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  1. I'm pretty much used to the show's lack of continuity at this point in time. That being said, I'm really looking forward to what this will bring. Great to know that they're doing a lot more with Glove World.
  2. Kind of sad that the only thing I have to look forward to whenever I visit SBMania lately is like bombs...

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    2. hippythehippo


      Define "starting over"

    3. WinterArcanine


      idk about it being neccisarily starting over, since a lot of us know who you are.

    4. Amphitrite


      I guess you're right. Maybe this is more of a "continuation". Still not really familiar with the whole situation that happened, but I'll just see how things go in the future.

  3. Please at least be better than The Nitwitting...
  4. Oh boy... I have to be pretty truthful and say that I disliked this episode. It's practically just Good Neighbors and Cephalopod Lodge meets Salsa Imbecilicus, and was just filled to the brim with nothing but all-over-the-place, unfunny dumb humor. I was just struggling trying to figure out what this episode was going for. Is this about SpongeBob becoming so dumb that he forgets himself or something? The resolution was incredibly anticlimactic as well. Almost none of the "jokes" in this episode made me laugh, either. I did kind of get a chuckle out of Sandy being a part of the "FEMA", but that's it. I usually value the visual humor in the show, but it didn't work here at all. I also did like the Easter eggs and the return of the Ice Cream King, but that along with the aforementioned joke were really all I enjoyed. Say all you want about Patrick's Coupon and Sportz?, two episodes that I actually happen to enjoy. At least they actually had a plot and a smooth progression, unlike this absolute mess. I'm rating this a 3.5/10. Goodness gracious... here we have the first bad episode of season 12 and only the second to be aired? That's not setting off a good signal. I really pray that this season picks up soon.
  5. I've returned again after yet another disappearance from the face of Earth.

  6. Amphitrite

    Ask Miss Smiles!

    Yes, I am. What's been happening since my departure?
  7. Amphitrite

    Ask Miss Smiles!

    Is it great that I've returned to this site after being gone for a year and a half?
  8. I don't like this episode. But, not just because it was gross. Mr. Krabs was too much of a jerk for me to enjoy this. I'm glad he got what he deserved later on, though. 3.5/10
  9. It's been such a long time since I've been on this site. So, I'm back!

  10. This episode seems pretty interesting. It might be a great way to start the year off.
  11. Hey, guys! My name is Amphitrite! I'm a member of SBMania, and I just wanted to join this forum. And, all I can say is, I'm glad to be in this forum!
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