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  1. Happy Anniversary to this site! Even though I'm not as active anymore nice to see this place is still going strong.
  2. I finished the Tatami Galaxy a few days ago and omg it's a masterpiece ?
  3. Space Cowboy

    Ask the Kat

    those are literally all the same places i'd want to go lmfao, i'm thinking of actually going somewhere for a semester
  4. Space Cowboy

    Ask the Kat

    where's somewhere you'd want to go if you did
  5. Mob Psycho s2 about to be cold, studio bones been making hits lately
  6. Space Cowboy

    Ask the Kat

    did you ever study abroad for a semester?
  7. oh did I miss your birthday happy birthday ??
  8. is that don patch from bobobo lmfaooo
  9. I hope they finally fix Broly's terrible backstory lmao
  10. GG Croatia, played well and even were the better team for parts of the game England would have been rocked if they played france frfr
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