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  1. Obviously I know it's more complicated than that. That twas just one part of it. I still hate it and think it's just boring and stupid and yaaawn ZZZzzzz
  2. BORING. People kill eachother to survive and the winner gets food. STUPID. The first movie was the ultimate snooze fest and I have no interest in reading the books or seeing the second movie, even if it is better, because I just hate the general story.
  3. person


    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWW GROSS. Yucko smucko. Try Sweet Frog or Tutti Frutti
  4. person

    Golden Corral

    What are you guys talking about? Golden Corral is boss. Best buffet ever and you get full value for your dollar. I always eat their lasagna, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and steak. And the desert...wow. Amazing. The cake and apple pie and ice cream. The only complaint I have is that they used to have chicken parmesan the very first time I went there is 2008 but then they got rid of it for whatever odd reason I don't understand. It was sooo delicious and by far the best meal they had but sadly they just took it away. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. It was right next to the lasagna, but not anymore. But they still have lasagna? Makes NO sense. You get 2 points off for that golden corral. 8/10. Disappointment.
  5. person

    Taco Bell

    Omg their beef tacos and chicken and cheese quesadillas are soooo yummy. I have only been there once in my whole life though lol.
  6. person


    I eat burritos or quesadillas with chicken and cheese only. I hate everything else. Chipotle's chicken, cheese, and bread is good but Moe's is like a billion times better in comparison.
  7. person

    Chick Fil-a

    Oh and btw I love the little yellow dancing character at the top of the thread lol it's so cute and cool.
  8. person

    Chick Fil-a

    Love their chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, waffle fries, milkshakes, and lemonade. I'm just bummed that they don't have regular fries too, and that they're closed on Sunday for religious reasons. STUPID! THE COWS MUST PROTEST.
  9. I've never been but really want to one day. I'm dying to go. It's only 40 minutes away in Maryland. 42000 SQUARE FEET?!?! WHAAAAT?!?! Wow...I can't imagine a place being that big. I imagine it was pretty awesome. But that would mean like over 1000 arcade games right? Lol idk it's just so huge.
  10. Great episode but what I don't understand is why they all offered Krabs so much money for that hat then not long after he came back with it, they acted like they didn't know what he was talking about and told him he's crazy and made fun of the worthless warehouse. WHAT IN THE ------??? YOU'RE EITHER IDIOTS OR YOU'RE JUST JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE DO YOU HAVE SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS???
  11. water, milk, lemonade, apple juice, and hot cocoa/chocolate. aaaaaaaaaaaaah/mmmmmmmmmmmmm. lol.
  12. ABSOLUTELY! some say it's for kids but NO IT'S FOR ANYBODY or if not it's called being a kid at heart. the jokes are funny, not cheesy. i've seen every episode and it's actually made me laugh more than usual when i've watched it recently. it's on every night on nickelodeon from 9-10 and sometimes 8-10. amazing how it ran for 8 years and they're all now 30, 40, and 50. it's the perfect example of a family together at home and situations that can occur in people's lives as a part of daily interaction. i love their house too it's so big and looks nice i'd want to live there. and it's a real house too. i think theirs is a set but i know from the internet that there is an identical house that exists so they were copying it. hey i'm a good writer lol.
  13. i like the show a lot. it could be better but i still find it really funny. i've only seen like two or three seasons. it can be stupid and/or boring at times and make me want to fall asleep or turn away, but overall i think it's a great, hilarious, and successful show. my favorite episode is scott tenerman must die. especially the ending. LOL. it was the first episode i've ever seen. and for som reason the first episode of every show i see turns out being my favorite. weird.
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