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    - Basketball, y'all
    - Money
    - People buying my stuff
    - Circumcised swimming
    - Banging on a trashcan
    - Drumming on streetlights
    - Riffs! Yeah, right!
    - Pug trafficking
    - Grand Slams with extra Ham and a SIDE OF CARROT CAKE
    - FUUUCK
    - Throwin' down face-downs
    - Then ending my turns
    - Hey Ben.
    - Yeah?
    - See ya.
    - ...Yeah...
    - Puhhhhh
    - "Yo! Kai!"
    - "THAT'S MY NAME"
    - drinking up the gift of Jericho
    - I feel like I'm a bigger fan of Pokemon now than I was as a kid
    - Putting children's cartoon characters into adult situations
    - Honor
    - Family
    - Tradition
    - And donuts
    - Not Caring!
    - Covering wars, ya know
    - Getting it memorized
    - Making tombstones for stray dogs
    - This list is getting UPBEAT! UPBEAT!
    - Forklift racing
    - DENIM
    - Shaun White hoodies
    - Heading to the Tiki Lodge for some R&R
    - Breaking out the butter
    - Making toast
    - The George Lopez Show for like, the first 3 times
    - Same with My Wife and Kids
    - Standing unshaken amidst the clashing of worlds
    - Rodan.
    - Godzilla.
    - Bringing the darkness and the thunder
    - Coming from hell and pulling you under
    - Making you feel the wrath of my ways
    - Being the end of your days
    - When it's time to make the donuts
    - Dead Rising
    - DashieGames (pause?)
    - Being remembered as the July 2011 Employee of the Month
    - That's me!
    - That's MEEEEE! That's meee!
    - Employee of the MOOOOOONTH!
    - Mecha
    - Yes, Dear (somebody please syndicate this fucking show again! Put it on Netflix, Pluto TV, Tubi, Crackle, something!)

    This is the life, you see. The devil tips his hat to me.
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    Survival of the Idiots
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    Trevor "Viking" Calcote

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  1. Just wanna take this moment to plug Skodwarde's final episodes, a journey you can begin to undertake at this link: https://www.thesbcommunity.com/topic/2597-skodwarde/?do=findComment&comment=916949

    My sincerest thanks to everyone who stuck along for and even contributed to the ride throughhout the last 8 years. Skodwarde's legacy is just as much yours as it is mine's.

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      Iconic series. ‘Twas a lot of fun to read over the years. Good job to all who’s written for it ❤️

    2. Wumbo


      One of the most iconic series on SBC, period. Grand job, old bean.

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