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  1. So South Park's back.... and even in my busy college schedule, still finding the time to watch the new episodes. Mexican Joker, while not great, was definitely better than the last season's premiere. Mainly because the ICE stuff was really great in comparison to last season's opening which was honestly a pitiful attempt at satirizing school shootings. They could've went a little deeper with the Joker stuff but I don't mind because satirizing three things at once (ICE, the Joker controversy, and home-grown marijuana) could have become cluttered fast. As much as I love Tegridy Farms and enjoyed it last season the Randy subplot was pretty meh and forgettable. But the A-plot was really strong, enjoyable and funny so I can pretty much forgive it. 6-7/10. Band in China was definitely a step-up. I'm actually surprised it took South Park this long to really tackle Chinese censorship and Hollywood pandering to Chinese audiences but the episode does a great job portraying it in something I honestly am not super versed in (media having to censor itself to appeal to Chinese audiences). The episode was throughly funny too, and loved seeing Fingerbang coming back at the end and also loved the Bohemian Rhapsody jab at the end as that movie bored me to tears. Randy in China was also pretty great and the B-plot was throughly entertaining as well, really won't mind seeing Stan's weird death metal band as well as angsty Stan returning. 8/10 Only problem is it really seems Trey and Matt are going back to storylines, while not as strictly serialized as Seasons 19/20 it's a disappointment. Also I'm almost positive this is going to become the season of Tegridy Randy and I know I'm gonna be sick of it by the end which sucks because it cracked me up so much last season. But it's honestly still funny to me so whatever I guess. Overall, an alright showing by Trey and Matt so far, but definitely not as enjoyable as last season.
  2. Well...


    There's no easy way of saying it, but my older sister tried to down a bottle of pills and kill herself last night. She has been in the mental hospital 3 times in the last school year and now she's at the real hospital. Luckily, she did not die and instantly regretted it, but is now at the hospital so this is all a lot to deal with. I struggled paying attention in class after learning of this and probably shouldn't have gone to class (my professor for that class allows you to miss 3 classes that semester for mental health days/family emergencies/whatnot without penalty but you still need to make up work). Anyway, I didn't know that one of the things we worked on in class was graded that I didn't completely fill out because I couldn't focus because of what's going on. Now I've got a 0 in the gradebook and I'm scared of not being able to get A's/B's because I really want to make A's and B's to transfer the end of my sophomore year.


    It's been a day.

    1. Pancake John Lennon

      Pancake John Lennon

      Aw man, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. She is in my thoughts and I hope she can get out of her current rut. <3

  3. Transferred into Chinese after being disappointed with one of my classes and my first class went way smoother than expected for a language as hard as Chinese. It'll be a fun road.

  4. "Parallel Woman" // Shonen Knife
  5. I feel like I'm the only person in the world who can not stand Old Town Road. It's just..... awful.

    1. Wumbo


      giddy out my way

    2. Dancing Big Ball from Wipeout
  6. Just moved into college. I was honestly super nervous the days leading up to it but I'm way less nervous now. I also know my roommate from high school which is nice.

  7. I've mostly met anime voice actors, but I've met: -Erik Scott Kimerer -Lauren Landa -David Vincent -Ryussei Nakao -Derek Stephen Prince Erik Scott Kimerer, David Vincent, and Ryuusei Nakao are unbelievably sweet, kind, and genuine. Don't remember much from Lauren Landa as the was in the same autograph line as Erik Scott Kimerer, but I remember her being nice. Derek Stephen Prince is... a character. He's nice and super funny, but unbelievably full of himself (man holds a +18 panel with a Jeapordy board about himself at cons). He remembered my name though when I saw him at the con later which was cool. I would love to meet: -Steve Blum -Johnny Yong Bosch -Dan Castellanetta -Hank Azaria -Harry Shearer -Mike Judge -Sean Schemmel -Chris Sabat -Kyle Herbert
  8. "Damage Inc." // Metallica
  9. Despite all the National Dex stuff, I'm still starting to get super excited for Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  10. "Kiss Off" // Violent Femmes
  11. PSA: Please be patient with service workers. 9 times out of 10 it's not their fault it's taking a while, and we also mistakes just like everyone else.

    Source- Had two fully grown women throw temper tantrums at my workplace today because we made mistakes for their order/it was taking a while and we forgot something. We did correct their orders though.

    1. kev


      thank you , really needed this ?

  12. "In Love This Way" // Descendents
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