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  1. How's Hawaii been, Jenks? also what conventions are you plannin on going to?
  2. i realize i make at least one spongebob reference a day either in my head or out loud. is that unhealthy? 😂

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    2. That Excited SpongeKid

      That Excited SpongeKid

      no, because i do the same thing!

    3. E.V.I.L.


      Quite contrary, you are healthier than most people by this alone !

    4. JCM
  3. Wtf have y'all forgotten about zucchini?? have you guys not tried ZUCCHINI FRIES??????
  4. New favorite show I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEASONNNN
  5. reaaallly tempted to get this...although for a few more dollars i could renew my actual disneyland pass so im kind of torn lol
  7. HAHAHA tru It was INSANE. Not only are they extremely talented but they can put on a great show too! I surprised my cousin with tickets cuz she's probably the biggest JoBros fan on the planet. Needless to say, she went absolutely nuts. I was a huge fan of the pyrotechnics hahaha you should've seen the extravagant firework display. The Hollywood Bowl is close to a residential area so I'm sure they heard/saw too haha. I was just happy they played Only Human and Lovebug those are my faves.
  8. Omg I just thought of something....remember that t e r r i b l e Supernatural spinoff episode Bloodlines?
  9. Seeing the Jonas Brothers 2nite! Boutta relive my childhood...

  10. Wowow i cannot wait for the Steven Universe movie k bye

  11. you know what im gonna be honest, im not a huge fan of hers. her voice kinda bugs me
  12. Will your new story being as good as the infamous masterpiece that was The Misadventures of Mappy & Plenkins?
  13. I remember I was just 15 years old when I first posted on SBC. Just some nerdy shy lil high school girl on her iPod Touch with a huge passion for Spongebob. Over the past 8 years I’ve had some crazy good times on SBC. Not to mention I’ve met some of the most caring, unique, hilarious friends a Sauce Mama could ask for. When it comes to people I come across in life, if I can be my complete self around you, you’re a keeper. And that’s why I love you guys cuz from the time I signed up to now, I could be my true self and I thank you for that. A lot about me has changed over the past 8 years but I still love coming here to catch up with the friends that I truly care for. So thank you to everyone that makes this site so damn special.
  14. Hell yeah phineas go offfff Hahahaha they were like “BITCH YOU THOUGHT-”
  15. thats like one of the worst things about being a girl tbh hahaha Thank you lmao. Sauce has done some growing up
  16. Sauce Mama

    Ask the Kat

    "Mr. Jimmy Neutron" LMFAOOOO I CHOKED?!
  17. What's ur doggie's name? :3
  18. yesssss put yourself first ya'll
  19. Do it!! You have my permission hehe ? BUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA jesus christ that made me laugh so hard cuz that was literally me yesterday HAHAHA. why sir im flattered
  20. like the menehune maybe they'll do something for the last season lol thats dope Just little bits and pieces of it! I dunno hahaha I've slowly begun to realize that I should serve myself some smiles before anyone else to save my mental health xD
  21. HAPPEH BIRTHDAY BOBBEHHHH! I hope you had an amazing day today!
  22. sooo i got kacey musgraves AND Jonas Brothers tickets...needless to say im stoked

    1. Katniss


      YOU ARE SO LUCKY. Have fun at Kacey omg 

    2. HawkbitAlpha


      TIL I'm not the only person on this site who knows Kacey even exists

    3. ooooooofy


      omg they are two of my favs!!! Have fun!!!

  23. ^post-Disneyland blues is real and I have it ever since my annual pass expired :’( other than that I’m excited and nervous for today
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