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  1. The media trying to be the first to report Tom Petty's supposed death is not only unprofessional but also extremely disrespectful. Journalistic integrity has been dead and this is simply another case of that.

    1. Katniss


      the more I hear about the media screwing up, the more I want to consider choosing another career path :/ That was so irresponsible of them to do that without fact-checking.

    2. Plank


      I understand that mixups happen but how hard is it to just say that he's at the hospital in critical condition and wait until its confirmed? That's easy to report and you can still be quick while doing that, I know being quick is important to survive in our online age but this is just asinine, especially as doing that gives you multiple clicks and if you wait until its' confirmed it won't all be on just one day and you'll get huge traffic on both reports on separate days instead of just one mass influx. Maybe I don't understand journalism but that breaks common sense, then again it is different for everyone so what room am I, an unprofessional, to say this?

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