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  1. Bold of you author to assume I’d be done with a chapter six days in advance.
  2. -chokes on iron abs krabs big meaty claw-
  3. trick or treat smell my feet elderly home (shady shoals)
  4. It’s back once again Ghosts and Ghouls! The annual Spooktacular Scary Art Contest! You know the drill, create any bone chilling enough and horrifying Halloween themed art piece. It doesn’t have to be SpongeBob characters so let your imagination run wild. Also remember the Halloween Eye of Jackie Chan sees all so don’t steal someone else’s art, that is neither cool nor spooky. The entries will be judged by me, Aquatic and Patty. The winner will receive 5,000 doubloons, an exclusive badge, a point for their team and a free store item of their choice! You have until Wednesday October 30th to send in your work. Good luck!
  5. A few years ago Sakamoto had signed a contract with Darth Vader, a duck in charge of the Renho. Sakamoto thinking it was a peaceful exchange of pets for better Earth relations with Amantos. It was all a facade however. Mutsu was assigned to dispose some of them to Sakamoto’s friends despite her better judgement. The first two were to be sent out locally in Edo. They were stored in cargo bay, waiting to be released. -Is this your first invasion mission, officer?- The male one asked the female. -No, I’ve been on several others before. I am a commander likewise.- She signed back. -Huh, says here this is your first planet mission. Now I wanna know why the hell you lied to me, Ensign Fumiko.- He tossed down his work tablet. -Do you know how fast I can throw you out of this mission for something like that?- He pointed his flipper at her. -I signed it because frankly Commander Eren, it’s ducks like you that really rub me the wrong way especially being trapped for days in here with them. Some overly serious and dreadful cherry boys.- Fumiko signed. -What is a cherry boy?- Eren asked confused. -Depends on the context, sometimes a virgin, sometimes a spinless officer. But in your case Commander, I’d probably say both.- She signed. Eren angrily blushed in embarassment inside his costume but kept his composure. He was gonna snap something back but then another duck waddled in their cargo space and poked his head between them both. The both of them looked confused. -Who the hell is this?- Eren asked. The other duck just waved. They finally arrived into the city and hovered over a river, Mutsu opened the door to her ship as a long haired man was sitting there in a boat waiting for a gift he was promised. “Sakamoto-san got me a DUCKY?! OOHH IT’S BEAUTIFUL MUTSU-SAN!!” Katsura then looked behind Eren. “Wait.. TWO DUCKIES!?” He clutched his hair in disbelief. “AAAHH!” Eren and the unnamed duck stepped into Katsura’s little boat, nearly destroying it from their weights. -Hello I am your new pet.- Eren signed. “IT CAN COMMUNICATE WITH ME?!” Katsura yelled too loudly. “How about you other ducky, can you use a fancy sign too?” The duck just stood there doing nothing. -I think my comrade here is a bit slower than I, or at least illiterate.- Eren commented. “Oooh I shall name you.. hmm.. MONDAY ELIZABETH! And you, ELIZABETH!” Katsura pointed to them both. “That is because it’s clear that Regular Elizabeth very much needs my help intellectually more than you do, so you are free to do whatever you like those other six days of the week, Monday Elizabeth.” “They’re men in costumes...” Mutu’s face darkened, she then started walking away onto the boardwalk near by. “Come with me female ‘’’duck’’’, your new owner awaits as well.” Fumiko followed Mutsu for a while until they reached a part of Edo that was underground and much different from the rest, Yoshiwara. But when Mutsu had her back turned, Fumiko made a dash for it and ran back into Edo. Mutsu realized she ran away and shrugged, not really caring. “Last thing I need is for someone to call me their pet. You want to call a gorgeous redhead like me your pet in a grimey place like that you cherry boys are gonna have to pay everything out of your wallets.~” She scoffed inside her costume. Fumiko kept running until she reached a park and climbed up a tree towards the playground part. She made sure there were no other Renho around by having a better view from that high. She pulled out some wrapped food item from her suit but then spit it out. “Rotten. Figures.” Some kids came and looked up in awe. “Mommy, there’s a giant duck lady in that tree..” One of them said, she friendly waved to them back but they got scared and ran away. She opened her beak and then sighed. She took a look at Earth’s skies, it was very bright that day and not a single cloud up there. It was the first time she had seen a bright colored sky, as she lived out in space her entire life. “This is really all our species is huh. It’s peak. A bunch of fuckin’ spies and ruthless planet dominators forcing us against our wills to participate. Even the kids are running away from me, like I’m some kind of freak. Then again I am wearing this.” She shook her head and frustratedly threw off her costume down to the grass below. “Well you can cut this puppet out, I’m not doing squat shit for anyone anymore.” She suddenly heard another voice down below, “Mommy, the lady duck turned into a naked lady!” “Oops.” She looked down at herself. Fumiko spent the next several months hanging around that park and area of Edo, wearing fake disguises or her regular self, getting to know the locals, mad chillin’ with fellow homeless Madaos, causing sadist mischief, dodging other Renho pet spies, telling some stories about the white devil loons to kids at the park. She eventually was down to only her duck costume and she rather been naked at that point (except she didn’t to be arrested for the 5th time that week for public indecency) than to wear it but decided to anyway for now until she got more stuff. It was on one particular day that she saw him again while she was working on something at the park. They locked eyes briefly and he stormed up to her. -You? What are you doing here, Ensign?! Where’s your owner? All of us must have one!- Eren raved. She was crafting hand puppets for her latest children’s story show, ‘Renho Smucks Suck’. He signed a look of being appalled, Fumiko looked up at him. “I can ask the same for you, loser. I thought you were some serious Commander and now look at you at a children’s park.” The sadist didn’t try to contain her laughter within her costume. Eren’s eyes on his costume became furious. -You’re TALKING NOW?!- He signed. “Come on Monday Elizabeth, enough socializing with the park pond duckies, I’m gonna take you to the arcade! They have tons of games that I’m sure you and I have never played!” Eren lit up at this. He turned his gaze to Katsura but then briefly back at Fumiko. He did a “I’m watching you” hand gesture to her. She scoffed. “Have fun, gamer boy!” Fumiko blew a sarcastic kiss as Katsura and Eren left. -What a full of it diva..- Eren signed to himself as Katsura grabbed his hand and was happily skipping. Fumiko finished her project and begun to draw open then curtains on the little box. A single boy sat down, next to him his mother who was in a wheelchair. “Miss Duck, what is this show about?” The boy asked. “It’s all about a bunch of losers who want to destroy lovely children like you for no reason!” She got out a puppet that looked like Eren and crushed it with her other flipper. “Woah, sounds like a thriller!” The boy smiled at his mom and she did as well. “Seems like your pet duck is a lot more interesting then you thought it would be!” The mother said, Fumiko put down the puppets for a second. “Are you the one who requested me..?” Fumiko was surprised and scoffed. “And here I was thinking some oily lonely cherry boy called me to that red light district to amuse him.” “Well when I saw an ad in the newspaper, I thought it was for a real duck. I wanted to give my boy Seita something to have, someone to ‘watch over him’ while Yoshiwara was in a dark time not that long ago. But I also have been known for the habit of bringing stray and loss women into my town.” Hinowa smiled, Fumiko was in a lost for words. This woman didn’t even know her that well and yet they were in similar situations. Both had been sold off from their people and forced to do whatever they wanted with them. Fumiko scratched the back of her head. “Well, I don’t have exactly anything left to wear or eat. I don’t see why not. Sleeping in park trees and benches kills my aching glamorous back.” She commented, Hinowa just chuckled. “Well it’s settled! Come on Seita, let’s go home and show Tsukki-chan your new pet!” Hinowa clapped her hands togther. Seita was a bit confused at her costume but shrugged and grabbed Fumiko’s flipper to walk off back to Yoshiwara where they met up with the ninja leader. “Hinowa-sama, this is not a pet duck it’s a woman.” Tsukuyo said. In the background Fumiko was at lost of words spinning around and taking in all the dirty sights of the city before her. “She is also lost and needing of a home, much like every woman here. Nothing else matters.” Hinowa smiled. “AAH! LOOK AT ALL THOSE TOYS IN THERE!~” Fumiko dashed into one of the adult stores, the manager there getting freaked out about a giant duck. “ALL TAKE THEM ALL! AHH~?” She came out with handfuls of pixelated items, stuffing some of them in her costume so she could scoop up more. Seita stood there not really phased since he lived in there. “Fumiko-chan, if there’s anything you need. Just ask Tsukki! She like knows everything there is to know around here!” Seita smiled and pointed her. Fumiko opened her beak to take a better look. “Woah, nice face scar. Where’d you get it from gal pal? I got mine on my lower body from when I was-“ Fumiko got cut off by Tsukuyo, “I’ll show you where your room is.” She simply walked away. Fumiko followed, happily skipping with a trail of pixelated toys falling behind her. It was a few weeks later that the high of Fumiko finally having a steady home (and a lot of toys) was wearing a bit down. She was sitting slumped on the floor of the shop Seita was helping his mom work in. “What’s the matter Fumi-chan?” Seita asked the woman. “I know what will cheer you up. He then held up a pixelated item from the sales rack. She shook her head. “Hmm. How about a puppet show?” He picked up one of them and smiled. “Stay Socky!” The puppet said. Fumiko shook her head again, Seita somberly threw him in the trash. Hinowa then rolled over to where she sat. “Fumi-chan, something is for sure the matter. Now tell us, what’s wrong?” She asked. “I feel powerless.” Fumiko started. The other two looked puzzled. “I want become stronger, stronger to defend myself against my people but I’m just so uncapable you know? When people look at me all they see is just some drop dead gorgeous, sexy, fierce, glamour queen. But I’m more than that and I really don’t feel fierce inside at all. But I guess what I’m saying is silly.” “I don’t think it’s silly at all.” Hinowa said. “I don’t know your people Fumiko, but if you truly want to become stronger enough to face your fears you’ve come to the right place.” She put her hand on her flipper, Fumiko smiled af the ground. “Isn’t that right, Tsukki? How about it? Why don’t you teach her some old tricks of yours?” Tsukuyo had been eavesdropping outside of the shop, she was a bit shocked to know the Courtesan of the Sun had knew. She just smoked her kiseru. “Yoshiwara is a place of heaven for men and hell for women-“ Tsukuyo started. “Baby doll, LIFE is a place of heaven for men and hell for women.” Fumiko snapped her flipper, Seitou also doing so in the background with his hand. “I suppose so. But if you want to survive either, you’ll have to do exactly what any other woman here does under my guidance.” Tsukuyo added. “Aah.~? I didn’t think you were into that kind of thing. Well TBC can always use more gay women.” Fumiko smirked and nudged Tsukuyo but she just started to walk away. “Wait wait! I got all my jokes out. Okay. I promise, I’ll do whatever it takes to become strong.” Some weeks later, all seemed the about the same in Yoshiwara, at least at that moment. Two yato were casually walking the streets. “Ha! I’m telling you old man. I own this place now. Things are gonna be good for now on.” The redhead one said. “A place full of beautiful women and all your stupid asexual ass wants to do is fight a permhead samurai. Man I miss Halfster. Oops. Forgot that TBC isn’t until 300 million years after these events.” The older one spoke out. “If you break the fourth wall again old man, I’m sending you through the skies of Yoshiwara and beyond to the current timeline.” Kamui smiled. “Yare yare, the author isn’t gonna even write us in Wix Flags like she promised. Why can’t I break it. She was gonna have us fight the ghost of Jeremy in a creepy abandoned pirate ship ride.” Kamui proceeded to break the old man’s bones. “SHE SKIPPED OUT ON WHAT?!” Kamui yelled at the top of his lungs. “If I didn’t just singlehandedly finish killing BIMMY or BOUSEN or whatever his name was I’d have her head-y.” “But Samurai Gintoki mostly killed Hous-“ Abuto was launched into space by Kamui’s fist. He fell back to Earth and almost knocked over a drunk guest at a strip bar, giving a thumbs up and then fading out of the past as Kamui had promised. “Did you hit me?!” The man asked the courtesan there. “W-What? No!” She shook her head no but he grabbed her wrist in anger. There was a sudden rain of kunai in the man’s clothes that pinned him to the wall and almost hit him in the head. The redheaded Hyukka member spoke up. “Hey cherry boy, when a woman tells you no she didn’t do something your hairy ass better believe her.” One of the Hyakka got out a boombox and hit go. Fumiko put a kunai in her mouth and flung at the man right below his crotch. He stripped himself down to his underwear and then escaped, screaming. The Hyakka all gave manly high fives Fumiko and their leader, Tsukki. “Well, I’ve said for the millionth time to not do that trick, Fumiko but somehow it keeps working pretty well.” Tsukuyo put a hand on her hip even impressed a bit. “I told you I was good with my mouth, Tsuk Tsuk.” Fumiko winked. Not that far in distance of them a permhead was literally dragging a long haired crossed dressed man with his duck. “I TOLD YOU A MILLION TIMES GINTOKI I WANTED TO GO TO WHUCK E CHEESE’S NOT SOME SMUT TOWN!” Zurako yelled as Gintoki was grabbing him by his stylish kimono. “And I didn’t want to go with some long haired doofus to a smut town but couples eat free bbq wings on Monday’s and you’re the only remotely close to a thing I have to a woman.” Gintoki shoved Zurako inside the strip club, Zura making angry noises all the while. Tsukuyo’s eyes lit up at seeing this permhead here. Fumiko took notice and smirked. “Huh, the silver haired cherry boy down there huh?” She evilly smiled. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Tsukki started making her way down the roof, the rest of the Hyakka following. “Well do whatever your heart tells you Tsuk Tsuk, but just remember.” Fumiko climbed down to catch up to them. “All men want to do is just to have a peak of women’s fleshly pink parts.” They all landed the ground, Fumiko not realizing she landed on someone until the other girls pointed down to the floor. Fumiko looked down to see a super confused and flustered Eren. Her face darkened as did the other girls then they pulled out their kunais in their knuckles. “AAAAAAHHHHH!” He screamed inside his suit as he was impaled by them. Cut to a few hours later, Eren is laying in a bed in a room of Yoshiwara, his costume covered in bandages. He woke up and held his aching head. -Where am I?- He signed. A few Hyakka were staring and glaring over him, he felt intimidated. “You got some nerve duck. Trying to harass oue second in command like that!” One of them said. -Wait a minute. You’re not talking about that other duck are you? Well that’s rich. How the hell did she wound up with you people?- Eren asked. “Great new pet owner, huh Commander? He’s got a whole league of ninjas protecting him.” Fumiko covered her face inside her beak as she walked in, her subordinates greeting her. -Whatever. Just let me go please, I have to get back to my owner.- He tried to get up but winced in pain. “I wouldn’t move too much for a while, you suffered quite the spill.” Fumiko made a little snicker, Eren even more annoyed than he previously was. Defeated, he just pulled out his gameboy. Fumiko and the girls proceeded to leave his room. “I can’t believe we saved him.” One of the ninjas said to Fumiko. “After everything you told us about this joker too.” “I know, I know. But it would be kind of fun to mess with him for a while since he’s stuck here. Right?” Fumiko evilly smiled the others doing likewise. After a few nights of painful pranking at Eren’s expense, Fumiko thought she would pay him a visit. “Hey dude can I come in?” Fumiko asked, her face still covered to him as always. -I don’t see why not, just like the hundreds of other times you girls have.- He was gaming away on his device. “Look Commander, even as a beautiful and flawless sadist I can tell we’re really pushing you over the edge.” She said and Eren just sighed. -I’m sure my owner won’t be looking for me until Monday rolls around again anyway. I didn’t have much to do until then.- “Besides stupid Renho spy work reports you mean?” She sat down near him, he suddenly put his device to the ground. -I haven’t done much of those in a while..- He signed. Fumiko looked a bit surprised but not sure if he could be trusted still. “And why is that?” She asked. He set down his gameboy and turned his head towards her. -Look at me. Playing video games, going to children’s parks. I’m not exactly the stone cold duck I use to be, Ensign. And the weirdest thing above all is.. I actually don’t mind. I feel like I’m going rogue. I don’t even know why the hell I’m telling you. Must be my damn splitting headache from being injured like hell.- She put a flipper on his head and smiled within her suit. “I think your head is just fine, for once.” She said and Eren looked up at her a bit taken back. Two days later Eren waddled his way out of Yoshiwara, Fumiko and the Hyakka watching above from a rooftop. “Good riddance, finally!” One of them exclaimed. “I don’t know...I’d kind of like to mess with that cherry boy again sometime.” Fumiko opened her beak and grinned. The next week came, Eren surprisingly returned back to the town and met up with Fumiko. She still concealed her face. Something about being a mystery to Eren and the thought of possibly slowly driving him mad for not knowing what she looked like delighted her. -Uhh I just came back because I forgot my gameboy and it’s my favorite, that is all, Ensign.- “I’m so sure. You know Commander, you don’t have to have fun with your owner just on Monday’s. There’s a whole six other days out there for you to enjoy.” Fumiko stated and pointed to an arcade place across the street. His eyes lit up and nodded. -I guess it couldn’t hurt, Ensign.- “On one condition.” She said and he signed a question mark. “Please let’s lose the formalities, Eren.” He held up his flipper to his beak to express a chuckle. -Okay, Fumiko.- He signed. Every week was the same after that, he’d meet up on a Tuesday hang out at Yoshiwara with Fumiko if she wasn’t busy doing ninja work or taking care of Seita and Eren would stay there until the end of Sunday. He started to anticipate even to see her, as she did likewise with him. As they got to spend more time together, his attitude softened as did his heart. It would flutter at the thought of being with her. Fumiko almost seemed distracted at work half of time in her mind. “She’s almost as lost in that samurai duck as you are with that samurai permhead, boss!” One of the ninjas said. “I-I don’t know what that means.” Shocked Tsukuyo just turned around to smoke and got crazy flustered. Despite the Hyakka still hating Eren and wanting that bird roasted like a turkey, Fumiko wanted to do something special for him. The girls, Hinowa and Seita all stood outside the door where the two birds were. “Come on, let Fumiko-chan do her job as a courtesan. You know she practically begged for a job like this.” Hinowa urged them all to keep moving on. Tsukuyo stood in the corner with her kiseru, she sighed before smiling and walking away as well. “So what do you think they’ll do in there? ..I mean they’re kind of ducks.” One of the Hyakka said as they were walking. “Just peck on each other with their beaks or something?.” Another said. “How... was that, cherry boy? Not bad for a duck’s first courtesan gig.“ She huffed. “...I-I just lost the cherry part.”’ Eren said completely red in the face. Fumiko was genuinely surprised that he had actually been one. She snickered and put her hands behind her head. “You know you’re a lot cuter and more buff than I expected you to be. I really like the scruffy beard too. Much better than some stupid bird costume. Don’t you think?” Fumiko turned to him and softly rubbed his facial hair, causing chills up his spine. He sunk lower in the bed, cuddling into her as the little spoon, pressing up against her body. “Y-You’re a lot cuter than I thought you would be too, Fumiko. I’ve always really like redheads and your digital graphics look spot on, shit. I mean big boobs, shit. I mean sparkling violet colored eyes. Well I meant big boobs too.” Eren stumbled, she just chuckled. She then looked a bit depressed and spooned him tighter. “Eren, I can’t do this anymore. This hidden life. I want you to really consider that too because I really love you.” She buried her head in his shoulder. “I can’t, Fumiko.” He simply replied. She let go of him and sat up in the bed, he missed her touch. “You’ve really changed this past year, no way in hell you’re gonna tell me you still have a duty to the Renho’s spying.” She said a bit annoyed and frustrated. “Yes I do. No, not in a spying for their benefit way but in a way we’ll be able to crush them from the inside. But I don’t know how yet so I have to keep pretending to be a pet in the meantime. And there’s also that man, my pet owner, Katsura. I can’t exactly leave him anymore, I’ve grown so attached to him, I didn’t think I would but.” Eren said. Fumiko suddenly got up from the bed and started to get dressed. She headed for the door, Eren was about to get up to stop her but she turned her head around to face him, “Well I feel like I have zero duty to those monsters who ruined my life. I want freedom too, but I’m not gonna sit around and wait for it. Tomorrow I’m leaving this all behind. My costume, the people here, everything. I already told them I needed to find myself.. I really hope that one day you abandon your costume too, Eren. I rather enjoy seeing that shaggy beard of yours.” “P-Princess.. I love you.” He looked at her with tears, she had some herself but closed the door behind her. The next early morning came, Eren had spent the rest of the night in that room alone. He was back in his costume and outside watching from a corner as Fumiko hugged her owners to part from them. He wish he could be apart of that, but he know he couldn’t step over boundaries after last night. Suddenly Katsura zoomed up behind him, nearly giving Eren a heart attack. “There you are Monday Elizabeth! I had to catch a Wuber this morning to find you here at this gentlemen’s town for some reason. Look! I got TWO tickets to Mexican Wamily Feud this morning! I hope the host goes UN AUTOOOOO.” Katsura quoted it very excitedly and kept babbling as Eren watched her drifting away into the distance of the amber colors of the sunrise, his heart massively dropping. He would not see his lover again until the events of the Renho arc. —————- “Bullseye.” “Sir, we found a child aboard.” Enshou’s first captain held him up as he was squirming about. “Great work Captain Sweetcheeks, you never let me down.” Enshou gave his ass a nice firm slap and Captain Fred Sweetcheeks blushed, “Ahaha, sir you compliment me so. If you weren’t Enshousexual I swear.” He smiled. “I’m not a child, I’m just adorably small!” Hata protested. “Aah, Prince Hata of Oukoku. What brings you aboard my ship?” Enshou got down to his level. “I was looking for firewood for me and Soyo-chan’s worship altar to Bansai for him to save us when I saw YOU and those other braided hair freaks stealing my big brother!” Hata exclaimed. “Shall I throw him out the airlock, sir?” Captain Sweetcheeks asked. “No, he‘s absolutely perfect for what I have planned ahead. Throw him in the cargo bay until further notice.” Enshou smiled. “This shall be more glorious than the time my funny yellow dog picture went to the front page.” The captain started carrying off the little squirt again. “I heard you and your men earlier! Barky and I would rather die than be apart of some evil planet takeover!” Hata yelled out over the man’s shoulder. “And you’re too old for zoomer memes!” “That’s funny, I don’t remember Theodore telling me that I was.” Enshou devilishly smirked and Hata made a big gasp. “NOOOOOO!” He disappeared into the hallway. Captain Sweetcheeks tossed Hata into the carbo room and his squishy body made a squeaky toy sound on impact. “So do you and that prince..?” Hata pointed his two pointer fingers together, Sweetcheeks just made a little smirk and closed the heavy door. “Your Majesty, what shall we do with this empty bit of screen time.” Another subordinate asked him, Enshou pulled out a rubber band from his pocket and flung it at the man’s face. The man nodded and walked away with a red mark on his forehead. Captain Sweetcheeks returned to Enshou’s mancave and bowed. “I must inform too sir, that Shijaku has called you to his quarters.” He said. “Great job Sweetcheeks, I swear I’d give you a promotion if you weren’t already the highest man in my government.” Enshou laughed to himself. “Oh you! Being with you is promotion enough my prince. And you already gave me one last week.” The captain said and Enshou smirked for what he was about to do next. He walked down the hallway to Barkas’s secluded cabin and opened the knob. “Excellent. Time for... Phase 2.” ———————————- “WHO GOES THERE?!” “I-IT’S JOSH! I brought more cans of beer like you threatened me to do!” Josh held his hands up with the cans. Billy lowered his gun and Josh set them down easily on the motel room nightstand. “Oh yeah.. Joshy. Pop a squat! Your favorite overlord of the underground just rolled out the School of Rock, some W&M’s in some popcorn. Tonight we feast like kings.” Billy macked down on his treat, Josh just sat at the end of his bed now. “Look.. Billy...” Josh was stringing for some possible words to use to not upset this wildcard man he had been stuck with. “The last day has been really fun, abeit more risky than I’m use to..but I’m surprised I actually enjoyed myself! I really need to be heading back to my campus before I get flunked out of every class though. You’re welcome to stay outside of the comic book still for now, I don’t know exactly what to do with it until I contact my cousins about the mix up.” Billy put his bowl of fancy corn down on the bed and the TV on mute. “Josh. I don’t know if anyone told you but we’re on the lam. We took an oath right there back in Ceaser’s. With what happened last night we can never go back to our normal lives. Do you HEAR me?” “It wouldn’t be possible to say that coffee order backwards to put you back into the comic, right?” Josh said a bit nervously. Billy used his supernatural powers to make Josh slap himself with his own hand and resumed his Jack Black classic. “Uhhh I also had to ask this guy from my class to room with us.” Josh nervously played with his fingers. “You’re not serious. Didn’t I just tell you we have to avoid contact with anyone while we’re hiding out?” Billy said. “Look man, it’s either that or being thrown on the streets to the authorities! We’re getting low on dough so I’m thinking about us both!” Josh said very upset. “Uhhh anyway I think he’s here at the door, his name is Dylan.” Josh got up and let the person in. Josh making sure the door was quickly shut behind him to make sure no one else saw them. “And as I looked into this creepy two star motel, an eerie set of hidden stains were placed in this dark lit room. It gave me a pretty creepy vibe as I entered in with my snuggly pillow.” Dylan placed his pillow on the left side of Josh’s bed and stood in front of Billy. “Why the hell does he talk like he’s not here? Like he’s like above us in some other reality? And what the fuck is with that voice?” Billy was getting even more annoyed. “Dude, what is wrong with you? Are you that on the edge from hiding out? Also I like Dylan, we have lunch together. You’re just gonna have to make do with him here.” Josh went to sit on the other bed and started untying his shoes. “Well maybe I wouldn’t be so on the edge if Gedo or Headster didn’t spoil the ending of Wchool of Rock five minutes ago on our PARTY WISCORD!” Billy threw his phone to the wall and it shattered but on impact it burned to a crisp from his underworldly powers. “It’s obvious that there was some kind of hidden spirit in this room. If you look in the corner at approximately a millisecond the phone hit the wall and burst into flames.” Dylan commented. “Ya kid. You know I’m literally what you humans refer to as Satan right. Like Gedo gave me that nickname a couple of millions of years ago and I was like ya, sure little snot.” Billy aggressively flipped the channel to find something else on. “B-Billy’s just joking you know! My friend Billy. Big jokester!” Josh nervously smiled. “No...I believe you.” Dylan said, the other two looked a bit surprised, especially Josh. “Based off the alley’s location of this Motel and the time of the year, October, I had came to the conclusion this was a powerful spirit of the greatest dark energy.” “Huh, well whatta know. Kid knows respects his 8 billion year old elders.” Billy put his arms behind his back in bed, finally mellowed again. He offered Dylan some of his sweet corn and a beer but the strange kid just stood there. “It was likely this creature was agreeing with me because of its unusual beard style. It was enough to make this person want to mutilate his eyes out of his skull.” Billy peered away from his eyes glued on the television set. “..The hell you just say? Do you know how long I worked on that beard for a gag picture?” Billy asked and Josh’s expression turned into regret. Dylan just looked blank face into the camera. “The ugly bearded creature seemed to be hostile, even dangerous. The name tag especially was the stupidest and most chintzy thing this person here has ever seen.” Dylan stated and then Billy got up and grabbed him by the scruff of his 300 dollar merch store shirt. “DON’T INSULT ME IN THIRD PERSON LIKE I DON’T MATTER! SAY IT TO MY FACE! SAY IT TO MY FUCKING FACE FOOT LETTUCE!” Billy was spitting on his face as he was yelling and shook the kid and his $800 merch hat fell off. Josh held his head and just crawled under the questionably washed sheets of his dirty motel bed. He then unzipped his backpack and checked on the comic book. As what was the usual, the book was physically writing itself along with illustrations. Josh could see what appeared to be some kind of party with several ducks. He then doggy eared the tip of it to remember the next time where he left off. “OW!” Billy fell to the floor in pain and grabbed his stomach. “Wait. Did folding the page a little.. hurt you..?” Josh slowly said shocked. “Course imbecile.” Billy then covered Dylan’s ears. “I am from that book remember? I’m basically made of paper.” “Dylan could tell they were talking from their lips moving, but he could only hear mmrrmrmrmrmrhs.” Dylan said. “You have to be super duper careful Josh, that thing is more delicate than it looks. Why do you think your cousins keep me and the rest up there on a dusty shelf? I’m surprised you had it in that bag of yours for so long without me or anyone else dying from being stabbed by a pencil, crushed by some school books or suffocated from a lack of air.” Josh made a big gulp. Billy left Dylan and sat next to Josh in his bed to take a look. “The hell is this..?” Billy was staring at the next subplot writing itself. ———————————— “WHAT THE FUCK?!?” Barkas flipped over to the other side of the bed and fell off. “Oh huh, I must have gotten the wrong vibe from that message you sent.” Enshou put his clothes back on and Barkas slowly got up from the other side of the bed, making sure the man was fully clothed this time. Barkas would never bring this incident up again in his mind again, for his own mental sanity. “Whatever you asked me here for Shijaku. I’m sure you know at this point communication with your little friends down in the woods and the Renho is futile. We noticed you tried to. You even attempt it again Shijaku and I’ll have all of Oukoku AND Edo raided and blown up by my army.” “Enshou why are you doing this... we banded together all those years ago to STOP planets from destroying each other. We created the most harmonious alliance in this corner of the universe, the Liberation Alliance Army. Look at you. Is your hate that great for me?” Enshou looked down and opened his locket. Behind his fake wife photo and Bob Barker restraining order he had another photo, it was of him and his best friend opening up their space station of peace for the first time. “You’ll never understand Shijaku. You’ll never understand being betrayed by everyone who you once called friends. You’ll never understand your world being destroyed, no you always had a comfy space in your comfy no-Altana containing planet. Not everyone is as lucky as you were.” “I guess you’re right Enshou. I’ve had plenty of my own demons but I never had to worry about my entire species being homeless, being massacred by the Tendoshu. You have every single right to be angry at the them, angry at the universe.” Enshou looked up at this, surprised. “But why bring up Burei right now?” The redheaded prince then made an irritated sigh and turned away from him. “You really don’t know do you, Shij?” Barkas then raised an eyebrow. “Those damn white devil..., took over Burei, the home of my slaughtered race.” Barkas was genuinely shocked. “I’m sure they had a good reason. They don’t seem like a hostile people to just go ahead and do something like that to you and your people, Enshou.” Barkas tried to reason with him but Enshou didn’t bend. “You don’t know these people, Shijaku. I’ve done some research on them. The nickname White Devils? Turns out they’ve been known for invading planets generations before even you and I were born.” Enshou started to walk towards the door to leave. “No.. Not Eren. I can’t see him doing something like that. He was homeless once just like you were. Enshou, you have to talk to him, you have to-“ In a flash, Enshou grabbed Barkas by his throat and begun strangling him. “Don’t make me hurt you further.” Enshou tossed him on the ground. “We arrive to Burei in 20 minutes.” He slammed the door behind him, Barkas was hacking it up. ———————— “Alright super cherry boy didn’t show, let’s get this show on the road!” Fumiko pulled out a bunch of censored items from her hands and beak. Everyone sat in a big circle on the rug of the living room office included in the circle were some random ducks and the terrorist/Kaientai extras. “NO, WE’RE NOT DOING THIS AGAIN!” Shinpachi yelled. Eren got up and held the basket of eggs next to his wife. “Aw Princess, if only our little ducklings could see their mommy now.” He gave his wife nose nuzzles. “NO, INFANTS SHOULDN’T SEE THIS!” Shinpachi barked. “Who’s first to gift? Step on up, my expecting Princess isn’t getting any cuter. That would be impossible!” Eren gushed and Fumiko winked with her suit’s eye. Gintoki sat there with a dead fish eye faced. “Decorating this party was gift enough. Do you know how much money I put into it.” Gintoki was stabbed in the face by Shinsuke’s katana. Suddenly Zura pushed everyone from the circle’s crowd away and slammed down a gift in front of Fumiko. “OPEN ME AND SHINNY’S GIFT FOR OUR DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AND MY GRANDCHILDREN!” He yelled. Fumiko unwrapped the item. “Awww, a mommy breast pump! I needed one of these! Thanks mom-in-law! I should get right to work on this.” Fumiko held up the item next to her chest to examine its size. “Zura I love you so much right now.” Gintoki had Eren’s gameboy thrown at the spot on his stupid face where Shinsuke had impaled him. “Ahahaha! Open mine and Mutsu’s!” Sakamoto laughed. Fumiko pulled out just a note from the box. “Uhh, this just says please kill my captain.” Fumiko said. Mutsu made a little nod at her. Tsukuyo was the only person up in the background, swaying with a mostly empty bottle. “Oi drunkard, get over here. You’re alcoholic breath is stinking up the place.” Gintoki was slammed in the same place where Shinsuke and Eren had hit him by the bottle and it shattered all over him. Fumiko turned around and stood up. “Tsuk Tsuk..?” She gasped. “What are you doing here?” “Fumiko-chan you know Tsukki?” Kagura grinned. Fumiko walked up Tsukuyo as she was still swaying and hiccuping. Fumiko gave her a big bird hug, something Tsukki didn’t really mind, at least when that shitfaced. “Of course, I was Seita-kun’s pet duck and Tsuk Tsuk’s right hand ninja!” The others except Eren looked quite surprised. The Hyakka dropped out of nowhere from the ceiling and slapped the alcohol straight out of their boss. “Thank you. Fumiko, when Hinowa-sama found out you were living here she wanted me to come and check up on you. But I see the situation is much more drastic than we thought. That deadbeat over there knocked you up?” Tsukuyo said rather seriously as always, Fumiko just chuckled. “Some deadbeat knocked MY wife up?! I’LL KILL HIM!” Eren rage dropped his gaming device and then looked up at them, their faces all darkened. “O-Oh you meant me... H-Hey Tsukki! Hey Hyakka gals! Long time no s-“ Eren tried walking over to them but was met with a rain of kuani that traced his outline, he yelped. “Which ball should we chop off first, boss?” One of them put a kuani to his neck, the other held up a wooden spear to his crotch. Another few held up a sign. He made whimpers and sweated. “EHHH?! C-Come on, I love my princess! This is ridiculo-“ A kuani flew into his ass and it spurted out a fountain of blood. “AAAHH! WAIT IF YOU KILL ME MY KIDS WON’T HAVE A FATHER!!” Eren screamed out. “Woah, a chick owned another chick? That’s kind of ho-“ Gintoki’s own ass was impaled by all of them, including Tsukki and Fumiko. Shinpachi rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry I never told you about my new life here, Tsuk Tsuk. I thought you and the others wouldn’t want to see me after I just got up and left.” Fumiko looked to the ground somberly with her fabulous makeup face. The Hyakka put their hands on her shoulder after stabbing Eren’s ass more and tying up him to the floor. “Women are free to come and go as they please in Yoshiwara. You don’t need to apologize, Fumiko.“ Fumiko hugged her again, surprising Tsukki. The other ninjas joined in and smiled. “There’s also somebody else who wants to say hi.” Tsukuyo pulled out her WaceTime app, Fumiko made a big gasp. “Seita-kun! Hinowa-sama!” She exclaimed. “Hi Fumiko-chan! Congratulations! We hope to see you visit us sometime soon!” Seita said. Fumiko smiled big and nodded. “Well I say this reunion calls for some celebratory tunes!” Bansai quickly got up to sprint to the stage but Shinsuke tripped him and he fell. Bansai gave him a dirty look and resumed walking. Everyone got up and started to mingle, talk amongst themselves and dance. Fumiko was swinging Tsukuyo around while Seita and Hinowa joyfully watched from the phone, the Hyakka, Kaientai, terrorist and duck subordinates all danced with each other, the Jouis were having some kind of heated banter conversation by the window that lead to Gintoki and Shinsuke about to throw Sakamoto out said window, Kagura was downing all the sandwiches there as Shinpachi barked at her, Eren was sitting on his eggs playing games and Mutsu was standing in a corner all alone. A duck offered her for a dance but she declined and sighed. “Maybe I shouldn’t even have considered the possibility..” She looked in the distance at her love, he was sharing a drink and laughing with his friends. Bansai caught a glimpse of this from the way front and started whispering to his band. They changed songs midway in one, causing a brief confusion amongst the crowd. Skele looked up at Bansai and the guitarist gave him a wink. The bag of bones started to nervously sweat and froze, but Bansai spoke up. “This next one is for Skele, he wanted a love song to you, Mutsu!” Mutsu’s pupils shrunk. The crowd aparted, Mutsu and Skele faced each other on each sides. “Go get ‘em kid.” Shinsuke slapped him on his boney back. Rattling Skele stared at his other four friends, they smiled and nodded. The both of them started walking slowly towards the other, their gazes fixed on each other. They finally met and stood there for a brief moment just staring at each other. “W-Would you care to dance, Mutsu?” Mutsu flushed harder, she rose her shaking arm, Skele likewise. They aimed their hands for each other. Their fingers almost touched but suddenly several security ducks burst into the room through the front doors, Eren and Fumiko snapped their attention to them along with everyone else. “Mr. President! First Lady! There’s a grave threat invading this planet! It’s Prince En-“ The ducks stopped talking as if they were frozen by time. Suddenly their bodies split apart in their middles and spewed out blood. Behind their drained bodies was a man holding two laser beams and his army. The music stopped and several people there started to scream where they stood. “Sorry to be fashionably late, I just couldn’t seem to find address at first for some reason.” Everyone stood there confused now. Enshou slapped Sweekcheeks across the face and he changed the boombox to something more serious. Enshou flung into the room with his shimmering two sided beam saber, the impact of its heat leaving a smoking hole in the floor. More of Enshou’s men flood the room, people were running and screaming out of the way. Enshou and his army managed to easily swipe down some of the extras in a bloody mess. “Hey Mickey, do you hear something coming from the other room?” Saitama asked while they were still playing games. The lieutenant just shrugged and they continued. In all this craze, Eren quickly put his eggs inside his costume and closed his face in his beak, he then ran up to his wife, the Hyakka, Jouis and the others were around each other. Shinsuke, Katsura and EF threw smoke bombs, blinding the room and Enshou with thick fog. This allowed the room to clear out as Enshou and the rest were trying to regain composure. When the smoke had cleared there only remained Eren. Enshou smirked he nudged his men to move out into the house to find the others and then whistled out to Sweetcheeks to bring out the two special hostages. Sweetcheeks threw them on the floor, they were tied up by the waist and hands. “I mean, I already killed some of your men anyway, Mr. President. And blew up all your ships! Remember that?! Crazy...” Enshou had a really dark look on his face now. The man walked over to Eren, dragging his lasers into the floor as he did and left trails of seared marble. “That me blowing them up started this whole butterfly effect of you white devils invading my home world. Kind of ironic really in an excruciating painful fucking way..” He then made a gruesome smile. “But enough nostalgia, these two friends of yours here are pretty big fish. If I kill them on this planet I’m sure all Oukoku will be knocking on your front door and joining me on my cause to eradicate you unwanted trepassers.” Sweetcheeks kicked Barkas and Hata’s heads to the ground, causing the latter especially to whimper in pain. The duck’s tightened his fists with fury at this action. “Now face me, Mr. President. Like a man.” He opened Eren’s beak. “Hey little stink face remember me?” Elizabeth with a mighty blast of his antenna to Enshou’s face, caused him to fly across the room and into a hole in the wall. “Woo! I haven’t heard this song since I won homecoming.” Elizabeth did a little touchdown dance. Barkas and Hata grinned wide from where they were held up at and yelled out, “Drag!” “Draggy!” Enshou just sat there in awe. Elizabeth then put his beak back over his real face and antenna. He pulled out his samurai katana out of his costume. “Prince Dragonia... The coolest prince of the Bungan galaxy.. H-How... What are you doing as a Renho? I thought you were dead.. No matter.” He got up and brushed himself off. Enshou reactivated his laser swords. -Didn’t you literally ask Barkas in the last arc if I was a duck- nevermind.- Elizabeth readied himself. Enshou swiped down the deadly blazing swords at him, but Elizabeth had moved out of the way in time as it bounced off all rooms of the living room office, causing it to sear. He didn’t know how he could compete with weapons that could melt off skin but didn’t have time to think. “First everyone on your home planet thinks you’re dead, now you’re one of these duck people? How’d that happen?” Enshou smirked knowing how quickly this little ‘fight’ would probably would end. Elizabeth stood there, ready to pounce again if Enshou should try to light up the room again. -Doesn’t matter really.- Elizabeth got an idea as Enshou was running up to him. -Let’s talk about you, little snot bubble. Still playing dirty tricks I see? That makes too of us.- He threw down his sword, opened his beak, pulled the the top part of a grenade with his real mouth and launched at Enshou. Enshou dodged and kicked it into the windows, causing shards of glass to splatter everywhere on the room. This distraction as the both of them were covering their faces from the sharp debris, allowed Elizabeth to kick one of the sabers out of Enshou’s hand. Elizabeth dove for it but he then noticed the other saber behind him drove right between his legs and into his costume. ”Taking quite the risks for a mere mascot character, duck.” Enshou smiled. -I’d say your look alone is risk enough, long ass chin!- Elizabeth hit him in the head with his sign as he got up and away, tearing the very bottom of his suit. Elizabeth snatched up the laser finally as Enshou had a millisecond later swung his own sword at him and their lasers clashed. -See! Now this is fair! I could’ve swamped your ass if I had one of these back in the day!- Elizabeth put his sign into his mouth and then clung onto the sign with both his flippers. Enshou looked behind him as his guards started talking amongst themselves at the bird’s words. Their swords were still clashed together, both men grinding their teeth from the pressure and sweating from the pure heat of the blades. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never met you before in my life.” Enshou commented. -Oh, come on, you were the best nine year old insulter there at our old men’s Bungan Alliance meetings when we had to be dragged there. Our pops were practically best friends. Don’t tell me you don’t remember your bully, pipsqueak?- “L-like I said, I have no idea what you’re talking about, white devil.” Enshou shook his head. Their hands gave out and both drew their blades back for a second. They then begun clashing them at each other again as Enshou spoke out again. “I have no real backstories, I’m the king of lying and manipulation. Nothing I say is real, ever.” Enshou swung another one at the duck, hitting the side of his beak, causing it to smoke. “HAH!” Elizabeth just made a big laugh inside his costume, it sent a chill up Enshou’s spine of memories. As he was distracted reflecting, Elizabeth managed to swipe his braids, cutting them off. Enshou regained his composure from this jolt and took more swipes. -Prince Enshou, you were always a little pyschotic kid but a cute kid. Even during the brief times we came into contact. Huh, starting to remember all of this. I guess left over amnesia that I didn’t know I still had must be wearing off.- “I still have no idea what you mean you overgrown turkey bastard..” Enshou climbed up a sofa to get a better angle as Elizabeth met him with more swings. -Haha, you use to get so mad!- “Be quiet...” -Remember when your daddy had to carry you out in front of all the other world leaders because you were throwing a royal tantrum after biting some guy’s fingers off?!- At these words, a fire of rage broke out in his Enshou’s eyes, the likes Barkas hadn’t see before. He jumped off the couch and they were raining their swords at each other, causing a blinding white light to the other princes and guards there. “You will pay for your slander, DUCK!” -Too bad your insults have gotten much worse since you were the size of a booger!- “MASSIVE ANTENNA FREAK!” -Prince Twig Eyebrows!- “YOU AND YOUR 80’S MUSIC WILL DROP DOWN TO ME!” -Girl from Wendy’s Hair!- “ALL OF OUKOKU WILL HEAR YOUR CRYS OF PAIN PRINCE!” “How’s Big-Big Brother managing to rile up so much rage in one person, Big Brother?” Hata asked. “Because he’s Drag.” Barkas spoke in a monotone. -And my favorite, baby redhead stinky booger face!- Enshou suddenly dropped to the floor, lasers still in his hands. “No... not baby redhead stinky booger face... Prince Dragonia, you were the meanest nineteen year old I ever met. Last time we came into contact I vowed to become a greater prankster than even you.” He looked at the ground but then smiled. “But... Everyone knows A-ha is only good for their one hit wonder after flopping their second single.” Elizabeth suddenly fell to the floor in tears. -AAAHH NOOOO YOU TAKE THAT BACK! THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES ON TV IS A CLASSIC! IN FACT, IT’S ONE OF THE AUTHOR’S FAVORITES!- Elizabeth blubbered and sobbed. “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS FIGHT ANYMORE?!“ Barkas yelled. Enshou used this opportunity to take a hold of the other sword from the ground. He completely seared off half of his costume’s face and even burning off some of his skin. Elizabeth held onto his aching cheek, his little brothers looking on with horror. “DRAG!” “DRAGGY!” “I’m not surprised you would fall so easily, King Dragonia. Shoving off all your kingly responsibilities to your younger siblings so you can play terrorist in a bird suit. Something tells me you were better off dying in that trench you fell into all those years ago.” These words caused a great firey passion inside Elizabeth. -I’m neither royalty nor Renho...- He slowly stood up despite knowing Enshou could easily kill him at any time. -I am ELIZABETH AND DRAGONIA! PROTECTOR OF BOTH MY FAMILIES OF THESE NAMES!- He hit Enshou once more with his antenna driving him into the ground and dropping his swords. Before Enshou could catch them, Elizabeth grabbed a hold of two of his fingers. He put them inside some kind of device. “No...” -Yes.- “NOOO!” -YES! THE INESCAPABLE CHINESE FINGER TRAP, YOU FELL FOR THE GREATEST PRANK OF THEM ALL BABY REDHEAD STINKY BOOGER FACE!- Elizabeth then pushed the fingers together, binding them. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Enshou lifted his head into the sky with his conjoined hands. “I wanna be fucking killed off this arc already..” Barkas held his face. Elizabeth held up both the swords now and pointed them to the guards to leave and release his siblings and they did so. They ran up and hugged him but then heard the click of gun behind them. Enshou looked at the person holding a AK-47 and smiled. ”Let’s end this quick and quietly.” Captain Sweetcheeks commented. The brothers held onto each other for the shot and heard it go off. But they looked at each other and noticed no holes on them. They turned around to the Captain, his ankle had been shot and he fell to the floor, revealing another man behind him. “Get.. me home... so I can have my fucking smokes..” Jii uttered still pointing his gun. -OLD MAN!- The three princes happily tackled the old man nearly breaking his hip. “GET YOUR LITTLE SHIT HANDS OFF ME.” Jii punched them off him and they had welts swell on top of their royal noggins. -Boy am I glad to see your dusty green bones for once. Wait, were’d those two go.- Elizabeth turned his head behind him as did the others. “NICE GOING OLD MAN!” Hata yelled at Jii. Back with the others, they were running through the hallways, swiping down any of Enshou’s men in their ways. Suddenly Oboro swung open a door. “Quick! No one cares about the radio anymore so they wouldn’t bother check in here!” He urged them all inside his recording booth room with the other Lilymuers and Ozu. “H-HEY! WHAT’S WITH ALL THE PEOPLE! DON’T TOUCH RAJ’S SPECIAL PODCAST MIC!” Raj clung onto his stupid desk to defend it. “Eren-san. What does that Enshou-san guy want with this planet? Why is he doing this?” Shinpachi asked. Eren was holding his wife with their eggs on the floor and just displayed a look of uncertainty. “Uhh, I might be able to answer that with my 23 all knowing universe knowledge..” Oboro said sheepishly and put a hand on his neck. Gin, Zura, Skele and Shinsuke look at him with mutual disgust. “You see this planet use to be the remains of his home planet, Burei.” Eren’s eyes went wide. “No.. that can’t be possible. How couldn’t we have known? This is terrible.. I can’t believe the White Devils have once again conquered someone else’s home. And after how far we’ve tried to come from that dark past.” Eren had a look of deep regret. His wife pet the top of his head and pecked him on the cheek. “Oi, so you made a minor miscalculation, Pres. Look at that guy out there though, I think he’s about to do more damage than anyone here could right now.” Gintoki tried to reassure him. Eren had his head to the floor and just nodded. Fumiko suddenly got up and peeked outside the door, her husband got up to see what room she was looking at that they had both spent the last few weeks preparing. Eren held her as she buried her face in his chest and bawled. The others behind them displayed looks of sorrow or helplessness. The president had a serious look on his face and spoke out as such. “Fumiko, I want you and our babies to leave this planet.” She looked up at him and wiped some tears. “But I can’t just leave you here alone Ery.. I-I could definitely help out. I can’t abandon-“ “Princess, we have been separated for so many damn times for ridiculous reasons that didn’t need to exist.” Eren shook his head trying to hold back his own tears. “This time will be the last. And I promise, no harm will come to that room ever as long as I, your husband am alive. Take care of our eggs, your new order, Ensign.” They walked over back to the basket and held it up together. “You were always a lousy Commander.. And even lousier as a General and President.” Fumiko somberly smiled. She softly kissed him, the basket of eggs between their parents bodies. They felt them move a little bit and smiled with tears now rolling down their faces. Eren kept hugging her until he turned to Tsukuyo and put a flipper on her shoulder. “Please take care of my wife and children.” Eren requested. “Of course.” Tsukuyo made a little smile and the other Hyakka nodded. “Take her to Wix Flags maybe, that’s our favorite place in the world.” Eren suggested, his wife smiled. “Oi I’d watch out Tsukki, I got a text from my idiot big brother that he was gonna be there. Kill him if you have to!” Kagura called out. “Don’t murder Kamui-san when he’s finally not a bad guy!!” Shinpachi yelled out. Tsukuyo and the girls looked sick at the thought of having to see their owner again and having to give him a gallon’s worth of Slurpee every time he visits. They began opening up a hatch to a vent system in the wall and climbed up into it. Fumiko took a long look at her husband and then Gintoki, Katsura and the others before she left, they all gave her warm smiles. Oboro peeked outside and Poe then flew on his shoulder to see what his best friend was looking at. He could see what appeared to be Enshou with his fingers in something being piggyback away by Captain Sweetcheeks with a bleeding lower leg. He was struggling but determined to please his prince. “Onward Captain, we shall find that trail of misfits soon enough.” He said. “Yes sir!” Sweetcheeks replied. Oboro and Poe gasped and lightly closed the door. Oboro held his bad eye and Poe gave him a concerned c’aww. Their reactions weren’t for Enshou but the other man. “Captain.. oh my Captain..” Oboro had tears rolling down his cheeks and saluted the hero. As did Poe. “What are you doing giving us AWAY?!” Gintoki said and him, Shinsuke and Zura punched the bird man’s head to the ground. ————— “Hata..? Hata!” Soyo called out in the woods alone. She had ventured from Yamazaki and Gonard to find her best friend. “You better not be off loving Bansai more than I do!” She then stared at the massive thing in front of her. “Oh giant sculpted idol of Bansai, if you were really here you would know how to save me and everyone else.” She suddenly heard some weird noise coming from her pocket, it was her transceiver. The princess gasped as she forgot about it until now. “Hello?.. Hello! Are you there?” A voice finally answered her back a some seconds later. “Yeah, I’m always here. I kind of live here you know.” It said. “Listen, you gotta help. Big brother and the others are missing in the woods.” Soyo spoke into it. “I don’t know what to do. I also feel like something really bad is happening outside of Edo. You’re the only one now who can come save us and find out what’s happening else where.” “Are you officially putting me in charge, Soyo-chan? Despite knowing the very limited conditions I’m living in?” The man asked. “Yes! Please, I need you. Big brother needs you...Edo needs you.” Soyo told him. “Well, I kind of wanted to take the arc off, but it’s time for me to saddle up.... I reckon.” Suddenly Nobu’s theme and face was slapped by two white coats. “Shut up prisoner #1678, you don’t get a theme song.” The shorter one said. TBC
  6. jabberjaw gonna mad fuck some humans in an adult reboot and they would allow it and all i can fuckin hear is his curly NYUCK NYUCK NYUCK
  7. “Spice Up Your Life” - Spice Girls
  8. oh my god? https://film.avclub.com/the-banana-splits-movie-what-happens-when-you-can-t-ge-1838418948
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Reindeer Hat 1
Holiday Gary An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Holiday Patrick An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Krabby Patty An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Dollar An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Spatula An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Jellyfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Teddy Bear 1
Gray Scarf 1
Diva Sunglasses 1
Music Note Necklace 1
Saxophone 1
Gogeta Hair This hair is a limited edition hair, only won by giveaways, commemorating the leaving of ssj4gogita4.1
Glovey 1
Yellow Sunglasses 1
Gold Viking Helmet 1
Spin-Off Festival 6 Skin 1
Monkey Plush 1
Skodwarde Badge An exclusive item given to whoever purchases it from the Prize Store at Spin-Off Festivals 6 or 7. This item is proof the user bought it.1
Lollipop 1
Red Balloon 1
Unicycle 1
Ice Cream Cone 1
Rollerskates 1
Jester Hat 1
Ring Master Hat 1
Dirty Bubble Costume 1
Kelp Thing Head 1
Camera 1
Captain Tightwad Hat 1
Cookie Eating Hat 1
Barnacle Boy Hat 1
Doctor Negative Coat 1
Mermaid Man Nose 1
Jumbo Shrimp Claws 1
Dirty Bubble 1
Name Tag 1
Jumbo Shrimp Belt 1
Man Ray Head 1
Man Ray Costume 1
Jeffrey the Jellyfish Costume 1
SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Glasses 1
Kevin Given to whoever won it from Jellyfish Bounce at Jellyfish Festival.2
Wheel of Fortune T-Shirt 2
Elf Ears 1
Jingle Bell Hat 1
Holiday Scarf 1
Winter SpongeBob An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Santa Claus An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Chocolate Flower 1
Chocolate Karate Glove 1
Chocolate Snail 1
Jellien Given to whoever won it from Asteroid Blast.1
Kissy Kissy You will be publicly humiliated for the last time!1
Lei 1
Fish Baby 1
GCA Award 1
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