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  1. well only one of those is rated the best rap album by the users of metacritic
  2. Finished 999 and moved onto the sequel Virtue's Last Reward
  3. decade end worst song list #1: high hopes *waves arms caucasianly*
  4. 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, 2/6 endings so far
  5. I can't believe they're all flat earthers now
  6. I'll never consider Krabs a la Mode top 50 worthy but it is a nice cozy episode that has some fun elements to it with the ice shenanigans so I can still appreciate it being on here now and then. the only thing roller cowards has going for it compared to other episodes is reliability and as someone who doesnt with roller coasters I still like RC as an ep but by no means would I even come close to calling it top 100, it's like a good 7-8/10 but that's it
  7. Fear is one I'm genuinely disappointed to see drop, the therapy antics were amazing and things were finally looking up for it after last year, hope this doesn't mean anything. Crime I used to have as an HM but recently it's still good but not as standout to me compared to others so I rather it drop from the list altogether now, it's had a pretty good run. No Weenies Allowed is the best episode for touching upon SB's wimpiness or cowardice while still giving him enough of an engaging confrontational attitude. Missed mine but glad to see it stay. My hot take is that Friend or Foe's ending is a shittier version of New Leaf's copout ending as this time it isn't even funny to alleviate the blow, and the Patchy scenes are genuinely the worst of the show. The flashbacks are cool but the other bits of the episode drag it down and it floors me that it made on at all let alone pretty comfortably. Feral Friends meanders a bit but of all post sequel episodes I'm glad that it's this one to have made it and hopefully be the only representative of the era given what the other favorites are. It was gutsy in ways most episodes aren't and the unique approach to actually doing something with Sandy's more scientific side on top of still having it be an action/thrill episode blends the two parts of her personality that are usually split for the worst into an enjoyable adventure. Big Pink Loser is a classic for me and while I absolutely don't feel as strongly towards it anymore, it still has a comfortable spot on mine for being one of the first ones I ever enjoyed, and the thrill of competition is something that's pretty relatable so Patrick giving his all and going insane with it works splendidly.
  8. Accident really blends in with the seasons in a way that doesnt make it stand out despite being enjoyable, so I'd rather it be off. Mid-Life is great for somehow getting a panty raid in alone on top of Krabs' general desperation such as in the first 3 or so minutes, it dropping is a crime.
  9. Patty Hype: Never thought much of it but it has some fun chaos and SpongeBob splitting from the KK being executed well was fun IaSBC:...undeserving by competition, fine in its own right and cozy, but nothing standout besides the animation and Christmas Who is a better christmas episode imo Army: Sad sad drop but still on given the high threshold and it couldve been worse off so eh. Still glad to see it. OKT: Owm already said it for me plus its the most quotable for me, I may move it to second as the funniest episode of the show for me but I have more nostalgia for Imitation Krabs. Glad to see it surge hopefully in part to my campaigning for it on discord as I think only I had it last year in the mid 20s so rediscovering it even more has been fun.
  10. Nitwitting: Only episode to be genuinely offensive to the audience with how it expects stupidity alone to be enough, both to me as a viewer and just the vibes it gives off of the nitwitters being....mentally challenged. Plus the pacing was ass and the ending a Deus Ex, easy bottom 5 for me Summer Job: SpongeBob irritates Puff. Did commentary before and still agree it blows hard Sponge-cano: Never considered but looking on the plot making no sense and just being irritating I'll have to consider next time Whobob: Glad to see it rise up for butchering characterization, don't have it on but I was really concerned with it dropping previous years. Cent: Bastardized Krabs at its finest, another 50 not 25 episode for me so this is a fair spot. Squid's Visit: Would be cool if not for a SpongeBob episode where the characters don't fit this type of horror shtick. Still on mine and it's a shame Fungus: RIP the former number 2, never cared for it as it's just...there to me. Nothing really sticks out as egregious and it's pretty forgettable, at least pirate wrestling was funny? Rodeo Daze: Last year I thought we were crazy for having it, didn't have it this year either but I'm seriously thinking of entering it relatively high on mine as it just makes everyone out to be bitchy at each other for no reason on top of the wasted potential with an actual rodeo. YM&M: Always one of those episodes which I should hate but couldn't bring myself to. It's understandable how irritating it is but it just doesn't faze me. Not gonna try to defend it though still a trainwreck. Main Drain:....still don't think it should be on here at all, the ending is confusing I'll give it that, but the rest of the episode is so mild that it's impossible to be offensive. There's far worse in terms of just dragging on (hi season 8 nice to meet you) that it should absolutely be lower, at least below far worse offenders on this list like House Sittin', and it's definitely not a worse Legends episode than Sponge-Cano, know it's arbitrary based on when it was made production wise but it does irk me a bit to see this place over Cano.
  11. To Love a Patty was bottom 5 in 2016 and it genuinely disappoints me with how it's dropped, it's one of the very few episodes to have ever actually physically disgusted me and I feel we're letting it off far too easily. Doofus....was always just there to me, it actually has far more life in it than the typical season 8 episode so it stands out somewhat positively there. I can get the characterization being rough for some people though and do understand why it gets here, slightly glad it's a bit lower though.
  12. A ton of episodes feel like they're dropping so far due to list inflation, this would've been good for 20th last year point wise (right where Rodeo Daze was as the first one with two number one placements, while Sportz is this year's first instance of that coincidentally) so I'd say it's increased a bit, just a ton of wild cards this year though. Even some hated eps like Grownups which have only picked up steam recently dropped more spots than Sportz has this year so I'd still say it's pretty strong and am content with it placing this low despite it being my personal worst. Sometimes that's just how it goes.
  13. Atlantis: Would've been so much better without most of the songs and some Patchy bits as just a 22 minute episode, has some enjoyable things here and there but a more than understandable slogfest that ends up here. Sportz: ayylmao
  14. Christ yet another huge drop with Waiting? Feels like 75% of the eps are dropping by at least 5 this is crazy, but for the ep itself it still deserves to be on and made mine, it's just a waste of time and while not the worst episode, them crying over a goddamn toy and being bitchy to others is the episode concept which deserves to exist the least. I'm not on the House Sittin bandwagon but it's pure dry air to the point of almost being torturous, with the only real joke being the water helmet thing which I just think the crew noticed too late and put it in to make up for them forgetting to add it on earlier. Fine with it being here but I wouldn't put episodes like it too high.
  15. Face Freeze: Complete nothingness, would hate it but season 8 is so dull that I can't Words cannot articulate how disappointed I am that Lodge has been dropping each year, despite having the second worst ending of the show. It's not just that it gets ruined, it's that Sb and Pat have literally no reason to take the sock off besides having an ending which leads to Squid's misery. Easily made mine. ATG I dropped so I shouldnt complain much but only barely, it is still as irritating today as it was before as it just...fails. Nothing stands out besides it just flat out sucking as some weird attempt at serious melodrama. Shuffleboarding was another one of my cuts this year so this seems like a fair spot. Again it's just really dumb and not as irritating as others anymore, but still deserves to be brought up as not only was the fakeout weak but the replacement plot too as they just get into this random laundry fight (which was actually alright) but only after they become pricks to the town for the sake of the plot.
  16. Agree with OWM and said so last year, ADWT ain't great but it being on the list whatsoever is completely absurd and the same goes for the Card which feels like the most undeserving random target that's popped up recently on discord. Don't get these, never will, would rather so many other terrible episodes instead.
  17. Play's I'm not surprised, about the same amount of points since it's more obscure to hate and more lists means more competition, it still painfully drags on and the ending of the food fight where SB just maniacally laughs at the end...shit's genuinely depressing to watch man repeat my commentary from last year. Pet Sitter I thought people stopped hating, indifferent to it making on but I just wish it'd be considered worse than APFG since it shares the same issues of being dull with one really bad scene (water or fire v you all know what) while APFG at least had the decency of a cool beginning and a brief fight scene instead of just boring fucking around during the climax.
  18. Prez explained Googly well enough for me, it's just another one of those bad Squidward eps and minor petty things like it dragging out like your typical s8 episode, having annoying background characters (for real FUCK the art critic) and just an overall plot of googly art that's really uninteresting. The only thing going for it is that it at least tried to tap into something more unexplored with Squidward's artistic side? Still made mine at 16th though. YDKS I'm surprised anyone can remember well enough to actually have put on let alone have it skyrocket after only 3 people had it last year with the highest being at 15th. Nevertheless it's just a middle of the road "bad" episode where I can't bring myself to really care for it as things just happen really, with a bit of a weird ending but it was never enough to seriously bother me. Glad to at least see some diversity though.
  19. I love episodes that show off SpongeBob as different than just a fully happy go lucky guy such as CYSAD so I really like his descent into madness in Gone. While I think it's just a copout and leave it at that before it really bothers me, given that just yesterday I had Fishbowl on mostly for the ending, I can understand one being bad enough to tank an entire episode so even though I wanna disagree, I of all people shouldn't Grownups I will flat out not get "hate" for outside of the opening scene with the pointless yelling, besides that it's just dull like most season 8 episodes and targeting it in particular the past year or so on here and in discord never made sense to me, so I'll at least take it being low as some sort of victory and it does make things really interesting my own opinions regardless given how often it gets brought up, figured it ramping up this year compared to last would've gotten it higher but it seems like the high list submissions countered that, and it somehow only got 3 more points than last year too. Guess someone with it higher up didn't have it this year.
  20. While I wish that Pineapple Fever would drop, it has a really odd vibe to it so I can get some not liking it and having it show up on here. There's just so much worse to me though that I wouldn't consider it as at least it's a unique kind of odd to it where I can't tell whether I like it or not.
  21. Y'all be sleepin on this, great and realistic petty struggle between the two, seeing SB get so angry at some points is always a nice break from the norm, and great humor here and there like the confess-a-bear scene. Barely there but it still cements itself into my top 10.
  22. Why do friends, not pick their friends, to enter a video game competition with them

    1. SpongeCob


      when they know that they would want to be in it

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