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  1. NegiSpongie


    I hope the All Nighter isn't on a day where I work the next morning.
  2. NegiSpongie

    234b. ChefBob

    This episode was really great. I can relate to SpongeBob when it comes to doing your job in front of other people. The little joke of "My leg!" was funny this time with Krabs shouting, "Shut up, Fred!" ChefBob's insults were funny, and the fight between him and SpongeBob was epic. I was surprised to see ChefBob become real at the end, but it was funny to see the reactions of SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs.
  3. NegiSpongie

    234a. Patnocchio

    I really enjoyed this episode. As far as a Pinocchio parody goes, it was really creative. With Karen being the Blue Fairy and both Plankton and Patrick getting swallowed by Pearl. I also liked the appearance of Goofy Goober's and the shot of the bartender with flames in his eyes. It didn't explain why Patrick was fully dressed for this episode, but it was still very entertaining. Also, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed the screen go black in the middle of the episode.
  4. NegiSpongie

    233b. Krusty Kleaners

    This episode was just okay for me, it wasn't as good as "Whale Watching". The only funny parts I really remember is the Pac-Man scene and the twist that the company makes tanks. Other than that, I don't think there's anything really memorable during this episode. Why SpongeBob couldn't just get the CEO customer a new KK meal, I'll never know.
  5. NegiSpongie

    233a. Whale Watching

    I really liked the episode. I liked the little cameo of Grandpa Redbeard, though it was weird that Pearl's tears can now slice through objects. Squidward was really great watching after Pearl and seeing him driven to do it just so he won't have to work with SpongeBob. Also, SpongeBob didn't really have any lines in this episode aside from laughing. This has to be his smallest role yet, smaller than Mall Girl Pearl. I liked the bit with stop motion being used for the breaching part and the end where Squidward and Pearl get revenge on Pearl's narwhal boyfriend. A really great episode.
  6. NegiSpongie

    The Prince and the Sponge

    Chapter 14: Switch Back Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs was inside his office at the Krusty Krab, sitting at his desk as he did his favorite hobby: counting his money. Mr. Krabs took a whiff of the wave of dollars in his claws as the glass of water on the table next to him began to shake. Mr. Krabs felt another impact tremor as he looked at the glass and noticed the water inside it began to shake again, the shaking getting heavier every second. Suddenly, he noticed the room itself began to shake as well and even heard the sound of footsteps. Outside, SRPNT reached the Krusty Krab just as Mr. Krabs rushed out the front door, shocked to see the large robot. “Evening, Krabs!” Plankton greeted from inside the robot. “How do you like my new toy? You could say I got it overseas!” While in shock by the large monstrosity, Mr. Krabs immediately recognized it from the prince’s story. “It’s that Serpent machine that’s powered by the diamond!” With a laugh, Plankton shouted through the robot, “Now, Krabs, you will hand over the secret formula unless you wanna be as wrecked as your restaurant will be in a few minutes!” Before Plankton can step on the button that will launch all of SRPNT’s artillery, he suddenly heard the vent pop out and the sponge in the prince’s outfit jumped out from the air ducts. “What?!” Plankton shouted in shock to see the sponge no longer powering the robot. “But how did you-” but his eye soon spots the prince still in the power source and remembered there were two sponges, “Oh, right.” He dully said. “The real SpongeBob is right here, Plankton!” SpongeBob shouted in a bold tone, “Here to save the Krusty Krab and the Prince of Luau Bottom!” “Oh, I’m really scared.” Plankton sarcastically mocked. “The good twin is about to be rescued by the dumb twin.” But SpongeBob frowned and demanded, “No more games, Plankton. Release the prince right now and power down SRPNT.” “I stand by my ‘dumb twin’ comment.” Outside the machine, Mr. Krabs was still standing in front of the restaurant, seeing that Plankton has not made SRPNT move an inch since his threat. “Uhhh…Hello?” Mr. Krabs asked in confusion. “Are ya gonna do anything?” but Plankton still did not make any response from inside SRPNT. Back inside, Plankton has still not given in to SpongeBob’s demands. “Come on, Plankton.” SpongeBob urged. “The prince has been through so much and does not deserve to be a power source for this monstrosity. So I’m giving you one last chance to let him go and surrender this machine.” “Or what?” Plankton challenged. “You gonna tickle me to death?” Without warning, SpongeBob takes out the sword from his back pocket and points the tip at Plankton, surprising him. He backs away, sweating nervously as he tried to reason with SpongeBob, “Whoa, hold on, buddy,” he advised with a nervous grin, “I had no idea you were armed.” “Have at it, SpongeBob!” the prince cheered, “Cut him open and tear out his heart!” SpongeBob cornered Plankton as the latter urged, “Have mercy, SpongeBob. Contrary to what a lot of people say, I need my heart to live.” “I’m sorry, Plankton,” SpongeBob apologized with a remorseful expression, “I tried reasoning with you, but I cannot let you use SRPNT or the prince for your evil ways.” “Fine, fine. The ship is yours, just spare me, please.” Plankton cried out, begging on his knees. Without another word, SpongeBob pulled the sword back and flung it towards Plankton. The prince watched in astonishment while Plankton flinched, awaiting his doom. But to his surprise, the blade passed between his antennas and pierced the controls, causing them to spark and short-circuit. The wave electricity travels all through the robot’s walls, leading to the chamber holding the prince. He feels a shock of the electricity and he is blown from the chamber. “Your Majesty!” SpongeBob calls as he rushes over to the prince and helps him up. Plankton sees many of the SRPNT’s controls and circuitry exploding. “She’s gonna blow!” “Really?” SpongeBob asked in surprise. “I didn’t know SRPNT was a girl.” Watching from outside, Mr. Krabs recoils as the large robot known as SRPNT blows up and pieces of the robot rain from the sky. “Well, that was anticlimactic.” he said until he runs into the restaurant to avoid the large falling pieces. As soon as it was safe, the jeep carrying SpongeBob’s friends stops as soon as they see the debris left by SRPNT. Squidward is the first to jump out and he immediately runs to the sponge in the prince outfit just as he was standing up, rubbing his aching head. “SpongeBob?” Squidward asked, looking concerned. “SpongeBob, is that you?” “Yes, Squidward, it’s me.” SpongeBob answered, regaining his senses as he weakly smiled. “But don’t worry, I’ll be-” but Squidward immediately shoved him aside and rushed past him. SpongeBob sat up from the ground and saw Squidward stop in front of the sponge in the square pants. “Your Majesty,” Squidward said in concern as he helped the prince to his feet. “Are you alright?” “Fear not, Squidward.” The prince assured in a calm manner. “As hysterical as that whole thing was, I am not injured.” “SpongeBob!” Sandy called as she, Patrick, and Wenston rushed over to him. “You took down this whole monstrosity all by your lonesome? But how?” “Oh, Pssh!” SpongeBob scoffed. “It was just a bunch of wires and military parts. Patrick and I pretend to take down stuff like this all the time.” Then, Mr. Krabs walks over to him and asks, “So where’s that diamond? Do you have that diamond?” he grabs SpongeBob and sniffs his stomach before pressing his ear against SpongeBob’s stomach. “You’re the prince, right?” Suddenly, a piece of metal flips over and Plankton struggles to stand up while holding his head. “Ugh…” he sees all the damage that was done by the destruction of the robot. “I…better get out of here.” But before he could get away, he heard the sound of guns cocking and sees himself surrounded by soldiers that were aiming rifles at him. General Tubbs stood behind his men and stated to Plankton, “Not so fast! You’re under arrest for betraying the royal army.” “Ahem,” he turned around and saw Wenston, pointing SpongeBob’s sword at his back. “Not so fast, General. In the name of the king, I hereby place you under arrest for betraying the royal family.” With no other option, the soldiers aim their rifles at the disgruntled general. Soon the authorities arrived and Plankton and General Tubbs were arrested. Wenston was talking on a walkie-talkie. “You’re certain?” he asked in surprise, and suddenly grew a smile. “That’s perfect. Thank you!” he ran over to the prince who was standing next to SpongeBob. “Your Majesty! I-” but he was unable to determine which sponge was the prince. “Uh… which one is my prince.” Mr. Krabs also couldn’t tell who was who. “Which one is me frycook.” “Meow,” they suddenly see Gary slithering through the commotion and without stopping, he slithers over to the sponge in the prince’s outfit and sticks on his head, licking his face affectionately. SpongeBob giggles and hugs his pet, “Oh Gary, I guess there’s no fooling you.” “Your Majesty,” Wenston told the prince in a cheerful voice, “I’ve just received word that the king has made a full recovery.” The Prince’s eyes glow in happiness. “Father!” “You mean you’re going back to Luau Bottom?” Squidward asked, looking upset by the news. “But I want you as my neighbor.” “My apologies, common folk.” The Prince stated with a bow. “But I must return to my duties as the crowned prince of Luau Bottom. My father will also be pleased to have me back home and never have to send me away to keep me safe.” SpongeBob held the Prince’s hands and said with a warm smile, “It’s too bad we won’t be able to see you again, Your Majesty, but we’re happy that you won’t be in danger ever again.” “I do suppose I owe you gratitude for rescuing me, SpongeBob.” The Prince admitted. “And an apology for deceiving you the way I did.” “Don’t worry. If I’ve learned anything from being in your shoes, it’s that the royal life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that I already have a royal life right here.” “And I’ve come to appreciate my life as well.” Wenston pointed at his watch. “Your Highness, we must be going.” “Just a minute,” The prince responded in understanding and decided to start saying his goodbyes to the common friends he’s made. He placed a hand on the starfish’s shoulder, “Patrick, my friend, I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent together. I can see why you have the honor of being SpongeBob’s best friend.” “You still talk fancy.” Patrick responded. The prince turned to Mr. Krabs and informed him. “Take good care of your business, Mr. Krabs. Your krabby patties still are delectable.” But Mr. Krabs frowned and muttered, “I still would’ve liked that diamond you have down your gullet.” “Squidward,” the prince said, grasping his hands, “I will surely miss our time together.” “I will miss it the most,” Squidward replied, close to tears as he kneeled down, “Your Excellency.” Then the prince walked over to Sandy and stood in front of her with a smile. “My dear Sandra, I shall give you one more chance to accept my proposal to come live with me in a life of luxury in exchange for your love.” But Sandy crossed her arms and frowned. “I…don’t think so.” She answered in an unamused tone. Though disappointed, the prince simply shrugged while SpongeBob raised an eyebrow in confusion. “What was that about?” SpongeBob asked. The prince smiled and placed a hand on SpongeBob’s shoulder. “Something I consider you lucky for.” Suddenly, they hear a loud noise and feel a strong breeze. Looking up, they see a helicopter, hovering above them. Wenston turned to the prince and informed him, “It’s time we left, Your Highness, your father’s expecting you.” The prince nodded and walked over to the rope after Wenston gestured him to go first before climbing up the ladder himself. After the two were safely in the helicopter, the Bikini Bottom gang wave goodbye as it flies away and SpongeBob shouts, “Goodbye Your Majesty!” As the helicopter flew away, Mr. Krabs looked around and wondered, “Hey, where’s Squidward?” Suddenly, they see Squidward running at fast speed toward the helicopter, “WAIT!!! I love you, Your Majesty! I want to live a life of luxury! I don’t belong here!” The End
  7. NegiSpongie

    August 2018 Premiere Info

    Wow, they all sound really good, especially Whale Watching and ChefBob. I can't wait to see them.
  8. I actually kinda like the idea of an R-rated Muppet movie. Besides that last part of the trailer, it looks promising. As 4EverGreen said, it'll either be surprisingly good or hilariously bad. I'm willing to give it a chance.
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  10. NegiSpongie

    Birthday Episodes

    Truth or Square premiered on my birthday.
  11. NegiSpongie


    Kick it real good.
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  15. NegiSpongie

    The Prince and the Sponge

    Chapter 13: She Awakens In the S-Chamber of the secret military base, Plankton and the prince made their way inside the large battle machine, SRPNT, through the small door under the robots back. Once inside, they climbed a long ladder that led to the main chamber where the long window through the robot’s eyes in front of a set of controls. “It’s even more impressive on the inside.” Plankton said with a large grin as he glanced around the interior of SRPNT. “Just imagine the chaos and destruction I can bring with this mechanical wonder.” The prince was on the other side of the chamber, looking around, “Now that I’m inside this thing, I must find something I can use to destroy this monstrosity from within.” Plankton noticed that the prince happened to be standing next to a large hole in the wall with the words above that read, “Insert power source here”. Plankton glanced at a crowbar against the wall next to him. Seeing this and the prince, he grinned with an idea. While the prince was distracted with trying to find weapons to destroy SRPNT, Plankton walked over to him, hiding the large crowbar behind his back. “Hey, Your Majesty, I think I found the answer to the problem.” The prince turned around and Plankton swung the crowbar at him, knocking the prince into the hole for the power source. The prince sunk backwards into the hole and was unable to pull himself out. But once he was stuck inside, the power source glowed brightly and the prince’s pores lit up just like the diamond inside him. Afterwards, the large robot began to hum and whir as it began to power up. “Yes…YES!” Plankton yelled, amazed. “It’s alive!” When the noise of the robot powering up was heard from outside, many soldiers, along with General Tubbs, ran inside the lab to see what was going on. Scientist #3 held his head in shock as he uttered, “SRPNT. She’s awaken.” Running into the lab as well, SpongeBob, Wenston, and the rest of the Bikini Bottom gang stop in shock to see what was going on. “But how?” General Tubbs asked, “SRPNT can’t operate without a power source!” “Oh, you’d be right, General!” Plankton’s voice hollered from an intercom located inside the robot. “But I have one right inside! A power source of royal blood!” Immediately realizing what he meant, Wenston whispered in horror, “The prince.” Having somehow heard Wenston’s cry, Plankton hollered, “That’s right. And we’ll be taking SRPNT on a little joyride.” He sees a joystick next to him and moves it, which makes SRPNT move its legs and begin turning around to exit the lab. General Tubbs points out and yells, “FIRE!” The soldiers draw their rifles and begin firing bullets at the robot. However, all the shots just harmlessly bounced off the robot’s metal shell and it proceeds to walk through the wall, creating a massive hole. The Bikini Bottom gang had to hold their arms up to shield themselves from the debris flung at them. “MEN! WE CAN’T LET HIM ESCAPE WITH MY WEAPON!” General Tubbs yelled, until his voice goes quiet for a second, “I mean ‘our’ weapon. AFTER HIM!” he and a group of other soldiers charge into a jeep and drive through the large hole created by SRPNT. Wenston began to panic as he held the sides of his head. “This can’t possibly be! His Majesty is trapped in there being used as a tool for destruction! I knew this day would come.” “If you knew this day would come, why did you let it happen?” Patrick asked. “Well, since it did happen, we have to go after Plankton and that SRPNT robot!” SpongeBob told them. “And how are we supposed to do that?” Squidward asked skeptically. “That monster-sized robot is probably halfway to Bikini Bottom by now; and being monster-sized, we can’t exactly stop it.” “Hmm…” SpongeBob thought it over. “There’s only one person tough enough to take on a large monstrosity like that, and it’s…” MERMAID MAN! “But it’s Bingo Night at Shady Shoals, so I guess it’s up to us.” “If I may, I have heard that without its power source, SRPNT is rendered useless.” Wenston mentioned. “So if we can retrieve the prince, that machine should turn off.” “Then that’s just what we’ll do.” Sandy said in determination. “Let’s bust that overlarge tin can and peel it open so we can get back the prince.” Outside, SRPNT was stomping through the ocean, making its way down the road from Luau Bottom. Inside, Plankton was at the controls watching through the robot’s windshield-like eyes. “Nothing like a midnight drive to Bikini Bottom.” Plankton said calmly. “Wouldn’t you agree, Your Majesty?” The prince was still trapped in the entry plug and still couldn’t pull himself out. “This is inane!” “You’re right, this is insane! Insane enough to work!” “I demand you release me before I report to my father and have you sentenced to years in prison!” “No backseat driving!” Plankton looked through the windshield and smiled, “Ooh, Bikini Bottom is clear ahead. Let’s pay a visit!” While the large robot stomped towards Bikini Bottom, a jeep was speeding across the ground, catching up to SRPNT, and inside were General Tubbs and a few soldiers. “FIRE!” the general ordered as the soldiers raised their rifles and shoot numerous bullets at SRPNT. But like last time, the large outer shell of the robot made the bullets just bounce right off. SRPNT, in turn, just turned to the shoulders, lifted its foot and sent it plummeting down toward the soldiers. Luckily, the soldiers quickly bail out of the jeep, screaming, right before SRPNT’s foot crushed the jeep. “Like squashing a bug. I know that feeling.” Plankton commented joyfully from inside SRPNT before walking away towards his destination. “What are your orders, sir?” one of the soldiers asked. “My orders are…unclear.” General Tubbs replied with a look of shame. “That machine is an indestructible war weapon. There’s no way our mere mortal hands can penetrate its hard shield.” Suddenly, another jeep zooms past them, carrying SpongeBob and his friends and was being driven by Wenston. “We’re getting close!” SpongeBob pointed out. “I see SRPNT!” Squidward then mentioned, “That’s all well and good, but how are we- or should I say you- gonna get inside that thing?” SpongeBob’s smile dropped before admitting, “You know, I haven’t really thought of that.” “SpongeBob!” Sandy exclaimed, looking disappointed, “Ya can’t be serious.” “Boy, I can understand why you’d choose the prince over him.” Patrick suddenly said to Sandy. “What?” SpongeBob asked in surprise. But then Sandy pointed up to the robot, “Wait! I think I see an openin’! Right up there!” she was right as the others follow her gaze to see what looked like a hatch behind SRPNT’s body. “Well, that solves one problem,” Squidward stated, “But the other problem that still remains is how we- and I still mean SpongeBob- is gonna get up there.” SpongeBob thought for a moment and shouted, “I got an idea!” he got behind Wenston and pointed forward, “Quick, take that road. It leads to my place.” Soon, SRPNT reached Bikini Bottom and wasted no time in stomping through the city, knocking down buildings and causing whatever destruction it can while the citizens ran away screaming loudly in panic. Inside, Plankton was smiling calmly as he told the prince. “You know, I can really go for a krabby patty right about now. How about you, Your Majesty? We can use the drive-thru.” “I don’t recall seeing a drive-thru when I was there.” The prince replied. “Well in that case, I’ll just have to MAKE one.” Plankton joked with an evil laugh. Plankton then controlled SRPNT to start marching towards the Krusty Krab. While catching up to it from behind, the jeep carrying the heroes followed it, only Patrick was carrying the catapult he and SpongeBob made together. “I’m gonna pull up close.” Wenston informed the group. “When I do, you must immediately fire yourself up to the entrance.” Sandy placed a paw on SpongeBob’s shoulder and asked in a concerned voice, “You sure ya wanna do this, SpongeBob?” SpongeBob looked at her and responded, “I have to if we’re gonna rescue the prince and save Bikini Bottom.” As the jeep got closer behind the robot, Wenston shouted, “Now’s your chance! Get ready!” “Patrick, position it!” SpongeBob ordered as Patrick held the catapult in the direction of the robot and SpongeBob sat on the launcher. “Just a moment, Mr. SpongeBob.” Wenston said as he opened the glove compartment and took out a long sword. “Take this in case you need it.” SpongeBob took the sword and stared at it in surprise. “Gee, thanks, but I don’t think…” “Get up there!” Wenston shouted when he finally drove close enough, “NOW!” “Squidward, fire!” Sandy yelled. “With pleasure.” Squidward responded with content as he pulled the string that catapulted his despised neighbor into the air. “WHAAAAAAAA!!!” SpongeBob screamed as he flew in the air towards the robot’s behind. He grabbed a hold on the ledge with his fingers and looked down to notice just how high he was exactly. SpongeBob gulped and quickly stuck the blade of the sword in the back of his pants and grabbing the ledge with both hands to pull himself up the tube. Once he was inside, he used his feet to hold himself inside the tube and shimmied his body up until the tube curved, allowing SpongeBob to crawl further inside. The inside looked like a ventilation shaft and SpongeBob followed it inside the robot until he reached a large area with giant cogs and steam pipes that were operating SRPNT. SpongeBob narrowed his eyes and put his sword around an overhanging cable and used it to help him zip line across the large gap to the other side. Afterwards, he stuck the sword back into his pants and continued his way to find Plankton and the prince.
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