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  1. Finally, it took them several months! Let's hope it's for real.
  2. Another boring sounding episode that somehow reached my expectations. Then again, Andrew Goodman is a very strong writer aside from a couple of weak spots. I really liked the idea of SpongeBob getting stuck on the Krusty Krab roof and eventually everyone joined in the fun. I know if I was stuck on a roof, it would've been the scariest experiment of my life. It was nice of the citizen including Patrick and Sandy helping SpongeBob get off the roof. And oh, did I spot another Bubble Bass cameo? Wow, they're really wanting to make him a recurring character at this point. Admittedly, the episode is just as good as the previous episode, since there's flaws preventing from being perfect. First up, the pacing is swift and incoherent. Second, there's some predictable moments i wasn't fond of (SpongeBob trying to order Krabby Patties without anyone and the ending where Squidward is grounded). Oh, I did not need to see Squidward's ripped skin, artists, thank you very much. That felt so much like season 6 when the artists especially Robertryan Cory had a fetish for such moments. Oh, and SpongeBob was shaking his butt again. before people complain about this, please keep in mind butt jokes had been a thing in this show as early as Pizza Delivery in season 1. Either way, this was a simple episode that managed to work, even though in the end, it's just another Krusty Krab episode. Speaking of which, I loved that title card. They literally show the Krusty Krab and they even played The Rake Hornpipe as a title card music. Overall, You Bring the Color week is off to a great start. But I think the rest of the episodes except Cuddle E. Hugs and maybe There's a Sponge in my Soup might be even better.
  3. So that was an episode. It contains a strange Twilight Zone reference in the beginning and ending, making the episode pretty random at times. But with Mr. Lawrence writing this, it reached my expectations. I thought it was going to be a very bland here, but he did proved me wrong, thankfully, knowing that he's one of the better writers right now. My only flaws was the beginning was a little hyperactive and few scenes felt flat. Patrick and the tourist had their annoying moments, but thankfully they both kind of got called out for their distraction all over Bikini Bottom. Also, Both SpongeBob and The Loud House really have a thing for picture episodes, huh? They already have a few episodes focusing on this subject. Anyway, there's some amusing here such as the fish struggling to hold himself from peeing, the visual gag of Squidward seeing red while kicking out Patrick and the tourist (him turning red in anger might be a fitting moment for You Bring the Color. Am i right with the pun I made there?), the tourist literally disappearing and a few more. I ended up enjoying this episode more than I excepted, honestly, since its humor was strong here and didn't came off forced nonsense last season. All in all, Doug Lawrence is continue to impress me with his writing skills, even if the plot should've been better.
  4. We're going to be seeing our first tastes of his solo writing next month, with the episode ScavengerPants. Though I'm a little confused since I got the source from this thread:
  5. Ben Gruber, you finally did it! After writing weaker and weaker scripts with characters acting like their post-movie selves (and very out of character most of the time for post-sequel era standards) and fast pacing, you finally made an episode after Unreal Estate that feels close to classic era. Though I for applaud to Gruber for writing tons of different subjects instead of relying on the same type of plots. After making episodes focusing on SpongeBob and Squidward, Plankton, two Krusty Krab themed, a King Neptune episode, a clam fest and a Larry story, he comes up with a boating school plot. Now I hope he can do a Patrick and Sandy episode before he leaves the show. Anyway, this is such a great and hilarious Gruber-written episode of SpongeBob. I'm relieved that he wrote another Plankton episode that doesn't had him get after the secret Krabby Patty formula. I mean, it's another Krabs vs Plankton competition episode, but putting them at boating school was a nice plot device. It looks like Sandy is next, if that episoder ever happens (Squidward went there twice and Patrick attended in season 3). My only flaws with this episode is a few jokes - of course this is Gruber's bread and butter - can get a little too extreme for my likings and sometimes loud. There's also a few predictable moments, making it slightly worse than KPCF. But luckily the characters are NORMAL, and not the exaggerated characterization they had in the certain episodes. Even Gruber managed to make the pacing normal and not the Mighty Magiswords-esque pacing we've been seeing in his episodes. This overall a GREAT episode of the 11th season, which is already looking to be a great season. Most jokes hit and the funniest ones were the instruction video (it's basically Boat Smarts 2.0) and that ending. I did not see it coming. If you didn't know there's callbacks and they were welcome here. Especially the good noodles. Anyway, that's all I gotta say about this episode.
  6. Wow. 3 writers for the first time since season 9B. It felt like it's been ages since we got one now that SpongeBob is board-driven. It also saw the return of Chris Allison and Ryan Kramer, who storyboarded Food Con Castaways. These days, Chris works at JG Quintel's new show Close Enough (see his social media accounts), while Ryan works on the Ben 10 reboot. Before that, they both met each other for the Toonhole comic and were storyboard partners of the last 2 seasons of Uncle Grandpa. Anyway, I thought it was a very good good episode. Ok, that beginning with SB and Krabs was just there to fill in the plot and it went on for 30 seconds. I'm surprised Squidward didn't stopped them...since they laughed in front in him. Plus the faces just freaked me out and it gave a Face Freeze vibe. Thankfully Kramer and Allison went more on an UG vibe to their drawings with a bunch of good-usage of off-model. Off-model in post-sequel had been overused since season 10 and it had gotten to the point where it's just there to remind you that the show now feels like a Ren and Stimpy clone. Thankfully like Food Con, they made it feel like an Uncle Grandpa episode with horror genre involved. Sandy's involvement might been used for scientistic purposes, but it was nice seeing her. Any episodes that features majority of the main/supporting cast will get a very high rating for me. Did I forgot to tell you the title card made me hungry? There's title cards like that before (Krusty Dogs), but this is the most delicious looking title card ever. And I actually ate burgers that weekend. Oh, and it was nice to see Bubble Bass once more and he actually made a reference to his very first appearance. Yes, he did bring up the pickles and I thought it was one of the most clever callbacks. All in all, this is a great episode that is basically Fear of a Krabby Patty and The Krabby Patty that Ate Bikini Bottom.
  7. FAS

    Cardi B

    In my opinion, I can't stand her AT ALL. Her hit single is the equivalent of watching a terrible episode of a show. I think the rapping and vocals is forced and sounds like nails on chalkboard, the lyrics is just lame, aside from the instruments being okay at best. I know it's too early to judge her, but knowing how much I hate modern rap with a passion, I don't has high hopes for her.
  8. I thought this was a very great episode. Season 11 is already looking to be better than the rather sugar-rush mess that was season 10 and this episode as well as Spin the Bottle and Spot Returns proves it. This is another great piece of scriptwriting I've seen from Doug Lawrence himself. Unlike a certain someone, he knows how to write everyone in character without resorting to melodramatic reactions. While it does feel like a typical Halloween special you see in other cartoons, I still think it was well-done, SpongeBob style. Sandy and Krabs' costume are pretty predictable for today's standards, but all of the costumes were good, especially Karen as a cat. But the best thing of all, it was nice seeing The Flying Dutchman again. Brian Doyle-Murray might sound a little older the last time he voiced him, but he still puts on a good performance. The Scare Song was great piece of music for a rather generic spooky sounding song. While the comedy hit most of the time, the pacing did felt a little too fast paced at times, but that's just me. my favorite part of the episode was easily the brain sequence which was animated and storyboarded by Sally Cruikshank. It was very trippy and a wild experience. What's even funnier is that, like in Scaredy Pants, the Flying Dutchman got scared by SpongeBob's brain. So the moral for this episode is...scary does equals funny, which can be true, unless you don't go too far with your pranks. Overall, this was such an awesome Halloween stop motion special. It's almost as great as It's A SpongeBob Christmas! 10/10
  9. Nothing much to review about this episode. I will say this, it's the calmest episode I've seen in this season, which had the attention spam of an ADHD person (no offense). I think it's because of the lack of dialogue which feels different, because this season was very dialogue heavy (not that it's a bad thing). Although it was kinda dull due to that reason, I thought some of the visual gags made up for it. It should be noted that this is the first post-sequel episode to be board driven (as Brian Morante, the storyboard artist, helped Mr. Lawrence wrote some of the script, probably the only lines for this episode). Although, it's ironic, the shortest season 10 episode had 2 writers. I will give them credits, I liked seeing SpongeBob trying to get Patrick back to his rock house, by going to different places as Patrick sleepwalks. Repetitive but kinda fun. Though, this is the weakest of the Patrick "shorts" episode since Rise and Shine, Donut of Shame, and Pat No Pay were funnier imo. Nothing bad about the episode itself, but it's just an okay episode altogether.
  10. Season 10 was a rollercoaster of season imo. The season itself was a kid having bipolar disorder, but I won't get too off-topic about it, let's review this episode instead...it was a strange episode, but in a good way. This is the best surrealness I've seen in the 10th season. Everything about it worked. I enjoyed seeing Patchy and Potty again. I noticed Potty is now voiced by Mr. Doug Lawrence. He's somewhat more higher pitched than Stephen Hillenburg and Paul Tibbitt's take on the character, but it's jarring because I couldn't even tell if it was actually him (Mr. Lawrence is easy to tell apart in voices). What made the episode really interesting is the narrator is actually real. He's basically a guy in a water suit, probably living his life narrating the world of SpongeBob. I'm glad this ended up being the most Sandy centered episode of the season, because here's the thing: Sandy only appeared in 4 episodes, yet her voice actress Carolyn Lawrence actually get speaking lines for other characters in some episodes I think it's a slap in the face. Either way, the plot here was unique, it's basically a weird one as I mention. It's kinda like Pressure where everyone become real life animals, but animated. The continuity is pretty strong here because Mr Krabs and Mrs Puff spent the episode interacting with each other. Mr Lawrence must really ship these two so much (he did came up with the idea of Krusty Love after all, and this was brought up again in Whirlybrains, an episode he written). The climax was exciting to watch, although in the end it was pretty weird to see everyone even Pearl and Mrs. Puff naked. Also, Patrick got a big butt. All in all, it's an awesome episode and ones of my favorite of the otherwise underwhelming 10th season. I still preferred Mimic Madness though.
  11. I really saw this coming, thanks to its growing popularity. I hope it's something unique and not unoriginal crap like bashing the haters and celebrating a holiday.
  12. FAS

    South Park

    Only three episodes in, and this current season is already a big improvement over the previous season.
  13. Looking forward to the Halloween special. And wow, they have one more season 10 episode to left to air. Come on, Nick, don't delay it until 2018.
  14. I was looking forward to this sequel to Mermaid Pants. Let's the cons out of the way, it had a VERY ANNOYING beginning! SB and Patrick regressed back to their worst selves (seasons 6-7, that is) when they find out that Squidward was leaving. Because, we need a SB&Patrick episode that had to revolved on one scene they bother Squidward for no reason (That's why seasons 6-7 suffered for that reason). Plus, the setup was predictable towards the end, But I digress. Flaws aside, this was a great episode. It is just as great as Mermaid Pants. SpongeBob and Patrick become their post-sequel selves again later on once man Ray came to the picture. Man Ray himself was well-written, even if he didn't really feel too much of a threat until the sudden plot which like I said came off as predictable. Nick Carr surprised me with the tracks here (fitting title card music, check, return of two Hawaiian tracks, check, tons of super hero music, check). Honestly, the action and most of the middle section were the best thing about the episode. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy made cameo. It's a shame Ernest Borgnine isn't with us anymore, but non-speaking is the only way this Mermaid Pants plot is going work. While SpongeBob and Patrick should've been written better here, it was still a fun episode. I hope there's another Mermaid Pants episode later on.
  15. Since the worst post-sequel writer wrote this episode (who's remotely responsible for the show's increasing wackiness in the last season) for the most part, I wasn't excepting much here. Thankfully, it's better than I excepted, but it's still not what I have in mind. When I saw "Floor Manager" in the title, I thought Larry was going to become a crew member for a movie or something. Instead, it's another KK episode, but they still handled it well. It was kinda funny that Larry turned the Krusty Krab into the gym, abandoning the purpose of the KK. I was also wanting Larry to be like his appearance in The Check-up, but not seeing him dressed like Krabs was a bummer. The writer of this episode continues to have a thing against Squidward, who still goes insane for the sake of comedy. SpongeBob, Krabs and larry are thankfully in character, though. But Bubble Bass really stole the show for me here. His appearance was a lot like Pickles when he makes a long order. The ending was hilarious as well. It went from Healthy Krab to Fatty Krab in one minute. All in all, a good episode, but the plot would've been something better.
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