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  1. Did you say.... MUSICALS??? +u+
  2. An assignment for college lmao, it's a dog
  3. I believe ben shapiro does exists he just got to be real!
  4. Drew @Goofy the Red Nosed Goober :3
  5. I cant wait to watch it and make fanart of it
  6. Ahhhh thanks guys!! ;u; i did put a lot of work into this hahaha
  7. I'm finally done woooo (my hand hurts) REST IN PEACE OCEAN MAN THANK YOU FOR MY CHILDHOOD
  8. It sucked,, at least that's my opinion along with 1.6 million people and counting
  9. - Nintendo switch - wacom cintiq - luv -my own apartment -another pet rabbit
  10. According to the mormons u can get rid of aids by making love to a frog
  11. Drew this after i found out the tragic news... Note: this is not the art tribute for Hillenburg that I was planning. That might take a while for me to make because my finals are coming up
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