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  1. if the series does get rebooted I will legit nut <— I wrote this poem by patrick star

    good, just been writing a hell of a lot the past three days between me and aya. and been working, what's good in kat's neighborhood ✌️
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    At the Penthouse, Shinpachi, Guano and Mikey stood in complete fear of the screen in front of them. Here their friends and/or family were strapped up. Kamui looked happy as always while Abuto showed a little concern. “Halfy thinks he can just abandon us during most of the fanfic? HA! He knows he can EASILY be replaced.” Kamui ran off and came back seconds later with Ungyo’s head. Abuto for once had his eyes fully opened and looked disturbed. “See? The OG trio is back, boys!” “Holy shit..” Abuto silently said and backed away to throw up somewhere. Kamui caught a glimpse of baldy noodle arms in front of Guan and the others. “What should we do, Saitama?!” Guano freaked out. “Oi, I gotta get Gin-San! This is horrible!” Shinpachi swiftly ran out the door and to the lobby downstairs. “Oh... uh...” Saitama looked around for inspiration but remembered the cyborg who roomed with him and gave him money sometimes. He shrugged. “Let’s go find my buddy Genos, he can easily calculate where the source of this video feed is coming from. And we can do the rest.” “Ah ah ah! One more step and the purple haired one gets it!” The killer’s voice on their TV but the visual was still on the kidnapped six. “HEY! Why me?” The terrorist said. “Fine. Fine. The blonde over here. Man you guys can’t make up your minds.” “HEY YOU SPAZZ ENIGMA, if anyone is causing pain, it’ll be me! Lily yelled. “What a woman.” Mikey said with hearts fluttering around his head. “Hmm. If I can’t get to ol’ Genos, then-“ Saitama said and then Kamui ran up to him. “I see you got issues and not just not your own issues mentally. Ha!” He smiled. “Don’t do this now kid.” Saitama started to seriously think of a plan as Guano was trembling from the stress. Kamui turned around, put his foot down loudly in annoyance but then forced a grin on his face and turned back around to him. “Let’s team up! You, me, Ossan and that Racoon! We’ll figure out something! Ha!” “Uh yeah..” Guano spoke. “Ok I guess...” Saitama said. Kamui sat down and sighed in bliss next to the head of his former third in charge. “Aaah, the top roll as the strongest in TBC will be secured once I finish this killer and Baldy WON’T and everyone considers me their savior once again. Right, Heady?” Kamui moved Ungyo’s lips with his fingers. “That’s a great plan, Chief.” Kamui imitated his voice. “Ha! I thought so....” Kamui put his arms over his head and laid back. Seconds later he looked dulled out. “Eh, you’re boring me.” He tossed the head out the window and it landed on the Madao cross. ——— “Now then.. for the first game. Everyone back at the Penthouse, listen! I will give you a clue, you get it right and one of these lovely people down here gets a tool to use to escape their chains. But be careful! One false step and-“ “Yeah yeah, get to the point ambitious annoyance.” Gintoki said from the lobby. “Oi, Gin-San!” Shinpachi ran onto the scene to join his friends. “Alright! For the first clue: I am here and there but also near-“ “Yadda, yadda yadda. How annoying is this? You getting all of this nonsense Old Man?” Gintoki commented. “Tell me about it.” Ozu is seen reading a Big Grumpy Executives Monthly magazine. “W-where did he get that..” Shinpachi wondered. “Careful samurai. One false step and someone gets it.” The Killer said. Normally Gintoki wouldn’t care but there were a lot of lives on the stake. “Just say the terms in ways we can understand you hairy midget! Uh-huh.” Kagura said angrily. “How can you even tell I’m short? Or full of hair? Or anything else? You can’t even see me!” The Killer was getting annoyed but regained his cool. “Fine. Screw all of this jigsaw nonsense. I’m going for the psychological approach. Hey purple kid, you standing there?” “Uh yeah...” Guano said from the Penthouse. The screen in the lobby had split, so the dungeon and the penthouse were both visual. “Which parent of yours do you like the best?” Suddenly Chainsaws hanging from meddle wires fell down just an inch beneath Ozu and Kiyoko’s heads. “Arf!” -Yikes!- Elizabeth signed and made a plerp. “T-T-THIS IS UNETHICAL.” Guano started to loudly cry. “Come on racoon, pick one! The less victims we have to save, the better!” Kamui happily urged but Saitama delivered a soft blow to his stomach. “Oh... oops, a little too hard.” Saitama looked as Chief coughed up some blood but chuckled it off. “Guano, listen to daddy. Save mama.” Ozu uttered out as Guano was whimpering and tearful. “She and you had a life a lot worse than mine.” “Dude, no! There is no way I’d ever be able to live with myself if I’d let you do that. I’d protect you over myself any day!” Kiyoko poured out her heart. Gintoki got a lightbulb moment. “Old Man if you go out right now, then I’m marrying your wife and having half-kiss ass glasses and half-director childr-! Okay who’s writing these lines...” Gintoki looked down at his copy of the Official TBC Script. “What..?” Kiyoko said slowly. “WHAT?!” Saachan shouted. “WHAAAAT.” Ozu flamed up, the chains on him melting instantly. “YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING SILVER HAIRED PUNK!” He unlocked everyone else’s chains and ran off to kill Gin. “You did it Gin-San! They’re free!” Shinpachi rejoiced but then Gin was tackled by a bonsai boxers man and had his face ripped apart. Shinpachi, Mitsuki and Shinji looked on in absolute horror. The last one was more use to such terrors though. “Let go of my Gin-San!” Saachan ran into the mangle. “OI, TBC WRITER GODS SAVE ME! AAAAAAHHHH!” Gintoki screamed. “Oh hey, the trio’s back together!” Umibozu said and the Live TBC Studio Audience laughed. —— “Alright! Let’s go find that killer, boys! Masked Tanuki, go get Genos and that chimp face glasses guy from his bedroom. Redhead stay here and watch over that other redhead.” Saitama said excitedly. Guano still an emotional wreck from earlier, followed his instructions. “I-I can’t believe I just got ordered around.. and by that bowl headed nuisance..” Kamui started to hyperventilate angrily but put on another smile and bopped his head to an imaginary beat. “What am I suppose to do while you guys are gone?” Mikey said soberly. “Uh.. fuck. Uh, go clean up that alien’s puke in the bathroom toilet?” Saitama stopped walking to Yes Man’s bedroom for second to comment this. “Ossan should be just about done now from seeing my ol’ third in command’s head.” Kamui said joyfully. “Do I LOOK like the maid here?” Mikey asked arrogantly. “Aw Man...” “Ha!” —- “Oi, you have a right to remain silent!” Hijikata pointed a sword towards the head of a hooded figure. “How did you-“ The person asked. “We got the memo from a cyborg!” Kondo smirked. “And you left the door back open.” Sougo said dully. “Oi commander, can I go back in the car to finish the nap I never got to do.” “I KNEW IT!” ??? The Shinsengumi (and Gonard) turned around to see an Indian man limping to the door. “I KNOW THAT HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING VOICE ANYWHERE!!!!” Raj ran up and ripped off the hoodie. They all gasped. “No wait! I’m not The Killer! I-“ Pewdiepie said. “Then why do you have camera screens of a torture dungeon?!” Yamazaki demanded. “Oi, tell that to the twenty to life sentence.” Hijikata placed handcuffs on the Swedish man. “You gotta understand! I’m a decoy! I only did this to save my life and my YouTube cha-“ Another hooded figure moved slowly towards them. “Uhhh got to go fast!” Raj ran away. Hijikata and the others looked at the body of the former YouTuber and then reached up for their swords. “Nah nah, don’t do that just yet! You ALL ruined the first clue!” The hooded man said. “TWO hooded figures! Now I’m just confused. Jimmy can you take me back to my home so I can think this through?” Gonard asked but Zaki just couldn’t speak at this moment. “Clue?” Kondo asked and the Killer chuckled. “You..... gotta find the first paw print! That’s the first CLUE!” Suddenly an explosion in the lobby of the Lilymu Towers happened. They all screamed and ran for cover. The Shinsengumi at the Killer’s hideout could see such horrors from the sercuity cams placed in the Towers. “You put it in your pocket because it’s Who’s Clues?” “S-S-Steve....?” Hijikata looked in absolute fear, his heart pounding loudly. “My clues..” He said seriously and quiet, he stopped singing on that part. He then blew up the Penthouse. The people inside falling out of it and falling to the ground to their deaths. “STEVE! YOU BASTARD!” Hijikata tackled the hooded man and the commander was crying. The hooded man just started laughing. “STOP RIGHT THERE! PRIVATE DETECTIVE!” Another man ran into the door. “W-what..? TWO Steves..?” Hijikata shook. “Oh you got the SECOND clue.” The real hooded killer ripped his disguise off. ... .... .... “J-Joe! You’re behind the serial killings lately?! Why..?” Steve said shocked. “You wanna know why, big brother? If you really don't know I guess you need to sit down in your thinking chair." He chuckled. "All my life people have told me ‘Joe you’re nothing compared to Steve’s work at investigating!’ We all HATED Joe's work on the show!” Joe started to pull out another switch. "So in reality you became the monster that everyone hated. Seems like a sort of set back doesn't it?" Kondo chuckled and readied his men for battle. “Oh nononono! THAT’s not the main source of my pain after all these years. We all LOVE Steve’s work with Blue. Joe could NEVER make Blue happy.” Joe mocked. “You leave Blue out of this!” Steve barked. “Our puppy had a good life with the both of us!” “She died at YOUR law school coming back party, big brother.. I loved her. You were the last one who saw her before she died.... I never want you or your friends having parties ever AGAIN!” Joe shouted. “I loved her too you know!” Steve cocked his gun, ready to fire. “But I’m a dog lover.” Joe said quietly. The Shinsengumi looked disgusted and then suddenly Joe hit a button, causing an explosion in Tokyo City. “Can I just point out how weird this all is.” Deadpan Sougo commented. “Oi Hijikata, way to go being friends with that guy in your mayo kitchen fetish flashback and being friends with Boss and Boss and his friends attending that party. Now you’re responsible for everyone’s deaths.” “THAT’S QUITE THE STRETCH SOUGO!! AND I AM IN NO WAYS FRIENDS WITH THAT SILVER HAIRED PUNK!” But Hijikata looked super ill. —- “Genos!” Saitama and the others were falling to their death. Saitama slid against the glass windows and tried grabbing Kamui who grabbed Abuto’s hand. “Ha! I rather die then let you save me Captain Egghead!” “Please don’t let go Chief..” Guano took out a grappling hook from his Tanuki belt and grabbed Mikey with his other hand. “HELP!” Yes Man was met by a hand from Genos. “You can’t die on me yet, I have much to learn from your idol worship.” Gendo commented with a straight face. “If you’re gonna say something like that, at least mean it jokingly wise!” Guano and Saitama both commented. Suddenly they all slipped again but landed on something only a second later. “YO! I’m back babies!” No Man said. “And I got the chow!” Saitama praised the man while clutching on his bag of In-N-Out tightly. "A goddess.." Mikey caught a glimpse of Matako and started getting sweaty. "That temper, that blonde hair, that short skirt, who does she remind me of...? Eh w'ever, to heck with who I was thinking of. Come to daddy m'lady!" Mikey ran to her. ”You okay lil’ bro?” Yes Man got down on one knee to the little racoon dude was tearing up again from earlier. ”Just hold me please...” Guano asked and Yes Man shrugged but did so. “Who is this guy who told us to come here again?” Matako leaned into her sensei while shooting Mikey's legs repeatedly. “He says he’s a friend of Shinsuke’s raging Yato friend Kamui.. but this green cap one doesn’t really look Yato to me though..” Takechi commented. The lolicon I mean pedophile I mean feminist was met with a karate chop to the head from No Man. TBC — “3rd year Z-class” “Ginpachi Sensei!” ... ”I use to wake up in a heated sweat at 4 am wondering who I was. The held back of seven years at school was so bad, my ashamed mother made me live in the barn with the wild rabbits. Needless to say I got rabies and was forced into leave the barn as well and live in a 2 foot rabbit cage, supplied only with 4 year old tap water and expired lettuce. But I soon realized it was my late uncle who gave me the rabies from last year’s Christmas party, due to his extreme lack of hygiene issues.. and he was also part rodent. But that all changed on the day I met him..” Abuto narrated. “I’ll Kill Ya!” ”Kamui-Kun!” ”What’s happening to my skit?! First the og dad trio’s rights is taken away and now th-“ Gintoki is cut off by well, himself. The smoking lollipop teacher could be seen with dead fish eyes as Sougo’s hand threw a paper airplane at Kagura. She in return threw it hard on his head, causing him to fall over. The rest of the class was talking loudly amongst themselves. “Oi settle down brats. Today we have a foreign exchange student all the way from the planet Yato. Please welcome No Man.... Oi is that really his name?” Ginpachi scratched his head looking at a paper but shrugged it off. “Ay, Actually I’ve lived here on Earth my entire life though, silver dude. The hip new student added and took a seat in the front. “A yato that’s lived on Earth his entire life? What kind of cruel punishment is that?” Abuto snickered to his two fellow Yatos in the back of the class. Him and Ungyo were slouching on chairs and had their feet up on the wood desks. Kamui sat completely up in his seat, nodding his head back and forth happily. ”Oi! What’s with these delinquents in our classroom?!” Shinpachi sat backwards in his chair and pointed to them. ”With recent school budget cuts we’ve had to join classrooms together. It’s a normal thing that happens all the time.” Ginpachi explained to his student. “I bet the writer just wanted to add both skits in here somehow..” Shinpachi said quietly annoyed. “And she likes me better than Baldy.” The teacher smirked. ”OI HAVE SOME HUMILITY GIN-SA- I MEAN GINPACHI-SENSEI!” Shinpachi started again. “Sounds interesting Ossan, I want to meet him-“ Kamui smiled. “I don’t know. He sounds a bit fishy, Chief.” Ungyo commented. Upon this, Kamui karate kicked the big guy and he brutally drove into the floor. The rest of the class quickly turned their heads to the action but weren’t too surprised. “Don’t ever interrupt me again Tombstone or I’ll kill ya. For the second time. Ha! kay?” Kamui grinned and sat back down next to his Bun buddy. “Oi, oi. Enough rough housing back there. Don’t make me send you back to Baldy’s classroom.” Gin leaned in and whispered with his hand cupping his mouth “Or even worse, the Old Man’s.” As he was doing so, Sensei Ozu was walking past the classroom. “I HEARD THAT YOROGUNZ-“ Gin closed the door with the back of his foot, still supporting a lazy look. “Anyways, we have no more time for dialogue since this author writes TBC too long as always. Everyone get to gym class.” Ginpachi said and everyone boo’ed him. “BUT I DIDN’T EVEN GET A LINE IN THE MAIN STOR-“ Katsura was cut off to the next scene. About an hour later after an intense boys vs girls volleyball game, the students hit the showers. Kamui saw No Man and thought this was the perfect oppurnity to talk to him and learn what was the deal about the whole Earth thing. “Hey new kid! Come join us!” Kamui waved over with his arm all the way up. “Yo. Y’all got your own shower, dogs?” No Man asked walking over and looking around to see just the three of those fellow aliens. “We kinda took it over, if you know what we mean.” Abuto smirked and Ungyo cracked his knuckles to make the point to No Man. “Ha!” He nodded and joined them in the steamy room. “Er...” Abuto said observing his new friend. “....AHAHAHA! NOW I GET THE WHOLE EARTH THING!” Kamui hysterically belly laughed so hard he thought might slip and break his head in there. “WELL MY SOUL IS 100% YATO!” No Man’s yells echoed. “I’M SURE THAT’S THE ONLY 100% YATO ANYTHING IN OR ON YOU. HAHAHAHA!” Kamui roared between catching his breath. No Man grabbed a towel to cover himself up and went in for the punch. An hour later, the scratched up and bruised four could be seen sitting outside the principal’s office. Kamui kept nodding his head happily, No Man pissed with broken sunglasses, Ungyo looked dead inside and Abuto sighed. “Well that was fun boys! What’s for lunch?” Kamui perked up. ”I think I’ll transfer.” Ungyo said in a deadpan.
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    u thought this notification might be the new TBC, Ha! It’s Bunny Ossan. ?
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    this was actually kinda funny unironically?
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    will you pin me down larr dad
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    boy just needs a slurp?
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    Made another wallpaper even tho I made one not that long ago and since ozu owns a mini golf resort in the actual show?
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    “Hello it is me, Supercodplayer1995. And here I am eating my chicken dinner and watching over criminal scum.” He smacked between bites as he was sitting in a chair across the cell. “Who are you talking to..?” Yamazaki asked. “SHUT UP, JAPANESE MAN!!!!!” Raj continued to apply Chinese meme sauce to his beloved McNuggies. “So what’s the plan, buddy?” Yamazaki turned and whispered to the Jolly Blue Giant. “Oh um... I’m not so good at plans. Or numbers. Or remembering names, Timmy.” Gonard drooled at the food the Indian man was eating. “Guess I’ll have to do the thinking for the both of us this time. And every time.” Yamazaki pondered but then it hit him. “Oi copper, could you help me adjust my holding cell mirror? I think it’s smudgy.” “Ohohoho. You doods must think ol’ Officer Raj is real gullible to fall for something like that- Did you say mirror?” He put his food down on his chair and got up to unlock the door. The second that happened, Yamazaki grabbed his friend’s hand, sped out and slammed close the door to lock it. “Oh Supercod you are so beau-ti-ful! I- HEY!” Raj turned away from the mirror and slammed his hands on the cell bars. “See you later Superannoyingplayer1995!” Jimmy saluted. “DON’T RUIN MY NAME WITH INSERTING INSULTS!” He barked. Gonard grabbed the food left on the seat and started chowing down. “Mmmm!” “MY CHICKEN MCNUGGIES DINNER AND MICK AND CORKY SAUCE!!!!! I WAITED IN LINE 7 HOURAS FOR THAT! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS BLUE HAIRED GIANT!!!!!!!!!” Raj shouted and Yamazaki took Gonard by the hand again, running out of the building. “Mmm, these fries are the bomb, Jimmy! I wonder if-“ Gonard didn’t finish his sentence, as him and his buddy Jimmy were stopped in front of a crowd of gentlemen in black uniforms. “Oi, Yamazaki-San.. what the hell is going on.. WHY are you and that blue haired numbskull in the news for killing two people..?” A green haired man with a cigarette puffed. He looked at them dead in the eye. Yamazaki and Gonard shook like a leaf, they were cornered by the entrance of the police station. “Oi, Yamazaki-San, look at my ka-wa-ii costume for the party!” Kondo said happily, not overhearing the situation at hand. — “Oi... Abuto...” Kamui calmly called out in the rubble of the penthouse bonsai room. “Chief!” Bun rushed to his aids. He held his bloody head up. “Abuto... I have never felt so much blood and andrelaine pumping in my heart in my entire life. Until that bald son of a bitch challenged my power...” “Chief, it’s okay. We’ll just blow this joint, find Halfy and get a fresh new slur-“ “I am completely obsessed with challenging him, Ossan. I feel it in every single part of my body. This red head demon just has to destroy this immortal God. It’s in our Yato nature, is it not?” He started chuckling. “But Chief, we already fought off a real immortal God just a few days-“ “Ossan. Listen. Billy is a mere goddamn shit on the ass of a newborn compared to whatever this strong force of noodle arms this creature is. Just don’t try to get in my way, ‘kay?” He wickedly smiled. “Oh boy..” Bunny replied as Kamui was limping all the way up. He took a slurp of the Halloween drink Abuto gave him to be revived. “BALDY SON OF A BITCH! HA! FEEL THE WRATH OF MY-“ “Oh?” Saitama was looking the other direction. He bent down to see Mikey on the couch as Kamui came full force. But the China fell on the ground from Sait’s body of steel. “NANI?!” Saitama saw the American ginger playing Words with Friends with a familiar screen name. “Y—Y-YOU’RE SIMONISCOOL42?!?!” “R-really?!” Abuto got out his phone in amazement. “Yeah and what of it, bub.” Mikey said casually. “I wasted... 52 HOURS STRAIGHT OF TRYING TO DEFEAT YOU!” Saitama said Genos rushed over to try to hold him back. Kamui got up from the floor and looked on in horror. That thickly outlined American doofus was actually getting the chance to fight that powerful man? “Guys enough! I think the phone lines have gone down!” Guano said. They all tested theirs out as well with the same results. “No signal!” “HELLO GIN-SAN?!? GIN-SAN?!?! AAAHH! I CAN’T CALL MY BELOVEDED?!?!” Saachan screeched. “He actually gave you his number?” Guano said surprised but she scowled at him. Suddenly the power went out of the house and Guano and Kiyoko shrieked in the darkness. “I WILL JUST FIND GIN-SAN MYSELF! Don’t worry my Vampire Prince! I will save you! MAMA’S COMING!” She dashed off. “No wait! We have to stick-!” She slammed the door and Guano sighed. “They really do make a cute couple.” Kiyoko chuckled. “Speaking of sticking together, where’s Takasugi-san?” Abuto commented to his Chief, who couldn’t care less. Suddenly Genos came up glowing like a night light to Mom, Mikey and her boys. “What the-?” Kiyoko and Guano commented. “COOL!” Yes Man and Mikey shouted. “Pretty awesome eh? Did it myself for Halloween when we go out for candy!” Saitama slouched on his bud, knocking on Genos’s fluorescent chest gently. “Don’t worry everyone. I have an idea to generate the electricity long enough for a call!” Genos added. “Just connect me to your house’s power source, M’am!” “Wait who are you again?” Kiyoko asked and the cyborg looked sad. Suddenly Saachan rushed back in. “TOO MANY CHARACTERS DOWNSTAIRS! Time to do the switcheroo!” She pulled out a glasses man. “NANI?! What’s going on?!!” Shinpachi was dropped on the floor of the Penthouse. Then the crazy ninja rushed back to her Gin-San. “Oh.. hey buddy.” Guano commented. — Downstairs in Lilymu Towers’ lobby, the seven of them sat in a row. Kagura was finishing off her bowl of treats like a ravaged animal, Umibozu was lovingly stroking the top of her head, Mitsuki was rocking back and forth due to her trauma earlier, Saachan was holding Gintoki tightly, Gintoki was looking very annoyed and unable to escape and Nurse Karsura was helping the fourteen year old boy with his past injuries. “Hmm. This cast needs to be replaced. Just look at the cruel writings on it!” Katsura examined and pointed to it. “Must not get into temptations, must keep my ground for Nagisa-kun!” Shinji kept his eyes closed and trembled. “Here, let me slip you out of that.” Katsura said not realizing he was using a seductive voice. “ Hmm.. Or so I think that’s what I should do.” “Oooh...” Shinji blushed a little as he put his hands down his cast to help take them off. “Oi Zura, sorry to interrupt your indirect pedophilla but where’s that comedic big duck that always follows you around?” Gintoki asked dully. “Zura janai, Katsura da. And you know her name is Elizabeth, Gintoki.” Katsura spoke. “Katsura? The name of an angel..” Well not a literal angel...” Shinji happily said to himself but remembered his angel arm candy. “W-what am I doing?! Nagisa-kun, f-forgive me!” “Anyway, I have no idea where Lizzy is.” Katsura spoke calmy. “....I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE LIZZY IS!!?!?!” He started yelling. “Oi pay up, I knew Zura would be the first to lose it.” Kagura spoke and Gintoki unwillingly gave her 5. — Guano, Shinpachi and Saitama stood in front of Guano’s super secret bedroom closet Masked Tanuki distress call screen. Hoping that on the go, Genos would have it up and running. They could call for help on that since the phone lines were still down. “Guys please keep all of the Tanuki stuff a secret, okay?” Guano whispered. “Oh, if the Masked Tanuki is your secret identity, why are you using it at the party as a costume? I mean not like it’s that big of a deal, everyone calls me by my name anyways.” Saitama said calmly. “I overheard someone called you Caped Baldy at the party when meeting you though.” Shinpachi added. “HEY THAT WAS A FORCED TITLE UPON ME!” Sait angrily defended, pointing to the scared teenager with a shaking red glove finger. “Oh sh-“ Guano realized his cover had been blown and went to grab his “temporary memory eraser flash stick” to everyone but the screen in front of them popped up much to their surprises. “YES! I knew you would answer a call for help, lil’ raccoon director.” No Man said. “Wait you knew he would?” Shinpachi pondered. “Yeah what?” Guano wondered. “The Chief and Ossan’s cell lines weren’t working, but I remember you bragging about some Tanuki technology at the party. I just hooked up the wires to your transceivers. I’m like a damn Einstein or somethin’ bros! “No Man swiveled in a rolling chair in delight. “Bragging about your technology. Seriously dude, why are you trying to hide your identity anymore. It’s not that big of a deal.” Dull faced Baldy commented to Guano as the director looked annoyed. “Here! I got help, dogs!” No Man pulled next to him a man with glaring, shining sunglasses. “What do you strangers want, I was busy with important NERV work when all of a sudden this disturbing half alien comes in my store- I mean work headquarters.” Gendo said very seriously as always. Gendo can be seen testing out a warm bottle on wrist, holding a cyborg infant his other arm and clearly at his golden 7/11. The new baby parenting life was getting to him, he looked like a mess. “Oi, Guano-san. Why aren’t you wearing your Tanuki costume anymore?” Shinpachi asked. “Shhhh.” Saitama said. “HEY! Dog, last time you saw me in the other story you said I was a ‘perfect blended lovechild of angel and human’!” No Man said ticked off to the NERV director. “Ikari-san I assume? Your son Shinji is here downstairs and we including him are in grave danger of a serial killer!” Shinpachi said passionately. “You kids and your Halloween pranks. I sent Shinji away specifically so his guardians can deal with that trick or treat nonsense.” He adjusted his cool sunglasses but Gendo Jr. took them off his face. Gendo was stunned. “Look pal, I just came down here because I was promise that I could meet and defeat Simoniscool42 face to face. The latter which I haven’t gotten to do yet. And maybe get some free beef in the process from this rich family’s house!” Saitama declared. “Fine if I’ll make you two hooligan kids, the green alien dressed up as a bald alien and that just plain bald man-“ Gendo started. “HEY!” Sait barked. “I’ll support your little ‘games’. I’ll alert the authorities for Tokyo city to be on the watch for your ‘killer’. But be forewarned, this little prank will cost you all gravely.” He said. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Gendo Jr. screeched out. “I’m out.” Bad Dad ended the transmission on his 7/11 sercuity camera. Seconds later No Man turned it back on. “Yo! Tell Chief and Ossan I’ll be back soon, dog!” He wrestled with Gendo as Gendo was trying to turn it off again. “And maybe with some In-N-Out! Peace!” No Man said with two fingers up and then Gendo finally got it turned off. “Oi, they’re not games OR pranks! We are really in trouble! Why couldn’t No Man just have gone to the police?! Why did he waste our limited electricity on this?!” Shinpachi was freaking out but Guano put a paw on him. “It’s okay, let it go.” Guano exhaled along side his fellow straight man buddy. “Aw In-N-Out.. A double cheeseburger sounds sooo good right now.” Saitama rubbed his poor growling stomach. — “Guys help is on the way!” Shinpachi and Guano said as the three of them entered back into the main room of the penthouse. At the very first sight of the noodle armed man, Kamui wasted no time and ran up to him. “B-B-BALDY! YOU BASTARD! HA! I CHALLENGE YOU TO-!” Kamui sprinted up to him to go in for the hard blow. Saitama caught him in mid air by his Yato lips and kept them closed with great force that he couldn’t open them. “Yeah, yeah kid. Say, can your half buddy pick me up a double juicy burger on his way back to the penthouse? I’m dying here..” Sait asked. “Sensei!” Genos briskly walked up to him. “I too would like something like that!” “Oh.. do you just want the thousand island dressing and toppings or-?” Saitama was still holding China man in mid air and locking his lips. Chief was squirming around angrily. “I mean, isn’t it like a buck extra for all of that? I only have 2.50..” “Chief being upped again.. this is getting too weird for me..” Abuto stood out of the way, not wanting for hell to break loose between those two. “Well with this I guess I better go see what your father has been doing this entire time in our room.” Kiyoko sighed to her two children. “Oh.. Good luck with that Mama.” Guano said knowing Ozu’s angry emotional rollercoaster self too well. “You two don’t have too much fun in that bedroom, Kiyizzle. Ha!” Mikey said and turned to jokingly elbowed Kamui, who was finally released. Chief in return grabbed the American’s elbow, several cracking bone sounds could be heard. Guano and Shinpachi could be seen visibly freaked out a little by this in the background. “Don’t you ever Ha! in my face again you thick outlined and thick headed, doofus looking red headed teenager spotlight stealer, m’kay?” The China red headed teenager smiled. “PFFT 18 year olds. Think they’re all that.” Mikey rolled his eyes. “Try being 19 for a change man!” Kamui clenched his fists hard enough that blood came out of them. Luckily Abuto came up to release the stress out of his shoulders again before his Chief did anything. “Good luck Mrs. Ozu! WAIT! Why can’t I be the one to comfort Ozu?!” Yes Man teared up and surprisingly a robotic arm was placed on his shoulder. “The life of a student and sensei is a troubling one at times..” Genos advised. “HEY ROBOT GUY, want to come to my room and see my Ozu collection?” Yes Man chirped. “Oh! O-only if I can show you the pictures I took of my Saitama-Sensei collection back at home!” Genos said with a straight face but clearly getting excited. The two boys rushed off to Coolest’s room. “Why are they so eager to show off their unhealthy obsessions to one another?!” The two superheroes, Saitama and The Masked Tanuki said dumbfounded. —— She knocked on the bedroom door softly and then entered. “Ozu..?” She saw a lump in the bed and sat down next to it. Suddenly he went in for the big hug, wearing his Hawaiian costume shirt still and only boxers with little bonsais on them on his lower half. One hand with a giant empty tub of ice cream and the other with a big sticky spoon. “How did you already get a five o’clock shadow in the last twenty minutes?” She asked in amazement. “That’s kinda weird but cool.” “Oh Kiyoko! My beloved bonsai getting damaged again is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me!” Ozu sobbed but she just looked at him very pissed. “Oops... I MEANT losing you and Guano was the worst thing that’s even happen to me, honey...aheh.” Kiyoko noticed some weird white scribbles shining off of Ozu’s ring. “Wait.. dude let me see your wedding band.” She tried to take it off his finger. “Oh come on, that was an honest to goodness mistake statement! There’s no need to file for any legal action.” He defended. “No dude, look my ring too!” She said. The jewelry shined off a secret message written on the wall. The two rivals got up walking towards it to read. MAKE ANY MORE SUDDEN MOVEMENTS AND YOU’RE UP NEXT FOR A LITTLE GAME OF MINE Kiyoko accidentally sneezed. “KIYOKO!” “Well EXCUSE me for allergies from this itchy lei you wanted me to wear.” She commented. They felt a black shadow presence behind them and a sudden cloaked figure grabbed a hold of them. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!” The Hawaiian costume duo yelled. —————— Meanwhile back in the Penthouse, Abuto noticed a note on his foot. ”Hmm?” He picked it up and with the light of the moon reflecting from the window, he gasped as he read it. “Uh, everyone.” WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS OR ELSE ALL OF YOUR OTHER FRIENDS WILL BE DEAD. — Ozu awoke an hour later in a barely lit room and with a throbbing head. “W-where am I...” He looked down to see his legs chained. “What?! What is this!” He saw Kiyoko, also Lily, a purple haired midget terrorist, a weird giant dog and a weird giant duck passed out. They were on the other side of the room and were chained at the ankles. The old man’s heart raced in fear. “Hello stooges!” The cloaked killer with a disguised voice said on a speaker in the room. Suddenly a screen came down, on the other side of it was Abuto, Kamui, Saitama, Mikey, Shinpachi and Guano watching from the Penthouse television that turned on by itself. In the lobby of the Tower, the nearby lounge area tv screen turned on too. Gintoki and the gang looking confused ,walked up to it and saw the chained up friends themselves. “Everyone back at the Towers, hello! You will be guiding these six stooges on how to escape their binds! And maybe we’ll have to kill one by one off, if it gets interesting.” The Killer chuckled, mostly everyone gasped (except for laughing Kamui.) ”LILY!” Mitsuki belted out. ”MAMA, DAD!” Guano cried out. ”SADAHARU!!!” Kagura screeched. ”ELIZABETH!!” Katsura yelled. ”KIYOKO!” Gintoki said. ”What do you mean by KIYOKO??!” Saachan said annoyed, still clutching her Gin-San. ”Oi, Oi! Kill off Takasugi first!” Kamui laughed hysterically. ”Chief!” Abuto yelled at him. The producer then looked down again to see his bonsai shorts. “OH DAMMIT I FORGOT TO PUT ON PANTS.” TBC “And this is the wrapper of the first piece of gum Ozu had when I saw him in person for the first time! A-and these are the pants from last week with the shoe print on the back of them when Ozu didn’t want me in the room and scooted me out!” Yes Man pointed. “Fascinating...” Genos stood in awe. “D-do you think my collection can reach this level of appreciation?” “With my help, anything is possible Robot Kid!” Yes Man grinned.
Doubloons: $36,083

Independence Sword 2012 (KK) A *free* limited edition sword for Independence Day 2012. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Sword; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
SpongeBob SquarePants 1
Mermaid Man's Belt 1
Pink 1
Smoothie 1
Green Sunglasses 1
Blue Swim Trunks 1
Blue Sunglasses 1
Red Sunglasses 1
Red Swim Trunks 1
Fancy Tuxedo 1
Top Hat 1
Teddy Bear Costume 1
V11 Polo Shirt An exclusive item for your iFish to celebrate the launch of V11!1
Santa Hat An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Santa Beard An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Santa Sweater An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Santa Pants An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Santa Boots An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
SpongeBob Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Squidward Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Clarinet An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Starfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Fruitcake An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Donkey An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet An item exclusively given during April Fools 2016!1
Mustache 1
Silver Medal 1
Archer Hat 1
Squidly An exclusive item given to whoever purchased it from the Prize Store at Spin-Off Festivals 5 & 6.1
Wizard's Hat 1
Cookie Eating Apron 1
Silver Bell An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Reindeer Hat An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Holiday Gary An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Holiday Patrick An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Krabby Patty An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Dollar An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Spatula An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Jellyfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Teddy Bear 1
Gray Scarf 1
Diva Sunglasses 1
Music Note Necklace 1
Saxophone 1
Gogeta Hair This hair is a limited edition hair, only won by giveaways, commemorating the leaving of ssj4gogita4.1
Glovey 1
Yellow Sunglasses 1
Gold Viking Helmet 1
Spin-Off Festival 6 Skin 1
Monkey Plush 1
Skodwarde Badge An exclusive item given to whoever purchases it from the Prize Store at Spin-Off Festival 6. This item is proof the user bought it.1
Lollipop 1
Red Balloon 1
Unicycle 1
Ice Cream Cone 1
Rollerskates 1
Jester Hat 1
Ring Master Hat 1
Dirty Bubble Costume 1
Kelp Thing Head 1
Camera 1
Captain Tightwad Hat 1
Cookie Eating Hat 1
Barnacle Boy Hat 1
Doctor Negative Coat 1
Mermaid Man Nose 1
Jumbo Shrimp Claws 1
Dirty Bubble 1
Name Tag 1
Jumbo Shrimp Belt 1
Man Ray Head 1
Man Ray Costume 1
Jeffrey the Jellyfish Costume 1
SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Glasses 1
Kevin Given to whoever won it from Jellyfish Bounce at Jellyfish Festival.2
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