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Krusty Krew won March Madness!
Pictionary Season 2 coming in April!

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  1. I ban CM for posting a lot more than I do.
  2. My account needed a Toon-Up ;)

    1. Old Man Jenkins

      Old Man Jenkins


    2. almy


      R.i.p. in sudoku. Get back here.


  4. https://www.toontownrewritten.com/ So excited about it, can't wait for it to come out!
  5. 8 PM: SBC News Cha: These past few days have seen a lot of change. Reporting breaking news, I'm Unlimitedcha, hosting for CNF, here on SBC News. Today will be our last episode due to reasons we'll explain later. At approximately 6 PM tonight, the Karate Klub mysteriously caught on fire and crumbled down. Three people have been reported missing: Their identities have been confirmed to be She-shin, Gabriel Lowery, and fellow host... CNF. It is not known whether they are alive or... not. The Karate Chopper area has been considered condemned due to any possible fires from the remains. Evacuation has been starting, as Karate Choppers are being sent to the Jelly Complex. (The scene cuts to Sauce Mama and CDCB in an empty room, waking up to the radio.) The staff have discussed the problem, and they have decided to reform the teams. (E.V.I.L and Aya are shown in a normal room, watching the news on TV.) The four teams will remain, but improvements will be made. (The scene cuts back to Cha in the newsroom.) Meanwhile, other members will try to find evidence, but it's been assumed the three are all... not... alive. Having possibly lost a fellow team member... (cracks) it sucks. I hope he's still alive, I don't want anyone dead. I have many friends from the Karate Choppers, and I fear they may be in trouble. I wish they may be still alive. I hope when all this moving is done ages from now, everything is fixed. But I must sign off from this, for the time is up. This is Cha, reporting for CNF... signing off. _____ ??? - 8:15 PM Sauce Mama: (weakly) You hear that? We might get back to old times. CDCB: (weakly) I hope so. I can't remember what happened. Sauce Mama: Hold on, I think I found the light switch. (A dim light shows up. Sauce and CDCB see their clothes are tattered, there's dirt all over the floor, and they are covered in cuts.) CDCB: It was that man! Sauce Mama: Oh no. You don't think he... CDCB: Don't even talk about it. Sauce Mama: I won't. I just want out. (Tries to open door.) I think we could hit the door. CDCB: I don't know, I'm not feeling too good... Sauce Mama: You're right. He could always find out. CDCB: Exactly. I think we should just... What was that? Sauce Mama: What? (CDCB hears something.) CDCB: Remember what Cha said about the fires? Sauce Mama: Wait... no... CDCB: That sounds like the fires! Sauce Mama: Oh no. We need to get out! Check the windows! CDCB: THERE ARE NO WINDOWS! Sauce Mama: Then we'll run! CDCB: Do you think we're fit for that? Sauce Mama: I don't know... CDCB: There's just one thing to do then. Sauce Mama: Hurry then! (CDCB and Sauce hug) CDCB: Just close your eyes. We'll get through this. Sauce Mama: After all this... I hope we don't. END OF ARC
  6. Got a warning from another site (Not SBC or SBM) for kidding around with http://www.shadyurl.com/ >.<

  7. Sitting back, watching some CP chats when this one user's avvie is a pic of sbfansunited o.ohttp://xat.me/unregistered

  8. On the Xat as "Macseed".

  9. Just watched C Me Dance with my brother. CRAPPIEST THING EVER. Gosh, it is so confusing and random, the ending was crazy. You guys need to watch this on YouTube, it SUCKS. Words can't describe how horrible it is. It makes no sense at all.

    1. Elastic Dawg

      Elastic Dawg

      I saw the trailer and thought it was a parody.

  10. Goodness... Toonbook is broken as crap. I see it runs on Cloudflare... RIP

  11. I dunno, I just want to play this so I can beat up random people and drive cars into oceans. I'm sadistic
  12. It's gone... BUT NOT ALL HOPE IS LOST. Toonbook (http://www.toonbook.me/members/home) is developing Toontown Revisited. Right now, all we can do is hope :(

  13. Goodbye Flippy. Goodbye friends. Goodbye Toontown.

Doubloons: $342,364

King Neptune for a Day Everyone on the site must respect you and refer to you as "Your Majesty/Your Highness" and you pretty much get to do whatever you want for an entire day (of course, anything that's found unreasonable will either be deleted or you will have this revoked, whichever the admins see fit).1
Ol' Reliable (GN) A *free* limited edition staff for SpongeBob's 13th anniversary. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Staff; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
Godly Spellbook (GG) An godly spellbook for Goofy Goobers! This book of spells is so powerful that we had to shrink it down in size to contain its aura!1
Intermediate Spellbook (GG) An intermediate spellbook for Goofy Goobers! This weapon is considerably larger than the basic, allowing for greater damage.1
Advanced Spellbook (GG) An advanced spellbook for Goofy Goobers! The spells are so HUGE that you cannot miss your target!1
Wizard's Spell Staff (GN) A limited edition staff for Octerror Fest 2012. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Staff; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
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