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    drawing,writng,nintendo,futurama,bobs burgers,and other things. xD
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    losts o places~
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    ripped pants

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  1. heres my place where you can ask me things,go ahead and ask me anything.
  2. hey sauce its been awhile,i hope things are ok,just came by to say hello. ^^

  3. haha its been ages since ive  been on here,miss me? ;P


    1. crushingmayhem


      Its been a while, the site's changed somewhat but make yourself at home. ^^

    2. Cha
  4. Hey guys welcome to my Bobs Burgers topic!! here we talk about anything Bob's burgers!! from art to episodes to theories and etc!! just try not to flame on this show too much this is mostly for the fans of this show but opinions are fine. ^^
  5. hey you like bobs burgers?? :D

    1. The Lone Star Sailor

      The Lone Star Sailor

      Yeah it's a hilarious show I need to catch up on big time.

    2. Ninramaburgergirl


      you and me are going to be buddies. XD i love it as well X3

  6. oh yea XD i may put something for bobs burgers there. XD or maybe futurama~ @Clappy
  7. no problem at all..^^ i changed my profile stuff in order for people to know that ive changed
  8. I think you did clappy....XDDDD but its ok. ^^ im actually dating someone now. XD and no. i dont have a crush on mario anymor either but thats not the point here.
  9. bro....no xDDDDDDD its not. XD im dating someone
  10. yes its me im back,except i dont have a crush on mario anymore. XDDD nor CM :U
  11. I dont have feelings for crushing anymore. XDDDD I have a boyfriend and right now,i like many different things besides nintendo. XD or i guess 2 things.
  12. I'm a mario fan C: but I think everyone knows that..x3 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
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