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  1. Knights of the Multiverse Ep.11 "Operation: Kill Sandy Cheeks" Universe-45 The Fireflyer pulls up outside of Seid's base. Flare got out of the ship, visibly angered. "FLARE!" Syphon yelled, running outside. Flare and Syphon hugged, as Seid speeded outside as well. "When we saw a successful breach into this universe, we knew it could only be you." Syphon said, caressing her cheek. "Why didn't you come for me!" Flare said, looking at Seid. "Excuse me?" Seid questioned. "You didn't come for me! I was in the Knights' hands - they forced me to dredge up my past even. I escaped by myself!" Flare said. "No, you didn't." Seid said. "What are you talking about?" Flare asked. "I did help you, contrary to what you think. I confronted Shadow... on Universe-2." Seid revealed. "You did?" Flare asked. "Let's just say that you're 'escape' wasn't so miraculous. We now have one on the inside..." Seid revealed, flashing an evil grin. ---- Skyripper On the Skyripper, the Knights huddled around the central console. "So, Flare's escaped. Probably back with Seid and Syphon by now." Debbie stated. "We can't change that, but we can do better. We need to secure any other Universal Guardians out there in the multiverse." Sandy said. "Hey, what about that one Universal Guardian? Denise, I think..." Shadow mysteriously asked. "She's safeguarded with members of the I.J.L.S.A on Universe-2. They've got her held up at the Fortress of Seclusion." Sandy revealed. "Hey, hey! Maybe don't tell that to the guy who was working against us not too long ago." Marshall said. "Marshall, when are you gonna get it through your head that Shadow is one of us now?" Sandy asked. "Yeah, just chill out." Debbie said. Shadow gulped, feeling guilty. "I'm gonna go use the bathroom. I'll be back." Shadow said, rushing off. "Look what you've done." Melondy jokingly said. "WHAT?!" Marshall said. "You've upset him, obviously. I thought you two came to a truce. At least, I heard so from Mel." Tomoya said. "Yeah, we did. But, still. I wouldn't trust the guy as far as I can throw him." Just then, Lillian's virtual head popped up over the central console. "A hopper has been detected on Universe-5." Lillian announced. "Thank you, Lillian. Do you have information on who it is?" Sandy asked. "A petty criminal from Universe-2, Clifford Cavanagh, or The Shocker." Lillian announced, as his picture was displayed. "Hold up, wait a minute..." Sandy said, in shock. "Sandy, you know this man?" Melondy questioned. "I know his Universe-1 counterpart. He was a mad scientist on Karate Island who used electricity-producing metal gloves to assist him in crimes he committed." Sandy revealed. "Then I guess this version of him is gonna be just as insane." Melondy said. "Lillian, do you know why he's gone to Universe-5? And where exactly?" Debbie questioned. "He's located on Karate Island, and in Universe-5, the island is known for its Museum of Ancient Technologies." Lillian revealed. "He could be after some kind of tech there." Tomoya said. "Yeah. Lillian, set a course!" Sandy ordered. "I'm gonna check on Shadow real quick." Melondy said, taking off. In the kitchen, Shadow is seen on the phone with Seid. "Shadow, good to hear from you." Seid said. "You said if I gave you what you wanted, you wouldn't touch my mother." Shadow reminded him. "I remember. I make good on my promises. Let's see if you make good on yours." Seid said. "Do you have information I need on Denise?" "Yes. The I.J.L.S.A of Universe-2 is holding her up at something called the Fortress of Seclusion." Shadow revealed. "Thank you. I'll be in touch again." Seid said, immediately clicking off. Shadow quickly got off the phone and put it into his pocket. At that moment, Melondy speeded into the kitchen. "Shadow? I thought you were using the bathroom? I was coming to check up on you. Make sure you were feeling alright." Melondy said "I just needed a bit of space. Sometimes, Marshall's little attitude gets to me." Shadow said, fudging the truth. "I see." Melondy said. "Well, don't listen to him. You know the person you really are under all that darkness." "Thank you, Melondy." Shadow said, feeling guilty. "Yeah, no problem. We have a new mission though. Might wanna come to the bridge." Melondy told him. "Actually, I'm gonna hang back if that's okay? I'm not really feeling up to things today." Shadow expressed. "I'll let Sandy know." Melondy said, rubbing his arm. ---- Universe-45 At Seid's base, he grouped with Flare and Syphon. "We're all suited up. Now, what is this about?" Flare asked. "I'm assuming Shadow?" Syphon asked. "He gave me the info I was seeking." Seid revealed. "The location of Denise Reynolds?" Flare asked. "She's at the Fortress of Seclusion." Seid revealed. "The what of what?" Flare questioned. "The Mermaid Man of Universe-2 has an icy fortress in the arctic. That's what he calls it. I should've guessed that those leaguers would stash her up there. How could I be so stupid!" Seid said, in frustration. "Great. We know where she is, now lets go get her." Flare said. "Hold up. We need more manpower." Seid said. "Which is why i asked you guys to suit up. We're taking a trip to Universe-6." Seid said. "What the hell is on Universe-6?" Flare questioned. "Universe-6 has a species of people alongside regular fish who are actually born with superpowers." Seid revealed. "Whoa. A whole race of powered people? Incredible." Flare said. "I agree." Syphon said. "Unfortunately, prosecution against them is intense. We'll be breaking a couple of them out of a F.I.N prison there." Seid told them. "Sounds like fun." Flare said. "I'm glad you think so. Let's go." Seid said. ---- Universe-5, Mainland, Karate Island The Skyripper lands in the White Forest of Mainland on Karate Island. "Alright, we're here." Sandy said, getting out of the pilot's seat. Debbie raced to the central console to check out any active reports in the city. "A robbery in progress at Mainland's Museum of Ancient Technologies." Debbie revealed. "Just as Lillian predicted." Melondy said. "Time to go kick some ass." Sandy said. The scene shifts, as people were seen screaming and running out of the museum. Inside, we see Clifford Cavanagh storming through the museum and attacking security officers with use of his metal gloves. Finally, he comes upon a podium hoisting a blue and black boomerang-shaped piece of tech. A label under called it "hyper-cel". "Finally!" Clifford said, removing the glass case covering the tech. At that moment, Debbie crashed into the building through the roof. "STOP!" Debbie shouted. Clifford turned around, putting the piece of tech in his back pocket. "And who might you be?" Clifford questioned. Just then, the rest of the team arrived inside, coming through the front entrance. "Ooooh, a whole team of you costumed freaks." Clifford said. "We're the Knights. And we're taking you in for dimension hopping." Sandy remarked. "I only did it so I could acquire tech that wasn't available on my world." Clifford said. "What kind?" Melondy questioned. "When I breached to this universe, I learned about hyper-cel. Able to boost the intelligence of any technological system. I knew it had to be mine!" Clifford said. "You're not walking out of here with it." Debbie said. Just then, Clifford was shot in the head by a bullet. His body hit the ground, with his brains leaking out on the floor. "Oh my god!" Sandy said. The entire team was shocked beyond belief. "Is there a sniper around or something?" Marshall questioned. At that moment, a person charges through the museum door. They are dressed in a black colored, robotic-like, knight outfit. They were armed with a large energy cannon. "Uh, guys..." Melondy said, confused. "Who are you?!?" Sandy questioned. "What are you?" Melondy said, under her breath. "And why did you kill Clifford?" Marshall asked. The person did not speak or move. "Don't worry guys, I got this!" Melondy said, speeding at the person. The person lifted their energy cannon and shot at the speedster. Melondy was immediately blasted to the ground, unable to run. "IT'S A SPEEDSTER GUN!" Tomoya shouted. "THAT'S IT!" Debbie yelled, flying over to the person. The person drops the cannon and runs toward Debbie, throwing out three mechanical balls. The balls circle around Debbie and emit a wave of blue energy that encases her inside! "What the hell!" Debbie said, in frustration. Debbie tries to pound her way out of the barrier, using the fullest extent of her strength, but she is unable to. Sandy, Tomoya, and Marshall look at each other in fear. Marshall and Tomoya charge at the mysterious person. Tomoya shoots icicles, but the person pulls out a long sword and cuts through them with proficient accuracy. As the person and Tomoya come head to head, they shoot out a taser from the wrist of their suit, which shocks Tomoya to the point of passing out. Marshall tries to use his intangibility to sink into the floor, but the person drops down a strange gadget which activates and prevents Marshall from phasing, leaving him trapped between the surface. "HEY! HEY!" Marshall yelled, trying to pull his body up from below the waist. The person comes after Sandy, trying to slice her with a sword. Sandy dodges the person's many attempts, as she performs a karate kick that knocks the sword out of their hand. "Who are you?" Sandy questioned, avoiding more attempted punches. Just then, the person is blasted across the room by an energy beam. Sandy looks over, seeing Melondy holding the speedster gun. The mysterious person quickly makes a break for it, running out of the back of the museum. "Not on my watch!" Sandy said, about to follow after. "SANDY, NO!" Melondy screamed. Sandy paused, looking back at Melondy. "We don't know who we're dealing with. Don't go after them." Melondy said. "Fine." Sandy replied. Finally, the barrier holding Debbie shuts off, as the balls vanish in a spark of light. "Whoa!" Melondy said. The device disabling Marshall's power too deactivates and then vanishes in a spark of light. Marshall phases up, utterly bewildered by what happened, just like the rest of the group. ---- The team arrives back on the Skyripper, as they all gather in the captain's quarters. "Alright, we all know that was weird." Sandy said. "Weird? That's a start." Melondy said, dropping down on a bean bag. "Who was that person?" Debbie questioned again. "They seemed to be wearing knight clothing - like an actual knight. What if they're an actual knight?!?" Tomoya questioned, excitedly. "... And you're excited about that?" Marshall asked. "Well, NO, but I mean..." Tomoya said. "An actual knight wouldn't have tried to kill us." Melondy said. "Kill me." Sandy said. "What?" Melondy questioned. "That person - or thing, only tried to subdue the rest of you, but they wanted to kill [/i]me[/i]." Sandy emphasized. "And subdue us they did..." Marshall said. "Marsh is right. They were ready for us." Melondy said. "Yeah, it's like the person knew who we were, how to contain us. Even ME. What kind of technology would be powerful enough to keep me contained in a barrier?" Debbie questioned. "I wish we had been able to get our hands on a piece of their tech, but it all just disappeared into a weird bright light." Tomoya said. "We don't even know what to call this strange person." Marshall said. "Hmm... I like the idea of Black Knight." Tomoya suggested. Just then, Shadow entered the room. "Black what? What happened?" he asked. "Clifford's dead. He was taken out by some psycho dressed in a black knight outfit who was able to subdue every one of us and also tried to kill Sandy." Melondy revealed. "Uhhh... I guess I missed a lot." Shadow said. "Ya certainly did." Marshall replied. "It could've been a member of the Scoundrels?" Melondy posed. "I doubt it. We just handed them their asses recently." Marshall said, referring to the events of "The Two That Time Forgot". "That wasn't their style." Sandy said. "What I do know is that the Black Knight matched me move for move." Sandy said. "So, the guy was probably studying up on you and your moves - the same for us all probably." Debbie said. "Yeah, right." Sandy said, finding it all very weird. Sandy stormed over to the bridge, coming up on the central console. "Lillian, do you know anything about the person who tried to kill me at the museum?" "I'm afraid not, Captain Cheeks." Lillian said. The rest of the team followed her onto the bridge. "Is the person a native to this universe? I mean, we didn't get alerted to any breach..." Marshall said. "That's the thing. We have NO IDEA. We don't even know where this person took off to." Sandy said. "Was quite cowardly for them to run before I got my speed back." Melondy said. "Oh, that's one thing of their's we have. The speed cannon." Sandy said. "Do you wanna inspect it for fingerprints or anything else identifiable?" Tomoya asked Sandy. "Sure, let's get to work on it." Sandy said. The ship's alarm system went off, as Lillian popped back up over the central console. "I was able to detect a breach to Universe-6, I believe it may be Seid." Lillian revealed. "Oh my god, we've finally been able to track a breach of the Fireflyer." Debbie said, excitedly. "Thank goodness, Lillian. Now what are they up to on Universe-6?" Sandy questioned. ---- Universe-6, F.I.N Containment Unit for Mutates Mass chaos is seen and heard at a F.I.N prison. Seid, Flare, an unknown woman, and a man with a "third eye" and monstrous appearance, are seen escaping through the courtyard. Several security guards race toward them, raising their guns. Seid speeds over to them, collecting their guns. He then speeds back to his group. "What are you gonna do without your toys?!?" Seid asked, as he drops the guns on the ground in front of him. From the sky, the Fireflyer arrives, as we see Syphon piloting it. Syphon activates the ship's fire cannons, as she burns the security guards to a crisp. "You said you'd free us now from our inhibitor collars." the man said. Seid vibrated/phased his hand through both of their collars, as they deactivated. "Thanks. My name is Ariel Summers. But, I call myself Angel." the woman said, as she grew two huge angel-like wings from out of her back. "I call myself Flounder - the Atomic Flounder." Flounder said. "I know who both of you are. Why do you think I broke you out of this hell hole?" Seid revealed. "We're looking for recruits to our task force." Flare said. "Part of which consists of traveling the multiverse." Seid said. "Multiverse?" Flounder questioned. "As in different universes. I mean, why would you want to stay in this one? A universe that treats powered people - mutates, as they call you - like trash? You'd be better off coming with us." Seid said. Angel and Flounder looked at each other. The Fireflyer lands in the courtyard. "Make up your minds now, before more resistance is sent to back this prison up." Seid said. Just then, the Skyripper breaches into the universe, as the ship lands in the courtyard as well. "The Knights." Seid said, angrily. "How the hell did they track us here?" Flare questioned. "The non-tracking technology on the Fireflyer must need an upgrade." Seid said. "Yeah, a serious one." Flare said. The Knights exit the Skyripper. "SEID!" Debbie yelled. "If it isn't the itty bitty heroes." Seid said. "We'll show you itty bitty." Debbie said. "Who are these people?" Flounder asked. "No matter that. Show them who you are." Seid said, smirking at Flounder. Flounder stepped forward. "I don't like that guy... he looks mean." Marshall said. "He looks like a monster!" Melondy said. Debbie stepped forward as well. "I have a feeling he's about to show us what kind of monster." Flounder took a deep breath in and then ejected a powerful concussive beam from his third eye. Debbie immediately blasted at the beam with her heat vision. The resulting collision caused a powerful explosion in the courtyard, which sent all of the Knights blasting into the ground. "LET'S GO!" Seid yelled. Seid, Flare, Angel, and Flounder raced to the Fireflyer, as Syphon immediately pulled off and breached away. The dust settled, as the Knights recuperated. "We gotta go after them!" Debbie said. Everyone boarded back onto the Skyripper. Sandy raced over to the pilot's seat, as she breached the ship into the Stasis Zone. "Lillian, can you track Seid again?" Sandy shouted out, still piloting. "I'm afraid his next destination is unknown." Lillian revealed. Just then, a blast hit the side of the Skyripper, as systems began to fail. "What the hell?" Sandy questioned. Everyone strapped in tight, as more blasts were hitting the ship. "Sandy, what's doing this?" Debbie asked. "There's a small pod chasing us." Sandy revealed, after looking at the radar monitor. "Lillian, who are we dealing with?" Melondy asked. "I - " Lillian started, but her speech became slurred. "Lillian's systems are being HACKED!" Sandy said, as the ship stopped it's motion. "I can't move the ship, I can't move the ship!" Sandy said. "Will someone actually DO SOMETHING?" Shadow questioned. Debbie ripped off her seatbelt and charged off the bridge. "DEBS, what are you doing?" Sandy asked, calling out to her. Debbie raced to the cargo hold of the ship, as she opened the hatch doors and flew out into the stasis zone. Debbie came across the blast pod, which had a very unique shape - designed as the head of a seahorse. In the center of the pod, the Black Knight from earlier could be seen in a large glass window, sitting down at the pilot's seat. The Black Knight shot out a small missile from the pod. Debbie used heat vision to destroy the missile, as a huge explosion occurred. "I'm getting sick of you!" Debbie said, as she shot her heat vision at the side of the pod. The pod went crashing through the stasis zone, as it unwittingly breached to a random universe. On the Skyripper, the power came back on and Lillian came back online. "Lillian, are you alright?" Sandy asked. "Never better." Lillian said. Debbie flew onto the bridge. "Was it the Black Knight? The psycho from earlier?" Tomoya asked. "Indeed. I shot at their pod with my heat vision, taking it out." Debbie said. "As in..." Melondy said. "As in, this mysterious Black Knight went crashing through the multiverse." Debbie said. "So, the Black Knight is a hopper. Interesting." Sandy said. "And they can somehow be undetected. Which is... problematic." Tomoya said. "Guys, you'll never believe it. Their ship was in the shape of a seahorse's head. The design was... intriguing." Debbie said. "As is everything about our new Black Knight friend." Melondy said. "How did this person manage to hack Lillian's systems?" Marshall questioned. "I don't think we're getting answers any time soon." Tomoya said. "Tomoya's right. Which is why we need to turn our attention to the main matter at hand. Seid." Sandy said. ---- Unknown Universe The Black Knight's pod is seen having crash landed in a grassy field on some unknown universe. The Black Knight steps out of the pod, rubbing their rubbing their head (though without removing their helmet). The Black Knight then places a phone call. "Yes, yes, it's me. Operation: Kill Sandy Cheeks... is so far a bust. I'll proceed to the next point." the person said, with their voice disguised by a voice modulator. NOTES: Universe(s) Introduced: Universe-5, Universe-6, Unknown Universe It is revealed that Shadow is feeding Seid information, working as a mole inside the group, after having been blackmailed into submission by Seid in the last episode after he threatened to hurt Vivian Coyne. An unknown assailant (named the Black Knight by the heroes) subdued the heroes and seemingly intended to kill Sandy. At the end of the episode, the assailant speaks to someone over the phone, saying that the operation to kill Sandy had so far failed. Seid recruits two "Mutates" from a universe containing an entire species of powered people. We are introduced to Ariel Summers / Angel, and the Atomic Flounder.
  2. Another great episode. Once again, we have Tobias carrying out a hair brained (and unsuccessful) scheme, which never fails to crack me up tbh. It was cool seeing Percy and Duke from the old knight group, and I thought it was interesting that they'd become supernatural hunters (I also noticed the slight dig at Ghostbusters). All in all, the demon/ghost antics the gang fund themselves in this week made for an enjoyable episode.
  3. The cough from HELL that won't frikking go away. ughhhhhh
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  5. Happy Birthday, @Halibut and all those I've missed!
  6. Ngl, trailer was kinda boring, but first trailers usually always are. Very hyped for the movie though. I know its gonna be insane.
  7. T.Jingle


    Caught this recently. Best Pixar movie of all time. And that's that on that on that.
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  9. Great episode. I liked the exploration into Meritel's past and seeing how her/Elana's family history played out to present day. The reveal that Gideon, Dolly, and Cecil are Boboo, Batty, and Gelatos was interesting, as was seeing the stone of light again in the flashback.
  10. R.I.P Stephen, and thank you for giving us what we have today.
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