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    Just Then but u cant beat so much later that the old narrator got tired and they had to hire a new one and the building montage one is good.
  2. smith brain dmith braijn edited cryin cuz i just noticed the Brain Office title and link on that page https://spongebob.fandom.com/wiki/Brain_Office
  3. Cha

    Ask Jeeves

    might have asked u this a while ago, but for a lightweight who cant handle thriller movies whats ur fave?
  4. Cha

    Ask Miss Smiles!

    i fucking cant take the anprim political patrick meme?
  5. whos ur fave villager besides poppy?
  6. Although, whatever you want to call this “man” , I do feel bad he was in quite the pickle but he could have a little control and possibly fight back with his ass being torn to shreds. No, but what really pisses me off is what so called “pro-inanimate object rights” spongebob had to do in this scenario alright, I understand spongebob was under some kind of hypnosis so I don’t completelt find him at fault, but if the first thing he grabs under squidward’s influence is truly AN INANIMATE PERSON OF LOVE (IPOL) THEN WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT WHEN HES NOT UNDER THE INFLUENCE? But then.. just when you think it was a simple accident under squidwurst’s spell.. HE DOES IT AGAIN; TO ANOTHER IPOL, BOWLSTEIN FANCYSON III. HIS TRUE FEELINGS CAME OUT? A MAN OF HIS STANDS FOR THE INANIMATE COMMUNITY? FUCK YOU, I WONT FORGET ABOUT THIS “ACCIDENT”
  7. SpongeBob’s rejected choices for best friend candidate winner. Although we have seen SpongeBob treat inanimates with dued respect (for the most part, ll animates still have trouble with it..) one has to wonder what happened to this trio? Why weren’t they the trio for I Had an Accident? it doesn’t seem like spongebob and the group had a fallout, so for once I don’t think there was any animate foul play. but why didn’t he invite them in the episode? or any further for that matter? you have to look into the starry skies sometimes and wonder about things lile this sorry if this buzzfeed article was underwhelming, there wasn’t (surprisingly) that much inanimate hate crimes to report this time that’s why I’m rating this album a 7/10, a lukewarm spot feeling to it (sorry)
  8. Cha

    Ask Jeeves

    @Sauce Mama ?
  9. oh so this is ur big ask thread, can i have another five of these lil blonde bitches
  10. Cha

    Ask Jeeves

    fav film so far this yr?
  11. Cha


    much better tonite tyvm lwymmd joined at the almost start of teenhood so def a change :laugh: my older sister played the og AC when i was like 5 or 6 and I have some quite fond memories of how jackass the villagers were and how insanely addictive it was, but besides that I had no previous experience in the franchise. It’s a lot more world building than ive seen in the previous games, def recommend if u like that kind of genre of games still
  12. cw in terms of character development and depth, shanghaied cuz ive seen it more and its funnier, the other ones discluding party pooperpants kind of suck except the patchy segments
  13. Cha


    wtf bitch fearless and speak now could run laps around the other two even tho red is the best in terms of almost every one of them being a (emo) hit
  14. bullying the only dyke here, the class rlly came out huh
  15. no wonder why u type so terribly
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