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  1. This show has got "One season" written ALL OVER IT!!!! Hopefully, Squidward's spin-off show on Netflix will be MUCH more promising! Enough said!
  2. Pretend that I'm saying something witty about digging something up.
  3. I have finished playing "Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga", including "Boswer's Minions" for the Nintendo 3DS. Now I'm playing "Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D" for the Nintendo 3DS! Enough said!
  4. Awesome artwork, especially of Harley Quinn!
  5. Just an interesting piece of information that was on Gamespot (not sure if you can find it there anymore), but an exclusive "Animal Crossing: New Horizon" skin for the Nintendo Switch, for a pre-order of this video game, has ALREADY sold out just through the pre-orders, so the aspects for this video game are already looking pretty good, just in case anybody was wondering! Enough said, true believers!
  6. Given that this episode HAD bubble animals, I can't BELIEVE they didn't think to put Bubble Buddy into this episode! I mean, the episode feels pretty good even though he isn't in it, but still...back on topic! It seems as though as Spongebob has taken a level in both bravery and competence, as he is both able to handle himself around zoo animals, and knows how to treat them well. Even so, the zoo warden understandably doesn't WANT Spongebob around the animals, even though Spongebob has done nothing WRONG to them, and the animals even LIKE him! So it's funny when Patrick decides to LEAVE a zoo EXHIBIT when he finds out that Spongebob is being forced out of the zoo! Their solution? Make a zoo of their OWN, with BUBBLE animals! Having LEARNED from their past experiences with how fragile bubbles can be, Spongebob decides to use Extra-Strength Bubble Soap, in order to improve the bubble animals' durability, so they no longer pop as easily! Even though Squidward kind of got dragged into the plot for a seemingly random reason, at least he doesn't seem to suffer as badly as he has in previous episodes. And when the bubble animals break loose from the bubble zoo and threaten to run wild, it's when Spongebob yells for help, that the REAL zoo animals come to help Spongebob, and corral the bubble animals into the regular zoo! The Zoo Warden decides to let Spongebob come back into the zoo, for having given the zoo NEW bubble animal exhibits! All in all, I'd give this episode an 88/100. Enough said, true believers!
  7. For some reason, I can just picture that character saying: "Gary! You are going to FINISH your dessert, and YOU are going to LIKE it!" Yeah, I know that was a TERRIBLE joke.
  8. I honestly didn't expect this, but I'm the first to dig for treasure!
  9. Despite the entire episode feeling just "Average", all things considered, I do think this episode works FAR better than it had any RIGHT to, given that a good portion of it focuses on the old lady from "Chocolate With Nuts", who we now find out is 137, and even given the nickname of Old Lady Prunes. Spongebob and Patrick were pretty in character, and the Old Lady's antics were pretty amusing. I guess I would give it a 7/10, just because I think Kaz can do, HAS done, and SHOULD do much better work than just a 7/10 episode! Enough said!
  10. Tough call, because there have been four of these movies that I have seen, and they are ALL very deserving to win best picture. However, I'm going to have to go with "Ford V. Ferrari", because it's basically the plot of "Cars", but from a more realistic view point.
  11. Via Netflix: Watched the final, new episodes of "Bojack Horseman". STILL a better series finale than the one "Seinfeld" had, still hope they'll make a movie to tie up all the loose ends.
  12. Why in the WORLD did they bring THAT disgusting character back?! At least she doesn't look AS disgusting as she did the last time, so maybe those chocolate treatments DID help her, a little.
  13. A behind the scenes "Mockumentary", showing how an episode of the show would be SO much better with MORE explosions, more C.G.I. Graphics, and adding in extra characters who REALLY contribute nothing additional or noteworthy to the plot. / "A Sea Horse of a Different Color"
  14. Have you ever watched the adult, animated Netflix series "Bojack Horseman"? If so, what are your thoughts about it? (I've seen the entire series, but no spoilers for anyone who hasn't!)
  15. I voted for Fred (My LEG!!!!) Rechid, mostly because it amused me!
  16. Basically eleven minutes of Plankton ranting and raving about how the Chum Bucket is SO much better than the Krusty Krab, even though he has no scientific data or sales figures to back it up; it ends with Plankton being taken away to an insane asylum. "Doctor, My Eyes!"
  17. Currently playing the Nintendo 3DS version of "Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga". I'm more than 24 hours in, and have collected half of the Bean Star.
  18. "The Eminem Show" since it had "Lose It", "Mockingbird", and two other hit songs which I've heard, but can't remember the name of right now.
  19. In movie theaters: "Doolittle". Probably WON'T win any awards for originality or story, but it's still pretty funny and entertaining in it's own right.
  20. I really, REALLY hope that The Who's "Who Are You" will get played during "Who R Zoo"!
  21. Currently writing a new episode of "Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back"; will probably finish it as soon as I can finish "Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga" Nintendo 3DS version, however long THAT manages to take!
  22. Sorry for the schedule slippage! I'm finally ready with the first part of my newest episode for this series! I hope you enjoy it! / In an unusual twist, Marlene is standing on a pier overlooking the ocean, and she says: “Last time on Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back, the two teams and the remaining contestants, found themselves pitted head to head in an icy competition, in an all-out snowball fight in an unusually exciting game of Capture the Flag! Due to Blonda suddenly becoming indisposed for reasons that I don't feel comfortable repeating here, the prize for the team, was that a coach of THEIR choice, should they win, would become the NEW coach for the remainder of this season! Although I got picked by the Killer Prawns, I used MY knowledge of Rico's weakness to hot peppers, to give Bubble Bass and the other Killer Prawns the edge they needed, to FINALLY achieve a victory, and secure MY place as the new coach, for the remainder of this season! Unfortunately, what I could NOT anticipate, was that the other Power Pandas, with the exception of Skipper and Kowalski, would turn on Rico! They saw Rico's mental instability, and general lack of trustworthiness, as liabilities, and booted him from the game. While I do regret Rico's elimination, there will STILL be plenty of jungle thrills, sailing spills, and maybe some nautical chills, on a special, sea-faring, jungle exploring, and very exciting spectacle episode of Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back! Nailed it!” / Instead of the usual show open, a highly stylized movie-type opening shows a bunch of the contestants running and slashing their way through an unfamiliar jungle, avoiding all the dangerous local wild-life located within, all to the tune of a hit Creedence Clearwater Revival song! / John Fogerty sings: “Whoa, thought it was a nightmare! Lo, it's all so true. They told me, 'Don't go walking slow, 'cause Devil's on the loose.' Better run through the jungle. Better run through the jungle. Better run through the jungle. Woah, don't look back to see. Thought I heard a rumbling, calling to my name. Two hundred million guns are loaded; Satan cries, 'Take aim!' Better run through the jungle. Better run through the jungle. Better run through the jungle. Woah, don't look back to see. Over on the mountain, Thunder magic spoke; 'Let the people know my wisdom, fill the land with smoke.' Better run through the jungle. Better run through the jungle. Better run through the jungle. Woah, Don't look back to see.” And the hit song fades out into the opening show title. / “Surfing And/Or Safari!” / The episode proper opens up, as the sun is rising on a bright, sunny day. In the fancy hotel, both Bubble Bass and Johnny Krill are relaxing face down on a massage bench, while heavy gorillas, Bada, and Bing, are taking out the various kinks and problems in their backs, by WALKING on the backs of Bubble Bass and Johnny Krill with all their might! Johnny Krill says: “You know, when Tigress said that this massage treatment would take away all the PAIN that I've ever endured during my history as an extreme sports daredevil, I thought she was CRAZY, but these certified gorilla masseuses are REALLY doing the TRICK!” Bubble Bass says: “This is how you KNOW Tigress is in a good mood! When she WANTS the two of us to enjoy a LUXURIOUS morning of pampering and quiet SERENITY!” Johnny Krill says: “Yeah. Now the TRICK, is, being able to KEEP Tigress in a GOOD mood!” Bubble Bass says: “It's not going to be THAT easy! Don't forget, Tigress has a hair TRIGGER temper, that could FIRE at any MOMENT, due to being on SUCH a short fuse, so for the LOVE of Neptune, PLEASE don't do and/or SAY anything stupid that could get YOU, or WORSE, ME, in trouble!” Johnny Krill says: “Ignoring that OBVIOUS jab at my intellectual skills, why don't we just take CARE of the problem now? Just ELIMINATE Tigress and ELIMINATE the guess work on how to keep her happy!” Bubble Bass suddenly gets up, but Anti-Cosmo casts a gust of wind to BLOW his towel off! Bubble Bass rolls his eyes and says: “Oh, REALLY mature, Anti-Cosmo, you blew my towel off. Don't you EVER get tired of being so PREDICTABLY irritating?!” Anti-Cosmo says: “It's only irritating to you, not to me. Besides, I'll STOP doing such thing when it STOPS being funny.” (Confessional) Anti-Cosmo says: “As in, NEVER!!!!” (End Confessional) Bubble Bass says: “And Johnny Krill, are you out of your barnacle-filled mind?! You KNOW Tigress is our STRONGEST player, and our BEST chance of MAKING it to the Final Three! Without Tigress, our entire PLAN falls apart! And where would THAT leave us?!” And Bubble Bass suddenly hears both Bada, and Bing, wolf-whistle at Bubble Bass' nudity, and Bubble Bass says: “Why don't you take a picture?! It will last longer! Oh, wait; don't bother! We're being filmed!” And Bubble Bass grabs his towel and wraps it back around him! Johnny says: “Look, all I'm SAYING is, that we KNOW that we're going to have to cut Tigress out sooner or later. She may be our best bet for getting to the Final Three, but she would ALSO be able to absolutely DESTROY anybody who GETS to the Final Three with her! It's a double-edged sword! She's both an asset, and A liability! See where I'm coming from?” Bubble Bass says: “All I know is, Bulma got eliminated RIGHT after she got rid of Zarbon, the STRONGEST member of her alliance! I don't want to see you or ANYBODY on our team making the same mistake! As far as I'm concerned, as long as Tigress doesn't do ANYTHING to endanger us, or ANY of our fellow team-members, she can stay! If, and only IF, she becomes a genuine problem, will we even CONSIDER eliminating her, and ONLY as a LAST resort! The LAST thing WE want to do, is anger anybody THAT strong!” And Bubble Bass points to Bada and Bing as prime examples of his statement! Johnny sighs, and says: “Okay, then. Just let it be known, for the record, I was the FIRST one to suggest that!” Bubble Bass says: “Don't let it be written as your epitaph!” (Confessional) Bubble Bass says: “Do I personally think that Tigress could be a liability to my chances of winning this season? Possibly. However, I absolutely REFUSE to say something STUPID that could potentially HURT my chances of winning! The smart thing for me to do, is to keep my head low, and let Tigress attract ALL of the attention to herself! I mean, it IS what she wants! And if all the attention gets focused on HER, it actually gives ME a better chance of making it to the Final Three! Tigress may have the MUSCLES to make it to the final three, but it also paints a bigger target on her back, and that will probably LEAD to her OWN undoing!” / Johnny Krill says: “Okay, MAYBE I was being a little blunt! But Bubble Bass HAS to admit that I have a point. Neither of us can match up against the raw strength that resides inside of Tigress, so we've got to look out for each other, as brothers in arms! I mean, Bubble Bass is obviously trying to do the same for me, as far as having an alliance with me goes! Whether that feeling extends beyond the competition, I can't say for sure at the moment. But I'll cross that bridge only IF and/or when I might end up coming to it! Foresight is EVERYTHING in a competition of this nature!” (End Confessional) The Power Pandas are sleeping in the cabins, and just starting to wake up. Po rounds up the Power Pandas who AREN'T Skipper and Kowalski, and he says: “Well, our worst fears have been confirmed. Our penguin members were only looking out for themselves, and were willing to do ANYTHING, to try to take control of the game!” Theodore says: “Obviously, we KNOW that now! But we're in the clear now, RIGHT?! I mean; Rico is GONE now, and Kowalski is on probation! So that leaves only Private! And I don't think Private will do anything to rock the boat, given what has happened!” Jenny says: “It's hard to say. After all, while Kowalski may not be able to COMPETE in this upcoming challenge, he can STILL give his advice and knowledge to Private, and that COULD give him the edge over the rest of us! We are going to have to be on GUARD, and try to stay united! If we let those penguins convince that one of US needs to be eliminated should we lose, they'll find themselves on the verge of control again! And if WE want to have a chance of winning, we CAN'T allow that!” Danny says: “I quite agree! If there are ANY legal tricks we can use in this upcoming challenge to keep us safe, I suggest we use them! That way, we'll look good IF we lose, and COOL if we win! And under NO circumstances, do we repeat ANY of this to Private and Kowalski! THAT, means YOU, Theodore!” Theodore nervously asks: “Why do you MEAN, ME?!” Jenny says: “Well, statistically speaking, you ARE the most likely of us to get nervous enough, to try to save your OWN skin!” And Theodore gulps nervously! (Confessional) Theodore says: “The worst part about Jenny's statement, is that as a robot; she's practically RIGHT about it! Other than singing, I really don't HAVE any special skills that could help me out in a competition of this nature! I only signed up for this competition in order to make Alvin happy! I wasn't expecting to get picked! Thankfully, I have HEARD that Brittany is back as an intern! Maybe SHE can give me the advice that I need, to prevail in this challenge!” / Jenny says: “As a robot, I was not PROGRAMMED to feel such emotions as fear and nervousness! However, I'm not necessarily sure whether this is a good thing OR a bad thing at the moment! After all, from what I've witnessed, any other contestant, who is able to become afraid and nervous, can ALSO get a boost of adrenaline and bravery, and accomplish feats that they wouldn't be able to accomplish normally! While I can do a lot, it takes a lot of effort on MY end, to do MORE than I've been programmed to do! And while I CAN calculate for a lot, the HUMAN factor, of being variable and unpredictable, STILL leaves a lot of guess-work on my end! But all things considered, I just hope Theodore can prove himself to us, and to himself! After all, his safety as a member of our team, depends on it!” / Po says: “Believe me, I don't WANT to have to be AGAINST the penguins, but they DID start this whole mess! If they could have just kept RICO in line, we wouldn't have HAD to eliminate him! BUT, they didn't, so we HAD to do what we did! We're probably doing Private and Kowalski a FAVOR in the long run! It was nothing personal!” / Danny says: “So far, everything has been going relatively SMOOTH in the challenge department! Nothing TOO out of the ordinary! And yet, unless my ghost senses are acting up, I have a supernatural feeling that something STRANGE is about to happen!” And then, as if on command, a strange voice comes out of Danny, and he says: “Crikey!” And an Australian Fedora blows in from out of nowhere, onto Danny's head, and Danny is SUDDENLY channeling Steve Irwen! In an Australian accent, Danny says: “Smells like some strange magic blowing in from a didgeridoo from the outback! I best keep my wits about me, if I want to keep my fellow team-mates safe!” (End Confessional) Private and Kowalski are sharing the same cabin room, mainly because they wanted to be SURE, that nobody else would be ABLE to find ANY of their plans and ideas for the remainder of the challenge. Private says: “Kowalski? I just wanted to thank you again for stepping up and telling the truth about that whole Rico ordeal. I know it's not what either of us wanted, but there's no WAY either of us can win, if we have to resort to such underhanded tactics to get farther in the game!” Kowalski says: “I had to, Private! Such a moment of weakness is INEXCUSIBLE for a genius such as myself! I couldn't let YOU suffer because of a mistake that I made! Rico may be gone, but we will NOT let his elimination be in vain! We shall simply have to work harder AND tougher, to get past the rest of the challenges that come our way! We've got to look out for each other now, more than ever! Our safety and security depends on it!” Private says: “I quite agree!” Kowalski hands Private a clip-board, and Kowalski says: “Private, I want you to study this clip-board.” Private asks: “YOUR clip-board?! But, why?!” Kowalski says: “Simple. You KNOW I can't compete in this upcoming challenge. I'm on probation. Therefore, YOU will have to use the plans I'VE developed, to see you through this challenge, and win US immunity! I've carefully developed every possible challenge scenario for this season, and strategies for getting past them all! Now, these plans will only take you half-way to your goal! The rest, is all up to you!” Private says: “Do you really think I can do it by myself?” Kowalski says: “Don't just do it for yourself; do it for Rico!” Private does a flipper slap with Kowalski, and Private enthusiastically says: “For Rico!” (Confessional) Private says: “I've certainly come a long way with my fellow penguins! Kowalski has put his complete trust in ME, to carry out HIS plan! That's a BIG responsibility for a penguin commando such as myself, so I certainly don't want to take this matter lightly! If there is ONE thing that penguins NEVER do, is that penguins, never say 'DIE'!!!!” / Kowalski says: “It's all in Private's flippers now! I gave him my analytical analysis, now it's up to him, to figure out how to use it best! If ANY penguin can get me out of THIS mess, it's ALL Private!” (End Confessional) Suddenly, everyone starts to hear the sound of SOMEBODY playing a didgeridoo! Tigress says: “Ooh! Must be the sign to come start today's challenge! Aren't YOU excited, Fee and Katarra?!” Katarra, still floating eerily, says: “Well, 'Excited' is HARDLY the term I would use for the upcoming challenge we have to face!” Fee suspiciously says: “WHY?! What do you KNOW?!” Katarra says: “Well, it's not MY place to say, but you know how WELL my intuition has served ME during these past few challenges! And my intuition tells me that not only are we facing a safari challenge, but Johnny Krill is ALREADY entertaining ideas of trying to vote YOU off, Tigress!” Tigress says: “THAT B--!” Than Tigress remembers that FEE is in the room, and Tigress swallows a gulp, and says: “BIG jerk! I won't let him USURP me! He thinks he can JUST eliminate ME, he's WRONG! I wasn't voted STRONGEST female of the Valley of Peace for 14 YEARS running for nothing! He wants to mess with the tiger? He's going to get the claws, AND the fangs!” Fee says: “I hate to break your 'Roaring Rampage of Revenge'; but that idea is NOT going to fly! Remember the season THREE penalty vote rule? It IS still in effect, you know! That's NEVER going to go away!” And Fee twitches nervously, as if expecting Tigress to absolutely SCREAM and LOSE it, but instead, Tigress gets a VERY devious look on her face, and she says: “Who said anything about PHYSICAL revenge?! A TRUE master doesn't ALWAYS rely on her fists to solve her problems! There ARE alternative ways, to DEAL with a problem!” (Confessional) Fee says: “Is it just me, or does Tigress seem super CREEPY when she gets a sinister smile on her face?!” Katarra pops in, and she says: “Trust me, it's NOT just you!” Fee jumps back, and she says: “Thank you Ms. ESP; which stands for EXTRA Spooky Personality!” / Tigress says: “If there's one thing I love MORE than using my fists to solve problems, it's BLOWING my opponents away with my superior BRAIN power! Johnny is going to find himself HUMILIATED if he TRIES to eliminate me! However, eliminating HIM now, would be a pretty BIG mistake, if I want to move FORWARD in this game, AND keep Bubble Bass on my good side! So, I think that I'll fire a WARNING shot across Johnny Krill's BIG prawn nose...thing, and eliminate someone inconsequential like Fee or Katarra, and let the OTHERS take the fall for their elimination!” (End Confessional) The contestants (minus Kowalski who is on probation), run out to the pier, expecting to see Sniz, only to be surprised when they find General Barracuda playing the didgeridoo, and Marlene, dressed in her brand new coach outfit, with a microphone in her hand! Theodore nervously asks: “Uh, does something seem off here?” Brittany appears in a fancy intern outfit, and she says: “You mean OTHER than seeing Danny sport an Australian fedora and an obviously FAKE Australian accent for no discernible reason? Not really!” General Barracuda chuckles an evil laugh, and he says: “Welcome, to the Safari, of general unpleasantness!!!! It is the safari challenge to end ALL safari challenges, or so Anti-Cosmo claims!” Marlene says: “If you LIKE that sort of thing!” Po asks: “Where are Sniz and Fondue?!” Anti-Cosmo suddenly appears, and he says: “I'm sorry to break it to you, but Sniz and Fondue are not here, they are in the deserted jungle island in the middle of this lake.” Jenny says: “We're in the middle of Lake MICHIGAN!!!! There IS no deserted jungle island in the middle of this lake!” Anti-Cosmo says: “I have a magic wand, you're argument is invalid. In any case, I have placed Sniz and Fondue in the middle of that jungle island with no clothes, shelter, or any modern conveniences, mainly because they were ANNOYING me, and I needed a good laugh!” Tigress rolls her eyes and asks: “WHY would you do something so PEDANTICALLY stupid and MINDLESS as that?!” Anti-Cosmo says: “Simple! I'm an evil, sophisticated genius, and it AMUSED me! In other words, I was bored!” Fee scoffs, and says: “I SWEAR, you are the MOST generic, most cliché riddled villain EVER!” Anti-Cosmo says: “Aren't those the EASIEST to hate, though?” Bubble Bass says: “I hate to admit it, but JERK wad has a point!” Bubble Bass says: “In any case, your challenge this time might be straight-forward, but it WON'T be easy!” Johnny Krill says: “Wouldn't BE any fun it if WAS easy!” Anti-Cosmo says: “Speaking of, I'm going to need two victims—volunteers, to step forward.” Theodore says: “I'm afraid of PAIN!” Anti-Cosmo says: “I wasn't TALKING about YOU! Bubble Bass and Po, come ON down!” Bubble Bass says: “Oh, you MUST be bugging!” But Anti-Cosmo simply waves his wand, and magically lifts Po and Bubble Bass to float over to where Anti-Cosmo is floating, than Anti-Cosmo DROPS them onto the ground! Po says: “OW! We could have just WALKED to where you were!” Anti-Cosmo drolly says: “Yeah, but where would the fun in THAT, be?! You two are very lucky, you're going to be GUARDING Sniz and Fondue from the RESPECTIVE other team! You can't help the rest of your team RESCUE Sniz and Fondue, and they can't ASK for your help, either! So, if the OTHER team manages to get past you, AND rescue Sniz and Fondue first, that means your team will LOSE, which could put YOU at risk of elimination!” Private says: “Well, that seems awfully UNFAIR for the ones who have to GUARD Sniz and Fondue!” Marlene says: “Which is why BEFORE Sniz and Fondue got abducted, they had me introduce the ULTIMATE insurance policy to getting eliminated! Now a full-time item, at LEAST until the Final Six, I'd like to bring back, the legendary Pendant of Life!” Danny, still channeling Steve Irwin, says: “Crikey! That's amazing!” Fee says: “I thought that was LOST after Angelica kicked it out of the plane last season!” Marlene says: “It was, but during one of Skipper's MANY penguin espionage excursions, he found it again! Hidden somewhere on the Island that Anti-Cosmo made appear, is the Legendary Pendant of Life! If you can find it, and present it at the Elimination Ceremony BEFORE the votes are read, you will be saved from elimination, and whoever has the most amount of votes BESIDES you, will be eliminated instead! Think of it as an extra-life in this game!” Brittany sarcastically says: “Wow, that's REALLY nice! You know what would have been nicer? If that thing had been around when I was actually COMPETING in this season! Like, BEFORE I got eliminated!” Marlene says: “I wasn't a coach HERE yet, so you STILL would have been out of luck!” Theodore says: “Brittany, if it makes you feel any better, I would've given the Pendant of Life to YOU if I had it in my possession.” Brittany just sighs, and says: “Thank you, Theodore, that means a LOT to me!” (Confessional) Marlene says: “As a coach, I have absolutely no power over who gets eliminated, not even my favorite penguin players! So, to make up for their recent loss, I introduced the idea of bringing back the Pendant of Life to Sniz and Fondue! Thankfully, they really went for it! So, if Private is as intelligent as I BELIEVE he is, he should find the Pendant of Life no problem! That way, at least ONE of the penguins has a decent chance of making it to the Final Five, even if their team should LOSE a challenge! It's the LEAST I could do FOR them!” / Private says: “You know, ever since Skipper became a family man, it feels like it's messed up our penguin dynamic. I thought Marlene only cared about spending time with Skipper, but it looks like I was wrong. She LIKES us, she REALLY likes us! I've GOT to find that Pendant of Life! Kowalski's safety may depend on it!” / Tigress is intrigued and says: “A Pendant of Life, huh? Looks like my window of opportunity has just opened! I'll SNAG that Pendant for myself, so even IF everyone else TRIES to vote me off, they STILL won't be able to! I'll just vote off whoever I find MORE annoying in this challenge! That should give EVERYONE the message that they shouldn't mess with ME!” (End Confessional) Anti-Cosmo says: “In any case, Bubble Bass and Po, I shall now transport you to the island where you will guard Sniz and Fondue. But before I do, I just want to say that you don't really LOOK like jungle island guards, so I'll just have to take care of THAT!” Po asks: “Well, what kind of jungle island guards are we supposed to look--.” (POOF!) And both of them are transported, but NOT their clothes, and they wind up on the magically created jungle island, armed ONLY with their clubs and their wits, and Po, VERY confused, finishes asking: “Like?” Bubble Bass groans, and yells: “Anti-Cosmo, you piece of underwater, chum scum! If I manage to SURVIVE this episode, I am GOING to find a way to make YOUR life miserable!” Fondue suddenly yells: “Quit YOUR complaining! At least YOU actually HAVE something to protect yourself! Sniz and I weren't even given that!” Po says: “He HAS a point, Bubble Bass!” Sniz walks out of a make-shift bamboo hut that happens to be on the island, and Sniz says: “Yeah, life might have given you some lemons. Well, more specifically, Anti-Cosmo has. But when life gives you lemons, you should make some lemonade!” Bubble Bass says: “So, what do YOU suggest I should do?” Sniz says: “Well, if you've ALWAYS wanted a full body tan, but didn't want to go to a full body tanning booth, here's a perfect opportunity to get a full body tan! Luckily, General Barracuda had the foresight to stockpile this island with lots of food, and sun-screen! You can NEVER have too much sun-screen!” Bubble Bass sighs, and says: “I'll take you up on that offer. Heaven knows, I'm PROBABLY going to NEED it!” (Confessional) Bubble Bass says: “Plenty of food and sun-screen, but no CLOTHES?! General Barracuda DEFINITELY has some SKEWED priorities! At least I won't STARVE on this episode!” / Po says: “I have to AGREE with General Barracuda! If I could ONLY pack two things, it would be a LOT of food and sun-screen! I mean, there are so many OTHER worse things in this world than NOT having clothes!” (End Confessional) Back on the pier, Anti-Cosmo says: “Okay, Po and Bubble Bass are on guard duty, so now it's time for the REST of you to get prepared for this challenge! You will each grab a surfboard, and use it to get to the jungle island that I created out in the lake! Once your on the island, feel free to look out for the Pendant of Life if you want, but watch out for the dangerous wild-life that I placed on the island. If you think something is there that SHOULDN'T belong there; just remember, it IS my magic, and it IS what I felt like bringing to the island! Use any non-lethal method you want to incapacitate the guard you have to face, and be the first team to bring Sniz and Fondue back to safety. The team that brings them both back, will be safe. The losing team, will have to face ANOTHER Elimination Ceremony, and lose yet ANOTHER team-mate, no questions asked! Is everybody game?” Tigress seriously says: “I'm game for ANYTHING you can dish out, creep!” Tigress picks up Bubble Bass' clothes, and says: “Once I find Bubble Bass, even though he can't help me, I will at LEAST have the decency, to give him HIS decency back! It's the LEAST I can do for him” Jenny sighs, and says: “I guess I got to do the same for Po.” And Jenny grabs Po's shorts, and puts them in a plastic bag. Marlene says: “Very well then, it's time to get this show on the road! And to demo the surfing segment of this challenge, we've brought back former contestant, and last season's champion, Reggie Rocket!” Reggie surfs in on an epic wave, and comes to a graceful landing on the beach. Marlene asks: “So, Reggie, how are you doing?” Reggie says: “Look, I REALLY didn't come here to chat, I just came here to demo the surfing part of this challenge and get paid. I'm considering this practice for a global surfing competition that's going to be happening soon!” Marlene says: “Very well, then. I'll let you get right to it!” Reggie says: “Everybody watch!” Reggie eyes the magical waves of the lake, gauges their height, speed, and amount of wind sheer, than rockets off, and makes hair-pin turns around the buoys dotting the path to the island, and successfully makes it to the jungle island. Reggie shouts something, but she's so far away from the contestants, they can't HEAR what she's shouting! Johnny asks: “What did she say?!” General Barracuda says: “Anti-Cosmo, bring her back here! Don't MAKE me put the hurt on you!” Anti-Cosmo says: “I'm only doing this, because I'm pretty SURE you actually COULD hurt me if you WANTED to!” And Anti-Cosmo waves his wand, and brings Reggie back. Reggie said: “I said; 'That's all there is to it'!” Fee says: “Really?! I thought you said something else!” Reggie says: “I would've, but Nickelodeon doesn't want us to be SUED by Warner Bros. OR their associates!” Marlene says: “MAN, our lawyers ARE cautious!” General Barracuda says: “No, they are just REALLY cheap! Which is STILL pretty much the same thing in MY personal opinion!” Marlene says: “Anyways, on your marks, get set--!” (Blows her whistle!) Marlene shouts: “GO!!!!” And a hit song by The Beach Boys starts playing as all of the surfing contestants start surfing their way around the buoys! / “Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how. Come on and safari with me! (Come on and safari with...) Early in the morning we'll be startin' out, some honeys will be coming along. We're loading up our Woody, with our boards inside, and headin' out, singing our song. Come on (surfin') baby wait and see; (surfin' safari). Yes I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Come along (surfin') baby, wait and see, (surfin' safari). Yes I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how. Come on and safari with me! (Come on and safari with...) At Huntington and Malibu, they're shooting the pier. At Rincon they're walking the nose. We're going on safari to the islands this year. So if you're coming, get ready to go. Come on (surfin') baby, wait and see, (surfin' safari). Yes, I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Come along (surfin') baby, wait and see, (surfin' safari). Yes I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how. Come on and safari with me! (Come on and safari with...) They're anglin' in Laguna in Cerro Azul. They're kicking out in Doheny, too. I tell you, surfing's mighty wild. It's getting bigger every day, from Hawaii to the shores of Peru. Come on (surfin') baby, wait and see, (surfin' safari). Yes I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Come along, (surfin') baby, wait and see, (surfin' safari). Yes I'm gonna (surfin'), take you surfin' (surfin' safari) with me. Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how. Come on and safari with me! (Come on and safari with...) With me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari with me. Surfin' Safari.” / And the song ends as all the contestants finally make it to the jungle island that Anti-Cosmo created! Marlene says: “And just like that, the first part of the challenge is done! What kinds of dangers will our contestants have to face on the island BESIDES Bubble Bass and Po?! I don't know, but I'm sure glad that I personally DON'T have to face them! See for yourself when we come back, on this episode of Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back!” Reggie asks: “Can I get paid now?” / (Commercial Break) / I'll break here and stop for now. Enough said, for now!
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  24. Sorry for taking SO long to update this, I've got another one shot story that I'm finally ready to give you. It's perfect for a cold winter day (or warm), it's even "Spongebob Squarepants" related! / "A Very, Cuddle E. Winter" It's winter, in Bikini Bottom, and it is unusually cold within the tropical, underwater environment! The aquatic sea life is having to bundle up for the cold snap that is breezing through like a frigid gale, throughout their town! Even Spongebob Squarepants is feeling the chill, in his pineapple home with Gary! Spongebob says: "Wow! Today is unusually FREEZING today! I can't IMAGINE how you can stand temperature's like THIS, Gary!" Gary says: "Meow?" Spongebob says: "Well, all I'm saying is, if the weather is bothering ME, I can only ASSUME that it must be WORSE for you, being closer to the ground, and everything! Oh, it's time's like these that I wish that big hamster, Cuddle E. Hugs was back, than HE would be able to keep me warm!" Than, a big glowing ball of BRIGHT, yellow light fills the room and Gary worriedly says: "MEOW?!" Spongebob says: "No, I don't know what it is, but I'm going to be ready for it!" Spongebob quickly puts on his karate gloves and helmet, only to be slightly surprised when the ball of light forms into who ELSE, but Cuddle E. Hugs! Cuddle E. says: "Wow! I can't BELIEVE that experiment worked?!" Spongebob asks: "Cuddle E.? What are YOU doing back here?!" Gary angrily says: "Meow!" Spongebob says: "Gary has a point! You tried to EAT a bunch of us, the LAST time you showed up!" Cuddle E. Groans, and says: "I know, I feel REALLY terrible about that! That's why I decided to INVENT something in order to come back here! I want to make up for my past transgressions! I want to be a servant for hire; a go-fer, if you catch my drift!" Spongebob says: "I thought you were a hamster, not a gopher!" Cuddle E. says: "I can see metaphors STILL aren't your strong suit! Still, if there's anything you want me to do, I will do it! I'm here ALL winter long! So, there's plenty of opportunities for me to help!" Spongebob thinks about it, and says: "I don't know. Gary, do YOU need anything?" Gary thinks about it, and says: "Meow." Spongebob says: "Gary says, if you can FIND him a scratching post that LOOKS like Squidward, but isn't ACTUALLY Squidward, that would be a start!" Cuddle E. Excitedly says: "I'll go to Tentacle Acres, where they have plenty!" Spongebob says: "And Gary wants you to be--." ZIP! ZIP! Cuddle E. Instantly comes back as Spongebob finishes saying: "Quick. Nice Scratching Post." And Spongebob looks at a giant, ornate marble statue of an octopus that looks like Squidward! Cuddle E. Says: "Isn't it?! I can't BELIEVE that no one was using it!" The scene cuts to a Library in Tentacle Acres, CLEARLY missing a support statue, and collapses in on itself, due to missing it! The scene cuts back to the pineapple, and Spongebob says: "That's pretty impressive! Can you do something about the weather?" Cuddle E. says: "Well, no. But I CAN do something to help make you WARMER! Take some of my fur! I don't mind!" Spongebob says: "But won't YOU get cold?" Cuddle E. Says: "Don't worry about it! It will grow RIGHT back!" Spongebob reaches for the chest area, cuts out an area of fur, that equals to a big fur coat, and a nice, warm hat, a warm scarf, and warm gloves; and surely enough, Cuddle E.'s fur grows right back! Spongebob says: "That is COOL! This could be the start of a BEAUTIFUL friendship, for REAL, this time!" / A Time-Montage passes, that shows Cuddle E. shopping with Spongebob for groceries, reaching objects that Spongebob can't normally reach, having a snowball fight with him, giving him a nice back massage, reading him a bed-time story, opening a jar of mayonnaise, and even cos-playing with him at a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Convention, with Spongebob dressed as Mermaid Man, and Cuddle E. dressed as the evil Man Ray! / After the time-montage, Spongebob is laughing at a joke that Cuddle E. has just told him, and Spongebob says: "Gee, Cuddle E. That sure was a FUNNY one!" Cuddle E. says: "Yeah! Even I'M surprised that I ate ALL those donuts!" Spongebob says: "You know, it's nice that you've been helping ME for the past few weeks, but, what about all the OTHER fish in Bikini Bottom who could use the help of someone like you?" Cuddle E. says: "Look, Spongebob, I appreciate YOU giving ME another chance, but I'm not sure everyone else would be as understanding as you! After all, getting eaten temporarily isn't something that you JUST forget!" Spongebob says: "Don't worry about it, Cuddle E. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's personal relationships with others!" / The scene cuts to outside of Spongebob's house, where there is a bunch of snow on the ground. A bunch of aquatic sea-life, has gathered around a make-shift stage, complete with a large, purple curtain! Spongebob says: "Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you all coming here on such a chilly day, but I assure you, this announcement will change your LIVES forever!" Squidward shouts: "SPONGEBOB IS LEAVING! SPONGEBOB IS LEAVING!" Spongebob asks: "What are you TALKING about?! I'm NOT leaving!" And Squidward immediately sits down, while Sandy rolls her eyes, and sarcastically says: "HOW disappointing!" Spongebob says: "No, I'm here to announce, that I have the greatest answer, to ANY trouble that you might have! I present to you, Mr. Cuddle E. Hugs!" And Spongebob opens the curtain, revealing the giant hamster! Mr. Krabs asks: "Hey! Who said YOU could come back here?!" Larry says: "I certainly didn't invite him!" Pearl says: "Spongebob Squarepants, what did YOU do, THIS time?!" Cuddle E. says: "Spongebob didn't do ANYTHING! I'm here of my OWN accord! I wanted to spend a winter, atoning for my PREVIOUS mistakes, and make amends. If there's ANYTHING you WANT me to do, as LONG as it's legal and G-rated, I'll do it!" Spongebob says: "And I'll even provide insurance money, so that either way, you'll be a happy customer!" Mr. Krabs thinks about it, and says: "Prove it, then! $25, IF you can move Plankton's Chum Bucket, out of MY sight!" Cuddle E. says: "Consider it done!" Cuddle E. runs over to the Chum Bucket, and with IMMENSE strength LIFTS the Bucket, RIGHT off of its foundation! Plankton says: "Hey! Wait a minute! What's HAPPENING?!" Plankton rushes outside, and SEES what Cuddle E. is doing, and Plankton shouts: "What's THIS?! CURSE YOU, Cuddle E. Hugs!!!!" And Cuddle E. tosses the Chum Bucket CLEAR off over the horizon, and Plankton says: "Ouch!" Mrs. Puff says: "Wow! I want to pay you to be Spongebob's NEW Driving Instructor!" Squidward asks: "Can I pay you to be my bodyguard?" Larry says: "I want you to be my new gym member!" Bubble Bass says: "I'll pay you to be my NEW Exercise partner!" Spongebob says: "Stop, STOP!!!! Everyone, you're missing the POINT here! Cuddle E. isn't just some tool you can use to do WHATEVER you want! He's a hamster, with FEELINGS! And using him with such disregard, is completely DEMEANING to him! Wouldn't YOU feel terrible, if someone did something to you like that?!" But just then, a loud ALARM rings, and Spongebob asks: "What was THAT; Cuddle E.?!" Cuddle E. says: "I'm afraid my time is up. Winter is almost over, so I must go back to my old home?!" Spongebob asks: "Really?! But we were having so much FUN, this time!" Cuddle E. says: "I might come again NEXT winter! Maybe then, everyone ELSE will be as kind and considerate as YOU are!" Sandy gives Squidward a look, and she says: "Called it!" A big yellow light, surrounds Cuddle E., and he says: "Until next time!" And Cuddle E. Disappears! Patrick asks: "Is it just me, or did it suddenly get a lot less WARM around here?!" Bubble Bass says: "I think we ALL learned a lesson here. I can't THINK of what it is right now, but I know it must be something!" Spongebob says: "I'm just glad that we'll probably get to see Cuddle E. again, someday! He is SO nice and warm, in a totally appropriate way of course!" Mr. Krabs says: "Still, I can't help but get the feeling that we're FORGETTING something!" / The scene cuts to a real-life hamster cage, where the CHUM Bucket has been thrown to! Plankton says: "What are we DOING in a smelly, stinky, hamster cage?!" The real-life Cuddle E. pops back into the cage, and he says: "I was WONDERING where you went to! Would you like to be my new friend? I'm VERY nice and warm, in an appropriate way of course." Plankton yells: "KAREN!!!!" / The End! / I hope you enjoyed reading that story, as much as I did writing it! Enough said, true believers!
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