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  1. have u cosplayed at them recently?
  2. just busy as hell lately lol. what kind of conventions do u go to again?
  3. “-But what’s wrong with that? So that’s why I want to live with that pain. because it’s proof he still lives on inside of me.” FLTBC said while the two stared at the grave of Jebediah. “But I’ve only come to feel this way because you and this child are with me.” FLTBC gently felt on her pregnant belly. Enshou turned around and started walking away without a word. “So Enshou, don’t you die in battle and forget me. You must live longer than me and cry when I die.” Enshou reflected deeply on these words as he was moving farther from sight, That was the last time I spoke with her, she said she would continue to live with the pain- FLTBC then punched her stomach as hard as she could, Enshou spun around and ran back to her, getting on his knees. “NOOOOO LIL ENSHOOOUU- though I totally support your decision to yeetus the fetus, FLTBC. Our child would have been an abomination.” He got up and dusted himself off, his little fantasy world collasped as the detectives facepalmed. “Come on why are you trying to add to this world Sir, we got to go! This place is crumbling!” Stephen grabbed a hold of his hand as they all started to bolt it as Jebediah’s mind was crumbling around them, slowly turning back into the void it once was before when he was imprisoned. The ballroom had disappeared, Roberta and Suave quickly opened a portal and flew into it. “WORMY YOU COWARD!” Enshou shouted. “And I thought better of you Sex god.” He crossed his arms. The mortals kept running through the tunnels dungeons, avoding falling debris at every turn. “Haha, see Overlord, the baby bump just was an imaginary pillow!” FLTBC pulled it out from under her dress, Enshou made a shocked Woutuber thumbnail face. “That would explain a lot since we haven’t had sex much after BOD arrived.” Enshou got hit in the head by some debris, knocking out and falling back into Stephen’s arms. “What happens if we don’t make it out in time?!” Haji exclaimed. “Then you’ll all become like me inside a mind! Ooh, more imaginary friends to play with!” FLTBC clapped her hands excitedly. “Yeah we’ll certainly become imaginary if we are crushed to death.” Umibozu got ahead of everyone and slid through the final dungeon cave, suddenly it completely collasped with rocks covering the door. The others stood at the other side of it anxiously worried. “W-What are we gonna do now?” Heiji asked. Umibozu simply punched the landslide of rocks, shattering them into pebbles. “COME ON!” He yelled. They continued outside of the dungeon and into the open air. The sky had turned eerily dark, a great thunderstorm was happening and started to spew off purple and green lightning everywhere. They ran through the village, the ye olde buildings crumbling and falling before their very eyes. FLTBC too immersed in her surroundings that she didn’t notice bricks from one shop were about to fall onto her head. “LOOK OUT!” Kintoki swooped her up and away from the pile. He continued to carry her, looking determined and straight ahead while FLTBC just stared at him in awe. “Come back again brave warriors!” The deteriorating Lord George waved to them as they passed him by. His skin melted off his face and his burnt black bones on his still alive body then crumbled into dust. The world itself was completely crumbling behind each step they took forward, literally trying to beat them before Jebediah’s consciousness would fade. They saw a bright light at the end of the dark void, sprinting even faster. “HOW ARE WE GONNA OPEN IT BOSS?!” Haji yelled. “THE ONE WAY WE KNOW HOW, HAJI. CONTROLLED CHAOS!” Roberta and Suave came out of a portal right at the bright light. They made it larger enough for the mortals to be able to pass through. “Come on! Hurry!” Roberta urged them. “IT’S NOW OR NEVER KIDS!” Heiji yelled. They all stepped inside of it at the same time the final part off Jebediah’s world collasped. The next moment they awoke, they saw Poe was frantically flying over their wet and cold bodies inside the Long Wohn after dragging them all out himself. He pecked at Umibozu’s bald noggin to make sure he was alive but the yato shooed him away. They all groaned as they sat up from the restaurant’s floor. “We really did it..” Stephen rather surprised. He took off his captain’s hat and brushed back his hair. Enshou was sucking his thumb next to him, still peacefully asleep. Heiji put his arms around his protégés in joy. Umibozu got off the ground and walked over to the ice hole, surveying it for himself. He heard a loud thump underneath it, the coffin was sinking lower and lower into the lake until it went through the ground itself, still continuing where he couldn’t see it. He raised an eyebrow but got up from one knee. Kintoki looked down into his arms where FLTBC was. “Where did that lady go...” Kintoki looked around for answers. “Probably back into his conscience.” Stephen looked over at Enshou still sucking his thumb. “C’aww!” Poe trying to drag another person out of the ice hole, getting Umibozu to help him. “What in the hell..” Stephen stood up and approached them. FLTBC loudly coughed as Umibozu gave her his cape to get warmer. “FLTBC..?” “Captain?” She asked back. The detectives then circled her as well. “How is this even possible, she was just an image of Yuka.” Umibozu said staring at her who was just as confused. “Quite the mystery but I say that’s hardboiled mystery solving enough for one day. Who’s up for some Camus and Burgers?” Heiji asked them. “Yeah!” Haji and Kintoki smiled and started to walk away with their boss. “Come on Sir.” Stephen smiled over his shoulder. Enshou then opened one eye up, “FLTBC?” They walked outside the restaurant, casually strolling through the chaos of the drag queens vs the Dakini. “Take this!” Azumi blew a visible kiss in the direction of one of the Dakini. “AAAH, I’M IN LOVE!” The man put a hand to his forehead and overdramatically fell to the ground. Meanwhile inside the restaurant, Jebediah’s purple crystal popped out of the ice hole and into the air, Roberta flew out of a portal and quickly grabbed it. She put it in her bag for safe keeping. She noticed Umibozu standing there looking at her and nodded to him, “I’m gonna collect Jazzy.” He nodded back and watched her as she went back into the portal, disappearing as quickly as she came. Umibozu walked over to the cashier counter and leaned against it for some time. He smiled and decided to wait there until his idiot son returned from whatever he was doing. He had a lot to tell to both his kids once he would see them. Poe flew on his shoudler and cocked his head. “Yeah, yeah. And I’ll take you to the Old Man after I’m done here.” Umibozu gently petted his beak. Stephen and the others had walked off the ice and tread through the snow, still freezing from their wet clothes. They could be heard in the midst of a conversation. “So where do you think you’ll go, Lady?” Stephen asked. Enshou stumbling out of the rink, taking off his boot and dumping the water out of it which had a fish inside of it. He sped walk up to them and pushed his way in between FLTBC and Stephen. “She’ll be living on Burei in the castle with us, Captain. You’ll make a fine edition to one of the tops of my minion army, FLTBC.” He said, she smiled. “Well I already know all there is to know about Buerian politics, Overlord! Maybe I can study abroad for a change.” She replied. “You could study on Earth, there’s lots to learn about how things work here!” Haji chimmed in. “And what better way to learn about Earth than through the eyes of a detective.” Heiji said, Haji and Kintoki turned their heads to him, shocked. “What you did back there was very hardboilian, Lady-san. What do you say? Care to join us and our unending venture for action, justice and tomfoolery?” Heiji smiled as the trio looked at her, Haji and Kintoki were in suspense waiting for a reply. “That sounds wonderful! I’d love to!” FLTBC grinned, Haji and Kintoki cheered. “Wait Boss, we barely have enough room in your tightpacked apartment for the two of us!” Haji said. “Well Genghai-san is always looking for some help around the place. You could stay with us if you like, FLTBC.” Kintoki offered. “I’d love to! Thank you!” She replied back. Enshou’s expression went dark. “...You gotta be fucking kidding me.” He said. “I promise I’ll visit Burei as much as possible, Overlord.” FLTBC kissed him on the cheek, Enshou made an annoyed sigh. “Fine. You better keep your word on that FLTBC. Come on Captain, let’s go celebrate a late Hanukkah.” Enshou then smirked. “Yes Sir!” Stephen pulled out a fully lit candelabra and the two walked away in another direction. The four detectives continued heading into Edo. While on the ice rink both sides were starting to get tired of their fighting but continued on. Tatsuma was gracefully making figure eights through all the mayhem while Mikey looked like he was dying from exhaustion “Ahahahaha! Come on Lieutenant! We gotta break the world record for longest nonstop skating!” Tatsuma cheered him on. “I-I.. I’m gonna pass out now.” Lt Simon collasped in the ice. Somewhere in space with their ship, Mutsu could be seen rolling her eyes. As Ougai was slaying the powerful crossdressers or moreso they were just skating around him pretending to have been slaid, one of his men whispered in his ear.” “Soutatsu was captured..?” He said in shock. Hedoro came gracefully skating up to him. “Well it looks like the Earthlings weren’t as weak and treacherous as you thought, Ougai-san.” Hedoro softly said and Ougai let out a big sigh. “Retreat!” Ougai yelled out to his men, they dropped whatever they were doing. Azumi pulled out a pen and paper from his shirt and wrote out his number to some excited Dakini. The Saigou whistled and the crossdressers dramatically skated out of rink to meet him. “All this action~ has made us tired! What do we do now Mama?” One of them said. At that moment the ice rink started to crack from the sheer amount of abuse it had been suffering and Tatsuma and Mikey bolted out of it just as the ice completely crumbled up into pieces, miraculously and thankfully the restaurant stayed afloat. “That was my only source of entertainment in this entire arc! Now what will we do Lt?” Tatsuma said bummed out. Suddenly the Wurvivor chopper flew above them and Ketsuno pulled out her megaphone. “Follow us and watch the GRAND FINALE OF WURVIVOR LIVE downtown!” The crossdressers and tradesmen eagerly nodded and started to run. Meanwhile the detectives were walking through the city streets now. “You know FLTBC, now that you’re a real person you could totally pick out a name if you like.” Haji said. “Ohh.. a real name. I’d really have to think about that.” She scratched her non-imaginative chin. “You’ll have plenty of time to think of one now, Lady-san. You got the mind of a hardboiled detective.” Heiji said, FLTBC smiled and nodded. Kintoki then excitedly picked FLTBC up in the air and twirled her around. “Oh this is so exciting, now there’s four of us! Who knows all the adventures we’ll have!” Kintoki then opened his eyes and looked directly into hers for the first time, His pupils shrunk, he then realized what he was doing. The android put her down and awkwardly looked away flustered. FLTBC just put a hand to her face and giggled a little. “..This might get a little more awkward than we thought, Boss.” Haji whispered to Heiji who also had made a confused and uncomfortable face. The chopper finally arrived at the center of the city, citizens were lined up behind the ropes and guards of the set. “Wow, I know the city is literally falling apart and we can be murdered in cold blood by several amanto species that hate us but I can’t believe we snagged a spot in front row!” Pakuyasa excitedly said behind one of the barriers to Ikumatsu who smiled. Their hands accidentally touched as they leaned against the railing and they both retracted them, blushing. “Hello everyone and welcome back to the FINALE of the WURVIVOR! Shinsuke, Pirako and Otae our Final Three are all lined up to face the greatest obstacle of the game yet! Climbing Edo’s Terminal Station!” “Is that even legal? Wouldn’t they get killed by an aircraft if they don’t die from the fall?” Tetsuko asked Tatsumi. “Don’t worry babe, we have the entire fire department right here just in case!” Tatsumi kissed her guns. “I can’t believe I got shoved from massive screentime just to see Shinny make an ass of himself on live TV, again. He’s probably gonna lose, anything heigher than 5 foot scares him.” Gintoki said fully decked out in supportive merchandise of Shinsuke’s face and a number one foam finger, Shinpachi’s face just darkened. “Go Boss Lady! Go Pirako-chan! Woo!” Kagura cheered. Pirako, Shinsuke and Otae looked at the building from the base they were at. Otae and Shinsuke looked at it nervously but Pirako spit on her hands and grabbed onto the rope attached to her harnness. The other two followed and so would begin the slow progress for the grand million dollar prize. ———————— “Your Majesty, a gift from your older brother.” A pair of Oukokuan guards dropped a tied up Soutatsu at Barkas’s feet of his castle’s throne room. Barkas raised one eyebrow, Soutatsu was making the same ugly scowling face as usual. “He is being charged for his war crimes on Earth. He also finally admitted to poisoning your father the Royal Highness. What do you wish to do with him?” Soutatsu stared straight ahead of him as Barkas kept looking at the former Shinra leader. “Go on your Majesty, kill me already. My soul has already been dead for a long time.” Soutatsu squinted his eyes. “I don’t think I will..” Barkas then untied his ropes himself. “W-what..” Soutatsu dropped the rope off of him and then stood up. “Why didn’t you kill me, Barkas..” “All these years of army service and yet you still don’t know the meaning of being a soldier, Soutatsu.” The Shinra man raised an eyebrow at these words. Barkas continued to clarify his point. “You have suffered enough, I have suffered enough. Would our fathers want us to continusly engage in our worlds hate against each other? Even if I slain you there would be just another man filled with wrath and revenge in his heart. I am not gonna allow this.” Barkas extended his hand out to Soutatsu who just looked at it in shock. “You’re seriously trusting someone like me again..?” He said rather taken back. Before the blue haired man knew it, he heard a familiar voice behind him. “Soutatsu-san, we can’t do this without you. We’re an united army together against a universe filled with enough enemies.” Ougai crossed his arms. Soutatsu turned around to see, Eren, Fumiko, Enshou with Stephen, Shige, recovering Sooyoung and the Skolexians next to him. “Plus, you like, totally interrupted my Hankukkah subplot. I’m reporting that as antiseptic.” Enshou crossed his arms. “Sir, it’s.. nevermind.” Stephen said. Soutatsu stood there for once without an angry look to him. “So what do you say, Soutatsu?” Barkas asked. Soutatsu stood there for some silent moments before he looked away and extended his hand. Barkas met his and gave him a hearty handshake. Soutatsu finally faced him and gave him a slight smile. The two broke it off and the others came up to them in positive spirits. “So where are we gonna build this new Liberation headquarters of ours, big admiral?” Eren said patting Barkas on the shoulder with his flipper. “I was thinking.. on Shinra.” Barkas smiled at Soutatsu who looked surprised once again but smiled. “I would be honored to.” Soutatsu nodded. Shige went to put his hand on his shoulder but Soutatsu flipped around and pointed a ninja star at him. Everyone stared at him shocked. “Sorry Shogun-sama, force of habit..” He sheepishly put it away. Shige just made a mild chuckle and grabbed him in an unexpected hug. Suddenly Bores, B.H. and Tatakin came hopping in the room, in who also had been tied up to be punished. They fell on their faces, Bores sweared out in frustration. “What about us Boss?” Hercules asked Soutatsu who just loudly sighed. “Well, you three did help me out a lot. After we give Kada-Hime a proper burial you’re free to help us on Shinra with building the headquarters, I guess.” He redundantly said. “LOOKS LIKE ITS TIME FOR A LITTLE CONSTRUCTION BOYS.” Bores broke free from his bindings as did the other two. The trio gave each other a loud high five. “And you ugly peasants all call me the odd ball of the group. Come on Captain, we WILL have our Hanukkah subplot.” Enshou snapped his black acrylic fingers and turned around with his dark cape flowing behind him, Stephen following close. Everyone else there had their faces darkened as he walked away. Fumiko then leaned in to whisper to Soutatsu, “Next time you plan on getting stabby chief, maybe aim it towards that guy.” He nodded in agreement, Barkas’s expression just darkened. Ougai then turned to Sooyoung, “Hey Sooyoung, how are you feeling? You’ve been rather quiet.” She communicated something in his head. “You’re right, with the Tendoshu’s feat you would think we’d be celebrating... But all that happened was the smaller predator was eaten up by the scariest beast on the food chain. And now all the vulnerable is freely open for him to prey upon.” The two leaders continued staring straight ahead as the rest of them were still congratulating Barkas. The screen cuts to a zoom up of Nobunobu closing his phone and putting it back in his shirt pocket. “Welp, looks like Shige headed back to Oukoku after all, they got them blue haired bastard in chains or somethin’. “..Probably should’ve had said that outloud..” He was still aboard the terrorist ship with his little cousin at the mercy of the shipmates. Before he knew it though, Katsura, Matako, Takechi and Elizabeth with the rest of their crew returned to their ship. “Big cous-“ Nobunobu got up defensively in front of Soyo as the terrorists folded their arms. The pressure in that room was intense until Katsura nodded and his crew stepped aside for the royals to exit the front door to the Shinsengumi just outside. Nobunobu nodded back as he met gazes with the terrorist captain right as he stepped out. “Oi come on your highnesses before those crazed extremists pull out weapons.” Hijikata said turning around once the royals were okay. They begun escorting them away from Edo’s bay area and into a private limo with the dogs as well. “Whoever thought we’d see the day when we were working with those greasy piglets, eh Hijikata-san? NobuNobu-sama?” Sougo said, Nobu just looked straight ahead and nodded, knowing exactly what he meant aiming it at him. “Sougo, what the hell are you doing.” Hijikata said as he was driving the car. Sougo had a skull in one hand and a script in the other for reasons this author wasn’t gonna explain either. “Seems like white coats aren’t the only ones willing to bend back rules and come crying for our help when the Bakufu have a bigger threat than us on their backs, huh Katsura-sama?” Matako said as the main terrorists were still leaning on their door. It was silent for a moment. “Sometimes I wonder who’s helping who..” Katsura simply said. His crew begun to reflect on his words as they started heading inside to celebrate their second Christmas together as a united family. “Hey guys, Shinsuke is still hanging in there in the competition!” Kyoushirou said putting back on the television for the rest of the members to watch. Matako with stars in her eyes eagerly ran to the couch as Bansai, Kyuubei, Takechi followed to sit next to the bunch of bandmates. Katsura and Elizabeth were hanging out beside the wall as the Oukoku put back on his Renho disguise. “Long month?” Katsura smiled. -Eh, rather not think about it. A thing of a king’s past as far as this terrorist’s concerned.- Elizabeth shrugged it off. “Elizabeth, I’m really proud of you you know. This has been quite hard for you and I’m not just talking about what happened to your brother. You have dealt with a lot of personal changes in the past year but you put inside all your reserveness and doubts to come out of your shell and help Barkas out. And for that I’m really proud of you.” Katsura put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder. Elizabeth made an embarassed kind of smirk in his costume that he thought thankfully his friend couldn’t see. -Family bonds run much deeper than I ever thought, no matter how many years apart.- Elizabeth and then Katsura looked over at the rest of the crew intensely into the TV program, sharing snacks and cheering on their captain to win. -..I guess that emotion I felt is how you feel with that midget after all those years seperated.- “And I’d feel that way with anyone here if we were seperated, Your Majesty.” Katsura patted him on the shoulder. The warm buzz of conversation around them and Christmas decorations continued inside the boat, Elizabeth briefly looked outside one of the small circular windows and caught a glimpse of a figure idly standing there in the rapid falling snow. He raised an eyebrow. -That’s odd, I thought all the black coats had left by now.- Elizabeth signed, he squinted his eyes trying to make out who it was. Katsura begun looking as well. Once some of the snow storm had cleared, Katsura and Elizabeth could better make out who it was. Katsura’s pupils shrunk. “Nizou...” Katsura softly said. Elizabeth then make a loud whistle with his flippers and beak, getting everyone else’s attention. He gestured them to come closer, their faces went pale as well. “K-Katsura-sama.. how is this possible after Okinawa..?” Matako said fearfully. Katsura furrowed his eyebrows. ———- Yuka could hear the sound of a door creaking open causing her wake up. She slowly opened up where her eyes would be and sat up in bed. She then turned around to see Roberta in her bedroom by her dresser. Yuka pushed up against the headboard in fear, Roberta heard this and turned around, “D-Don’t be frightened! Please. Sorry I was just.. didn’t want to wake you up.. Valentino said I could just pick up Jazzy here. We finally defeated Jebediah.” Yuka looked surprised, not sure if we was more surprised they defeated that nightmare of a Bureian or that Valentino had trusted that woman enough to leave her alone in a room with her. Yuka eased up a little but still kept her guard up. “We’re gonna use Jebediah’s purple crystal to restore the Altana inside Jazzy.” Roberta explained. Yuka nodded a little and then turned her head away. Roberta looked at her for a moment in sorrow but then looked down. The angel then snapped her fingers and the Stairway to Heaven appeared. Roberta looked ahead and begun climbing it, but suddenly Yuka spoke up, “What.. the hell is wrong with you Roberta...” Roberta paused and looked a little confused at this statement. “..How am I suppose to attend to your grave when you’re in and out the living realm now? To an empty casket?” Roberta got tearful not knowing to smile or not if it would offend Yuka, so she just looked down. Yuka misinterpreted it as her being upset with her half-joke. She slithered outof bed and spoke up to ease the awkward tension a bit, “Roberta. I need to be alone. I will be damaged for a very, very long time about everything...please understand.” Roberta felt very surprised at that last part, it almost seemed friendly. “I completely understand. Thanks for even talking to me, Yukes. T-that means a lot, more than you could imagine.” More tears streamed down Roberta’s face as she nodded and continued up departing from her ex-lover once again. Yuka was safe and okay as long as Roberta stayed away, the Skolexian was content with that. But then Roberta shook her head and went back down, Yuka raised an eyebrow where it would be. Roberta snapped off an edge of the crystal and then did a chant. She crushed it in her hands and then blew it into the air. Before Yuka knew it, the purple dust was swirling around her and lifted her up into the air. Roberta put her hand up as the spinning Altana produced a blinding light and then exploded. It safely carried Yuka down to the ground. Yuka opened her eyes to a very familiar sight of her own hands in front of her. “My..my body..” Yuka put her hands on her arms and face in disbelief, looking at herself. Roberta made a shy little smile not looking at her, “It’s amazing what some chants and crystals can do huh, Yukes? Don’t tell the gods learned that trick. We’re on good terms but they might be pissed at me for sacrificing some crystal for Jazzy for you. I could only get it to its previous state but it should hold it up and you’ll probably be able to morph freely!” Yuka got up from the ground, standing some feet away from the other woman. Roberta looked awkwardly around, scratching her neck.” I-I know I can’t exactly resurrect the dead Yukes otherwise I would. But honestly you’re perfect like this too, it has a-always been b-b-beautiful to me-“ “Thank you, Roberta.” Some long moments went by and they broke their hug, a frozen Roberta just walked backwards with the fish bowl and onto the staircase. “I-I.. have to go talk to Sophia..” She uttered out. The two kept a locked view on each other the entire time, Yuka looking somber as Roberta with a look of shock, until she faded away. Yuka then snapped out of it with a surprised expression. “Wait, ...Sophia?” Yuka’s bedroom door then came busting open by a gooey hand. ”SORELLA! Are ya alrite?! I heard a lotta noise comin’ in hereah- S-S-Sorella?! YA BODY IS BACK?! YO SKELS! FEMURSON! GET IN HERAH!” Roberta went back to Heaven, her and Suave were met with a wonderful celebration of raining confetti and cheering people as they got there with the cure for Jazzy. Suave broke away for some time and then came back with a pep in his step, “Father says the purple transfusion will work! Isn’t that great Robes? ..Robes?!” However Roberta was still completely frozen with her look of shock. She put her hands on her chest, the embrace and warm scent of Yuka still lingering on her where the ex-lovers bodies met. Meanwhile on Earth, Valentino had Skele and Femurson knelt down in playful headlocks. “I’m tellin’ ya! We gotta go hit up tha pizza joint across tha street and celebrate with a cheesy holiday pie! Dis is a Christmas miracle! Whatya say, Yukes? .. Yukes?!” Yuka had a blank expression as she kept staring at the wall where the stairway previously was, her mind not even on her restored physical state or Valentino and the others babbling about. After some time she let out a slight smile. —————- Oboro was digging his feet into the sand of a secluded beach as the sounds of seagulls and waves crashing and splashing were very apparent. His knees were up to his chest as he was in a deep thought. “Who knew Sensei could travel at will to a place like this.. Or who knew I could.” Oboro had been there for several hours already, but felt like his medication was only just beginning. The fact he even got to that location with mere simple actions and thoughts was alarming. If he could do this so easily, how would the rest of his powers change the world once he tapped into them? Did he even want to tap into something that enormously dangerous and possibly unlimited? He couldn’t even face the Sensei of the past at the moment because like how he fixed the unraveling of the universes by himself, he had to do this again by himself otherwise he wouldn’t grow as a person. As he was getting more lost in the deep end of his mind, he thought he heard a peculiar faint buzzing sound in the back of his subsconscious. He shrugged it off merely as an illusion and resumed his train of thought. But the sound gradually become less faint and less like a buzz. Oboro paused all his thoughts to address the noise which was increasingly becoming stressful for him. He furrowed his eyebrows and put his hands to his forehead, trying to concentrate on it. That’s when he heard it, his entire body went cold and numb. He lost any sort of realization he had on the outside world on the bone chilling familiar tone of that voice... that damn, cursed voice.. “Hello Oboro.~” “Jebediah-dono.. How could that truly be you? Your soul is imprisoned inside a void.” Oboro said very serious and uneasily now. “We share blood my dear Oboro. As they say, blood runs thicker than water. Your Sensei also had these powers with me.” “I-impossible..” Oboro stood up from the sandy floor looking around the palm trees of the tropics. “Hmmm?~ He never told you? Well get use to all the things he failed to mention to his ‘prized first student’. Such as the fact we were in regular contact all these centuries. Especially during Okiwana! We talked endlessly during that time.” If Oboro didn’t have chill sweats and a pale face, he certainly did now. “What do you want Jebediah-dono...” Oboro regained his composure and now fearlessly stared at the sky. “Relax. I don’t want anything, at the moment at least. But remember...” Jebediah said this last part rather seriously and paused drawing the white haired man’s attention even more. “I may not input myself in your most critical trials to come ahead. I may not talk to you for days, weeks, months, years, centuries, millennia.. But I will always be there. Whenever you feel like I have finally given up on you, when you have a quiet rest after a long day, whenever you are peacefully sound asleep, I will be there to communicate through our minds interlinked together for all eternity of your immortality. You will never ever even for a moment forget who I am, Oboro. I am greater than you, I am greater than your teacher or I am greater anyone who has ever lived and died inside or outside the comic book. And the wrath of my revenge on its universes will be greater than any reset or unravel imaginable. With that I bid you farewell Keeper of Peace. Enjoy the beaches of Bermuda, I’ve heard they’re lovely this time of year.” Jebediah was silent after this, Oboro fell to his knees and stared at the skies surrounding the Triangle. ——————— “Hey can you not vacuum so loud? Geez.” Billy said as he laid about on the couch as Ungyou vacuumed under his feet. Ungyo just stared ahead and kept cleaning. Then a portal opened and an individual stepped outside of it. “Wormy Mommy!” Gedomaru got up from the living room and hugged her around the waist. Roberta returned it. “Aah, almost forgot.” She handed over the Bang skull to the kid. “Perfect! Thank you!” Gedomaru excitedly clutched onto it and put it on top of her skull throne. Billy painfully sat up on the couch and looked over it. He turned back around and resumed watching the TV, grabbing the remote to flip through the channels. “Nice outfit Wormy, but your little girlfriend is that a way.” Billy lazily pointed to the ceiling. Roberta stepped in fromt of his plasma tv, still smirking. “Yo your stupid slimey worm body is blocking my football!” She then turned off screen’s power button, Billy scrambled up. “HEY!” “You honestly weren’t gonna tell me. Were you Bills?” Roberta crossed her arms. “How stupid your get up is? Congratulations, did you get your wings?” He said sarcastically. He went to pick up the remote but she snatched it from him and his face darkened. “They made me a Cherub actually.” He looked a little surprised but laid back in the sofa again. “You gave your Pops a tremendous amount of energy to fuel that last dream catcher, didn’t you? That wasn’t just all of his power alone.” “That would explain why Billy-sama is acting more of a lazy ass than usual.” Gedomaru stated from her throne. Ungyo was wrapping up the cord of the vacuum in the corner but nodded agreeingly. Billy squinted his eyes. “UHHH ‘NEWSFLASH’ as your caterpillar crawlin’ ass always says, I was stuck here the entire time. How could I even have reached that Old Fart up there if I’m banished forever from there?” He asked. “You tell me. It’s like you’ve said before Bills, you and your brothers are all connected, you can sense when something is wrong. Daddy’s little favorite temporarily was in telepathic connection with him.” “Tsssk.” Billy sunk even deeper in the couch and rolled on his stomach. “Even if that was true, it’s not like those stuck ups would ever acknowledge what I did for them this time.” He buried his head in arms into the arm of the sofa. “I didn’t come here just to pass some greetings, dude. I came to bring you to the celebration ceremony in Heaven.” At this Gedomaru and Ungyou looked very surprised. Billy peaked his eye out of his arms and then slowly stood up from it. “What did you just say..?” He asked. Roberta just sighed and put her hands on his shoulders. “Billy, you have done a lot for me over the years. More than I ever deserved. You never gave up on me even when the entire universe had. You and I are both in the same in so many ways that it was only fair that I showed the amount of trust, faith and love you showed to me back to everyone else to prove who you truly are. You’re a damn hero Billy. There, you got me to finally say it you assface.” Billy made a sort of chuckling smirk and put a hand to his face. The angel walked away from the living room, snapped her fingers and the Stairway to Heaven appeared just beside the poker table. “You deserve more than anyone else to walk up these stairs with me to the party. Now, are you gonna join me and visit your recovering Fishy bro?” Billy finally wiped his hand off his face. “I don’t think I’d exactly fit up there, Robes.” But before he knew it, Gedomaru and Ungyou had locked their arms around each of his. The God looked caught off guard. “That makes four of us, then.” Gedomaru stated. Billy stared at the staircase for a long moment and begun to walk chained together with his friends as Roberta joined in. “Can’t believe you bozos talked me into this.” Roberta and the other two smiled at these words. The four took the first step up and slowly worked their way up to the clouds high above. ———— “Welcome back to the exciting conclusion of Wurvivor!” Ketsuno exclaimed as the crowds around her cheered. “Don’t look down Shinsuke.. don’t look down...” He kept telling himself. The three of them were now half way up the chrome terminal. It was quite tiring but at least they weren’t strangers to climbing after their previous ice challenge. Even as a trained samurai use to hardship, Shinsuke’s legs were getting a pounding by the stress onto them. “Gotta... do this for Honey..” Pirako had Otae and Shinsuke beat by some feet, but her zealous efforts were starting to catch up with her. She slacked back for a few moments catching her breath, Otae used this pause to take a big stride upwards. Both the black and white coats arrived to the scene after they dropped off the royals to a secret place of safety once the castle could be repaired. Hijikata took out a cigarette once stepping out of the car and shook his head st the event. “I don’t know how this was approved.” He said. “The Shogun-sama is quite a Wurvivor fan, so that’s how. Though us white coats being assigned to work down here with you filthy coats instead of being with them is a crime in itself.” Isaburo said fastly typing Nobume who was watching said royals somewhere. Hijikata let out an annoyed click and looked away. “Now then Lady Who Shall be Named Later-“ Heiji started. “I would have went with FLTBA Boss. Fake Lady To Be Announced!” Haji chimmed in. “You see Jebby, what is the first thing you do?” He asked. The four were in one of Genghai’s abandoned sheds filled with all sorts of gadgets. “Uhh, Uhh. Buy him some Camus. No. Take his wallet! No.. Stare at the wall! No.... Call his bird friends to help him sing a little tune and sweep the Overlord’s Dark Castle of Doom. Darn!” She snapped her fingers in disappointment. Heiji got behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. “Come on kid, you got this.. Remember your hardboilian training of twenty minutes since our last subplot ended.” He urged her. She took a deep breath in and eyed the Jebby bag. “Okay..” She put up her boxing gloves again but right as she was about to punch it, she pulled out a coconut cream pie out of nowhere onto the bag instead. “SPLAT! ACME BOMB!” FLTBC threw an old timey bomb at it and it blew up. “WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP!” She spun around on the heels of her shoes and then rolled up her sleeve while scrunching her face at the mutilated bag. “WHHHY I OUGGHTTA... PUT ‘EM UP! PUT ‘EM UP!” She circled her fists around. “Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck. Exit left, stage right!” She got in a frozen motion to run away. “WILMAAAAA!” She fell to the floor dramatically, looking at the gods heavens above. Heiji and Haji clapped impressed, their eyes watering up. Heiji wiped a proud tear from his eye. “-BLUSH ACTIVATED.-“ The two turned to flustered Kintoki who sheepishly covered up the sensors voice box inside of his abodemen. “Boss, look! It’s almost time for end of the Wurvivor Arc!” Haji pointed to her Wickey Wouse gloves watch. “Great Scott, kids! That’s enough training for one day, we gotta vamoose!” Heiji pulled out a black hole from his cartoon pocket, he then grabbed all three of them with one arm and jumped into it. They jumped out of it, Kintoki landing in Haji’s strong child arms. “Nice catch!” He said, she smiled and put him down. “Dear God... this large of a crowd makes me miss the Wacy’s Thankgiving Parade.” Heiji dropped his cigar from his mouth and on the floor. However, he didn’t know it a parked gasoline tank truck was next to him. It fell in a puddle of leaking oil and then burst into flames. The flames then caught the truck on fire, exploding it into the air and sending it straight into the terminal, which started to catch on fire. “BOSS!!!!!” Haji yelled. “I-I.... BARELY DID ANYTHING! Why do these things keep happening to us!?” Haji blubbered, falling to the floor. Kintoki then slapped him. “You gotta snap out of it Boss! Sorry, I didn’t mean to slap you. But in times of situations like this its at our upmost we focus on the safety citizens of Edo at hand. I don’t make it a habit of using physical violence, except of course if it involves self defe-“ Haji proceeded to slap Kintoki and FLTBC slapped him as well a seconds later. “Sorry I thought this was another training exercise!” She said. “We got to evacuate all the citizens here. Someone’s got to get to the chopper to rescue the Wurvivor contestants!” Hijikata ordered his men who begun filing out. Isaburo begun ordering out his men as well. Sougo ran up to them, panting. “Hijikata-san! I think one of our men already got to the chopper.” The man told him. They squinted their eyes and behold the individual. “SAITOU-SAN WAIT!” Hijikata and Sougo yelled but it was too late, the chopper came spiraling down back to Earth as people were screaming and running away. The impact firey explosion was heading fast for the citizens. Gintoki grabbed Kagura as him and Shinpachi were running for their damn lives. “OIII THIS IS NOT WHAT TOTALLY MAIN CHARACTERED FOOOOOORRR!” Gintoki screamed out as the fire was coming up quickly behind them. “That was the last of the choppers after Saitou did that the last arc too..” Sougo said to Hijikata as they were just staring at the roaring blaze of the downtown city. Hijikata clenched his hands in his hair in disbelief of the level of escalation this was happening at. “We got to help our fellow officers. Kids you know what to do!” Heiji said. “On it Boss!” The trio replied back and got into formation. “WAIT BOSS THIS IS RIDICULOUS THIS WON’T SAVE THE FIRES!” Haji yelled. “I GOT IT!” Tetsuno blasted Heiji with gallons of water out of visible view.. “THAT’S NOT GONNA HELP ANYTHING EITHER!!” Haji exclaimed. “I got an idea, Vice Chief!” Tetsu then ran back into the fiery downtown. “TETSU WAIT!” Isaburo started to run after him. “Don’t look down..” Shinsuke then glimpse to see a bright orange light and then smelled smoke. “DON’T LOOK DOWN DON’T LOOK DOWN. DEAR GOD WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE A HEIGHTS CHALLENGE?!” “What is he screaming about down there now.” Pirako said finally catching up back to Otae. The two then looked down, their surprises were shocked. “Woah where did that fire come from, bro?!” “Oh my this doesn’t seem like a part of the challenge.” Otae commented back. Shinsuke was visibly sobbing. “Unless it is a challenge..” Piracho scratched her chin and then begun reclimbing. “Pirako-chan, I don’t think-!” Otae tried to say but the woman was already further away. She shrugged. “Well, maybe it is.” Isaburo was still chasing Tetsu through the downtown as the buildings close to the terminal were busting with flames. “Testu where are you going?! Damn it. What the hell are you doing you oaf..” Isaburo tried to avoid thinking about the extreme heat he was facing all around him and to focus on the task at hand. He then saw it far above in the smokey distance, Tetsu had been knocked by some debris that had fallen off one of the buildings. “TETSUUU!” The white coat sprinted even faster, despite the heat becoming more intense. He crouched down to Tetsu’s body and started frantically picking off the heavy pieces off of him. “I-Isaburo..?” Tetsu said while opening up one eye. “I can’t feel my legs..” He mumbled out. Isaburo ignored him and tried to heave up a piece of ceiling. “This last piece is too heavy for me to lift up alone, you got to help me Tetsu.” Isaburo grunted. “LISTEN! Don’t fall asleep on me now!” “Isaburo.. I’m sorry.. I thought I could take matters into my own hands but I just proved to be a nuisance to you as always.. Maybe you had the right to want to kill me back then.” He coughed, spacing out again. Isaburo begun tearing up. “No.. Testu.. you are not a nuisance to me.. I’m the nuisance to you. I should be the one being killed. And I should have told you how much you’ve meant to me. But all I have done growing up is pushed you away because I felt embarrassed. When in reality I feel the exact opposite now.” Isaburo’s tears begun running down, Tetsu made a somber and surprised expression, forming tears of his own. “I love you.. And we’re gonna get out of here, Tetsu. Now help me lift this, okay?” “O-O-Okay..” Tetsu even though he was very weak pushed upward with it with the strength he had left. He knew he couldn’t leave this world and his big brother now. The two finally pushed it off of him and embraced in a big sobbing hug. “I love you too.. Isaburo..” After they broke from the embrace, Isaburo managed to piggyback him slowly out of there. But smoke was becoming more intense on their lungs, Isaburo begun coughing up blood and collasped underneath Tetsu. Tetsu laid there, just only able to stare at the pure grey smog above his head. He shakingly pulled out his phone and pressed a number. “Just what I was looking for, a signal. I hope you will hear this... Don’t worry big bro, I’m gonna get us both to safety.” Tetsu begun coughing up harder and harder until he eventually closing his eyes, the camera fading to black with him. But then suddenly he woke up with someone shouting out his name next to him. “Don’t worry, my ping pong buddy. Jackie will get you to safety!” Jackie had the ladder of his emergency chopper lowered down, Tetsu smiled before passing out again. He loaded them on there with the sheer strength of his upper bodder strength and laid them down. He then pressed a button on his Dragoncopter and the bottom of it opened up with a giant water balloon twice its size. “Taste the flames power of a REAL dragon evil arson!” He pressed it again and it dropped down below onto the terminal and buildings around it, instantly pulling it out. The citizens on the outskirts of town cheered but Shinpachi’s face went paled “SISSSTTTERRRR!” He screamed. However he then heard the sound of the Dragoncopter above him. He looked up and Jackie slid down the ladder. “Do not worry Shinpachi-san!” Jackie smiled, “..How do you know my name..” He said in a monotone. Pirako, Otae and Shinsuke peaked out of the chopper, Shinpachi made a smile of relief. Meanwhile close by the hardboilian detectives were being arrested by the Shinsen and placed in cuffs. “Didn’t Enshou tell us Jebediah killed him?” Kintoki asked as they were escorting them to a car. “Who knows, our Lord works in mysterious ways.” Heiji said quoting the good frenchie himself. Haji made a sigh of despair at their situation her Boss lead them in. “And to think, this happened on such a beautiful sunny day!” FLTBC exclaimed but then gasped. “HHHH! That’s it! I’ll call myself Sunny!” Sunny said as they were pushed inside the squad car. “Hey guys! Look even the writers are usin-“ The door slammed behind them and begun driving them away. Isaburo and Tetsu had been brought down by Jackie and stared at each other from their stretchers. They made little smiles as they were being loaded into the ambulance. Pirako, Otae and Shinsuke were sitting on the ground covered in warm blankets and drinking hot chocolate. Ketsuno walked up to them with two camera men. “I’m so sorry for what happened you three!” She then turned to the cameras. “Folks, we have just witnessed the first ever Wurvivor ending in tragedy.” “But we’re still alive, so like. Who won?” Pirako asked. “Yeah who won?” Shinsuke asked the host. “Well technically none of you did make it to the top. And the challenge was to reach the top of the Terminal.” She plainly said. The three contestants faces went dark at her. “But to avoid any...” She put a hand over her mic and made a gesture to stop rolling and whispered. “Legal issues..” She made another gesture to resume filming, “We’re gonna have a rock paper scissors competition for whatever money in the suitcase that wasn’t burnt on the top of the terminal!” Their faces went dark again. “Who the HELL puts the grand prize up there?!” Pirako said. The trio sighed and begun to play the game with each other. Pirako started with Shinsuke, he threw paper and she threw rock. “NO!” She exclaimed. “YES!” Shinsuke said. He turned to Otae who threw up scissors as he threw up paper. “Damn...” Ketsuno then picked up Otae’s hand high in the sky. “WINNER OF EDO’S WURVIVOR, SHIMURA OTAE!” “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it!” Otae smiled big as she put her hands to her fade in disbelief. She stood up, Ketsuno got the mostly burnt suitcase handed to her by the director. She slowly opened it up to see the contents. “Huh, twenty-five thousand dollars, it’s not a million but it’s still pretty great!” “Well there you have it folks! Several grueling weeks of intense challenges and incredible players finally led up to an extreme devastating turn out of events that somehow ended on a very positive note! Tune in next time for more unpredictably and drama, here on WURVIVOR!” Ketsuno waved off her cameras. They wrapped it up and then went to get hot cocoa somewhere else. Shinsuke and Pirako got up annoyed and walked away as well. Otae sat there looking at the money as Yorozuya slowly came inching up behind her. “Oi, that would be uhhhh, a perfect amount to you know for rebuilding the work place for your little precious brother...?” Gintoki said. “Alright, Gin-san. I’ll give you the funds to rebuild the Snack Bar and Odd Jobs.” Otae answered. “Wow, really Sis?!” Shinpachi smiled big. “You’re the best Boss Lady!” Kagura collasped her arms around the woman in joy. “W-wow that was easier than I thought.” Gintoki said rather surprised. “But you have to do a favor for me.” Otae said smiling with her eyes closed. “Sure anything, I mean anything for the person who did this for us.” Gintoki scratched his hand on his neck, chuckling it off. The scene cut to the Shimura dojo, the Odd Jobs were sitting merrily at a table when Otae came out of the kitchen with loads of plates and containers filled with mysterious and scary burnt up food. “Try all my recipes from this new cookbook I got!” She smiled and brought out many more after that. “Anything but this.” Gintoki said in a painful tone. Meanwhile Josh, Joe and Steve were inside Mr. Salt’s house and were flipping through the comic book to get to the right page with Edo. “Boy am I glad to finally be on winter break!” Josh said with a smile on his face. “Well a break after a month’s straight of work would do us good. Steve said stretching his arms. “Aw, that’s finally the spirit Stevey!” Joe pointed his finger to the right location. They begun saying their ska-dooes. “I wonder if we missed anything important while we left.” Josh wondered. “Nah, the holidays are usually pretty calm around this time of year.” Joe answered. They begun shrinking and teleporting inside. Their jaws dropped at what laid before them. Tatsumi was continuously hosing down the already put out burnt buildings, the city was completely evacuated and barren of other people. In the corner of their eye they can see the posh golden castle that overthrew Kada’s still there, glitzy and overshadowing the rest of the city. Hijikata came casually walking up to them scribbling some notes for reports. “Oh there you three are, man you missed the biggest disaster we ever had.” Hijikata said with little concern. Joe went to open his mouth, “St-“ “Don’t even say it.” Steve said and the audience laughed. The screen cut to some days later, the detectives were standing on trial for burning the entire city down. “In my defense I had to use real illegally imported cigars, I’d look too old to juul.” Heij said. The judge narrowed his eyes and then banged his gavel. The four were thrown into Edo’s Maximum Prison and had the door slammed behind them. “LEMME OUT LEMME OUT!” ... The Looney Tunes ending card zoomed out to reveal to be on an old timey antenna TV. A pair of silk glove hands were slowly clapping in front of it as the credits to the authors were being played. The individual snapped their fingers and the TV disappeared. They sat down and took a sip of their tea in the vast emptyness imprisoning them. “What a delightful display of comedy those people in Edo made since my absence.” Jebediah closed his eyes, savoring every moment of it. “Mmmm.~ My dear, dearest dear.” He looked down in his teacup, the image of FLTBC’s face appeared in the leaves. “The seed I have planted has just begun. You were my demise and one day I shall make you the demise of the entire real world you now live in. All of you will remember that day marked as the universe’s armageddon and my revelation.” Jebediah made a humming laugh. His teacup and plate disappeared and he got up from the ground. He politely bowed. “Shall I have this dance?” He begun dancing with himself, he twirled around, the camera facing his back as the scene transitions into his back again but this time a long time ago. He was ballroom dancing this time with a woman who he was a stranger to. When their dance led them near the balcony doors, Jebediah took this as an excuse to finally be free. He let go of the woman’s hands but courteously bowed to her and then quickly dashed outside to the balcony. He hung on the railing and wiped his forehead drenched with sweat. “Finally broke away?” The other person there across from him said. Jebediah stood back up and regained his composure. He stared at the dark glow of the night at his kingdom’s castle. “You’re usually quicker at parties to ditch the crowds, Jebby.” “I’ve just never really been a fan of dancing, especially with women I never met. I just wish people wouldn’t care about it so much.” He spoke out his natural accent. He uneasily wringed his hands. “Oh I don’t care that you’re into men too, Jebby.” The lady joked, Jebediah’s face grew dark. “Remind me why you’re here Professor before I toss you and your labcoat over the railing...” Jebediah said in a monotone. “Such the shy and reserved man finally cracking a joke, you invited me here Jebs!” She smiled and jokingly punched his shoulder. She then looked a bit more serious and sighed. Jebediah turned to face her as she stared at the sky. “I’m guessing you and your team haven’t found any change in the atmosphere, Zara.” He said and she ran her hand through her hair. “It’s deteriorating at an even quicker rate than we expected.” She turned around and slouched up against the railing. “Jebs, we’ve been friends for a long time haven’t we? I’m gonna give it to you straight, with all the strains of war and pollution this damn planet won’t survive another thirty, maybe even less than twenty years.” Jebediah pinched the bridge of his nose in grief. There was a brief dreadful silence as inside the bright castle it was bursting with joyfulness and partying. “Despite everything Burei has accomplished for millennia after millennia, evolution, enlightenment, arts, intellect.. and yet we still act like damn cavemen killing our own kind and for what? None of us will be able to remember once we’re all bloody dead.” Jebediah’s concentration was broken as Zara was chuckling at him. “What’s so funny..?” “What the hell is that accent at the end of what you said?” Zara asked him and then they both broke out into laughter, cutting the tension. “Oukoku has been meddling with this planet from a close by solar system lately, they call themselves Earth. Quite fascinating cultures really, especially those British chaps.” Jebediah’s light up with joy for the first time Zara saw that night. He realized he had still been doing the accent and awkwardly stopped it. “Quite fascinating!” She imitated his dialect inflections and flicked her wrist, they laughed a little again. It was silent again as they stared at the smoggy polluted sky even visible at night through the capital city. “Jebediah.. we will get through this. Even if we have to leave Burei, we’ll all stick together.” “Zara, that will never be an option for me. Do you know what I have done since I became king? Really a whole lot of nothing. What people say about me, even what you joke about me, is right. I’m a reserved man, shy and quiet to the touch. I’m a coward who didn’t deserve this title when he recieved it five years ago. But..” Jebediah looked farther into the bright distant lights of the skyscrapers. “But if I shrink back and let this world rot out, then I’d be the biggest coward of them all.” Zara took a surprised look at him. “Jebediah.. You’re not a coward, you have the heart. Not the scientific facts, but the heart.” She sighed and put her hands in her coat pocket. “But heart won’t cut it in this case.” “Prof, have you heard the rumors lately about those extraterrestrials from out of this solar system? Pointy ears and green skin, not like our similar neighbors mind you. Legends of straw hat men who have these incredible supernatural capabilities. We just barely know the universe outside our system, so many aliens to know and find out about.” Jebediah said, Zara just raised a Buerian eyebrow. “Jeb as your best friend, I know you have an active imagination but you honestly don’t believe in those rumors, do you? Crazy aliens from another space with powers to make miraculous miracles?” She asked. “Who knows..” Jebediah looked intensely into the horizon and then squinted his eyes. “-maybe we could use a miraculous miracle right now.” He looked at Zara again who met his gaze. “Would you care for a dance, Professor?” “Really? I thought you were uncomfortable with dancing with a burning passion, Jebby.” She said raising an eyebrow and smiling. “What’s with this all of a sudden.” “Call it something to distract our minds for the moment.” He replied. She just shrugged, “Sure.” He then took her hand and the two lightly whirled around on the balcony of that moonlit night centuries ago. Jebediah twirled around his future wife and he spun around as well, the camera on the back of his coat until it switched to his modern day one. Present day Jebediah continued to sway around alone as the camera slowly zoomed out revealing the immense darkness of the void once again. TBC
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  5. “Dancin’ in Circles” - Lady Gaga
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  8. Roberta reached the last transparent step of the Stairway to Heaven and looked up at the massive castle in the clouds in front of her. She took a deep sigh out as she begun to stroll the bridge leading to the kingdom. The Skolexian looked below and all around her, below the clouds was nothing but endless warm colors and a soft breeze that blew through her brunette hair softly. She had a feeling just like Hell or Purgatory, this was also a realm of the universe untouched by the physics and laws of space as mortals knew it. She eventually reached the draw bridge and was let inside by faces she couldn’t see. Inside the city walls it was booming with energetic life, unlike the vast terrains of Hell that stretched on for endless miles without seeing another depressed and empty soul there. Not that she didn’t find Hell her home at this point during her years there. Despite all of the breath taking views of the village homes and happy people, she had a lot on her mind. Some individuals there took notice of Roberta and walked up to her, extending a lei of bright flowers for her to wear. “That’s okay..” She softly said, putting her hand up. They shrugged and went about their way to catch up with some others. Roberta stood in a corner away from the crowds, leaning against a pillar covered in vines. She then heard the sound of a portal opening up and shot her head up to see everyone staring as Suave came out of it, holding Jazzy’s fish bowl. She ran to where the crowd had gathered and maneuvered her way through them to reach him. She looked shocked to see the state the oldest God was in. Suave looked directly at her with the upmost somber seriousness and he walked through them, Roberta eventually caught up to him. The crowd stayed behind them as they ascended through the city and into the forest outside of it. “Where are you going Suavey?” She asked. “I’m gonna see Father.” Suave said not breaking his view up ahead. Roberta looked surprised as she had never seen this creature in person before but heard about him through Billy before. They traveled a while through the endless enchanted countryside, trees taller than imaginable soaring over their heads and fields of flowers blooming underneath their feet. Roberta once again intaking her incredible surroundings, Suave suddenly stopped causing her attention to focus back on him. Her eyes grew wide at what she saw before her. She took a step back in fear as Suave continued walking up to the celestial monster. Cthulu put his head down, causing the ground below Roberta to tremble itself. With a glow of purple light, he levitated Jazzy and his fish bowl from Suave’s hands and up to his face. Suave got on his knees and bowed his head to him. Roberta looked around and decided to do the same. “Father, Jebediah has severly injured Jazzy. I used a part of my Altana to bring my brother here to you.” Suave said. Cthulu kept levitating the bowl until the next instant and it disappeared into thin air. Roberta made an gasp in astonishment. Suave got up from bowing and nodded to him, he turned around and started to tread back, Roberta got up shortly. “Wait! So what happened to Jazzy?” Roberta asked. Suave didn’t break his stare ahead once again, “I had Father see if he can heal him. That’s all I could do at this point.” “Couldn’t your father try to defeat Jebediah?” She asked. “Father holds up Heaven itself with his powers. Last time he attempted to leave it it nearly came crashing down.” Suave explained. “So now what do we do?” She asked back. Suave came to a halt in the forest. He turned around and took off his sunglasses, Roberta saw his eyes shine through the rays of light bouncing off the shading trees. His unusual hurt and hardened expression took her by surprise. “We don’t do anything, Robes. Jebediah has done everything possible to defeat us. He has managed to attack and hurt every single one of us Altana beings. There’s nothing left for us now.” Suave continued walking but Roberta kept standing there with a look of disbelief. “S-Suave!” She yelled out. He stopped, his back was towards her. “There’s always a way to solve a problem, despite the odds! That’s what Utsuro taught me. That’s what your brothers taught me..” Suave’s face darkened after this. There was a long silence until he eventually spoke out. “Roberta. I’m nothing but a healer. Do you know why my brothers always tried to protect me? Even Jebediah himself said it, I’m the weakest link. Do you really think I can do anything?” “They believed in a good for nothing worm like me...” Roberta put her hand on her heart. “I know they believe in their little brother who’s definitely stronger than he thinks.” Suave finally turned to face her again, tears were rolling down his cheeks. Roberta felt tears form in her eyes as well, her lip quivered. He turned back around and begun walking off again, she kept watching him as he faded off in the distance of the forest’s mist. She slumped down against a tree and pulled the Dreamcatcher out of her bag. She stared at the Dreamcatcher until she bawled into her hands. All the words spoken to her by the gods, Utsuro and Yuka about her swarming through her head all at once. The wind breezed through the field of flowers while someone not that far away from her collecting them in a basket. ——- Yuka stirred in her sleep and woke up in a jolt, sitting up. She saw Skele/Valentino sitting on the opposite end of her bed in her room, they had drifted off to sleep themselves. “I’m back at home.. How long have I been out..” Yuka rubbed her aching globby head that was still recovering from the multiple personalities inside it. The morphed Globberian smiled back at her and rubbed their red hair. “Fifteen hours.” Skele yawned, Yuka looked surprised and went to get up but Valentino cracked their eye open. “Ya betta be just headin’ to the little Globberians room, sorella.” He said in a somewhat bossy tone. “Thank you two for letting me rest, but with that man out there I can’t let our people and Edo be at risk.” Yuka pulled the sheets off of her and jumped off the mattress. “Edo is fine right now, Yukes. Our people, the Heroes, everyone out there is working really hard to protect you!” Skele exclaimed, Yuka looked a little surprised in disbelief. “Femurson/Ichiro is watchin’ over the Globs, now park ya cabose back here this instant or you’ll really feel the wrath of a Fratello headlock.” Valentino said. Yuka smirked and shook her head, finally sitting back next to them. “How are ya feelin’ Sorels?” “Well rested, but understanding my Fratello is keeping me here for reasons unknown.” She replied blankly. “That’s not what I meant and ya know it, kid.” Valentino stated. “I.. don’t have the time to emote. But something tells me you both won’t me go until I do.” Yuka said. “You bet!” Skele chimmed in. “..It’s gonna take me a long time to process it all. It was such a whirlwind of emotions of uncertainty, confusion...helplessness.” She put her gooey head down, Skele/Valentino looked at her. “The things that man made me see and do. I thought I could handle chaos thrown at me like I normally do. But not at this level.” She paused for a short silence. “Especially when she showed up towards the end.” “So I guess Robes was able to free ya? I had a feeling she’d keep her word dis time. But I’m surprised she managed it. Then again she always had tha habit of pullin’ off things at da last minute.” Valentino reflected. Yuka’s expression would change to a surprised one if she had an actual face, “F-Fratello.. you knew..?” “She visited me in mah dreams before seein’ you. Told me she wanted to save ya with her soul one last time.” Yuka then made a breathy sigh. “I want to put those two out of my mind... no pun intended. I’m so tired and not just because of this throbbing headache from that World War 3 inside of me.” Yuka snarked, Valentino smiled and put their arm around her. “Well please be tired in here with ya family Yukes.” He said. “And your brother’s solid! Aheh.” Skele made a sort of shrug. “Solids are our family. You are my family, Skele.” Yuka leaned onto them, Skele made a warm smile. The scene zoomed onto the bed until switching to another two beds in another room on a different planet some several hours before the previous events. “He’s awake! He’s awake!” Shigeshige could be heard bringing back the shuffling feet of Barkas’s family members. Enshou sat there with a bored expression on his face as they, came barging in and embraced his co-admiral in a hug. “Barky you’re okay!” Hata said in the middle of the family sandwich. Barkas smiled as he felt the love of each of them. Eren waddled over and put his flipper on top of his head. “Good to have you back, Barkas.” He smiled, Barkas doing likewise. “Yeah thank god, I thought I was stuck being smelly king the rest of my life. Now I can get back to being Elizabeth.” Dragonia said joyfully. Barkas took a rathersurprised look at his big brother. “Drag.. you’re out of your costume.. and you became king for me?” He said, Elizabeth just rubbed the back of his neck. “Awh, it was nothing, Barky. Praise the Squirt, he did all the important work like a good kingly kid. My title just gave me an excuse to boss the old man around.” Dragonia messed up both his little brothers hair while they smiled. Eren opened one of his eyes in a realization of something. “Wait a minute.. I thought you were TUESDAY Elizabeth.. Regular Elizabeth! You owe me MONEY!” Eren said furiously. “O-Oh h-hey it’s Uncle Mory! Look everyone!” Elizabeth sweated, pointing to the man. Enshou rolled over in his bed to stop gagging at the displays of affection. But soon enough found himself in an airtight hug by them. “Oh thank you saving our brother Enshou-niichan boomer!” Hata happily exclaimed. “Get OFF of me you peasants!” Enshou pushed them off of him and flipped out his wPhone to make a call. “Yeah Groppie, I know you’re in the area for your concert but could you hitch me a ride out of here?” “Hey major stink face, mind if I catch a ride in your tincan? I’ve got some things to settle on Earth as well.” Elizabeth said who was overlistening in the conversation next to him. Enshou ended the call and put it back in his pocket. “Dragonia, you better beg on your knees before you even ATTEMPT to ask a favor of your Dark-“ The smiling king put him in an air tight headlock as Enshou’s legs were kicking about. “OKAY OKAY! WE LEAVE IN 20!” The Oukoku him go and clapped his hands together. “Great! I assume my kingly work is done here, old man.” Dragonia said. “Not really but I have a feeling you’re gonna disobey my orders anyway.” Jii walked outside the room while lighting a cigarette. Kondo gave Barkas a handshake and then turned to the Shogun. “We should really get back to Earth, Shogun-sama. Toshi tells me things are really getting tense over there now.” He said and Shige nodded. He gave Barkas one more hug until splitting from the room with the police officer. “Good day, your Majesty.” He nodded to Elizabeth who let out a sigh of relief after he left that the stalker didn’t recognize him again. The others slowly followed them until Enshou and Barkas were the only ones left there. Barkas broke the silence after some moments, “Hey.. Enshou. Thanks. I really mean it.” Enshou kept looking at his phone. “Think nothing of it Shijaku but as a I.O.U for yourself. I’ll tell you when you can repay it.” Barkas made a tired face. The Bureian prince then got out of bed exposing the hospital gown that he had on backwards so that it was exposing dark overlordy regions. Barkas facepalmed away with disgust as Enshou got redressed into his normal clothes. He begun exiting out the door with his back turned when Barkas spoke out again, “Please be careful out there Enshou, I worry about you sometimes.” Enshou’s synthetic heart begun to beat a little faster but he continued out the door, back to Earth. ——- “LEMME OUT LEMME OUT!” You might be wondering how we got here in the subconscious of a chaotic British man, locked away for the crimes of witchcraft.. with the strongest men in the universe giving me death glares behind me. “Is he still inner monologuing outloud?” Umibozu said with the upmost blank dead expression. But hardboilian as I am, I was looking ever so ready to face the total danger ahead of us. .. “Yep.” Stephen answered. ...Let’s just state for the record if my apprentices ever find this log I’m recording to notice my bravery in difficult times for all of us. “Yeah I think he’s done. Hopefully.” Oboro said., Heiji turned around from crying at the bars, even more upset looking. “You three are running my hardboiled heroic moment in the face of absolute danger! Camus.” Heiji slumped on the steel seat next to them. “Hey I didn’t do anything yet, isn’t that right Poe? ..Oh that’s right he’s not here on a count of his booboo-dono.” Oboro made another banter face. “Who knew we’d already have an angry mob at our throats when we walked in here. I don’t know too much about the hanging trials other than they always turned out sour for the victims.” Stephen took off his cap and stroked his hair. “Witchcraft hanging trials were much before the enlightened reinassiance era started. A possible flaw in Jebediah’s Earth knowledge?” Oboro asked. “Or he’s doesn’t care, throwing the book out the window again.” Stephen shrugged. Heiji was furiously scribbling this down like Haji would in a time like this. “Jebby.. throwing.. comic book out the window..” Heiji said. “Hey what are you even writing with, Heiji-dono.” Oboro asked, Heiji hid behind his hand and the invisible pen and paper. “I’d be surprised if Jebediah didn’t have anything booby trapped when we arrived. He’s probably listening into our conversation right now, the bastard. The fact these people were able to capture us so quickly and quietly is a bit alarming”. Umibozu looked outside the bars at guard at their door. “Yeah, last time me, Haji and Kintoki were here he confronted us right away in the flesh. He must be really busy.” Heiji swirled around an imaginary cup of Camus in his hand, causing Oboro to stare at it and tilt his head in confusion. Stephen then stood up and spoke up loudly at the ceiling. “Well, that’s it isn’t it Jebediah? You have the four most interesting specimen in your head and you’re about to execute us just like that? Where’s the fun? The excitement? The flamboyant flair? Very unlike the Keeper of Chaos I’ve head of!” The other three looked around and shrugged. That’s when suddenly the prison disappeared and they were in the middle of old timey town, Umibozu and the others got to their feet. “Huh, he must have heard you Captain.” Oboro said. At that very moment a person sped by them and took his hood off. “...You gotta be kidding me.” Umibozu said in a deadpan voice. “Oh brave warriors! Ya gotta help an old man like me. The crystal dragon! He taken mah poor daughter up in his dungeon high above on tha mountain of Jebediah Village! Oh please save her, chaps! It ain’t roit.” The old man fainted into Umibozu’s arms and he tossed him to the ground. “That was a pretty good Cockney accent, Jebby.” Heiji said praising him as he took out another cigar. “JEBBY? Whut kind of name is that? My name is Lord George Francis Smitherson the third good sir!” The old man dusted himself off and adjusted his hood frustratedly. “Oh, my apologies, m’lord.” Heiji took a bowing knee to him, Stephen and Umibozu shaking their head at him. “Come on dungeons and dragons? This definitely medieval ages. What is he doing? Poe would definitely shake his head at such misplaced tomfoolery.” Oboro rambled as he shook his own head. “Maybe Jebby’s into RPGS, Haji tried to get me into one last summer. But I told her a detective doesn’t have the time for anything but solving crime. ...So I made her return the stolen console after we played it once all the way through.” Heiji put his hands in his pocket. “Hey I had a game like that last summer as well but when I came home one day it was gone-“ Oboro then made another banter face in realization. “We’re not here to amuse you Jebediah. We’re here to kill you.” Umibozu plainly said. He started walking away but the “old man” instantly got up and shot a sword in his direction, which he dodged and it stabbed through a ye old shope’s door. Jebediah’s disembodied voice then echoed through the sky around them. “Ah ah ah, my dear Yato! I’m being polite enough to let you gits have a free pass inside my intellectually superior subsconscious! Either play the game or I’m having the heads of your souls chopped off in the bloody gulitone! Mhm~!” Umibozu walked back to them with a discontent look all the while. “At least we know for sure now how aware he is of us.” Stephen put his hands in his coat’s pockets. “Yeah, aware enough to kill us at any moment when he grows bored of us.” Umibozu squinted his eyes, looking over his cape slightly. “Grow bored of you my Umibozu? Don’t be so prude! I could never!” “Will ya please help an ol’ man like me, sons?” Old Jebby begged on his knees. “Sure thing old man. Just tell us about the traps inside there.” Stephen smiled but the old man instantly disappeared into thin air and the four of them found themselves at the base of the mountain. “Well that was awfully gentlemen acting of Jebby to give us a head start. Maybe he can give us some Camus while we’re at it.” Heiji snapped his fingers but appeared in his hand was a steaming cup of tea. “Of course..” He put his head down upset and tossed it over his shoulder, shattering the expensive porcelain cup into pieces. “Into the death trap we go.” Umibozu said in a deadpan and they started the hike up the large mountain. “I gotta say this is quite exciting, who ever gets a chance to go back to the middle ages, well in a sense. I gotta tell Enshou all about this when we get back.” Stephen said looking down at the quaint little bustling English village below them. “You mean when after we have our souls ripped apart in this little trapped cage.” Umibozu added. “Negative Negative Negative!” At this moment Umibozu vanished into thin air, Oboro, Stephen and Heiji looked all around them in shock. “If anyone has any more lip they will also be sent to the dungeon prison with the Yato! I’d advice against that though, it is guarded by the ‘dragon’.” Jebediah made a little laugh, Heiji and Oboro looked worryingly at each other. “We better hurry up into the dungeon then!” Stephen continued to hike, Oboro and Heiji shook out of it and joined him. ———— “Alright keep driving.” Soutatsu told the Elites. They kept going until they reached the Bakufu castle and stepped outside with him and the Bores henchmen. Testu was in the trunk again. “Don’t even think about starting anything, Sasaki. Edo is already swarming with Shinra and Dakini. One false move and I have them destroying this planet.” “YEAH NO FUNNY BUSINESS BIG CHIEF.” Bores hustled causing Isaburo to roll his eyes. He kept looking ahead as he was casually clutching the wheel. They finally arrived at the castle and Isaburo and Nobume escorted them out of the car. The teenager kept giving little glares to the man but he kept his view on the back of Soutatsu’s head. Shinra members popped from the ceiling out of no where and bowed to their leader. “Search for Nobunobu and Soyo-Hime.” He ordered and they disappeared as soon as they arrived. Bores, Hercules and Tatakin made nonthreatening looks at the two bored looking cops. As the Shinra entered Nobunobu’s bedroom, he was was in the corner on his bed with his back turned. They slowly walked up to him and then quickly turned him around. He was revealed to be a sack of potatoes with his clothes on. The Shinra raised their eyebrows at each other, not realizing someone else had slid into the room with them. The person put his arms around his chest with something in his hands. “It appears this monarch has already collasped by the local protestors.” Soutatsu and the Elites were standing there as they heard and heard a loud explosion coming from the other room. “You..” Soutatsu looked at Isaburo evilly and produced ninja stars from his wrists. “I cannot help if the “”””freedom fighters””” around the city tried to blow up this place before you did, Soutatsu-san. That’s how it is in Edo’s government every single day, some bastard trying to kill the other.” The camera panned back to Zura in the other room who walked into the hallway. The blinding grey smoke was filling castle rooms as he went down them cautiously. He turned the corner, still with no one following him. He then went into ShigeShige’s bedroom across that hall and rummaged through one of his drawers. In a flash, he was met by stars to the back of his head, but he effortlessly slightly moved his head, they crashed into the mirror of the drawers, shattering it on impact. However upon examination upclose to the scene these stars weren’t of Amanto origin. “There goes the first time we’ve trepassed in the Bakufu castle this far into it. Too bad we were stopped by the Shogun’s lapdogs.” Katsura said unamused and disinterested. The reflection on the broken mirror of a mopheaded man who put down his magazine. “You damn Freedom Fighters sure love to protest peacefully at the worst times. I couldn’t even get done rereading the latest issue of 3-Z.” Zenzou put his hand on his hip. “I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ll make sure to send you a copy from where you’re going.” At this Katsura did a backflip and his katana clashed with Zenzou’s stars in a flash, causing a loud metallic sound. During this period of clashing, Katsura had handed something in Zenzou’s hand. Zenzou pushed him off and ran with the item in his pocket. Katsura slouched at the doorway, watching him go off. “Damn lapdogs indeed..” Katsura continued down the smoke filled hallway. The view shifted to a few doors down where Matako and Takechi were fighting off incoming the Shinra in front of of them. “Senpai, how come the only time we’re actually doing terrorist stuff against the government in this story is when we’re SAVING the government?!” Matako shot rounds at two of them, hitting one in the shoulder and the other one dodging it. “Think of it like this Matako-chan, if Katsura-dono makes it as Prime Minister it would be great publicity for the band!” He then returned to cowering behind Matako. “WHY WAS I STUCK WITH THE PACIFIST?!” She yelled as she continued firing. But then her guns suddenly stopped working, she realized they had ran out of ammo. “DAMMIT, I TOLD YOU TO COUNT WEAPONS INVENTORY, TAKECHI!” She barked at the cowering man. “But you’re the real tactical expert Matako-chan. I’m just the strategist.“ They saw more Shinra were about to attack them. “I guess I didn’t strategize for this..” Matako and Takechi covered their heads for the impact when a samurai had landed in front of them and they shielded the weapons from hitting them. “Freedom fighter scum of Edo. You shall not be able to commit an act of terrorism with the Yagyuu Clan, sworn protectors of the Royal family around.” Kyuubei then taunted for more of the ninjas to come rushing at the three. Meanwhile Bansai was back on the ship stroking his mustache in the living room, Soyo was petting Poochie on her lap as Nobunobu had all five octopuppies all over his. “Thanks for being my hero, Bansai.~~~~~” Soyo swooned. “It was nothing little dudette.” Bansai said in the corner still stroking it while now looking in a handheld mirror. Nobu leaned over to her, causing a puppy to spill out of it, Nobu freaked out and rushed to pick the tiny baby up with his handcuffed hands just before it hit the ground. “Phew, that was close. Young lil’ Missin, y’all literally realize we’re being held hostage inside them terrorist’s ship?” He told her. “Enough big cousin! Don’t make me look bad in front of my Hubby~~~.” Soyo made dreamy eyes at the back of the rockstar’s head. Kyoushirou casually entered the room with a healthy salad and sat down to turn on the TV. Nobunobu turned his attention to him. “Y’all wanna buy a pup?” He asked. Intrigued Kyou raised an eyebrow as the program on the screen begun. “Welcome back to another exciting round of Wurvivor! I’m your host Ketsuno Ana!” Right behind her were the contestants out in the open of downtown Edo when the Bakufu castle blew up. Suddenly a swarm of Shinra came flooding out out Edo’s main street. “Annnnd for today’s challenge we will all be hiding inside the camp for the duration of today’s episode! She hurried them inside the chopper and they quickly flew away. “Man, I’m missing all the ter- I mean Freedom Fighter fun down there.” Shinsuke slumped down crossing his arms. “Tell me about it.” Pirako did the same. “ALRIGHT change of plans! According to the producers, our new amanto guests have used our campsite as a base!” Ketsuno was freaking out but trying to keep her professional composure with little luck. She searched around the helicopter for something for them to use. She grabbed the pilot’s bag lunch, threw out the contents on the floor and handed it to a confused FDL. “First one to blow the most air into this plastic bag wins!” Ketsuno said trying to smile. “Hey what the hell, there isn’t even a camera man here.” Shinsuke was met with a shiny apple pushed into his mouth by the host herself. FDL just shrugged and tried her best, with little luck. After only a literal minute had past, Ketsuno ripped it from her hands and handed it to Otae who also had little luck as did Saitou and Shinsuke. “I guess no one wins immunity! Oh well! Everyone head with me to tribual council!” They all just looked around and blinked, still sitting in the place they had been in before. “Well! You five all look like you’ve had a fun time at the challenge today! Alright let’s get to voting. Good thing I always keep spare blank voting cards with me! Shinsuke you’re up first.” Shinsuke got up and she handed him one. He was confused where to go until she pointed for him to stand by the pilot who just gave him a blank look back. “Uhh, you want your apple back?” Shinsuke awkwardly said. The others did the same and all voted. “Alright votes counted. The person who gets the most votes will be asked to leave the helicopter immediately. Since we don’t have our jury with us today, it looks like the pilot will have to break any ties we have. Also no video confessions today, sorry.” “Well it’s not like we have a camera here anyway.” Pirako whispered. “If anyone has the hidden immunity idol speak up now!” Of course no one spoke up. “Now then. First vote,” “Saitou. One for Saitou.” Shinsuke made a smirk at this. “Shinsuke. One for Shinsuke.” “Z.” Shinsuke shot him daggers at this. “Saitou. Two for Saitou.” “Pirako. One for Pirako.” “Shinsuke. Two for Shinsuke.” “And our pilot’s vote... “...Saitou. Please exit the chopper.” Saitou looked surprised after being safe so many times before. ”No hard feelings Saitou, it’s all apart of the game!” Pirako said in good spirit. She then shot FDL daggers clearly knowing she voted for her. They all heard another loud boom coming from Edo high above, getting Ketsuno even more antsy. “Too bad so sad, Saitou! Here’s your parachute! Goodbye!” Ketsuno quickly handed the man it and pushed him out of the speeding chopper. “Wasn’t that just a regular backpack..?” Otae whispered. “Girls, I think our host has finally gone bananas.” Shinsuke then had the fruit stuffed in his mouth. ——- “Now I can’t make any sense of these directions, Captain.” Oboro was looking at a map inside the barely lit by torch dungeon they just had entered. It was hanging on the wall there. “I see what you mean Oboro, everything in general in this world is all written in ye oldes. That’s like hardcore boomer!” Heiji exclaimed, Oboro sighed in despair. “I give up.” Oboro stepped away from the board. Stephen got closer to it and squinted his eyes. “This is Latin! Can’t you read Latin, Oboro?” Stephen asked. “I can only what’s in Sensei’s book because I’ve studied it so often.” Oboro got closer to it again and scratched his jizzy chin. “Huh, I remember actually these phrases.. Ask and You Shall be Denied. Forgive me sparkling oceans of the night, reject me cosmic eyes of the heavens. That’s one the lines in the beginning of the universal reset chant! What could it mean in a context like this though?” “Cosmic eyes of the heavens. Like those gods right?” Heiji asked. “Also those with purple Altana, like the Captain.” Oboro added. “So do we go left or right?” Heiji said looking at both enterances to the cave. “Maybe if I say the way I want to go, I will be denied. So if I say right... we go.. left?” Stephen said grasping for straws. The other two shrugged and followed him down the left tunnel, it instantly shot up sharp daggers, nearly piercing their faces and shattering Heiji’s sunglasses. “Eep.” He squeaked. “I guess not..” Stephen and them carefully backtracked to the enterance again but this time it had three tunnels instead of two. Stephen rubbed his hand down his face. “This is gonna be a maze isn’t it.” “Why don’t we split up?” Heiji asked the two oldies. “Ill advised Heiji-dono. Who knows if we’d ever see each other again if we split up.” Oboro commented. “Well who knows if we’ll ever see Umibozu or sunlight again for that matter. Something tells me everytime we get this wrong he’ll just add another tunnel.” Stephen spoke. After some moments they reluctantly agreed and parted into each dungeon tunnel. Oboro went left, Heiji went in the middle and Stephen went into the right they kept walking down for several minutes until they found themselves suddenly walking next to each other out of no where. “We did the last thing we wanted to do which was to split up. Maybe that was the point of that verse, Captain?” Oboro said but the man shook his head. “Who the hell knows, damn riddles.” Stephen said. They saw another dead end with one tunnel, more Latin written on the top of it. Oboro and Stephen were studying it more closer this time as Heiji was kicking up some rocks bored. “Hey it’s just one tunnel! We can totally-“ He quickly walked inside it but was met by a burst of flames and screamed. “HEIJI!” Oboro and Stephen ran by the enterance and peered inside of it. Heiji tumbled out of it, comically burnt to a crisp and gave a thumbs up before falling on the hard ground. The two returned to the scroll on the wall. “Denied and revoked I was, the gods have casted me into the triangle of fate. Woe is my spirit. Let my burning sins be washed clean by the dark healing waters.. Well this is obviously about the Bermuda Triangle.” Oboro said. “Or the author is trying her best to write deep sounding poetry at midnight on Friday, I believe in her to get it done by Monday.” Heiji grasped his burnt lungs, wishing he could wash them down with his favorite drink. “What puts out a ‘burning’ fire? ‘Healing water’? Once again about the purple Altana inside of that ocean. Whatever Jebediah’s up to certainly has do with it.” Stephen commented. He slowly ascended in the cave and looked surprised as nothing happened. He shrugged and motioned for the two to follow him. “AAAAAHHHH!” Heiji jumped several feet back and landed on his face again outside of it. However, Oboro had no problem. “Uhh wait out here Heiji!” Stephen said back at him and he nodded, covering his face. “Will he be safe back there Captain? Maybe that was Jebediah’s plan.” Oboro whispered as they continued. “Or he’s luring us particularly both in because of our blood.” Stephen added “He has both colored crystals now, what could he want with us?” Oboro asked. “What does anyone craving power want? More control.” Stephen simply commented back. Oboro looked straight out into the opening of the cave after these comments. Suddenly the ground underneath Oboro’s feet collasped and fell down what appeared to have been a trap door. Stephen fell to the floor and looked down it. “OBORO!” The floor had returned back to normal without a trace of anything ever had happened. “You’re right Stephen! I am interested in you! Or should I say moreso Oboro. It’s time I finally shattered the illusion of his reality his teacher brought onto him all these centuries.” “No more games Jebediah we have gone far enough following them.” Stephen furrowed his eyebrows at the dark ceiling of the dungeon cave. But Jebediah wouldn’t answer him back. Without anything to do, he decided to continue onward to whatever sort of thing laid ahead. Heiji finally got up from covering his head on the ground and looked around him. He took out another cigar and put his hands in his pockets. “Well I guess I’m on my own. I got to figure out some way to save everybody from Jebby’s mess.” He sighed as he took out a puff, thinking about recent events. “Especially you kids.” ——— Cut to the Kabuki district, shadows of large figures marched across the buildings of the businesses who were closed up for the day. The shadows bounced across ruins of the Snack Shop and Yorozuya’s office laid in mess of as they passed by it. They stepped into the ashes, that dragged into the snowy floors. It was completely silent in the little square town. A amanto stepped out from his flower shop and greeted his fellow species. “Hey Ougai long time no see! What brings you to Earth?“ “Hedoro.. my old comrade what have these betraying apes done to you?” Ougai looked at his former brother in arms and the flower on top of his noggin. “Now don’t you worry about me, Ougai. I was just about to close down my shop and head for the ice rink! Everyone is down there today for the holiday bash.” Hedoro pulled out keys from his apron’s pocket and locked the door. Ougai squinted his eyes. “What kind of trap do you have and your friends have planned there, old man?” Ougai said. “Nothing but some Christmas cheer! Or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa! Or whatever you celebrate. You’re welcome to come along!” He happily walked past the Dakini as they looked puzzled. Ougai was hesitant but decided to follow his old friend, his men following behind him. “I really hope you know what you’re doing with this Liberation stuff Ougai-san. It seems like you are jumping the gun because someone else told you to pull the trigger.” Hedoro had a content smile on his scary but kind face. “I know what you’re doing, Hedoro. Soutatsu may be an exasperated man seeimg to pick a fight with the universe but he does have a point with these untrustworthy humans.” Ougai looked around at more buildings, also devoid of people. “Or maybe in times of uncertainty and fear anyone is willing to point fingers at each other to ease themselves. I just was hoping someone with your common sense wouldn’t have fallen victim so easily to it.” Hedoro twirled the keys on his large finger. “Ah, here we are! See I told you everyone in town was here!” The ice rink was brimmed full of citizens skating around and enjoying themselves. “An amusing trap of yours, Hedoro-san. But noneoftheless, I shall humor you and your friends.” Ougai and his army men continued on into the rinks. “Alright. We’re at war but we’re not barbarics. Women and children may escape now to avoid any unneeded bloodshed.” “You won’t exactly find any women or children here. But we can certainly entertain you for a while!” The citizens there took off their winter clothes revealing to be the Kamakko crossdressers, all posing in different ways as sparkles rained down on them. “Oh no! It’s individuals completely respected by society as they should be!” Some of the Dakini men said as the girls came fighting towards them. “Woo! LGBTQE+ pride!” Tako cheered as she watched her fellow hostess rain down the punches and kicks on the amanto. “Kintoki come on! We need help in here my dude!” Haji called out, she and Poe were guarding the hole in the ice surrounded by the Wohn John. The Yato were all off on some house delivery for some reason. “Oh, right!” Kintoki ran back to them but of a sudden a small ship came plummeting from space, crash landing in the rink as several individuals from both sides of the army ran away, however it did comically crush on some Daikini, gotta have some karma. Disgusted Enshou stepped out of the door as it literally fell off as he opened it. “Hey Emiko! What brings you here? I thought you were dealing with life threatening surgery.” Kintoki smiled at him. “Playing the Queen of Pop without her biggest monster is a death penalty on Burei. Now get out of my way, Tako. My Sweetcheeks tracker says he’s somewhere underneath this ice.” Enshou pulled out a blinking device and it lead him right in front restaurant. He stepped inside of it getting Haji and Poe on the defense. Enshou squinted his eyes. “Move it small child and even smaller birb.” Kintoki ran inside and stepped between them to defuse the situation. “It’s okay guys. Emiko has the right to chase after someone he cares about.” Kintoki said. “Eh, his funeral I guess.” Haji shrugged as did Poe and they stepped away from the hole. “Just be careful of Jebediah! That guy kind of looks like you actually with those squiggly eyebrows of yours.” Enshou squinted his eyes even more at his mention. “BOD. I should have known my brother would have his big meaty claws on the Captain next.” Enshou pulled a snorkel and flippers out of his cartoonish pocket and put them on. He put half of his body into the freezing water. “Tako, I expect you to keep covering my shifts while I’m gone without pay.” Kintoki gave a military salute as Haji and Poe just looked at him. Enshou stared at his forehead for one silent awkward moment in the shop. “That’s Tako. Yes from Mama’s, you’ve seen him before FLTBC. Why do you ask.” The trio gave him a weird look, Enshou gave them a scowl as he put the mask on his face and ascended into the icy depths below. Stephen soon approached another wide opening of the dungeon with another scroll by it. “I guess I’ll just have to wing this one this time without Oboro.” Stephen staring at it when he saw a purple and green light flash from within it. He ran up to the enterance and saw a wizard standing inside of it. “What the..” “SIR!!” Stephen ran inside the cave and put his hands on Enshou’s face. “Unless this is another ugly Bureian illusion..” Enshou tossed him on the floor and pressed his black leather boot on his old face. “Taste this illusion’s boot, Captain.” just made a smirk and then chuckled as he got up from the floor. He then wrapped his arms Enshou in a big hug, which the prince didn’t return of course. “That portal really was you. What are you doing here Sir?” The Captain asked, he looked down at his wizard costume covered in blood. “Stupid FLTBC wouldn’t be quiet about coming here, that non-glob always nagging me on what to do. It’s almost like she represents the conscience the Evil Dark Overlord totally doesn’t have.” Enshou wiped blood off of his cloak. “I think I killed whoever was in this suit before I got here, we’ll hide the body later I’m tired as fuck.” Enshou pushed him off of him and rubbed mascara down his weary eyes, Sweetcheeks just smiled again. “We’ll it’s good to see you’re recovering, Prince. Let’s see if your new heart can handle a few jumpscares around here.” Sweetcheeks cautiously continued into the cave, Enshou following by his side. “...I got your letter, Captain.” Enshou shifted his eyes around the cave as he felt the glare of Sweetcheeks now on him. “His name is Shijaku not Prince Oukoku.” Sweetcheeks made another little laugh. “And.. also...Forget it. I must having these stupid humanizing sad feelings because of that BOD.” Enshou suddenly stopped walking midway in the cave, causing the Captain who was a bit ahead to pause as well. “What is he, Sweetcheeks.. some demon that was in my head and now he’s claiming to be an empty soul? He doesn’t know the meaning of that phrase.” Enshou looked up at the cave. “You’re nothing but a coward. A man who ran away from everything. You may have lost everything, but it’s meaningless to you. I have lost everything I loved and cared about from the Tendoshu and I suffer the unimaginable pain of it every day.” “You break down people in your hands just to watch them bleed and suffer and take no consequences for those actions. Is that truly the mark of a king?” “You never had anything to have an empty soul about, when you never cared about Burei, its people or anything ever to begin with.” Enshou shifted his view from the ceiling and continued walking, not looking back at his tearing up lover behind him. “S-Sir...”Sweetcheeks was completely astounded by the prince opening up a bit for once. “Come on Captain, let’s end this ugly wanker so I can go back to not feeling.” Stephen made a grin and nodded, catching up with him. The camera panned to another location inside the dungeon, unknown to the two, “Where am I..” Oboro opened his eyes only seeing pitch darkness, not remembering the fall he had only prior moments ago. Suddenly a bright flash of light nearly blinded him. He put his hands up to try to make it out but also shield his good eye. “Simple Oboro.. The unappreciated apprentice, the lackee of a man who always pushed you aside for better verisons of yourself, more powerful, more obedient pawns..” The light had disappeared, Oboro was shocked to see Shinsuke and Joe glaring over him with large smiles. “That is enough Jebediah. I have made peace with Sensei in my mind for quite some time now.” He said. “Really? With all the times he’s insulted you? Belittled you? Well I can’t say I’m too surprised you’re still siding with a Peace Keeper like that!” “As oppose to siding with you Jebediah?” Oboro got up from the floor and Shinsuke and Joseph made eerily loud laughs with unnaturally huge smiles, their jaws nearly unhenging before they disappeared where they came from. “I’m not looking to side you against an old friend! Oh no, no no. In fact my dear Oboro, I visited said friend just recently. Who knew he still is fond of living in that dusty old shack of his?” Oboro’s pupil shrunk at this. “You visited Sensei in the past..?” He asked, turning his head all around to possibly see the man behind the chaos. “Why don’t your teacher ask him yourself! Ask him specifically the lie he has kept from you all these years!” A sword appeared before Oboro’s feet, he slowly picked it up and noticed a reflection of a portal inside of it. He was hesitant at first but noticed how genuine the portal looked and gave it a try. “S-Sensei..?” Oboro looked surprised. “You have summoned me once again, Jebediah. But I think I know why this time.” Shouyou said. “Sensei, that truly is your past self and not another illusion of Jebediah’s mind.. What is he talking about this thing you haven’t told me?” Oboro asked everso confused and looking for answers. Shouyou surprisingly looked truly upset, making Oboro even more concerned. “...Sensei?” “I should have told you.. I just thought you weren’t ready back on Okiwana, Oboro. I entrusted you with more power all these years than you lead on to believe. More power than even those gods posess. Power that could live up to mine.. or even greater, more than the universe has seen.” Oboro’s jaw dropped, he stared straight ahead. The sword suddenly vanished into thin air in his hands. “Isn’t that something?! You finally trust this man and he hides the truth from you once again! Keeper of Lies is more like it!” “What power was he referring to, Jebediah?” Oboro slowly said. He suddenly felt himself fall into a chair that appeared out of no where and strapped down into it. The chair zoomed at tremendous speeds with him on it across the dark realms of Jebediah’s mind until it reached a single mirror. “You really are as slow as your Joui comrades call you Obo my dear. Just look at yourself, deep within. Your damn blood that’s what it is! That the bloody git wouldn’t even trust his ol’ dear Tendoshu with his entire blood of both crystals. How Utsuro did it still mystifies me!” Oboro took a long hard look at his reflection, he put a shaky hand up to his cheek, “I-I.. have purple Altana in my blood as well..?” “BINGO!” Jebediah rapidly spun Oboro around in his chair, higher and higher, eventually stopping as Oboro felt he might throw up. “HOHOHO! And not a transfusion of just any purple Altana blood my feather loving friend! A man born of both! Completely raw and unheavenly powers, not even those blasted other purple breathers could match with.” “And you want some of my blood don’t you..?” Oboro got straight to the point. “ON THE CONTRARY!” Jebediah spoke out energetically and excited. He spun Oboro around more his chair and until he flung out of it and soar at tremendous speeds until landing on the floor safely. A hand picked up his chin and looked straight into his eyes. “My blood is almost just as pure as yours with all the chants I gave it. Sure I wasn’t born with originally! But this side of me was!” Jebediah comically knocked on half of his head he made from the chants with a goofy expression on his face. He loud chuckle and disappeared from plain sight once again. “You are the single item Utsuro clung onto all these years. He knew you couldn’t change despite everything else doing so. But I have a sort of soft spot for my other Keeper half in my old age. I wouldn’t dare wipe out the only thing he cares about.” “But?” Oboro interjected. “Always looking on the negative side I see, Obo! Must be your brooming look. I’ll make it simple. Stay out of my plans or be destroyed just like your teacher and those other gods! Mhhm yes! Quite simple indeed!” “I don’t think I will do that, ever, Jebediah-dono.” Oboro got up from the ground, dusting himself off. “Then have a joyous time seeing all the people you care about in here and outside be destroyed! I will control this glorious twenty-second universe with a glittery fist!” Oboro squinted his eye and then stared directly up at where the voice was coming from. “I’d destroy you before that ever happened, Jebediah. You must not understand how much I’m willing to put on stake for the sake of peace and harmony of this universe. To let you take away the joy and laughter of the people inside of this most precious timeline and turn them into your slaves is out of the question. I will protect and serve it until the day my bones fade into dust and the last drop of crystal dries up in Sensei Shouyou Yoshida’s immortal blood. This is my stand as Oboro, Guardian of the 22nd Universe.” Jebediah stared at him from his mind, furrowing his eyebrows and then made an audible sigh at seeing the connections again, “You remind me so much of him it’s unearthly. And people call me the reflection of him. The Keeper of Peace to my Keeper of Chaos.. one really doesn’t exist without the other, even with him gone, huh? If only your teacher showed any conscious about protecting the universe from being reset back then.” Jebediah paused for a long moment, Oboro raising an eyebrow. “I’ll give you some time to sit here and think it over what you want to do young chap. Ta-da for now!” Oboro stood there deep in thought about the powers he just realized he had. Had Sensei really not told him about them? Did he really think he wasn’t ready after so many centuries to handle the power? He knew until recently he didn’t have the emotional stability to reset the universe all by himself. Was this another important page to his life? “Keeper of Peace...” Oboro clutched his heart pumping both bloods passed on by his teacher and stared up at the darkness of the void he was in. The camera rose up to the surface of the dungeon where Enshou and Stephen were... uhhh? “HHHHHH C-Captain.. thank you for the bottle of water, I was parched.” Enshou took his lips off of the bottle and wiped his mouth. He handed it back to Sweetcheeks for safe keeping. “Now then, about this stupid fucking cave thing. Of course this is a RPG, BOD was practically obsessed with them when we played them in the Land of Enshou.” They were standing outside one of the enterances, the Captain was reading over one of the Latin phrases again. “Hmm.. if we go right-“ He scratched his bearded chin but Enshou cut him off. “It’s left.” Enshou instantly started walking in that tunnel, Sweetcheeks flanking him, “Sir be careful! We don’t know-“ Enshou was completely unharmed inside, Stephen looked surprised and caught up to him. “How did you know it?” He said rather impressed. “Easy. If I know my brother’s dick and I do, it points to the left. So every turn we make has to be left.” Enshou said with the upmost seriousness in his face causing Stephen burst out a chuckle. “Sir, it’s been way too long since we’ve been together.” He smiled ahead. “I agree Sweetcheeks, maybe we can finally plan out that Alaska trip after this. You know I always wanted to try skinny dipping inside an Alaskan aquarium and not get the electric chair for it.” Enshou made a deviously dastard face, Stephen patted him on the shoulder. They finally came to the end of the tunnel but it turned out to be a dead end. The men stood there looking around for a solution. “What was this dork’s plan again?” Enshou asked him. “We were suppose to fight a dragon or something.” Stephen replied. “If that mongrel wanted to fight stinky Dragonia, he was just outside the coffin in my ship with me, unfortunately.” Enshou crossed his arms, Stephen went to speak up about this misinformation but decided against it. He would force the author to be the straight man instead. Ano? “Maybe what Husband needs is a beautiful maiden to be swooped up by the dragon!” A familiar voice called out behind them. “No, smelly Dragonia already has a monster of a girlf- WAAAAAAAHH?!” The both of them whipped around. “FLTBCCCC?! What on Earth are you doing outside of my subconscious? I DEMAND you get back in there!” Enshou exclaimed pointing his finger. “I don’t know! One moment I was inside your brain and the next moment I’m out here! Hi Captain!” FLTBC smiled. “Oh hey FLTBC, good to finally see you in person.” Stephen said surprisingly unphased. Enshou jumped on the old man piggy back style and hid behind him, but still pointed at her. “GAAHHH SWEETCHEEKS! PROTECT ME FROM MY OWN FRANKENSTEIN CREATION! NOW SHE’LL BE DEMANDING FOR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS!” He yelled. “Well we’re already in one bumbling Bureian’s subsconscious, can’t rule out the possibility of another’s leaking into here.” Stephen shrugged and was immediately punched in the back by a bumbling Bureian fist. “Makes sense to me!” FLTBC folded her hand delicately together. She squatted by the wall and took a look at the rocks. “Well if anything my architectural and historian degrees have taught me about medieval European dungeons..” Stephen raised an eyebrow. “What? I may be a Sinister Mastermind but I support women’s education.” Enshou chimmed in. “Aha!” FLTBC heftly punched the wall, causing a secret passage way to be revealed. Stephen was surprised but noticed it was being to collasp very quickly under the domino effext of the other rocks. Him and Enshou quickly ran into the passage way. “Oh my ever precious stars, I’m so overjoyed! To actually be alive and possibly sentient with other people around me! I could just break out in a melody!” ”No time for your silly gimmicks, FLTBCinderella.” Enshou hoisted her over his shoulder and the three of them tumbled inside right before they got crushed. They stood up and noticed the darkness surrounding them. “Well this is just great. I should have never taken a Wendadryl on the flight to Earth, I’m gonna fall asleep like a baby in all this lack of light.” “Sir Wendadryls are for allergy attacks, not motion sickness.” Stephen chimmed in despite the situation they were in. “I know Sweetcheeks, I’m allergic to Dragonia..” Enshou crosses his arms. “I’ll get a warm blanket for you, your Excellency!” FLTBC smiled. There was a loud rumble and they felt the earth itself started to quake. Enshou got out a match from his pocket swiped it against Stephen’s ass to start a fire for them to see. “Very resourceful Dark Allah!” She praised him. The rumbling stopped but they still couldn’t see much in front of them, only hearing the sounds of the cave dripping. They decided to carefully slowly walk around together, Enshou leading the pack. He bumped his head into something and felt right on his royal butt, causing a booboo. He instantly shot up into a defensive karate stance. FLTBC was holding the match now as Stephen examined the unfamiliar solid object in front of them. “Hmm.” Stephen studied it carefully but Enshou boredly gave it a heft kick to the side. Instantly a giant eyeball snapped open in front of them unexpectedly, causing them to freeze up as they saw it. The enormous monster turned around unleashed his jaws, sending a deafening roar. “..I should have went with the whoopee coushin..” Enshou squeaked. Stephen dropped the match in some oil puddle as they ran like hell, causing the entire cave to light up where they could see the beast in close pursuit. “What now Captain?!” FLTBC said carrying her frighten and trembling overlord above her head. Jebby the Dragon was blowing deadly flaming breaths all in their directions, causing them to dodge them in all sorts of ways. Stephen thought of if for a second and reached into Enshou’s pant pocket, causing the prince to make a pervy face. He took out a rope and grappling hook, throwing it over a rock on the hill. More unexplained chaotic tomfoolery in a cave’s design or maybe the author’s lack of imagination, eh Jebby? “Hold on, Lady! You too Sir!” Stephen grabbed onto FLTBC’s waist who was holding Enshou over her shoulder. “I’m the king of deus ex machina even in the dream world.” Enshou said as they landed on the hill and looked down at the dragon from above. “You know, I wonder if that handsome monster is guarding something. Everyone has something to guard internally! I guard my instabilities that I won’t be able to make a difference in protesting equal paying rights Land of Enshou for women! Ahee.” FLTBC stated. “I’m coming to that protest Monday and I will fight for your rights, FLTBC. We don’t let those corporate monsters in the government of the United States of Enshou take them away.” Enshou said as FLTBC wrapped him in his cape to keep him warm from the effects of the Wendadryl. “I wonder..” Stephen peaked behind the dragon to see the unmistakable glows of a purple and green crystal now emitting from behind the beast. “I knew Jebby wanted to make this interesting! Sir! It’s his Altana crystals! It’s hidden behind-“ “GAAAAHHHHH!” “DARK OVERLORD!” FLTBC called out upset. Stephen looked next to him to see an empty spot, he snapped in fromt of him to see that the Jebby the Dragon had grabbed Enshou by his Italian black leather boot that costed him 4,055,429 Whuck E Cheese’s tickets and was dangling him about. “DRAGONIA’S GOT ME GOOD! I WANTED YOUR BROTHER TO BITE OFF MY FOOT, NOT YOU YOU UGLY BIG ANTENNA CHILDHOOD BULLY!” Enshou said while being ragdolled around. “Dragon meant to look like my estranged Husband, you put the Dark Overlord down this instant! ..Please.” FLTBC said. “Estranged? Man your non-legally binding marriage is really falling apart huh- AAHHHH!” Enshou was smacked against the wall, damaging his soul. Stephen looked around desperate for a solution. “Grab the chair! Grab the chair!” FLTBC exclaimed to him. “This isn’t wrestling!” Stephen exclaimed, but FLTBC wished up a giant chair and threw it at the dragon, he came rushing back up to them. “Well I’ll be damned.. somehow you two can control Jebediah’s subsconscious, even if I don’t understand it-“ The Jebby Dragon swiped Sweetcheeks off the hill. “CAPTAIN!” FLTBC shouted. But Jebby caught him in his claw before he fell to the floor. He started carrying them away to drop them on the fires now engulfing the cave. “Jebby the Dragon if you don’t put them down right this instant I’ll... I’ll.. divorce the real Jebediah!” FLTBC said getting angry for the first time in her nonexistent life, a strange feeling to her but the dragon would still not budge. “FINE! Consider us divorced!!” She huffed and crossed her arms. “Damn. I hope she signed a prenup so I get half of his stuff. Also I have completely lost feeling in this foot, Captain.” Enshou said in a rather blank tone. Stephen could not break the grasp which the monster had him in. “GAAAHH THIS IS REALLY IT!!” They were mere inches away from the fire, Enshou felt the burning sensation of the flames near his soul, him and Stephen closed their eyes as they braced for impact. When suddenly the dragon’s head had a huge boulder thrown at it, causing it get gnarly banged up on the side of its face. It let go of Stephen and Enshou, the latter screaming on the top of his lungs. “I got ya!” FLTBC wished up mattresses for the two to land on. The dragon roared in pain and shifted his attention to who had struck him so easily. “Anyone hurting a friend of Katsura is an enemy of mine! Come here and taste the power of a REAL Dragon!” Jackie begun charging at him with his sword, making a battlecry. “I’m not friends with Zurako I merely steal her men.” Enshou rested his weary head on his Temur-Pedic. “Wow! So that mysterious shadowy guy following behind us the entire time ever since we came the coffin turned out to be important!” FLTBC chimmed in causing Stephen shake his head in grief. ———————- Roberta had her feet pulled up to her chest still sitting in the same place as before. She had stopped crying but her tears had dried on her cheeks and she was making little panting breaths through her nose. She wasn’t even aware someone was there until she felt the feeling of a flower being put behind her ear. She snapped out of it and instantly looked up at the woman who was squatting down to her level. She froze, feeling that she recognized them despite never meeting her before face to face. “Sorry, I couldn’t help but noticed how down you looked over here all alone. Are you okay, miss?” She asked, Roberta was still in shock and didn’t speak. The solid smiled and helped her to her feet. “My name’s Sophia! I attend the forest around these parts. You must be Roberta!” At this Roberta latched onto her in a hug, Sophia looked surprised but warmly returned it. Roberta soon broke it and stumbled around for words to say. “I’m sorry I just.. I can’t believe it’s actually you.” Roberta said awkwardly looking around. Sophia made a little chuckle. “I guess Yuka has told you quite a bit about me. She always did like overpraise me when I didn’t deserve it.” Sophia picked up her basket of wildflowers and ushered Roberta to follow her through the meadow. “You’re everything to Yuka, Sophia. You still are.” Roberta said looking at the woman. Sophia looked straight ahead smiling, “And she’s still everything to me even after all these decades. I guess that’s how it is with us solids and liquids.” She then put her head down but kept her expression. “You know Roberta. Solids only live as long as actual humanoids do, Yuka would have had to face the pain of losing her other half one day. It was just unfortunate it happened so soon. I just wish she would finally forgive herself for what happened that day.” Roberta’s heart hurt at those words. “I’ve always wished for that too. Yuka never deserved the pain and heartache she has endured for so many years.” Roberta shook her head upset. “Never once..” They kept walking through the meadow as the amber hues were starting to indicate the sun was beginning to set. They were heading more slowly back to the city but Sophia made sure they were taking their time in conversation by picking more flowers to make as ornaments for the people back there. “But despite everything that has happened, I’m overjoyed! I never saw Yuka as happy as she is with you. I’m so content to have finally met the wonderful woman she in love with!” She plucked a few daisies and put them into her basket. Roberta looked absolutely taken back. “I don’t deserve that title.. I betrayed her trust on several occasions. I ruined every single thread of any kind of relationship with her and not to mention Valentino..” Roberta continued. “And now I’m being told by literally the most nicest and blameless person that I’m this wonderful being, not to mention with her?” Sophia kept picking them though, still smiling. “A rose is still beautiful no matter how many times you cut it down and have to reshape it. Sometimes it just needs a little TLC, it may have its thorns but at the end of the day it’s still there and still beautiful. When Yuka lost her parents, Fratello and I tried being there for her. I knew I couldn’t completely take her sadness anyway though. What you did down there for Yuka earlier, Roberta.. proved to me your unselfish caring for her is still inside of you. That to me is beauty far greater than any rose.” Sophia got up, she patted her boney hand on Roberta’s cheek, the Skolexian still looking at the Globberian with somber feelings. “Tell me one last thing, you’re still in love with her aren’t you?” Roberta shook her head disagreeing. “Hmm?” “It’s much deeper than that.. When I look at her even from a distance..” Memories were beginning to flood in Roberta’s head, her vision started to become blurred again. “Being in love implies contentment on an infatuation level. She never wants to see me again and yet.. I have this overwhelming feeling of protecting her, especially now looking at the past. Back when I was resurrected for the first time as I was shunned, back on Earth when she was injured in war and now after being her being imprisoned inside a cage.. Yuka’s happiness is far more important to me than her returning those romantic affections I have for her, or of any kind of affection.” Sophia took her hand off of Roberta and shifted her view down. “Being in love isn’t infatuation, Roberta. It’s quite the opposite. It’s founded on the very building blocks of protecting and wanting the happiness of the other person. Both types of love aren’t very different at all from each other are they?” “-I guess that’s what makes people like us guardian angels, huh?” Sophia warmly smiled and continued walking on. The breeze of the meadow rustling through Roberta’s hair ae she started to reflect on these words deeply. She caught up to her as she was treading down the forest hillside. “I just don’t know how I can save Yuka, Valentino and all the other people I care about. I don’t have the power.” Roberta kept looking ahead as the kingdom was getting into viewing distance. “You have a pure heart though, Roberta. That’s the secret to people even with the most power wish they truly had.” Sophia simply stated. Roberta unclutched the Dream Catcher still in her hand from earlier and stared at it. She suddenly started to sprint some distance away from the solid as her mind was set on one thing. She didn’t stop as she reached the city and stood up on the water fountain in the middle of it, catching the notice of several people there. She then morphed her hand into a megaphone. “YO SUAVE! Where ever you are hiding listen up! You and me and this entire city are gonna build a giant Dream Catcher big and strong enough to trap Jebediah in. ARE YOU IN?!” She shouted, causing the crowd around her to make little cheers and agreements. Suave appeared at a balcony where he had been hidden from sight and poked out slightly. “That would never work Roberta.. He’s in the living realm now. We don’t have the crystals strong enough, not to mention we don’t even have all my brothers to cast a binding spell.” He said depressed. “Aw come on! Are you telling me the God of Sax is a little afraid of the symphony I got brewin’?” She taunted him, gesturing her hands for him to get closer. “Come on! Suavey! Suavey Suavey!” She pointed to the crowd and they begun chanting it as well. Suave smiled and rolled his eyes. He teleported to where she was at and nodded his head. The crowd gave a loud cheer in return. Sophia walked into town and she handed the basket for the other villagers to grab out of, making a little smile at Skolexian the entire time. She handed one lei to a rather big gentlemen and his family, who was also grinning at the woman at the fountain. The plot shifted to another area of space and dimension unattainable by mere mortals. “It seems you three have returned, where is the fourth?” One of the Tendoshu members said as the injured three came through a portal and took their respected seats on the council of the top ten members. “Jebediah has turned his body into his own. We managed to teleport away before time in Oukoku resumed.” One said holding his aching shoulder. Another one spoke up, “He is much more powerful than we thought. Possibly as much as Utsuro was. We must continue our plans with the Shinra if we expect to find a way to take that Altana monster down just like we took the other one.” They agreed to themselves and resumed discussing other matters. The leader spoke up, “Our number of members has greatly dwindled within all these wars, it is advisable we consider the possibility of recruiting new members into our organization.” There was a bunch of talk amongst themselves until they heard a portal opening up from down below. “What’s this gossip about about new recruits?” A prim and proper man stepped out, blowing a kiss. All the members immediately stood up, one teleported to Jebediah and went to take him down but he grabbed him by the throat and broke it. He continued casually strolling by them. “I say he’ll be regenerating back to normal any moment now! But I can’t say the same for all of your dwindling Utsuro blood! Meanwhile those Latin tricks have made my immortal blood fresh as a daisy!” The main leader teleported even quicker and stepped in the Bureian’s way. “Jebediah. We cannot allow you further pass on. You may join us but that is the extent of our generosity. Continue on and we will kill you.” He said. “JOIN YOU?! OHOHO!” Jebediah had a laughing fit and held his belly. “I am tickled pink, I really am. Why on Earth would I join you bloody mongrels when I already had membership to your little club. No thanks! I’m rejecting your invitation! Nice Altana Key you’re supporting on your hand ol’ chap but those are so yesterday.” Jebediah snapped his fingers and mountains of Altana begun to burst from the grounds themselves, permanently killing one of them as the others teleported out of the way. “Unfortunately for you Jebediah, we have some tricks up our sleeves as well.” The leader snapped his own fingers and the Altana ceased to flow. He then powered enough in his hands to focus his energy at Jebediah, the ground split underneath the Bureian but he had jumped to one of the sides just as a giant wall of green Altana stormed out of it. Jebediah crawled and to his feet, dusting off his trousers, “Nice move old bat! Buuuut if you had purple you could control the very comic book itself, such as this!” Jebediah twirled around on the heel of his boot and then snapped his fingers when he stopped. He levitated up one of the Tendoshu in the background and opened the ground again, this time throwing the man into a pit of Hell. Jebediah clapped his hands together and the ground closed up again. The Tendoshu all teleported and tackled him down this time. Four of them held down his arms and legs as the other five begun slashing down his body with their swords. Jebediah couldn’t move under their tremendous weight. However in the middle of all of this, he channeled all his energy into a thought. A large portal started emerging from underneath them all and swallowed them up. During the transition into wherever it was taking them, Jebediah managed to shake off four of them. He pushed two of them outside the realm of the timeslip tunnel and into the realm of nothingness, instantly dying. His Altana was patching up his wounds of his body as he was punching and kicking the other seven in all directions, managing to kick another two out of the portal tunnel. They finally landed in their destination in time and space and continued fighting as the plot shifted to Isaburo and Soutatsu who had been brutally fighting as well. A blonde samurai then busted open the doors of the castle, a wave of injured Shinra he had fought off falling at his feet. “Man.. I really should have picked up my costume before I came here. After this arc I’m like, totally super gluing it onto me.” Elizabeth rubbed his five o’clock shadow tiredly. Soutatsu squinted his eyes and pushed Isaburo aside with his shoulder as he walked by. “Dragonia... this doesn’t concern you. Go return to your kingdom, ‘lost king’. Or are you back to playing terrorist and pretending to have amnesia?” Soutatsu stared down the antenna man aross the room. “Oh I think it very much does. Refresh my old fart brain. What is it these Bakufu morons call Oukoku? Its biggest ally? As rightful heir I’m just protecting my good ol’ allies here!” Elizabeth said as he made a big sarcastic smirk. “I said stay out of it..” Soutatsu grumbled, Isaburo took this distraction to escape the room. “You already killed one Oukokuan king, wanna give it a second go you blue haired doofus?!” Dragonia taunted him. Soutasu grimly squinted his eyes and came full steamed force at the prince, throwing him through several walls and finally shattering the last one leading to the royal courtyard, in a dusty maze. The terrorists heard this loud commotion from the hallway and ran to the closest window to see what had happened. “ELIZABETH!” Matako yelled. He was sitting in a heap of drywall and the garden’s flowers but slowly got up with his sword for support. He spit out some blood and flower fertilizer and made a chuckling smile. “Dragonia or Elizabeth, the title doesn’t matter, I always get myself into deadly danger, don’t I?” He slung his sword up, in an instant Soutatsu appeared behind him and tried to slash him with stars. Elizabeth dodged two of them as he quickly turned around but managed to get sliced across the chest by the third one. While looking down at himself, Soutatsu grabbed his arm and flung him upside down, he landed on his head and antenna on the hard gravel. But as Soutatsu had his hands clenched him, Dragonia managed to kick him in the face with his boots and levered himself up. “This is what you wanted, right! Sons avenging their fathers? Come at me again you angsty sumbitch!” Dragonia said in a smartass tone, Soutatsu came speeding up to him again this time with an even angrier punch to his face. The fighting continued as the castle was beginning to catch on fire from Katsura’s previous smoke bombs. Meanwhile the Shinra were sitting around the base of Kada’s castle guarding her as the fights with the Dakini and other Shinra were taking place with the humans outside in the city. Suddenly a bright light blinded them and an individual heftly stomped his boot on Kada’s head as he arrived, instantly killing her from the blow. He wipes the blood off his foot and looked at them all contently with his makeup composed of dark blood and some grounded up Tendoshu bones as white powder. “K-KADA-HIME!” Several Shinra shouted out. “You mean your little princess? Oh I wouldn’t put too much worry into her. She’s been dead for ages!” Jebediah picked up her body and it turned back into a dead Tendoshu. The Shinra stood there flabbergasted and started to slowy drawl out their weapons. “W-what.. did you to Kada-Hime you unholy monster..” The Shinra had looks of horror as watched the fragments of bone on the floor. “Oh heavens no, not me! Turns out the Tendoshu killed your princess months ago in Harusame captivity during all that Koukan nonsense and were using one of their decoys to fool you. Congratulations my fellow Bungan chaps, you figured it out even more slowly than the Skolexians did! You Liberationers were trying to PREVENT more chaos from the Tendoshu when you were merely their puppets seeking to destroy you from the inside without you even knowing it. But you’ve been fooled by many Tendoshu leaders lately, haven’t you?” “What do you want with us..?” One asked. You’re Jebediah we heard about in court, aren’t you?” Another asked. “Well my, I am rather exhausted from killing off an entire race of those sharing my immortal blood, my dear Shinra. I was thinking of taking the rest of the day off if you gentlemen wouldn’t mind.” Jebediah fanned his tired self and slumped back into a king’s chair that appeared out of nowhere. “You..singlehandedly killed off all the Tendoshu...?” Another said in disbelief. “H-He has the powers to make things appear out of thin air..” One whispered. “Think of it as my token to everyone in the 22nd universe. Now we are finally all rid of those pesky strawhats!” Jebediah snapped his fingers, they all turned around as they heard rumbling. Yorozuya were some distance in the city doing something when they felt an earthquake underneath their feet. “Gin-san...?” Shinpachi asked. The ground erected a giant renaissance castle underneath Kada’s hide out, most the Shinra frantically all ran out of it before they were crushed. Jebediah disappeared again and reappeared on one of the balconies. “I will be back very soon my good subjects! Just need to catch up with one last old friend. Tomorrow will be my coronation of Chaotic King of the Universe!” He strolled away inside and dramatically closed the curtains behind him, leaving the amanto below there frozen in shock. Jebediah snapped his fingers inside his regal bedroom and opened a portal. He stepped inside of it, closing behind him and walked through the harsh deserts of Purgatory until reaching the oasis. “Bunny, I’m home!” Jebediah smiled with his eyes closed. The moment he stepped inside the jungle though he ducked before a large blast from an umbrella could knock his head off. It made a steaming giant hole in the tree behind him. “My! Quick on the drawl today aren’t we madam?” Kouka stood on edge of a rock just behind a waterfall with her umbrella still pointed at the man. “Leave here now, Jebediah.” “Oh come now Kouka my dearest dear, I visit Utsy, that pesky RALRO but I was saving the most beautiful for last!” Jebediah vanished and appeared right next to her, posing and resting his chin on his fist. She crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. “Well unlike them my soul isn’t an image of the past. So I could kill you if that’s what you wanted.” Kouka said in a deadpan voice, Jebediah just made a boisterous laugh. “I just had to tell you about my coronation plans!” Jebediah put his hands behind his back and begun strolling around. “That worm and weak healer have something planned to take me down this time. But Ol’ Jebby has something brewing himself. The moment they ascend from heaven will be their last moment to realize it’s too late. Heaven and all its powers of life and death will be at my grasp.” He made a sinister smile and folded his hands. “So you’re trying to pierce Heaven? Try telling that to that lughead Billy who attempted to and failed some short time ago. Not even Utsuro could and his blood was pure of the purple crystal.” Kouka looked around the oasis but didn’t keep her guard down for one second. “Utsuro couldn’t or Utsuro didn’t feel like it was worth doing so? A man more powerful than those brothers guarding the book itself?” Jebediah turned his head towards her. “My dear Kouka.. Once I have Heaven, there will be much more that I can obtain. I am ascending levels far beyond what that Earth monster could even dream of.. If only he wasn’t shackled to that shed of his to be able to see my grand glowing symposium about to take place.” Jebediah jumped down the rocks and started ascended into the blinding greenery of the forest. “Like you’re shackled to your empty feelings?” Jebediah stopped walking but kept on a little smile. “You and me aren’t so different as you might think Jebediah, we both have lost family and loved ones. We’re avoiding them for maybe selfish reasons. Except I know when to let go of my emptiness and realize I can’t change everything that has happened to me.” “I’d keep your distance deary, you’re not the only one of your kind trying to rustle feathers with me right now. But you’re husband in my subsconscious right now is much stronger than he is leading me to believe. I wouldn’t want you to ruin that chance of him trying to prove it by forcing me to kill him.” Kouka’s expression turned to shock and disgust as he continued walking . “Good day m’am.” Jebediah kept going until he eventually disappeared from plain sight. TBC
  9. “For the Benefit of Mr. Kite” - The Beatles
  10. No, this is Impossible.

Doubloons: $66,691

Independence Sword 2012 (KK) A *free* limited edition sword for Independence Day 2012. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Sword; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
SpongeBob SquarePants 1
Mermaid Man's Belt 1
Pink 1
Smoothie 1
Green Sunglasses 1
Blue Swim Trunks 1
Blue Sunglasses 1
Red Sunglasses 1
Red Swim Trunks 1
Fancy Tuxedo 1
Top Hat 1
Teddy Bear Costume 1
V11 Polo Shirt An exclusive item for your iFish to celebrate the launch of V11!1
Santa Hat 1
Santa Beard 1
Santa Sweater 1
Santa Pants 1
Santa Boots 1
SpongeBob Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Squidward Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Clarinet An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Starfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Fruitcake An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Donkey An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet Free with every purchase!1
Mustache 1
Silver Medal 1
Archer Hat 1
Squidly An exclusive item given to whoever purchased it from the Prize Store at Spin-Off Festivals 5 & 6.1
Wizard's Hat 1
Cookie Eating Apron 1
Silver Bell 1
Reindeer Hat 1
Holiday Gary An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Holiday Patrick An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Krabby Patty An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Dollar An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Spatula An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Jellyfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Teddy Bear 1
Gray Scarf 1
Diva Sunglasses 1
Music Note Necklace 1
Saxophone 1
Gogeta Hair This hair is a limited edition hair, only won by giveaways.1
Glovey 1
Yellow Sunglasses 1
Gold Viking Helmet 1
Spin-Off Festival 6 Skin 1
Monkey Plush 1
Skodwarde Badge An exclusive item given to whoever purchases it from the Prize Store at Spin-Off Festivals 6 or 7. This item is proof the user bought it.1
Lollipop 1
Red Balloon 1
Unicycle 1
Ice Cream Cone 1
Rollerskates 1
Jester Hat 1
Ring Master Hat 1
Dirty Bubble Costume 1
Kelp Thing Head 1
Camera 1
Captain Tightwad Hat 1
Cookie Eating Hat 1
Barnacle Boy Hat 1
Doctor Negative Coat 1
Mermaid Man Nose 1
Jumbo Shrimp Claws 1
Dirty Bubble 1
Name Tag 1
Jumbo Shrimp Belt 1
Man Ray Head 1
Man Ray Costume 1
Jeffrey the Jellyfish Costume 1
SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Glasses 1
Kevin Given to whoever won it from Jellyfish Bounce at Jellyfish Festival.2
Wheel of Fortune T-Shirt 2
Elf Ears 1
Jingle Bell Hat 1
Holiday Scarf 1
Winter SpongeBob An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Santa Claus An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Chocolate Flower 1
Chocolate Karate Glove 1
Chocolate Snail 1
Jellien Given to whoever won it from Asteroid Blast.1
Kissy Kissy You will be publicly humiliated for the last time!1
Lei 1
Fish Baby 1
GCA Award 1
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