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  1. u cant handle my $₩@G B))))))

  2. have you ever found a dead animal carcass lying on the ground and then try to dissect it with a stick???? bc i have done that multiple times :000

    1. Young Nug

      Young Nug

      this falls under the category of things I wouldn't tell other human beings

    2. big dragin123 ay ay ay
  3. tbh i am not really into christmas this year i am too busy listening to taylor swift

  4. Ask Prez

    what do u think of great white sharks?
  5. Ask the Kat

    do u think turtles are out to get us?
  6. today i am thankful for...... MASHED POTATOES!!!!!

  7. i am pretty sure i just saw simon cowell at the grocery store

  8. what should my senior quote be????

    1. Yves♥


      something from miranda cosgrove 

    2. Wumbo


      snitches get stitches

  9. last night i had a dream that i was picked to go on the voice! sadly my dream ended before i actually went on the show:(((((

    1. Wumbo


      you could have met two of the sexiest men alive

  10. happy smooooooofy day!

  11. tomorrow is ooooooofy day! 

    get H Y P E

  12. would you guys on SBC be interested in celebrating ooooooofy day? I know I am not as active on here but I <3 you guys and as you can see it is my month and I am trying to include all my pals! ooooooofy day is not SBM exclusive! 

    1. Yves♥


      sister every is oooooofy day

    2. ooooooofy
  13. are vegetarians allowed to eat insects? asking for a friend

    1. Wumbo


      Some do for protein, all depends on your personal code I think.

    2. Captain Spongetron

      Captain Spongetron

      Just ask them, "Do insects have meat?" :3

  14. my main goal in life is to meet my man papa john

    1. Wumbo


      ur fave is problematic

    2. Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

      Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

      Papa John is an absolute asshole. I have met him and he is a terrible being.

    3. ooooooofy


      oh no:( my dream is ruined!

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