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  1. How did they escape tho?
  2. I loved it! One of the best It was sooo funny. Only thing wrong with it is that the ending reminded me too much of SpongeBob meets the Strangler. Also I find it kinda lame that they threw in a callback to Krusty Love earlier this season, only to mess with Mrs. Puffs lovelife again in this episode. But oh well, it was funny I guess.
  3. So I was wondering: what do you consider the worst joke of the series? I know there's a lot, but I wanna know if there are jokes that we can agree on that are the worst. The first one I think of is the 'joke' at the end of 'Are You Happy Now?' where the punchline 'He is so handsome!' makes no sense and actually ruined the whole episode for me. What jokes do you think of? I'm sensing there will be a lot of Mr. Krabs and Patrick quotes down here
  4. I liked it, but some of this was very disturbing to me. The parts with SpongeBob slicing Squidward open should have been a little more cartoony. Also I can not wrap my head around the fact that lying about being a docter and messing with peoples body is something SpongeBob would actually do. Still, I was fancinated and thought a lot of it was very funny. I don't know what to rate it, but I do like it when the show gets edgy like this, although this might have been a little too far for me.
  5. This is the most terrible desease..
  6. I LOVED IT. It was so fun and interesting. So much happened and nothing felt rushed or slow. Very solid and even kind of original and authentic. Funny and likable characters. This gets a very high rating. This was better than season 3 specials. I swear. I enjoyed it VERY MUCH <3
  7. They sound fun!
  8. The promo looks so weird, but at the same time I feel like I could love this one. I don't mind scary gross out. Also, this could be a Rocko's Modern Life episode xD
  9. After seeing it a second time, I have to admit this is a very interesting and enjoyable episode
  10. It seems like season 9 is the longest lasting season of anything ever, being in the makes since 2011 and airing episodes 'till likely 2017
  11. In Dutch, bill means butt cheek. Congrats!
  12. So season 10 will have 20 episodes again in stead of 26?
  13. This is the best and funniest episode I've seen in many years! All the dozens of jokes worked and the plot and animation were on point. This might be my new favourite! 10/10
  14. Sounds like the all have to do with food somehow.
  15. Nasty Patty or One Krabs Trash. I really like the darker ones..
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