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  1. TJ

    Miss Appear

    Miss Appear Ep.51 "Voices from the Past" Katherine awakens on a bed in some kind of medical room, as she is in a hospital gown. "...Wha- where am I?" Katherine asked, feeling weak. Director Payne enters the room, seeing Katherine awake. "Miss Appear, welcome back to reality... or so I hope." Payne said, slightly joking. "Payne? Where am I?" Katherine asked. "Last night, you battled your sister. She managed to jab you with a cure that reversed Vivian Coyne's serum and restored your inhibitions." Payne started. "... I... I remember." Katherine recalled. "You passed out shortly after. F.I.N agents descended upon the scene, with us taking you and Kid Appear into custody. You're now at F.I.N's Bikini Bottom facility. We wanted to run a few bodily tests on you to assure you're in your right state." Payne said. "Right, right... where's Molly? Where's my sister?" Katherine questioned. The door swung open, as Molly ran into the room. "KATHERINE!" Molly cheered, running to Katherine's bedside. The two hugged. "Molly, I'm SO sorry!" Katherine said, getting emotional. "It wasn't you!" Molly said. "But it was. I knew what I was doing the entire time... and I couldn't stop myself. It's like I was watching my own self from the inside out." Katherine said, extremely confused. "Katherine, you were forcibly given a serum that changed your brain chemistry. This was NOT you, do you hear me?" Molly assured her. Katherine broke down, shedding tears. "Hey... Katherine... I know this is an emotional time for you right now. However, I still have my job to do. I need to find Dirty Dan." Payne said. "That's what you want right now? For me to... spill my guts?" Katherine asked. "Well, yes. You can start by telling me what happened to Bonnie Morse, Tim Conners, Adam Mock, and Analise Rogers." Payne said. "Oh my god! ANALISE!" Katherine said, remembering her from the other night. "Footage from the BBPD showed Dirty Dan and Spin kidnapping her.... while we had that massive fight in the streets." Molly revealed. Katherine face palmed. "Kathy... what happened to our friends?" Molly asked. "Dirty Dan wanted them captured... not dead." Katherine said. "So... after you attacked each of them... where did you take them?" Payne asked. "I didn't. Some Snake Eyes members handled 'clean up'." Katherine said. "Okayyyy, can we not call it 'clean up'." Molly said, disturbed. Katherine shook her head in shame. "I have no idea where Dan has them, or why he'd want them kept alive." Katherine said. "Because they're leverage... against you." Payne suggested. "Payne may be right..." Molly said. "He has an underground base near the city." Katherine said. "Alright, once you give me the location... you're free to collect your things and go home. Until I reach out to you again." Payne said. Katherine nodded. The scene shifts, as we see Pinhead Larry, Spin, and a couple of Snake Eyes leading Analise, Bonnie, Tim, and Adam through a strange castle. The three heroes and Adam were all in hand chains, being held at gunpoint. Dirty Dan and Vivian appear up ahead. "You may take these four to the castle's prison room. Make sure they don't try anything funny." Dan said, smiling. Analise looked at Vivian with hostility and disbelief. "We'll get out of this." Tim said, confidently. "Not before I have what I want." Dan said. "Boys, take them. But... leave Ms. Rogers with me for a moment." Vivian ordered. The Snake Eyes, Pinhead, and Spin continued walking them off to the prisoner chambers. "I'll give you two some privacy." Dan said, walking off. Vivian looked at Analise. "How? How COULD you do this to Katherine? ALL of this!" Analise shouted, painfully. "Not like Katherine ever had much use for me." Vivian said. "No, but we'd honestly come to believe that it was POSSIBLE for you to have changed. Last year, when you proved innocent in the death of my father... I at least thought that 'she couldn't be that bad'. That at the very least, you'd learned something from all the horrible things you've set in motion in your life. I was wrong." Analise explained. "People wanted a monster. They didn't want a successful woman to 'change'. They branded me Black Vivian. So that's what I became." Vivian said, emotionally. "And to hell with everyone else? Including Marshall?" Analise questioned. "Do not bring my son into this!" Vivian said. "Oh no, how about we bring your dead son into this. He'd be proud to see who you've become. A straight out villain, like he was. Ya know, at least Shadow had the 'excuse' of being the product of child abuse and neglect, but YOU have NO EXCUSE for what you've become." Analise said. Dirty Dan arrived back. "Are you done here, Vivian?" Dan asked. "Yes. Please take her." Vivian said. "If you were really my brother, you'd let me go." Analise said, looking at Dan. "Walk. Now." Dan said, threateningly. Analise continued down an adjacent hall, as Dan led her to the prisoner chamber. The scene shifts, as Katherine and Molly arrive home. "I need to thank Trevor for the cure he whipped up." Katherine said. "Yeah, well maybe not just yet. He told Analise that a side affect might be recurring hallucinations." "WHAT?" Katherine questioned. "For a small period of time!" Molly said, trying to calm her. "Great, I'll be back to seeing things that aren't there." Katherine said, shaking her head. "Just... sit and relax. We'll figure this all out." Molly said. "... My sister..." Katherine said, looking at Molly. "... Kid Appear." Katherine said, smiling. "I thought you'd be mad at me." Molly said, nearly crying. "I'm proud of you. And I should never have doubted you." Katherine said. "I really missed you." Molly said, running over to hug Katherine. Katherine squeezed her tight. "I need to call Dan." Katherine said, pulling out her phone. "Are you sure about that?" Molly asked. "No." Katherine said, making the call anyway. "Hello, Katherine." Dirty Dan's voice was heard. "Where are my friends?" Katherine asked. "Is that anyway to greet your partner. You should tell me where the hell you've been." Dan said. "Getting CURED and treated, cleaning out your brainwash!" Katherine yelled. "My child, everything you did is what you wanted to do." Dan said. Katherine trembled. "I can tell that you already know this." Dan said, cockily. "I want my friends back, Dan." Katherine said. "Then turn yourself over to me." Dan said. "I'm not joining your circle again. EVER." Katherine made clear. "Then your friends will be murdered." Dan said. "Dan... please." Katherine said, desperately. "There's an easy way out of this, Katherine. You surrender to me and undergo Vivian's serum again, and I'll let your friends go." Dan said. "... Is that a promise?" Katherine asked. "I swear." Dan said. Katherine sighed. "But, there's one more condition. You must come alone. If you do not... if I even FEEL like there's someone else alongside you... you're friends will be murdered on the spot." Dan threatened. "Fine. I accept your terms." Katherine said. "Well then, I hope to see you soon on Koi Island. I'll text you the details." Dan said, revealing that he's on Koi Island. Katherine hung up. "What the hell was that about?" Molly asked. "He's holding Analise and the others hostage on Koi Island. He's says I need to surrender myself to the serum again in order for our friends to live." Katherine said. "WHAT? That's CRAZY!" Molly protested. "I can't be the reason that the others are murdered. That would DESTROY me!" Katherine said, nearly crying. "It doesn't have to come to this! You have plenty of allies! We could call The Quickster again or reach out to Marshall and the Knights. What about the Karmanians that you were telling me about?" Molly suggested. "No, Molls. I have to come alone, or Analise and the others will be murdered on the spot." Katherine said. "I'm not letting you do this alone." Molly said. "You don't have a choice in that." Katherine said, squeezing her hand. "What's wrong?" Molly asked. "I-I was trying to activate my powers. I can't seem to turn invisible or use my telekinesis." Katherine said. "Really?" Molly questioned. "Is this a side affect of Trevor's cure?" Katherine asked. "I doubt it. It could be a mental thing." Molly said. "Well this sucks." Katherine said. "You're powerless.... how are you supposed to confront Dirty Dan and his legion of criminals like this?" Molly asked. "You're right. I can't even be for sure that Dan will absolutely let the others go... or live." Katherine said, thinking it all over. "Which is why you need to consider getting help." Molly said. "I'd need a low profile on this. No Quickster, no Knights, no Karmanians." Katherine said. "While we were at F.I.N's base near the city, I overheard them talking about Killer M and Sinister Slug being prisoners there." Molly said. "What are you suggesting?" Katherine questioned. "Killer M remained undetected for years high on the FBI's and F.I.N's most wanted list, and he's a renowned hitman and assassin. Then there's Sinister Slug, who's a literal rage monster." Molly said. "Are you suggesting I get F.I.N to allow me to use those two?" Katherine questioned. "Why not? They're our best shot against Dirty Dan if we're going about this in the way you want to." Molly said. "I need to think about all this." Katherine said. "Time is probably running out." Molly said. "You think I don't know that!?!" Katherine yelled, frustrated. "... I... I need some air." Molly said, taking off. "Molly, wait!" Katherine called out, but she'd already left the house. Katherine clenched her eyes shut, throwing her hands over her head. "Should I really get in bed with Killer M? Is that something I should actually consider?" Kaatherine asked herself. "If it means saving your friends, I don't see why not." a voice was heard. "W-w... what was that...?" Katherine asked, slowly turning around. Katherine saw Dudley Winters sitting on the counch! "WINTERS? Oh god, I must be hallucinating..." Katherine said, catching her breath. "Indeed. I am just a hallucination. A side affect of that cure your sister pumped into you." Winters said. "You need to go away!" Katherine said. "And you need to face the reality. Considering that you are powerless right now, getting into bed with Killer M is the best way to go against Dirty Dan and his entire legion." Winters said. "Of course you'd think that!" Katherine said, rolling her eyes. "What do you mean?" Winters asked. "You're no stranger to moral ambiguity." Katherine said. "That's true, but can we consider for a moment here that I'm just a hallucination... your hallucination. Everything I'm saying is coming from some part of you." Winters told her. Katherine chuckled. "Yeah, makes sense... because apparently I have quite a few shades of grey myself." Katherine said, still blaming herself for her villainous turn. "You? The hero? Cloaked crusader of justice? Protector of Bikini Bottom?" Winters questioned. Katherine turned her back. "... I'm no hero." Katherine said, shedding a tear. "OF COURSE you are, Katherine!" another voice was heard. Katherine turned back around. "JOHNNY?" Katherine questioned, now seeing him on the couch instead of Winters. "Why do you say you're not a hero?" Johnny questioned. "I teamed up with Dirty Dan, I robbed a bank, hurt police officers and my friends, I almost KILLED Krabs and Detweiler." Katherine explained. "But none of that was willingly!" Johnny stated. "The only thing Vivian's serum did to me was take away my inhibitions. I said and did awful things... all of my own thoughts and desires." Katherine said. "Katherine, do you know how much crap EVERYONE would be saying and doing without inhibitions? You were unwillingly rendered into an animalistic state. You weren't a person at that point. That was something done to you, not something you chose. So you cannot be at fault." Johnny assessed. "I still don't feel very much like a hero. Even if what happened wasn't my fault." Katherine said, sighing. "You know how I know that you're a hero?" Johnny asked. Katherine raised her eyebrows. "Because YOU helped me to become one. Watching you give your all to seek justice for Shadow's victims, throwing yourself in the line of fire to stop a serial killer from destroying more lives... that inspired me. It was you that made me Captain Magma." Johnny expressed. Katherine smiled. "I wish you were really here right now. I need you so much." Katherine said. "I know." Johnny replied. "You may see me as a hero... but heroes are good people. Can I be a hero if I'm not a good person?" Katherine questioned, as she turned her back. "Why would you EVER believe that you aren't a good person?" a new voice asked. Katherine turned back around. "June...?" Katherine asked, in shock. June had appeared, in place of Johnny. "You're the best person that I've ever known." June said. "Really?" Katherine asked. "Yes. Because of your spirit. You have a light in you, Katherine. A light that overcomes any darkness, any shadow." June stated. Katherine released tears. "That light is hard to reach sometimes. I've always felt so depressed and so disordered that I have all these thoughts about giving into the darkness. Maybe, maybe that's what came out of me when I was under that serum. Maybe I finally got in touch with ALL the parts of me that wanted to rob a bank, hurt people, and have everything for myself by force. Maybe I was trying to take back what the world took from me." Katherine divulged. "A lot of people have felt like the world has taken something from them, that they have lost everything." June said. "Most of those people didn't actually rob a bank or beat up their friends." Katherine said. "Most of those people also didn't get forcibly injected with a serum that rendered them into a puppet, basically." June pointed out. "True." Katherine said, in a whisper. "I know you, Katherine. You were my best friend, and that's because I saw the best in you. Through all that pain and darkness, you remained pure." June said. "I miss you, June." Katherine said. "I'm never too far away.." June said, smiling. Katherine wiped more tears, as June had disappeared. "...Whoa... did I just have a series of hallucinations?" Katherine asked herself. Suddenly, the doorbell rung. As Katherine answered, she saw her brother, Michael. "MICHAEL?" Katherine questioned, as both of them hugged. "Are you real?" Katherine questioned. "Yes, of course! Why wouldn't I be?" Michael asked. "I've been having a series of hallucinations." Katherine said. "Well, it's not me this time, I can assure you." Michael said, slightly laughing. "I know. It's something else. But, anyway... I thought you were supposed to be getting released from the institute next week." Katherine said. "I got out a little earlier. I've made tremendous progress." Michael said, as he entered the house. "I wish mom could see you right now." Katherine said. "I've just been praying everyday that the next phone call I get is you or Molly calling to tell me that she's awake." Michael said. "Yeah, I miss her." Katherine said. "Where's Molls?" Michael asked. "She stormed off after we had an intense debate." Katherine said. "About what?" Michael asked. "A lot has happened. I'll fill you in now." Katherine said. ---- We see Molly sitting down at the Krusty Krab, hardly touching the food she ordered. Detweiler enters, seeing Molly. "Molly!" Detweiler said. "Detweiler, hey.." Molly said, as he sat with her. "What the hell happened? Is Katherine okay?" Detweiler asked, whispering. "She's fine and back to normal." Molly confirmed. "And what about Dirty Dan? Where has he taken Analise?" Detweiler asked. "He's holding her, Tim, Bonnie, and Adam hostage on Koi Island. If Katherine doesn't return to him - alone... he's gonna kill all of them." Molly said. "Does Katherine have a plan? What about F.I.N?" Detweiler asked. "F.I.N is searching Dirty Dan's underground bunker, but they're not gonna find anything." Molly said. "That's where Dan was hiding? Right under our noses. Well now I guess he's on Koi." Detweiler said. "Exactly. I think Katherine needs to take back up. I suggested Killer M and Sinister Slug." Molly said. "Why the hell would they be options?" Detweiler questioned. "F.I.N has them locked up in that base near Bikini Bottom, so they're close options. Why are they options at all? Well, because Killer M can go up against Dirty Dan and his skilled fighters better than Katherine can." Molly said. "She's been doing this hero thing for a while." Detweiler said. "But she's powerless right now. And even if I go with her, I'm not much of a fighter." Molly said. "... And Sinister Slug is just extra topping on the cake, huh?" Detweiler said. "He's uber powerful." Molly said. "Also uncontrollable." Detweiler said. "Not from what I heard from Katherine and Analise. F.I.N's been working with Sebastian Slug, and apparently he can control becoming Sinister Slug." Molly said. "It's still risky." Detweiler said. "So is losing Barnacle Boy, Sightress, and Black Clam." Molly said. Detweiler sighed, unsure what to say. ---- On Koi Island, we see Dirty Dan enter Vivian's room in the castle. "Hey..." Vivian said, pacing around. "Like your new digs?" Dan asked. "The room is a little dark, and the decor looks like something the middle ages spit out, but other than that.. sure." Vivian said, sarcastically. "You okay?" Dan questioned. "Why wouldn't I be?" Vivian questioned. "I overheard that convo you had with Analise." Dan said. "I'm not feeling any type of way." Vivian said. "Good, because we still have a plan to continue here." Dan said. "I'm not backing out on you, or this. You approached me months ago and convinced me to take what I wanted. That's what I still intend to do." Vivian said. "Alright. I'll leave you to continue pacing... while we wait for our soldier girl." Dan said, referring to Katherine. Vivian nodded, as he left. "Well, haven't you sunk to a new low." a voice was heard. Vivian turned around, seeing her ex-husband, George Coyne. "George?.. I'm imagining this." Vivian said, putting her hands on her head. "It's called a crisis of conscience. Yes, Vivian, even you have one. A conscience." George remarked. "Get out of my HEAD!" Vivian said, clenching her eyes shut. "From the first day I laid eyes on you, I could tell that you were a woman who liked to grab power. I'm drawn to those who are thirsty." George said. "... And that's why you were drawn to me?" Vivian questioned. "Of course. You had an edge to you... I just never realized how cutting that edge was." George told her. "What do you mean?" Vivian asked. "A part of you is devious, sneaky, and willing to slit throats to get what you want." George said. "I don't find those to be bad traits." Vivian said. "You look out for yourself. So much that you left your own son behind if it meant your well-being." George said. "You ABUSED me! Of course I had to look out for my well-being." Vivian said. "What about your son?" George asked. "Leaving Billy with you will always be my number one regret. I was wrong, I admit that." Vivian said. "But you can't admit when you're wrong about anything else.." a new voice was heard. Vivian turned around, as she suddenly saw Marilyn. "... Marilyn." Vivian said, shocked. "Everything you've done... you excuse it." Marilyn said. "That's not true. I never make excuses for my actions." Marilyn said. "No, but you try and act like you're too good for the consequences of those actions. Like you don't deserve to pay for the hell that you wreak on people's lives." Marilyn said. "And what about my life? What George did to me?" Vivian asked. "Seek counseling." Marilyn said. Vivian scoffed. "I've made mistakes, sure... but every time a woman makes a mistake she is scorned, scrutinized, and TORN TO SHREDS. This entire city wanted to make me out to be a villain, they wanted Black Vivian. So... that's what I gave them." Vivian said. "Behind their backs. But in the public eye, you're living a lie." Marilyn said. "If you wanna be bad, be a villain... OWN IT. Otherwise, you're just a wolf in sheep's clothing." Marilyn told her. "Still a wolf. And in this world, you have to be one." Vivian said, nearly crying. "My sentiments exactly, mother!" a new voice was heard. Vivian turned to her side, seeing Shadow! "Billy?" Vivian asked, eyes wide open. "This is a cruel world. I learned that first hand from you. You have to do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better, complete.." Shadow said. "I never meant for you to hurt anyone. And I'm so sorry about the path I sent you down." Vivian said. "But you did hurt me, and you meant to hurt others, to get what you wanted." Shadow said. "I'm a selfish person." Vivian said, letting her tears flow. "So you admit it, mother." Shadow said. "I put others in harm way for my well-being and for the things that I want." Vivian said. "There we go. Didn't that feel good?" Shadow asked. Vivian remained silent. "Maybe now you need to figure out why you've always been the way you are." Shadow said. Vivian closed her eyes, trying to regain her stability. As she opened her eyes again, Shadow was gone. "Oh god..." Vivian said. "I just had a complete mental snap." Vivian said to herself. Vivian looked in a dusty mirror in the room, staring hard at her reflection. ---- At Katherine's home, we see her and Michael talking. "... Wow, all that sounds crazy." Michael said, as Katherine finished explaining everything to him. "Tell me about. Do you think it'd be insane for me to throw in with two supervillains in order to save my friends?" Katherine asked. "I think it'd be insane to not consider every option. And it doesn't seem like time is on your side." Michael remarked. A knock was heard on the door. Answering it, Katherine saw Payne. "Director Payne..." Katherine said. "That underground base you sent me to was cleared out." Payne said. "I know. Dirty Dan fled... and I know where to. Come in." Katherine said. "Hello..." Michael said. "Hi." Payne said, simply. "I'll give you two some privacy." Michael said, walking off. Payne turned to Katherine. "He's on Koi Island - with my friends. If you and your agents go there, he'll kill them on the spot." Katherine said. "So what does he want?" Payne questioned. "Me." Katherine said. "You can't..." Payne said. "Me and Molly were thinking of a solution... but it's gonna involve two convicts in your agency's possession." Katherine said. "Uh... what?" Payne questioned. "I need Killer M and the Sinister Slug." Katherine said, outright. NOTES: This was meant to be the 50th episode of the series, but was pushed down due to "Cross v. Coyne" becoming a two parter. We discover that Dirty Dan fled to Koi Island and is holding Analise, Tim, Bonnie, and Adam imprisoned there. Katherine (thanks to the side effects of the cure) hallucinates Dudley Winters, Johnny Flaire/Captain Magma, and June Morley. Vivian (while having a 'crisis of conscience') imagines talking to George Coyne, Marilyn Cross, and Shadow. Michael Cross (Katherine's brother and the villain of Season 2) returns, having been off screen since the Season 2 finale. He has completed treatment at a mental institution. Molly suggests that Katherine seek help from her allies, referencing The Quickster, The Knights of the Multiverse, and the Karmanians. Though Katherine refuses this idea, citing a need for a low-key plan. Katherine comes around to the idea of using Killer M and Sinister Slug, asking Director Payne to allow for it. Join me soon for the season 4 finale!
  2. Duuude, that's so funny, I just got back into Riverdale after ditching it. Season 2 is so much better than Season 1.
  3. TJ

    Unpopular opinions you have

    Thissss, I loved Kimi and I don't get the hate for her by some. It'll be a big shame if the reboot retcons her out. Dil, on the other hand, was kinda annoying. Also useless, considering he couldn't talk or walk. Although like @Steel Sponge, I thought he was enjoyable in AGU. Weird probably stoner kid FTW 😂.
  4. TJ

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday, @Hayden! EDIT: Also a super Happy Belated to @Butch Griffin❤️
  5. TJ

    Spin-Off/Lit Reruns

    Though the show is over, today marks Team SpongeBob's 8th birthday. As celebration, I will rerun the original pilot episode and an episode from 2010 that recreates the pilot. As you'll be able to tell, there's a world of difference between the pilot in 2010 and the episode I'll post from 2017, lol. Enjoy!
  6. TJ

    SpongeBob's Host

  7. Great start to the new season!
  8. TJ

    Miss Appear

    Miss Appear Ep.50 "Crosshairs" Katherine's Narration: “There's no point being afraid of your dark side. Learn to embrace it and you might be surprised at how it can feel like home” The episode opens with a crook running away from officer Garcia, who is chasing him through an alley. The crook looks back and shoots his gun at Garcia, as he jumps out of the clearing. The crook turns a corner, but is punched by an invisible force. "AHHH!" the crook yelled, as he falls on his back. Molly becomes visible, as the crook tries to reach for his gun. Molly uses her powers to levitate the gun away, as she steps on his hand. "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I SUBMIT!" the crook cries. "Kid Appear...!" Garcia said, rushing to the scene. "You're welcome." Molly said, nodding. "Hey, hey... before you disappear... I just gotta ask." Garcia said. "Ask what?" Molly questioned. "What is your relation to Crosskill?" Garcia asked. "Miss Appear?" Molly asked. "That's not what she's calling herself anymore." Garcia stated. "That's still who she is! She's NOT in control of herself right now." Molly said. "Wanna elaborate?" Garcia asked. The two hear a cop car approaching. Molly turns invisible, taking off. "Shit..." Garcia said, looking back to see that she'd taken off. The scene shifts to Dirty Dan's underground bunker, as we see Katherine in a training room fighting against a random Snake Eyes member. Dirty Dan is seen watching her, as Vivian enters the room. "How is she?" Vivian asked. "The physical therapy paid off, certainly. She's back in top shape." Dan said, smiling. Katherine takes down the guy, pinning him to the floor. "I SUBMIT, I SUBMIT!" the guy cries out, as she lets him go. "Very good, Katherine." Dan said. "It's time for me to get out there." Katherine said. "I agree." Dan said. "Last time you were out there, your little friends got in the way." Vivian said. "Which is why I think they need to be taken out." Dan said. "What are you saying?" Katherine asked. "Your friends are in my way. But, I don't want them die. Instead, I wanna capture them. Make them see the light eventually. My light." Dan said. "Capturing... I can do." Katherine said. "I'm very sure you can." Dan said. "And what about us, boss?" Spin said, as he and Pinhead walked in. "Considering the two of you let Kid Appear and Barnacle Boy get to my mother, I'm not so certain about your capabilities anymore." Dan said, taking off. "Well, he's angry." Vivian said. Pinhead followed after him. "What do you want, Larry?" Dan asked. Pinhead closed his office door. "I'm sorry that they got to Francine. I should of been more on guard." Pinhead said. "It's fine." Dan said. "Is it really? I don't want you to be upset with me, man. You know that I love Francine as if she were my own mother. I could never repay her for taking me in after... after you killed my father." Pinhead said. "I was trying to protect you." Dan said, clenching his eyes shut. "I know, and I love you for that. We've always... been in this life thing together." Pinhead said. "That's the way it'll always be. I promise." Dan said, nodding. ---- In the Mermalair, we see the team watching a news report. "Could it be that Miss Appear - now going by Crosskill, is under a form of brainwash? That much was implied by the new teenage hero Kid Appear, after a BBPD officer confronted the girl in an alleyway." Perch Perkins reported. Tim turned down the volume. "Why did you say anything to that officer?" Tim asked. "Because people need to start learning the TRUTH about what's going on with Katherine!" Molly said. "I hate that Miss Appear's reputation has been tanked in all this, so I agree with Molly." Analise said. "We just need to find Katherine. Or be ready for when she resurfaces." Bonnie said, as she started coughing violently. "You okay there, Bonnie?" Adam asked. "Just fine." Bonnie said, rubbing her throat. Suddenly, a loud explosion went off in the back of the Mermalair, as dozens of F.I.N agents arrived. "What the hell!" Analise said. "TIM CONNERS, MOLLY CROSS, ANALISE ROGERS, BONNIE MORSE... we need to have a conversation." a voice was heard. F.I.N director, Greg Payne is seen walking out of the smoke. "Did you... just forget my name?" Adam asked, humorously. "How is this possible? How do you know my name? Or about the location of the Mermalair?" Molly asked. "My agency gathered all intel on Miss Appear when we worked with her to stop the Jelliens in the Spring. That included her secret identity and her center of operation. Wasn't hard to then put together the fact that this new 'Kid Appear' was her kid sister." Payne said. "What do you want, Payne?" Tim questioned. "Information on Katherine Cross. What the hell happened to her?" Payne asked. "You guys bomb your way into our lair, and you just EXPECT us to give you answers?" Analise questioned. "YES, because Katherine Cross is now a threat to national security." Payne said. "Everyone relax. F.I.N is here to help." Bonnie said. "I'm glad you haven't forgotten your allegiance to this organization, Ms. Morse." Payne said. "My allegiance is with the people of the world. Whatever means it takes to provide safety to everyone." Bonnie said. "Us too." Payne remarked. "So about Katherine...?" Payne asked again. "My sister has been infected with a serum. It causes people's inhibitions to be turned off." Molly said. "Who designed this serum?" Payne asked. "Vivian Coyne." Bonnie said. Payne looked at her. "With the help of Bikini Bottom Labs. Yeah, that whole thing is a front." Bonnie continued. "Don't you guys have Eugene Krabs in hiding somewhere?" Analise asked. "Yes, we do." Payne said. "So let us focus on my sister." Molly said. "Not that simple anymore." Payne said. "What are you saying?" Analise asked, angrily. "F.I.N agents will remain in the city, and will be under orders to shoot Katherine on sight." Payne revealed. "YOU CAN'T! She's not herself!" Molly said. "We have a solution. A friend of mines should be coming through with a fix - a cure, anyday now." Analise told him. "Then lets hope it's enough to save Katherine from herself." Payne said, as he motioned his agents to move out. "Payne, wait." Bonnie said, chasing after him. Bonnie and Payne walked over to a corner for privacy. "I need your help getting a message to Agent Felix. I've tried calling and emailing him." Bonnie said. "He's been wrapped up in designing weapon upgrades for F.I.N." Payne said. "Just... ask him what exact materials he used to design my sonic collar. We worked on it together, but he was the one who got all the materials together." Bonnie said, rubbing her throat. "You okay?" Payne asked. "Fine. Just ask him, please." Bonnie said. "I'm flying back out to Karate Island in about an hour. I'll ask him as soon as I get back tob HQ." Payne said, nodding. "Thank you." Bonnie said, as Payne walked off. ---- The next morning, Molly heard the bell ringing at her home. Opening the door, she saw Ben Cross. "Dad?" Molly asked, shocked. "Hello, sweetie. What's going on with your sister?" Ben asked. "I'm not... I'm not sure what to say." Molly said. "The truth, Molly." Ben said. "Come in." Molly said, letting Ben enter. "What's up? What's this I hear about Miss Appear now being... Crosskill?" Ben asked. "Katherine's been brainwashed... of sorts." Molly said. "Who've you been staying here with? Are you all alone?" Ben asked. "Katherine's ex-girlfriend, Analise has been staying here with me. She's been watching over me." Molly said. "You could've called me. I know I'm not your legal father... but." Ben started off. "I have never cared about that. It's just, everything's been so insane. I didn't want our enemies getting to you." Molly said. "You're... this Kid Appear figure now, huh?" Ben asked. "Neither mom or Katherine wanted me in the crime fighting business. But people... they need me. Especially with Katherine gone." Molly said. "I understand, sweetheart." Ben said. Molly smiled. "Where is Analise?" Ben asked. "Actually, she's on the way to get something that will help Katherine." Molly said. "Oh?" Ben asked. "About an hour ago, she got a call from her friend. He finished a serum to help Katherine, so Analise took off to New Coral to pick it up." Molly said. "I hope it works, I really do." Ben said. "Yeah, the fate of this city rests on it." Molly said. "What does that mean?" Ben asked. "Analise had a vision... the city in shambles." Molly said. "You think it was your sister?" Ben asked. "I don't know, but she's looking like the hugest suspect." Molly said, relunctantly. The scene shifts, as we see Adam knocking on Bonnie's apartment door. "Adam, hey. Thanks for coming." Bonnie said, letting him in. "Everything alright?" Adam asked. "I just spoke with Director Payne. I had him ask Felix about the sonic device." Bonnie said, looking distraught. "And what?" Adam asked, fearing her answer. "Felix didn't know before, but the one of the materials he used to make the device was hazardous." Bonnie said, breathing heavy. Adam saw the device sitting on her table. "Are you going to use it again?" Adam asked. "I think it's already taken an effect on me. I've been coughing up a storm." Bonnie said, as she started coughing. "We'll run some tests... make sure your gills are alright." Adam said, nodding. "Thank you." Bonnie said, hugging him. At that moment, Bonnie's door was torn open by a telekinetic force. Katherine appeared, walking into the apartment. "KATHERINE!" Bonnie shouted, reaching over to grab the sonic device. As Katherine readied to attacked, Bonnie launched out a sonic scream. The sonic scream blasted Katherine into the hallways wall. "ADAM, RUN!" Bonnie said to him. Adam ran, as Bonnie confronted a knocked down Katherine. Bonnie lifted her up, pinning her against the wall. "This ends now." Bonnie said. Suddenly, some kind of energy force wrapped around Bonnie's neck. Katherine smiled, as she used her powers to levitate Bonnie up and choke her out. "You always thought you were more powerful than me. This is what true power looks like, Bon Bons." Katherine said, smirking. Katherine placed a call to Dirty Dan. "Dan, I have the Black Clam. Going after Barnacle Boy next." Katherine said. "Very good, Katherine." Dan said. "Only thing is that Adam seems to have gotten away." Katherine said. "He was with Bonnie Morse?" Dan asked. "Yes, but he managed to get away while Bonnie launched a sonic scream at me." Katherine said. "No matter. The tech guy holds little interest in me. Move forward." Dan said. "I shall." Katherine said, clicking off. The scene shifts, as Adam is seen arriving at the Cross household. Molly answers the door, after hearing his loud knocking. "Goodness Adam! I thought you were my dad. He just left." Molly said. "KATHERINE'S BACK." Adam yelled, out of breath. Molly pulled him in. "What?" Molly questioned. "I tried calling you, Analise, and Tim, but none of you were picking up your phones." Adam said. "Sorry, I had mines on the charger. But, what's going on?" Molly questioned. "She just busted into Bonnie's apartment. She looked very bloodthirsty." Adam said. "So, she just attacked you two?" Molly asked. "YES! Bonnie held her off while I managed to get away." Adam said. "I really hope Bonnie's okay." Molly said. "We BOTH know that Katherine one that fight. I feel so guilty for leaving!" Adam said, frantic. "Hey, calm down! THIS TIME I WILL bring Katherine IN. That's a promise." Molly said. "Analise's not back with the cure yet, is she?" Adam asked. "I'll text her and tell her that she needs to get a move on. In the meantime, you get to Tim." Molly said. "He's probably at his house working out." Adam said. "I'll go to the Mermalair and get my costume. You go to Tim's and warn him about Katherine." Molly said. "Alright." Adam said, as the two took off. The scene shifts, as we see Tim working out in his home gym. Tim has headphones on, as he lifts weights. Adam walks in, as this startles him. "Adam! What are you doing here?" Tim asked. "Sorry for interrupting your morning regiment, but you're in danger!" Adam said. "What do you mean?" Tim asked, walking closer to him. "Katherine - she's back. She attacked me and Bonnie at Bonnie's apartment. I got away, but god knows what happened to Bons!" Adam said, breathing heavy. "Hey, hey, calm down buddy." Tim said. "It seems like Team Appear might be in Katherine's cross hairs. I'm afraid you're next!" Adam expressed. "So why would you come here and put yourself in danger?" Tim questioned. "Because... because it's you. I would follow you anywhere, into any danger." Adam said. "... You've always been by my said. Even when I didn't deserve it." Tim said, with a chuckle. "What does that mean?" Adam asked. "It was unfair of me to ask you for your technical help in my vigilante efforts... ya know, after the history between us." Tim said. "We broke up a long time ago. Quite amicably." Adam said. "I'm glad for that. Cause... I couldn't imagine my life without you." Tim said, smiling at him. "Me neither. Which... is why we need to go before Kath- " Adam started. A wave of telekinetic energy shattered the glass entrance doors to the gym room. Tim threw himself over Adam to protect him from the shards. Katherine entered. "Tim! How lovely to see you here!" Katherine said. "Well, it's my home." Tim said, standing up. "And Adam, good to see you made it here in one piece. You won't leave that way." Katherine said. "Adam, RUN!" Tim said. "No!" Katherine said, blasting both of them with a wave of energy. Adam hit his head against a wall, passing out. Tim regained his composure, jumping up. "What are you without those powers?" Tim asked, putting up his hands. "Well... I'm no longer Miss Appear." Katherine said, running at him. The two engaged in hand to hand combat, as Tim struck her in the face. Katherine tried to knock him down with her legs, but he jumped up and performed a back flip. Katherine used her powers to levitate a bunch of weights and equipment at Tim, but he used acrobatics to avoid them. "I've grown tired of this!" Katherine said. Katherine threw her body forward, releasing an energy wave at Tim, knocking him completely unconscious. "Oh Tim, you SO thought you were the better hero than me." Katherine said. "...He-ro isn't... wh-at you are any-more." Adam said, surprisingly waking up. "Actually, I am a hero, because I choose me. I choose to save myself instead of everyone else." Katherine said. "By hurting others?" Adam asked, weakly. "By taking back what the world took from me in the first place!" Katherine said, kicking him in the face. As Adam was knocked out again, Katherine called Dirty Dan. "Dan, I have the Barnacle Boy... and his techie." Katherine said. "Great news. Proceed after your sister." Dan said. "Actually, there's something else I think I should handle." Katherine said. "And what is that?" Dan asked. "This city needs to know that Crosskill is back, and that I'm dangerous, unstoppable..." Katherine went on. "What are you saying?" Dan asked. "I need to kill their commissioner. Make a statement." Katherine said. "Garrett Detweiler?" Dan asked. "Yes. He's always been a friend of mine, but I'll honor him by making him our example." Katherine said, smiling. ---- The elevator in the Mermalair opens, as Analise arrives. "MOLLY! I GOT YOUR TEXT!" Analise said, running toward her. "Analise, it's horrible... neither Tim or Adam are answering their phones." Molly said, afraid. "Katherine must of gotten to them." Analise said. "Do you think they and Bonnie are dead?" Molly questioned. "We can't assume the worst right now." Analise said. "It's crazy... what your brother has turned my sister into." Molly said. "I still can't wrap my head around that... Dirty Dan being my brother." Analise said. "Have you asked your mom about this?" Molly questioned. "No. I'm not sure she'd even know about this. Quite frankly, I'd rather she didn't..." Analise said. "... Have you gotten the cure?" Molly asked. "Yup." Analise said, pulling out a syringe. "Bless that friend of yours..." Molly said. Suddenly, the computer systems got an odd ping. "What is that?" Analise questioned, as the ladies ran to the monitor. "Oh god, a ping on a tracking device..." Molly said. "One of Tim's tracking devices! Him and Katherine must of faced off, giving him the oppurtunity to plant a trakcing bug on her." Analise said. "I can't tell where Katherine's going." Molly said. Analise blew up the map. "The BBPD..." Analise said. "Why?" Molly questioned. "She's gonna kill them..." Analise realized. Molly froze for a minute. "We need to go! NOW!" Analise said, rushing to suit up. At the BBPD, the attack has begun, as officer shoot at Katherine. Katherine uses her powers to create a barrier blocking the bullets. Katherine releases an energy wave, push all of the officers back. Officer Garcia jumps up, trying to tackle her. Katherine uses her powers to levitate him across the floor. "... And now, Detweiler." Katherine said, blasting a force of telekinetic energy at the doors of the Commissioner's Office. Detweiler stood in front of his desk, holding a gun up at Katherine. "... Take another step, and I'll pull this trigger." Detweiler said, emotionally. "You'd shoot me?" Katherine asked, smiling. "I'll do what I have to in order to stop you. I'm sorry about what's happened to you... but this city, MY CITY comes first." Detweiler said, shedding a tear. "This isn't your city. IT'S MINE!" Katherine yelled, levitating the gun out of his hands. Katherine steps toward him. "KATHERINE, STOP!" Analise yelled, running in. Katherine turns around. "... How did you know I'd be here?" Katherine questioned. "Psychic, remember?" Analise said. Katherine felt the back of her leg. "... Huh... I didn't even notice that before." Katherine said, pulling off a tracking bug. "Tim, probably. A clever one, he is." Katherine said, squashing the device. "Detweiler, RUN!" Analise yelled, as she launched at Katherine with her bo staff. Detweiler escaped, as Katherine avoided blows from Analise. Katherine shot out a telekinetic force, pushing Analise to the floor. The golden necklace fell out of Analise's costume, as this spurred a memory in Katherine. "I know that we're not together anymore, but a few months ago I ordered something for you to be here by Valentines Day, and the delivery came this morning." Katherine said, slightly nervous. "Oh... okay." Analise said, slightly blushing. Katherine pulled out a small box, handing it over to her. Analise opened it, pulling out a golden necklace with a design of an eye inside a heart. "It was supposed to represent the fact that you're psychic. The idea that you see all... even what's in my heart." Katherine said, inching closer to her. "Katherine... this is beautiful. Can I keep it?" Analise asked. "It was for you, so... yeah." Katherine said, staring into her eyes. Analise stared back. "Thank you." Analise said, holding back tears. "Happy Valentines Day, Analise." Katherine said. "Happy V-Day." Analise said. As Katherine was frozen in the memory, Molly ran into the room and blasted her with telekinetic energy, Katherine went smashing into Detweiler's desk. Molly raced up to her as they both got into a physical fight. As Katherine put distance between the two, she threw her body forward to release a massive energy blast at Molly. Molly was sent flying out of the third floor window. "MOLLY!" Analise screamed. Outside, Molly uses her powers to levitate herself in time before she smashed into the sidewalk. "THIS ENDS TONIGHT, KID!" Katherine said, jumping out of the building herself. Katherine levitates herself to the ground, as she and Molly both turn invisible. Back inside the building, Analise recuperates as Dirty Dan enters. "DAN!" Analise said, standing up. "You're making me VERY angry, sister!" Dan said. "Because I didn't choose you? I'll never choose you." Analise declared. "Spin, take her!" Dan called out. As Analise raced to strike him, Spin entered the room and emitted his dizziness wave. Analise passed out. "Let's get out of here." Dan said, as Spin picked up Analise's body. Outside, Katherine blasted Molly into a parked bus, as both girls were now visible. People surrounded from afar, taking pictures and videos. Molly spit up blood, as she felt weak. "GIVE IT UP! YOU CAN'T WIN!" Katherine said, standing fortified. "Not alone..." Molly said. A whoosh was heard, as The Quickster raced through the streets, ramming into Katherine. "A little thing called reinforcements..!" Molly said, smiling. Katherine went flying down the street, as she clenched her sides in pain. Peter went to help Molly up. "I'm fine, just take down my sister." Molly whispered. "On it!" Peter said, racing off. Katherine stood, using her powers to levitate a car at the speedster. Peter used his powers to air-walk the car. Molly used her powers to quickly mitigate the crashing of the car. Peter used his speed to race around Katherine, as this generates lightning. Peter tosses the lightning at Katherine, as she goes flying into a brick building. With Katherine passed out, Molly races to her, pulling out the syringe. "You were right about one thing... THIS END NOW!" Molly said, sticking Katherine's body with the syringe. Peter came up to the scene. "Thank you. I'm glad me and Sightress reached out last minute." Molly said. "Yeah, anytime." Peter said, nodding. Katherine's eyes opened, as she gasped for air. "KATHERINE!" Molly called out, as all she could focus on was her sister coming back to her. "Mol- Molly! Wh-at, what happened?!? I'm so so-rry!" Katherine said, shedding tears and hyperventilating, "We can work it all out later!" Molly said, embracing her sister in a hug. Katherine grabbed onto Molly, paralyzed by absolute terror. NOTES: It is revealed that F.I.N learned everyone's secret identities and the location of the Mermalair during Crisis of the Jelliens. Katherine takes down Tim, Bonnie, and Adam, with their current fates being unknown. Dirty Dan kidnaps Analise. Peter Chang/The Quickster reappears, helping to take down Katherine. Molly injects Katherine with Trevor's serum/cure, restoring her of her inhibitions.
  9. TJ

    Mystic Guardians

    Wow...WOW.. that was beyond awesome. I just have to say, all of the action sequences and team planning were so well done - and it's amazing how far Jake's come as a leader. Roxy accessing her elemental form was a highlight as well. The whole mind trip sequence with Madison and Jake was definitely the defining moment of this entire event. They could of chosen what they wanted/desired (though how true it would have been is up to question), but instead they sacrificed their own wants for the greater good. The Landers siblings have come so, so far from day one. We saw that sentiment reflected a bit in the 100th episode, and now we get it on full display here. I loved the creatures for Cosmosos coming to lay the final blow, especially because I so love Cosmosos as a kingdom. The final piece with everyone watching the explosion and crumble of the Federation was amazing - with even Ramos raising a glass in an epic cameo. I liked the sense of victor here. There's still more loose ends to tie for them, as Season 5 will be the end, but I liked that they get to enjoy this high for the moment. Looking forward to the final season, and finding more out about the International Police. This should be a great last ride!
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    Welcome to SBC!
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    This looks sooo good. Don't disappoint, DC.
  12. Ughh, it looks awful. This will be airing on DC's new streaming service.
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    Whatcha Eatin'?

    Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies. OML, they're the best cookies in the whole world.
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    TV.com Archives

    Same, I have so many warm memories from the iCarly and Degrassi boards, so to have that back to reflect on... it's just truly heartwarming.
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