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  1. Lost Soul, Now Found Chapter Nine Luke finally made his way back to the house, he would try harder to pay attention to the things he says and how he says them. He would try to be more thoughtful and consider the feelings of others before he said something that could possibly upset someone. Bray had noticed Luke's behavior once Abigail arrived and thought that maybe for all of these years, Abigail's soul wasn't the only one that had been lost. Luke only wondered what Abigail was thinking and feeling right now, he had upset her before she died, and now he had upset her again. Luke made his way to the porch and sat down in a chair, he had asked Bray to apologize for him, but he sat there debating on whether or not to do it himself. Abigail was probably still upset and if there was one thing he remembered from when she was alive in her past life, it was that when Abigail was upset, there was no point in talking to her. She would either explode in anger at you or burst into tears, either way, even if you tried to apologize while she was upset, she probably wouldn't believe that you were giving a sincere apology and probably ignore you. Abigail had went to her room right after she had finished talking to Luke, she couldn't believe that he didn't think that she was really alive again. She calmed down as she tried to see things from his perspective. When she had been killed, it had been fifteen years since they've seen each other. Luke and Abigail at the time were the same age, and she was five years older than Bray. Now things were different, she was seven years younger than Bray, and now twelve years younger than Luke. She looked at herself in the mirror, she looked like a teenager that should have been in high school, why would Luke think that she was the same person when she looked so young? Maybe it wasn't the fact that Luke didn't believe her that upset her, maybe it was how he said it. She remembered his dark cold tone of voice, his voice had grown deeper than from when they were teenagers. What she thought of as dreams were actually memories that she was experiencing with the people she grew up with. When she was taken to the mental hospital and electric shock therapy was performed on her brain, something happened to her and she was then able to remember everything from her past life, and not just from when she was asleep. She remembered the last conversation she had with Luke before she died. She had been having trouble with her boyfriend, and went to Luke for advice, she had noticed his behavior change once she started dating, he seemed more distant, cold and hateful. He had close to a similar attitude and tone of voice when he said that he didn't have time to listen to her problems and that it was always about her. They used to be best friends and tell each other everything, but Abigail couldn't figure out why Luke had grown so cold towards her. Then when she talked to him out on the porch, he had the same cold attitude towards her. Was there a chance that he did believe she was Abigail, but at some point just started to hate her, even in her past life? She was interrupted from her thoughts when she heard a knock on the door. She walked to the door, but didn't open it. She listened as she realized that Bray was the one at the door. "Abigail... I know you may be upset with Luke for what he said to you, or how he said it, but I just want you to know that I'm here for you if you want to talk. We have been apart for fifteen years, perhaps it is a little harder for Luke to believe that you are alive again because of how much younger you look. The two of you, in your past life used to be best friends, and now I realize that your death was not just tough on me, but Luke as well. Fifteen years we've been apart, and for fifteen years Luke has not been the same as we once knew him. He has stayed with me here at your house, along with Erick and Braun, we were all best friends, but that friendship soon became close to the bonds of a family. Luke, Erick, and Braun, they are my brothers, they had their own family issues and came to me. Losing you was hard on all of us, I welcomed them here so that I would not live in loneliness. I thought, this is what you would have wanted, to have all of us together. We looked after each other back then, and we still do. Erick and Braun are more open with me, but Luke has always been so mysterious to me, but none of us ever questioned him, we all assumed that he missed you. He goes on these little walks through the woods, time to think to himself I suppose. One thing he told me a moment ago is that he doesn't really believe in our spiritual beliefs, perhaps he did before, just not as strongly as the rest of us. He wanted me to tell you that it is nothing personal and that he didn't mean to upset you." Bray was quiet now as Abigail was taking in everything that he was saying. She had calmed down a lot now and finally opened the door to face Bray. "I'm not really as upset as I was, I think I was more upset by how he said it rather than what he said. Now that I think about it, why would Luke believe that I'm the same person, just in a different life? I'm surprised you believed me." "It was the things you said, you said things that no one else knew. It was memories of our childhood and then I knew. I wouldn't worry too much about Luke, I believe that in time he will come to believe you. Perhaps you just need to talk to him about the memories you've had with him. If you talk about something that only he knows, maybe then he will believe you." Abigail smiled at Bray and gave him a hug. "Thanks Bray." "It's getting late, we all have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow. We still need to introduce you to the WWE Universe." Abigail laughed a little. "They have no idea what's coming. All I need to do is explain what happened to me. The people will think that it is just some entertaining story, but what no one will realize is that what I'm going to say actually happened to me. Some people wouldn't believe the truth even if you told them." "Rest well Abigail, gather up as much energy as you can for tomorrow." Bray then walked down the hallway and went into his room. Erick and Braun went to sleep not long after they finished eating. Abigail closed her door and got into bed, but it was about an hour before she went to sleep, she couldn't stop thinking about Luke. Maybe things would be better in the morning. Luke was the last one to go to bed, he wanted to apologize, but thought that it was best to wait until morning. He stood outside of Abigail's room for a brief moment before he turned out the last light in the house and went into his own room. Even though Luke was the last one to go to bed, he was the first one to get up, he just had a lot on his mind and couldn't sleep. He got up, left his bedroom and made his way downstairs. Abigail woke up to footsteps going down the stairs. She left her room and heard the front screen door slam shut. She caught a glance of who it was before he went out. It was Luke. Abigail remembered everything from her past life, and what was said the night before, she just wanted to fix things between them and get things back to the way things were when they were best friends. She didn't want to wake anyone up so she quietly made her way downstairs and walked to the front door. Luke had come out to smoke a cigarette, it helped calm his nerves. Once he was done, he was going to go back inside to fix breakfast. Abigail stopped at the door once she saw the door knob turning, that was when they realized that they were standing face to face. Abigail was the first to speak. "Oh... hey Luke." "Hey..." Neither of them really knew what to say just yet, but then Luke remembered that he had come downstairs and went out the door. "Did I wake you?" "Um... I'm not sure... I heard someone going downstairs and I heard the door." "Oh... That was me... Sorry." "It's fine... we all have to get up in a little while anyway." They were both quiet for a moment until Luke spoke again. "Um... Listen... I wanted to... apologize for yesterday. We didn't exactly start off on good terms. I may have said somethings that upset you. It's just I don't really believe in Bray's spiritual beliefs as much as he does. It's hard for me to imagine that someone could live again, but in a different body. It still may take time for me to believe that you're really Abigail, but that doesn't mean that we couldn't try to get along. I've had my own problems through the years, and I took my frustration out on the wrong person... I'm sorry." "It's ok... we all have our problems, but that doesn't mean that we have to go through them alone." "Yes I do... There are things that I keep to myself that not even Bray or the others know about. If they ever found out... they would surely kill me." Luke was referring to Abigail's death, he still felt like it was his fault for her death since he did lead her into the arms of a murderer. He tried to warn her, but things just took a turn for the worse and he blamed himself for her death. Abigail had no idea what Luke was talking about, and didn't really know how to respond. "Could we forget that yesterday even happened and start over?" "Sure." He managed to smile for the first time in a while and held out his hand. "Luke." She smiled and grabbed his hand to shake. "Abigail." They smiled at each other and shook hands. Abigail felt how strong his hand was, and Luke felt her soft, gentle touch. Abigail looked into his eyes, and for a moment, she saw the same Luke that she had grew up with, the kind and caring Luke. She then remembered what Bray said about her death being hard on everyone, she could see his pain, but something else. "It may take a while, but once we get to know each other again, maybe we can talk more. Bray said that you, Erick, and Braun are his brothers. Do you really think they would do something to harm you?" Luke was quiet for a moment, he had to think of what to say next. "If they knew what happened they probably would." "Well... you don't have to tell them anything, you can just tell me, whatever it is... it will stay between us." Luke looked down the the ground and shook his head. He didn't want to tell her that he felt responsible for her death. Abigail seemed like she understood. "Ok... maybe it's too soon for that, but as we get to know each other more, I would like for you to feel comfortable talking to me." "In time..." This seemed like all she was going to get from Luke at the moment. Luke had went into the kitchen to start fixing breakfast, Abigail went to go shower and get ready for the day. She was happy that she at least got to talk to Luke more than the night before, and she thought that it was a step in the right direction. They had a conversation without upsetting one another. Abigail wondered what exactly it was that Luke thought he had to keep from Bray and the others, why did he feel threatened. She told him that they could keep things between them. Luke thought this could work, he had to let someone know what he was thinking and feeling. All of the years of hiding his thoughts and feelings from the world had finally caught up with him. It seemed like he forgot what it was like to be happy. Being in The Wyatt Family in WWE, gave him a little bit of happiness, he could take his frustrations out on others, but that would only work temporarily as Abigail would always make her way back to his mind. Now Abigail was back, he had thought that her ghost had come back to haunt him, but actually found happiness in having her around again. He didn't know why she was back, but he thought he had a second chance, a second chance to make things right with her. (To be continued. I hope that everyone enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reading. Review.)
  2. Sister of The Shield Chapter Forty Emily's emotions were all over the place, she was so confused. She made it to the arena a few hours before Raw started. She unpacked her supplies in the medical room and then just sat down thinking to himself quietly. Dean and Roman hadn't arrived yet so Emily was on her own. Emily had the ring Bray gave her. She took it out, looked at it and started crying a little as she thought about him. He said that the ring, and his heart would forever belong to her. "I'm so confused, my heart is telling me one thing, but my head is telling me something else... I was definitely surprised yesterday, not only did Bray tell me that he loved me, but he also purposed to me. It was the first time that he had told me that he loved me... It was something I've been waiting to hear, I just wasn't sure if I was supposed to tell him first. It just seemed like the proposal came out of nowhere. Maybe I wasn't ready for it... I should have been... Bray has done so much for me... It should have been obvious that he loved me and wanted to marry me. I love him... I know I do, why did I run away from him?" Emily was interrupted from her thoughts when she heard a knock at the doorway. She noticed that it was Seth and her eyes went wide with fear. Seth hadn't come by in months since her last panic attack, she almost forgot that Seth still worked with WWE. Seth noticed the look of fear on her face. "Easy Emily... I'm keeping my distance, I'm just here to talk. I'm surprised... Bray isn't here with you?" "Something came up... He proposed to me... I wasn't ready." "So... You and Bray aren't together anymore?" "I needed time to think. You say that you're a changed man, but don't be getting any ideas of winning me back." "I came here to apologize again... It's been almost a year since what happened... Also for your panic attack that happened the last time you saw me... At first... I did love you, but at some point something just snapped in my head and I did things that I shouldn't have done. If I was in my right mind, I would have never hurt you." Emily was mostly listening to his words, she didn't notice him getting closer until he gently grabbed her hand. "If I could take back what I did I would... Then I wouldn't need to be asking for your forgiveness or for another chance... If I had treated you right... Maybe you would still love me and maybe I could have been the one asking for your hand." They were both quiet for a moment, before Emily met Bray, she would have loved to have heard this from Seth, but things were different now. Seth had shown his true colors and Bray had been there for her many times when no one else was. She slowly moved her hand out his. "I'm sorry Seth... there was a time that I loved you, but I've moved on and I think it would be best if you did the same... I love Bray, and if there is anyone I'm marrying, it's him. It has been a while since we've seen each other, I've had time to think... Maybe you have changed, or maybe it's just my religious ways, but I forgive you... But it's like I said before... I moved on, I love Bray... More than I thought I could love anyone." "Ok... I understand... Thank you Emily... I don't deserve your forgiveness, but you did it anyway. This was the closure I was looking for. You really don't need to look over your shoulder anymore, I don't wish any harm to you. Part of the deal I made with Triple H was he would give me my job back, but only if I went to therapy. It has been one of the best things I've ever done. I'm less angry, I'm happier, and I've changed for the better." "Oh... Well congrats... Best of luck with things." "Thanks, same to you." Seth left and it seemed like the awkwardness went with him. Usually things didn't end well between a person's ex. It seemed a bit awkward, but nice at the same time, Seth and Emily wishing each other the best in their future. Emily had come a long way since the last time she saw Seth, she stayed calm for the most part and didn't have a panic attack just from seeing him. It was the closure they needed. Emily didn't exactly know what to think about that, but soon her thoughts returned to Bray until Roman came in. "Hey Emily... Bray's not here?" "No... I messed up... Things were going great over the weekend, I was so happy with him... He even told me that he loved me... He proposed to me." "You didn't say yes?" "I wanted to... I love Bray, but something stopped me from saying yes. I'm... afraid." Roman thought he knew the reason. "Look Emily... I haven't always liked Bray, but he treats you right, you're happy with him... Happier with him than you are now." "You've always been there for me growing up when I went through a bad breakup, but this isn't about you not liking Bray... This is about me and my fear of being alone." "Then you should have accepted his proposal." "He gave me the ring anyway... I told him that I needed more time. He gave it to me anyway. Once I found out about my real mom having cancer... My dad left her because he didn't want to watch her die... I'm just afraid that I could end up the same way. Even if something like a deadly disease happens to me... I don't want to end up alone when I die, especially if someone that supposedly loved me left me." "Look... I admit... Bray isn't that bad of a guy, you said yourself that you loved him, and he loves you. I would want you with him before I would want you with anyone else. I've seen you two together, from a guys point of view, I think it would be a mistake to go your separate ways. He gave you the ring so that either means that he's given up completely or he's willing to wait for you to see if you change your mind. From a guys point of view... I think you should find him and tell him what you're feeling." Emily smiled and hugged Roman. "Thanks Roman... I think I will." Raw had already started, but it was just the opening segment. She went searching for Bray, the first place she thought about looking was the place where he did his promos. She only hoped that Bray would talk to her let alone want to see her. This was the second time she had pushed him away... Sooner or later he would get tired of waiting and move on. She looked in the room where Bray did his promos only to find Luke Harper. He usually didn't talk very much, but he had something on his mind. He didn't exactly look happy to see her, his tone was dark and harsh. "Why are you here?" "I... I was looking for Bray." "He's not here." "Well... Doesn't he have a match later?" "He was supposed to... But he's not here... Because of you." Emily felt guilty... It was a bad situation if you were scheduled for a match and didn't show up. Luke seemed upset with her. "He's really risking his career by not being here... It's your fault he's not here... You broke his heart you know." Emily was getting a little annoyed now and fired back at him. "I know ok! I messed up! I feel terrible... All I want to do is fix this." Luke seemed to back down now knowing that he had been a bit harsh with her. "Go to him... Fix him, and bring him back where he belongs." It was usually the other way around... Bray was usually the one that tried to fix people. Emily realized now that this affected Bray more than she thought. She looked for the main doctor in charge and told him that something important came up and she needed to leave. She was packing up her things when Roman came back in to check on her. "Where are you going?" "I'm leaving. Bray isn't here... I have to see him.." Even though Emily's emotions were all over the place, she still managed to laugh about something. "Bray would always say to find him, or to follow the buzzards... That's exactly what I'm going to do." Emily gave Roman a hug and went on her way. She told him that she probably wouldn't make it to Smackdown. Emily had only been to Bray's house a few times and couldn't remember the address. Emily spent the next day or so driving to New Orleans. When they first started dating, she remembered the day they spent in New Orleans. She smiled as the memories of that day returned, riding carnival rides, playing games, the food, music and dancing. At the end of they day, that was the day she kissed him. She remembered the swamp tour they went on, and remembered Bray saying that if the tour kept following the swamp all they way to the end, it would end up near Bray's backyard. Once she parked her car, she went to ask someone about taking a swamp tour to the very end of the swamp, but they told her that they only went so far. They gave her the location of somewhere boats were rented. Emily paid to rent a boat and started riding through the swamp. She would be lying if she said that she wasn't scared. She was alone and the sounds around her made her feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile Bray was down by the swamp fishing, this was something he did when he had a lot on his mind. He wasn't really interested in fishing, he just wanted to clear his mind. It had now been three days since Bray saw Emily... He had proposed to her and scared her off. He sat by the edge of the swamp as he thought to himself. "Where did it all go wrong? It's only been three days, and already it feels like a lifetime without her. I just couldn't bring myself to the arena and see her knowing that she doesn't want to be with me and that she doesn't love me the same way I love her. I gave her the ring, hoping that one day she will come back to me. Maybe I scared her away by telling her that I love her and proposing to her. She said she wasn't ready, but was that the only reason? I thought she had come so far, I thought she was ready. She seemed so happy, it had almost been a year since we first started dating. Of course, I need to remember everything she's been through with Seth. Maybe she does need more time, she did say that she loved me. She seemed afraid to tell me no, like she was afraid that I would hurt her. I'm not Seth... I wouldn't hurt her just because I don't get my way... I wouldn't hurt her at all, I wouldn't force her to do something she didn't want to do. I must admit... It hurts like hell not to have her here right now. Maybe she only said that she loved me to let me down easy... In the end... Does she see me any different than anyone else. Does she just see me as a monster? Maybe a man like me wasn't meant to find love. I gave her the ring anyway... I just couldn't hang onto it and think about what could have been... The life we could have had together. I told her that my love for her would never end... I meant it, I gave her the ring... The ring, and my heart will forever belong to her... Even if we are never married or never together. Life can be cruel... Without Emily... A piece of me is missing. I'm like the Tin Man searching for a heart, or I'm like one of those pirates from The Pirates of The Caribbean that locked his heart in a box." Bray finally stopped thinking and put his hands over his face and wiped his tears away. If anyone knew he was crying, no one would take him seriously in the ring. Here he was... The New Face of Fear crying over a broken heart. He didn't care... He was frustrated, took a rock and threw it as far as he could. He watched and heard it as it splashed in the water. He then wiped his face again as the tears returned. What he didn't know was that Emily was closer than he thought. There was a certain part of the swamp where the water flowed faster at one place than it did another, then with it being a swamp, it wasn't exactly the cleanest. Something got caught in the engine and the boat's controls stopped working. This was a problem because up ahead there were several big rocks that could easily knock the boat over. Emily tried to remain calm, there were oars in the boat and she tried to row the boat in the direction she wanted it to go, but there were too many rocks in the way and ended up hitting the biggest one. The boat didn't flip over, but it started rocking uncontrollably and a big piece of the boat had come off, she realized then that the boat wasn't going to stay floating very long, and she screamed as the boat continued rocking and started to sink. This wasn't the only problem... Her screaming had gained the attention of an alligator not too far away. It started growling at her and started to head for the water. Emily was freaking out now and screaming at the top of her lungs. Bray's house wasn't too far from here, he thought he heard screaming, and was curious as to what was going on and where it was coming from. He got up and quickly ran to where the screaming was coming from. He then figured it out, it was Emily, her boat was sinking and an alligator had come up to her. She was trying to stay afloat, and not get eaten by the alligator so she had one of the oars and she was screaming as she was hitting it, trying to make it go away, but all she was doing was making it angrier. "Emily!" Emily looked over and saw Bray. "Bray!" Bray then jumped into the water in hopes of distracting the alligator. The alligator wasn't fooled, it wanted Emily as a snack. Bray was close now and tackled the alligator, as this was happening, the alligator's large tail smacked into what was left of the boat and caused Emily to lose her balance and fall into the water. She screamed as she fell into the water, she wasn't the best swimmer and struggled for her life in the water. Finally she had reached a point where there was part of a tree that had fallen, she grabbed onto a branch that was sticking out and held onto it for dear life. She then managed to pull herself to shore. She didn't see everything that happened, but once she got to shore she still saw Bray wrestling with the alligator. She was worried about Bray, but he had the situation under control. He had wrestled many alligators before coming to WWE and only became better as his skills improved. He finally tossed the alligator's lifeless body aside like it was nothing and then made his way to shore. Emily couldn't take it anymore, after driving for over a day and after this scare with the alligator, she started running to him. "Bray!" They were both soaking wet from being in the water, but neither of them seemed to care. Once Bray heard Emily calling out his name and saw her running towards him, he started making his way to her. "Are you crazy Emily?! You could have gotten yourself killed!... I could have lost you." They finally got to each other and Emily wrapped her arms around him and kissed him like her life depended on it. Emily couldn't stop the tears that fell from her eyes as she started talking to him. "Bray... I'm so sorry for all the pain I've caused you... I was stupid for walking away." "What were you doing out there Emily?" "I had to come see you... I couldn't remember your street address for my GPS, but remember you saying that the Swamp from New Orleans ended not too far from your backyard so I decided to follow the swamp..." "There is a reason why the swamp tours never go this far... It is because the swamp flows faster between the rocks, this is alligator territory. I'm just so glad I found you when I did... Don't you scare me like that again Emily." "When I was at the arena for Raw, I wanted to talk to you, but I should have known that you would be upset with me." "I wasn't upset with you... I needed time to think like you did, I do my best thinking out here. It also hurt... Knowing that I would have to return to work with you there. I couldn't do it. These last three days... have been hell without you." "I know... And I'm so sorry Bray... I never should have left. I made a mistake. You've always been so good to me Bray. I came back because I needed to see you... To ask you for forgiveness." "There's nothing to forgive... You had been through a lot... We had been through a lot together, but you said that you wasn't ready." "That wasn't exactly it..." "Then why... Why did you leave me?" "Because I was stupid... I was afraid..." Bray's heart dropped at this. "Afraid... I see. I knew the rest of the world saw me as a monster, but I thought you were different." "No Bray, it's not like that... It's not you I'm afraid of... Ever since I was little, when my mom first brought me to the orphanage... I thought I was only going to be there for a little while, but she never came back... I was left there... Scared and alone with a bunch of people I didn't know. Then... I found out that my dad... He left my mom because she had cancer. She was dying and he didn't want to watch her die... If I end up with a deadly disease... The last thing I would want to happen... Would be abandoned by someone that supposedly loved me and die alone. I'm just... So afraid of being abandoned." "It may have happened with your parents, but that doesn't mean the same thing will happen to you... I would never abandon you... When I asked you to marry me... It was because I had every intention of spending the rest of my life with you... And I would still like to." Emily still had the ring with her. She kept it close ever since he gave it to her. She took it out of her pocket and held it in her hand. "I've thought about you a lot since that day. This is the second time I've made the mistake of pushing you away. I've held onto it since the day you gave it to me... I'm tired of being afraid... You told me that you loved me that day and surprised me. I love you Bray... My heart wanted to say yes... It's just after a while... You would get tired of putting up with me or get tired of waiting on me... Or stop loving me." "Never... I never stop loving you. It's been three days since I've last seen you... Three days, three years, or the rest of my life... I would wait for you forever. Just because things didn't go the way I hoped before doesn't mean that I couldn't try again..." Bray held her hand and felt for the ring. It wasn't exactly a romantic location, but Bray went down on one knee in front of her and looked up into her eyes. "Emily... I love you more than anything else in this world... My worst fear is losing you forever. I promise you Emily... I swear on my very life that I would never abandon you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you... Now and forever... Emily... Will You Marry Me?" Emily's heart was beating hard and fast, she had tears in her eyes again. She wasn't going to make the same mistake again. She held a hand up to her face as she started shaking her head. "Yes!... Yes I will Bray! I love you!" They smiled at each other, Bray gently slid the ring on her finger. Emily looked at the ring and then back at Bray, it just seemed right. Then Bray took her in his arms as they kissed each other. They were still soaking wet from the water, but Bray was so overwhelmed with excitement, he picked her up and spun her around. Emily laughed as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again. They walked along the shore back to Bray's house, they both showered and changed and then Bray took Emily to go pick up her car and brought her back to his house. It would be a few days before Raw again, they wouldn't have to travel far. Bray would worry about the consequences of missing his match later. Right now he planned on enjoying time with his fiancé. They decided to go to New Orleans to celebrate, they enjoyed food, rides, games, and danced together. They shared many smiles, laughter, and kisses together. Six months later, Emily, Bray, and all of their family and friends gathered together at a church. Both Emily's adopted father and biological father walked her down the aisle. It was the happiest day of her life, and Bray kept his word... His vow to her was to stay by her side, to be her protector, and for her to know that she is loved. Finally after they were married and the wedding party was going on, Bray and Emily shared their first dance as a married couple. The song they danced, which I think is perfect for them, is called I Swear by John Michael Montgomery. (Intro) "I see the questions in your eyes, I know what's weighing on your mind. But you can be sure I know my part, cause I'll stand beside you through the years. You'll only cry those happy tears, and though I'll make mistakes, I'll never break your heart." (Chorus) "I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky, I'll be there. I swear, like the shadow that's by your side, I'll be there. For better or worse, till death do us part, I'll love you with every beat of my heart, I swear." (Second Verse) "I'll give you everything I can, I'll build your dreams with these two hands. We'll hang some memories on the wall. And when, there's silver in your hair, won't have to ask if I still care, cause as time turns the page, my love won't age at all." (Chorus) "I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky, I'll be there. I swear, like the shadow that's by your side, I'll be there. For better or worse, till death do us part, I'll love you with every beat of my heart, I swear." "I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky, I'll be there. I swear, like the shadow that's by your side, I'll be there. For better or worse, till death do us part, I'll love you with every beat of my heart, I swear." "I swear." Once the song was over,, they kissed and everyone that was there clapped and cheered for them. This wasn't just the perfect day for Emily, but also for Bray because they had found each other and promised to love each other until the end. With both of them being in WWE, there was really no need for two vehicles, Emily would always travel with Bray since they always went to the same place. Even though they didn't always get to stay there, Emily came to love Bray's home. She found the land to be beautiful, but it was even better when she got to enjoy it with the man she would spend her future with. Emily's life was complete now. She had grown up with an adopted family that loved and cared for her, but she grew up with so many unanswered questions and things that bothered her. Finally after twenty four years, Emily had been reunited with her brother and met her biological father. She had suffered a lot of heartache through the years, but found someone that would love her no matter what, and understood her more than anyone else. Bray had also found love, he wasn't ever sure if he would because he thought that the world saw him as a monster. Emily had been very accepting of him from the beginning, even when her brothers in The Shield weren't. They were united by having a common enemy, but all they really wanted to do was look after Emily. Dean and Roman learned that Bray wasn't crazy, and that he wasn't such a bad guy after all. Even though Seth had changed, he would never win Emily back, Dean and Roman, as well as Bray would still watch out for Seth from time to time. They would watch him to make sure that he didn't slip up and try anything with Emily. Eventually Roman and his family had accepted Bray, he was so good to Emily. They were perfect for each other. Two of WWE's most dominant groups that have had war with each other were now living together peacefully, Bray Wyatt, the leader of The Wyatt Family, and Emily, The Sister of The Shield united as one. (The End)
  3. Someone Special Chapter Forty Five The summer went by a lot faster than Melody and Roman hoped it would. They were both in awe, they were engaged to be married. When Roman wasn't busy with matches or meeting fans, he spent every moment he could with Melody. Melody was excited to be starting a new school year, she would get to see the students from the year before and she would get to meet new students. She was excited to be starting a new school year so she could teach the students, but at the same time a new school year meant that she wouldn't get to travel with Roman anymore and that he would be on the road a lot. When she got home, the first thing she did was call her mom and her friends from church and she told them that she was engaged. Her mom then told her that Roman had asked her for permission and that she gave him her blessing to marry her. Her friends congratulated her and offered to help set up a wedding. Everything seemed perfect, Melody was getting along with her mom again, she had new friends from church, she had a place to live, a job, transportation, and now she was looking forward to marrying the love of her life, her life had finally come together for the better. When school started the year before Roman and Melody wouldn't always get to video chat. Now that they were engaged Melody wasn't as worried about him leaving her for someone else, and he wasn't worried about her finding someone else, but they still missed being together. They had been together for over a year, some relationships were lucky to last a few months much less a year. People either wouldn't communicate enough or they would smother each other and get tired of each other. As for Roman and Melody they made it a goal to try to video chat everyday, and since they weren't always together smothering each other, they had the space they needed and when they would get to be together they were always excited and had something to look forward to. One night Melody was up late and was grading papers from a music assignment and Roman had just finished having a match so they were both tired, but Roman sent her a video chat request anyway. Melody smiled when she saw his name and picture pop up on her screen. He promised to make time for her everyday for at least five or ten minutes to talk to her. He had video chatted with her everyday and it had been two weeks since the school year started. They smiled at each other when she accepted the video chat request. "Hey beautiful, how was your day?" "Hey Roman, my day was great how about your day?" "It was ok..." "Just ok?" "Yeah..." "Well did you not have fun out there tonight on Raw?" "I did... I just missed seeing my girl at ringside." "I noticed that... Even though you won your match, you did seem a bit off your game tonight." "I was... Dean and Seth are getting a little pissed off at me for not being completely focused on the match. I can't help it... It's going to be hard for a while to get used to being in matches without seeing my girl." "Aw... I'm sorry Roman, I really wish there was a way I could help... Are you ok? You seem a little stiff." "I'm just a little sore around my shoulders and back. I went shoulder first into one of the ring posts." "Oh right... I remember seeing that. I really wish I could be there with you right now. You really worry me out there sometimes. If I were with you right now, I would rub your back and shoulders." Roman smiled at this. He looked at Melody, she always wore her necklace. Then he remembered the two small pictures of them that he had in the front pocket of his Shield vest. "I just can't get over how beautiful you are Melody... It always warms my heart to see you wear your heart necklace. You already know my heart belongs to you." Melody looked at her necklace and then at her hand at the engagement ring on her finger and smiled at Roman. "And mine belongs to you." Roman smiled at her and took out the pictures from his pocket and showed them to her. "See look... I had just finished my match. I told you before that even when you can't always be physically close to me... You're still always with me close to my heart... When I start my day, I kiss the pictures when I wake up, before I have a match, after I have a match and before I go to bed." "Aw... I do something kind of like that. I kiss my necklace when I put it on in the mornings, when I'm at school, and when I take it off before I go to sleep at night." Roman noticed that Melody would occasionally move papers. "You seem a little busy, was I interrupting something?" "Oh sorry, I was just going through some of the papers from the last assignment. I had a lot of papers to grade." "Oh so you were busy before I called you. I'm sorry, you probably want to get those papers graded and get to bed. You look tired." "I have most of them graded. I wanted to take a break so I could talk to you. I can grade the rest of them tomorrow." "I'm sorry... I'm distracting you. I should have texted you first and asked if you were busy before I sent you a video chat request." "It's not really that big of a deal. I can do the rest of them tomorrow before school starts. I'm working on multitasking. I wasn't that busy so I accepted your video chat request. We've talked every day now for two weeks since school started and I wanted to keep that going. You had a long match... You look tired too and you guys have to travel to the next town to do the same thing tomorrow." "Yeah well I'm making you a promise... No matter how tired I am, I plan on video chatting with you everyday to check up on you and see how your day went. Even if it's for five or ten minutes... That short time together through video chat is better than not seeing or talking to you at all." "So... You'll send me another request sometime tomorrow?" "Yeah... Probably around six or seven tomorrow evening." "I'll be looking forward to it... We can make this work." "I know we will. Video chatting is great and all, but I can't wait to actually be with you again... To hold you and kiss you." Melody smiled at him. "In the meantime, I'm sending you a virtual hug and kiss." Melody backed away from the screen and acted like she was hugging him and then blew a kiss at the screen. Roman smiled at her as she did this. "I love you Melody... I'm going to let you go for the night so you can get some sleep ok?" "Ok. I love you too Roman. Be careful in the ring and when you're traveling. Text me and let me know when you get to the next town ok?" "I will... I'll talk to you tomorrow ok?" "Ok." "I can't wait until we're together again, and I can't wait to marry you and call you my wife." "I'm looking forward to it." "Ok... Sweet dreams Babygirl. I love you." "I love you too Roman. Goodnight." "Bye." "Bye." Melody and her friends spent months preparing for the wedding. Roman had come in a few times every other month to help as much as she could. Roman finally requested a week off a few months in advance once they had agreed on a wedding date. Melody's mom was with her along with her friends when she picked out her wedding dress. She wasn't exactly one of those people that believed that the groom wasn't supposed to see the wedding dress until the wedding day, but she still didn't want Roman to see it until the wedding day. She wanted him to be surprised and to see his reaction. They agreed on a wedding date, it would have to be during the week of her spring break. Finally it was the day of the wedding, since Melody's friends were from the church she went to it was easier to set the wedding up at the church. Her mom and her friends helped her with her dress hair and make up. Roman's dad, Dean, and Seth were there to help Roman get ready. He couldn't pick one best man so Dean and Seth were his best men for the wedding and Melody's friends were her bridesmaids. Roman was talking to Dean and Seth. Dean noticed Roman seemed a bit off. "Roman... Are you with us? Are you having second thoughts about all of this?" "What no..." "Then what's on your mind?" "Well... Melody and I have known each other for about two years now... You don't think I rushed into this and pressured Melody into getting married before she was ready do you? What if she's having second thoughts? Most marriages these days don't last. I want to be with her forever. If I ever lost Melody... I don't know what I would do... I think I would rather die than lose Melody." Dean rolled his eyes and hit Roman in the arm. "Yeah... We all know that. You about died for her last year... You about killed Wyatt on a few different occasions, and even accused me of messing around with her. Come on man... Brothers don't do that to each other." "Right... I know... There is no doubt in my mind that I want to spend the rest of my life with Melody, but I can't say the same thing about her." "Would it make you feel any better if Seth and I went to talk to her?" "Yeah. Would you do that?" "Well we were planning on talking to her anyway, but if it will make you feel better... I guess we'll check on her for you too." Roman rolled his eyes as he continued getting ready as he watched Dean and Seth leave the room. Melody was having close to the same thoughts as Roman, she was worried about whether or not the marriage would last or if Roman really wanted to marry her. She still sometimes had doubts about him wanting to marry her because of the type of girl she was. It was hard for her to completely believe that Roman wanted to be with her, she had always had self esteem issues and didn't see herself as being pretty like other women. He could have been with any of the pretty Divas in WWE or with any other fan. This little bit of doubt within her caused her to stress out and not really believe that the marriage would last and she couldn't help but start crying. Her mom and friends gathered around her. "Melody... What's wrong honey? This is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Are you not excited about getting married? Are you having second thoughts?" "No... I do want to get married... I love Roman, but how can he love me? I literally had nothing when he met me, I don't understand why he would love me... A lot of the divas and even some of his fans are prettier than me. He's a WWE Superstar and I'm a nobody... And I'll always be a nobody. Marriages these days don't last anyway... He'll get tired of me and want to move on... But I love Roman, I don't want to lose him." Dean and Seth had been listening and heard how upset she was and at some point Dean heard enough and went in to see her. "Hey! Enough of that!" "Dean, Seth?!" "Yeah... So Roman may not be allowed to see you in your wedding dress, but that doesn't mean that we can't. It's a good thing we were close by to hear all of the things you had to say. I've heard enough! Listen Melody... Starting today, right now and forever... I don't want to hear you talking bad about yourself or even thinking bad about yourself. No more! Just because you may have started out with nothing when you met Roman... That doesn't matter to him. It doesn't matter that he's a WWE Superstar, he would love you the same even if he wasn't in WWE. You're beautiful Melody... Who cares if anyone things different. We all think you're beautiful, now you need to start believing that... Listen to me when I say this!... This marriage is going to last and you want to know how I know that?!" "H...How?" "Because you're in love with Roman and he's in love with you... He's not going to get tired of you and move on. You're all he ever talk, or even thinks about. You're his whole life... His whole world. Think about it... If he didn't love you... He wouldn't have almost killed Bray Wyatt all of those times, hit me in the face for hugging you, let you travel with him or live in his house... If he didn't love you... He wouldn't have almost died for you." Melody relaxed as Dean and Seth both hugged her. Finally Seth said something. "This marriage is going to last and you're going through this marriage because you're in love with him, and because he's in love with you... You two belong together." Melody hugged them tight and smiled as different tears went down her face. "Thanks guys... Thanks for talking some sense into me. I've always had self esteem issues that it's caused me to doubt myself and doubt that Roman really loves me. I'm glad you guys were here. I have family looking down on me from heaven watching over me everyday, but over the last year or so I'm happy to say that God has given me a new family, a bigger family. Thank you for looking out for me and being my brothers." Seth smiled at her and pat her shoulder. "That's what The Shield is all about... Family and Brotherhood. You're our sister, we're supposed to look out for you." Dean let go of the hug. "Now... Wipe away those tears and do your make up again... Try to stay strong for us... Roman is going to lose his mind, forget his toughness and cry like a baby when he sees you... You look beautiful Melody... This wedding is happening!" Now Melody's mom comes up to her and talks to her. "Even though we haven't always got along, and I haven't always been the best mom, I just want you to know that... Even though I may not have planned for you, God did. What I thought of as a mistake was really the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have grown up so much over the past few years. You've been through a lot and I'm sorry for not being there for you when you needed me. Everyone needs help sometimes, but for the most part you found a way to put your life together on your own. You have your own house, car, the job you've always wanted and now a handsome, strong man to love and protect you. Your relationship is already better than the marriage between me and your dad. Dean is right... You need to stop talking and thinking bad about yourself. This marriage is going to last. I hope that maybe someday... I'll have at least one grandchild running around." Melody blushed and smiled. "Mom!" "I know... Sorry, too early to think about that I guess. Anyway... I just wanted you to know that I wish you and Roman the best, that I'm very proud of you... Your dad, brother, and everyone else would be too. I've always been proud of you and loved you and I always will be proud of you and love you." Melody hugged her mom and stopped crying. "I love you too mom." "Now... Come on, stop crying. Get it all out of your system now so we can redo your makeup and blow Roman away." Melody didn't feel like crying anymore and she had her makeup done again. It was a few minutes before the wedding started so they had to hurry with her makeup. Dean and Seth now joined Roman in the sanctuary. All of Roman's family was there. Roman and Melody's friends and other guests were already there and were waiting for the wedding to start. Dean stood to Roman's left, and Seth stood on the other side of Dean. The pastor was there and ready. He had met with Roman and Melody separately and shook hands with the guests. Now he was standing with Roman waiting for the organist to start playing Here Comes the Bride. Roman looked over at Dean before the wedding started. "So Dean... How was Melody?" "Oh believe me... She's ready." Melody was waiting behind the doors to the sanctuary, she was waiting for the doors to open. She wasn't going to cry anymore, all of her worries were gone thanks to her friends, her mom, and Dean and Seth. She had to have faith in Roman and trust in God to keep them together. She had to have faith and believe that this marriage would last. The same goes for Roman. It was in fact the happiest day of her life, the organist started playing Here Comes the Bride and she smiled and looked at her mom as her mom smiled and looked back at her. The doors opened and Melody and her mom slowly made their way to the front. Her mom was ready and had tissues with her, she knew she would shed a few tears as she watched her daughter go from one family to another. Melody looked around at the church decorations, she smiled at all the family, friends, and guest that was there. All eyes were on her, she smiled as she first saw Dean and Seth and then finally locked eyes with Roman. She smiled at him and noticed that he did in fact have tears in his eyes. She was actually so happy that it took everything she had not to cry. Roman took one of his hands and wiped the tears from his face. Finally Melody got to the front and held both of Roman's hands. In the back of Roman's mind, until he saw Melody walk through the doors, he thought he might have had a case of runaway bride, but here she was... It was like Dean said, she was ready. (To be continued. Thanks for reading. Review.)
  4. Lost Soul, Now Found Chapter Eight Luke didn't mean to upset Abigail, he didn't realize it, but there was a certain harshness in his voice when he was speaking to her. Luke thought that maybe she was overreacting. He wasn't sure if she was upset because of what he said or how he said it. It was a combination of both. Abigail went up to her room and closed the door. Luke didn't believe her, sure she looked different, but she was still the same person, just stuck inside of a different body. Luke wasn't as spiritual as the rest of The Wyatt Family, he thought Erick and Braun could be easily fooled and would believe anything. He wasn't calling her a liar, he just didn't really believe in life after death. How could he know for sure that this woman was really Abigail? How could she be the same woman that he fell in love with before she died? It just didn't seem possible. Luke had always loved Abigail, even as kids, but no one knew about it. He would do anything to get her attention. At the time, him and Braun were the bullies of their school and without knowing Bray was her brother at the time, he made a poor decision and chose to bully Bray. Abigail stool up for him and Erick. Luke would later on apologize and explained that he only bullied people because of the way his father treated him. Even though Braun was taller than the rest of The Wyatt Family, Luke was the best fighter out of all of them. Braun was only friends with Luke at the time and started bullying others because he was afraid that Luke would bully him. They all grew up and maturity came with age and they all ended up being best friends, even close enough to be considered family. Luke and Abigail were almost inseparable, most would believe that they were together, but they always denied it. They were all affected in some way when Abigail died, but it may have actually affected Luke more than Bray. Luke seemed quieter, more distant than the rest. He always seemed down and out, everyone else just thought it came with age. He wanted to believe that Abigail could be alive again, but he didn't want to get his hopes up and then be let down. Luke and Abigail told each other everything... Except for the fact that Luke had always been in love with her. Abigail never really thought about if she really liked him, he had never said or done anything that suggested that he liked her so they always stayed being best friends. When Abigail started dating, her and Luke became more distant and she didn't understand why. She would talk about how she liked someone else and Luke didn't want to hear it. Why would Luke want to stick around and listen to Abigail tell him about how happy another man made her, it hurt him that she wasn't with him. At one point Luke and Abigail had almost stopped talking altogether, Luke would rarely come to visit, when things didn't go very well with her boyfriend, she wanted to ask Luke for advice on what she should do to fix things. One thing that Luke lived with was regret. He would always think about what could have been. He also had guilt in his heart. He felt guilty about something that he said to her before she died. In a way, he was sort of responsible for her death. His words had pushed her into the arms of a man he knew was no good for her. He remembered a fight they had and the last words he said to her. (Flashback) "Hey Luke... I wanted to talk to you. I'm a bit concerned about our friendship." "Why?" "Because we hardly talk anymore, we used to tell each other everything, and now it's like you don't want to come over at all." "Well... Maybe it's because I have other things to do. I have two jobs, I can't always come running every time you snap your fingers." "I know this, but I'm talking about your attitude, something has changed about you Luke. You've always said I can tell you anything. Every time I talk about how things are going with Mike, you seem to get all resentful." "Well maybe I wouldn't feel this way if you didn't talk about him all the time. Why is it that every time you get in a fight with him you come running to me?" "Because other than Bray, you're the only guy I can really go to for advice." "Do you know what I think?... Mike is so bad for you. He's a college student, I see the looks he gives you. He hasn't known you as long as I've known you. Men like him only want one thing." "Well... He's talked about it, and he has sometimes tried to take things too far, but when I tell him to stop he stops." "See Abigail?! He's trying to get you to do something that you don't want to do. He's no good for you and it's only a matter of time before he hurts you. I don't want that to happen. I know you have feelings for him, but please... For your own good... Break up with him. Also... You said that he cheated on you before, what is stopping him from doing it again?" "He's changed, he said that he made a mistake and he would do anything to get me back, and that he only wants me." "He's just saying everything that you want to hear. That can't be true, if it was, he never would have cheated in the first place." "But what I was talking about was how you're more cold and hateful when it comes to Mike." "Well Damn Abigail maybe I'm tired of hearing about the same problems with Mike over and over again. I work two jobs and I have my own problems. I'm tired of this Abigail! I don't have time to listen to you and all of your problems with Mike. It's always about you!" Abigail had a few tears in her eyes. His words stung. "Fine! If that's the way you feel, I won't talk to you again. I'll find someone that does have time for me. Don't bother coming back, I don't want to see you anymore!" Abigail ran off and slammed the front door. Luke then realized what he said and wanted to take it all back. He knocked on the door and tried to apologize but she wouldn't say anything. He only heard her cries on the inside, he sighed and left knowing that there was no use in trying to talk to her while she was upset. She had to let out all of her emotions, then when she had calmed down, he would come back and apologize. (End Flashback) The last thing Luke remembered about Abigail was her being upset with him and crying. Somehow he knew that he messed up and that she would go running to the man that he wanted her to avoid. Sure enough, after Luke went home, she called Mike. He pretended to care about how she was feeling. She wanted to go somewhere to forget about her fight with Luke. Unfortunately for her, Mike had been drinking, and when he drank, he was would get angry and violent more, but this is the first time he had been drunk in front of her. She didn't realize he was drunk when he picked her up they drove out to the woods. Abigail thought this was weird, but didn't care at the time. Mike kissed her and massaged her shoulders. The alcohol inside of him took over and he pretty much ignored her pleas to stop when he started kissing down her neck. It was too late when Abigail realized that Luke was right. Mike ignored her pleas to stop completely and the more she begged him to stop the more angry and violent he would get. He had finally had enough of her telling him no. That was the night that Mike raped and killed Abigail and ran off before he was caught. Luke had found out a few days later from Bray that Abigail was dead, but didn't say how she died even though he had a pretty good idea. Luke felt guilty, he was the one that caused her death, he lead her into the arms of a man he had wanted her to avoid and so he spent many years feeling guilty about her death and for the last thing he said to her before she died, but he mainly lived with the regret for years of never telling Abigail that he loved her. Now this woman in a new form wanted him to believe that she was Abigail, he was upset, it seemed like she would haunt him forever. Bray had noticed Abogail come in upset and wanted to know what Luke said that had her so upset. "Luke... Would you care to share with me what it was you said that has Abigail all upset?" "I don't even know why she's upset! Women are just so sensitive." "What did you say to her?" "She comes out to talk to me and she says that she thinks that I don't want her here and that she has upset me somehow." "It is not really your place to say whether or not she should be here. You're here, and Erick and Braun are here only because I allow it. The three of you are like brothers to me, you all had your issues with your families and wanted to move out and had no where to go. This is Abigail's house, once she died I had to take over, it was a hard burden to carry alone, you boys were struggling too, and I think this is what Abigail would have wanted, to have all of us together united as brothers. We took care of each other, and we still do. Together we have survived these many years, and together we can conquer any challenge put in front of us, we can even dominate WWE. Now Abigail has returned to us, the two of you were best friends growing up, I would have thought you would have been thrilled to have Abigail back." "I don't' believe it! This woman claims to be the same Abigail that I grew up with?! How could she be?" "She looks a bit different, but the spirit of Abigail is still with us, she is the same woman you grew up with." "She said that we used to be best friends, I don't know if I believe that she is Abigail, that is what got her so upset. She is upset because I don't believe her. It is either that or the tone of voice I had with her. I didn't mean to sound so cold, I didn't mean to upset her. I don't really know if it was her that I didn't believe... It has always been a little harder for me to understand the things you believe in... All of your spiritual beliefs, life after death, I don't know that I believe it. She is upset, but if you go to talk to her, will you tell her that it is nothing personal and that I didn't mean to upset her?" "I will tell her when the time is right. As for right now, she needs time to herself." Luke stayed quiet again and watched Bray go in the house. He walked out from under the porch and out into the yard a little. Abigail's room was the only one where you could see inside of the window, the rest of the windows had been boarded up, no light came through any of the other windows. Luke looked up to see if he could see Abigail through her window, he couldn't really see anything from the ground, he sighed and went for a walk. This was something he always did around this time of the evening so the rest of The Wyatt Family knew that he was gone and would return in a few hours. The sun had already went down and so Luke carried Bray's lantern with him as he walked through the woods thinking to himself, this was his quiet time, his alone time where he could hear only his thoughts. "Even if this woman isn't Abigail, you sure didn't make her feel welcome. There have been people that were just passing through that needed a place to stay for the night. Bray has always said to make our guests feel welcome. It just bothered me when she said that we used to be best friends. The last thing I said to her before she died was that I was tired of hearing about her problems over and over again, and that I didn't have time to listen, and that everything was about her. I never should have said that, I've been living with that regret and the regret of never saying how I felt about her for fifteen years now. Abigail died fifteen years ago, what doesn't make sense to me is how she would be younger than Bray now. She is seven years younger than Bray. It was my fault she died in the first place, she was upset with me, and I pushed her into the arms of a man I had wanted her to avoid. I can't take back what I said to her, my poor choice of words made it sound like I didn't have time for her, or that I didn't care about her. I was just tired of her talking about HIM all the time. It was my own fault for never telling her how I felt about her. How would that have even worked out? We had always been best friends... There is something people talk about... I think it's something called... The Friend Zone... I think it is something like me and Abigail were only meant to be friends. Also... I don't know how things would have been between me and Bray if by some chance I had ever been with Abigail. As far as I know, Bray never knew about what was said between me and Abigail before she died, and as far as I know, no one ever knew about my feelings for her... I've just lived with the guilt of her death for so long... Now if this woman really is Abigail, maybe she has only returned so that she can haunt me for the rest of my life. Will this torment ever end? I don't know how long I've lived with this guilt, heartache and regret, but it has been around for so long that it has caused me to become cold and numb, and not feel anything at all. I don't know how or why I've lived on this earth as long as I have, but I'm constantly hoping for the end to come so that I no longer live with the constant guilt, heartache, and regret. How long must I live with the regret of what happened? Too often I wish that I could be plagued with some kind mental disorder that will help me forget, but what happened to Abigail always seems to make its way back to my mind and cause me nothing but misery. This is my own burden to bare, I deserve no sympathy, Bray and the others would surely kill me if they ever found out that Abigail's death was because of me. So this woman that claims to be Abigail has come here, it is time I went back, face my punishment like a man and accept the spirit of Abigail that has come back to haunt me. I should at least try to get along with her and make peace with her. Then maybe my troubled mind, heart and soul will finally be at rest." Luke finally made his way back to the house, he would try harder to pay attention to the things he says and how he says them, he would try to be more thoughtful and consider the feelings of others before he said something that could possibly upset someone. Bray had noticed Luke's behavior once Abigail arrived and thought that maybe for all of these years Abigail's soul wasn't the only one that had been lost. Luke only wondered what Abigail was thinking and feeling right now, he had upset her before she died, and now he had upset her again. (To be continued. I hope that everyone enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reading. Review.)
  5. Sister of The Shield Chapter Thirty Nine It had been months, almost a year since Emily and Bray first started dating. As far as things went with WWE, it seemed like Seth really had changed because there had been no more issues with him. He never even really passed by the medical room, he would take an alternate route to get where he needed to go. He had no reason to bother Emily, but he did think about her every now and then about where they could have possibly gone if he hadn't messed up. After months of nonstop matches and traveling from city to city, Bray and Emily had somehow managed to get a weekend off so they could spend time together. One thing Bray learned about Emily was that she was a nature lover. She loved animals, but she would also always talk about how she found beauty and peace in taking in the scene of the land around her. She wouldn't always get to take things in because of the demanding schedule of WWE. She would say how beautiful the beaches and mountains of North Carolina were. Charlotte and Raleigh were really the only major cities, North Carolina was just one of those states that WWE just passed through, but it was state with mountains and beaches and it was one of her favorite states to drive though. Sometimes Emily and Bray would travel together, but Emily had a new car and this time they drove separate because Bray wanted to find a place where they could stay for the weekend. There were several campground areas. There were hiking trails, bike trails, and trails where people could drive to get off the main roads. People stayed in tents, camper RVs, and then there were separate cabins where they would have their own privacy away from the rest of the world. Bray paid so that they could stay in a cabin for the weekend. Bray got there first, it took Emily a while to find the place because her GPS kept acting up. She had done a lot of driving, she was physically and mentally tired of all the traveling with WWE and grew frustrated with her GPS acting up, she just wanted to find the place, find Bray and enjoy the weekend. Finally Emily found the campground, and despite being tired, she smiled from ear to ear and blushed when she saw Bray. Her heart was racing, she parked her car, put her keys in her pocket, got out of her car and hugged Bray. "I finally made it! I wasn't sure if I would ever get here. My GPS had me going in circles. I don't know how many times it said recalculating. That's the most annoying thing in the world. I'm sorry... How long have you been waiting for me?" "Maybe about twenty or thirty minutes. It's not that big of a deal, we're not in a rush, that's why we're here... To slow down and get away from everything. We've got the whole weekend together." Bray and Emily's relationship had come so far. Emily had been the first one to kiss him. Then she wanted Bray to kiss her. Things were no longer awkward between them, at times Emily would kiss Bray, but this time Bray kissed her. She always seemed so stressed, he hoped that this weekend away would help take away that stress. "It's been years since I've been camping. The last time I went camping was when I was in Girl Scouts. It was one of my favorite things to do growing up, when I went camping, I would really feel like I was one with nature. One thing that's kept me from wanting to go camping is hearing about the number of bear attacks." "I wouldn't worry about that..." Bray laughed a little as he continued. "You've got your teddy bear here to protect you, who happens to be a wrestler." Emily laughed at this. "You're right." They went to the cabin and unpacked their stuff. The cabin had heat and air, but also a fireplace they could sit by. It was a nice, cozy cabin in the woods. The first day they spent together, they decided to just relax in the cabin. It was mid October, things were warm during the day, but things were much cooler once the sun went down. Bray noticed that Emily seemed cold, she held her hands around her arms like she was trying to stay warm. "Are you cold Emily?" "Maybe a little bit, what does the thermostat say?" Bray went over to the thermostat, it said that it was seventy degrees. Most people liked it to be seventy two or seventy three so it was a bit chilly in the room. "It says that it's seventy degrees. I'll turn it up, but it will probably take a while for it to warm up." Bray wasn't really that cold even though he had a light jacket on, he smiled at Emily, took it off and handed it to her. "Here Emily, you need it more than I do." Emily smiled as she put it on, feeling the warmth on the inside. "Thanks." "There was a big pile of wood outside, I'll go get some and start a fire." "Ok. I started supper earlier. Vegetable soup, I would always eat a grilled cheese sandwich. Do you want one?" "Sure." Emily had a soup cooking for a few hours, it was almost ready, she went to the kitchen area and warmed up a little as she made her and Bray a grilled cheese sandwich. The kitchen area the the time seemed like the only warm part of the cabin, Bray came back in and started a fire, then he sat down and waited for Emily, he had a lot on his mind, but smiled as Emily came back in the room. Once Emily was finished making grilled cheese sandwiches, the soup was ready. She grabbed two bowls for the soup, and two plates for the sandwiches. She brought a bowl and plate to Bray first, then brought him a drink before she grabbed her food and drink. They sat together on a couch and placed their food and drinks on a table that was in front of them. "You've really outdone yourself Emily." "Thanks. Soup is one of my favorite things to make. This is really nice Bray... just the two of us, camping in a cabin with a fire going." It wouldn't be camping if they didn't have things for smores. They had out graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Emily actually pulled out a jar of peanut butter. She actually liked her smores with peanut butter. "It's not really camping unless you eat at least two or three smores. I like my smores with peanut butter, you should try it Bray." "Ok sure." "I put peanut butter on both of my graham crackers, then I double chocolate, then the marshmallow goes perfectly in the middle." They roasted their marshmallows for a few minutes until they were brown, then they ate their smores. "Not bad Emily, peanut butter makes a great addition to smores." After they had their smores, they sat together and watched the fire for a while. Emily started to get tired and leaned her head on Bray's shoulder, Bray smiled as he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close kissing her head. He held her in his arms and watched as the fire went out. She was just laying on his shoulder, he wasn't sure if she was asleep but he thought that maybe she would want to sleep in a bed. "Emily..." "Hmm?..." "We've got a long day tomorrow. Are you ready for bed?" Bray didn't get a response back. She couldn't stay awake, she could barely keep her eyes open. She had changed into her pajamas at some point before she sat down with Bray. Emily didn't move, Bray only smiled as he moved slowly and gently picked her up so that he wouldn't wake her up. He carried her into the bedroom and gently placed her in the bed and covered her up. He joined her a few minutes later, even though they had been dating for almost a year now, they had never slept together. All Seth wanted from Emily was sex, and Emily had been through a lot, this was the first time they've slept together, this is the closest they've ever been. Bray was laying on his back, at first Emily was too until she rolled over towards Bray. Emily realized that they weren't sitting on the couch anymore, she was afraid the first time she stayed with Bray because she didn't know him very well. Now she was happy to be with Bray, she felt the safest and happiest when she was in his arms, Bray knew she was awake again when she moved over to him and kissed his cheek and rested her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. He smiled, kissed her back, and wrapped his arms around her and they both fell asleep like that. The next day, Bray got up early and fixed them both breakfast. Emily woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon, she took a quick shower, changed and joined Bray in the kitchen. She smiled when she saw Bray. "Good morning." "Hey. Good morning Sweetheart. I thought I'd fix us some breakfast." "Smells delicious. What are we going to do today? As nice as the cabin is, I'd kind of like to get outside and look around." "Ok sure. Anything you want." "I don't know if you're into it, but I was kind of hoping that we could spend the day hiking up the mountain." "Sure." Bray had plans of his own, but hoped that Emily would want to leave the cabin. After they had breakfast, they left the cabin and started hiking. It was cooler when the sun went down, but unusually hot during the day for mid October. They were both getting tired and sweaty, they had to stop a few times. "Bray... we should stop and rest for a few minutes. I would like to get to the top of the mountain, but I don't know if I can, I haven't went hiking in years." Bray had a plan, he wanted her to go a little further. "Maybe just five more minutes Emily, we'll get there." Emily was really tired, but she decided to walk for about five more minutes. She was a bit confused when she saw two horses tied up to a tree, she looked back at Bray and saw the smile on his face. "This might move things along a little faster." They made their way to the horses and Emily started petting one. "You planned this?" "I did. You said you loved animals, and you loved nature so I thought, why not have the best of both worlds? They'll get us to the top of the mountain faster." "Great idea." They got on their horses and rode up the trail. Finally when they got to the top of the mountain, they looked around and saw different roads that twisted and turned with the land. They could see many people's houses off in the distance. There were low clouds at the top of the mountain, they could see the clouds and mountains off in the distance. It was mid October so some of the leaves had already fell from the trees, but for the most part, as far as their eyes could see, they could see nothing but a wall... a mix of colors in front of them. Emily was taking it all in... all of the red, orange, yellow, green, and brown from the trees, the blue and white from the sky and clouds. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, she wanted to remember this moment. They rode around on the horses for a while and they rode close enough to where they could hold hands. A few hours had passed and the sun was starting to go down. "What are you thinking Emily?" "I don't really know what to think, or even what to say, it just took my breath away. Thank you for this Bray, I needed this." "You deserve it." "Should we be heading back to the cabin now? I don't know about you, but my breakfast wore off." "Yeah me too." They rode along until they got to an area where there were no trees surrounding them. They were almost back to the cabin, they weren't at the top of the mountain anymore, but they could still see the mountains and the land around them off in the distance. Emily turned around and noticed that Bray had stopped. "Why did you stop Bray?" "Follow me Emily." Emily didn't have to go far because that was when she saw a blanket and a picnic basket set out. Emily then got off of the horse and tied hers beside Bray's and she followed him. "You set this up too?" "I did." "How long has this been here?" "Not long... I did have to have a little bit of help. Luke and Erick set out the horses for us, and Braun put together the picnic basket for us. It's filled with all of your favorite foods." Emily smiled and sat down beside Bray on the blanket as they ate. Emily leaned into Bray as he wrapped his arm around her and they looked out at the sunset. Emily thought that the scene she saw before was beautiful, but was even better now that the sun was going down. It almost seemed like the sky and the earth were competing to see which one could wow Emily the most. Even though Bray and Emily had been together for almost a year now, there was something that Emily was hoping for, something she was waiting for, but she wasn't sure if she needed to do it first. Bray noticed that her attention was either on the land or the sky so he made sure that he did this when she wasn't looking. Emily was interrupted from her thoughts when Bray started talking to her. "Emily... have you enjoyed our time together?" "Yeah... this weekend has been one of the best ones I've had in a long time." "I'm glad you've enjoyed this weekend, but I was referring to all of the time we've spent together since we met. Have you enjoyed all of the time we've spent together?" "Of course. We've learned so much about each other in the span of about a year, I think you're the one only person in the world that really understands me." "So... we're here in the mountains and today before we had horses to ride on, we had to make that uphill climb on our own. Life is like this, sometimes we have to go on that uphill climb, but you don't have to do it alone, you can have help along the way." Bray grabbed Emily's hand as he continued to speak. "Sometimes people say things they don't mean, especially when they rely on their emotions when they're in trouble. I wanted to wait to be sure of this before I said anything. I've had plenty of time to think things through, and I know... I want this." Bray turned his attention away from Emily for a moment, this was making him more nervous than even performing in the ring. He had something in his hands and Emily could sense that there was something different about him. Bray then started talking to her again. "You deserve this Emily... you deserve the world. You deserve to feel peace and happiness, safety and security. Your safety will not be an issue with me Emily. You deserve someone that will always be there for you... I'd like to be that someone..." It seemed like Emily was finally starting to catch on, Bray held something in his hands as he continued to speak to her. "Emily... I absolutely mean it when I say this... I'm in love with you Emily. All I want is for you to know that you are safe and that you are loved... You mean the world to me Emily, I'm in love with you and the one thing I wanted to do while we were here, was ask you to be my wife. Emily... Will you Marry Me?" Emily was surprised at this. This was the first time Bray had ever said that he loved her, not only that but he was asking her to marry him. Her heart was racing and she wanted nothing more than to marry Bray, but there was still something on her mind that kept her from going through with it. She started crying because she was about to give Bray an answer that he didn't want to hear. She felt guilty because Bray had done so much for her and yet she couldn't marry him. " I... I can't." Bray felt his heart drop, but Emily kept talking. "I'm... so sorry Bray. I do love you... but I can't marry you. Please don't be upset with me." "I'm not... I'm not upset with you, just surprised. I don't understand." "Bray... I really do love you, but all of this just happened out of nowhere. I'm just not ready... I need more time. Please don't hate me... please understand." Bray still wanted to respect Emily's wishes, even if that meant that he had to lose her. "I don't hate you... that's something that will never happen. Even if we're never married, or never together... know that... my love for you will never end." Emily had been crying, she was afraid of how Bray would respond. Bray still took her in his arms and held her for a moment. He wiped away a tear that was falling down her cheek, looked at the ring and then back at her, placed it in her hand and gently kissed her. He managed to smile even though his whole world had come crashing down. "Keep it... Just in case... This ring, and my heart will forever belong to you... and only you." Emily held onto the ring and started making her way back to the cabin alone. Bray watched her walk away, he watched her take the ring, as long as she had the ring, his hope was still alive. She pretty much already had everything packed up because they would have to leave early the next day so that the next people could come. She packed up what little bit of stuff she had left to pack up, she looked at the ring for a moment as she thought about what she was doing, closed her eyes as she started to fight back tears again. She put the ring in with the rest of her stuff and then walked out of the cabin, got in her car and started driving to the next city for Raw. It was back to reality, but could she really handle reality without Bray? He returned to the cabin and saw her leaving, he wondered if she was leaving because he had scared her away, he felt like he had done something wrong. Emily said that she wasn't ready and that she needed more time, but was that the real reason why she wouldn't marry him? Once Emily left Bray packed up his things and started driving, only he wasn't driving to the next city for Raw. He decided that he needed time to think about things too. The best way to do that was for him to go home. He wondered where things went wrong and if he would ever get another chance with Emily, he wondered if there was anything he could do to win her heart. A song came on the radio and as he listened, the song only reminded him of Emily. The song he listened to is called Over, by Blake Shelton. (Intro) "If I could I would dare, feed your dreams and starve your fears. If I could light the world, we could sit and watch it burn. We could fall asleep inside the glow." (Chorus) "So tell me what I gotta do to win you over. You'll never have to wonder if you need another. You'll never have to wonder if I understand, and every time you reach for me you'll find a hand out. Uh huh." (Second verse) "If I could take you in, feeling you deep beneath my skin. Then I could slip away, with you as the poison in my veins. But I don't wanna fall asleep alone, and wake up knowing that I died without the one." (Chorus) "So tell me what I gotta do to win you over. You'll never have to wonder if you need another. You'll never have to wonder if I understand, and every time you reach for me you'll find a hand out. Uh huh." "So tell me what I gotta do to win you over. You'll never have to wonder if you need another. You'll never have to wonder if I understand, and every time you reach for me you'll find a hand out. Uh huh." "If I could I would dare, feed your dreams and starve your fears." (To be continue. Thanks for reading. Review.)
  6. Someone Special Chapter Forty Four Melody had one of the most unbelievable moments of her life, it was the Fourth of July and she just sang the National Anthem for WWE. The crowd loved her and once she went backstage, she was greeted by many superstars and divas and they congratulated her and told her that she did a good job. Once the crowd cleared Dean and Seth came up to her and hugged her along with Roman and they told her how proud of her they were for how far she's come. Since it was late and they didn't have to show up for anything the next day Roman and Melody could spend the day together. They actually had a few days off and they could go back home. They had unpacked Roman crashed on the bed. He would have thought that Melody would have joined him but got up off the bed when he wondered what Melody was doing. He found her out on the porch looking out at the ocean. She usually did this when something was bothering her. She seemed so happy the night before and didn't know what could be bothering her, but he came outside and joined her when he thought something was bothering her. She was enjoying the air and the view, she closed her eyes and relaxed as she leaned up against the guard rail. Roman came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "Hey." "Hey." Melody tilted her head back and looked up into his eyes as he leaned down and kissed her. "Is everything ok?" "Yeah, why wouldn't it be?" "You usually come out here when something's wrong." "Oh nothing's wrong... I just came out here to enjoy the view. I never lived near the beach before so I'm enjoying the view of the ocean. I come out here a lot... I finally feel at home here. For the first time in my life... I feel like everything is coming together. I haven't had to worry about anything for a while now. I'm happy here... with you." "I'm glad to hear that... I'm happy because you're happy. I'm so happy that I have you in my life." There was faint music playing, Melody had her phone playing music and Roman turned her around to face him. Melody seemed to catch on fast once Roman wrapped his arms around her back. She smiled and wrapped her arms around him and they started swaying to the music. They would occasionally kiss each other as they danced. Even though Roman was tired he wanted to spend the day with Melody. "Melody?" "Yes Roman?" "Do you want to maybe go down to the beach and later on get something to eat?" "Well we didn't get home that long ago, you said you were tired... the first thing you did when we got here was crash on the bed." "I did, but I'm not as tired as I was. Do you want to go down to the beach?" Melody was thinking about it. Roman really did seem tired and she thought he needed to rest. Roman stuck out his puppy dog lip, gave her the puppy dog eyes and begged. "Please Melody?... It'll be fun." Melody laughed and pulled him in for a quick kiss. "Ok you big puppy dog... Let me go change first." A few minutes go by and they change and head for the beach. It was a lot hotter out on the beach than it was back at Roman's house. After they put on sunblock Roman looked out at the ocean. He beat her to the water and dived under a wave and looked back to see Melody slowly getting in the water. "Come on Melody, the water's great!" "It's cold!" "What?! No it's not." "To me it is." "Aw come on... It's July in Florida... it's not that cold." Melody didn't say anything, she was still taking her time getting in the water. She was in the water up to her stomach. Roman wasn't that far from her and he splashed her. "Roman stop!" Well come on... Don't make me come get you." Melody playfully rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him. Roman then started making his way over to her, she turned around and started running the other way, but he was faster than her and caught her. He caught her and started tickling her under her arms and down her sides. Melody laughed and couldn't run anymore. He put a hand behind her back and a hand behind her knees, picked her up and carried her out into the water. "Hey! Let me go! Put me down!" Roman smirked at her. "If you say so..." Melody knew what was going to happen next and shouted. "Wait!" She screamed as he threw her in the air and she went under the water. When she came back up she looked over at him and saw him laughing. "Roman!" He held his hands up in the air. "Hey don't be mad at me... You said to let you go... You should have been careful with your words." Melody rolled her eyes. "Yeah, but that didn't mean throw me." Roman laughed at her, he loved teasing her. She splashed him a few times until he came over to her. "Ok... I'm going to do it again..." He picked her up and he was about to throw her again. Melody actually laughed and put her arms around his neck and held onto him. "No... don't throw me." "Are you used to the water now?" "Yes." "Good." They looked at each other for a moment and started laughing. Once they calmed down they looked into each other's eyes. They had been together for a year. Melody thought that if he even planned on doing it, that he would want to marry her a few years from now. Was a year really long enough to be together before getting married? Did Roman even want to be married? Melody didn't worry about that too much, she just enjoyed the moment with him, but she did wonder just how far her and Roman would go, and if they had a future together. Things calmed down and they held onto each other and looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds before kissing each other. Finally they had their fun and decided that it was time to leave. As Melody was drying off, Roman got a message, he put his phone back in his pocket before Melody caught on. He didn't want Melody to know what was going on. "Hey Melody..." "Yeah?" "I just got a really important message... I've got a family emergency that I really need to take care of." "Oh... Ok. I'll just go home then, you do what you need to do." As Roman drove Melody home, he couldn't help, but feel bad about lying to her, but he couldn't let her know what was really going on. Roman had his personal issue with family, but Melody felt a little hurt that he wouldn't tell her what was going on. Melody didn't think much about it, but she changed into the yellow and white dress that she wore to her brother's funeral. There wasn't really a reason why she wore it, it was just something that she wanted to wear. While they were at the beach she had to take off he necklace so she wouldn't lose it. She put it on and held it close. Roman left and there was a knock at his door. Melody went over to the door and opened it. She was confused, but happy when she saw Dean and Seth. "Hey guys... Roman's not here." Dean hugged her and took her hand. "We know... come on... we need to take you somewhere." "What's going on guys?... Where are we going?" Dean looked over at Seth and gave her a smirk as she got into a car. "You'll find out." She looked over to Seth. "Seth?" "Don't look at me... I don't know what's going on either." Melody was quiet and confused as she wondered what was going on. When the car finally stopped she got out and looked at Dean and Seth. "Follow us Melody." Melody didn't question them, she just did what they said. They had brought her to a pier, it was the same pier that her and Roman were on the first time they went to the beach. They walked out to the end of the pier and watched a few fishermen catch big fish. Melody still didn't know why she was here, they stayed out at the end of the pier for about an hour. It was already after eight and it was starting to get dark, the sun had already went down, but the sky still had a few colors from the sunset, but at the same time a few stars came out. The moon was out and every now and then a few fireworks would go off. It was the day after the Fourth of July, but people still liked setting off fireworks. She enjoyed the view of the sky and ocean. She thought this whole situation was weird... Dean and Seth just showing up and making her go with them. Out of all the placed they could have went to why a pier? She thought that Roman had been acting weird all day and now something didn't seem right, he didn't tell her what his family emergency was and she was suspicious and started wondering if something was going on. Did Roman even know that Dean and Seth came to pick her up? Finally Seth's phone went off and he looked at Dean and nodded his head. Melody looked at them and wondered what was going on. "Ok Melody... We need to get going now." "Seth you said you didn't know what was going on... You guys just show up and have me come with you... Why a pier? What's going on?" Dean came up to her and pat her on the back. "You need to relax Melody... You're taking things way too seriously... No harm done... We were just waiting for the right moment." "The right moment?" "Yeah... We got a message and now it's time to go." "But where? What is going on? Would someone please tell me? Where are we going?" "It's not where we're going... it's where you're going." She had walked with them to a certain point on the pier and stopped with them. Dean looked around and then looked at her and smirked. "So... you really want to know what's going on?" "Yes!" Dean motioned for her to follow him. "Ok.. Follow me..." She followed him to the edge of the pier. "Look down there." Melody rolled her eyes and thought he was just playing games with her at this point but she thought she would look in the direction that he was pointing anyway. She thought her eyes were playing tricks on her so she had to look twice. Now she knew exactly what was going on and Dean and Seth didn't have to do or say anything else. She looked at them for a moment and realized that this whole thing was a set up. She looked over the side of the pier and into the sand. In the sand was a big heart and in it was a written message for her. The words... I love you Melody. Will you marry me? Melody looked down and saw Roman on the ground. He looked up at her with the biggest smile on his face and he was down on one knee holding a ring up for her to see. Melody held her hands up to her face, this was the biggest surprise of her life, she looked around to find the fastest way to get to Roman. There were stairs nearby that led from the pier to the beach where Roman was. Melody had the biggest smile on her face, her heart was beating inside her chest and she ran to the end of the pier to the stairs. Dean and Seth looked at each other and gave each other a fist bump as they watched Melody run to Roman. Melody carefully made her way down the stairs and onto the beach, she ran as fast as she could to Roman with the biggest smile on her face. She jumped at him and he caught her in his arms, she attacked his lips with a kiss. He kissed her back feeling nothing but passion and the deepest love for her. Finally they broke apart the kiss for air and he smiled at her and held her in his arms. "So I'm guess that's a yes?" Melody had a few tears in her eyes, but smiled as she nodded. "Yes Roman! I will marry you!" Roman took the ring from the box and slid it on her left hand on her ring finger. He took her hand and kissed it. "I had this planned for at least three months now... I first thought about marrying you around Christmas... I knew right then that I wanted you in my life forever. Melody... you're the most beautiful girl in the world... I wanted this moment to be perfect, I wanted it to be a surprise, I didn't want you to see it coming. I needed a little bit of help. I had to pick up the ring so I had Dean and Seth pick you up, keep you distracted and keep you guessing. At one point I asked your mom for permission. She just want me to treat you right, and she wants you to be happy so she told me I could ask you. I don't want anyone else but you in my life Melody... as you already know... I would die for you Melody. I'm so in love with you Melody. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. You're my whole life, my whole world. My heart belongs to you and I will love you... Always & Forever." Melody looked at her necklace as he said this. "I love you too Roman." A few fireworks went off as they kissed and a small crowd had gathered and they were clapping. Dean and Seth had caught up to them. Dean smiled and gave Roman a fist bump. "So I guess we'll be going to a wedding soon?" "Yes. Thank you guys for helping out. I know how much you guys mean to Melody, so I wanted you guys to be here for this moment. How was the view from up there?" "You two can't keep your hands off each other... But Seth and I knew you two were going to end up together. She had you whipped when we first started traveling together." Roman rolled his eyes. "Ok fine... So you guys were right. You guys did your part, now... if you'll excuse us... I'd like to spend some alone time with my future wife." Melody laughed as Roman picked her up and carried her off. "Where are we going Roman?" "It's a surprise... just hang on tight." "I don't know what to think about all of these surprises." "We're not going far... I think you'll like this." They stayed on the beach, and after five minutes Roman and Melody arrived at an isolated part of the beach, it was weird to find any part of the beach isolated since it was July, but there was an isolated part of the beach. Roman wanted to keep it simple this time, he laid out a blanket and picnic basket. There were a few candles lit, the wind outside wasn't blowing that much so the candle lights didn't go out. There were sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables in the basket along with a few bottles of water. "I know it's not exactly like the night I cooked for us, but I was hoping you would still like it." "It's perfect." They sat and ate until they were full and then they just sat enjoying each other's company. It was dark now and they sat by the ocean as they looked at the stars and the moon. Melody sighed happily and kissed Roman. "Thank you Roman for this unbelievable day... I'm never going to forget this, and I can't wait to marry you." "And I can't wait to marry you." Roman had his arms wrapped around her and she had her head rested on his shoulder. She smiled and closed her eyes for a moment. "Looks like someone is tired." "Yeah... Just a little." "Well you said that you finally felt at home... I guess it's time to go home... to our home." Melody smiled at him, but was so tired that she couldn't really get up. Roman didn't mind this, he took her into his arms and carried her home and covered her up in bed once they got home. Roman went to go change and a few minutes later he joined her in bed. Melody opened her eyes once she realized that she was home. Roman got in the bed and noticed that her eyes were open. "We're home now. I'm glad you enjoyed our day together... looks like we'll be sharing many more days like this together. I love you Melody." "I love you too Roman." They kissed and wrapped their arms around each other and smiled as they both fell asleep. (To be continued. Thanks for reading. Review.)
  7. 7/10. I have no idea who that is, but she's pretty.
  8. Lost Soul, Now Found Chapter Seven Once Bray and Abigail returned to the Wyatt house, Abigail had to look around, thinks seemed so different to her since she had been gone for years. Nothing had really changed, it just felt weird to be back after being gone for so long. She went up the stairs and went down a hallway until she came to a door, she remembered that this door was the door to her room. She was surprised when someone grabbed her hand. It was Luke, he went on to tell her that no one was allowed in the room. Bray wasn't far behind and told Luke to let her in. Once Luke opened the door for her, she stepped inside her room. Everything was exactly how she remembered it. Luke was confused and spoke to Bray. "I don't get it... You've always said that no one was allowed in Abigail's room." Bray smiled and put a hand on Luke's shoulder. "Don't you understand Luke?... She IS Abigail... She's returned to us." It didn't make sense to Luke... He remembered seeing her in a WWE crowd, he remembered her saying that her name was Carlie. This couldn't be Abigail... She couldn't be the same girl he grew up with. She couldn't be the same girl that he always had a crush on. Bray had said that Abigail had died years ago, but didn't say how, but Luke had a pretty good idea. Luke remembered that she dated a guy that was in college, Luke was very jealous of him, but never really told Abigail how he felt about her. Luke stayed away from Abigail for several reasons, the only time he ever kissed her was when they were kids, but she actually kissed him and tricked him. This was before Luke became friends with Bray. They all grew up as friends, and after a while, Luke almost seemed like a brother to Bray. Luke had never told anyone how he felt about Abigail. She knew when they were kids, but she probably assumed that it was a childhood crush that he would out grow. She thought... He never showed signs of liking her so she didn't think twice about it. Luke always thought Abigail would never like him the way he liked her. He didn't really believe in the spiritual side of life as much as Bray did. Part of him wanted to believe what Bray said, but it just didn't seem possible. It didn't seem fair, why would this newcomer get special treatment, no one was ever allowed in Abigail's room. Curiosity soon took over as Luke wanted to know why no one was ever allowed in there, and what was inside of the room. Once Abigail opened the door, Luke still stood outside of the room with Bray, but could see inside. Her room was different from the rest of the house. Her room seemed brighter and cleaner than the rest of the house. Her room was the only room in the house where you could see out of the window. Her room was the only clean room in the house. The rest of the house blocked off all light from the outside, and the rest of the house had dust and dirt everywhere. Luke decided to go on his way, but wondered why Bray neglected the rest of the house. Bray had been the only one inside Abigail's room. He spoke to her as she looked around her room. "I made sure everything was the way you remembered it... In case you ever returned to us." She smiled at this. "Everything is how I remember it... It's so clean." "I always made sure that your room was clean. The only reason why Luke didn't want you to come in here is because I had never let anyone else come in here. The only time I came in here was to clean, but I always made sure to put everything back where I found it. No one else is allowed in this room because it has always been your room. It wouldn't feel right to let anyone else stay in here. I always hoped that one day you would return to us." "Well I did notice when we first got here that everything else seemed different. My room is the only room that is the way I remembered it. What happened to the rest of the house?" "Losing you was harder on me than you think Abby, I could only bring myself to clean your room because I know that is how you would have wanted it. Now that you have returned to us, I suppose that when I have more time I could clean up the rest of the house." "Well... I did like my room clean, but even when I lived here before I wouldn't really clean the rest of the house. You make it seem like I'm some sort of clean freak. I'm not afraid of germs you know, we did grow up playing around in the mud." Bray laughed at this. "So we did..." "It would probably just be weird to clean the house now, you have things in a certain place, if you cleaned up and moved things, you would probably go crazy and forget where you put everything. Just leave everything stay the way you're used to having things." One thing Abigail remembered before she died was Luke, Erick, and Braun staying there. There wasn't really a reason, they were all just really good friends at the time, almost like family. She knew they stuck by Bray in the ring, but was surprised that Luke was still around. "So Luke is still around... What about Erick and Braun?" "They're outside... They still stay here. It got very lonely without you Abigail, I decided to let them stay... They are my brothers. Things are a bit different now... In your past life, you had everything figured out, and now... Things just seem so uncertain, but it's like I told you before, we are all here for you. You already saw Luke... Erick and Braun saw you that day at the arena, but I think they would be happy to see you again. They are outside doing yard work, that is just something they do on their own just to have something to do." Abigail follows Bray outside and to the back yard where Erick was cutting wood for a fire, and Braun was picking up large pieces of metal that had been laying in the yard from a shed that had blown over years ago in a storm. Not much damage had been done to the house, but the shed was smaller and had blown over into several pieces. Braun and Erick seemed to know that Bray was out there and stopped what they were doing. "Everything is fine boys, you're both doing a great job. I wanted to ask you boys if you recognize her." Erick stayed quiet like he was trying to think, but Braun seemed to remember. "Isn't she that girl we met at the arena?" "Well yes, but really she is someone else completely, someone we're actually familiar with. We all grew up with her." Erick smiled and looked at her. "Abigail?" "Yes! She is Abigail, just in a different form. I always had a feeling that her spirit was still on this earth and I was right. Here... She is the spirit of Abigail, just in a new form. I knew that some day she would return to us, now here she is, back where she belongs." Erick and Braun both stopped what they were doing and went up to hug her. She laughed as they did this. "It's good to see you guys too." Erick was especially happy to see her because her and Bray were really the only people that ever stood up for him. Erick had been friends with Bray the longest, but soon became friends with Abigail once she stood up to Luke and Braun when they were kids. Once they all became friends, there was a time when there was someone she couldn't stand up to and was hit in the face. Braun had actually admired the way that she stood up to him and Luke. Once he found out Abigail was being bullied, he actually stood up for her and beat up the guy that had bullied her. The Wyatt Family really started at a young age. With Abigail, Bray, Luke, Braun, and Erick, nobody really messed with them again. They weren't really bullies, they just looked out for each other. This of course was when Bray was allowed to return home and before Abigail's death. While they were all getting to know each other again, Luke watched from a distance. He didn't want to seem so negative, but he didn't exactly believe that she was really Abigail yet. Once it came time for supper, most of them were talking, laughing, and enjoying their meal. Luke noticed how different things seemed with her here. All of this laughter and conversation was something he wasn't used to. Most of the time, they would sit and eat in silence and never really spoke to each other about anything. Bray noticed how quiet Luke was being. "Luke...you haven't really said a word. This is a time of happiness again, Abigail has returned to us." Luke took a sip of his drink, he didn't really show any emotion, but spoke briefly. "That's great... Excuse me... I need to go out for some air." No one really said anything, but Abigail wondered if maybe she had upset him somehow. She looked at Bray with a look of concern. "I wouldn't worry about him... He has always been the most quiet out of all of us... Strangely enough, Erick was the most quiet as a kid, now it is Luke. Then again, there does seem to be this change in attitude." "Maybe I should go talk to him." "Go ahead." Abigail left the table and went out the door. Bray wasn't the only one affected by Abigail's death. They had all become great friends, Luke and Abigail were always together, then when she died, it felt like a part of himself had died with her. Now he was supposed to believe that this newcomer had the spirit of Abigail inside of her. Abigail came out and saw Luke on the porch. He turned around when he heard the door again, and that was when he saw her. "Luke... Can I talk to you?" He was quite for a moment as he looked at her. She didn't look that different from the original Abigail. "Sure." "I couldn't help but notice that you seem to have a different attitude about me being here. Have I upset you somehow?" "No... Why do you ask?" "Because... Everyone else seems excited about me being here, they won't stop talking to me, but you... I get the feeling that you don't want me here. I wonder if I have upset you in some way, you haven't really said anything at all. If I have upset you somehow, I'm sorry." "You haven't upset me." "Then what is it?... Please talk to me Luke, we used to be best friends." "I don't know if I believe that... Everyone else seems to believe that you are Abigail back to life... I'm sorry... I don't know if I believe you." Luke had a certain harsh tone when he spoke, and it seemed to hurt her feelings. She ran back inside and the door slammed getting the attention of Bray and everyone else at the table. She didn't go back to the table, instead she went up to her room and closed the door before laying on her bed. Luke didn't realize the harshness in his voice and didn't think twice. Abigail was a bit upset, everyone else seemed to believe her, but Luke... He had been her best friend in the world when they were growing up. He was the only one that didn't believe her. That seemed to bother her more than anything else. Luke's tone made it sound like he didn't want her there. Bray noticed that Abigail seemed upset, he would let her calm down, and talk to her later. He wanted to know what Luke said to her that got her so upset. He had already finished eating and had left the table to go outside and join Luke. Luke could tell that Bray was not happy. "Luke... Would you care to share with me what it was you said that has Abigail all upset?" (To be continued. I hope that everyone enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reading. Review.)
  9. Sister of The Shield Chapter Thirty Eight It had been three weeks since Seth came back to WWE, there had been no issues out of Seth whatsoever, and Emily and Bray were still going strong. Roman, Bray, and Dean all took turns watching over Emily, but they would do it secretly so that they wouldn't get in Emily's space. Seth was kind of laying low, he avoided the medical room altogether, the only time anyone really saw Seth was in a match or during a backstage interview. If truth be told, Seth was tired of looking over shoulder thinking Roman, Dean, or Bray would get him. He wanted to settle things with Emily once and for all. He knew that Emily was also probably still afraid of him. How would Seth ever get to talk to Emily alone if Roman, Dean, and Bray were always around? Roman and Dean happened to have a tag team match together and Bray had a match directly after this and had to go warm up for it. Emily was busy watching Dean and Roman on the screen when Seth interrupted her. "Emily..." Emily turned her attention to the voice at the doorway and her eyes widened in fear once she saw him. "Get the hell out of here... Don't come near me." "Emily relax, I'm not here to hurt you, I just want to talk to you." "Oh wow... Why don't I believe that?!" "Ok fine... If it make you feel any better, I'll stay over here by the doorway." "You've got a lot of nerve showing up here after what you did to me!" "I needed to talk to you. This may be my only chance." "I'm not interested in anything you have to say. The best thing you can do is leave and never return... Don't come to talk to me... Don't come to look at me, don't even think about me!" "I want you to know that I've changed Emily... To finally understand the hell you've been through, I had to go through hell myself... I know you're tired of looking over your shoulder for me, and I'm tired of looking over my shoulder for Roman, Dean, or Bray... I wanted to come here to settle things between us once and for all... To make peace with you, and to ask for your forgiveness." "Forgiveness?!... After you raped me, and after all the hell you've put me through for the last few months... You expect for me to forgive you?!" "No I don't... I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I thought that I would ask you anyway... I can't make up for what I've done to you, but I wanted you to know that before I snapped... Now I've lost you to Bray... The better man won. There was a brief moment where I really did love you. I just let my pride and ego get in the way." "Don't lie to me!... You never gave a damn about me! What are you doing, trying to win me back? It's never going to happen. I'm happy with Bray.. Happier than I've been with anyone else. I've moved on Seth... There was a time when I thought I loved you and I was hurt when I found out that you cheated on me, but I'm over it... I'm over you Seth. You ask me for my forgiveness... I don't know if you are truly sorry for everything you've done. Even at some point that I do forgive you... It's not going to be easy, and it's not going to be right away. You raped me Seth! Not only that, but you also tried to kill me. You had a tight grip around my throat so that I couldn't breathe... This hasn't just effected me mentally but physically too. I've had nightmares... Like having to re-live it over and over again... I can't... I can't..." Just having Seth around her was freaking her out, she was having a hard time breathing, and Seth came over to check on her, but this just made things worse. "Get away from me!" Raw had went to a commercial break, Dean and Roman were finished with their match, and Bray was about to go to the entrance area for his match. He thought that he would check up on Emily one more time before his match. He had heard Emily yelling and went running. Seth had started making his way over to Emily to help when she told him to get away. Bray saw Seth and started running towards him. "Hey!" Once Seth saw Bray he stared freaking out and ran around the medical table. He already had a match for the night and made a run for the parking lot. Seth knew that it probably was best to just leave Emily alone. Bray tried to catch Seth, but Seth was much faster and got away. He also remembered that Emily was freaking out. She felt at her throat as she coughed and struggled to breathe. Emily had mentioned that she wasn't just different mentally, but now also physically because of Seth. Emily had never had asthma, but after her first panic attack, she went to the doctor and they told her that it probably would be a good idea to put her on an inhaler when she had her panic attacks. She had only had one other panic attack and that was when she woke up from a nightmare. Bray ran over to a table and quickly grabbed her inhaler and handed it to her. Dean and Roman came in the room and weren't sure what was going on, but they had worried looks on her faces. Bray held Emily and said something to her. "Emily!... Your inhaler!... You need your inhaler! Breathe!... Slow down your breathing... Slow deep breaths." Emily pressed the button on her inhaler and also did what Bray said. After about a minute her breathing had slowed down and almost returned to normal. A guy that was in charge of the show had come looking for Bray. "Bray! You're on in thirty seconds! Get to the entrance area now!" Bray looked at Emily with concern and then to Dean and Roman. Roman wrapped his arms around his sister and hugged her. "We've got her Bray, go on." Bray then followed the guy to the entrance area and Bray made it there just in time for his match. Bray was supposed to be the master of mind games, but his mind wasn't focused on the match at all, he was worried about Emily. Meanwhile back in the medical room, Roman was hugging Emily to calm her down, finally her breathing had returned back to normal. "What's going on Emily?" "I had a panic attack... The only other times I've has one was in the court room and when I woke up from a nightmare. I... Never had panic attacks before, or needed an inhaler, until Seth came along... I just keep having flashbacks of Seth raping me, he had his hand around my throat and I couldn't breathe... I'm just glad Bray and you guys showed up when you did." "Yeah... Bray got to you first... I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was a really good thing that he was around." "Before Bray came along, Seth came by." "Oh man... We were in a match, and Bray was probably getting ready for his match, we should have planned this more. If I had been here, none of this would have ever happened. If I had been around, Seth never would have even raped you. I'm so sorry for everything that's happened to you, and for not being there for you." "It's not your fault Roman, you were out with an injury, how was anyone supposed to know what was going to happen?" "Well someone should have been here for you a few minutes ago... Seth should not have even come by here. What happened, what did he do?" "He actually didn't do anything... He was just talking to me, but I didn't want to see him and started freaking out. He said that he didn't come by to hurt me and that all he wanted to do was talk to me... There was something different about him... I don't know if he's a different man, but he had a different look in his eye, he asked me for forgiveness. It was like he came by to offer some kind of truce... He knows that I'm still afraid of him, and he's afraid of you, Dean, and Bray. He says that he's tired of looking over his shoulder thinking that you guys will attack him. It was like he actually felt guilty for everything he's done, he told me that there was a brief moment that he did love me. It was like he was apologizing to me and that he wanted me back and he thought that I still had feelings for him and that I would take him back. I wasn't buying it, I thought, that was his way of getting me to let my guard down. I told him that there was a time that I loved him and that I was hurt when he cheated on me, but I got over it, I got over him and moved on. I told Seth that it would be best for him to leave. I told him that if I ever did forgive him that it wouldn't be easy and that it wouldn't be right away. I then started telling him about everything that he's caused. I told him about my panic attacks and nightmares. That was when I started having a panic attack and couldn't breathe. I told him to get away from me, but what was weird was that he seemed to have this look of concern like he wanted to help me. This was when Bray showed up and Seth ran off." "Well I'm just glad that you're ok. If Seth had been here to hurt you and you had a panic attack with no one around, things could have been a lot worse." "I just think that it's kind of ironic... I'm the nurse... I'm supposed to be here to help everyone else, but I was the one that needed help. I know Bray had to leave for his match, so thank you guys for being here." "No problem... That's what family is all about, being there for each other." Bray's match had ended, he won quickly because he wanted to check on Emily. She told Bray the same thing she told Dean and Roman. Emily had been traveling with Bray, but now that Roman was back, she wanted to sometimes travel with him to stay close to him. Bray had only been around the first time Emily had a panic attack and then when this one happened. He wondered how many Emily has had since her first one, and how many times she's had to deal with it alone. The weekend arrived, Emily finally went home with Roman to see her family. Roman's dad was already grilling out, while Emily was busy unpacking, a few minutes later, Bray pulled in, Roman had invited him. Roman wanted to surprise Emily, he wanted to wait until Emily's biological brother and father arrived. Emily hadn't seen Bray since Raw. Emily was talking to her mom and didn't know about the surprise Roman had planned. Roman saw when Bray arrived and told him to follow him around the house to the back yard. Emily's mom was talking to her and kept her distracted as David and Matthew showed up and followed Roman around to the back yard. While her mom was busy washing dishes, Emily sent Bray a message, she even blushed and laughed a little as she sent it. "Hey Teddy Bear, what are you doing? It's been a few days since I've seen or heard from you... I miss you... I wish you were here." - Emily Bray saw the message and responded back. "Trust me Emily... I'm closer than you think Sweetheart." - Bray Emily was a bit confused at this, but was interrupted from her thoughts when Roman came in. "Hey mom... Emily, the food is ready. Emily... Just bare with me Emily." Roman came up behind her and put his hands over her eyes. "Just go with it... Trust me. Just walk forward." Roman's mom opened door and Roman helped Emily out the door and into the back yard where she smelled food. "We're almost there Emily." "Roman... Will you tell me what's going on?" "Tell you?... Why don't I just show you?" Roman moved his hands out of the way and Emily opened her eyes and had the biggest smile on her face seeing Bray, her biological family, and her adopted family together. Emily then ran to Matthew and David and hugged them. "Oh my God! I can't believe you're really here!" Matthew was the first one to speak. "This was Roman's idea. He thought that we should all be here to surprise you." "Well I'm definitely surprised." Bray looked on as Emily bonded with both her adopted and biological family. She had the biggest smile on her face. They all talked and Emily shared stories of what it was like growing up with Roman. It warmed Bray's heart to see Emily smiling and laughing, he had been very quiet so that Emily could have time with her family, but honestly, he was nervous because he would still have to talk to Emily's adopted and biological father about marrying Emily. Emily noticed that Bray was being unusually quiet, but she didn't question him, she thought that he was just giving her space so that she could spend time with her family. Bray was waiting patiently for the right moment to talk to her adopted and biological fathers, he finally got his chance when Emily had to go to the bath room. He sat down with both of them. He spoke to David first. "I wanted to talk to you about Emily... You are her biological father... Every father, if he has a daughter one day one day meets a man that wants to marry his daughter. I wanted to ask you, and Roman's dad for your permission, and your blessing to one day marry your daughter." "Matthew told me that you were there for her at the courthouse. He said that you and Emily were pretty much inseparable at the courthouse, that you were her shoulder to cry on. I have only recently met Emily, I don't really think that I have a say in this, but if you've been there for Emily and she's happy, then I say yes." Bray looked over at Roman's dad. Roman and Bray had never really gotten along, and Roman would always joke around with his dad about Bray, but this was before Emily and Bray started dating and ever since then, Roman has gained more respect for Bray for looking after his sister. Roman's dad would be a different story, there was no telling whether he liked Bray or not. Bray then started talking to Roman's dad. "I also wanted to ask you about marrying Emily... she's known you pretty much all of her life, you've raised her right and she's become the smart, beautiful, and caring young woman that I'm in love with. I ask you for your permission and blessing to marry Emily." Roman's dad was quiet for a moment as he looked at Bray. "I've heard a lot about you, but from what I can see... everything I've heard about you being crazy is wrong. When I imagined Emily getting married, I didn't exactly see her marrying someone that most people see as a crazy, bearded country boy, but every time Emily comes home, she won't stop talking about you. Even though you're not physically the type of man I thought would want to marry my daughter, you're a man of great character. You respect Emily and you were raised with the same gentleman rules that I was raised with. Emily is happy with you, and I feel like she would be safe with you. I wanted to thank you for watching over my daughter... I'll tell you one thing... I think you you'll make a better husband than Seth would have." That was all Bray needed to hear. They had to quickly start talking about something else because Emily came out. Emily came back out and heard Bray talking about BBQ tips. "Oh hey Emily... I was just sharing a few tips about something different that can be done at your next family grill out." Roman's dad went along with it. "I've always done BBQ the way I learned it, but I'll try what you suggested next time and see how it tastes next time." Emily looked around, she saw Roman and Matthew talking like there were old friends and David was talking to Roman's dad. Bray started talking to Roman's mom, he felt a great sense of relief now that he talked to Emily's adopted and biological fathers and got their permission and blessing to marry her. This was what Emily had always dreamed of, having a family there that loved her, both her adopted family, as well as her biological family. David then came over to Emily and hugged her. "I may not have known you as long as everyone else here, but I just wanted to say that I love you and that I'm so proud of the woman you've grown up to be. You mom is looking down at you from heaven right now... She's proud of you too and would want you to know that she loves you." "Thanks dad. I love you too. Now that we're together, I don't ever want to be separated again." "I know that I can't make up for all of the things I've missed out on, but I'll spend as much time with you as I can for the rest of the time I have left... You know... You were adopted by some amazing people. I just wonder if I could have raised you even half as well as they raised you. You're just... So much like your mom. You're so beautiful. Look at Matthew and Roman... They're like friends... Or even like brothers already." This is what Emily hoped for. Not only to get close to her biological brother and father, but for them to get along with Roman and his family. Emily had remembered everything that Bray said about things turning around for the better. She turned around and smiled as Bray made his way over to her and held her hand. Later on Matther, David, and Bray would have to leave, but she was thankful for the surprise that Roman put together for her. This would be a day that she would remember for a long time. (To be continued.)
  10. Someone Special Chapter Forty Three When Melody came into the room she pretty much ran to him and clung onto him. She was being gentle and held onto the upper part of his body avoiding the rib area as she hugged him. She was crying hard as she held onto him. Roman tried to joke about the situation. "It's ok Melody, I'll be ok... I'm not dying." Even though he was joking Melody still continued to cry. She didn't find it funny at all. "Don't joke about this... It may not be a big deal to you, but it's serious to me... You could have died... I thought you were going to die." Roman could tell that Melody was still upset and he held her close and kissed her. "I'll be ok Melody, I promise. It still hurts like hell, but I'll survive." "I didn't even know what happened... I didn't see you come back out. The guy pointed his gun at me. I tried to make it back around the corner and go back into the bathroom to call the police, but he saw me. When he was busy with the cashier I panicked and ran when he had his back turned. The next thing I knew I heard a gun shot and when I turned around you were on the ground... You... you could have died trying to save me." "I love you Melody... It would have been worth it. If I had to die to save you... I would... because I love you and because you're worth dying for." Roman took his thumb and wiped away the last of her tears and saw her smile at him before she kissed him. "I love you too Roman... I just wish there was a way for me to make it up to you... You've always been there for me." "And I always will be. You don't have to make it up to me... Love isn't about getting even, it's about loving someone so much that you don't want to live without them, or can't live without them. Love is self sacrificing and asking for nothing in return... except maybe love from the other person... I don't want to live without you... I can't live without you." "And I can't live without you Roman... which is why I was so upset when you were joking about dying." "I know... but I really would die for you if I had to." "And I would for you." "No... I wouldn't let you Melody... It's not supposed to be that way." "Roman... I know you were probably raised to think that way, but I think it goes both ways... You would die for me, I would die for you." Roman was quiet, he didn't want to argue with Melody over this. He couldn't let Melody sacrifice herself for him, it was supposed to be the other way around. "I just feel... like I'm the one that should be in that hospital bed, not you." "Oh... I see, you feel guilty." "I do... the guy was going to shoot me, but you stepped in and took my place. It's just... no one has ever sacrificed themselves like that... no one has ever cared or loved me that much." "Actually Melody... I think there is someone else that's sacrificed themselves for you..." "That's right... when I tried to commit suicide, Dean almost ran out in the road to save me... and now that I really think about it, someone else sacrificed himself for me... He sacrificed himself for the whole world actually. Jesus died for me too... that's self sacrifice." "It is... so Jesus did something better than I could ever do. I know you look to me like I'm some kind of hero, but really Jesus did it first." "He did. Now that I think about it, two Bible verses come to my head..." "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it." -Matthew 16:25 "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." -John 15:13 Melody smiled as Roman kissed her again. "The important thing is you're still here. I can truly thank God that I met you, I don't know what I'd do without you. I'm so grateful for all that you've done for me and that you've continued to love me." Melody had calmed down now and they had held onto each other since the moment she came in the room. A doctor came in the room to look at Roman. "Well... it looks like the bleeding has stopped, that's good, but I would avoid moving around too much for the next few days until it shows signs of healing." It didn't take long for WWE to find out what happened and Roman was told by WWE doctors that he may have to be out of action for a month and that he should go home and rest. WWE would have to make up a story that sounded believable because they didn't want the WWE Universe to know what really happened. Dean and Seth would still be on the road while Roman was out. Roman was released from the hospital and Dean had to drive him and Melody to the airport. Roman was in a lot of pain as he sat on the six hour flight. Once they landed Melody had her mom come and pick them up. She told her mom what happened and Melody's mom gained a little more respect for Roman for saving her daughter. Roman had a hard time getting in and out of her mom's car, moving around in general hurt a lot. You couldn't really see it because of his dark shirt, but the area around his ribs had started bleeding. Once her mom left Melody had to help him into the house. Once he got to his bedroom, he took off his shirt and they saw where his bandages were soaked with blood and how blood was running down his body. Melody decided that she wanted to help him as much as she could. "Here Roman... let me help." "No it's ok... I've got this..." "Roman Reigns!... Stop being so stubborn! If you don't sit down right now..." Roman looked at her, he was surprised by her tone of voice and sat down in a chair. "I know you're a man and you like doing things on your own, but will you please stop being so damn stubborn?! The doctor said for you to take it easy and to not be moving around too much. So do you know what that means?" "No... what does that mean?" "It means that for the next few weeks, or however long it takes, you're going to lay in bed and rest while I take care of you." "You know I can't do that." "I don't care how stubborn you are, you don't have a choice Roman... if you don't lay in bed and rest, you don't get any kisses." "Oh now that's just cruel... You're bluffing, you can't go without kissing me." "I've done that for months while you've been on the road." "Yeah, but I meant while I'm here... You can't go without kissing me while I'm here." Roman goes to kiss her, but she steps back and doesn't let him kiss her. "Try me..." Oh come on... that's not fair." "All you have to do is lay in bed and rest ok... it's not that hard. If you do that and heal up, then I won't have to not kiss you." Roman rolled his eyes and finally went along with her. "Fine... I'll go lay down." "Well hang on, I need to get you cleaned up and re-bandaged." Melody went into the bathroom and brought out a first aid kit. Roman still sat in the chair feeling annoyed and slightly embarrassed that Melody was doing everything for him. Melody came over to him and put the first aid kit and she warned him ahead of time. "You're probably not going to like this, but I need to clean your wound." Roman didn't say anything, he watched what Melody was doing. She took an alcohol pad and cleaned the area around the wound first since he was bleeding. Then she got to the actual wound. She tried to be as careful as she could, but Roman winced when she got to the wound and balled up his hands into a fist. Melody put a hand on his arm. "Easy big guy..." Melody cleaned off a lot of the blood and then took out the white, soft, gauze bandage. "I'm just going to wrap you up and then I'll be done ok." As Melody was wrapping him up, she couldn't help but start touching the shirtless part of his body. She was being slow and gentle to make sure that she didn't hurt him. The best way to wrap him up was by wrapping the gauze all around his back and ribs. She finished wrapping him up and put the tape on the bandage to make sure that it stayed in place. As she finished she started running her hand down his arm admiring his tattooed arm and part of his chest. "Ok... you're all wrapped up." She blushed as he noticed her looking at his shirtless body. "Hey... Only the side of my ribs are hurt... not my chest or my arm." Melody laughed a little. "Ok you caught me staring, but I can't help it... you're God's gift to women. You're just... perfect." Roman held up his hand and did little air quotes. "The definition of sexy if I remember correctly." Melody laughed and blushed even harder. "Yeah... I did say that." Roman goes to kiss her, but she still backed up. "Hey wait a minute... I said you had to lay down and rest before I kissed you." "Aw come on... please?" "Well... how about I kiss you then you go lay down?" "That could work." Melody gave him a kiss and then they both went to go lay down for a while. They spent most of they day laying together holding each other, kissing, and watching movies together. Roman had to admit, just laying around wasn't too bad, especially if he had Melody by his side. With Melody threatening not to kiss him, he decided to stay in bed until he healed up. Roman had decided that he would vacate the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He was out for a month and he thought that the WWE Universe deserved a fighting champion. A month goes by and he can finally return to action. They were on their way to New York where Roman would be making his return on Raw. Melody still felt bad about him having to give up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but it didn't seem to bother him that much. "You know you didn't have to give up the Championship." "Well what kind of champion would I be if I just sat at home with it? There are people like Dean... or Seth that work hard and deserve a chance to be champion... it wouldn't be fair to just hold onto it and not defend it." "Yeah, but at the same time it doesn't feel right for you to lose it this way. I'm sorry that all of this happened." "Don't apologize... this wasn't your fault... When I saw that guy pointing a gun at you... that Championship was the last thing on my mind." "Well we're back now... you could always win it back." "Oh at some point I will win it back... and you can Believe That!" At that point they met up with Dean and Seth and started traveling together as The Shield again. Dean came up to him and gave him a fist bump. "Hey Roman, all healed up?" "Yes. All healed up and ready to get back into the ring." "Hey Melody, how is it going?" "Pretty good. I just spent a month playing nurse so it's good to be traveling with you guys again." Melody stayed backstage as The Shield had a match, there were no issues with The Wyatt Family. It seemed like Bray really was done with her, he hadn't bothered her since she saw him with Summer Rae. She was glad that Bray was leaving her alone, and she was glad that Summer was leaving Roman alone. It was actually really cold backstage and Melody was tired and ready to go. Finally once the main event ended, and The Shield shook hands with fans and signed a few autographs they left and went to the hotel they were staying at. When Roman and Melody got to their hotel room, Melody changed into her pajamas and covered up under the blankets as she waited for Roman to get out of the shower. Once he was done, he came into the room, got into the bed and snuggled up close to Melody to warm her up. "You're still cold?" "Yeah... it's really cold in here. Not only do you keep me safe, but a lot of times you keep me warm too." Roman looked into her eyes and kissed her forehead. "Don't you just love moments like this Melody? When we're close to each other like this?" "Yeah. This is my favorite part of being with you... being close to you, being able to kiss you, having you hold me close as I fall asleep." "So Melody... The Fourth of July is coming up soon... WWE is looking for someone that would be willing to sing the National Anthem. With you being a music teacher and with you being the amazing singer that you are, I thought I'd ask you." "Me... singing the National Anthem in front of a live WWE crowd and in front of thousands of people, and millions watching at home?" "I think you would be great, you have a beautiful singing voice Melody. I'm not saying you have to, I'm just asking you if you would be interested in doing it." "I don't know... I've sang in front of people before... at a bar, but now we're talking about thousands, or millions of people watching me. I don't want to embarrass myself. I don't know if I could do it." "I know you can do it Melody, but you don't have to do it." "But... I think I do want to do it." "You do?" "Yeah. I want to be confident in front of people. If I can do this in front of thousands and millions of people, then I can do anything." "That's what I like to hear. So are you saying you will do it?" "Yes... I'll do it." Before Melody knew it, the Fourth of July came around. Roman had made it official and now Melody had permission to sing the National Anthem for the WWE. Roman could tell that Melody was really nervous. They were backstage and he gave her a kiss and rubbed her back to help calm her down. Over the last month or so what she didn't know was that Roman had been planning something for her. He held her hand and tried to calm her down. "You'll do great out there Babygirl. I'm going to come out with you." Finally the time came and Roman held her hand as they made their way out to the ring. Roman actually came out through the ramp entrance to keep people away from Melody. Once they got to the ring, Roman sat down on one of the ropes and pushed it down making it easier for Melody to get in the ring. Roman had a mic and he had a few things to say. "Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we have someone special here with us. She is a music teacher from Pensacola Florida..." The crowd started cheering a bit. Roman then continued. "Yeah... let's hear it for her. Where would we be without our teachers, our music teachers? Well we would be living in a pretty boring world. So tonight she decided that she wanted to pay tribute to all of the men that have fought and died for out freedom." The crowd cheered even louder now. Melody smiled and she could feel the energy from the crowd. Once they died down a bit Roman continued. "So she's here to sing our National Anthem. Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce... the Lovely and Talented... Melody Shores!" The crowd cheered, clapped and welcomed her. This lasted for a few second until there was a drum roll that signaled her to start. She was nervous, but smiled anyway as she sang the song that she was the most familiar with. As she got to certain paused in the song, the crowd would cheer a little, but they cheered the most when she finished. They cheered and clapped, Melody looked around and saw everyone on their feet. She looked back at Roman who was clapping and cheering too and smiled. This moment was unbelievable, and one that she would never forget. As she made her way backstage she saw a bunch of other WWE Superstars and Divas clapping for her. Finally she got to Dean and Seth, they both hugged her along with Roman and they all said how proud of her they were. The Shield would have a match later that night against The Wyatt Family. Melody watched backstage, there were no issues with Bray. In fact, Bray still seemed content with Summer Rae. It was a hard fought match between both teams, this was the main event of the night. The Shield ended up winning when Roman speared Bray and about broke his ribs. Once The Shield won, their theme music hit, but there were a bunch of fireworks that went off celebrating the Fourth of July. Since it was so late, Roman promised Melody that they would do something the next day. (To be continued. Thanks for reading. Review.)
  11. Sister of The Shield Chapter Thirty Seven Everything that took place after the court case only happened within twenty four hours. The court case was early in the morning and Dean and Bray had their plan of revenge later that night. Roman had been arrested for going after Seth and Emily's brother Matthew had to do what he could to get him out. Roman had spent the night in a jail cell, but was released the next day. Bray had told Emily about the plan that he and Dean came up with against Seth. Once Roman was released from jail, Matthew was there to talk to him. "Hey... Roman is it?" "Yeah, you were there yesterday for the court case. I forget your name." "Matthew Thomas, I'm Emily's biological brother." "Oh that's right, we met briefly yesterday. I kind of lost my cool yesterday and went after Seth. I know he raped Emily... I know it. The judge says that there wasn't enough evidence to prove it, but when Seth was talking to Emily, I couldn't hear what he was saying, but I read his lips, I could tell exactly what he was saying." "What did he say?" "He said he would have to fake an injury just to see her again and be alone with her. He said he couldn't wait to get her alone so that she could scream and struggle as he fucked her again. I know the last words he said was... so he could fuck her again, meaning he raped her. I knowhe raped her because Emily said it herself... she never had sex before... she was a virgin until Seth came along. Emily didn't want to have sex, Seth raped her. I don't know if she ever would have wanted to, but I think she wanted to wait until marriage. I was just so shocked when I found out because Seth was in The Shield and we were close like brothers, I don't know about any of his other past relationships, but I think something just snapped in Seth's mind. Just the thought of what he did to her makes my blood boil, Seth was lucky that he got out of there alive." "I understand... if I would have known what Seth said to her, I would have done the same thing. I did what I could, but couldn't get you out until today." "It's fine, thanks for the help." "No problem..." They were both quiet for a minute as they walked out of the police station. Matthew spoke up again. "So... my dad and I have only recently met Emily, I don't really know much about her, and you've known her your whole life. What can you tell me about her?" "She loves helping people, she's a nurse for WWE, she has a very caring heart, as she grew up, especially in her teenage years, she's felt like she didn't belong in our family. We've always loved her and cared for her like she was part of our biological family, but I guess not seeing her real family, and going through several bad breakups in high school and now more recent, I guess she's afraid of being abandoned. With everything that's happened recently, I'm really worried about her, I think all of this has caused her to have some kind of depression, she tried to take her life after Seth raped her. Dean and I are close like brothers and he likes to look after her too. The Shield... Dean, Seth and I... it wasn't just a group name in WWE, it was like a brotherhood, and we always called Emily The Sister of The Shield because she was always there. She got along with Dean, but didn't really know much about Seth. So... because I was always protective of her in her past relationships, she kind of kept her relationship with Seth a secret from me. I don't know how long they dated, but I would guess less than a month, then Seth turned on The Shield and became The Authority's Golden Boy. Then there was all of this trouble between Emily, Seth, and Bray. I've never liked Bray, and Bray is Emily's current boyfriend. I don't really like Bray, but he's been there for Emily so I respect him, he's really not that bad of a guy.I hope that Bray knows... if he hurts Emily, not only will he have to deal with me, but also Dean and the rest of my family." "Now that I've seen Emily again, I want to kind of keep in touch with her. She feels like my dad abandoned her when our mom was pregnant, but he only left because our mom had cancer and he couldn't stand around to watch her die. Our mom had Emily and tried her best to take care of her for as long as she could, but sent me to live with my dad and sent Emily to live at a orphanage because she didn't think my dad would have taken care of her. I know you and your family are close to Emily, but I would like to have her spend some more time with me and my dad. We can't really make up for the years that we've lost, but we want to spend as much time with her as we can and try to be a family." "I don't have a problem with that at all, Emily deserves to know her real family." "I just wonder... if Emily ever does get married... would she want your dad or my dad to walk her down the aisle?" "I think... now that she knows who her real dad is, she would want your dad to walk her down the aisle if she ever gets married." "I was five years old when our mom sent Emily to the orphanage, I thought I would never see her again, I would tell my dad that I had a sister, but he thought I was talking about an imaginary friend. He never knew about Emily, and never met her until about a month ago. I haven't been there for her, I just wanted to say thank you for watching out for my sister for all of these years." Matthew shook Roman's hand as he said this. "No problem... it's like I said before, I've alwaysseen her as my real sister, we're family, and families look after each other." "I wonder what Emily would think right now if she saw us together? It might take her some getting used to seeing me and my dad after she's been with you and your family for so long, but I think that in time she will see all of us as family." Roman laughed as he had an idea. "You know... nothing really brings people together quite like food. I say that you and your dad come down to Pensacola sometime and we can all get to know each other. I think Emily would like that, but I think it should be a surprise. So here in a few weeks or so, I think that we should set up a surprise grill out for Emily." "Ok cool. We'll stay in touch." Roman left and they went their separate ways. The next night, Emily was in the medical room, Bray was there with her, but Roman had finally come back, he saw Bray with Emily, he came into the room and spoke to Bray. "Bray... we need to talk." Bray looked at Emily. "Do you think you'll be ok on your own for a few minutes?" "I'll be ok." Bray left Emily to go talk to Roman. She would be lying if she said that she wasn't nervous with Seth back in WWE. She was watching a match on the screen as Seth was walking by. He was on his way to catering when he saw Emily, for a brief moment, he had a sick smile on his face. There was no one around and he could have done whatever he wanted, but he thought twice. Someone was probably watching and he remembered everything that happened to him at the hands of Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family. Bray had made Seth feel guilty for what happened, he threatened Seth with his life. Seth then quickly walked past the medical room, he decided that it wasn't worth the risk in trying to get to Emily again. Not with Bray, Dean, and now Roman back. He quickly ran past the medical room and ran to catering hoping that Bray, Dean, or Roman wasn't following him. Dean actually had just arrived when he saw Seth running down the hallway. There was probably a reason why Seth was running and Dean started freaking out. Did Seth get to Emily? He then quickly made his way to the medical room and scared Emily once he got to the doorway. "Oh my God!... Dean!... You scared the hell out of me! I thought you were someone else... I thought you were Seth." "No... Sorry. I actually just saw Seth go by here. I saw him running and I started freaking out a little. I was thinking maybe Seth got to you. Where's Bray?" "He left because he went to go talk to Roman." "That wasn't a good idea... Seth just went by here and could have got to you." "But you said he ran by here?" "Yeah... maybe he saw me and thought I was after him." It was quiet in the room for a second until Emily spoke up again. "Bray told me what you guys did to Seth. You didn't have to do that, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for what you did for me then, and thank you for being here right now." "No problem. Seth deserved everything that happened to him. He's lucky to be alive... if Seth tries anything, he's as good as dead, after all, you have me, Bray, and now Roman is back. Seth would be stupid to try anything now, also, I think Triple H and Stephanie are keeping their eyes on him too. You're not alone Emily." As Dean was talking to Emily, Roman was talking to Bray. "I needed to talk to you Bray." "I get it man... I see the look in your eyes, you don't like the fact that Emily and I are dating." "I'm not happy about it... but this isn't about that... Emily is happy, from what I've seen, you treat her right, definitely better than all the other scumbags she's been with. Even though I haven't ever really liked you that much, you're actually not that bad of a guy... I respect you, as long as you treat Emily right. But... if you ever hurt Emily... I won't hesitate to snap your neck." "That won't happen... I would never hurt Emily... People throw around these words all the time and not really mean it, but I wanted to be absolutely sure of this before I say it. I haven't told her yet, but I think she already knows that I would do anything for her... and I truly mean this when I say... I'm in love with her. I will tell her when the time is right. Emily told me that she met her biological father, I'm just a little confused... When... not if... when I want to marry Emily, do I ask her biological father, or do I ask your father?" "Well... that's a little hard for me to answer... but here in a few weeks, I plan on inviting Emily's brother Matthew and her biological father to a grill out. The best way for you to figure this out would be by talking to my father and Emily's father. You seem so sure that you will marry Emily, but here's a question for you Bray... what if they don't accept you?... What if they say no?" Roman left as Bray had to think about this. "I know I'm supposed to ask Emily's father for his permission and his blessing for me to marry her, but I'm not exactly sure if I should ask her biological father or Roman's father. I also haven't thought much about the answer being no, or if when I ask her, she says no. Most of the time, you would expect the answer to be yes, but there is always the chance that the answer could be no. She may not love me the same way that I love her... I just don't know... what can I do if the answer is no? I must not worry about that right now... I really would do anything for Emily... she needs... she deserves someone that will always be there for her.Things happened too fast between her and Seth. I've been with Emily for about two months now, I may be taking things too fast, but I really believe that one day... I will marry her.Things went too fast between Emily and Seth, and the words I Love You were thrown around, but in Seth's case, they meant nothing, he doesn't know what love is. When do you really truly know that you're in love with someone?It's not something that you can control, it just happens... I know this without a doubt in my mind... I'm in love with Emily. I will tell her when the time is right, with everything that's been going on, now is not the best time to tell her. She still needs time to heal mentally, and emotionally over everything that has happened, and not just with Seth... I'm in love with Emily, and I hope that someday... I will marry her. As of tonight however, I think that after Raw, I need to do something special for Emily, it is Valentines Day after all." Emily didn't know exactly what was going on, but was surprised when the pulled into a parking lot. She then realized that this was their first Valentines Day date together, they were going to have a romantic Valentines Day dinner together. Since it was so late, there weren't many people around so everything was quiet except for the soft romantic music playing in the background. It was mainly dark in the restaurant, on every table, there were two candles and a single red rose. It was dark, but there was enough light at the table to just see each other. Emily was taking it all in, for the most part, Bray was a simple man, but tonight, he was going all out. As they sat together, he held her and, brought it up to his lips and kissed it. As they waited for their food, Emily laid her head on his shoulder and listened to the music. Emily sighed happily as Bray wrapped his arm around her. She smiled and looked up at him. "Thank you for this Bray... this is amazing. This is exactly what I needed. I usually never get to celebrate Valentines Day because for some reason, I've always been single around Valentines Day. I'm just so glad that I get to spend it with you. Thank you for making this night special for me." "Anything for you Sweetheart. I was just glad that I could bring a smile to your face... If it was up to me... your smile would never leave your face." This really touched Emily's heart, and she couldn't help but blush at this. They then shared a slow, gently kiss in the candlelight setting and then later enjoyed their Valentines Day dinner. While Emily was enjoying the here and now, Bray was looking towards the future, a future that he hoped that he would be able to share with her. (To be continued.)
  12. Someone Special Chapter Forty Two Dean and Seth left the locker room so that Roman and Melody could be alone. Roman realized that he messed up, he saw how upset Melody was, she didn't say anything or look at him so he broke the silence. "Melody... I... I'm sorry... Could we please talk about this?" Melody was angry, and hurt. She wiped a tear from her face. "What is there to talk about? It's obvious that you don't trust me... or Dean... I'm tired of this Roman!... We've been together for over a year now. How can we be in a relationship if we can't communicate and trust each other?" "We can't... you're right Melody. This whole thing is on me. Communication and trust... are two things I need to work on." Melody wasn't as angry anymore and finally looked at Roman. "Why did you act the way you did? Why did you go off on me and Dean? Why would you think that we were sneaking around behind your back?" "It's just... ever since last night when you first saw Dean, all the close contact with him just bothered me for some reason. I don't mean to act the way I do." "I thought that you had something going on with Summer, but this is the second time you've thought I was messing around with someone else. This time you thought it was with Dean... Tell me why Roman... Why are you so jealous?" Roman sat down beside her and took her hand. "I don't know... I just don't like seeing you get close to any man... not even Dean. You're my girlfriend... After everything that's happened... I'm just... afraid. My worst fear isn't clowns like I said that day... my worst fear... is losing you. I don't want anyone to take you away from me. I was stupid for being jealous, I just keep messing up. You've given me a million second chances... I don't know why you put up with me. You've changed me... in a good way. There are things that I still need to work on... I do trust you Melody. All of this happened because I let my emotions get the better of me... You know me Melody, you know I have a hard time controlling my temper. That's one thing I still need help with. Look Melody... guys usually have a hard time communicating their feelings. I'm one of those guys. It's hard for a guy to admit when they're wrong. Two of the hardest things a guy has to say is I'm sorry, and I love you. I'm sorry Melody... I'm sorry for going off on you earlier and not trusting you, and I'm so sorry for hurting you. I just don't want to lose you... I can't lose you Melody. I love you! You're my whole life... my whole world." Melody had listened to everything that Roman had to say. She smiled at him and kissed him. Roman didn't expect for her to kiss him so soon, but felt her smile into the kiss and he deepened the kiss. He pulled away for a moment and looked at her. "I forgive you Roman... and I think that it's great that you're finally opening up to me about your feelings. So you're worst fear is losing me?" "Yes. I'm just so afraid that I'm going to lose you to someone else, or that you don't want to be with me. That's why I was so pissed off when I saw you with Dean." "Dean and I do have a close bond... He saved me from committing suicide so we will always have a special bond... I will always love him and Seth like brothers, but you're the only one I want to be with. I'm in love with you Roman, and only you. You really don't have a reason to be jealous. I helped you with your temper before and I'll do it again." "I'll work on communicating my feeling more... that way no one's feeling get hurt." This time Roman gave Melody a quick kiss. "So you and Dean walked out... Did you fix things with Dean?" "Yeah... he told me the same thing you did... that he sees you as a sister. He's my brother, brother's fight sometimes over the stupidest things, but we've always got each other's backs. He knows how I feel about you... he said brothers don't go behind each other's backs and try to get with their girl. When we have issues we talk about it like men." Melody laughed a little. "Then why is it so easy for you to talk to Dean, but so hard for you to talk to me?" Roman looked away for a moment and scratched the back of his neck. "Well... guys can usually talk to other guys about how they feel, but it's harder to talk to women because usually women doesn't understand how men are with their feeling." "Well... women do the same thing... they can tell other women how they feel, and they would probably do it faster with other women before they would tell other men... You know... it's a woman thing, women like to gossip and talk about all of the drama that's going on in their lives." Roman smirked and laughed a little. "Yeah... that must be a woman thing." Melody knew he was just messing around, but she playfully punched his arm anyway. "Come on Melody we should get going. We still have the whole summer ahead of us, I would like to spend some more time together alone." Melody smiled, took his hand and they walked out of the building. Dean and Seth were in the SUV and they could see Roman and Melody walking out holding hands through the mirror. Dean looked over at Seth and got his attention. "Hey look Seth... it looks like everything is ok between our two lovebirds." "So it is... That didn't take as long as I thought it would." "Good because it's about midnight and I really didn't want to sit out here for an hour or so waiting on them. I'd like to hit the road sometime tonight." "You and me both man." A few seconds later Roman and Melody get into the SUV. Dean looked back at Roman. "So is everything ok now? Is everything back to normal." "Better than normal. Come on Dean, lets get going." Once they were on the road for two hours, Dean had to stop to get gas, this was also a good time for everyone to go to the bathroom. Melody had fallen asleep on Roman's shoulder and he gently nudged her to wake her up. "Hey Babygirl... we stopped for gas and a bathroom stop." Melody yawned and stretched her arms. "Ok." Dean woke up Seth. "Hey man, we stopped for gas. Now is a good time to go to the bathroom." "Come on... Don't wake me up. If I had to go I would have went." "Well I don't want to hear anything from you thirty minutes from now because you have to go to the bathroom." "You won't... I plan on going back to sleep." Melody followed Roman into the gas station, she made her way to a bathroom and rubbed her eyes to try to wake up. She was so tired that she had been stumbling around a little when she walked. Now she was more awake and left the bathroom. She was looking around for a snack and something to drink. Since it was so late at night, The Shield was the only guys around, except for a guy that just came in. The thing about it was he didn't look too friendly. He took one look at Melody and glared at her before reaching into his pocket and pulled out a gun. She then realized that this guy planned on robbing the store. He pointed the gun at Melody first and then at the cashier. "Hey! Stay right where you are! Give me your money!" Melody slowly backed away as the guy was at the register. She wanted to try to sneak back into the bathroom to call the police. She had her phone out and she tried making her way back around the corner, but the guy looked back at her and saw her. She screamed when he pointed the gun at her. "Shut the hell up! Stop right there! Put your phone down." Melody was moving slowly and she did what he said. She put her phone down on the ground and put her hands up in the air. "Ok... you move over here with the cashier so I can see you. If you even think about running I'll kill you." Roman heard Melody scream and came out of the bathroom. The first thing he saw was a guy pointing a gun at Melody. Dean also heard Melody scream from the outside and looked inside to see what was going on. He yelled at Seth. "Seth wake up! Something is going on in there!" Seth got out of the car and looked inside the store. Melody didn't see Roman come out, she panicked, she made a move and was going to run as the guy was busy with the cashier. The cashier was busy putting money in a bag and when he heard Melody running he turned around saw her. He couldn't let anyone leave and run for the police so he was freaking out. The guy had actually never used a gun before and he fired a shot in her direction. Roman had panicked when he saw Melody start running so he started making his way over to her. He didn't know if the guy saw him or not, but when he saw the guy turn around and point the gun at Melody again he ran over to her. A shot rang out and everything seemed to stop for a minute. Melody had her back turned and she heard the gun behind her. She was still standing, she hadn't been shot. When she turned around she was terrified by what she saw. Roman fell down on his knees and clutched at his right side, then it all made sense... Roman took a bullet. A bullet that was meant for her. She screamed and knelt down beside Roman. At this point she didn't care what happened to herself, she wasn't leaving Roman. "Roman!" The guy in the store heard police sirens, dropped the gun and ran out with the bag of money. He actually didn't very far because once Dean and Seth heard the gun shot they started running towards the store. Not many people would run towards the sound of gun shots, but Dean and Seth were worried about Melody and ran towards the building. He saw Roman down on the ground and Melody beside him. Dean caught a glimpse of what the guy looked like so when the guy tried to run away Dean tackled him down to the ground and started punching him in the face. "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" As much as Seth wanted to join in on kicking the guy's ass he thought Dean was doing a good job of that and that he needed to check on Melody and Roman. Seth came in and saw Roman laying down on the ground, he had been shot on the right side around his ribs. He was having a hard time breathing, and he was in a lot of pain. Melody was crying and screaming things as she knelt down beside him. "Roman!... Roman! Look at me ok! Look at me! Stay with me... Help is on the way! Just... hang on!" Melody couldn't help but start crying hard now. "Please... don't leave me!..." Roman noticed Seth come in and come over to him. "Come on Roman... Stay awake! Melody needs you." Roman turned his head to look at Melody. He had one hand at his ribs, but he took his other hand and held Melody's hand. He saw the tears running down her face and said something to her. "Please do... Don't cry Melody. You know I... hate seeing you cry." Melody tried to stop crying, but the tears kept flowing. She wiped the tears from her eyes as Seth gave her a quick hug. "He'll be ok Melody... Roman is as tough as they come." Roman still had Melody's hand, brought it up to his lips and kissed it. Melody calmed down a little. Dean held down the guy so that he wouldn't get away. The police had arrested the guy that Dean held down and the paramedics had Roman on a stretcher. Dean caught up with them and saw Roman being put into the back of an ambulance. Melody got into the ambulance with him, but they wouldn't let Seth go. Dean and Seth would have to follow them to the hospital. Once they got to the hospital, the nurses had to stop Melody from following them. They told her that she would have to wait in the waiting room until they called her back. A few minutes go by and Dean and Seth show up. Seth didn't know everything that happened and Dean wanted to know what happened. When he got there he called out to Melody. "Melody!... I didn't see everything that happened... I heard a gun shot, saw Roman on the ground so I kicked this guy's ass until the police showed up... What happened?" Melody had started crying and so Dean hugged her. "Shh... talk to me Melody... What's going on?" "Roman he... He saved my life... He took a bullet for me. We went to the bathroom, I finished before he did and I was looking for a snack and a drink. The next thing I knew, there was this guy that came in with a gun. He was going to rob the store. I was going to try to sneak back to the bathroom and call the police, but he saw me. I panicked and started running for the exit... The next thing I knew I heard a gun shot, I turned around and I saw Roman on the ground. I didn't even see him come back out... he took a bullet for me... I... I should be the one in a hospital bed not Roman." "Shh... it's not your fault Melody. How was anyone supposed to know what was going to happen?" They were interrupted when a doctor called out her name. "Melody Shores?" Melody turned and looked at the doctor. "That's me..." "You may go back and see him now." Melody followed the doctor to the room he was staying in. Dean and Seth were close behind her. She tried to keep herself together, but when she saw Roman laying in a hospital bed she couldn't help herself and tears started falling down her face again. She felt so guilty, she wished that things could have been the other way around. Roman looked over at the doorway and saw Melody crying. Even though he was in pain, he gave her a small smile. "Come in Babygirl... it's ok." Melody came in the room and ran over to him and hugged the upper part of his body. She cried into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Dean and Seth were at the doorway, but decided to turn around and go back to the waiting room to let Roman and Melody have a moment alone. Roman held her close and kissed her head. "It's ok Melody... I'm not dying... I'll be ok." Melody didn't say anything. Roman found a way to joke about the situation, but he didn't realize how serious this situation really was. (To be continued. Wow now what? Thanks for reading. Review.)
  13. Lost Soul, Now Found Chapter Six Bray sat and listen to the young woman beside him that claimed to be his sister. Bray knew that Abigail had died years ago, Abigail was older than him and this woman that had first introduced herself as Carlie looked much younger than him. He always believed that Abigail's spirit was close but what he didn't understand was if this was Abigail in a new form, why was she younger? He listened as she explained things that had happened in the past, these were things that no one knew about. It had to be Abigail, there was no other explanation. Then she went on to explain something that happened to the girl that died and told him that the soul from her original body was now living inside of someone else. "I don't know if you believe me or not, but I've always had dreams about you and the other members of The Wyatt Family even before you guys came to WWE. One thing they did was shock therapy and something clicked in my head. I don't know if you will believe me... But I think what I'm experiencing are memories... Not dreams. It always happens when I'm asleep. Every time I'm asleep... You and everyone else would call me Abigail... And I would respond to Abigail. I remember... You would get punished a lot, I would comfort you... Another thing I know that happened... When I was six years old... My parents were in a car accident... Or maybe it wasn't me at all... I saw it... I saw the soul of the six year old girl leave this body... She died. The shock therapy I think actually helped me remember who I am... One thing I remember was being at school and you and Erick were best friends. At the time, Luke and Braun were the bullies in school, but Luke had a crush on me. I knew about it and so I kissed him. This fooled him because then I punched him in the face. You don't mess with my brother. This may be something you know... You talk about Sister Abigail like she is no longer living... She did die, it was a tragic death... She was raped and killed. You probably just think that I am some crazy obsessed fan of yours... That's what I thought at first too, but the reason why we feel so connected to each other is because we do know each other... It wasn't long that I died that the accident took place, my soul was wandering the earth and the little girl had died. Her soul went to heaven, but for whatever reason... My soul made it's way to the lifeless girl. My parents... Or the people I thought were my parents... Their little girl had died and I took her place. Before I died... I was five years older than you. The little girl was six and you were thirteen at the time... You are now seven years older than me. I've just been called Carlie for so long, but now I realize that my real name is Abigail... Bray... I am alive, and I remember everything. You are my brother." Bray stayed quiet for a moment, he could feel her presence, and he was surprised at everything she said. Everything she said had happened. He actually pulled off the road out of traffic. His eyes started tearing up. "Abigail... Is it really you?" She smiled, but her eyes started tearing up too. "Yes... It's me Bray." Bray wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a hug. "I don't understand... How is this possible? I had always hoped that you were still here. I've always felt your spirit with me. How are you alive again, and how are you younger than me now?" "That is something even I don't understand... I don't know how or why it happened, but it's like I'm getting a second chance. A chance I don't deserve..." "What do you mean?" "When I died... It was my own fault... It was my fault for trusting a guy that was older than me... He got angry when I didn't want to have sex with him. He didn't care about me, he only cared about satisfying his own selfish desires. He raped me and killed me... What happened to the little girl that owned this body before me should not have happened either... I grew up in her body thinking they were my parents, but they were actually her parents. They always said I was never the same after the accident... That's because I'm not the same little girl that they knew before. I'm a completely different person. I don't deserve a second chance... That little girl had her whole life ahead of her. Her life was ended because of a foolish mistake made by her parents... Her parents were arguing, and were distracted, they ran off the road and the car flipped over and over again. Sometimes there are cases where the parents die and the child lives. I know I shouldn't, but I feel this hatred for them, I know it sounds horrible, but I wish they would have died instead. Little Carlie should not have died because of the actions of her parents. I should have been the one that stayed dead... Not that little girl." She was upset about living inside of the body of someone that died. She cried as Bray continued to hug her. Then he spoke to her. "You feel guilty about living in her place... You shouldn't... What happened to the little girl was tragic, but you shouldn't feel guilty for something you have no control over. One thing that may be possible is that you had unfinished business and have been given a second chance." "I don't really know what kind of unfinished business I would have had..." "Well... I'm just glad to see you again. We're together again... Lets not think about sad memories, let's remember the good ones, and create new memories. Things are a bit different now... In your past life, you were older than me, and you looked after me. Now I'm older than you... I would like to return the favor... For all the love and kindness you've shown me." "You don't have to do that." "Yes I do... When mom died... You looked after me, you took care of me and loved me. As I grew up, I looked up to you... And not just because you were taller than me." They laughed at this a little. "I looked up to you... You were a role model, my hero... You were very motherly... I shouldn't say this... But mom died when I was really young and if truth be told, I can't really remember anything about her. Whenever I try to think about mom... I think of you." "I know what you mean... When dad would punish you, I always hate watching you cry. He was too hard on you... I remember... Once he hit you in the face because you wanted to speak your mind and your mouth started bleeding. You came to me crying, I held onto you until you stopped crying, even with tears and blood ending up on the clothes I wore that day. I had a cool, wet cloth and held it gently on your mouth until it stopped bleeding. Things are different now... In my past life... I had a job and a place of my own, I even let you stay with me. Now in this life... The people that I thought were my family thought I was crazy, abandoned me and sent me to a mental hospital because I didn't fit into their mold of what they thought of as normal... In this life... I don't even know what to do." "That's why I'm here Abigail... I'm here to return the love and kindness that you showed to me those many years ago. You are not alone.. I will take care of you... As well as Luke, Erick, and Braun. We are family, you are always welcome to stay with me. It will take a while for the boys to understand. Once they realize that you are alive again, they will welcome you with open arms." "Something that I find interesting is... Before I realized who I was, I would have dreams about you and the boys. Only... It was actually memories that I was experiencing. Once I found out about you being in WWE, I was instantly drawn to you." "It's fate Abby, fate brought us back together. I was meant to meet you that night. It was my job to get you out of that mental hospital. You obviously didn't belong there, you were just put there by people who never understood you because you really weren't the person they thought you were." "So... I had asked to be a part of The Wyatt Family, in a way, I always have been. Only... I asked for it like part of WWE. How will that work?" "Basically, by being yourself, I always come up with my own promos, you can do the same. Being in WWE, if you're not a diva, you can just be an interesting character." "I think... I would tell people the truth about what happened to me and I bet most would think that I'm crazy, but it is an interesting story." "It is." "I could also help you with matches. Maybe cause some chaos and distract the ref or your opponent. I would love to just freak someone out and then when they turn around, you finish the match." "Sounds good." "By the way... I think I know why you say Follow The Buzzards... It's because when I died... You looked up and there were buzzards circling directly over us. Also... I think it was really sweet to name your finishing move, Sister Abigail after me." "It was supposed to be in memory of you, but now you're back. The name will stay the same. Now we should get back on the the road, we are actually close to home. We can stop at home for a while. We don't have to be at the next arena for Smackdown until tomorrow, and we don't have far to go." They didn't really say much of anything else. Abigail only looked out the window as the rode along remembering familiar landmarks. After two hours on the road, they made it back to The Wyatt Family house. Abigail got out of the car and looked around. It was the same house she grew up in with Bray. It just seemed strange to be back after being gone for so long. "What's on your mind Abigail?" "I don't really know what to think... It's good to finally be home, but it feels so strange after being gone for all of these years." "I haven't been away from home for years, but being on the road all the time with WWE, I kind of know how you feel. Go ahead, go inside, we've been on the road for hours, we should get a little bit of rest and then I'll start fixing supper." Abigail went in first, she went up the stairs, she turned right and went down to a hallway and stopped at a door. She remembered it being her room. She took in a breath and slowly turned the knob. She was startled when she felt someone grab her hand. She looked and saw that it was Luke. He spoke, warning her. "Do not go in there! No one is allowed in there." Bray wasn't far behind and heard what was going on. "Luke! Let her go!" He released her hand and Bray continued. "Let her inside." Luke was confused. He was always told that no one was allowed in Abigail's room. He thought that it was a bit unfair that this newcomer would be able to break the rules. Bray had to speak to him again. "Luke!... Let her in." Luke then did what he was told. He opened the door for her and stepped out of her way. Abigail stepped inside the room... Her room. Everything was exactly as she remembered it. Bray had been the only one allowed inside. The only thing he did was clean in there when it was necessary, make sure things didn't end up dusty. He would clean, and then put things back where Abigail had them. "I made sure everything was the way you remembered it... In case you ever returned to us." Luke just stood there confused. "I don't get it... You've always said that no one was allowed in Abigail's room." Bray smiled and put his hand on Luke's shoulder. "Don't you understand Luke?... She IS Abigail... She's returned to us." (To be continued. I hope that everyone enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reading. Review.)
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