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  1. I wish you the best! Here's to a healthy, quick, and easy surgery.
  2. I feel that some fans are probably going to say "oh it looks shitty" and "oh the lighting is odd" and "oh ew wtf this isn't the BFBB I rememberrrrrrr!!!1111!!1111!!!11111!!!!", but guys...this is pre-alpha, AND what are you expecting? This game won't have AMAZING graphics. It's not a AAA game. It's not meant to be one. It still looks great and I can't wait to buy 23921 copies of it.
  3. Welcome back! Good to see you again! I used to be spongeboblover/Patrick but now I'm sbl. A lot. A real lot. A roller coaster of a lot.
  4. Happy 10th anniversary to the community I couldn't live without. Here's to another 10 years!
  5. In my opinion, this is honestly one of the best SpongeBob TV specials ever. I don't know...it was such a wholesome and fun episode! The whole idea, the live-action parts, Patchy coming down to Bikini Bottom, the party planning, the cool theme at the end, the thanks to Stephen Hillenburg: there's nothing really that stood out to me and made me mad or frustrated or sad! It was all great. I found it to be very interesting. The only hilariously stupid part was JoJo Siwa screaming into the ocean at the end, but hey, she's a Nick star, right? That doesn't even count as the episode imo, but anyways. Also, Gilbert Gottfried at the end was gold. 10/10 A+ would watch 7291939291991929292 times in a row
  6. Squidville: This episode would literally be the number 26 on my top 25 (I need to rethink my list). The gags, idea, and plot of the episode make it truly a great one. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V: Barnacle Boy joining the dark side in MMBB V is one of my favourite Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy episodes. IV and III hold a special place in my heart, but V should've honestly been the last one. It has so many fun and wacky gags and is such a great season 3 episode. SpongeBob Meets the Strangler: Nothing really to say about this one, I think. It's such an interesting and weird concept for an episode, but there are lots of fun jokes and lots of comedy. Krab Borg: This episode is so fun. SpongeBob and Squidward's dire measures to stop Mr. Krabs, who has turned into a so-called "robot" are hilarious. Not on my top 25 though. Welcome to the Chum Bucket: THIS GRILL IS NOT A STOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE-I mean, this is a great episode with such a sad plot but that's what makes it lovable. Rock Bottom: Such a creepy and out there plot and idea. I can't imagine being stuck in a place like Rock Bottom. SpongeBob thankfully and finally getting out of there makes me happy though. Snowball Effect (#5 out of 25): Where to start? This episode's gags and jokes start literally right at the beginning and are never contained throughout. I love this episode so much. The snowball fighting is literally such a fun part of the episode. The Algae's Always Greener (#3 out of 25): Plankton getting tired and wishing that he could step in Mr. Krabs's shoes and own the Krusty Krab instead of the Chum Bucket is such a great episode idea. I love the role reversal here. Krusty Towers (#23 out of 25): Mr. Krabs's greed makes this episode so fun. I love how he literally built a fucking hotel on top of the Krusty Krab. The jokes and gags in this episode are also great. My personal favourite is when Squidward keeps requesting to change Idiot Box (#6 out of 25): They play with a fucking box. I love it. The best part of this episode is truly when they go mountain climbing and it all of a sudden becomes dramatic. I love Squidward's efforts to try and have fun in the box. Honestly...this reminds me of The Paper a lot. Dunces and Dragons: I...I don't know. I loved it, but it wouldn't be on my top 25. Maybe because I haven't watched it in a while. Sailor Mouth: This ::dolphin noise:: episode is such a ::dolphin noise:: good episode. I seriously ::dolphin noise:: enjoyed it. SpongeBob and friends swearing makes the episode so suggestive and risky, but it's ::dolphin noise:: great nonetheless. SB-129: The future and the past. I love this episode a lot. Squidward literally going out of space and time just to be alone is what makes this episode great. Nasty Patty: Such a grim episode as SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs literally plan on killing the health inspector with a Krabby Patty, but the grim plot and dark feeling of the episode make it lovable and a classic. This will probably make it on my next list.
  7. Survival of the Idiots - I'd like to inform you all that, I, sbl, am Dirty Dan. This episode is great. SpongeBob and Patrick's misadventures with a hibernating Sandy crack me up everytime I see it. It's not on my best list, but great nonetheless. Something Smells - It's not bad. I enjoyed it. Tons of great jokes all revolving around SpongeBob and his smelly breath. Not on my top, but great! The Paper - This episode is my all time favourite just because...it's so simple and out of the ordinary. They're literally revolving the episode around a bubblegum wrapper. Squidward needs to obviously boost his ego and have more fun with an inanimate object that's not even a real toy than SpongeBob, but ultimately fails, because of Squidward's greed, arrogance and constant attempts just to get the paper so he can rule over SpongeBob. Squidward also lacks the creativity that SpongeBob's little yellow brain. To sum it up, this episode holds a special place with me, because it's so great. Such a mundane concept for an episode can actually sometimes be superior and better than having an episode with such an imaginative concept that fails to live to expectations. Imitation Krabs - I actually really love this episode. I have no idea why it's not on my top list. Plankton becoming a Mr. Krabs robot is such a great idea for an episode, and I'm glad this idea was conceived pre-both movies because they nailed it. Most likely will be on my top list next time.
  8. No Free Rides - Interesting episode. "And now back to KRUD with all of your personal 'YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH STEALING MY CAR!' hits!" The episode is one of the best boating school oriented episodes, and has many funny gags/moments with Mrs. Puff and SpongeBob. I love it, but it's not on my top list. Clams - All I think about when this episode comes on is "Number 2 Semigloss Lipstick" and it had plenty of fun gags and scenes. This might make it on my top list next time. It is truly underrated.
  9. Feral Friends - I haven't seen it yet, but from what I've heard, it's a nice and pretty interesting episode. Big Pink Loser - One of the best episodes centred around Patrick. Not on my list, but really great nonetheless. Nothing really to say. Krabs à La Mode - A fun and wacky episode. Don't touch the thermostat. I love it, but it's not on my top list. Roller Cowards - Same as Krabs à La Mode. Fun and wacky. SpongeBob and Patrick trying to not ride the Fiery Fist O' Pain and hide their fear of being on a roller coaster and being more childish rather than mature. Good episode!
  10. No Weenies Allowed - The episode has some great gags and memes, but I don't know. It wouldn't be on my top list, but it's a great episode nonetheless. Nothing really to say about it. Friend or Foe - Odd, this is on here. It's a great plot, but it isn't one of my favourites. Still, I don't really hate any SpongeBob episode, so once again, great episode nonetheless.
  11. Fear of a Krabby Patty - The animation in this episode creeped me out as a kid as it was a change from other episodes, but wow, what a great episode nonetheless. Honestly, I really need to rethink my top list, as there are so many great episodes that bounce around and go outside of the box and have wacky slapstick comedy, like this one. K-R-A-B-B-Y-P-A-T-T-Y SAYS I. Life of Crime - SpongeBob and Patrick's idiocy in this episode makes it so fucking hilarious. There's so many gags. There's so much dumb stuff that happens throughout it. I want a chocolate bar now.
  12. How are we doing, my SpongeBob Community-ites?

    1. Patty Rose

      Patty Rose

      Did you know that there's a L in the letter L? Crazy right?

    2. That Excited Spongekid
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