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  1. ooooooofy

    Ask the Kat

    What is your favorite little thing about life?
  2. 腐爛的雞蛋聞起來像屁,我每次都哭
  3. quick question do college tests tend to be multiple choice or are they free response? I have my first test tomorrow and it is chemistry and I am scared! update: nevermind there is a practice test and it seems to be a bit of both! wish me luck :000

    1. SpongeNicko


      I'm probably not the most reliable source of information on this since I just recently started College, but I think it really just depends on the instructor/professor you have as well as what class you're in. For example, today I took a math test where it was basically all just show the work on the paper and get credit as long as you have your final answer circled. In other classes, such as English, they might prefer to do multiple choice since they often have you read passages and want you to make sure you understand the passages. I don't think there is a definitive answer to this, but really, it just ultimately depends on your professor. I think for Chemistry your teacher will ultimately decide.

      Good luck tomorrow BTW. Hope it goes well. Not sure if this was the most helpful piece of info, but hey, glad I could at least try to help.

  4. i am OBSESSED with swinging my arms and i do not care who knows it!!!!!!

  5. I was having a great day today but then some stinky people who do not know anything came and ruined it!!!!!! 😠

    1. Winterypuff


      What'd they do

    2. ooooooofy


      People just complain even though they do not seem to know the whole concept and purpose of the things they are complaining about and they always try to tell people who are experts on this stuff that they are wrong! anyways I do not like conflict I am not trying to fight anyone but some people frustrate me! no one on here though I ❤️ everyone here! anyways that's it and I'm good! 

  6.  now that I am an official adult my hooker plan seems a lot less appealing I think I am just gonna become an exotic bird expert instead

    1. E.V.I.L.


      hooker life >>>>

    2. LocalAquatic


      The Adventures of Ooooooofy the Ornithologist.
      Whooo you go study them birds, oofs! :D

  7. stuff is good :)

  8. I <3 Gordon Ramsay

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Wumbo


      where's the lamb @sauce

    3. CakeCup



    4. Sauce Mama

      Sauce Mama

      gordon: WHAT ARE YOU?????

      chef:.....an idiot sandwich. 😕

  9. yo I just realized in less than a month I will be a legal adult I am scared

    DUDE I could become a hooker

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      Interesting priorities there...

    2. Wumbo


      I mean, who among us hasn't had this thought transitioning into adulthood

  10. tomorrow is my last day of high school :0000000 it feels like just yesterday i was in 5th grade i am gonna cry!

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