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    Spongebob, Homestar Runner, Transformers, Sonic, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Samurai Jack, science, engineering, space, jordans, kill la kill, political satire, south park, the boondocks, futbol, and playing video games.
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  1. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    Blade Runner 2049 it was very good
  2. You see the new Berleezy vid? (also look at my art thread)
  3. Ask Katwoman some purrfect questions

    I've had 3 exams a quiz and a dumbass compsci assignment just this week I want to die
  4. Ask the Great Aya anything

    Y o u a r e a l r e a d y d e a d ?
  5. Ask Katwoman some purrfect questions

    Might hang with some friends, gotta evaluate all the moves ya feel?
  6. Ask Katwoman some purrfect questions

    same i'm just chillin?
  7. Ask Katwoman some purrfect questions

    what's poppin
  8. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday @Mermaid Magic <33
  9. Ask Katwoman some purrfect questions

    pretty much the same tbh?
  10. Ask Katwoman some purrfect questions

    what's up?
  11. Ask Katwoman some purrfect questions

    Can it just be thanksgiving break already? I want to go home
  12. Ask Katwoman some purrfect questions

    Had a quiz in Engineering Mechanics and crushed that joint?
  13. I'm graduating!!!

    That's awesome! Congrats! I still have 2 more years of hell after this one finishes till i'm free lol, good luck with whatever you decide to do
  14. I think it's a combination of that and the fact that he sounds like he's talking through a lego brick 100% of the time?
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