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    Spongebob, Homestar Runner, Transformers, Sonic, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Samurai Jack, science, engineering, space, jordans, kill la kill, political satire, south park, the boondocks, futbol, and playing video games.
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  1. Ask the Kat

    Pretty sure I might have just failed TF out of my thermodynamics exam, life is good
  2. Ask the Great Aya anything

    so you're saying joylne is number 1 tru
  3. Ask the girl who knows DMC5 is real

    fam I got the game at the end of december and im at the second palace
  4. Ask the girl who knows DMC5 is real

    How far into Persona are you? Cuz i'm going to be honest at the rate im playing it im never going to finish lmao
  5. Ask the Great Aya anything

  6. Ask the Kat

    I'm a sophomore haha, going to be a junior in the fall
  7. Ask the Kat

    Are you a senior or have you graduated? sorry for not remembering but I haven't been here in a while ya know
  8. Ask the Kat

    school killing me as usual you know how it is lmao and dont tell anyone but i haven't seen it either lol
  9. Ask the Kat

    what been going on with you?
  10. Ask the Kat

  11. Ask the Great Aya anything

    gotta acquire the bag i feel you
  12. Ask the Great Aya anything

    how you been?
  13. Ask the Great Aya anything

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