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  1. Again, sorry for the long delay, but here are a few more tropes, pertaining to "PR:MVF". / Creator Breakdown: A couple of factors contributing to the fact why it took SO long for "State of Shock: Part I" to be written, was because of this. Renegade the Unicorn got into an argument with a user (and due to "Writer Discretion", I won't go into it any further), and because of that, he felt like he needed to leave this website, and was willing to hand over writing duties to me. Unfortunately, before I could do anything, not only did Renegade decide to come back, the Corona Virus also hit. Even though it thankfully hasn't affected either of us personally, my creative drive still suffered for a bit, and it was only recently that I felt inspired enough to take up writing again, in order to help finish the series, as originally intended. Evil Sounds Deep: Proven true for both Drako, and Radiguet. After Drako was revived thanks to the Ret-con time loop Captain Retro created in order to de-power M.O.D.O.K., and save the lives of Ramone Fleecely, Prince Maniac, Ebony, and Toby, Drako was revived with M.O.D.O.K.'s powers, and got a deeper voice. As for Radiguet, it was revealed that he's been using a VOICE box this whole time, in order to SOUND like Him from "The Powerpuff Girls". Without it, Radiguet sounds just like Adam Driver; mainly, his role as Kylo Ren from "The Star Wars" sequel trilogy. Foil: The main reason Eris, the Goddess of Discord was introduced into this series, based on her characterization and appearance from "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy", was to provide a foil for Radiguet. Whereas Radiguet does chaotic things in order to be evil and malevolent, Eris does chaotic things, because its her odd way of caring about people, and she's good and benevolent, ESPECIALLY when compared to Radiguet! Her establishing character moment, was using the Golden Apple of Discord, in order to bring back to life, all of the Power Rangers who USED to be alive in the "Power Rangers R.P.M." dimension, at the PEAK of their powers, whereas Radiguet is prone to killing anything that crosses his path, on a mere whim. And apparently, they USED to be lovers until Radiguet found out that Eris was barren, and could NEVER produce a suitable male heir to his lineage. Eldritch Location: According to Radiguet, Endsville, from "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy", is one of these. Probably due in no small part, to the fact that DESPITE the fact that so many weird, crazy things have happened there, things that would NORMALLY have caused most of the people and beings who LIVE there, to have either DIED, Mutated, or MUTILATED several times over, everyone who lives there ALWAYS seemingly snap back to normal, as though nothing has EVER happened to them. Society Marches on: Noted by Queen Beryl and her cohorts, when they were watching a NEW to them, but old to us, original viewing of an "I Love Lucy" episode. Although they don't go into specifics, they do mark the fact that of the THREE channels they have access to, the broadcasting is ALL Politically Incorrect Television from the 1950's. Jumped At The Call: True for Krash'ir, Samson, and Patsy, when the former was given a Thunder Morpher in order to morph into the Blue Thunder Ranger, and the former recruited the latter two in order to become the Red and Pink Thunder Ranger's respectively. Although Coop and D.O.G., were willing to jump at the call, they STILL had to get the blessing of Ace and ESPECIALLY Abby, before Coop and D.O.G., were allowed to become the Green and Yellow Thunder Ranger's respectively. Author's Saving Throw: A minor one, but it still counts. In order to address the fact that in the "Super Sentai" franchise, a LOT of the Yellow Rangers are Male, but in America, a LOT of the Yellow Rangers are female, D.O.G., reveals that the Yellow Ranger spectrum is more gender neutral than ANY of the other Ranger colors that one could select from, and the reason why most Yellow Rangers don't HAVE skirts, is so that EITHER a male or a female COULD become that Ranger color if needed. Canon Welding: Of a sort. In "State of Shock: Part I", Eris reveals who Radiguet's father is, and it happens to be Egos Satan, the Big Bad of "Super Sentai Battle Fever J". Even worse, she reveals that it is Egos Satan who is mainly responsible for WARPING Radiguet into the sadistic psychopath he is today! In a more traditional sense, Samson reveals that the events described in the "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Pink Ranger Comic", where Kimberly leads a rag-tag group of Rangers in order to stop a monster created by Goldar, is now canon to "PR:MVF". Accidentally Correct Writing/Mythology Gag: When I first decided to bring Dr. Maniac from his original "Super Sentai Bioman" series, into the "PR:MVF", canon, I knew of the fact that in the original series, Prince Maniac was created as a Mecha-Clone, to pose as his son, but this fact wasn't revealed until AFTER the first time that Mecha-Clone was destroyed in that season. In "PR:MVF", I made it so that Prince Maniac actually WAS human, but it wasn't LATER, that I found out, that before Dr. Maniac BECAME Dr. Maniac, he actually DID have a real son, who he based Prince Maniac on! So in other words, Prince Maniac is a composite character! To further the Mythology Gag, Prince Maniac was saved, because Captain Retro used his super speed, to replace Prince Maniac with a Mecha-Clone that LOOKED like him at the LAST possible second, and did it so fast, nobody NOTICED the switch. This was done, in order to ensure a "Stable Time Loop." Secondly, Coop becoming a Kid Ranger, growing into full adult size, is a Mythology Gag to the fact that the power Coop is using, based on "Super Sentai Dairanger," that season did in fact, HAVE a Kid Ranger growing into full adult size. only it was the WHITE Ranger who did so, and not the Green Ranger. Third, the Master Morpher was utilized by Captain Retro, as a source of all the Green and Black Ranger Powers of the past. However, this was written even BEFORE watching the "Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel" episode, "Dimensions In Danger", where Tommy actually DID utilize a Master Morpher, and morphed into ALL of his previous Ranger powers! Finally, Fruit Freak is based not only on the Carmen Miranda costume that Lucy wore in the second ever episode of "I Love Lucy", it's also based on a fruit monster created by Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, in the very LAST issue of the ORIGINAL 1990's "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers" comic book series. Berserk Button/Locked Out of the Loop: A minor case for BlackHawk, but it still counts. When BlackHawk sees Sans' eyes grow RED when he learns that Dr. Maniac has taken Alphys, hostage, it really SHOCKS BlackHawk to find out that Sans DOES have a Berserk Button! While the viewers/readers know that this is par for the course for Sans, if one should disregard his warnings and take a "Total Genocide Route", than you WILL see Sans unleash his anger on you. However, since BlackHawk NEVER took the "Total Genocide Route", and instead, went the "True Pacifist Route", the display of anger is completely unnerving to him. Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale: Arguably averted, for a change. The Astro Mega Ship Mark II, is said to be capable of traveling at speeds 4,000 times FASTER than the Speed of Light. To put that into perspective, such a speed would get you from Earth, to the Alpha Centauri Star System, in a matter of half a day. Hardly the instantaneous travel most viewers/readers are used to, but STILL a more realistic attempt than most! Noodle Incident: A dark variation, as far as Radiguet in concerned. In "State of Shock: Part I", he reveals that he and the Pleasure Chaos God, Sla'neesh, have some prior history together. Radiguet only refers to it, as wanting to make him PAY for all the HORRID, HORRIBLE things that Sla'neesh did to him. "Word of God", says, that the Horrid, Horrible things that Sla'neesh did to Radiguet, WILL be revealed in a later episode! Elite Mooks: Radiguet is revealed to have these, as his soldiers of choice are the Hell Fighters, straight from the "Super Sentai Jetman" series itself! How tough are these Mooks? Radiguet knows that while the Power Rangers of Corinth have probably had to fight the Machine Empire's Cogs in the past, Radiguet describes that fighting the Hell Fighters, is like fighting the Cogs on STEROIDS, and he HAS a few thousand of them at his disposal! Not Worth Redemption: It's very telling when Captain Retro, of ALL characters, decides that Dr. Maniac is no longer a man, but a "Complete Monster". He even states that, "Once you've gone THAT far, there's almost NO coming back from it". Sans completely agrees on that front, and is willing to attack Dr. Maniac and make him PAY for all his crimes, even if it personally costs Sans everything in the process! / That's all the tropes I can think of for now! I'll see you next time!
  2. Via TV, if it counts: "Tom & Jerry Back to Oz", I was actually REALLY surprised; for a sequel to a Direct to D.V.D. animated movie, based on a movie which Tom & Jerry weren't even ORIGINALLY in, this one managed to FAR exceed my expectations, in the fact that it was WAY better than the original! For starters, not only did they come up with ORIGINAL songs for this movie, they also wrote an ORIGINAL plot! The plot, is LOOSELY based around Book #3 of the "Oz" series (Yes, there IS more than ONE "Oz" book, fourteen OFFICIAL "Oz" books to be precise), in which the Gnome King is after Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, because he wants to bury the Emerald City underground, for petty, greedy reasons, so Dorothy, Tom, Jerry, and Dorothy's friends return to Oz using Oz, the Wizard's balloon. This movie even managed to be more politically correct, in the fact that it HAD some African American people in it (in the Kansas section of the movie, but BETTER than nothing), and one of them had an Oz equivalent in the Jitterbug, a character ORIGINALLY intended for the ORIGINAL "The Wizard of Oz", but cut out due to constraints of time and budget. They even REVIVED "The Jitterbug" song originally written FOR that movie, which means this is the FIRST time "The Jitterbug" song has actually been featured IN a movie! They DID gender invert the character called The Very Hungry Tiger, but I think they did it so that Dorothy WASN'T the only major female presence in the movie, and to give The Cowardly Lion a potential love interest. I really loved this movie, and I highly recommend it, as the BEST "Tom & Jerry" animated movie I've ever seen! Enough said, true believers!
  3. Not only is this episode horrible and completely out of character for Mr. Krabs, even CONSIDERING all the history Mr. Krabs and Plankton have had together, it should also be considered COMPLETELY non-canon! In "The Algae's Always Greener", Plankton interacted and talked with Pearl like it was NOTHING! Now, while it is TECHNICALLY true that in real life, a lot of whale's DO eat plankton and krill, this is an ANIMATED cartoon, so they don't HAVE to follow the rules of reality, especially NOT when they derail Mr. Krabs' character just in an attempt to make Plankton miserable, in a HORRIBLY misguided attempt to garner laughs! This episode was about as funny as the explosion of the Hidenburg Blimp, which is to say, NOT AT ALL! I would HONESTLY give this episode a NEGATIVE ten out of negative ten, because it's THAT bad! Enough said!
  4. Why are these WEIRD things spinning around? It's ANYBODY'S guess!
  5. Why, yes, he CAN do this all night!
  6. Shoots at Shadow for making such an AWFUL solo video game! (Though STILL nowhere NEAR as bad as "Sonic the Hedgehog 2006"!)
  7. Just a reminder, we USED to have this cool Nintendo breakfast cereal combo back in the 1980's. Why we DON'T have it anymore, is ANYONE'S guess.
  8. Pop the Robotnik! (Or Eggman, if you prefer).
  9. Popping Tingle's balloon be like...THAT!
  10. These THINGS are spinning around him...he's getting DIZZY!
  11. Previously unseen footage of the latest Nintendo Switch demo to feature a brand new "Super Mario Bros." video game!
  12. I'll use 50 of my 60 tokens to buy a Poke Ball.
  13. Sorry again for the long delay, but here's the newest episode. I'll put it in spoiler in order to avoid the dreaded data lengths that plague these stories! I hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I did writing it!
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Together Since 2009 Get access to tvguy's Together Since 2009 skin!1
8-Bit Community Get access to JCM's 8-Bit Community skin!1
Jellyfish Fields Get access to JCM's Jellyfish Fields skin!1
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Trendy Glasses Perfect for covering up black eyes!1
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Manly Mustache Turns you into a MAN!1
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Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet Free with every purchase!1
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Mawgu Hammer Feel the might of his hammer!1
Jetpack Neptune's Crown ain't gonna steal itself!1
College Degree 1
Man Ray Head 1
Hard Hat You re all see!1
Magic Mask Has it seen a krabby patty?1
Rockstar Hair Guitar strum!1
I Heart Computer Wife 1
Spot 1
General Cap 1
Secret Formula The secret ingredient is krab!1
Prisoner Chain 1
Lankton Vest 1
Lankton Beard 1
Chum Bucket Apron An employee of the Chum Bucket.1
Dual Ice Cream Cones But you only needed ONE!1
Banjo Needs another string!1
General Gloves 1
Plankton Spongehead Don't worry; your cranium is in good hands.1
Plankton Be part of Plankton's family!1
Patty Stealers T-Shirt 1
Anniversary Hat Celebrating 10 years of SBC!1
Candy Corn Collectable Given to whoever won it from Trick or Treat or the All-Nighter at OF19.1
Squeaky Boots Make it stop!1
Tear Sweater Is this any better?1
Bomb Pie Well here you go!1
Snowy Parka 1
Reindeer Outfit 1
Peppermint Suit 1
It's A SpongeBob Christmas Sweater! 1
SpongeBob Christmas Sweater This sweater feels like the very first sweater to meeeee...1
Patrick Christmas Sweater 1
Toboggan 1
Reindeer Face 1
Sleigh Bells 1
Reindeer Hooves 1
Carrot Nose 1
Milk and Cookies 1
Snowman Given to whoever won it from Snowball Throw at Snowcember Ball 2019.1
Candy Cane 1
Squid 1
Gogeta Hair This hair is a limited edition hair, only won by giveaways.1
Krusty Krab Hat 1
Feathered Hat 1
Telescope 1
Wooden Sword 1
First Mate Outfit 1
Pirate Outfit 1
Captain Krabs Outfit 1
Pegleg Hat 1
Compass 1
Blindbeard Hat 1
Pirate SpongeBob Given to whoever won it from Treasure Dig at Freebooter 2020.1
Krusty Krew Foam Finger 1
Krusty Krew Headband 1
Krusty Krew Sports Top 1
Krusty Krew Sports Bottoms 1
Krusty Krew Wristbands 1
Brain Freeze 1
Poke Ball 1
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