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  1. Blimey, haven't posted in here a while huh? Guess it has to do with me not feeling like I have anything good to show, but I think an update would be of order, so here are my two recent drawings that I'm kinda happy with. (for the moment at least) A lil' Classic Amy trying to mimic her older modern self! Amy and the girls (and enby) lined up for a quick snap!
  2. Following the success (we think) of last year's iFish character months, we're bringing a new flavour this year, in which each month will be themed around a location, with the return of previous items, as well as new items themed around that month's location. So where'll be going first? Well let's head on down to... The Krusty Krab! From now until January 31st, you can buy Krusty Krab-themed iFish items to help advertise the moutherwatering grub of Bikini Bottom's best restaurant, and score Mr. Krabs a bit more dosh. In addition, there's a new Krusty Krab Hat courtesy of Cha! In an unrelated addition, the Sponge iFish color has also now been made a permanent item to fit with the other new SpongeBob character ifish body colors, as well as unfortunately sad to say the Clem iFish color and Clem Hat have both been discontinued after nearly 5 years of living in the iFish store, still unable to read. Here's what's in stock! Krusty Krab Month Krusty Krab Hat (NEW!) ChefBob Puppet Golden Spatula Pizza Box Spatula Speech Bubble All items are now available for purchase in the iFish Store! Enjoy Krusty Krab month! See you again for next month's location!
  3. It's the big snowy season again, so let's get our sacks hung and open and await what we at SBC will be stuffing inside them this year. Santa may have given SBC coal on Christmas Day, but SBC's given you something probably better than coal this Boxing Day. In the past years we've given you SBC Music, the return of Wheel of Fortune, Capsules and Wallpapers (RIP again), a revisit to where SBC all began, and some cute cuddly pets for your iFish. For this year we've wrapped up the present, and we've just now opened it, and inside is... New iFish Colors! That's right, we've built some new paint swimming pools and your iFish are the first to take a dive into a new color! (for a price) With the exception of character-focused body colors, we haven't seen any new main colors since their creation all the way back in 2012, but today we paint over that, and add a new flavour to the fashion, and creativity of your iFishes! So what are the new colors then? Well, see for yourself with 10 new colors to choose from, all of which can be seen in the spoiler tab below. All colors are now available for purchase at the iFish store, all costing 30 Doubloons, while the Squid and Starfish colors cost 400 Doubloons. But that's not the only surprise, oh no. We have one little thing left to share with you today. Can't wait to see how you folks rock these new colors! Happy Holidays from all of us at SBC, and I wish you all a happy new year!
  4. Member Categories: 2.) Funniest Member – @Tronald Dump, @kev, @Majesty Yuka, @GOOBZ HUNCHO & @OWM 3.) Spongiest Member – @4EverGreen, @President Squidward, @Wintermelon43, @SpongeBob's #1 Fan & @That Excited SpongeKid 4.) Kindest Member – @SOF, @GOOBZ HUNCHO, @Randall Weasott, @Wintermelon43 & @Majesty Yuka 5.) Most Competitive Member – @Hayden, @DarknessDG, @dmandamanAndKnuckles , @Randall Weasott & @Salmon 7.) Most Contributive Member – @jjsthekid, @JCM, @Majesty Yuka, @Aquatic Konquest & @sbl 8.) Most Creative Member – @Majesty Yuka, @Aquatic Konquest, @Tronald Dump, @GOOBZ HUNCHO & @Salmon Hall of Fame: 3.) Honorary Staff Member Award - @Majesty Yuka, @Aquatic Konquest , @OWM, @Gustavo Rocque & @The Irate Gamer 4.) Honorary Member Award - @Steel Sponge, @Sweat, @President Squidward, @sbl & @4EverGreen
  5. You better have every attraction's music set to "Galaxy Trooper" or you're not playing it correctly.
  6. Patrick's protecting his title of doing absolutely nothing longer than anyone else, but not to worry, his furry friend's here to keep the light glowing. This month is... Sandy! (Again) Sandy needs some extra funding for her upcoming robot government overthrowing project, so she's havin' another swing at the character month. From now until October 31st (the night of spook), you can purchase Sandy-themed items, ideal for those who have carry portraits of Patrick. All items from the previous Sandy month back, with the exceptions of a few (but they'll be back later for a fright...). EVERYONE Acorn Balloon - $150 Acoustic Guitar - $300 Cotton Earmuffs - $90 Cowboy Bandanna - $200 Cowboy Boots - $150 Cowboy Hat - $300 Dark Knight Armor - $350 Dark Knight Boots - $150 Dark Knight Helmet - $300 Miss Appear Costume - $350 Papa Mask - $150 Pink Gown - $350 Pink Karate Gloves - $250 Ray Gun - $200 Robot - $500 Sandy Boots - $250 Sandy Helmet - $300 Sandy Night Cap - $150 Sandy Night Gown - $350 Sandy Suit - $350 Sandy Tail - $250 Sandy Top - $200 Sandy Undies - $200 Scientist Coat - $350 Space Suit - $350 Welding Mask - $350 LC-ONLY Alien Headband - $155 Blue Electric Guitar - $250 Clam Board - $200 Green Alien Mask - $135 Skateboard - $200 All items are now available for purchase! Enjoy Sandy month again!
Doubloons: $47,576

Leprechaun Suit 1
St. Patrick's Day Hat 1
Pot of Gold 1
Chocolate Bunny 1
Easter Basket 1
SBC Music Hat An exclusive hat for your iFish character to celebrate SBC Music 2.0's release!1
Aqua 1
Teddy Bear Costume 1
Smoothie 1
Water Bottle 1
Canteen 1
Safari Hat 1
Park Ranger Hat 1
Hiker Outfit 1
Goofy Sombrero 1
Hawaiian Shirt 1
Blue Swim Trunks 1
Red Swim Trunks 1
V11 Polo Shirt An exclusive item for your iFish to celebrate the launch of V11!1
Name Change Change your name.
Note: this can only be used once every two weeks!
Underwear 1
SpongeBob Vampire Costume An exclusive item given to whoever completed the Candy Hunt at Octerror Fest 2015.1
Christmas Eyes 1
Santa Hat 1
Santa Beard 1
Santa Sweater 1
Santa Pants 1
Santa Boots 1
SpongeBob Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Squidward Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Clarinet An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Starfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Fruitcake An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Donkey An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet Free with every purchase!1
3D Glasses 1
White 1
Blue 1
Lime 1
Ocean 1
Orange 1
Pink 1
Purple 1
Red 1
Sky 1
Yellow 1
Mustache 1
Thanos Gauntlet An exclusive item given out during the reign of King WhoBob.1
Clem's Hat A hat for Clem!2
Magic Wand 1
Box Shoes 1
Newspaper Hat 1
Lei 1
Wheel of Fortune T-Shirt 1
Cheese Tie 1
Monocle 1
Red Sunglasses 1
Green Sunglasses 1
Orange Sunglasses 1
Blue Sunglasses 1
Cookie Eating Hat 1
Box Head 1
Top Hat 1
Loyal Customer Shirt 1
Gogeta Hair This hair is a limited edition hair, only won by giveaways.1
No 1 Squid Does not suck eggs!1
Xat Time Travelers Badge 1
Lollipop 1
Candy Apple 1
Jelly Donut 1
Rollerskates 1
Turtle Plush 1
Monkey Plush 1
Red Propeller Cap 1
Camera 1
Carnival Barker Hat 1
Cotton Candy 2018 1
Horsey 1
Teal Pants 1
Balloon Flower Hat 2
Mime Beret 1
Bunch of Balloons 1
Carnival Cane 1
Clown Shoes 1
Cookie Eating Apron 1
Free Toy Free toys for everyone!1
Ragboy Fresh from the trash!1
Kissy Kissy You will be publicly humiliated for the last time!1
Chest Thing Helps to get this thing off your chest!1
329 Egg And nobody forget it!1
Band Geek Foam Finger 1
Grand Maul Granny's Glasses 1
Band Geek Soccer Boots 1
Soccer Ball 1
Not Dead Ted's Helmet 1
Grand Maul Granny's Helmet 1
Goalie Gloves 2018 Keep your knees steady!1
Amy Dress 1
Amy Boots 1
Piko Piko Hammer 1
Knitted Character 1
Band Geek Soccer Shorts 1
Squidward Soccer Given to whoever completed the Soccer Ball Hunt at Sponge Cup.1
Band Geek Soccer Shirt 1
ChefBob Puppet Terrible at cooking. Excellent at roasting!1
2% Milk Think you can handle it?1
Dead Eye Stache 1
Vanilly Ice Cream Free coffin measurement included!1
Never-Pootin' Chili Spiciest in the West. Tastes terrible.1
Peco Patrick Overalls 1
TeenGirl Hair 1
Elvis Hair 1
Squidward's Hair Piece 1
Long Blonde Hair 1
Cow Skull A barrel of laughs, but lazy. 1
SpongeBuck Hat 1
Seahorse Head 1
Cactus Head 1
Cowboy Boots 1
Dead Eye Bowtie 1
Peco Patrick Hat 1
Peco Patrick Pants 1
SpongeBuck Bowtie 1
SpongeBuck Pants 1
Cowboy Bandana 1
Little Buddy Radio 1
Coffin Jockey 1
SpongeBuck Given to whoever hit the yellow target in Bullseye Target at Rodessance.1
Dead Eye Hat 1
Seahorse Body 1
Cactus Body 1
Cowboy Hat 1
SpongeBuck Shirt 1
Peco Patrick Shirt 1
Acoustic Guitar 1
Sheriff Badge No take backs!1
Peco Patrick Given to whoever won it from Seahorse Rodeo at Rodessance.1
Dead Eye Whip 1
Fish Baby 1
Clem Become like Clem!1
Box Outfit 1
Yellow Bass Guitar 1
Fancy Tuxedo 1
Chemist Glass 1
Chemist Goggles 1
Water Helmet 1
White Tuxedo 1
Buizel Costume 1
Buizel Feet 1
Buizel Head 1
Buizel Neck 1
Treat Bag 1
Eyepatch 1
Sponge Popsicle 1
Paper Ghost Puppet 1
Lantern 1
Pirate Hook 1
Black Cat Ears 1
Groucho Glasses 1
Vampire Teeth 1
Pirate Hat 1
Black Eye For those who use toothpaste.1
Popcorn Bucket Save your appetite for this!1
Witch Nose 1
Ghost Mop A real life ghost mop!1
Pumpkin Costume Head 1
Pirate Boots 1
Dark Knight Boots 1
Brain Head Dont worry, it grows back!1
Dutchman Beard 1
Goldfish Hat You wont get it.1
Skeleton Mask 1
Vampire Hair 1
Witch Broom 1
Frankenstein Hat 1
Mad Scientist Hair 1
Grave Shovel 1
Wooden Shoes 1
Captain's Hat 1
Black Pirate Pants 1
Dutchman Hat 1
Ghost Bucket You got this hat!1
Vampire Cape 1
Vampire Pants 1
Witch Hat 1
Clown Wig 2018 1
Buccaneer Outfit 1
Mummy Costume 1
Candy Bowl Thats enough of a treat!1
Dark Knight Helmet 1
Black Cat Costume 1
Candy Collectable Given to whoever won it from the Trick or Treating minigame.1
Haunted Sleeping Bag Now thats scary!1
Skeleton Costume 2018 1
Swordfish Sword Youll feel like Errol Fin!1
Frankenstein Costume 1
Mad Scientist Costume 1
Pizza Costume 1
Haunted Mattress Costume 1
Pearl Frankenstein Bride Given to whoever completed the Candy Hunt during Octerror Fest 2018.1
Pumpkin Costume Coat 1
Dark Knight Armor 1
Superhero Costume 1
Vampire Costume 1
Clown Costume 2018 1
Dutchman Coat 1
Vampire Suit 1
Witch Dress 1
Snowball Given to whoever won it from Snowball Throw at Snowcember Ball 2018.1
Fruitcake 1
SpongeBob Cookie Only for the children, not for pesky parrots!1
Red Nose 1
Blue Mittens 1
Teddy Bear 1
Earmuffs 1
Silver Bell 1
Bauble Eyes Shopping, decorating and plenty of beauty!1
Wrench The perfect gift for any little girl!1
Funnel 1
Jerk Face 1
Snowball Eye 1
Candy Cane 1
Reindeer Hat 1
Holiday Socks 1
Jingle Bell Hat 1
Snowman Head 1
Candy Cane 2018 Step outside, we ve got something for you to buy!1
Gingerbread Mask 1
Jerk Face 2018 Dont be a jerk, its capitalism!1
Wooden Clarinet Will make you feel like jerk!1
Elf Hat 2018 1
Elf Ears 2018 1
Elf Nose 1
Elf Shoes 1
Blue Toque 1
Winter Boots 1
Holiday Scarf 1
Red Scarf 1
New Hairstyle Unbaked cookie dough!1
Carol Book 1
Gray Scarf 1
Knitted Sweater With love in every stitch!1
Elf Shirt 1
Ugly Xmas Sweater - Presents 1
Ugly Xmas Sweater - Fruitcakes 1
Ugly Xmas Sweater - Carolers 1
Gingerbread Costume 1
Abominable Snow Mollusk Head 1
Brown Sweater 1
Holiday Jacket 1
Gingerbread Man Costume 1
Green Winter Jacket 1
Tree Costume 1
Ugly Xmas Sweater - SpongeBob 1
Penguin Costume 1
Snowman Costume 1
Elf Dress 1
Abominable Snow Mollusk Body 1
Orange Double Neck Guitar 1
SpongeCraft Hoodie 1
Gingerbread Man Given to whoever completed the Present Hunt at Snowcember Ball 2018.1
GCA Award 1
Cookie Mask 1
Jellien Hat 1
SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Glasses 1
Snail - Christmas 1
Jellyfish 1
Nudibranch 1
Scallop 1
Sea Bunny 1
Snail 1
Worm 1
Ice Cream Cone 1
Marshmallow Stick 1
Jar 1
Popcorn 1
Patrick Eyelids 1
Executive Tie Enter the world of business!1
Glove Feet Hats on our Captains quarters too!1
Harold Trunks Thanks!1
Patricia Face 1
Patrick Knight Helmet 1
Elastic Waistband Goggles 1
Blue Sneakers Hope you know how to tie them!1
Donut Conscience They re covered in sprinkles!1
Flipper Slippers Everybody wants them!1
Fred Pants Break a leg!1
Patricia Hair 1
Patricia Skirt 1
Patrick Lei 1
Patrick Shorts 1
Patrick Knight Tunic 1
Patricia Top 1
Plank Never enter a hat store again!1
Urchin Beard You are an adult now!1
Wumbo Shirt 1
Elastic Waistband Costume 1
Purple Sweater Only wear at winter!1
Jeffrey the Jellyfish Costume 1
Rocky 1
Cotton Earmuffs If you can read this, dont wake up!1
Green Alien Mask 1
Acorn Balloon 1
Papa Mask You aint my pa!1
Sandy Night Cap 1
Alien Headband 1
Clam Board 1
Ray Gun 1
Skateboard 1
Sandy Top 1
Sandy Undies 1
Welding Mask 1
Blue Electric Guitar 1
Green Karate Gloves I love karate!1
Marilyn Monroe Make-Up 1
Black Gloves 1
Marilyn Monroe Shoes 1
Godfather Shoes 1
Film Script 1
Flower Bouquet Smell the roses!1
Marilyn Monroe Hair 1
Godfather Hair 1
Starlet Pearl Necklace 1
Clapboard 1
Director Megaphone 1
Starlet Pearl Earrings 1
Bellboy Hat 1
Bellboy Pants 1
Police Pants 1
White Pants 1
Movie Camera 1
Director Beret CUT!2
Godfather Suit Pants 1
Pink Karate Gloves 1
Sandy Boots 1
Sandy Tail 1
Starlet Hair 1
Plankton Fedora 1
Police Cap 1
Starlet Dress 1
Sandy Helmet 1
Police Shirt 1
Police Star 1
Boom Mic Did somebody say boom?1
Godfather Suit Top 1
Will Smith Autograph Given to whoever won it from the Movie Makers minigame.1
Bellboy Shirt 1
Valentine Shirt 1
White Suit 1
Old Camera 1
Marilyn Monroe Dress 1
Red Bandana 1
Basketball 1
Dime Bump Me Dime!1
Treasure Maps 1
Komedy Bowtie 1
Klown Nose 1
Drastical Foam Finger 1
Microphone 1
Feel It Face 1
Band Geek Hat 1
Headphones 1
Krabs Ascot Be the head chef on the SS Diarrhoea!1
Metal Pincher 1
Red Eyes 1
Speech Bubble The ceiling is right!1
Klown Tie 1
Band Geek Glasses 1
Antique Umbrella Formerly belong to the Queen of Switzerland!1
Fishing Hat Better than a powdered wig!1
Komedy Glasses Ar ar ar!1
Pizza Box Drink not included!1
Specter Deflector 1
Tied Up Rope What color is my underwear?1
Ted Face 1
Mama Krabs Glasses 1
Granny Shoes 1
Twirling Flag 1
Squidward's Conductor Hat 1
Band Geek Track Pants 1
Drastical Track Pants 1
Drastical Vuvuzela 1
Band Geek Vuvuzela 1
Feel It Hat 1
Hook The hooks boyo!1
Krabs Pants 1
Band Geek Pants 2019 1
Flower SpongeBob Given to whoever completed the Flower Hunt during March Madness 2019.1
Johnny Helmet 1
Johnny Shoes 1
Johnny Shorts 1
Ted Helmet 1
Ted Shoes 1
Ted Trunks 1
Band Geek Pants 1
Johnny Krill's Pants 1
Mama Krabs Bloomers Don't miss the panty raid!1
Captain Tightwad Hat 1
Artist Nose NOW it s art!1
Plate of Cubed Cheese 1
Squidly Shoes 1
Artist Bowtie 1
Bath Hat 1
Jester Hat 1
Doctor Negative Mask 1
Doctor Negative Head Mirror proud1
Lodge Neckpiece 1
Music Note Necklace 1
Gary Slippers 1
Pride Flag To show off your pride!1
20th Anni. Shirt 1
Anniversary Hat Celebrating 10 years of SBC!1
ALS Jacket An exclusive item given to those who have donated to the ALS Association.1
Patar Face 1
Candy Cane 1
Pale 1
Lavender 1
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