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  1. CyanideFishbone

    Butch Hartman's Kickstarter

    Chances are you've probably heard of this already and already know who Butch Hartman is, but Butch Hartman has decided to launch a Kickstarter for a family-friendly streaming service that prides itself on entertainment that is "not negative" and trying to help children look away from mature content. Read more about it here: http://www.animationmagazine.net/top-stories/butch-hartman-launches-kids-streamer-oaxis-with-crowdfund-campaign/, and here's the kickstarter: I hate to be negative (no pun intended) and I look into everything with the best hopes, but this just seems like a complete disaster. I think by "non-negative" entertainment he means family friendly entertainment but it's just such a vague way to put it. The idea of an exclusively family-friendly streaming service would be a good idea if Netflix, Hulu, etc didn't already have a ton of child/family friendly entertainment and there's just nothing here to set it apart and there's no big names attached. Also, by what he says "Oaxis" (a really stupid name by the way but I'm not here to nitpick) provides it seems like he's biting off way more than he can chew. And an option for user generated content is just an awful idea. I'm sure there'll be some sort of filter or it will have to be checked by staff or something but I wouldn't be surprised if the system with both turns out to be really faulty. Opinions? Thoughts? I've enjoyed some of Butch's work in the past, but yeah, this isn't a good idea.
  2. CyanideFishbone

    Daria & Jodie

    Actually funny that this pops out, I'm planning to finally watch Daria after wanting to for months but never doing it. With what I know about the show so far, I seriously don't think this would work at all. Daria is an icon of the 90's and a complete product of it's time. It just won't translate to the modern day well at all, at least I think.
  3. CyanideFishbone

    Star Wars fans start campaign to remake The Last Jedi

    As someone who isn't crazy about Star Wars, the extreme fans just seem like some of the worst extreme fans of anything out there. It just seems like they are never satisfied by anything.
  4. CyanideFishbone

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    It's probably been said before, but F.U.N is hands down one of the most important episodes of the show IMO. It's the first instance we get to see a second side to a main character, and while this second side of Plankton wasn't super common for the rest of the show, we would continue to see the second sides of some other characters, especially Squidward, for a while. It also sticks out as very memorable not just for it's stellar musical number, but also for it's great gags and plot. Definitely one of the show's greats, even if it's not one of my personal favorites.
  5. I hate to be that guy, but Butch Hartman's Kickstarter just sounds like a complete disaster. I'm skeptical that it'll get off the ground though. Also Oaxis is a really stupid name, just saying

    1. Honest Slug

      Honest Slug

      The more I learn about Butch Hartman the less I like him.

    2. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      [Family intensifies]

  6. CyanideFishbone

    Unpopular opinions you have

    Butch Hartman's social media presence is seriously the most "How do you do, fellow kids?" thing in the world. It was cool seeing him draw video game and other cartoon characters in his style at first but it just got cringy, and now it just gets cringier and cringier. Seems like a nice guy though, and not gonna lie he can have a decent video every now and then. It was funny watching him draw Envy's true form from FMA blind.
  7. CyanideFishbone

    What'cha Listening To?

    "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer" // Queens Of The Stone Age
  8. CyanideFishbone

    My Hero Academia

    I agree, honestly the opening wasn't that slow but it's definitely worth it because the first season kept me engaged to want to know what would happen next. Just give the show a chance, at least, if you want to. Even if you'd prefer to read the manga instead or also watch the anime and read the manga, do so if you want. It's up to you and personal preferences.
  9. CyanideFishbone

    What'cha Listening To?

    "Easy Mornin' Rebel" // My Morning Jacket
  10. CyanideFishbone

    What'cha Listening To?

    "The Sky Is Fallin'" // Queens Of The Stone Age
  11. CyanideFishbone

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    I'm volunteering right now and probably shouldn't send my entire response, but fuck it, no one's looking and they'll hear me typing away and think I'm working. I'm taking a break anyway. Warning; I'm gonna get a bit spoilery and may nerd out here lmao.
  12. CyanideFishbone

    My Hero Academia

    Keep in mind it stats a bit slow, but man, it gets great. At least finish the first season.
  13. I don't know if anyone feels the same way, but part of me feels like I kind of.... outgrew Rick and Morty. I feel like I enjoy the show less and less as I get older, even the older episodes. Maybe I need to rewatch some of the older episodes for validation, I've got too much time on my hands anyway.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Space Cowboy

      Space Cowboy

      I don't know if I've outgrown it but I've come to the point where i'm indifferent to if they release new episodes or not. I got other things to do lol 

    3. Old Man Jenkins

      Old Man Jenkins

      I'll probably still tune in when something new does drop, but I am for sure distancing myself from watching anymore of the goddamn rerun cycle. 

    4. Wintermelon43


      Maybe your IQ is just decreasing

  14. "Simpsons Tall Tales" Written by: John Frink, Don Payne, Bob Bendetson, Matt Selman First aired: May 20th, 2001 Synopsis: The Simpsons win a trip to Delaware, but decide to travel there by train after refusing to pay an airport tax. They end up staying with a singing hobo on the train who tells them three stories: Homer as Paul Bunyan, Lisa as a female version of Johnny Appleseed and Bart as Tom Sawyer and Nelson as Huckleberry Finn. Remember in Season 11's season finale they mentioned an episode where The Simpsons go to Delaware? Well, here we are. It's not really a vacation episode or anything, Delaware isn't even shown but only mentioned. Is it wrong to admit I kind of want to see a vacation episode where the Simpsons go to Delaware to see how bad it would probably turn out? But if you want to go ruthless, do The Simpsons go to North Dakota. Enough state jokes, this is a trilogy episode. You know the drill, so let's go straight in.... but I want to talk about some of the wrap around segments. I actually like the opening part at the airport with the show acknowledging just how dumb of an idea "The Simpsons go to Delaware!' is, and of course you get the trademark "Nothing is in Delaware" jokes. And Hank Azaria plays the hobo, who's okay. Some of the gags, like Homer washing him go on for a little too long. Jim Carrey was also supposed to play him, but Carrey was busy. Anyway, the wrap around segments are okay, nothing special. So how are the shorts? "Paul Bunyan" (written by John Frink and Don Payne)- First things first, I don't even think any of these shorts have names, so I'm just gonna go with what Wikipedia and Simpsons Wiki tells me. This short is very self-explanatory. Homer's Paul Bunyan, causes havoc, falls in love with a farmer girl played by Marge, tries to block an asteroid which.... goes down his pants, makes a rock sculpture that becomes Babe after being hit by lightning, pretty basic stuff. And that's the bulk of what's wrong with this. Homer as Paul Bunyan feels like a good role, and while I do like the super out there part of Homer fighting goddamn Rodan and Lisa acknowledging how dumb that is, there's not a lot here. A lot of the gags fail and are unmemorable, but besides that, there's not really much here. I'm better versed on American tall tales than bible stories, and I didn't even find this that funny. Like Simpsons Bible Stories, it feels more like portraying instead of really parodying. I'm all for fitting the citizens of Springfield in character roles in famous stories every now and then, but it just feels like there's no twists to help keep it interesting. Of course there's the argument which I do kind of agree with where it feels like an excuse for the writers to not come up with new stories but whatever. I bet if you're a huge Paul Bunyan fan/expert/what have you you'd get a better kick out of this, but it's just okay to me. It's another "you could do a lot worse" deal, and that's why it gets a 5/10 from me. "Connie Appleseed" (written by Bob Bendetson)- I just took my first year of American History last year so I can immediately enjoy some of these gags. This short actually does what I want these sort of "adaptations" to do; parody instead of portray. Of course this short does portray a bit, which it should, but there should be some parody in these, and that's what this one does. Pioneers killed so many goddamn buffalo almost to the point of extinction, and I just love how over the top everyone is with killing buffalo. Homer, Marge, Maggie and Bart changing their last name to "Buffakill" is pretty funny, and I also really do like the cannibalism scene. It's just funny, and it never gets awkward or creepy. Of course it's a reference to the Donner Party, I think? I haven't heard the story of Johnny Appleseed in full since like 1st grade, but I loosely know the idea, and for someone who doesn't know the concept super well, there was stuff for me to enjoy here. You don't really have to know much to enjoy this. Only thing besides some good gags and also the fact Lisa is enjoyable as Connie Appleseed, there's just nothing amazing about this, and it's not super memorable, but it's good for what it is. This one gets a 7/10 from me. "Tom and Huck" (written by Matt Selman)- If i'm not super well versed on Johnny Appleseed, then I don't know shit about Tom Sawyer. And for someone who's never read any of the Tom Sawyer books, I enjoyed this alright. I like the southern atmosphere, the roles fit well, and there's some gags I like here. I like how the shotgun wedding scene has a ton of literal shotguns in it, some of Tom and Huck's antics are slightly enjoyable, and it is kind of fun to see some of these roles in general. Like the rest of these, it's okay for what it is and I understood it well without prior knowledge. The scene where they get caught in the boat's turbine and fly up after being in it looks and feels a bit awkward, but it isn't super jarring. I also do like the ending gag alright. That's all I got to say, it's a 6/10 for me. Season 10 and 11, for all their problems, had very strong season finales that ranked highly among the best episodes of both seasons. Not really here. It's better than Simpsons Bible Stories, but that's not saying too much. This episode is just very safe, inoffensive, and is just like the definition of middle of the road. Not really any fun trivia with this episode, nothing super memorable, it's just kind of there. I will say, the few laughs it did get were light, but were enjoyable. I hate to cut to the chase, especially for a season finale, but this one gets a 6/10 from me. It's just an okay selection of shorts. And that's Season 12! The full season ranked should come out tomorrow or early this coming week. I'm a bit busy on Monday and super busy on Tuesday.
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