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  1. That was the first episode this season I can say I enjoyed. Mr. Hankey was fun to see again and it skewered controversies like the James Gunn one and the controversies over characters like Apu pretty well, although I kind of wish they went more with lampooning the Brett Kavanaugh hearings; that seems satire-rich for Trey and Matt but I can't really complain because the stuff lampooned was a little broad and cluttered, but I definitely still enjoyed this one. Also really helped that this episode was definitely the funniest this season. I'd give it a 7-8/10. Also honestly did not mind watching a Mr. Hankey episode in October because the episode was just straight out funny, the Speedy Gonzales joke had me laughing out loud. Also the Simpsons nerd in me loved the ending. I do hope we get another Halloween episode honestly, because I think they're taking a dark week next week and the next episode would be around Halloween and I honestly really enjoyed last season's Halloween show.
  2. "I Will Be There When You Die" // My Morning Jacket
  3. Well, this certainly was a "stuff happens" episode. The plot was well constructed and made sense within the show's characters for the most part, but just felt ineffective on the whole. I guess it's because South Park's already covered this subject in "Red Hot Catholic Love", an episode I admittedly don't remember off the top of my head but taking that one out of the equation this one was still pretty ineffective. There were a couple good lines and moments, but just did not really leave an impact on me at all. Also it's another fucking episode where Randy plays an important role.... sigh. Look, I love Randy but I miss when South Park centered MOSTLY around the boys. Can we not have an episode where Randy plays a pivotal role? For fuck's sake........ Also for a Butters episode there was something so.... un-Butters about it. I can completely buy him becoming friends with Father Maxi and all but there was none of Butter's trademark happiness and naivety in the midst of fucked up shit happening around him, which in my opinion when Butters works best. Also I can buy Randy constantly making jokes about priests molesting little boys and all.... but Sharon? Also I can't buy Randy as being obsessed with religion all of a sudden at all. Meh. I'm done here. I'm starting to get concerned for this season; I've always been concerned about the show since the story arcs, but usually a meh season premiere would be followed up with a pretty good episode. Not the case here, this one might be worse than Dead Kids. 5/10 I guess. It's not terrible but just did not impress me at all.
  4. Just came home from My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, me and three other good friends had a boy's night. Awesome awesome movie, everyone in the crowd was so hyped, me included. 

    1. Red Death

      Red Death

      Damn, that one was premiered already? I hope it hit online, I really wanna check it out. Oh and s3 as a whole was a blast to watch. S4, here we go.

    2. CyanideFishbone


      I'm about to watch the Season 3 finale and yeah it was the one that premiered already. I'm sure you can find it online, I highly recommend giving it a watch. It's just such a fun movie.

  5. It was okay. Definitely had some problems, mostly with the A-plot. It just felt thin and empty, with no real substance beside period jokes (which was kinda funny at first but got old really fucking fast) and just the fact Sharon is the only one who feels affected by shootings anymore I felt got really drawn out. There was just nothing to the A-plot besides that. School shootings are getting more and more common which is terrifying, and pubic attention to them is dwindling because people are getting used to it, which is also fucking terrifying. I'm all for Matt and Trey discussing school shootings in 2018, but I just wish there was more to it. Why not discuss the public movement against big gun groups like the NRA? Why not discuss school walkouts protesting the gun lobby? Instead they just treaded on the same thing over and over again. The A-plot, while very weak, was not all bad though. Randy at the therapist was definitely the funniest scene of the show, and him at the house meeting was funny to. I'm not so much angry at the characterization, that was handled well. Randy is thickheaded enough to do the stuff he did here and Sharon being this emotional seems so in character. The scene at the school near the end with Sharon calling everyone out was great, and of course the reveal that she isn't going through menapause and her period started today. Finally the fucking period jokes are gone. Thank god. However, the ending makes no sense to me, especially since she seems to just go from calling everyone out for being ignorant to shootings to being ignorant her own son was shot. What the hell? It makes absolutely no sense. Did snicker at Randy's bliss while his wife apologized to him, though. The subplot definitely worked better for me. Cartman believing Token not letting him copy off his math test was because Token found out Cartman didn't like Black Panther and going overboard with it is something Cartman would totally do, and the jokes worked well. For some reason I found Cartman mentioning he would get grounded from playing Fortnite after getting a bad grade funny. I guess it's just the idea of Cartman talking about Fortnite. It was pretty standard Cartman scheme stuff, but pretty much all effective and served as a nice something else for the empty A-plot. Also the scene where Cartman and Token go to their classroom in the middle of a shooting was very well done and did a great job intertwining the A and B plots for an ending. So yeah, it was okay. 5/6/7/10 I guess. I hope well for the rest of the season and of course Trey and Matt aren't great at premieres usually, but this one was pretty meh.
  6. Tried the Honey BBQ Glazed Chicken Tenders today. Absolutely not my thing (buying them was a complete impulse decision), but not that bad. What surprised me was the barbecue sauce actually had some kick to it and I was expecting to feel absolutely disgusting after eating it but I don't at all. They were pretty good, just not my thing at all.
  7. "The Seventh Stranger" // Duran Duran
  8. Well, damn... A school shooting. I'm really intrigued. That said I was pretty intrigued with White People Renovating Houses before it aired and that one turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment and Trey and Matt aren't the best with season openers but I still can't wait for Wednesday.
  9. I beat EarthBound today and wow.... didn't expect the ending to hit me as hard as it did. Probably one of my favorite games I've ever played. 

    1. Klu


      Mother 3 is even better.

  10. Being in North Carolina it's been rainy and windy all day. Power went out for like thirty mintues earlier today but it's been back on for a while.
  11. 1. Hurricane Florence has made landfall in my state

    2. Lmao I wonder if uber eats is up and working i want some mcdonalds 

  12. North Carolina right now lmao. School's closed on Thursday and Friday. I should be fine though, we're super prepared

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