy games.
  8. Oh man this makes me sad. Spent so much money on there as a kid and bought so much. At least it's absolute earworm of a theme will never leave us.
  9. Long-delayed report on KOTH: Halfway through Season 4, but here are the best and worst for Season 3:

    The Best

    "And They Call It Bobby Love", "Jon Vitti Presents: 'Return To La Grunta'", "Escape From Party Island","Revenge Of The Lutefisk", "Peggy's Headache". I would like to also give honorable mentions to "Good Hill Hunting", "Pretty, Pretty Dresses", and "A Firefighting We Will Go"


    The Worst

    Again, none of them were bad, but I have some gripes with "The Wedding Of Bobby Hill" for starting absolutely hilariously but having an out of left field and out of character final act. 

  10. "ATWA" // System Of A Down Man, I feel bad taking this late to get into SOAD. In the shitshow that was nu metal in the early 2000's, they were one of the few acts that just straight out made good music. Reminds me of a more intense Rage Against The Machine.
  11. ^actually speaking of King Of The Hill King Of The Hill being cancelled to make way for The Cleveland Show really doesn't tick me off. Better to go out strong than go on before it became a zombie like The Simpsons. Yeah Cleveland Show sucks ass but whatever. Point is I'm glad KOTH ended before it could become a zombie by the powers that be at Fox.
  12. "Jet Pilot" // System Of A Down
  13. "Mannequin Republic" // At The Drive-In
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