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  1. ahaha yes i finally changed th e profile song it's something by me this time

  2. i remember liking this one as like. a fetus
  3. 42 of them, none of them being anything significant lmao
  4. oh my god im goinna piss myselfkfgnjbcmv,v,m
  5. welp boys it's time to reveal mine lmao :
  6. still think this is a bit overrated, albeit not as much as i did a few years ago. surprised it's not 1 though, maybe i forgot another obvious choice or something
  7. whoa lmao this placed high i think it was either at the bottom of my list or not there
  8. i can't believe spongebop is Freaking Dead
  9. i know this isn't technically art like as in drawing but still i felt the need to share this and i dunno where else to do it. hopefully if it's the wrong thread someone can move it. various links to it: yt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpNp5pd0jfE bandcamp: https://almyros.bandcamp.com/album/the-second-album soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-977887754/sets/the-second-album i worked on this from december 2017 to last april and released it on april 14. it's made in garageband lmfao but i'm still satisfied with the end results. it's roughly 45 minutes so if you have the time i'd appreciate feedback on it, particularly your favorite track since for some reason i just like knowing that
  10. forgot if this is on my list, favorite joke by far is when the same shot of the snowball in the fireplace is used three times
  11. hey that's my name again, i think that was like #2 on my list a few years back lol
  12. hey look i saw my name hahah yes also how in the world did i forget no weenies allowed on my list that probably would've at least been like 15 if i had remembered
  13. oh oops lmao i meant to put this at 18 on my list but i accidentally wrote squid on strike instead. fun fact, the end scene where squidward deflates creeped me out a lot as a wee lad
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