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  1. BeachBob95

    224b. ScavengerPants

    This is an awesome episode.
  2. BeachBob95

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    I forgot tot about The Play's the Thing and now I'm mad that I didn't put it on my list.. The actual play is the most boring piece of the show ever.
  3. BeachBob95

    227b. Old Man Patrick

    This episode was okay. A lot of jokes weren't all that funny, the plot is just alright, and some things are just wasting my time. Like the part where Patricks brain falls out and he eats it, or the part where two old people eat pizza and lose their teeth. It's just nasty to look at and kinda predictable. The part with the white farm and the 'gotcha!' jokes were not particulary funny as they were strange. Some jokes were good, and if you wanna see a slow episode with not too much flashy humor, this could be a nice ecperience. It give it a 6 out of 10.
  4. BeachBob95

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    I love Cephalopod Lodge! I think it's funny and interesting, and is actually one of my favourite episodes of season six.. It's up there with season four's The Thing.. Would rewatch anytime.
  5. BeachBob95

    232a. Mustard O'Mine

    I just watched this, and thought it was awesome! I actually lol'd mutiple times (espeacially at the escalator gags), and that really says something. To me it feels like it could have been a season 3 episode. The jokes were that good, and the characters were that well written. We actually see Squidward caring about Patrick, Patrick taking Squidwards place in the 'fight' with the old dude, and we see the three of them working together, with still being true to all of the awesome characters traits. Whatever Kaz crushed with last episode, he gained it all back for me
  6. BeachBob95

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    I like both episodes.. Although Sun Bleached was a little awkward at times.
  7. BeachBob95

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    With Professor Squidward, I complete agree with Jjs' comentary. It's very high on my list because an episode that is boring and annoying at the same time is a big sin in my eyes.
  8. BeachBob95

    231b. Ink Lemonade

    Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to see Squidward win, rather than how it turned out. The story could have been a lot better. I just think they were creative with making an episode about lemonade a scary one. This episode is not perfect, and I see how people could be frustrated with the way Squidward was treated. If I had to choose, I'd say your story is the better one. The story that they eventually went with is still original and cool to me, though.
  9. BeachBob95

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Best Day Ever was on my list as well. In my country there was no hype for it. I just think the story is really lame and uninspired. Also it wasn't very funny. It's not the worst, since it is only on the edge of my list. Restraining SpongeBob was just meh for me. Not that bad, but kinda boring and annoying.
  10. BeachBob95

    231b. Ink Lemonade

    Well, like I said, I am not very sensitive for injustice within a cartoon, as long as it's at least creative. Sometimes a character is the butt. I never see Squidward trying to be friends with SpongeBob and Patrick, because he sees them as lowlife. As we can see in both Snowball Effect and Idiot Box, Squidward can actually enjoy their games of he opens himself up to it. Also he never tries to be nice to costumers and overall is ungrateful for his life, despite having enough dough to afford the house and furniture that he has. I don't see why he can't be the rare end of an episode sometimes. It's not like he is better than the others. If anything, he seems like an adultlike pessimist, like Mrs. Puff. The show likes to mess with those characters, who might even resemble the parents that are annoyed by the show. Maybe this way the writers give them an 'I see you', when also stating that SpongeBob will always be childlike and optimistic.
  11. BeachBob95

    231b. Ink Lemonade

    Well, at the very beginning, when he noticed Patrick had a lemonade stand, Squidward acted pretty mean towards him, even though Patrick was annoying. But I don't get why people aren't this angry with Code Yellow, since Squidward actually got mutilated in very schocking and disturbing ways in that episode. And I actually like that episode as well. The thing is that I don't really care that much when there is injustice in an episode (maybe it's because I'm from a different culture or something). I just love Code Yellow for taking a risk with showing shocking imagery and being very creative, and I like Ink Lemonade because I think they were creative with making a scary episode revolving around lemonde. Also I just really liked the scary dungeon, because I kinda love to be shocked. Squidward may not have liked it, but it was just ... cartoony. Sure, I love Squidward, but we know that at the end, when he got a cookie, he wasn't even really mad with Patrick anymore. The very ending ruined a sweet moment, but I don't get why I should be mad when Squidward isn't even that mad or permanently scarred at the end. In an episode where we see Squidward actually getting suicidal because of the injustice that is done to him, like in Are You Happy Now (which isn't even a very cartoony or creative episode), I do hurt when when watching it. I don't like to see Squidward seriously being depressed, when also the episode itself isn't creative in any way besides showing depression. I hate episodes that are boring, uninspired or annoying. But I don't really mind when there is injustice. Every character sometimes is the butt of the jokes. Also I really don't hate One Coarse Meal and A Pal for Gary, because I thought they were creative with the plot. I do have to admit that A Pal for Gary was a little frustrating for me, since SpongeBob never understood what Gary went through. But it's not that big a deal for me, obviously.
  12. BeachBob95

    231b. Ink Lemonade

    Although the ending part with Squidward sneezing on everyone and him spitting out spiders was very nasty, I thought this was a good, original scary episode. The dungeon especially was an entertaining and cool part for me. And although I would've rather seen Patrick losing at the end, I can forgive the ending, since Squidward was being mean to him before. This episode was funny and cool to me. The fact that I like it may have to do with low expectations because of reading very negative reviews before watching it.
  13. BeachBob95

    Has season 3 been fixed yet?

    So when the seasons came out on DVD in Europe (Region 2), they always used to be different. We got season 3 without extra's, without the pilot and with a bug that would skip half of the special SpongeBob's House Party.... At least, so it did on the original edition of the DVD. A few years ago, they were renewed (just like in the US) and I was wondering if the 'new-looking' region 2 DVD's fixed the bug and got some more special features on it, (like the freaking pilot). I might get it then. Does anyone know?
  14. BeachBob95

    December 2017 Premiere Info

    Isn't Pat the Horse premiering as well?
  15. BeachBob95

    Season 11 (News & Discussion)

    Well, this show is getting very trippy. With most of season 10's episodes and the recent new season 11 episodes I have to say that the show went in a whole new direction. Episodes like Krabby Creature Feature, Sponge in my Soup, No Pictures Please, Cuddle E. Hugs and season 10's Feral Friends mark a new, sort of psychedelic theme. I kinda love it, since it's way better than boring, same old plots done 20 times in the past, but in another way, it's nothing like the show ever really was. Nonetheless, I can't stop rewatching these new episodes, since I am a big fan of this style. It reminds me a lot of classic shows like Rocko's Modern Life and The Angry Beavers.
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