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  1. Plankton's Army: A funny episode that revealed Plankton's first name, which was a hilarious gag in this episode. One Krabs Trash: This is a pretty good episode with a lot of great quotes "Am I a pretty girl?"
  2. Patty Hype: A really good episode. It may not be one of my favorites, but it is still a funny ep. It's a SpongeBob Christmas: A really good Christmas episode with wonderful stop-motion and an even more wonderful song.
  3. Chapter 14: The Epilogue Two days after the big climatic superhero fight that was the talk of Bikini Bottom, things were starting to return to normal, especially for the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs had been released from prison, The Krusty Krab had been repaired, the contaminated buns had been recalled and replaced with fresh ones, business was running again in the restaurant, and krabby patties were being cooked by the one and only fry cook who was all too happy to have his job back. Stroking the side of the grill, SpongeBob gently spoke to it, “I know I’ve already said this twelve times, but boy did I miss you.” He wrapped his arms around the grill as he rambled, “I’ve missed your warmth, I’ve missed your sizzle…” Before he can further express his love, Squidward interrupted from the other side of the window, “Hey Masked Moron,” He angrily called, glaring at SpongeBob. “Where are the two krabby patties I asked for?” “Right here!” SpongeBob blissfully answered as he handed two plates each holding a krabby patty. “And you don’t have to call me that anymore, Squidward. I only go by ‘SpongeBob’ now.” Suddenly, the kitchen door swings open and Mr. Krabs barges in with a crowd of people. “And here we have the Masked Sponge. For only five dollars, you can take a picture with him.” “Wha?” SpongeBob asked in stun until he was pulled out of the kitchen by a random customer, who held SpongeBob close and took a selfie with him. The other customers nearly blinded him with the flash of their cameras. SpongeBob chuckles bashfully and says, “Oh, thank you. But really, I am now only SpongeBob.” “Yeah, but you’re still the superhero who saved us all.” One male fish pointed out, followed by the rest of the customers cheerfully agreeing. With an awkward smile, SpongeBob wonders, “Gee, am I?” Mr. Krabs puts an arm around SpongeBob and assures, “Lad, you’re the biggest hero this side of Bikini Bottom. Thanks to you, I got outta jail, I got me restaurant back, I got me business back, and best of all: I’m making more money than ever now that the Masked Sponge is working full time as me fry cook.” SpongeBob grins, mentioning, “And he intends to keep it that way.” “I hope so. Otherwise, I’d have to give you two paychecks for both identities.” Mr. Krabs mentioned, looking uncomfortable at the idea. “By the way, do you know who the Masked Squirrel is?” Suddenly, SpongeBob’s expression goes to one of shock as he sweats nervously at his boss asking him to expose the Masked Squirrel’s secret identity. “W-W-Why do you ask that?” “Because if I’m making money by selling photo ops with one superhero, imagine how much money I’d make by having double the package.” SpongeBob began stammering nervously until Sandy approached and answered, “Hate to burst your barnacle, Mr. Krabs, but unfortunately, the Masked Squirrel has hung up her spats.” “What?” Mr. Krabs asked in shock at hearing that yet another superhero retired. “How do you know?” he asked suspiciously. Sandy easily answered, “The ol’ girl announced it right after that last fight.” Groaning in dismay, Mr. Krabs complains, “I guess superheroes are already out of style now.” As he walks away in disappointment, SpongeBob got closer to Sandy and whispered, “You really retired, Sandy? But I thought you would keep Bikini Bottom safe now that I’ve retired.” “Aww, SpongeBob,” Sandy said in a comforting tone as she held his shoulder. “Don’t ya remember? I only became the Masked Squirrel just to help you out. Now that you and the whole town are safe, I’m not needed anymore.” “Yeah…” SpongeBob responded with a small smile. “I guess so.” “But…don’t mean we can’t still test our crime fighting skills with a little kay-rah-tae.” Grinning with excitement, SpongeBob replied, “You know I’m in!” “See ya later then.” Sandy waved as she went home to wait for him until he was done with work. With a dreamy sigh, SpongeBob says to himself, “Masked Squirrel or Sandy Cheeks, I still love her.” “Hello SpongeBob,” the sponge turned around to see his best friend, Patrick, greeting him. “Oh, Patrick,” SpongeBob greeted nervously since he hadn’t really spoken to Patrick since his last battle as the Masked Sponge, “It’s great to see you again.” “Yeah…” Patrick said with a calm smile, “I was pretty surprised when you turned out to be the Masked Sponge.” SpongeBob now had a guilty frown as he said, “Listen, Pat, I’m sorry about lying to you all this time.” He gave a small smile as he added, “Out of everyone I wanted to tell my secret to, you were the one I wanted to tell the most.” Expecting his best friend to furious with him, Patrick just held his shoulder and assured, “Don’t worry, buddy. I always had this funny feeling that you and the Masked Sponge were connected somehow.” With a dim chuckle, he adds, “Only someone…not smart could’ve not known it was you behind that mask.” “Thanks Patrick.” SpongeBob said with a happy smile at his friend’s understanding. However, he sighs sadly and recalls, “Being a superhero again and helping everyone was pretty nice, but it’s just too bad that Mermaid Man still won’t be around to save the day.” With a reassuring smile, Patrick states, “Hey, if Mermaid Man were here, I think he’d be super proud of you.” SpongeBob got a tearful smile at the thought of his favorite superhero expressing joy at his heroics from beyond the beyond. However, his imagination was interrupted by Mr. Krabs shouting, “Get back to work, SpongeBob! Just cuz you’re a celebrity now, don’t mean you get extra breaks!” Afterwards, SpongeBob slapped Patrick on the arm and said, “I’ll meet ya after work, buddy. Now that I’m no longer the Masked Sponge, I’ll have a lot of extra time on my hands for jellyfishing.” “I’m looking forward to it, No-Mask SpongeBob.” Soon, SpongeBob went back into the kitchen and continued doing his job. Patrick then left the Krusty Krab and started his walk back home by himself to wait until his best friend was done with his shift. When he went underneath his rock, he wiped his forehead in relief. “Phew, that was a close one.” He said to himself as he walked toward his bedroom. “I was afraid SpongeBob would’ve found out my secret.” He opened the closet door and stood there as he stared at a piece of clothing hanging from a single hanger. It was a red cape with a star in the middle, blue shorts, and a red mask. Smiling with determination, Patrick declares, “Now that the Masked Sponge is out of business, it is Starfishman’s time to shine. The End
  4. More news regarding the remake... https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2019/06/06/battle-for-bikini-bottom-remake-horde-mode/ A new multiplayer more and stuff that was cut from the original such as a Robo-Squidward boss fight.
  5. I'll watch it as well when it airs just to see how it is. My main beef with the whole thing (and probably everyone else's) is that it's supposed to show how SpongeBob met all his friends at a summer camp, despite the fact the show already has an established continuity regarding that. People here were complaining about that when it was the plot of the 3rd movie.
  6. Chapter 13: Death of the Masked Sponge Further in the city, the mutated Bubble Bass stomps down the street and carelessly flips over boats as the Bikini Bottomites scream and a cry of “MY LEG!” was heard. The Mutant Bubble Bass mindlessly bites his sharp teeth into the side of a building until a voice caught his attention. “Stop right there, Bass!” he looks ahead to see the Masked Sponge. “I am the Masked Sponge! Which you already knew- but what you probably didn’t know is that I fight for truth, justice, and krabby patties; which you have tainted the good name of!” Whether it was the real Bubble Bass’ mind regaining its memory or a result of the mutation making his mind go feral; the mutant roared and attempted to belly flop on top of SpongeBob, who immediately rolled out of the way as the mutant fell onto the ground, cracking the pavement. Seeing that the mutant was not immediately getting up, SpongeBob rushed forward and gave the mutant Bubble Bass a punch in the nose. “That’s for kidnapping my best friend!” He shouted in a serious voice. The punch, however, only felt like a soft tap, but annoyed the mutant to the point of growling in anger. SpongeBob was not ready to give up and he jumped on top of his head and pounds both his fists on top while shouting, “And this is for making me forget who I am!” The mutant roars loudly as he swiftly pushes himself up, throwing the Masked Sponge off of him. SpongeBob stands back up and with a shout, he jumps and spins through the air while yelling, “AND THIS IS FOR THE KRUSTY KRAB!!!” He has his leg stretched out for a karate kick, but the mutant grabs the sponge in his whole fist and slams him into the street, creating a large hole. He still holds the Masked Sponge in his fist, pinning him into the ground. Despite the dust and pain on his body, SpongeBob opens his eyes and pleads, “Stop this, Bubble Bass!” But the mutant responds by holding SpongeBob up in sadistic joy through his sharp teeth and throwing him like a baseball, making him fly all the way down the street until he landed in a boatmobile with a large crash, causing everyone in the area to run away. Downtown at the Bikini Bottom Police Station, Squidward arrived at the visitor’s center and took a seat while on the other side of the glass wall, Mr. Krabs arrived in his prison orange and took a seat across from Squidward. Both picked up the phones they had and Mr. Krabs began by greeting, “Well, well, well, I was wonderin’ when you’d show up.” He quickly glanced around as if expecting to see someone else. “Where’s SpongeBob?” Squidward dully answered, “Still on the run from the law.” Mr. Krabs growled in dismay at being the one locked in jail for a crime he didn’t commit while the most obvious suspect behind the crime, SpongeBob, was out to roam free. “What happened to employee loyalty?” He complained, but then smiled when he looked up at Squidward, “But at least I know I can count on you, Mr. Squidward, to try and bail me-” But Squidward interrupted, “Save it, Eugene. I’m just here to find out when I’ll get my final paycheck.” They were cut off when the prison guard announces, “Hey! There’s another one of those mutants in Bikini Bottom.” Everyone turns their attention to the TV hanging from the ceiling that showed a news broadcast of the mutant Bubble Bass rampaging through the city. The camera also shows the Masked Sponge lying unconscious in a boatmobile after trying to defend the city from the mutant. “Ain’t that the Masked Sponge guy?” Mr. Krabs asked. “Who cares?” Squidward responded as he watched with interest. “My money’s on the monster.” Despite the injury, SpongeBob managed to sit up as he laid in the driver’s seat. “He’s too strong.” He groans to himself, “I can’t beat him.” He hears loud stomping and feels the ground beneath him shaking. He looks up to see the mutant running towards him with his arms out, wanting to roughly play and tear apart the superhero some more. SpongeBob was frozen for a second until he remembered what he had to do to beat any mutant. He quickly sits upright in the boat and starts it up, turning the boatmobile until it starts driving towards the mutant. “I wonder if a superhero needs a license to drive.” SpongeBob thought to himself until he sees himself getting closer to the approaching mutant. With a glare of determination, SpongeBob hits the gas on the boatmobile and quickly jumps out of the seat just before the boatmobile rams into the mutant’s stomach and pushes him backwards as the boatmobile explodes. Seeing the destruction, a concerned SpongeBob wonders, “I hope he’s not hurt too badly. Well, at least I hope I hit him hard enough to make him spill his lunch and that poisonous bun.” He then feels the ground shake and sees the still mutated Bubble Bass emerge from the flames, glaring furiously at the Masked Sponge. “Tartar sauce.” SpongeBob curses as he widens his stance. “A superhero’s work is never done.” The Mutant Bubble Bass charges at the Masked Sponge as he roars loudly, and SpongeBob lets out his own battle cry as he takes out his spatula and leaps towards his opponent. The mutant kicked SpongeBob with his foot, and while he managed to block the attack with his spatula, the force still knocked the smaller sponge backwards across the street. SpongeBob sat himself back up and saw the Mutant Bubble Bass swing his fist at him, punching SpongeBob further across the street. As he started to feel weakened, SpongeBob struggled to his feet and held his fists up as if still willing to fight. The Mutant Bubble Bass pounded the street in a fit of rage just as SpongeBob reached into his belt. The mutant roared at SpongeBob again until a blob of goo splattered on his entire face. SpongeBob was holding out a high-tech gun that he had fired at the mutant. Seeing the results, SpongeBob smiled and said, “Thanks for this goo-launcher, Sandy.” While the mutant was trying to pull the goo off his face, SpongeBob slowly approached him with his hands held up, “Bubble Bass…if you’re in there somewhere, I know you have every reason to wanna kill me, but there’s no reason for you to be this. So please, let me help you. That’s what superheroes do.” Whether or not Bubble Bass can hear SpongeBob was unclear as right after he removed the goo from his face, the mutant looked at SpongeBob with a ferocious intent and grabbed SpongeBob in his fist, flinging the superhero further across the city until he slid across the pavement, his body battered and bruised. SpongeBob struggled to push himself upwards, but did not get the chance as the Mutant Bubble Bass landed on the ground behind him and repeatedly pounded SpongeBob into the dirt. The Masked Sponge was unconscious; his suit suffering damage. But the mutant smirked and stood up straight, lifting his large foot to finish the sponge off by stomping on him. SpongeBob started to regain consciousness just as a shadow loomed over him. Right when the mutant pressed his foot down, he turned his head around to see the Masked Squirrel, pushing the mutant’s foot away to prevent him from further hurting SpongeBob. “Sandy…” SpongeBob whispered in a weak voice, struggling to push himself to his feet, but was unable to. As she used all her strength to keep the mutant from stomping on them, Sandy screamed loudly, “Get away from this brave hero, you blob of cow manure.” The mutant growled in frustration and pushed his right foot down harder, but Sandy still pushed back to try and stop him. SpongeBob struggled to push himself up, not wanting both him and Sandy to lose their lives in this battle. “Sandy…” he whispered weakly. “No, don’t…” “Don’t worry, Masked Sponge.” Sandy assured SpongeBob, “You ain’t gonna die a heroic death- At least not alone.” But this only made SpongeBob more terrified of her dying in the heroic battle. But before he can protest some more, the Mutant Bubble Bass became even more enraged and pushed his foot down even harder, making Sandy start to struggle as she tried holding him back. She was brought down to one knee, feeling like she couldn’t hold on any longer. SpongeBob noticed this and quickly got up, wrapping his arms around Sandy. Right as the mutant was about to finish the two superheroes off, a rock was suddenly flung through the air, hitting the Mutant Bubble Bass on the side of his head. This diverted the attention away from the masked superheroes and eased the pressure off his foot. The one who threw the rock was Patrick, who yelled at the mutant, “You leave those guys alone! They’re the superheroes who’re supposed to stop you! And I’ll stop you too as the superhero…uh…The Patrick.” The Mutant Bubble Bass growled at this interference and lifted his foot away from the Masked Sponge and Squirrel. He then walks past them and starts heading towards Patrick. Seeing the monster advancing towards him made Patrick jump in fright, despite his previous bravery, and ran away screaming with the mutant chasing him. “Patrick…no.” SpongeBob weakly cried out. He attempted to run after his best friend, but he ended up falling on his face before he can take one step. “SpongeBob,” Sandy said in worry as she helped him up. “You can’t go after them. Look at you.” “I have to, Sandy.” SpongeBob weakly argued, “My best friend needs me.” Knowing how much he wanted to help everyone, Sandy nodded and put SpongeBob’s arm over her shoulder before helping him get to the new sight of the battle. Meanwhile, Plankton had emerged from the Chum Bucket and was now making his way towards the Krusty Krab. With an evil chuckle, Plankton notes, “With Krabs still incarcerated and the town in a frenzy about all the mutations, now’s the perfect time to finally steal the secret formula.” However, he suddenly feels the ground quake beneath him, causing him to lose his balance a few times. “What the scallop?” he cries out until seeing the Mutant Bubble Bass approaching as he pursued Patrick. Patrick had a look of panic on his face as he tried to outrun the large mutant. He then ran towards the Krusty Krab and crash through the front doors, hoping to hide inside. Unfortunately, the Mutant Bubble Bass noticed this and followed him into the restaurant, smashing the entire front of the restaurant. Patrick shook in terror as the mutant came closer, ready to tear the starfish apart. But as he reaches his large hands towards him, the Masked Sponge was suddenly thrown by the Masked Squirrel and he wrapped himself around the mutant’s right arm as if trying to hold him still, whether it worked or not, his arm stopped moving towards Patrick. Despite a black eye, missing tooth, and bruised face, SpongeBob fiercely spoke, “You can destroy my favorite krabby patties and you can destroy my favorite restaurant, but you will NOT destroy my favorite best friend.” Soon, a crowd of gawkers appeared near the Krusty Krab as if hoping to watch the outcome of the fight between the Mutant Bubble Bass and the Masked Sponge, including Perch Perkins and his news crew, which was recording the whole thing and was still being viewed by Mr. Krabs and Squidward at the prison. The Mutant Bubble Bass tried to shake SpongeBob off his arm, but when he refused to let go, he resorted to biting down on it, causing SpongeBob to groan in agony at the sharp teeth puncturing his spongy body. Before he can bite down any harder, a whistle is heard and Sandy steps forward, yelling, “Hey mutagenic blob!” she pulls out her acorn gun, “Chew on this!” She fires multiple acorns at his head until he drops SpongeBob on the ground and follows Sandy’s advice, letting the acorns fly into his mouth, chewing them to pieces. When she stopped firing, she growls in fury as the Mutant Bubble Bass growls in return and prepares to advance on her. Seeing his friend in trouble, SpongeBob struggles to his feet and tries to dig through his utility belt for anything that can help him. After tossing aside his bubble soap, grappling hook, TV remote, and sticker book, he finally pulls out a can of Fizz Bomb Cola that he forgot he bought earlier. Suddenly, his eyes widen with an idea and he quickly yells, “Masked Squirrel, hand me that thing!” Hearing his order, Sandy quickly tosses her acorn gun and Mutant Bubble Bass sees the Masked Sponge catch it and quickly load the soda can into the gun. “Hey Bubble Bass!” he calls out, aiming it directly at the mutant, and speaking in his brooding voice, “How about a drink?” He fired the acorn gun and shot out the can of Fizz Bomb Cola through the air until it landed in the mutant’s mouth. He was about to jump at SpongeBob until he stops in confusion and feels his stomach rumbling. Suddenly, he lets out a large belch and his body begins to shrink down until he is back to his regular size and appearance. Bubble Bass lets out a weakened groan and he faints on the floor. The surrounding crowd approached with relief now that the monster had been defeated, but the hero who was victorious fell backwards as he appeared to be succumbing to his injuries. “NOOO!” the Masked Squirrel cried out as she rushed towards SpongeBob and held him in her arms as he lied there unresponsive. “Oh, no! Please wake up, little buddy.” Patrick gasped in horror as he thought to himself, “Not another Mermaid Man.” The crowd became silent when the Masked Sponge did not wake up, even Mr. Krabs and Squidward appeared saddened as they watched everything on the news. Perch Perkins got in front of the camera and reported, “With the mutant defeated and Bikini Bottom safe, it seems that everything is at peace. However, it seems it all came with a price: The Masked Sponge is gone, and no longer will we have him…or the Krusty Krab…and its krabby patties.” Hearing these last words echo in his mind, SpongeBob’s eyes shoot open and he immediately sits up, pushing Sandy away. “NO!” he screams in determination as he undoes his cape and pulls his spatula from his utility belt. “I will NEVER let that happen!” Seeing that their favorite superhero was alive, everyone gasps in shock. Patrick smiles with joy as he shouts, “Masked Sponge, you’re okay!” Frowning with seriousness, he states, “That is no longer my name.” and suddenly, he rips the mask off his face. Everyone in the area gains even more shocked expressions at seeing the true identity of the Masked Sponge. As the camera crew zooms in on SpongeBob’s face, Mr. Krabs seemed the most shocked of all. “Me own fry cook…was the Masked Sponge this whole time?” Squidward dully pointed out, “I’ve only told you that twelve times.” Without another word, SpongeBob marched into the kitchen and turned on the grill. Afterwards, he went into the freezer and came out with a frozen krabby patty that he tossed like a disk, landing it perfectly on the hot grill. He then chopped up some lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese while he flipped the patty. When he was ready, he tosses aside the boxes that he knew contained the tainted buns and pulled out a bag of buns that he used to place his finished patty on and topped it with all the ingredients. Soon, SpongeBob emerged from the kitchen, holding up a plate with the krabby patty. Everyone looked anxious since as far as they knew, krabby patties caused people to mutate and run rampant. But SpongeBob turned to Patrick and spoke, “Patrick, as the one who always stood by me whether I was the Masked Sponge or SpongeBob, I’d like you to try the first good krabby patty.” “Oh, krabby patty…” Patrick said with a teary smile as he took the patty. “How I’ve missed you.” He quickly pats SpongeBob on the back while adding, “And I’ve missed you too, SpongeBob.” After he took a bite, everyone watching gasped in fright, fearing they would have another mutant to deal with. It didn’t help that after Patrick swallowed, he began to shake and groan. However, Patrick’s face broke out in a smile and he shouts, “That was the best krabby patty ever! You really are a superhero, SpongeBob!” SpongeBob smiled with joy that the first krabby patty he made in days was being enjoyed by his best friend. Afterwards, he heard a slow clapping sound and turned to see the Masked Squirrel clapping her hands, which was followed by everyone else in the Krusty Krab doing the same as they cheered. SpongeBob glows with joy as the clapping turns to cheering, and while he didn’t know it, Squidward and Mr. Krabs clapped for their fellow employee from across town. Now that the krabby patties and the Krusty Krab had their name cleared, the true culprit, Bubble Bass, was being arrested. He scowled after being put in the back of the police car and SpongeBob watched with a satisfied smile. “Looks like you’ll be getting your own apartment after all, Bubble Bass.” Said the former Masked Sponge. “It’s THE Bass!” Bubble Bass screams before being driven away.
  7. It is for this reason that I am going to buy a Nintendo Switch
  8. Seeing that twitter post just made me sad, because yeah, it's true. Making this spin-off that retcons the whole show right after Steve's passing is just awful. And we all know this is just a shameless gimmick just to cash in on SpongeBob's popularity. When I met Zach Heffelfinger a few weeks ago at a meet, I really had to bite my tongue when he was telling a little kid news about the spin-offs. IF this ends up bombing like Planet Sheen, I can only hope they learn their lesson. But on the bright side, I'm glad this isn't the plot of the movie after all.
  9. Steve will always hold a special place in my heart as host. But I do believe Squidward would've been the best host.
  10. Chapter 12: Kick Some 8455 At the Bikini Bottom Fine Fresh Bakery, a delivery truck was parked outside the factory and a few workers were loading boxes of buns onto the truck, unaware that they all contained the tainted buns that were accidentally created by Bubble Bass. Said worker was monitoring the loading while still wearing his “Bass” costume (which didn’t strike any of the other workers as odd). “Very good, gentlemen.” Bubble Bass noted while looking at a clipboard. “Just one more load and we’ll be on our way.” Suddenly, Patrick appeared behind him, “What can I do? What can I do?” he asked, jumping up and down, and clapping his hands like an excited child. An annoyed Bubble Bass points and demands, “Just go wait in the truck! Don’t worry; I’ll have a special task for you later.” “You got it, Bubble Bass.” Patrick enthusiastically replied before going to the passenger seat of the delivery truck. “It’s THE BASS!” Bubble Bass shouted angrily. “I’m a super villain now!” but then he groans weakly, mumbling to himself, “I was hoping he had a krabby patty on him.” He suddenly smirks to himself, whispering, “Maybe I’ll get some reward money for turning that idiot in, and then I’ll buy the Krusty Krab and eat all the krabby patties I want. HA HA HA HA HA!” However, his laughter caught the attention of some of his co-workers, who were staring at him. He snapped at them, “Do you mind? We all have jobs to do!” Bubble Bass casually gets in the driver’s seat of the truck, next to Patrick. Right as he starts the engine and drives off, the starfish excitedly cheers, “Whooo! Road trip!” As the truck with the buns left the bakery, from up ahead behind a bush of seaweed, the Masked Sponge was watching through a pair of binoculars to see the truck with Bubble Bass and Patrick inside. He talks into a walkie-talkie, “I got eyes on the culprit and I am about to pursue.” Sandy’s voice comes out from the other end, “Copy that.” SpongeBob frowns in determination as he puts away the walkie. “Time to break out the Masked Spongemobile.” Bubble Bass was casually driving the truck until Patrick peers over to Bass’s side of the window and cheerfully greets, “Hi Masked Sponge!” He turns and gasps in surprise to see the Masked Sponge driving next to him on his unicycle, huffing and puffing as he peddled as fast as he can to keep up with the truck. “You?!” Bubble Bass shouted in anger. Between breaths, SpongeBob shouted, “Pull…this truck over! You’re…under arrest…for besmirching…the krabby patty name…Assault…Blackmail…Kidnapping….Not to mention…running a stop sign just now!” Scowling, Bubble Bass slams his foot on the gas pedal and speeds away from the Masked Sponge. Unable to pedal fast enough on his bike, SpongeBob reaches into his belt while muttering, “Time for this sponge to hitch a ride.” He takes out a new grappling hook he received from Sandy and fires it, releasing a plunger that latches onto the back of the truck. However, the force yanks the sponge off his bike and when the truck turns right, the Masked Sponge slams onto the left side of the truck. Hearing the loud noise on top of the truck, Bubbles Bass frowns and unbuckles his seatbelt. “Take the wheel.” He orders Patrick. “You got it, Bubble The Bass.” Patrick responds with a cheerful salute. Bubble Bass grits his teeth in annoyance as he squeezes his fat behind through the driver’s window and climbs on top of the truck where the Masked Sponge is waiting for him. SpongeBob narrowed his eyes, glaring at his opponent, “Bubble Bass…” “It’s THE BASS!” Bubble Bass yelled in frustration. “Whoops, sorry.” SpongeBob replied sincerely. “I thought I threw you out of town.” Speaking in his brooding voice, SpongeBob retorted, “This town is dependent on a superhero they can depend on. Therefore I must be dependable.” Chuckling maliciously, Bubble Bass asked, “Masked Sponge, why so serious?” In his normal voice, SpongeBob angrily answered, “I’m serious because you made me lose everything I had; my job and my life.” “Boo-hoo.” Bubble Bass teases, “I believe I warned you what would happen if you got in my way.” he smirks and takes out his phone to show SpongeBob the picture he took of him. “Now it’s time for the whole world to know who the Masked Sponge is.” Panic began to fill SpongeBob’s heart as he frantically pleads, “Wait! I’m sure we can talk this out!” “Sure we can.” Bubble Bass taunted, hovering his finger above the post button, “After I become known as the Man Who Unmasked the Masked Sponge.” Right as he was about to tap his phone, the truck hits a speed bump, causing them both to fumble and Bubble Bass to drop his phone. “NOOOO!!!” he screams as he watched the phone hit the road and break into pieces while they drive away. “I still had two more payments!” A flash of relief swept SpongeBob, but it was short-lived as Bubble Bass snarling at him with hatred. SpongeBob held his hands up defensively and calmly spoke, “Come on, Bubble Bass, we can still talk this out.” Without listening, Bubble Bass got up and charged toward him with his fist held out. “This is all YOUR FAULT!!!” The sponge quickly stood up and held up his own fist until they both bump each other and lace their hands together as if trying to push the other to each ends of the truck. They both stared at each other with focused intent, trying to push the other down. “You should’ve stayed where I sent you, Masked Loser!” Bubble Bass shouted, “Then you could’ve played the hero all you want!” He plays dirty by using SpongeBob’s own left fist to punch the sponge in the face three times. SpongeBob was dizzy for a moment, but he glared and retorted, “You can’t get rid of me that easily, Bass.” The Masked Sponge strikes back in the same manner by shoving Bubble Bass’ left fist back and using it to punch him in the stomach three times, knocking the wind out of him. SpongeBob adds, “You should’ve just told the truth, then we wouldn’t have to do this.” “That’s another reason why the Masked Sponge is such a lame superhero. You’re always trying to talk, talk, talk, instead of fight, fight, fight. Superheroes don’t exist to make friends with the bad guys. Was Mermaid Man always trying to make friends?” SpongeBob interrupted by shouting, “He was always friendly, just like a real superhero should be!” But he was silenced by Bubble Bass pushing him down to one knee. “WRONG!” he then cruelly mocked, “He’d still be alive if he weren’t. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s why you’ll end up just like him…DEAD!” At this, tears appear in SpongeBob’s eyes and anger fills his heart, causing him to yell at the top of his voice, “NEVER!” and swiftly karate kicks Bubble Bass onto his back, making him almost slide off the truck. SpongeBob was about to approach him, but a bump on the road caused SpongeBob to almost lose his footing and allowed Bubble Bass to grab him by the ankle and pull SpongeBob onto his back. Bubble Bass smirks, thinking he now has the Masked Sponge at his mercy, but SpongeBob kicks Bubble Bass in the face, making his glasses go crooked and letting SpongeBob drop on his feet. Bubble Bass frowned in anger at the Masked Sponge, having finally lost his patience. But then, Bubble Bass suddenly pointed ahead and shouted in surprise, “Oh my gosh, it’s the Masked Squirrel!” “Where?!” SpongeBob excitedly asked, turning around and allowing Bubble Bass to grab SpongeBob by the cape and whip him in the air, flinging him off the back of the truck. Fortunately, SpongeBob managed to grab onto the edge to keep himself from falling onto the road, but his fingers were slipping off the moving truck. Just when he couldn’t latch on anymore, Bubble Bass suddenly grabbed his hand and held onto him. Even SpongeBob couldn’t believe this. “You saved me?” he asked in a stunned voice. “I’m not finished with you yet.” Bubble Bass maliciously answered, glaring at him. But SpongeBob used this moment to plead with him, “Please, Bubble Bass, just turn yourself in. They might give you a lighter sentence if you just explain it was all an accident. I’ll even vouch for you.” “Forget it! I’m not gonna lose my job and my home because of you!” An offended SpongeBob pointed out, “I lost my job and my home because of you!” “You’re gonna lose more than that in a second.” He held SpongeBob over the edge of the truck. “Once you become road pizza!” Despite the danger he was in, SpongeBob just glared at Bubble Bass, “You can get rid me all you want, Bass! But as long as the krabby patties are in danger, I’ll always come back!” A voice suddenly called out, “You tell him, Masked Sponge!” They both turn to see Patrick sitting on the other end of the truck, drinking a soda as he watched the whole thing. “Patrick, what are you doing?” SpongeBob asked, concerned about his best friend being so close to the action that he could get hurt. “I didn’t wanna miss the superhero fight.” SpongeBob quirked an eyebrow and began wondering, “Who’s driving this truck?” This made Bubble Bass’ eyes widen until he yelled at the starfish, “I told you take the wheel!” “I did take the wheel.” Patrick backed up this claim by holding up the steering wheel in his hand. The two masked sea creatures’ eyes widen as the truck suddenly swerves out of control and throws them across the top and they both try to hang onto it for dear life. The truck enters the city of Bikini Bottom and barrels through the streets as civilians scream in panic as they try to run out of the way. The superhero and supervillain scream and hold onto each other right before the truck hits a brick wall and explodes. The Masked Squirrel makes it onto the scene and searches the debris and flames for any signs of her fellow superhero. She lifts up a large pile of debris up and tosses it aside, only to find Patrick lying there. She pulls him up and asks, “Patrick, do you know where the Masked Sponge is?” Though a little disoriented, Patrick answers, “Uhhh…He was here a minute ago fighting The Bubble Bass-Bass.” However, on the other side of the destroyed truck, SpongeBob pushed a large piece of metal off of him and he sighs in relief to find that he managed to survive the crash. He looks around to see the contaminated buns that were on the truck are now scattered across the ground in flames. “Phew,” SpongeBob said with a small smile. “I’m okay and the tainted buns are no more. I just gotta find Patrick and makes sure he’s okay too.” Before he could get very far, he was suddenly yanked backwards by his cape and slammed against the back of the destroyed truck. He sees a furious Bubble Bass holding him by the sides of his square body. “I should really reconsider wearing a cape.” SpongeBob wheezed. Through his snarling teeth, Bubble Bass says, “You! This is all your fault, you masked freak! You cost me my job and my chances of getting my own place. Worst of all, I’ll never get to eat another krabby patty.” An offended SpongeBob retorts, “Hey, if you hadn’t been so careless, none of this would’ve happened!” but he was silenced when Bubble Bass tightened his grin around his body, nearly choking him. “Say hi to Mermaid Man for me.” Bubble Bass sneered before pounding SpongeBob against the truck again, causing a krabby patty to fall out of his belt and onto the ground. Seeing this, Bubble Bass reacted in surprise and tossed SpongeBob aside, “A krabby patty! You were hoarding the last good one with you this whole time!” SpongeBob sat up to catch his breath, but quickly realized what was about to happen. “No…You can’t…” he could only let out in a whisper. But Bubble Bass ignored his warning and picked up the krabby patty with gusto. “Come to papa!” He ate the whole thing in one bite and licked his lips while looking at SpongeBob as if to rub it in his face that he ate his last good krabby patty. While the sponge sat there in fright, expecting the worst to happen, Bubble Bass held up his fists and stated, “And now to finish you o-aaaAAAH!” he screams as he clenches his stomach and suddenly feels his face mutating as it tears his mask off. SpongeBob backs up and cringes in terror as he watches Bubble Bass grow even larger than he already was, his teeth grow long and sharp. He is only able to mindlessly let out a gargled growl before stomping over SpongeBob and knocking the remains of the truck aside as he stomped into the city. “Poor Bubble Bass.” SpongeBob said in sympathy. “Hoist by his own fisherman’s hook of evil.” “Masked Sponge!” Sandy called out as she and Patrick rush over to him. “Thank goodness you’re okay.” “Oh, Patrick,” SpongeBob squealed as he tearfully hugged his best friend. “The only thing that matters is you’re okay.” Holding the emotional superhero in his arms, Patrick calmly replies, “There, there…you’ll meet SpongeBob someday.” However, Sandy breaks up the tender moment by reminding them, “But that yellowbelly, Bubble Bass, ate a contaminated krabby patty and now he’s wilder than a coyote in a chicken farm.” The situation now dawned on SpongeBob and he holds the sides of his head in panic. “Dear Neptune, he’ll destroy all of Bikini Bottom at this point.” But Sandy calmed him down by assuring him, “Not to worry. If we rough him up enough, he should shrink back to normal.” SpongeBob narrowed his eyes in determination. “Then it’s all up to me.” He pointed at the Masked Squirrel, “You keep Patrick and everyone else safe.” “But Sponge-” Sandy was about to protest until realizing she would give away her friend’s identity in front of Patrick. “Let us come with you, Masked Sponge.” Patrick suggested, “I may not have powers, but neither do you. So that’ll level out the playing field.” “I hate to admit it, but Patrick may be right.” Sandy agreed. “We may have a better chance of beatin’ that monstrous varmint if we all do it together.” “You can’t!” SpongeBob pleaded, “Patrick, you’re not experienced like the Masked Squirrel and me.” He points to Sandy and concludes, “And because he’s not experienced like us, you have to be the one to protect him from any more harm. And if…if this ends up being my last battle, I... I have to leave the protection of Bikini Bottom to you.” He takes a deep breath marches into battle without another word. Watching him leave, Patrick tears up and states, “You have to make it back, Masked Sponge. If you don’t, SpongeBob and I won’t have anyone to look up to anymore now that Mermaid Man’s gone.” Sandy comforts him by holding his shoulder.
Doubloons: $40,179

V11 Polo Shirt An exclusive item for your iFish to celebrate the launch of V11!1
Santa Hat 1
Santa Beard 1
Santa Sweater 1
Santa Pants 1
Santa Boots 1
SpongeBob Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Squidward Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Clarinet An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Starfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Fruitcake An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Donkey An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet An item exclusively given during April Fools 2016!1
Silver Bell 1
Reindeer Hat 1
Holiday Gary An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Holiday Patrick An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Krabby Patty An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Dollar An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Spatula An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Jellyfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Purple 1
Jeopardy Advantage Gives you $200 in a Jeopardy game. Can only be used once per game.1
Dirty Bubble Collectable An exclusive collectable of the naughty bubble himself. Only given to the Villains for winning July of Justice.1
Kevin Given to whoever won it from Jellyfish Bounce at Jellyfish Festival.1
Wheel of Fortune T-Shirt 1
Princess Costume 1
Red Sunglasses 1
Vampire Teeth 1
Yellow Bass Guitar 1
Groucho Glasses 1
Sponge Popsicle 1
Wooden Shoes 1
Mrs. Puff Witch An exclusive item given to whoever completed the Candy Hunt at Octerror Fest 2017.1
Snowman Costume (2012) 2
Elf Ears 1
Elf Hat 1
Elf Costume 3
Christmas Eyes 1
Snowman Costume 1
Jerk Face 1
Teddy Bear 1
Holiday Gang An exclusive item given to whoever completed the Present Hunt at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Penguin Costume 1
Jingle Bell Hat 1
Holiday Scarf 1
Winter SpongeBob An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Santa Claus An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Chocolate Flower 1
Chocolate Karate Glove 1
Chocolate Snail 1
Jellien Given to whoever won it from Asteroid Blast.1
Leprechaun Suit 1
St. Patrick's Day Hat 1
Band Geek Foam Finger 1
Grand Maul Granny's Glasses 1
Band Geek Pants 1
SpongeBob Egg Given to whoever completed the Easter Egg Hunt during March Madness 2018.1
Xat Time Travelers Badge 1
Secret Agent Snail Badge 1
Community Deathmatch Badge 1
Tiara 1
Band Geek Soccer Shirt 1
Band Geek Soccer Shorts 1
Squidward Soccer Given to whoever completed the Soccer Ball Hunt at Sponge Cup.1
SpongeBuck Trophy 1
TeenGirl Hair 1
Witch Dress 1
Pearl Frankenstein Bride Given to whoever completed the Candy Hunt during Octerror Fest 2018.1
Ugly Xmas Sweater - SpongeBob 1
Snail - Christmas 1
Snail 1
Sea Bunny 1
Flower SpongeBob Given to whoever completed the Flower Hunt during March Madness 2019.1
Fist O Pain Badge 1
Blue Motorbike 1
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