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  1. WordPlay

    Arch Linux
  2. Grade the episode above you!

    6.3/10 (6.7/10) Pranks a Lot
  3. This or that game (SpongeBob Edition)

    Kuddly Krab. Rusty Krab or Krabby O'Mondays?
  4. Spongebob ABC Game

    M: Mermaid Man Begins (Episode)
  5. SpongeBob Hurt and Heal

    Heal Plankton | Hurt Sandy Patrick: 78 Squidward: 39 Sandy: 3 (-1) Plankton: 44 (+1)
  6. Should There Be a Third Movie?

    A third movie should be there in 2019 but the series should continue to grow because if it's over, what's the point of it? For us, the kids and whoever matters about making episodes it should be clear that somebody can watch 300 episodes, but after that, he loves the show and wants more. SpongeBob SquarePants was most of the time Nickelodeon's most popular show so I don't see the reason why should Nickelodeon make new cartoons instead of continuing SpongeBob. It may be boring but somebody can make good plot for an episode, for 30 episodes, and therefore it shouldn't be a problem to have an idea for dozens and dozens of episodes in the far future.
  7. Spongebob: Re-Name an Episode

    "Jellyfishing" is now "Jellyfishing sting[k]s"
  8. Spongebob: Re-Name an Episode

    "House Fancy" is now "SpongeBob's Vacuum Cleaner FTW"
  9. This or that game (SpongeBob Edition)

    Squilvia. Squilliam or Nicholas Withers?
  10. SpongeBob Hurt and Heal

    Heal Plankton | Hurt Sandy Patrick: 76 Squidward: 39 Sandy: 6 (-1) Plankton: 43 (+1)
  11. Spongebob ABC Game

    K: Kelp Forest
  12. SpongeBob Hurt and Heal

    Heal Plankton | Hurt Sandy Patrick: 69 <-- (keep it pls) Squidward: 37 Sandy: 15 (-1) Plankton: 43 (+1)
  13. This or that game (SpongeBob Edition)

    Stanley. Mermaid Man or Barnacle Boy?
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