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  1. Doctor Sex

    The Prodigy

    Bring back sampling you gayssss
  2. Doctor Sex

    Ask Sex

    "You and I" - Wayne Jarret, dem vibes 2cold4me
  3. Doctor Sex

    Death Grips

    I like when they sample stuff
  4. Doctor Sex

    Ask Sex

    ruty No, but would like to. I like traveling
  5. Doctor Sex

    Ask Sex

    c00L You slayed me in unpopular opinions
  6. Doctor Sex

    Ask Sex

    Do it quick, the Japs are an hour ahead of you
  7. Doctor Sex

    Ask Sex

    the oyster :druggedkrabs:
  8. Doctor Sex

    Ask Sex

    I am FURIOUS :stinkeye: First few days is confusing Outdoor season yes, indoor no
  9. Doctor Sex

    Ask Sex

    idk Well I play on turf indoors lol. Plus its just for fun until the season starts back up in spring
  10. Doctor Sex

    Ask Sex

    What is a dst I'd imagine its a bit harder since futsal is really fast paced. Pretty sure Pele originally started playing indoor football do practice his ball control
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