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  1. hi Krystalite! welcome to sbcbcbcbccccccccccccccccccccccccccccqwfgqiwufwqbfwqvqebw4tbhi;oqenoqf
  2. Young lingo is hard to keep up with... Just found out what photo bomb was today..Thought I was with it to find out I don't know what people are talking about.. Do you know what photo bomb is??? Where have I been???

    It's a person who gets behind every picture taken..They sneak up and get in the picture when no one was expecting it.. Happened at the Christmas party this weekend...making faces and wearing hats..Photo Bomb...I thought it was a picture of a bomb...I told a girl today she was the bomb and someone said Photo Bomb..I just looked stupid wondering why that was so funny...

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      And I thought *I* was an internet dinosaur...

  3. do u prefer random basic questions or DEEP philosophical questions? (a question about questions - i am so META! :0 )
  4. ok so u don't like frogs (?), so what is ur fave wild animal?
  5. i am all good, thank u! it has been a while since we chatted I think! do u like frogs/toads?
  6. hi kat! how are u doing?
  7. I am in college because I am old
  8. well that's good cuz for some reason all the cool pink and yellow cakes I found on google images had LEMONS on them! it is not your birthday anymore but plz accept this virtual cake! here u go ? do u like it?
  9. im a dolphin

    1. SpongeCob


      ooooooooooooooooooooooooooofy says she's a dolphin, people

  10. POSEIDON <33333333333 ILY WELCOME BACK
Doubloons: $717

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