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  1. ..........................u know what i mean...................lol
  2. How the " dolphin noise " are u. 10/10
  3. He writes good books.
  4. huh??? why is my avatar small now???
  5. Very good enjoyble episode 8/10
  6. I'm just saying the show went downhill after the 1st 3 seasons and the movie and the new episodes aren't good as the stephen hillenburg's style , so obviously if stephen isn't involved with the movie , it's going to similer like the new episodes , and the new episodes annoy me very much {the new spongebob is annoying}. I only watch the classic episodes of spongebob 1-3 seasons on tv I don't watch the new episodes anymore cuz i gave up on them and i knew they won't do a great job as stephen hillenburg's style. So i wouldn't bother watching it if stephen hillenburg isn't involve.
  7. is stephen hillenburg going to help them maked the movie??? if not then i won't watched it..........
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