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  1. Knights of the Multiverse

    Knights of the Multiverse Ep.6 "Death Served Cold" Skyripper Picking up right off from the last episode, we see the team gathered on the bridge. "What's the hold up? I'm ready to leave this place." Marshall said, referring to the Gathering Point. "Unfortunately, Shadow's powers have affected Lillian's systems, so we can't hop universes or hop to the Stasis Zone at this time." Sandy said, examining the front panel. "Well that sucks." Melondy said. "You're telling me..." Debbie said. "Lillian's working on a self-repair as we speak. Should take a few minutes." Sandy said. "I'm afraid you all have a bigger issue to deal with." Lillian said. "Lillian, what is it?" Sandy asked. "It would appear that a bounty was placed on each of you about twenty minutes ago." Lillian said, as she produced holograms of their "wanted" posters taken from the internet. The team gathered around the central console. "Oh my god!" Melondy said. "Who would put a bounty on us?" Tomoya questioned. "I think we all know the answer to that." Sandy said. "Flare." Debbie stated. "She's probably 'big mad' that you guys managed to escape from her." Marshall said. "We need to get off the Gathering Point." Melondy said. "You're right. There's a lot of shady folk here. Anyone of them could be out to collect this bounty." Sandy said. "Well, we can't breach right now, but we can still pilot the Skyripper to Earth..?" Debbie suggested. "Good idea. I've been meaning to check in with F.I.N anyway." Sandy said, going over to the driver's seat. Everyone strapped in, as the Skyripper blasted off. At the same time, we see the Scoundrels boarding their spaceship - called the KillClaw. "Alright, let's try not to lose 'em." Sawyer said, as Pam took the driver's seat. Pam blasted off after the Skyripper. Sandy looked at an alert on the Skyripper's radar system. "There's a ship following us..." Sandy said. "That can't be good." Debbie said. "Captain Cheeks, I am receiving a video transmission. Permission to accept?" Lillian asked. "Accept..." Sandy said, curiously. A video plays, showing Saywer, Pam, and the other Scoundrels. "Alright kids, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Turn yourselves over and no one gets hurt." Sawyer said. "SAWYER?" Sandy questioned. "Hey, it's that guy from the bar!" Tomoya said to Melondy and Marshall. "Squirrel-girl, I really hate that I have to capture you, but money talks." Sawyer said, ending the transmission. Suddenly, the KillClaw releases a giant metal 'claw', as it tries to grab a hold of the Skyripper. Sandy maneuvers the Skyripper out of the way. "Our first space battle!" Tomoya said, recording with his video cam. "TOMOYA!" the team yelled. "The girl's a good pilot. We'll never catch them." Pam said. "Forget the claw, release the missile." Sawyer ordered. Pam released a small missile, which hit the side of the Skyripper. The Skyripper went flying into the depths of space, as Sandy struggled to establish control. "LILLIAN, CEASE POWER!" Sandy yelled. The ship came to a stop, as the team found themselves surrounded by an icy, mist like substance. "Look out the windows... what is that stuff?" Melondy questioned. "I don't know, but it suddenly got REALLY cold." Marshall said. "Ohh no..." Tomoya said. "What is it?" Debbie asked. "I think I know where we are." Tomoya said, freaked out. The team gathered around the central console. "The Cold Scar of Space is a region noted for it's below freezing temperatures, being the coldest known habitat in the galaxy." Lillian announced. "Did you read about this on some boring science show?" Melondy asked Tomoya. "Actually, a science magazine I was subscribed to as a kid!" Tomoya said. "Why aren't we all dead then?" Marshall asked. "The Skyripper contains a powerful insulation system, but I'm afraid the missile strike that hit us has weakened this system. I have diverted all of my energy to keeping the ship warm, but as a result, there is no way pilot out of the Cold Scar." Lillian announced. "Then divert the energy back to the engines so that we can fly out of here!" Marshall yelled. "Then you'll all freeze and die on the spot." Lillian said. "So it's a choice between a slow death or quick one. Nice." Melondy. "Wait, wait, wait. At least with a 'slow death', we have time to figure out how to make it out of this." Sandy said. "Sandy, you're right. You and Tomoya are two top notch scientists. I'm sure you both can put your heads together and figure out how to save us." Debbie said. "Lillian, how much time do we have until... well... the end?" Sandy asked. "Eight hours." Lillian said. "Dammit." Sandy said. "Alright, well me and you better go run ideas in the science lab." Tomoya said. Tomoya and Sandy took off. "I'm gonna check on our prisoner. Make sure he's where he's supposed to be." Melondy said, referring to Shadow. "Good idea." Debbie said, nodding. Melondy speeded off. "It's so great that you guys managed to capture Shadow. To be honest, he scares me more than Flare." Debbie said, chuckling. "I can imagine. After all, he's the reason you can't open portals, right?" Marshall asked. "Yeah... his dark energy was able to do something to my powers - to my spirit. I'm still not healed from it." Debbie said, attempting to open a portal. "Sandy said something about you being able to connect with a goddess - Astral?" Marshall asked. "Astral is the Spirit of the Universe. All Universal Guardians are bound to her. Ever since Shadow struck me with those powers of his.. I've felt a distance from her." Debbie admitted. "Shadow's caused a lot of grief." Marshall said, with his eyes trailing off. "You okay?" Debbie asked. "I just feel like it's time me and him had a conversation." Marshall said. In the prison room, we see Melondy confronting Shadow. "Speedster. What are you doing here? Are you in need of my services?" Shadow asked, teasingly. "Why would I be in need of your services?" Melondy asked. "Don't think I didn't hear all the commotion going on upstairs. You guys got into a fight with another craft, it struck at us with something, and now we've been blasted into the depths of Space. It's getting quite cold, ya know." Shadow said. "Shut up. I'm just here to make sure you're secured." Melondy said. "Where are we?" Shadow asked. "The Cold Scar of Space." Melondy said, rolling her eyes. "And you guys have made no attempts to breach out of here or fly away because you can't." Shadow said. "We're working on a solution!" Melondy said. "Great, I have to die with the likes of you all." Shadow said. "Uh huh, and maybe this death will take. For the both of us." Melondy said. "Are you implying that you're also no stranger to death?" Shadow questioned, walking closer to the glass separating the two. "I'm a time remnant. The past version of me - the one that should be living her life as we speak... is dead." Melondy revealed. "And why am I telling you this!" Melondy said, turning her back. "We're about to die anyway. Mines as well take a load off. I didn't experience my death yet. I only know what I was told." Shadow said. "That's the whole reason you're working with Seid anyway, isn't it? You're dead, but you want so bad to feel alive." Melondy said, analyzing him. "Isn't that the whole reason you're working with the Knights?" Shadow questioned, turning the tables of her. Melondy went into deep thought. "Didn't mean to strike a nerve." Shadow said. "You didn't strike anything. You're all secured, so I'm getting out of here." Melondy said, leaving the prison room. ---- Unknown Location At Seid's base, we see Flare and Syphon explaining everything that happened at the Gathering Point. "Shadow's been kidnapped, Debbie escaped, but at least Dante is dead..." Seid said, sighing. "I have collected his guardian energy." Syphon said, as a red aura was produced from her body. "This is why Syphon's so vital to your plans." Flare said, staring at Syphon. "Precisely." Seid said, speeding off. Seid arrived back in the room with the golden colored Staff of Multiversity. "... The Staff." Flare said, as her eyes widened. "It is time to imbue the Staff with the energy you collected." Seid said to Syphon. Syphon touched the Staff, as she transferred the guardian energy from her body. "Uhhhh." Syphon moaned, nearly fainting. "I got you!" Flare said, catching her as she fell back. "Yes... YES! We have finally activated the Staff of Multiversity." Seid said. "We need the energy of two more guardians to be able to control a universe." Flare said. "Yes, but some of the Staff's power is now available to us. We shall make use of it." Seid said. "How?" Flare asked. "If your plan to rescue Shadow from the heroes doesn't work, we can't risk him leading Debbie here to this universe - this base." Seid said. "I am sure the Scoundrels will be successful in capturing their ship." Flare said, nodding. Suddenly, Flare got a phone call. "This should be them." Flare said, answering. "Let us hope that she is right." Seid said to Syphon. Flare hung up the phone. "And...?" Seid questioned. "Those idiots did the most! They blasted the Skyripper into the Cold Scar of Space." Flare revealed. "... They'll die." Seid said, as his eyes widened. "And Shadow." Syphon spoke up. "We can't let that happen. We have to get him." Flare said. "No! I will not lose you two to the Cold Scar, NOT when we're this ahead! Let those heroes die, and unfortunately Shadow will be our sacrifice." Seid said. "Are you serious?!?" Flare questioned. "Tell me, are you so willing to die?" Seid questioned. "No, but.." Flare started. "There is NO WAY out of the Cold Scar. Let us celebrate that our enemies will be out of our hair. We'll mourn Shadow later." Seid said. Flare shook her head, walking off. "... You've always been the reasonable one. You know that there's no other choice, right?" Seid asked Syphon. "Doesn't make it less wrong." Syphon said, taking off after Flare. Seid gripped the Staff in his hands, clenching his eyes closed. ---- Skyripper, Cold Scar In the science lab, we see Sandy and Tomoya hard at work coming up with ideas. Debbie walks into the room. "Anything yet?" Debbie questioned. "We've come up with a few considerations." Sandy said, slightly shivering. "I know, it's getting colder by the hour." Debbie said. "We have five hours left. Man, this sucks." Tomoya said. "What are you guys' considerations so far?" Debbie asked. "Since Tomoya's cells are coated with cold energy, we were thinking we could synthesize them to create a cold energy bomb that we could launch out into our immediate area of the Cold Scar." Sandy said. "What would that do?" Debbie asked. "Create an equilibrium, hopefully enough to allow us to blast our way out of here." Tomoya said. "But the problem is that we don't have the technology, and Lillian's of no help - " Sandy started. " - Wait, what happened to Lillian?" Debbie asked. "She can no longer function due to the cold, and diverting all of her energy to the heating systems. At the end of these five hours, Lillian will burn out completely and we'll no longer have her protection. In short, we'll die... which we already know." Sandy said, frustrated. "I'll... let you guys get back to work." Debbie said, exiting the room. In the hallway, Marshall ran into Debbie. "Hey, are you alright?" Marshall asked, as he noticed that she seemed overwhelmed. "I never wanted to be the Universal Guardian - to save everyone. But now I can't even save everyone on this ship, because I don't know how. So, no... I'm not alright." Debbie said, brushing past him. Marshall frowned a bit, continuing his way down to the prison room. Shadow sat up on the bed in his cell, seeing Marshall enter. "The phasing man." Shadow teased. "Crossfade." Marshall corrected. "What do you want? By the way, can I get an extra blanket. By the likes of how cold it's getting... I suspect we'll be dying pretty soon. I'd at least like to go out with some sense of warmness." Shadow said. "I'm not here to check on your well-being. I'm here to talk about our family." Marshall said. "Our family?" Shadow questioned, standing up. "Maybe you don't know this, but Vivian Coyne is my biological mother." Marshall said. "What do you mean?" Shadow asked. "Me and you were switched at birth. I was raised by your biological mother, Laura Montgomery." Marshall revealed to him. "Does... does my mother know? Vivian, I mean." Shadow asked, in deep thought. "She found out long after you died." Marshall said. "Why are you telling me this?" Shadow asked, getting angry. "Because I had to confront you. To confront what you've done in MY place! TO MY FAMILY!" Marshall shouted, as he began to shed tears. "YOU WANTED MY LIFE? YOU COULD OF HAD IT! But also the pain, loneliness, and ABUSE that came WITH IT!" Shadow yelled, holding in his own tears. Marshall took a step back. "Marshall, what are you doing?" Melondy asked, stepping into the room. "Ah, come collect your phasing fool. He's getting on my last nerve." Shadow said. "And you're getting on everyone else's last nerve." Melondy said, rolling her eyes and pulling Marshall along. Marshall and Melondy made their way into the halls. "What was that?" Melondy asked. "Me finally telling Shadow how I've felt." Marshall said. "That guy has a way of getting to people. I felt it when I checked in on him. That's why I came to get you. I didn't want you to feed into him." Melondy said. "Yeah, yeah, ya know what? I'm getting really cold." Marshall said, shivering. "I found these big coats in the fabrication room. How about we go put them on?" Melondy asked. Marshall nodded, as they took off. The scene shifts, as we see Debbie inside her room. Debbie sits against the wall, shivering. "I-I-I just need to... know... what to... do..." Debbie said, as she began to pass out. Debbie's head hit the floor, as she started to hallucinate. A white light flashed as a blue and womanly figure appeared. "... Astral?" Debbie asked, sitting up. "It's me." Astral said, smiling. "I haven't felt you within me in so long." Debbie said, nearing tears. "I am always a part of you." Astral reminded her. "I feel like I'm failing you. I let a fellow Universal Guardian be murdered." Debbie told her. "That wasn't on you." Astral reassured her. Debbie sighed. "What is it?" Astral asked. "I can't save us. I can't save my team. We're all gonna die, I'm the Universal Guardian - and I can't do a thing." Debbie said. "Did you just hear what you said? YOU are the Universal Guardian, and together... we can do anything." Astral said, bending down to touch her heart. A white light shined, as the scene shifted. We see Melondy and Marshall putting Debbie on a chair in the medbay. Sandy and Tomoya rush into the room. "SHE'S NOT GOOD!" Marshall said. "What happened?" Sandy asked. "We went to her room and found her passed out." Melondy said. "Lillian's not online to heal her." Tomoya said. "So what do we do?" Marshall asked. "... There's nothing to do. To save Debbie, or to save any of us." Sandy said. "You and Tomoya haven't reached a solution?" Melondy asked. "There's no time! Or tools! Or anything!" Sandy said, breathing heavy. "Hey, hey, you're our leader, our captain. Just focus." Melondy said, putting her hands on Sandy's shoulders. "You're right." Sandy said, taking a deep breath. "Now, what do we do, Captain?" Melondy asked. "Tomoya, I need an adrenaline shot for Debbie." Sandy said. Tomoya raced off to the science lab. "Are you sure that'll work?" Melondy asked. "My hope is that the adrenaline stimulates Debbie's guardian energy. Her connection to Astral is our last hope..." Sandy said. Tomoya arrives back in the room with the adrenaline shot. "Do it..." Sandy said, looking at Debbie intensely. Tomoya shot up Debbie with the syringe. Immediately, Debbie's eyes opened, as they lit up white. Debbie stood up, as a white aura appeared around her body. "I think she's in full connection with Astral..." Sandy said. "Debbie... can you hear us?" Marshall asked. Debbie made her way out of the medbay, as the team followed her. Debbie was seen entering the cargo bay. "Debbie, what are you doing?" Sandy asked, seeing her approach the door hatch. "You all need to get to safety. Do not attempt to intervene." Debbie said, in a powerful and godly voice. Debbie pressed a button, as the door hatch opens. "DEBBIE!" Marshall shouted. Sandy held him back. "NO! We need to listen to her!" Sandy said. "What? She's about to commit suicide!" Marshall said. "FALL BACK. That's an order!" Sandy said. The team left the cargo bay. Debbie exited the hatch, flying out into open Space. The Knights made their way to the bridge, as they watched Debbie fly around the Skyripper. "What is she doing?" Tomoya questioned. "She's gonna push us out..." Melondy realized. "EVERYONE STRAP IN!" Sandy said, as the team got into their seats and buckled up. Outside, we see Debbie using her super strength to push the edge of the Skyripper. "SHE'S DOING IT, SHE'S DOING IT!" Tomoya cheered. Within moments, Debbie had pushed the ship out of the Cold Scar. "WE'RE OUT!" Sandy yelled. Everyone cheered. The Skyripper's functions shot back up to normal, as Lillian came online. "It is so good to be warm again, I must say." Lillian said, surprising everyone. "Lillian, you're back!" Tomoya said. "If by back, you mean that my central processor allowed me to come back online - then yes, I am back." Lillian said, cheekily. "Alright, time to get out of Space!" Melondy said. "Lillian, open the Stasis Zone!" Sandy said. A breach appeared, as the Skyripper entered the Stasis Zone. The team unbuckled and got out of their chairs, turning around as Debbie entered onto the bridge. Everyone clapped for her. Debbie smiled. "I.. can't exactly remember what happened." Debbie said, faintly. "You were totally possessed by Astral." Sandy said. "I was at full strength..." Debbie said. "I guess so. I mean, you survived the harshness of open Space AND the Cold Scar without so much as a jacket." Sandy said. "Can you always connect to Astral that deeply?" Marshall questioned. "I don't know. When I'm in a life or death situation, my connection to Astral deepens. She's like a lifeline." Debbie said. "Then I hope you have nine of them." Melondy joked. Debbie went into deep thought. "Okay, this calls for a celebration! We just cheated a cold, frosty death!" Tomoya said. "Uh, before anyone celebrates... we need to check on our prisoner." Sandy said. "Right." Tomoya said. "Lillian, how is Shadow doing?" Sandy asked. "I'm afraid that due to the extreme cold climates on the ship when we were in the Cold Scar, the technology holding Shadow inside his cell was vastly weakened." Lillian revealed. "OH NO!" Sandy shouted. "He was bidding his time." Melondy realized. Melondy tried to speed off to the prison room, but was blasted by dark energy. Melondy went flying into machinery. "MELONDY!" Sandy yelled. Shadow arrived on the bridge, as he shot out dark energy blasts in every which way. "I'm free, bitches!" Shadow said, ending the episode. NOTES: The Scoundrels accidentally blast the Knights into the Cold Scar - a region in Space noted for it's harsh and deadly temperature. Syphon imbues the Staff of Multiversity with the guardian energy from Dante Cruz. Marshall reveals to Shadow that the two of them were switched at birth. Debbie embraces a full connection to Astral - the Spirit of the Universe. This deeper connection heightens Debbie's powers and allows her to survive open Space with no physical scarring or harm. Shadow escaped containment, attacking the Knights in a cliffhanger ending.
  2. Miss Appear

    Miss Appear Ep.45 "The Dirt On Dan" Katherine's Narration: “My father couldn't warm my frozen hands.” Cross Household Katherine is seen on the couch, eating pizza. "MOLLYYYY, IT'S GETTING COLDDD." Katherine called out. Molly ran into the living room. "Trying to finish up my Lit project." Molly said. "You're not gonna get very far on an empty stomach." Katherine teased. The doorbell rang. "I got it." Katherine said. Opening the door, Katherine saw Analise. "... Analise, hey." Katherine said. "Hey, can I come in?" Analise asked. "Yeah." Katherine said. "Hi, Molly!" Analise waved, walking inside. "Hey!" Molly said, as she made her way to her room with a slice of pizza in hand. "Everyone's been trying to reach you. We're having a meet tonight at the Mermalair." Analise said. "Oh shoot, I've had my phone off all day, to be honest." Katherine said. "Yeah, I get it. You wanna detach and cool off after that whole mess with the Jelliens." Analise said. "I thought we weren't gonna mention aliens." Katherine said. "Yeah, well the rest of the world certainly is. The news cycle has been one story after another about the Jelliens and the invasion, and so on." Analise said. "Yeah, I've been trying to stay away from it." Katherine said. "They also talk about how the superheroes of Earth united together to push back the invasion. Miss Appear has been at the top of the highlights list." Analise said, hoping to make her feel better. Katherine smiled. "My main goal the whole time was getting you back, ... and keeping you safe." Katherine said. Their eyes met, as Analise broke contact. "Uh, we should get to the Mermalair then, huh?" Analise said, rushing to the door. "Uh yeah, I'll just let Molly know that I'm going out." Katherine said, nodding. ---- Secret Underground Bunker We see Dirty Dan walking around an underground bunker beneath the city. "Sir, a moment?" Spin said, approaching him in the halls. "What is it, Spin?" Dan asked. "Pinhead's getting itchy. He's dying to do something more than sit on his hands." Spin said. "I'm guessing you are too?" Dan asked. "... If I'm being truthful." Spin admitted. "I'm waiting on a development, and then we can commence as planned. Where is Pinhead anyway?" Dan questioned. "He's actually waiting for you in your quarters." Spin said. Dan arrived inside his personal office, seeing Pinhead Larry looking around. "Hey.." Dan said, as Pinhead turned around. "Partner, good evening. I just had a few questions bouncing around in my head. The top of which is... when can I nab the cloaked crusader?" Pinhead asked. "In due time. My development isn't ready yet." Dan said. "We're supposed to be partners here. Now, I ain't too smart, but one thing I know is that partners means equals. I wanna know who you're working with on this new development." Pinhead said. "I actually have another assignment for you. Hopefully it gives you something other to do than question me." Dan said. "And what is that?" Pinhead asked. "I need you to find a man for me - and put bullets in him." Dan said. "This man got a name?" Pinhead asked. "Robert Marlow." Dan said. ---- Mermalair Katherine, Analise, Tim, and Adam were seen grouped at the Mermalair. "I guess Bonnie's a no show?" Tim asked. "She texted saying that she suddenly came down with something." Analise told everyone. "Well, I called this meet because it's been nearly two months and we have not come any closer to finding Dirty Dan." Tim said. "I keep trying to think about what he wants in the city. What's his goal? And why does it seem to involve me?" Katherine questioned. "That's why I thought that looking into his past would be the next best route. After all, our pasts inform our present day decisions." Tim said. "So you've thought about this for how long?" Analise asked. "He's been having me work on this angle." Adam announced, hopping on the computer. "And what have you found?" Katherine asked. "A lot of inconsistencies, to say the least." Adam said, putting up information on the big monitor. The group all stared at the monitor. "For instance, on Dan's first birth certificate, there's no father listed. I new one, two years later, lists his father as Robert Marlow." Adam revealed. "What are you implying?" Katherine asked. "Is this man actually his father? I mean, he and Dan's mother, Francine Howell, never married." Adam said. "A lot of people don't choose to get married, to be fair." Analise said. "I've done extensive research into both Robert Marlow and Francine Howell. At some point the two 'split', and Francine went on to date a long list of other men. So did Robert." Adam told them. "Wait, so he's gay?" Tim asked. "Or bisexual." Analise said. "When a lot of things don't add up, usually that's a sign of... well, something." Adam said. "Are we seriously gonna suspect something's off just because of compulsory heterosexuality?" Analise questioned. "Maybe we can sit down with Francine or Robert. Find out why their son ended up the way he did." Tim said. "Francine went off the grid years ago. Likely due to all the publicity. HOWEVER, I found an address for Robert." Adam said. "Where is this man?" Tim asked, eagerly. ---- Cross Investigations The next morning, we see Katherine in her office as she hears a knock on the door. "Come in!" Katherine called out. Bonnie enters. "Bonnie? Hey, welcome to Cross Investigations. We all missed you at the meet last night. Analise said you fell sick." Katherine said. Bonnie took a seat in front of her desk. "I hope I didn't miss anything too important." Bonnie said. "Well, Adam seems to believe that the man listed on Dirty Dan's birth certificate... isn't his real father. And this man wasn't even originally listed." Katherine said. "Wow, okay." Bonnie said. "Analise and Tim are going to talk with the guy in New Coral." Katherine revealed. "Why didn't you go?" Bonnie asked. "I am flooded with cases that need wrapping up, unfortunately." Katherines said, looking over papers. "That's actually why I'm here. Ironic enough, the topic of fathers and paternity is very relevant to me right now." Bonnie said, building up to her point. "... You're talking about Krabs." Katherine inferred, sighing. "I wanna hire you to investigate the circumstances surrounding that DNA test we had done at Bikini Bottom Labs." Bonnie said. "I'm not sure I understand here... you think the results were faked?" Katherine asked. "Krabs could of paid the lab off to give a false result." Bonnie said. "You're so sure that Krabs is truly your father?" Katherine asked. "Katherine... my mother would not leave me with a lie. Not on her deathbed." Bonnie said. Katherine nodded. "I wasn't really sick. I was up all night going over everything in my head. Everything pointing to Krabs makes sense. There's no other man who could be my father." Bonnie stressed. "Alright then." Katherine said. "This means you're taking my case?" Bonnie asked. "I'll take the case." Katherine said, giving her a warm smile. "Thank you, Katherine. How much am I looking to spend here?" Bonnie asked. "Oh, no, I'm doing this for free." Katherine said. "No you're not. This isn't about friendship. This is a business transaction. I'm asking you to put aside our companionship to take a non biased look at this case." Bonnie said. Katherined nodded, understanding her sentiments. "I'll... get you a standard contract." Katherine said, opening a desk drawer. ---- New Coral Robert Marlow is seen inside of his home watching TV, as the power suddenly flickers off. As the lights come back on, Analise and Tim (dressed in their costumes) appear in front of his TV. "Aaaah!" Robert shrieks, nearly jumping out of his skin. "Sorry for the dramatic entrance, sir... but I've always wanted to do the light flicker off and then flicker back on thing." Tim said, with a chuckle. "Ohh, Tim." Analise said, rolling her eyes. "I WAS WATCHING MORNING CARTOON! And I KNOW what you're thinking - what kind of middle aged man watches morning cartoons dressed in jellyfish PJs. WELL, I DO." Robert yelled. "So sorry, sir. We're here to ask you a few questions." Analise said. "About Daniel, right?" Robert asked. "I assume people drop by here a lot to question you on your son." Tim said. "Every police officer, government agent, or groupee that you can think of! I TELL EM ALL THE SAME THING: I have NOTHING to do with Daniel or his criminal activities." Robert said. "Again, sorry about your power just now." Tim said. "Oh that was nothing, I've been shot before." Robert said, casually. Analise and Tim give each other an odd glance. "So, if there's nothing else, you two superheroes can be on your way." Robert said, getting up to shoo them out. "Actually, we came here to discuss Daniel's birth." Analise said, with a file in hand. "What?" Robert questioned. "Please, just give us the time of day." Tim begged. Robert sat down, uneasily. "Go on..." Robert said. Analise opened the file, pulling out the two birth certificates. "We managed to acquire these. On Dan's first birth certificate, a father isn't listed. Two years later, a new one lists you as the biological father." Analise said. "I wasn't really in his life before and shortly after his birth. Me and his mother, Francine, were on bad terms." Robert said, sweating a bit. "Ya know, we've looked into your dating life. Aside from Francine you've only dated men." Tim said. "Ever heard of trying to convince yourself that you're something you're not? That's what happened to me. My sexuality was a large part of why things didn't work with Francine." Robert said. "I see." Analise said. "Telling her I was gay was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. That's when we were truly done." Robert said "I told you, Tim. No big conspiracy, just a case of compulsory heterosexuality.." Analise said. Tim rolled his eyes. "Sorry to have disturbed you." Tim said. "If you apologize one more time, I'm gonna shove my foot up your ass! I don't care if you are Barnacle Boy." Robert said, mostly joking. Suddenly, Analise's eyes turned white, as she received a vision. "She having a seizure or somethin'?" Robert asked. "A vision..." Tim said, curiously. "EVERYONE TO THE FLOOR!" Analise yelled, as her vision ended. Analise, Tim, and Robert threw themselves to the ground, as bullets were shot through the window. "ANNIE, WHAT THE HELL?" Tim asked. "Some men with guns are about to storm the house." Analise said. "GET ROBERT OUT OF HERE! I'LL COVER YOU GUYS, GO!" Tim said. Analise got up, grabbing Robert along with her as they ran to a back exit of the house. Six men entered, wearing black outfits that contained a rattlesnake on their chestplates. "THE SNAKE EYES." Tim said, as the men raised their guns to shoot. Tim quickly threw out a Mermarang, as it knocked their guns out of their hands. The men raced at Tim, as he managed to take all of them out after a tough battle. Bleeding from his mouth and fairly dizzy, Tim turns around to see Spin enter. "Ohhh no." Tim said. Spin emitted his dizzy wave, causing Tim to pass out. ---- Krusty Krab, Bikini Bottom As Katherine finishes a krabby patty, she sees April enter the resturant. "April? Hey!" Katherine said. "Hey, I didn't know you were gonna be here." April said, trying to kiss her. Katherine backed away. "Krabby patty mouth. Pretty nasty." Katherine joked. "Shut up and kiss me." April joked, as the two kissed. "It's been too long since our last date night." April said. "I know. And I wish we could of had lunch together, but I was kinda in a rush to eat so that I could get to work." Katherine said. "Oh, you have a case?" April asked. "Yes, I do. I am heading to Bikini Bottom Labs right now as a part of that case." Katherine said. "Since you're always working on cases, maybe that's how we can spend more time together." April said. "What are you getting at?" Katherine asked. "How about I come with you on your case? I've always wondered how down and dirty P.I's get." April said. Katherine giggled. "I... I don't know." Katherine said. "Oh come on, I'll behave." April said, giving her flirty eyes. "You're lucky you're so cute." Katherine said. "Great! How about I take us to the labs on my bike?" April suggested. "Another ride on that hellish motorcycle of yours?" Katherine questioned. "You had SO MUCH fun last time!" April said. "I did, sort of." Katherine said, smiling. "So, let's go." April said. "Fine, fine." Katherine asked, as April pulled her along. The scene shifts, as the ladies arrive at Bikini Bottom Labs. "Why don't you tell your friend to just quit looking into this 'daddy' thing. Only gonna leave her with hurt and scars." April said, taking off her helmet. "Not a friend, a client. At least that's how she wants me to handle this." Katherine said, also taking off her helmet. The two enter the building, as a staff member approaches them. "Sorry, no tours today." a woman said, her nametag reading Lisa. "Listen, Lisa, I'm a P.I. I'm here to investigate a matter for a client of mine." Katherine said. "Who exactly?" Lisa asked. "Bonnie Morse. She got a DNA test done here." Katherine said. "When Dr. Garner packed up and left, his staff followed him out the doors. Vivian Coyne hired all new employees, myself included." Lisa said. "So basically, you guys had no involvement with the DNA test." April said. "Right, because it was conducted before we got here." Lisa said. "Uh, well, maybe I can check your servers? I'm sure something about Bonnie's DNA test can be found there." Katherine said. "I'm afraid not. Privacy regulations and all." Lisa said. "... Is there a problem here?" a voice was heard. Vivian was seen walking toward them. "Ms. Coyne, I was just informing these women that it wasn't possible for us to allow them to search our servers." Lisa said. "Lisa, give me a moment alone with my niece." Vivian said. Lisa took off. "Vivian Coyne is your aunt." April asked. "Uh, sure whatever." Katherine said, shaking her head. "What exactly do you want from our servers?" Vivian asked. "Bonnie Morse's paternity test." Katherine said. "Me and my staff have better things to do than to search for some damned test." Vivian remarked. "Vivian!" Katherine yelled. "I have a grand opening-tour-of-the-facility to prepare for. And a massive celebration to plan! Plus, we're working intensively on scientific breakthroughs." Vivian told her. "Since when the hell do you care about scientific breakthroughs?!?" Katherine asked. "Maybe since her son was one." April said, darkly. "Excuse me!" Vivian said, looking at April angrily. "That was a low blow, I apologize. But Katherine - YOUR NIECE, needs your help. You're being a total bitch right now." April said. "Katherine, why is it that whenever I have anything going on, you and your little friends always have to find a way to poison it?" Vivian asked. "Are you referring to that mayoral election where I outed you for hiring an assassin on YOURSELF to frame your opposing candidate for attempted murder? Seems like you're the poison. And this whole new 'science' turnaround is probably a farce, like everything you do." Katherine stated. "I need you to leave." Vivian said. "I am so over fighting with you. So, I will go." Katherine said, storming off. April chased after her. As the two exited the building, April grabbed Katherine's arm. "Hey, maybe now you can tell your friend - sorry, CLIENT, that she just needs to move on." April said. "No. One way or another, I am getting on those servers." Katherine said. "This whole thing is just a waste of time." April said. "Then why did you jump on the case with me?!?" Katherine asked. "I didn't know it was going to involve a stupid paternity test! As if fathers even fucking matter!" April shouted. "... Whoa, where is this coming from?" Katherine asked. "My dad left me and my mother when I was SEVEN! Just WALKED OUT. You wanna know what she started doing to support us? She became a prostitute. How I know? She got arrested for it on my tenth birthday." April revealed. "I'm sorry, I didn't know. Is she okay now?" Katherine asked. "Fine. But, my father walking out on us sent painful ripples into our lives. I still deal with it to this day." April said. Katherine nodded, understanding her plight. "We should get going, yeah?" April asked, walking over to the motorcycle. ---- New Coral Analise and Robert were seen running down the back streets of New Coral, with much urgency. "You need to tell me why the freaking SNAKE EYES sent shots through your home window!" Analise said. "I'm too old for all this!" Robert said, slowing down. "Come on, we have to keep going!" Analise said, grabbing him along. Analise and Robert made it to an alleyway. "The Invisible Boatmobile is parked here." Analise said, pulling out the car keys to deactivate invisible mode. "I-I-I need to sit!" Robert said. "You can sit in the car! We have to get you out of the city." Analise said. At that moment, a gunshot was fired through Robert's head. "ROBERT!" Analise screamed, watching his body hit the ground. Analise turned to see Pinhead Larry entering the alley way, raising his gun. "YOU! You killed him! WHY?" Analise questioned, shedding a tear. "Boss's orders." Pinhead said, with a smile. "Why would he want his own father DEAD?" Analise asked. "Don't question me on the intricacies of father-child relationships. Seriously, don't - I'm not a pyschronologist." Pinhead said, scratching his head. "Uh, it's psychiatrist." Analise said. "Oh, right." Pinhead said. Analise quickly tossed out a dart at his gun, knocking it out of his hands. The two run toward each other, coming into hand to hand combat. Analise tries to avoid his blows, but Pinhead catches her by the neck. Pinhead throws her body into some nearby trash cans. "... Super strength. There's nothing more fun." Pinhead said, smiling. Some time passes, as we see Analise opening her eyes. Tim is kneeling over her body. "TIM!" Analise screamed, jumping out. "Relax. Looks like you caught a beating." Tim said. "Robert..." Analise said. "What happened?" Tim asked. "Pinhead Larry shot him! He's dead!" Analise revealed. Tim looked across the alley, as a blood spot appeared. "No body." Tim said. "Pinhead must of took it. Loose ends and all." Analise said. "I took down the Snake Eyes members, but Spin arrived and knocked me out." Tim said. "Why would Dirty Dan want his father dead?" Analise asked. "Maybe because Robert Marlow was not really his father." Tim said. The two heard police sirens. "We gotta go." Tim said, helping her up. ---- Mermalair At the lair, we see Katherine, Adam, Analise, and Bonnie discussing everything. "I can't believe that Robert Marlow is dead." Katherine said, shocked. "Or that Dan could order an assassination on his own father." Bonnie said. "Which strengthens our case that the two are not cut from the same cloth, if you know what I mean." Adam joked. "I don't wanna believe that Robert was lying to me." Analise said. "I think I'm gonna take a closer look into Francine. Especially finding out where the hell she might be." Adam said. "While you're at that, there's something else I need to ask of you." Katherine said. "Yeah?" Adam asked. "Cross Investigations is going to look into Vivian Coyne and Bikini Bottom Labs. I'd appreciate your help in hacking the Bikini Bottom Labs servers." Katherine said. "Whoa, okay. Any particular reason why?" Adam questioned. "She's doing this for me. Looking into the paternity test that the lab did on me and Mayor Krabs." Bonnie spoke up. "Not just your case. I'm wondering what else Vivian's hiding in her closet." Katherine said. "You think this new science interest she's got going on is a cover for something?" Analise asked. "Almost positive." Katherine said. "By the way, where's Tim?" Adam asked. "He got a call, said it was important and private." Analise told them. ---- Cross Household Molly is seen answering the front door, as Tim stood in front of her. "Tim! Thanks for coming, and for your discretion." Molly said. "Uh, yeah sure." Tim said. "I got your number out of my sister's phone one night when she was asleep." Molly said. "How... how did you know I was Barnacle Boy?" Tim whispered, stepping inside. "The same time she started working with Barnacle Boy was around the same time she suddenly made a new friend named "Tim"... wasn't hard to put together." Molly said. "I see that you're an inquisitive young girl. No wonder you have telepathy." Tim said. "I guess my sister has told you about me." Molly said. "She mentioned before that you were deadset on trying to be a hero, and she said no." Tim told her. "That's exactly why I called you here. I want you to teach me how to fight." Molly said. "Molly, your sister doesn't want you in that life." Tim said. "I just wanna learn how to fight for future reference. Not that I'm gonna do anything now." Molly claimed. Tim rolled his eyes. "Look, my sister and mother can both stop me from being a hero right now while I'm a kid, but I won't be a kid for too much longer. Eventually, I will go out there and do what my sister does. Shouldn't I have the pre-training to know what I'm doing when that day comes?" Molly asked. Tim sighed. "I don't wanna go behind your sister's back, but I understand your plight." Tim said, walking over to the couch. "You do?" Molly asked, joining him on the couch. "Mermaid Man wasn't too sure about having a child sidekick. Took me a long time to prove to him that I was more than qualified, no matter my age." Tim said. Molly nodded. "People like Mermaid Man, like Miss Appear... they have great power. They're above the rest of us, naturally. So, it's hard for them to admit that need people like me and you." Tim said. "People like me and you?" Molly questioned. "Sidekicks." Tim said, winking. "Does this mean you'll teach me how to fight." Molly asked. "You can't tell your sister, you CANNOT tell your sister." Tim said, regretfully. "YES!" Molly cheered. "So... what's your schedule look like?" Tim asked, as they both pulled out their phone calenders. ---- Underground Bunker We see Dan and Pinhead inside his Dan's office, as they stand over the body Robert Marlow resting on a stretcher. "I'll have him cremated. Nice job." Dan said, creepily stroking Robert's body. "Uh, Dan... why have your own father murdered?" Pinhead asked. Dan looked at him. "The Sightress mentioned it in the alleyway." Pinhead said. "So that's what she and Barnacle Boy were doing there. They thought my father could give them information on me. And I use the term 'father' very loosely." Dan said. "How loosely?" Pinhead asked. "He's not my father." Dan admitted. "Look, I'm more interested in whatever that plan ya got goin on that we discussed this morning." Pinhead said. "Right, that 'development' I mentioned. She's here." Dan said, tapping his earcom. "Who is here?" Pinhead questioned. At that moment, Vivian Coyne stepped through the door. "Black Vivian!" Dan said. "Hello, boys." Vivian said, smiling. "Hmm, I guess the public was right about you." Pinhead said. "The public created me. They wanted a villain, a bitch... well, why not be what they already believe me to be." Vivian said. "The development... is it done?" Dan asked. "One more final element, and Katherine Cross will be in the palm of our hands." Vivian said, with a smile. ---- April's Home Katherine is seen knocking on April's door. "Katherine, hey..." April said, opening the door. "Hey." Katherine said, giving her a warm smile. "Come in." April said. "Nice house." Katherine said, looking around. "My mom brought this place. Yes, I still live at home." April said. "Doesn't everyone." Katherine said, laughing. "After everything, my mom finally put her law degree to good use. We were lucky to get this house for a reasonable price, though." April said. "Look, I'm sorry about what your dad did. I know what you're going through." Katherine said. "Your dad did the same? You never mention him." April said. "Yeah, but it went beyond that. Me and him fell out over my sexuality. It was mainly my depression getting in the way of us repairing things, but... we're on a decent road now." Katherine said. "Really?" April asked. "Okay, not decent, but getting there I think." Katherine said. "I'm sorry for trying to put my feelings above your client's. I hope you get the truth for her." April said. "I think I'll be able to." Katherine said, nodding. "That's good." April said. "Your mom home?" Katherine questioned. "No, working late hours, but I'm sure she'll love to meet you one of these days." April said, smiling. "I'd love to meet her to." Katherine said, kissing April's cheek. "Alright, I need some food. There's a shack across the street that serves greasy goodness. LET'S GO!" April said, humorously. Katherine laughed, as they both left the house. TO.BE.CONTINUED NOTES: Dirty Dan reveals that the man listed on his revised birth certificate is not his actual father. Katherine decides to look into Vivian and Bikini Bottom Labs. Robert Marlow is murdered by Pinhead. It is implied that he lied to Analise and Tim. Molly asks Tim to teach her to fight (behind Katherine's back), which he agrees to. It is revealed that Vivian is secretly working with Dirty Dan and his crew, taking on the moniker 'Black Vivian'. She and Dan have some kind of secret project in the works, seemingly to capture Katherine.
  3. Mystic Guardians

    Whoa man, this was an amazing midseason finale. The reveal of Beast's plan to murder the heroes was one of the best reveals in the entire show! Madison's sperm donor is a huge dick. Whatever, she already has an actual father anyway. I really, really like the concept behind these new forms - and I like how you factored Elana into it heavily. Speaking of Elana, she's still so badass. Drastic development from S1, I have to say. Great that Beast has been defeated. I guess after all the madness, Ramos just wanted to go on and live a secluded life, which is... understandable I guess??? Nice end reveal with Skipper being the orange knight.
  4. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday, MMM! And oh god, a big belated Happy Birthday to @Clappy @CDCB and @Steel Sponge <3 .
  5. Knights of the Multiverse

    Knights of the Multiverse Ep.5 "The Gathering Point" Skyripper, Stasis Zone On the Skyripper, we see everyone meeting up on the bridge, gathering around the central console. "Alright, I know last week was kinda hectic." Sandy started. "You call an alien invasion hectic?" Melondy questioned. "What would you call it?" Sandy asked, rolling her eyes. "A sci-fi movie." Melondy said. Debbie and Tomoya laughed. "You were about to get to the point..." Marshall said. "Right. For the past few days, I've worked with Lillian to investigate all of the Fireflyer's breaches over the past two or so months." Sandy explained. "Flare's ship. Okay, what did you find? Has it been active recently?" Melondy asked. "Seid and his cronies have been quiet since we sent them running from Universe-1 last week, but the reason I called this meeting together is because I found out the first place the Fireflyer breached to." Sandy revealed. "Really? Where?" Tomoya asked. "A dimension called the Gathering Point." Sandy said. "It's actually not a dimension." Debbie said. "What?" Sandy asked. "I'll let Lillian explain." Debbie said. "The Gathering Point is a destination in outer space that exists within a fracture of spacetime, allowing space traveling beings of any universe to congregate there." Lillian revealed. "So basically, it's an interdimensional crossroads? How fascinating." Tomoya said. "So this place existed before you blew a hole in the multiverse..." Melondy said to Debbie. "Yes." Debbie said. "If Seid or Flare were at the Gathering Point, we need to find out why." Sandy said. "It could help us piece together what Seid is truly after, and why he needs Universal Guardians dead to get it." Marshall said. "Everyone strap in. Lillian, set a course for the Gathering Point!" Sandy ordered. --- Unknown Location At Seid's base, we see Flare, Shadow, and Syphon sitting around. "He called this meet twenty minutes ago!" Shadow said, impatient. Seid speeds into the room. "Great, you're all here. I have a new mission for you." Seid said. "What is it?" Flare asked. "A contact of mine gave me an interesting lead on a Universal Guardian." Seid revealed. "Finally some progress, considering we've lost our opportunities to kill Debbie and Denise." Flare said. "Who is the other one?" Shadow asked. "A man named Dante Cruz." Seid said, pulling out a photo. "How do you know he's a Universal Guardian?" Flare asked. "My source has never let me down." Seid said. "Where do we need to go?" Flare asked. "Space." Seid said, simply. --- The Skyripper arrives at the Gathering Point, as Sandy lands it in a parking lot designed for thousands of spacecrafts. "Whoa, I'm impressed already." Tomoya said, staring out the window. The Knights exit the ship, as they see buildings, market places, and more. Crowds of hundreds of strange looking beings made it difficult to walk. "Luckily, I can just walk right through everyone." Marshall said, using his powers to phase through the crowd. "Do we even know where we're going?" Melondy asked. Sandy pulls out a map device. "Should be up ahead." Sandy said. The gang arrives in front of Carmen's Collections, an intergalactic vault and holding area. "I told you, you can't get in without being on Carmen's VIP list!" a guard said, pushing back a young man. "Do Universal Guardian's count?" Debbie called out. "Universal Guardian, you say..." the guard said, examining her. "Do you need some kind of proof?" Debbie asked. "Oh no, I sense that you're very special." the guard said. "I need to talk to this Carmen person." Debbie said. "Carmen happens to love interesting guests like you. So, why don't you come on in." the guard said. "Alright guys, let's go." Debbie said. "Oh, only one friend. I don't wanna push it." the guard said. "I'll go. The rest of you head back to the ship." Sandy said. "Uh... or we can go explore while you guys are in there." Melondy said. "This won't take long." Sandy said. Debbie and Sandy entered the vault, as they were led to a massive room containing hundreds of interesting and rare items, creatures, and more. "What the... hell..." Sandy said. "WELCOME, LADIES.." a voice was heard. A woman comes out of a dark corner, approaching them. The woman has incredibly long hair and wears a long, sparkling red dress. "I'm guessing you're Carmen?" Debbie asked. "And you..." Carmen said, looking her up and down. "The Universal Guardian." Debbie said. "Of which universe?" Carmen asked. "One." Debbie said. "Interesting, interesting." Carmen said. "What's really interesting is this place you got here..." Sandy said. Carmen walked over to a cage containing a creature. "This here is a baby Alaskan Bullworm. Wouldn't you just love to be friends with it?" Carmen asked, as the creature started making terrifying snapping sounds. "Not particularly." Sandy said, as her and Debbie were freaked out. "Or maybe you'd like to see this..." Carmen said, walking over to a cage containing a large rock. "It's a rock snail from a faraway planet." Carmen said. "It's a rock... it's not even living." Debbie said. "It's very much living, miss Universal Guardian." Carmen said. "So you collect random creatures and things from around the galaxy?" Sandy questioned. "Carmen's Collections - this spot is a landmark of the Gathering Point. I even have a invisible ray if you'd like to see." Carmen said. "Carmen, we're actually here to talk to you about something." Debbie said. "I got the feeling. Very well, follow me." Carmen said. Carmen walked ahead, as Sandy and Debbie followed. They came to the center of the vault, as Carmen stood behind a desk. "What is it that you need?" Carmen asked. "If someone wanted something really bad, they'd come here to Carmen's Collections, correct?" Sandy asked. "Correct." Carmen said, with a smile. "What about a man named Seid?" Sandy asked. Carmen's expression changed a bit. "We know he was here at the Gathering Point. We just need to know if he stopped by your place - and what you gave him." Sandy said. Carmen giggled. "He was a very high paying customer. He wanted something I've held onto for more than a millenia." Carmen said. "And what would that be?" Debbie asked. "There's a story that was passed down through the generations. The story goes as said: eons ago, the first Universal Guardian was gifted with the Staff of Multiversity. This staff was capable of controlling any universe that the bearer wanted. The Universal Guardian used it to create order between different universes after a dimensional tear threatened all of spacetime." Carmen revealed. "This Staff of Multiversity... it's a real thing?" Sandy asked. Carmen nodded. "So, what happened to it?" Debbie questioned. "To keep it safe, the Universal Guardian kept it stored. For centuries it has been the duty of Space Regime agents to keep it hidden away in secure locations." Carmen said. "Then how did it get here? I wouldn't consider this location secure." Sandy said. "It was stolen from one of their facilities... made it's way here. I decided to keep it among my collection. That is until Seid came along offering me a hefty, hefty pay sum to take it off my hands." Carmen said. "If all of this is true, that means you gave an evil speedster the means to control an entire universe!" Debbie said, angrily. "... But he hasn't yet." Sandy said, realizing. "He can't use the staff." Sandy noted. "You're right! This must explain why he's hunting down Universal Guardians." Debbie said. "We should place you under arrest." Sandy said, looking at Carmen. "Oh please, don't get ahead of yourselves." Carmen scoffed, pulling out a box. Carmen opened the box, as dopamite was seen. Debbie immediately became weak, falling to the floor. "DEBBIE!" Sandy said. A guard ran toward them, shooting at Sandy with an energy gun. "Take the Universal Guardian where she needs to be transported to." Carmen told him. "And the squirrel?" the guard asked. "She stays here. She'll be perfect for my collection." Carmen said, smiling. The scene shifts, as we see Melondy, Marshall, and Tomoya enter a pub. Several people are seen drinking and hanging out. "Drinks on me?" Melondy asked. "Ehh, this place seems filthy!" Marshall said. "I've always wondered what intergalactic beer tastes like." Tomoya said. "Seriously? Have you really?" Marshall asked. A gang of people walk over to them, as they're all dressed in black leather jackets. "Three beers, please." Melondy asked the bartender, as he passed them three bottles. "It's warm!" Tomoya said. "As if that's a problem you can't solve." Melondy said, raising an eyebrow. Tomoya used his ice powers to give his bottle a freeze. "Much better." Tomoya said drinking. "Interesting ability you got there, boy." a man said. The three turned around to him and his gang. "The name's Sawyer. You lot aren't from around here, are you?" Sawyer asked. "No one is from around here." Marshall pointed out. "Good point. But, once you've been frequenting the Gathering Point for so long... you recognize who's a new visitor or who's not." Sawyer said. "Well, we do happen to be new here. Who are you all?" Tomoya asked. "The Scoundrels." Sawyer said. "Why such a name? Implies a rogue air." Melondy said, curious. "We're bounty hunters." a woman said. "Pam, Pam, don't go scaring them away now!" Sawyer said. "We don't scare easily. At least I don't." Melondy said, sipping her drink. Suddenly, from outside of the pub, we see Shadow staring in. Shadow taps his coms in shock. "Flare, Syphon, come in. I went to get a drink, but ran into something much more salivating." Shadow said, smiling. Meanwhile, Sandy awakens inside a large cage. "HEY!" Sandy yelled, as her arms were in binds. Carmen walks over to her. "Ah, you're awake. Do you like your new habitat?" Carmen asked. "Get me OUT OF HERE!" Sandy yelled, lifting herself up. "But, this is your home now! You're gonna be my new exhibit! The Fantastical Squirrel-Girl!" Carmen announced. "Where the hell is Debbie?" Sandy asked. "Being trasnported." Carmen revealed. "You didn't just sell to Seid... you're working with him!" Sandy said. "He warned me that one day a Universal Guardian might show up looking for information. He also told me what to do if such did come to pass." Carmen revealed. "Wherever you have my friend, I'll find her. I'll also break out of her." Sandy said. "Good luck, Squirrel-Girl. I wonder how much I can sell you for." Carmen wondered. "It's that all you're about? A quick buck? You'll sell out anyone or threaten the entire universe to make money?" Sandy questioned. "Business doesn't have ethics." Carmen said, smiling and walking away. The scene shifts, as we see Debbie hanging from the ceiling, with her hands in chains. Debbie opens her eyes, seeing a man next to her in the same situation. "W-h.. where am I?" Debbie questioned. "Underground bunker, I think." the man said, trying to wiggle out of the chains. "I'm Debbie." Debbie said. "The Universal Guardian of Universe-1 from what I hear." the man said. "Umm, and who are you?" Debbie asked. "My name is Dante Ramon. I'm the Universal Guardian of Universe-25." Dante revealed. "Oh my god! My kidnapping... is Seid behind this?" Debbie asked. "I don't know who Seid is, but our captors are two women named Flare and Syphon. They set a piece of dopamite on that podium over there." Dante said, using his head to point it out. "Dopamite. That's why neither of us can use our powers to break these chains. That's also how Carmen made me succumb..." Debbie realized. "Carmen? She got you too?" Dante asked. "Yeah. I'm assuming you were there? At Carmen's Collections?" Debbie asked. "I went to question Carmen about something. Turns out she was a lot more interested in my status as a Universal Guardian than I was led to believe." Dante said. "Because she's working with a man who wants to capture us." Debbie said. "Ah, that makes sense." Dante said. "Were you asking Carmen about the Staff of Multiversity?" Debbie questioned. "Don't know what that is. I was following a lead on this billionaire who has been selling dimension travelling technology and crafts across the multiverse." Dante revealed. "What?" Debbie questioned. "You didn't know?" Dante asked. "I knew about the hoppers, but not that they all got their technology from a common source. I've been wondering about this. So... thank you." Debbie said. "You're welcome." Dante said. "Just one question... why would Carmen know about this billionaire? And who is he or she?" Debbie asked. "That was two questions. But, basically... I found out that Carmen's Collections is where this guy got some of the equipment to produce his tech. Before I could even get a name, Carmen pulled out the dopamite. I was down, and woke up here." Dante said. Suddenly, a metal door in the room opened, as Flare and Syphon entered. "Trading war stories, are we?" Flare questioned, giggling. "Flare, let us out of these chains." Debbie said. "So I can have two Universal Gaurdians kick my ass? No thanks." Flare said. "So now that you've gotten us, what's the plan?" Debbie asked. "Your deaths." Flare said. Syphon cracked a smirk. Debbie and Dante gulped. Meanwhile, we see Melondy, Marshall, and Tomoya arrive back on the Skyripper "Sandy? Debbie? Come in." Melondy said, over coms. "I think they've been offline for quite some time." Tomoya said. "You think something happened to them?" Melondy asked. "Or maybe they just didn't want their coms on while they're meeting with Carmen." Marshall said. "You could be right." Melondy said. At that moment, the lights on the ship went off. "WHAT THE HELL?" Marshall said. "LILLIAN, ARE YOU THERE?" Melondy asked. "Lillian's not responding..." Tomoya said. "The ship's systems must be down. Didn't it sustain some heavy damage when it crashed in Karmania?" Melondy asked. "Yeah, but I thought that was all fixed now..." Marshall said, feeling odd. "Why don't the three of us check the engine room?" Melondy suggested. "Yeah, good idea. Ya know, if any of us are engineers." Tomoya said. "I took some engineering courses in college." Marshall said, as the three started off. A few minutes pass, as the three are looking around the engine room. "Everything is... fine." Marshall said, closing a panel. "Are you sure?" Melondy asked. "Trust me, I'm sure. This isn't a systems failure." Marshall said. "... Someone's on this ship." Melondy said, speeding off. "MELONDY!" Marshall shouted. "We have to go after her!" Tomoya said. Melondy speeds back onto the bridge. "WHOEVER IS THERE, COME OUT!" Melondy yelled. From out of a corner, Shadow appears and shoots a dark energy blast at Melondy. Melondy is launched into the central console, passing out from the hit. "Now... off to kill your other friends." Shadow said, intensely. Shadow walks the halls of the Skyripper, looking for Marshall and Tomoya. Shadow enters the dining room. "This ship has a kitchen? Awesome..." Shadow whispered, staring over at the food fabrication machine. From behind, Shadow was hit by an icy gust, as he goes flying across the room. Tomoya runs in, shooting icicles at him. Shadow created a dark energy shield to deflect them. "We KNEW something was off!" Tomoya said. Shadow shot out a dark energy wave, but it seemingly passes through Tomoya, leaving him unharmed. "Huh..?" Shadow questioned. We see two hands holding Tomoya's feet, as Marshall's body phases up into the dining room. "Dude, that was cool!" Tomoya said. Marshall turns around to Shadow. "Ah, the intangible one." Shadow said. "I've been waiting to get a moment alone with you." Marshall said. "And why the hell is that?" Shadow questioned. "Surrender yourself and I'll let you know." Marshall said. "As if I'd ever surrender myself to the likes of you." Shadow said, scoffing. "That's a shame, we could of did this the easy way." Marshall said, quickly phasing him and Marshall through the floor. Melondy comes speeding into the dining room, and quickly punches Shadow out. Shadow goes flying into a wall. "Speed punch. The worst kind of knock out." Melondy said, walking over to his unconscious body. ---- In Carmen's Collections, we see Carmen walking to Sandy's cage. As she comes upon the area, Carmen sees two of her guards slaughtered on the ground, as their necks had been sliced open. "OH MY GOD!" Carmen said. Carmen looks at Sandy's cage, as the cage was wide open, and Sandy was gone. Carmen was horrified. The scene shifts, as Sandy is seen walking the backstreets on the Gathering Point. She passes by a shady building, it's title reading "Live Snail Fights". "The hell is that.." Sandy questioned, rubbing her bleeding wrists. Sandy passes by Sawyer, Pam, and the rest of the Scoundrels. "Hey, if it isn't a real life squirrel!" Sawyer said, laughing. "Excuse me?" Sandy asked, turning around. "Don't mind him. Part of Sawyer's enjoyment of coming here to the Gathering Point is about seeing different organisms from across the galaxy." Pam said. "Especially if there's a bounty on them." Sawyer said, smirking. "Who are you people?" Sandy asked. "The Scoundrels." Sawyer said. "Well, I'd invest in new clothing. Black leather is so last decade." Sandy said. "Actually it's making quite the comeback." Sawyer said. "I don't have time for this." Sandy said, rolling her eyes. "What happened to you? Are your wrists bleading?" Pam asked. "I just escaped capture, if you must know. Binds can be... tricky to get out of, if you know what I mean." Sandy said. "You look like you could use some relaxation. How about you join us in watching some snails go at with each other." Pam said. "That's what that place is? A snail fight club? No thanks. Talk about exploitation and abuse." Sandy said. "Well, we're waiting to get in anyway. At 8PM the price goes down for the nighttime battles." Pam said. "Actually, I could use you guys' help. You all seem like you know quite a bit about the Gathering Point." Sandy said. "Yeah, and...?" Sawyer asked. "If someone was to be kidnapped here, where would they be taken?" Sandy asked. "The Gathering Point is home to lots of shady operations." Sawyer said, laughing. "Most of all, the underground prisoner bunker. Ya know, for people who cheat at the gambling places, don't pay their tabs at the bars, or don't cough up the money when they lose their bets at the Live Snail Fights." Pam revealed. "Wow, so everyone's just immoral and out for revenge here? Noted." Sandy said. "You looking to retrieve someone?" Sawyer asked. "A friend." Sandy said. "I can help you get in. But, getting your friend out is another story. You'll be on your own." Sawyer said. Sandy nodded. The scene shifts, as we see Sandy and Sawyer arrive at small building on the edge of the Gathering Point. Heading inside, they see a man behind a counter. "If it isn't Sawyer Lord, the leader of the Scoundrels!" the man said, smiling. "Greg, it's been too long!" Sawyer said, holding a large energy gun. Sawyer and Greg shook hands. "What can I do you for? Here to bring in another prisoner? I must warn you, the rates have now gone up depending on how long you want one kept here." Greg said. "This is so sleezy.." Sandy whispered. "Who is your lady friend?" Greg questioned. "My name's Sandy." Sandy said. "She's here for a friend." Sawyer said. "A friend? Sawyer, what are you asking me here?" Greg asked. "I promised the little lady her friend back. Just work with me here. After all, I've given you a lot of business, Greg." Sawyer said. "Look Greg, now's not even a good time. I already have two women down under who are dealing with their prisoners." Greg said. "Flare and Syphon..." Sandy realized. "Excuse me?" Greg asked. "You gave Flare and Syphon a room to imprison my friend! Now you're going to help me get her back." Sandy said, angrily. "I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask the two of you to leave - or I can call in someone who will carry you out." Greg said, dialing on a phone. Sandy tossed out a dagger at his neck, as Greg dropped dead. Sawyer raised an eyebrow. "Now, tell me how to get to my friend." Sandy said to Sawyer. "That elevator over there leads to the underground. There are several rooms there were prisoners are kept. That's where you'll find your friend." Sawyer said. "Thank you." Sandy said. "I'll be expecting some kind of reward for this. I don't usually go out of my way to help others." Sawyer said. "I have nothing to offer you. But... I will need that energy gun of yours." Sandy said. Meanwhile, we see Debbie and Dante are still seen hanging in their chains. "What do you mean our deaths?" Debbie asked. "Simple, Seid wants all found Universal Guardians to be slaughtered." Flare said. "He needs our power..." Debbie said. "How is he gonna get it if we're dead?" Dante questioned. "That's where I come in." Syphon spoke up. "Immediately after you're both dead, Syphon will absorb the Guardian energy from your bodies." Flare said. "... So you do have an ability." Debbie said. "And I will use that ability to power the Staff of Multiversity." Syphon said. "That's why your name's a play on the word 'siphon'." Debbie realized. "The only way for Seid to activate the Staff's full power is by having the energy of three Universal Guardians imbued into it. Your deaths are gonna serve a greater purpose, so be happy." Flare said. "What does he want? Control over an entire universe? Is he that drunk on power?" Debbie questioned. "No more talking. It's time the two you meet your ends. Who wants to go first?" Flare asked. "Flare, don't do this." Debbie said. Dante and Debbie looked at each other. "I'll save you for last, Debbie. That'll be a sweet kill!" Flare said. Flare shot a fire blast at Dante. "AHHHHH!" Dante screamed, as the flames burned through his clothes and made scathing contact with his skin. "Come on, you don't have to do this!" Debbie said, struggling to break her chains. "Unfortunately, I do. But I've decided I'll give you a quick death instead." Flare said, pulling out a sword. Flare's sword was coated in flames. Dante raised an eyebrow. "Flare.... please..." Debbie said. Flare stabbed the sword right through Dante's chest. "NOOOO!" Debbie yelled, quickly clenching her eyes shut. Fire was seen consuming Dante's body, as he'd passed away. Flare pulled her sword out. "You sick, twisted, BITCH!" Debbie yelled. Flare took a breath. "You think that was easy for me?" Flare asked, with a pained look. Syphon touched Dante's body, absorbing his Guardian energy. Syphon's own body momentarily shined a bright red color. "I have it!" Syphon said, coming off a power 'high'. "You're next." Flare said to Debbie. "Flare, FLARE, NO!" Debbie yelled. At that moment, an energy blast shot open the room door. "SANDY!" Debbie said. Flare and Syphon turned around as Sandy shot at them with the energy gun. "SANDY, THE DOPAMITE." Debbie shouted. Sandy turned to the podium, seeing the dopamite there. Sandy shot at the rock with the energy gun, destroying it into pieces. Debbie, now having access to her powers, broke free from the chains and dropped to the ground. Flare and Syphon got up, as Flare shot a fire blast at Debbie. Debbie jumped out of the way. Syphon charged at Sandy, managing to kick the gun out of her hands. Sandy threw a punch at her, which she dodged. Syphon then punched Sandy against the wall with great strength. "OUCH! Since when do you have super strength?" Sandy questioned. "As long as I have this Guardian energy running through my veins!" Syphon said. Sandy saw the charred, dead body of Dante hanging from the cieling. "What the hell happened here?" Sandy questioned. Flare shot another fire blast at Debbie, but she shot a laser beam at it, causing an explosion that sent them both flying back. Syphon grabbed Sandy up by the neck. "Lights out, Sandy." Syphon said. However, Debbie grabbed Syphon by the shoulder, and tossed her across the room. Sandy dropped to the ground, as Debbie helped her up. "We need to get out of here, I'm not at full strength." Debbie said. Debbie and Sandy quickly made their way out of the room. "STOP!" Syphon said, getting up. "Not to worry, we still have the energy of one Universal Guardian." Flare said, getting up as well. "We finally had Debbie in our hands." Syphon said. "She was too much for us without the dopamite. We'll get her next time." Flare said. "Now... where the hell is Shadow?" Syphon questioned. "He said he followed after the rest of their team." Flare said. "He's not on coms." Syphon said. "Those bastard must have him." Flare realized. The scene shifts, as we see Debbie and Sandy boarding the Skyripper. "Guys!" Tomoya said, excitedly. "Well, we're girls." Sandy joked, as she and Debbie came onto the bridge. Melondy, Marshall, and Tomoya were all around the central console. "What happened to your coms? We've been trying to reach you forever!" Melondy said, concerned. "It's a long story." Sandy said. Sandy and Debbie explained everything, as the team was in shock. "So Carmen's evil and working with Seid, Seid want Universal Guardians dead to power this Staff of Multiversity, and Flare murdered one guardian already." Melondy summarized. "Yeah, that's the gist." Sandy said. "I'm sorry about Dante." Marshall said to Debbie. "I hardly knew him, but he was a Universal Guardian like me. And like Denise." Debbie said. "Luckily Denise is safe." Tomoya said. "But Seid only needs to kill two more Universal Guardians to power the Staff." Debbie said. "We'll find any other guardians and protect them. I promise." Sandy said, rubbing Debbie's arm. "Meanwhile, we had a crazy adventure as well. Guess who showed up on this ship?" Melondy asked. "Who?" Sandy questioned. "Shadow." Marshall said. "What?" Debbie asked, shocked. "We captured him." Melondy revealed. Sandy and Debbie looked at each other. Melondy leads the ladies to the prison room, where we see Shadow behind glass containment, as he's sitting on a bed. "Are you here to let me out?" Shadow asked. "No." Melondy said, smiling. "When I do get out - and I will, I'm going to kill each and every one of you very slowly." Shadow said, evilly. "Well, for now you're our prisoner." Sandy said. "Is that your call? Should we not wipe his memory and return him to 2016?" Melondy asked. "No, he'll be useful for information. Then we return him." Sandy said, giving him a cold glare. Meanwhile, we see Flare and Syhon approaching the Scoundrels in front of the Live Snail Fights building. "Sawyer Lord, can we have a moment?" Flare asked. "What can I do for you? We're about to go in." Sawyer remarked. "We saw video footage of you and Sandy Cheeks." Flare said. "The squirrel girl? And?" Sawyer asked. "She just blew our plans." Flare said. "So what... you've come to get revenge on me?" Sawyer asked. "I've come to ask for your help, actually. I know you and your gang are much feared bounty hunters." Flare said. "We're listening." Pam said, inserting herself into the conversation. "We're putting a bounty on Sandy Cheeks and her entire team. One million dollars for their capture." Flare said. "You're willing to pay all that for some girl?" Sawyer asked. "They have a friend of ours... and we want him back." Flare said. "I guess everyone has a friend they want back these days." Pam joked. "Are you guys in or not?" Syphon spoke. "What she said." Flare followed up. Sawyer smiled and extended his hand. "Thank you for your cooperation." Flare said, shaking his hand. Notes: Universe(s) Introduced: Gathering Point We learn that Seid needs to kill three Universal Guardians to power the Staff of Multiversity - an ancient scepter that can control any universe. Flare and Syphon murder Dante Cruz, a Universal Guardian of Universe-25. We learn that Syphon can absorb, store, utilize, and transfer Universal Guardian energy. It is unclear if she can do this with other forms of energy as well. The team capture Shadow. Flare and Syphon put a bounty on the team.
  6. Mystic Guardians

    Excellent, excellent episode. And I have to say that Elana was the true MVP. It's impressive how far she's come from the beginning. I also liked the continue exploration of the Beast/Ramos identity thing, resulting in the split at the very end. But now with Beast combined with Grador, who knows how this will play out.
  7. How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

    ????????????????? ..yeah, that's how.
  8. Mystic Guardians

    Fantastic episode! After so long of not knowing Zero's true origins, this episode definitely delivered on that front. Some more musings below: One was a pretty cool character, and I hope that someday Zero recovers his memories. With that tidbit still dangling, and with Professor Dalton's escape, it looks like there's still more side story for Zero to come in the future. I really liked seeing Mai and Darlene again. Tori was the true MVP on the ocean. I liked that this episode highlighted her capabilities. Audrey too with the invisibility idea. The episode's title is pretty awesome btw .
  9. Knights of the Multiverse

    This episode concludes a crossover that began with Miss Appear (Part 1), The Quickster (Part 2), and Mystic Guardians (Part 3). Knights of the Multiverse Ep.4 (Part 4) Kelp Labs, New Kelp City, Universe-1 As the episode opens up, we see the Skyripper parked out in front of Kelp Labs. Inside the Skyripper, we see Sandy, Katherine, Peter, and Madison grouped together in Sandy's office. "Welcome to the captain's quarters." Sandy said. "Alright, we all know why we're here. We need to come up with a plan of action now that this Jellien invasion is happening." Katherine said. "Right, and all four of us need to agree on something if we want to successfully lead our allies onto the battlefield." Sandy said. "Well, maybe talking about a 'battlefield' is pushing it. We wanna stop this invasion, remember?" Peter voiced. "That's not up to us. At this point, the Jelliens will be enacting whatever they have planned." Madison said. "Madison's right. We have to prepare to confront this head on." Katherine said, sighing. "Well, Tyrone and Adam are working around the clock to track any dimensional breaches." Peter said. "I've asked Lillian to scan for breaches to this world as well." Sandy said. "If only we knew what the Jelliens' weaknesses were." Madison said. "Weaknesses? Hmm, good thought." Sandy said. Peter got a text on his phone. "It's from Melondy. The others want to see us inside Kelp Labs." Peter said. "Alright." Sandy said, as she and Peter started out. Katherine grabbed Madison's arm. "Yes?" Madison asked. "I... uh... have been wanting to talk to you." Katherine said. "Is there a problem?" Madison asked. "I wanted to ask that you and your allies stay out of this." Katherine said. "Excuse me?" Madison questioned. "Look, we're already dealing with aliens from another universe. Now you guys show up from a different universe and you're also magic fairy mermaids or whatever. It's a bit much." Katherine said. "Are you kidding me? There's a whole building of superheroes inside Kelp Labs, but me and my friends are a bit much?" Madison asked. "Yes, because you guys are unknown quantities, and I don't like dealing with the unknown." Katherine said. "Me, Cynthia, Audrey, and Tori are you guys' biggest weapon against the Jelliens." Madison argued. "Madison, the four of you together and separately have more power than any one of the superheroes inside Kelp Labs. That's dangerous, and Debbie shouldn't of brought you here when we're already dealing with something dangerous." Katherine said. "The difference is that me and my girls aren't the enemy! We'll see how Debbie feels about this." Madison said, taking off. Katherine sighed. Inside Kelp Labs, the heroes are all discussing the impending invasion among themselves. "Guys, what's up?" Sandy asked, walking in with Peter. Madison and Katherine arrive shortly after. "We've all been talking, and we think we came up with a way to get ahead of the Jelliens." Jake said. "Oh? What is it?" Peter asked. "They breached to our planet, right? So why not do the same to them?" Debbie questioned. "Hmm, I like it. We could travel to their universe and try to figure out exactly who we're dealing with." Sandy said. "Yeah, Madison suggested just before that we need to try to determine a weakness for these guys if we're going to defeat them." Peter said. "Bonnie, did F.I.N leave any information at all before they took off?" Katherine asked. "F.I.N has no information on the Jelliens. I'm sorry. However, they are preparing for this impending invasion as much as we all are." Bonnie said. "Alright, I'll take Barnacle Boy and Jake with me to check out the Jelliens' home world. The rest of you will stay here and practice your powers. This is gonna be one massive showdown that you'll need to be at your fullest strength to participate in." Sandy said. "I'm going too." Analise said, stepping forward. "Are you sure, Sightress?" Sandy asked. "The only thing I've done since this all started was get kidnapped... so, yeah." Analise said. "I'll go too." Marshall said, taking off with the others. Audrey stopped Jake before he left. "Hey, be safe." Audrey said. "Always." Jake said, smiling at her. Sandy, Tim, Jake, Analise, and Marshall arrive on the Skyripper, as they huddle around the central console. "Lillian, tell me about the Jelliens' home planet." Sandy asked. "The Jelliens - a species existing on Universe-90, come from the planet Jelliton." Lillian announced. "Lillian, set a course for Jelliton on Universe-90." Sandy said, as she and the others got into their seats. Meanwhile, on the Jelliens' mothership, we see Queen Liza approaching Seid on the bridge. "Seid, I hope you slept well. Today is a very important day." Liza said. "I've heard from some of your people about what your plans are." Seid said. "Your associates - Flare, Syphon, and Shadow failed to kill Debbie in Karmania. However, Debbie did meet some interesting folk there that she brought onto this ship to help her save her captured allies." Liza said. "And by interesting people, you mean Madison Landers." Seid said. "I was able to harness power from her Heart of Karmania. Just this morning, my engineers told me that we now have enough power to take our ENTIRE army to Universe-1. Don't you see? Debbie meeting Madison was a blessing in disguise. The failure of your idiots has allowed my species the ultimate victory." Liza said. "I'm glad." Seid said, forcing a smile. "All thanks to you. Ya know, why is it again that you would betray your own world to help us?" Liza questioned. "I told you. I need Debbie out of the way." Seid said. "You never specified why." Liza said. "Just be glad I got into bed with you at all." Seid said. Suddenly, an alert went off on the computer system. "What's going on?" Liza asked to all the Jelliens working the computers. "My queen, it seems that a spaceship recently breached to this universe." a man said. "The heroes are back." Liza realized. "... Oh no." Seid said. "What?" Liza questioned, turning to him. "They're going to your home world. Trust me, I know they are." Seid said. "They won't find much of worth there." Jarvix said, walking in. "Jarvix.." Liza said, surprised to see him in the command room. "I know I haven't been on the bridge recently." Jarvix said. "I assumed you were still upset with me." Liza said. "Why would the heroes of Earth be interested in our home world? It's in ruins." Jarvix said. "They don't know that." Liza said. "But they could find out something we don't need them too. I'm gonna order my people to hunt them down." Seid said. "Flare, Shadow, and Syphon already failed once." Liza said. "Allow them one more chance." Seid said. "Fine." Liza agreed. Seid walked off. "Are you okay?" Liza asked Jarvix "I'm good." Jarvix said, unsure. "Great. Prepare your strike team. We have an invasion to begin." Liza said, flashing a smile. Meanwhile, we see the Skyripper arriving in Universe-90. "Looks weird." Jake said, looking out of the ship's windows. "Isn't Space supposed to look weird?" Marshall questioned. "I see what he means. Something's off." Tim said. "Tim, I know that you're the Barnacle Boy. Jake, I know that you're an actual knight. But, the rest of us are just average joes who wanna know what you're seeing that we're not." Marshall said. "Very few stars for starters." Jake said. "Hardly any space debris or rock." Tim noticed. "Things just seem... dim." Jake said. "You guys think something happened to this universe?" Analise asked. "Maybe they're right." Sandy said, still piloting. "Uh, Lillian... any back up here?" Jake asked the A.I. "Universe-90 is unfortunately a dead universe. The only intelligent species in existence are the Jelliens, with their home world being the only planet left as well." Lillian revealed. "Oh my god!" Analise said. "Lillian, you have to start sharing a little more." Sandy said. "Sorry, Captain." Lillian said. "I knew it." Jake said. "What could of happened to this universe?" Tim questioned. "I don't know, but Jelliton is the only place we'll find answers. We should be there soon." Sandy said. Suddenly, a fire blasts hits the side of the Skyripper. "WHAT WAS THAT?" Jake asked, as the ship is rocked. The alarms begin to go off. Sandy checks the radar system. "Another ship is after us! I think it's the Fireflyer!" Sandy said. "Flare's spaceship. The Jelliens and Seid know we're here!" Marshall said. On the Fireflyer, we see Flare, Shadow, and Syphon. "So cool that our ship can send fire blasts." Shadow said. "My ship." Flare said. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just shoot more. Strike these heroes down and leave them to die in the depths of Space." Shadow said. "That's the plan!" Flare said, shooting more fire blasts from the ship's cannon Sandy tries to steer the ship away from multiple blasts. "ANY IDEAS?" Analise asked, clenching her seat. "INVISIBLE MODE, NOW!" Marshall called out. Sandy turned on the ship's cloaking system. "NO! They're gone!" Flare said. "Well good, they've left this universe." Shadow said. "No, idiot! They didn't breach away. They went invisible." Flare said. "No matter. We'll catch them on Jelliton." Syphon spoke. "Right." Flare said, piloting the ship on a different course. "Did you call me an idiot before? I'll kill you for that." Shadow said. "You'd have to beat me first." Flare said. "Guys. Quiet. Like me." Syphon said, with a calm smile. On the Skyripper, the heroes cheered. "That was a close one." Sandy said, catching her breath. "Tell me about it." Marshall said. "We're not out of the woods yet. I suspect they'll chase us to Jelliton." Jake said. "A couple vigilantes, a real life knight, and a psychic... they don't stand a chance." Sandy said. The scene shifts, as we see Peter and Melondy practicing their speed inside the Speed Lab. Madison, Cynthia, Tori, and Audrey watch the two speedsters circle around and around. "How did we do?" Peter asked, as him and Melondy stopped. Tori checked the monitors. "I see some previous speed logs here. You guys have bested those records." Tori said. "YES!" Peter and Melondy cheered. "Can I... just... touch your suit?" Audrey asked. "Uh, I'm sweaty... but sure." Peter said. Audrey touches the Quickster emblem on his super suit. "This is all so real." Audrey said, excitedly. "So, Audrey... are there Quickster comics in your world?" Peter asked. "Certainly! Though I mainly grew up on the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy ones. Now I'm really into the Mighty Max series." Audrey admitted. "Mighty Max. I wonder what he's been up to." Tori questioned, as Madison and Cynthia shrugged. "Uh so, what's different between our world and yours?" Melondy asked the girls. "Well, first off, Barnacle Boy is an old geezer on our world. Here, he's an admittedly hot guy in his twenties." Cynthia said. Everyone looked at her. "Did I just... say all of that... out loud?" Cynthia questioned, embarrassed. "I knew there was a reason you wanted your hair to look flawless today." Tori joked. Debbie enters the room. "Hey guys. I came to see Peter and Melondy at their top speeds." Debbie said. "Already done, but we can go again." Peter said. "Let's go!" Melondy said, as they speed around again. Cynthia, Tori, and Audrey watched. Madison pulled Debbie over to a secluded corner. "What's wrong, Mads?" Debbie asked. "Are you angry at me for putting your world in danger?" Madison asked. "You didn't put my world in danger, I put my world in danger." Debbie said. "Well, Katherine certainly let me know how she felt about things." Madison said. "What? Did she say something to upset you?" Debbie asked. "Maybe she's right. Maybe me and my girls should just leave." Madison said, thinking it over. "Mads, tell me what she said." Debbie asked of her. The scene shifts, as we see the Skyripper flying through Jelliton in Universe-90. All over the planet, destruction and deforestation were seen. "No sign of any living things so far. We should go." Analise said. "The purple skies are beautiful, for what it's worth..." Jake said. "Wait, Lillian's located a beacon of hope - a massive dry forest in the Atlantic sphere." Sandy said, looking at the console. "The only forest that exists on this planet!" Lillian said. "... and where there's a forest, there's likely life." Tim said. Eventually, the Skyripper is seen landing on the forest ground. "I'll turn invisible mode back on so that we can head out and explore." Sandy said. "Good idea." Analise said. The five headed out, walking through the forest. "Hey, aren't you a psychic? Right now would be a good time for a vision." Marshall asked Analise. "It's hard for me to force a vision." Analise said. "But, this power is a part of you. It's not about forcing it, but rather tapping into it." Jake said. "Very wise, Jake." Sandy said. "Yeah... when did I become Ranen?" Jake said, thinking to himself. "You're right." Analise said, as she stopped walking. "Annie, what are you doing?" Tim asked. Analise kneels to the ground, placing down her hand. As she closed her eyes, she embraced psychic energy. Eventually, her eyes turned white. "Is she good?" Jake asked. "She's having a vision." Sandy said. Analise's eyes return to normal. "Analise?" Marshall asked. "I saw... I saw..." Analise started, catching her breath. "People? Or.. well... Jelliens?" Jake questioned. "Some kind of mechanic device." Analise said, standing up. "Umm, I don't think any of us were expecting that." Tim said. "It was hoisted on a platform inside this beautiful cave." Analise recalled. "Beautiful?" Sandy questioned "It glowed blue. I don't know how." Analise said. "I wish we knew how that was related to the Jelliens." Jake questioned. "TOO BAD YOU'LL BE TOO DEAD TO FIND OUT!" a voice was heard. Flare and Syphon appeared, walking out from behind a large tree. "The last time I saw you - you ran." Jake said. "Retreated. There's a difference - one is tactical, and the other is cowardice." Flare stated. "I'm curious, where's Shadow?" Sandy questioned. "I'm curious, how would you like to die?" Flare asked. Flare shot out a massive fire blast, as the heroes jumped out of the way. Sandy got up, as Syphon ran over to her. Sandy and Syphon started hand to hand combat. As Marshall gets up, Flare creates a circle of fire around him. "Phase outta that, freak!" Flare said. Marshall stares at the flames around him, as he begins to have some kind of panic attack. "Marshall, don't worry dude!" Jake shouted, as he pulled out his sword. Jake tried to slash Flare, but she kicked the sword out of his hand. Analise ran over, trying to strike her with a bo staff. Flare sent a fire blast, which pushed her across the forest ground. Tim pulls out his ray gun, shooting at Flare. Flare dodges the shots and sends a fire blast at him. Tim moves out of the way and throws gas pellets at Flare. Flare begins to cough. As the smoke clears, Jake is seen behind her, as he wacks her over the head with a stick. "Nice play." Jake said. "Yeah, I thought the gas would make a nice cover." Tim said. The fire circling Marshall dies down, as he is seen kneeling. "Are you okay?" Tim asked, as he and Jake run over. "Fine. I just don't like fire." Marshall said, breathing in and out. "Guys, where's Sandy?" Analise asked, lifting herself up. Sandy and Syphon are seen continuing their fight in another part of the forest. Sandy tries to perform a spin kick, but Syphon backflips out of the way. All of a sudden, a dart was seen hitting Syphon's neck. Syphon passes out, as Sandy catches her before she hits the ground. "What the hell?" Sandy questioned. Analise, Tim, Jake and Marshall arrive. "Sandy, are you okay?" Jake asked. "I hear footsteps..." Tim said. Suddenly, we see some tribal-looking Jelliens come out from behind bushes. Some of them had spears and small blades. "You can thank us for saving your life later. My name is Edwin." Edwin told them, as he appeared old and frail. "How did you know we were here?" Analise asked. "C'mon, we've lived within the confines of this forest our entire lives. We know when something living is out here that isn't us." Edwin said. "We're not here as enemies." Sandy said. "I believe you." Edwin said. "I'm confused, why aren't you all on board the mothership? And why are you - no offense, dressed like that?" Analise asked. "Because we were left behind." Edwin revealed. The heroes look at each other in confusion. "Why don't you lot join us at our village. I'll explain whatever you need me too." Edwin said. ---- At Kelp Labs, we see Tyrone enter the Speed Lab. "Peter, you're here. I thought you and Mel finished practicing?" Tyrone asked. "Melondy and the others cleared out a little while ago. I wanted to stay and analyze my top speeds." Peter said, looking at a tablet. "Or you wanted to avoid me." Tyrone said. "I'm not avoiding you." Peter said. "We've barely talked since you've been back from alien capture. I know you're upset that I didn't tell you about my powers." Tyrone said. "I'm proud of you - for using your powers to buy Debbie and Sandy time to escape those Jellien impostors. I just... I don't understand why you thought those powers were something to keep secret from me." Peter said. "You were already dealing with the revelation that Irene can kill anyone she makes skin contact with. I thought it would be too much all at the same time. I guess I was being stupid." Tyrone said. "Insecure, yes. But, you're never stupid." Peter said, grasping his hand. "Peter..." Tyrone said. "My mom and your dad are getting a divorce. The way is clear for us. This whole thing with the Jelliens - almost dying, getting kidnapped, and being locked up on an alien spaceship... it's shown me that I shouldn't waste any time. I'm done not having the things I want, because life is too short." Peter said. Tyrone smiled. "... and unexpected things happen - like aliens popping in from another universe." Peter joked. "Let's talk more about this after we're done battling these bastards." Tyrone said. "Deal." Peter said, happily. "I do have a surprise for you, by the way." Peter said. "Oh? What is it?" Tyrone asked. "You're own super suit. I have it stored upstairs in the hall closet." Peter revealed. "... Peter... how could you have made something like that so fast?" Tyrone asked. "I'm fast." Peter whispered into his ear. "Right." Tyrone said, blushing and smiling. "I can't wait to have you by my side. On the battlefield... and in life." Peter said, stroking his cheek. Upstairs, Debbie is seen confronting Katherine in the hall. "Katherine, I've been looking for you." Debbie said. "Oh? Everything alright?" Katherine asked. "Madison told me what you said." Debbie said. "Maybe I come off as harsh, but I'm just trying to protect everyone." Katherine said. "Madison, Tori, Cynthia, and Audrey are not threats!" Debbie argued. "Madison's little device is the reason the Jelliens are about to launch a full scale invasion of our world." Katherine said. "It's not a device." Debbie said. "Magical item - whatever. The point stands." Katherine said. "I won't let you make my friend feel uncomfortable." Debbie said. "Friend? You've known her for less than a week!" Katherine said. "Same amount of time that I've known you." Debbie said. "Debbie, you don't have to do this." Madison said, approaching them. "Madison, this isn't about you. It's about me. I did this." Katherine admitted. "What?" Madison questioned. "I was the one who called Debbie and her friends here. I'm the reason all of you are in this - meaning that it's my fault the Jelliens got their hands on the Heart." Katherine said. "Katherine, you're playing the blame game with the wrong people! The only person at fault here is Queen Liza - and her army. They made the choice to be hostile." Madison said. "Madison's right. I could sit here all day and blame myself or I can do something about it. I know what I'm gonna be doing. How about you?" Debbie asked. Katherine sighed. "It's true, if I never showed up, the Jelliens wouldn't have power from the Heart. I can't change that, but I can do something about it. I'm not leaving this world until the Jelliens are defeated. Deal with it." Madison said. "Preferably soon!" Adam said, running out into the hall. "Adam, what's wrong?" Katherine asked. "I've located a breach opening above New Kelp City. I think they're here." Adam said. Katherine, Debbie, and Madison were all speechless. The scene shifts, as we return to Jelliton. Sandy, Marshall, Jake, Analise, and Tim are seen sitting in a small village. Edwin and the other Jelliens offer them food. "No thanks, we're just here to get answers." Sandy said. "And thank you for tying up Flare and Syphon." Marshall said. We see Flare and Syphon tied up in binds made out of vines. "When my energy replenishes, I'll burn out of these!" Flare said, angrily. "We'll be ready for you." Sandy said. "I'm assuming that you're here because an army of Jelliens are threatening your world." Edwin said. "Exactly." Tim said. "You don't seem surprised." Jake noticed. "Long ago, our universe began to die. Our planet started to wither away." Edwin said. "Why? What exactly destroyed this universe?" Analise asked. "A story for another time. The point is, Queen Liza wanted our species to survive." Edwin said. "So... she took off with an army to make that happen." Marshall said. "They left us behind. Only the highest ranking Jelliens were allowed to leave on the mothership. The rich, the middle class, and the soldiers." Edwin said, as we see some of the tribe members shedding tears. "That's awful." Jake said. "I'm... I'm sorry." Sandy said, shaking her head. "I didn't know this." Flare said, speaking up. Everyone turned their attention to her. "So, you don't even bother to find out who you're getting into bed with?" Sandy questioned. "Seid was looking for a way to keep you and your team distracted. Working with the Jelliens was just a way to help forward our plans." Flare told her. "Well, now the Jelliens are set to take over our home. Unless, there's a way to weaken them?" Marshall said, looking to Edwin. "Our species does have one major vulnerability. It's difficult for me to even say it. Eve, would you mind?" Edwin asked to a woman holding a baby. "Mayonnaise. That's our weakness." Eve revealed. "Seriously? MAYO?" Marshall questioned. "Marshall!" Analise said. "It was banned worldwide on this planet, but there were still people who made it underground." Edwin said. "For what purpose?" Jake asked. "To use as one ingredient in a... ya know... high." Eve said. "Wait... drugs?" Tim questioned. "Led to a crisis. A lot of people died." Eve said. "Well, not like we could fling mayo at every single one of them." Marshall said, thinking it over. Edwin and the others started to look odd. "What?" Sandy questioned. "There is... something." Edwin said. "Tell us, please." Analise said. "Conditions on this planet are so horrible. I never want my child to grow up like this." Eve said, embracing her small baby. "I'm confused..." Jake said. "We've been working on something for a few years now. We call it the M-Bomb." Edwin revealed. "Oh my god, the device I saw in my vision." Analise realized. "Mayonnaise bomb?" Sandy questioned. "We cultivated it perfectly. We turned the mayo into a gas agent." Edwin told them. "We were gonna detonate it and commit a mass suicide. That way, we can all go out peacefully." Eve said, as the baby started crying. Eve rocked the baby back and forth, trying to shush him. "Oh my god!" Sandy said. "You guys were gonna commit a global suicide?" Jake questioned. "There's nothing global anymore about our species. It seemed like the easiest way out for all of us left behind." Edwin said. "There's gotta be a better way!" Analise said. "Yeah, this is just making me sad." Tim said. "Look, guys... don't do this. I can talk to some people and set up a refuge program for you all in some kingdom within Karmania. But PLEASE don't kill yourselves!" Jake said. "WE'RE ALREADY DEAD!" Eve said, shedding her own tears. "DON'T YOU GET IT? We're already on our way to the brink. This is the brink." Eve said. Flare and Syphon looked at each other, unsure how to feel. "Like I said.. I can help." Jake said. "How about we help you folk?' Edwin said. "What do you mean?" Sandy questioned. "We've put off this mass suicide thing so long, because we do have hope." Eve said. "Our Queen, who left us behind... we won't let her win in the end. She's not gonna get your world, because we're gonna give you the M-Bomb." Edwin said, standing up. The heroes smiled. "No mass suicide?" Sandy asked. "If we're gonna die slow... we'll make sure those traitors go down with us." Edwin said. "Just remember to keep faith." Jake said, nodding. The scene shifts, as Edwin leads the five heroes to the cave from Analise's vision. "We call it the Blue Grotto. There's an ocean beneath the cave that reflects the sunlight to make the cave appear blue." Edwin revealed. "It's beautiful." Marshall said. The group came upon a podium, which hoisted the M-bomb. "A dark creation, indeed." Edwin said, holding in tears. Jake rubbed his shoulder. "We can secure the bomb to the bottom of the Skyripper. When the time comes, it'll be our weapon to drive the Jelliens away." Sandy said, having hope. "Let's get on it." Tim said. Suddenly, we see another tribesman running into the cave. "Georgio, is everything alright?" Edwin asked. "The fire lady and her partner managed to escape." Georgio revealed. "How?" Sandy asked. "A ship arrived. A man threatened to burn our village and forest down with fire blasters if we didn't surrender the ladies." Georgio revealed. "Shadow." Sandy said. ---- New Kelp City, Universe-1 In NKC, dozens of reporters were on the streets, as cameramen filmed a massive energy breach in the sky. From Kelp Labs, the heroes of Earth watched a live broadcast with Perch Perkins. "It would seem that a large energy surge is opening above the skies of New Kelp City. What's coming out? That's anyone's guess - though there have been multiple reports of UFO sightings in the last few days." Perch Perkins spoke. Debbie lowered the TV's volume, turning around to the rest of the heroes. "This just got real. I know you all see that." Debbie said, sending a glare to Katherine. "Debbie..." Katherine started. "NO! Let me say what I have to." Debbie said. "Go on, Debs." Tomoya said. "Yeah, we're all listening." Audrey said. "A week ago, half of the people in this room were strangers to each other. We have all lived separated, unrelated lives. But, no matter where we came from, what we've been through, who we've become... all of our roads have led to this moment. Defending our world from a massive threat. Because that's who we all are. Heroes." Debbie said. Everyone clapped. "Uh, guys..." Bonnie said, pointing to the TV. Above the city, the giant mothership ripped through the breach. "Oh my god, it's here." Debbie said, as the heroes see from the TV. "Time to go!" Katherine said. The heroes began to run out of the room. "Katherine..." Madison called out. Katherine turned around to them. "That includes you guys." Katherine said. "Are you sure about that?" Tori asked, crossing her arms. "I'm so sorry that I made the four of you feel like crap. What Debbie said also helped me come to an understanding. The universe didn't just throw four magical fairy mermaids into my life for no reason." Katherine said. The guardians smiled, as Madison pulled out the Heart to transform the four into their fairy-mermaid forms. "Wicked. Now let's get out there." Katherine said, as she and the guardians raced after everyone else. The Jelliens' mothership hovered directly above the city, as several beams transported Jellien troops to the ground. Citizens began to run and scream as the Jelliens shot at them with blasters. The Jelliens stop however when they see the heroes in the distance. The heroes approach them on the streets, walking in a unified line, with Katherine, Peter, Debbie, and Madison at the center. "Everyone keep on your coms!" Katherine called out. "Let's turn these bastards back!" Peter said. The heroes and Jelliens raced at each other in an epic collision. As Peter and Melondy ram through many Jelliens using their superspeed, Seid arrives on the field. "WELL, WELL, WELL! If it isn't The Quickster!" Seid said, grinning. "He's really here..." Peter said, with his eyes widening. "We can take him together!" Melondy said. Peter, Melondy, and Seid all got into a huge speedster battle. Inside the command room of the mothership, we see Queen Liza. "The superheroes have arrived. Let's keep them busy!" Liza said, evilly. "What does that mean, ma'am?" a man asked. "It's time to release the crafts!" Liza said. Outside, hundreds of small spacecrafts exited the mothership, as they reigned down hell on the city's buildings. "GUYS, WE NEED SOME FLY-ERS!" Katherine said, over coms. "Me, Debbie, and my girls got this!" Madison said, flying into the sky. Audrey, Cynthia, Tori, and Debbie followed after her. On the ground, we see Katherine turn invisible, as she takes out many Jelliens. Stella and Tomoya are seen fighting hand to hand. "I think you need to cool down!" Tomoya said, blasting at Stella with an icy gust. Stella rolled across the ground, as Tomoya shot out icicles. Stella quickly shot at the icicles with her blasters. "You'll have to do better!" Stella said, getting up. Tomoya centered himself, and blew at Stella with ice breath. "Whoa... I didn't know I could do that!" Tomoaya said, as Stella was trapped in ice. In the sky, Debbie used her super strength to ram through several crafts, causing massive explosions. Cynthia ripped large boulders from the ground, taking them up in the air to launch at the crafts. "AUDREY, LET'S COMBINE." Tori shouted. Tori and Audrey created a massive wind-whirpool, as it wrecked several crafts. On the ground, Katherine used telekinesis to toss several cars at the Jelliens. Gillard managed to avoid them with an impressive agility skill set. Gillard comes closer to Katherine, as she used telekinesis to hold him in place. "You can't hold me forever!" Gillard said, flexing his large muscles to break the hold. Katherine began to faint from overload. As Gillard breaks her hold, a light blast knocks him out. Katherine falls to the ground, as she sees Tyrone running toward her. "Thank you." Katherine said, nodding. Tyrone nodded back, as he helped her up. "The suit looks great on you!" Katherine said. "Thanks, but we got more incoming!" Tyrone said, as more Jelliens ran toward them. Katherine sighed. "Looks like you guys didn't check the weather report! Mother nature called for a sunshower." Tyrone said, blasting intense light rays. "Sunshower... is that a codename I hear?" Katherine asked, playfully. "Why not." Tyrone said, smiling. F.I.N agents arrive in the city, as they secure some citizens inside a Krusty Krab restuarant. Dozens of Jelliens arrive, as the agents stand fortified in front of the restaurant. "Stand your ground, guys! The men, women, and children in that restaurant are counting on us!" Agent Clemmons said. The agents shot at the coming Jellies with bullets, but those mostly bounced off of them. "LOWER YOUR WEAPONS!" Bonnie said, running onto the scene. Bonnie stood in front of the agents, as the Jelliens continued to walk toward them. "Bonnie, great to see you." Clemmons said. "On the battlefield, my name is Black Clam." Bonnie told him. "Right." Clemmons nodded. Bonnie released a sonic scream at the Jelliens, rupturing their ear drums and knocking them down. Bonnie took off, coming toward an intersection in the street. Hundreds more Jelliens were coming to the area. "Audrey, come in, I need you!" Bonnie said, over coms. Audrey quickly found Bonnie, flying down by her side. "Holy crap, that's a lot of them coming this way." Audrey said. "Yeah, and they're going to shoot down the only safe street in New Kelp City. That's why I called for you." Bonnie said. "Your Clam Cry device..." Audrey said, realizing. "It only registers so many decibels. I can't take down hundreds of Jelliens at one time with one scream." Bonnie stressed. "You want me to amplify the sonic waves with my powers, don't you?" Audrey questioned. "Let's try it." Bonnie said. Bonnie stood in the center of the street, as Audrey stood directly behind her. The Jelliens chanted, as they came running at the ladies. "LET IT RIP!" Audrey said. Bonnie released a sonic scream, as Audrey amplified it with her control over sonic waves. The scream managed to knock down all the Jelliens, shatter every store and car window in the vicinity, and destroy the front entrance of a nearby government building. "Whoa..." Audrey said, lowering her hand. "You did that." Audrey said, humorously. "We did that." Bonnie said, smiling at her. In the sky, Debbie and Madison are seen going toward the mothership. Debbie blasts through a large window with her heat vision. Both girls fly into the command room, as several Jelliens pull out blasters. Madison shoots out electricity blasts at them. Debbie comes face to face with Queen Liza. "Queen Liza, correct?" Debbie asked, as she noticed the royal clothes. "Universal Guardian, am I correct?" Liza asked. "How about I show you!" Debbie said, throwing a punch. Liza stopped the punch with her hand, shocking Debbie. "... You're stronger than the rest of your species." Debbie said. "I've trained for a MILLENIA. JUST FOR THIS!" Liza said, headbutting Debbie across the room. Debbie crashed into some machinery. Liza drops her royal garments, revealing an interesting physique. Debbie gets up, throwing a large piece of machinery at Liza. Liza punches through it, as she begins to create purple electricity from her hands. "Just like jellyfish stings..." Debbie noticed. Liza zapped at Debbie, but Madison jumped in the way - absorbing the stings. "Madison!" Debbie shouted. "I'm fine!" Madison said, as her powers were suddenly more charged. With a quickness, Madison shot out a powerful electric blast at Liza. Debbie joined her by blasting Liza with her heat vision. An explosion occurred, taking out half the command room. On the ground, we see Peter and Melondy chasing Seid all across the city. Peter takes a shortcut, disappearing. Melondy continues after Seid. "TOO SLOW, LADY QUICK!" Seid yelled. "MAYBE I AM, BUT NOT HIM!" Melondy said. Peter now appeared directly in front of Seid, and used his speed to summon a lightning strip. Peter tossed the lightning at Seid, as Seid went blasting into a statue of King Neptune in the middle of the city. Melondy and Peter gave each other a high five. All of a sudden, we see the Fireflyer coming out of a breach, as it shoots fire blasts around Peter and Melondy. "That'll keep the speedsters contained." Flare said, landing the ship to the ground. Flare and Shadow exited, as they helped Seid up. "SHADOW, STOP!" Katherine said, running toward the area. "Get Seid aboard..." Shadow said to Flare. Flare got Seid on the ship. "Well cousin, it looks like it's time for me to take my leave." Shadow said. "You, Seid, and your allies need to turn yourselves over." Katherine said, angrily. "... and what are you going to do about it?" Shadow said, producing dark energy. "I could try and fight you right here and right now. But, instead I'll leave you with this message. You will always be a part of me. You're the reason I owned my own darkness. So that I never had to end up like you." Katherine started. "Moving sentiments." Shadow said. "I'm not finished. Now, I realize that the power to do good... to be a hero? That's my responsibility. All of this is my responsibility now." Katherine stated. Shadow shot out two massive blasts of dark energy. Kathrine used her telekinesis to control and dissipate the energy. Shadow was shocked. "Get out of here. NOW." Katherine said, shedding a tear. Shadow took off into the Fireflyer. As the Fireflyer breached away, we see the fire around Peter and Melondy dying down. Both speedsters raced over to Katherine. "I'm sorry I let them go." Katherine said. "No, this isn't about them. This is about the Jelliens right now." Peter said. At that moment, the Skyripper was seen coming through a breach in the sky. "They're back!" Katherine cheered. As the Skyripper landed, we see Sandy, Jake, Marshall, Tim, and Analise rush out. "We need more help against the ground troops, so I'm glad you guys made it back!" Peter said. "Everyone go! I need to talk with Katherine." Sandy said. Peter, Melondy, and the others raced off into the battle. "We have a weapon. A mayonnaise bomb." Sandy said, turning on her coms. "Mayo is the Jelliens' weakness?" Katherine asked. On the mothership, we see Debbie and Madison listening. "We have a weapon against your people, Liza." Debbie said. Liza was seen crawling from under destroyed pieces of tech. "If you don't tell your people to stop this destruction, WE WILL USE IT." Madison reinforced. "What weapon could the likes of you heroes ever dream to come up with?" Liza asked, picking herself up. "A mayonnaise bomb. That's your weakness." Debbie said. Liza appeared shocked. "AUNTIE, LISTEN TO THEM!" Jarvix said, running onto the bridge. "Jarvix? Why aren't you on the ground?" Liza asked. "Because I made a decision. To not hurt others anymore." Jarvix said. "You're weak." Liza said, furious. "Auntie... think about all the people who have died in your quest for power. Jelliens and Fish alike! You stood by and let your own sister - MY MOTHER... [/i]be murdered[/i]." Jarvix said, shedding tears. "Everything I did was to build a better world for us, for YOU!" Liza said, crying. "What do you mean?" Madison asked. "Our universe is a dead one. Our world was ravaged. For decades, we've sought out a new home." Liza revealed to them. "Because your home was on the brink..." Debbie realized. "So much for a new home for ALL Jelliens. You left the lower class behind to rot on Jelliton." Jarvix said. Debbie and Madison were shocked. "There wasn't enough space for absolutely EVERYONE on this ship." Liza said. "Enough space to hold prisoners, though right?" Debbie questioned, angrily. "Admit it. You're just selfish and all about power. You may genuinely want our species to have a new world, but you are not below being an awful person to do it. Just like letting my parents be murdered." Jarvix said. "The only way you'll ever get what you want... is by FIGHTING for it!" Liza said. "Last chance, Liza." Madison said. "NO. My army will burn your world to the ground, and build a new one out out of the rubble. Threaten us as you please." Liza said. "Sandy, do it!" Debbie said, over coms. "Already on it!" Sandy said, as we see her flying the Skyripper into the air. "Lillian, let it drop!" Sandy said. "In 5...4...3...2...1." Lillian counted down. From the bottom of the Skyripper, the M-Bomb dropped and exploded. Immediately, the atmosphere becomes laced with mayonnaise molecules. Jelliens all over the city began to cough and roll over. Inside the mothership, Liza and Jarvix began to cough as well, as both fell to the floor. Madison and Debbie ran by Jarvix's side. "Ca-ll th-em o-ff." Jarvix said, struggling to breathe. "Do the right thing, Liza! Don't let your people die, don't let your nephew die!" Madison said. Moments later, the remaining crafts began to fly back onto the mothership. The remaining ground troops were all beamed back on board the mothership as well. "They're surrendering." Katherine said, coming into the middle of the street. "Queen Liza called it off." Peter said. Debbie and Madison were seen flying down to the ground, grouping up with the rest of the heroes. The mothership was seen breaching away from Universe-1 and Earth. "We did it. We all did it." Debbie said, as everyone smiled. ---- That night, we see a massive party happening inside Kelp Labs' storage facility. All the heroes were eating cake, drinking soda or wine, and talking among themselves. "Yup, it's true people. New superhero on the block. I'm calling myself, Sunshower!" Tyrone said to Marshall, Melondy, and Adam. "Sunshower, huh? I like it." Adam said. "Agreed." Melondy and Marshall said. Analise was seen in a corner, looking at a picture of her and Katherine on her phone. "Nice picture." Jake said, walking up to her. "Oh, it's old." Analise said, slightly sad. "I noticed that Katherine was really happy that you were saved from the Jelliens." Jake said. "We used to be a thing. She's... moved on." Analise said. "I think that when two people have any kind of meaningful bond - friendship or otherwise, they always find their way back to each other." Jake said. "You sound like you speak from experience." Analise questioned. "Not me, but my friend's mom." Jake said. "Thank you, Jake." Analise said, smiling Katherine was seen approaching Madison. "I wanna apologize. Again." Katherine said. "Katherine, it's no need." Madison said, warmly. "I treated you like a threat, because deep down, I knew I was the one who put this all in motion." Katherine said. "But, you didn't." Madison reassured her. "I know that now." Katherine said. "Well, it was great being on the same side out there in the battlefield." Madison said. "Yeah, cheers to new allies." a voice was heard. Tim was seen bringing the ladies drinks, as both of them took a glass. "It's ginger ale." Tim said, smirking. "Okay, good!" Madison said, as the three clinked their glasses. "Cheers!" Katherine said, sipping. We see Audrey, Cynthia, and Tori leading Debbie to the Skyripper outside. "As a little gift, I took the time to add a little something to the Skyripper!" Audrey said. Debbie noticed an insignia on the ship. A golden colored 'K' for Knights and a shield in the background. "Audrey, you... you painted this?" Debbie asked, surprised. "I'm also an artist! Took a while to make this stick, though." Audrey said, laughing. "Sandy's gonna love it. I already do." Debbie said, nodding. "You're welcome." Audrey said. "Party was great, but it's time to g- " Sandy said, seeing the insignia. "I hope you don't mind!" Audrey said. "I love it." Sandy said. Melondy arrived, seeing it as well. "Take care guys." Melondy said, waving goodbye. The guardians waved back. Sandy and Melondy got on the ship. Madison arrived, joining Debbie and the other guardians. "I guess you're about to take off?" Madison asked. "Yeah, it's been real. But, we need to keep after Seid's coalition." Debbie said. "Good luck." Madison said. "Oh, I have something for you guys." Debbie said. "Oh, a present for us?" Cynthia asked. Debbie pulled out a small device. "Tyrone and Adam helped me work on it. It's an interdimensional extrapolator. It has a direct line to Kelp Labs, the Mermalair, and the Skyripper, allowing you guys to send messages to anyone of us if you ever need help." Debbie explained. The girls were all surprised. "Debs... I don't know what to say." Madison said, taking the device. "You guys helped me defend my world from a large scale alien invasion. The least I could do is offer you the option of a helping hand someday." Debbie said. "Well, you know where we are. Don't be a stranger." Tori said, smiling. The five girls embraced in a group hug. "Goodbye, guys!" Debbie said, boarding the Skyripper. Jake, Katherine, and Marshall arrived outside. "Ready to head home?" Jake asked Madison. "Yeah, we're ready." Madison said. "We're here anytime you guys need us." Madison said. "We'll keep that in mind." Katherine said, smiling. Madison opened up a portal back to her world with the Heart, as she, Tori, Cynthia, Audrey, and Jake stepped through. Katherine and Marshall looked at each other. "Well, that was fun." Marshall said. "Which part? Getting kidnapped, impersonated, almost blown up, or....?" Katherine joked. "Okay, okay, it was a wild freaking ride!" Marshall said, laughing. "The team up was fun." Katherine said. "Yeah well, the Knights are waiting for me on the Skyripper." Marshall said. "I'm gonna miss you, Marshall." Katherine said, emotional. "I'll be back before you know it. Maybe by that time, aunt Marilyn will be awake from her coma and I can meet her." Marshall said. "She's gonna love you. Just like I do." Katherine said, nodding. Marshall and Katherine hugged. "I love you too." Marshall said. "Stay out of trouble." Marshall said, taking off. "Never a guarantee with me!" Katherine called out, humorously. As Marshall boarded the Skyripper, the ship was seen blasting off and disappearing into a breach. "We have some strange ass new friends." Peter said, arriving outside. "Yeah, and ALL of them just took off to alternate universes. Totally normal." Katherine joked. "Wanna get some ice cream?" Peter asked. Katherine looked at him oddly. The scene shifts as we see Katherine and Peter inside New Kelp City's newly opened Goofy Goobers ice cream shop. The two sit across from each other in a booth. "Late night ice cream. Not as weird as I thought it would be." Katherine said, eating. "We should hang out in the future. Without it having to be about saving the world." Peter said, laughing. "Yeah, but who would we be if we weren't saving the world?" Katherine questioned. "Certainly not Miss Appear and The Quickster." Peter whispered. "Exactly, my friend." Katherine said, laughing. Soft music plays in the restaurant, as the episode and crossover closes out. THE END. NOTES: Universe(s) Introduced: Universe-90 Some of the heroes travel to the Jelliens' home world where we learn that their universe has been dying for some time now. We also learn that lower class Jelliens were left behind on Jelliton by Queen Liza and the upper classes. We learn that the Jelliens have a weakness in mayonnaise, which the heroes use as a weapon to drive them away. Debbie gives the guardians of Karmania a device to communicate with the Skyripper, Kelp Labs, and the Mermalair. THANK YOU FOR READING CRISIS OF THE JELLIENS!
  10. Mystic Guardians

    This episode continues a crossover that started with Miss Appear (Part 1) and The Quickster (Part 2), and will conclude with Knights of the Multiverse (Part 4). NOTE: This episode takes place after "Through Fire and Flames" and before "Hunt for the Crystal" Special Bonus Episode (Part 3) Central Karmania The guardians and knights of Karmania, along with Ranen stood before Debbie and Sandy. "Guys, lower your swords. We don't know who they are." Madison said. "Exactly, we don't know who they are." Jake said. "Well, we're not hostile. My name is Debbie and this is my friend, Sandy." Debbie said. "You guys' spaceship crashed into the ground, right in front of our base. We just need an explanation." Jake said. "Also, what's up with your... uh... costumes?" Tori asked. "I think their outfits are cute!" Cynthia said. "Aww, thank you!" Debbie said, flaunting her pink cape. "Sorry if we're coming off hostile." Cameron said, lowering his sword. The other knights followed suit. "It's okay. Look, our ship - the Skyripper, crashed here accidentally after a bomb was planted on it." Sandy said. "But, where did you guys come from?" Audrey asked. "And how did you end up here?" Ranen questioned. "Me and Debbie come from an alternate universe." Sandy revealed. "Whoa... really?" Trent asked. "And here I thought you two were aliens." Tori said, laughing. "This is weirder." Cynthia said. "Wait, alternate universe as in parallel universe? As in more than one universe? As in multiple universes - " Nick rambled. " - Dude, don't mean to cut you off, but you're rambling." Sandy said. "He tends to do that." Madison said, smiling. "On my world, I am the Universal Guardian." Debbie said. "Interesting, these girls are the guardians of Karmania." Jake said, gesturing to Madison and the ladies. "Oh goodness, our ship is in there pretty bad..." Debbie said, looking at the Skyripper. "I'm not sure how we're gonna get that out of the ground." Ranen said. "Oh, don't worry about it. Debbie will pull it out." Sandy said. "I will?" Debbie asked. "She can?" Tori questioned. "I guess I'll give it a go." Debbie said, flying up. "She can fly..." Ranen said, pondering. Debbie grabs onto the back end of the Skyripper, using her super strength to pull the large ship out of the ground. As she does this, the knights and guardians appear shocked. "How... how is she that strong?" Madison questioned, in disbelief. "In all my years..." Ranen said, in bewilderment Debbie now holds the Skyripper above her head with ease. "WHERE CAN I SIT THIS?" Debbie questioned, shouting from the sky. "There's a grassy area behind the castle." Ranen called out. The scene shifts, as we see another spaceship coming out of a breach above the Nature Wilds. The Fireflyer lands in the Wilds. Inside, we see Flare, Syphon, and Shadow. "I'm receiving a video communication." Flare said, playing it on the screen. Seid appears on the screen. "Don't you worry. We've arrived in the universe that Debbie and Sandy breached to." Flare said. "Good, Debbie needs to be killed. Find her on this world and make sure of it." Seid said. "I don't understand the darn point in working with these Jelliens anyway." Shadow said, sporting a dark demeanor. "By working with these aliens, we have the manpower to destroy the Universal Guardian for good." Seid said. "The Jelliens' first plan went to crap! Debbie and Sandy escaped before they could be killed." Flare said. "Flare, I expect Shadow to question everything, but... you've always been my right hand woman. No questions asked." Seid said. "I will continue to be. I'm sorry." Flare said. "Find her." Seid said, ending the transmission. "Where are we anyway?" Syphon asked. "We've landed in the Nature Wilds of Karmania, according to my readings." Flare said. After a while, the three exited the ship. They spot some giant wasp creatures floating past. "Certainly looks wild..." Shadow said. "No time to waste, we need to find the Universal Guardian." Flare said. "Footsteps." Syphon pointed out. From behind some trees, we see Vexacus, Morgana, and Thorn approach them. "Well, well, well... what do we have here?" Vexacus asked. "Step away civilians, we have business to conduct on this world." Flare said. "We were sent here to investigate an energy surge above the Nature Wilds. I'm guessing the three of you have something to do with that." Morgana said. "That's a nice ship." Thorn said. "Oh, that ol' thing? I call it the Fireflyer. It's how we breached to this place." Flare said. "We're here to find the Universal Guardian. If you have no information in that regard, then carry along and leave us alone." Shadow said. "Does he mean one of the guardians of Karmania?" Morgana whispered to Thorn and Vexacus. "I can't think of anything else..." Vexacus whispered back. Flare produced a fire bolt in her hand. "Are we good here? Or do things have to get ugly?" Flare asked. "Flare, put the fire out. These guys look like they could be useful." Syphon whispered to her. "It would seem you possess an incredible ability. How interesting." Vexacus said walking toward them. "Don't come any closer - or I'll show you my ability." Shadow threatened. "Excuse us for the bad introduction. My name is Vexacus - I'm a bounty hunter. Those two are Morgana and Thorn." Vexacus stated. "You give me the impression that you're also looking for the guardian." Flare said. "I don't know if we're exactly on the same page here, but I believe there's a way for all of us to get what we want." Vexacus stated. "Are you asking us to team up with you?" Shadow questioned. "If you're looking for guardians... we have experience drawing them out." Thorn said, evilly. "My specialty is killing what I draw out." Shadow said, producing dark energy waves in his hand. "Oooh, I like that one." Morgana said. "What's your trick?" Vexacus asked to Syphon. "I don't discuss my tricks." Syphon said, simply. "A mysterious one. I've had enough of those." Morgana said, rolling her eyes. "I think this is about to be the start of a beautiful partnership." Vexacus said, smiling. "Just tell us what we need to do." Flare said. "One word - fire." Vexacus said. The scene shifts, as the guardians, knights, Ranen, Debbie, and Sandy group inside the base. "Thank you guys for allowing me a space to sit the ship." Debbie said. "How bad is it?" Jake asked. "It sustained serious damage in the explosion - and even more when I pulled it out of the ground." Debbie said. "It's gonna take forever to repair. We simply don't have the time." Sandy said. "If I may - how about I fix it for you guys?" Zero asked. "Are you sure?" Sandy asked. "Zero's a brilliant mind. Trust me, he can have your ship fixed in a day." Madison said. "Also, who better to fix it than a robot, huh? Well, I should say cyborg. Robot sounds cold." Nick said, thinking it over. "Wait, cyborg?" Sandy questioned. "Yes, I am what you'd call a cyborg." Zero confirmed. "That's so cool!" Debbie said. "Was it a lab accident? Mad scientist? Or... nanonites?" Sandy questioned. "Even I do not know the full picture yet, but I'm working on it." Zero said, slightly sad. "I'm sorry." Sandy said. "Don't be." Zero said. "And Jake said that you all were... guardians?" Debbie asked to the girls. "Oh, maybe we should show them." Audrey said. Madison pulled out the Heart, transforming the girls into their gaurdian forms. "You guys are fairy mermaids?" Sandy asked. "Yes! You're like the first person who didn't get confused." Madison said, laughing. "You guys harness magic, don't you?" Debbie asked. "We do!" Madison said. "So do I, by the way! Not trying to step on anyone's moment, just stating a fact." Nick said. Madison transformed the girls back to normal, as Debbie and Sandy looked on in amazement. "I have officially seen everything." Sandy said, humorously. "Now, you guys were saying something about being knights of the multiverse?" Trent questioned. "Me and Sandy lead a small team of heroes that seek to protect the multiverse, yes." Debbie said. "Well, I lead. She's the muscle." Sandy said, smirking. "A question here... why does the multiverse need protecting?" Ranen asked. "Good question." Madison said, looking at them. "Because I... I tore holes into the fabric of spacetime." Debbie reluctantly revealed. "Wait, what?" Jake questioned. "How did you do that?" Tori asked, "By trying to save the world." Debbie said. "We can relate. Well, not to a screw up THAT big, but ya know, even heroes mess up." Nick said, awkwardly. "Should we be concerned?" Audrey asked. "I'm wondering this as well." Ranen said. "No, no. All that means is that it's now easier for people to hop between worlds. But, we're tracking these people down and handling it." Sandy said. "It must of got real bad, considering you two crash landed here." Tori noted. "Actually, that was about a whole other thing." Sandy said. "Our team got a call from a superhero on our world. She said that we were needed to help stop an alien invasion." Debbie explained. "Alien invasion? So we were right about aliens having something to do with this." Cynthia said. "Flash forward a few days later, all our friends and allies were replaced with impostors who tried to murder us." Sandy said. "We barely escaped with our lives." Debbie said. "Which led to your crash landing here." Ranen summarized. "Exactly." Debbie said. "Well, you're free to stay here until your ship is fixed." Ranen said. "Thank you." Sandy said. "Speaking of that, I'm gonna get right on it." Zero said. "Mind if I join you, bud? Been a while since we worked together on something." Trent asked. "Sure thing." Zero said, nodding "Real knights, huh? You guys mind showing me some of your moves while I'm here?" Sandy asked. "If it helps you beat aliens when you go home - then sure." Cameron joked. As Sandy and the knights took off, we see Madison and the girls approach Debbie. "We think what you can do is really cool." Madison said. "I haven't even seen what you all can do!" Debbie said. "Flying is up there on the list, certainly." Tori replied. "Yeah, I noticed the wings." Debbie said, smiling. "Hmm, I have a fun idea." Audrey said. "What's that?" Cynthia asked. "Well, we all can fly..." Audrey said. "What are you suggesting? Like, a race?" Debbie asked. "A race!" Audrey confirmed, excitedly. "A sky race? Should be pretty fun." Madison said, nodding. ---- Jelliens' Mothership On the mothership, we see the real Katherine, Peter, Melondy, Tim, Tomoya, and Marshall all locked up in prisoner cells. "Where the heck are we?" Marshall asked. "I think we're on a massive spaceship." Melondy said. "After the explosion... we got kidnapped by the Jelliens. It's all fuzzy, but I remember them putting us in pods." Tim said. "I remember that too. They put all kinds of cords around my head." Katherine said, having blurry memories. "What were the purpose of the pods they had us in? And why did they move us to these prisoner cells?" Peter questioned. "Tomoya, you're a scientist, what do you think?" Melondy asked. "They were tapping into our mental processes." Tomoya said, thinking it over. "For what reason?" Katherine asked. "I don't know, but I wish I had my video cam. I mean, we're on an alien spaceship!" Tomoya said, switching to excitement. Katherine tried to use her telekinesis to blast her way out of the cell. "I can't break the glass. It's like my powers are weak." Katherine noted. "Same here. I can't phase my way out." Marshall said. "Maybe they have some kind of meta dampening technology in the cells." Tomoya said, barely able to produce frost. At that moment, we see Jarvix enter the room. "It's a Jellien." Melondy said. "My name's Jarvix." Jarvix said. "YOU! You're the guy who kidnapped Analise. WHERE IS SHE?" Katherine asked. "Why isn't she in this cell block with the rest of us?" Tim questioned. "Analise is safe, I can promise. They have her held up in another room, questioning her." Jarvix told them. "If you guys harm her, I will tear this spaceship in half at the slightest possible opportunity." Katherine threatened. "You might wanna be nicer to me. After all, I'm here to give you some information." Jarvix said. "Why?" Melondy asked. "My aunt - the Queen Jellien, just revealed to me that she had my parents executed." Jarvix told them. "What does this have to do with us?" Marshall questioned. "I started thinking it over. That maybe my people have gone too far in this quest for preservation." Jarvix said. "Why were we in those pods?" Katherine asked. "They had you all hooked up to cords that sent your mental and physical attributes to some Jelliens on your Earth." Jarvix revealed. "I'm not getting it..." Melondy said. "Impostors." Tomoya said, understanding. "Wait, what?" Tim asked. "There are Jelliens impersonating us???" Katherine questioned, in anger. "There were, but the plan went sideways." Jarvix said. "What does that mean?" Peter asked. "I guess your friends on Earth must of figured it out. The Jellien who impersonated Tomoya had his implant device destroyed somehow." Jarvix revealed. "Idiots, all of you. Debbie and Sandy were too smart to fall for your tricks." Melondy said. "Well, the ladies certainly took off with their tails between their legs. They hopped universes, and Seid's minions were sent to find them." Jarvix said. "Help us out of here, so we can put an end to all of this." Katherine said. "I'm not sure I can do such, but I at least wanted you all to know what you were up against - should you escape. Oh, and by the way... this isn't just any ol' spaceship. This is the Jellien Mothership. Good luck finding your way out." Jarvix said, taking off. Katherine sighed. "Debbie and Sandy will get us out of this. I know it." Tim said. ---- Central Karmania In the nearby woods, we see Debbie, Madison, Cynthia, Tori, and Audrey. "Alright, set up the parameters for this thing!" Debbie said. "How about from here to that big tree all the way on the other side?" Madison said, pointing. "Sounds good. Everyone in agreement?" Audrey asked. "Let's do this, ladies!" Cynthia said. The five flew into the sky. "ON YOUR MARK..." Debbie started. "GET SET..." Tori said. "GO!" Madison said, as everyone took off. At the base, we see Sandy and Cameron sparring against each other in a training room. "C'mon, Cam! Strike her down!" Nick cheered. Jake gives him a glare. "Oh, well I didn't mean to suggest that I wanted Sandy to lose, or that I wanted Cam to strike down a female. I-I-I just meant that he's my friend, so I wanna see him win. Not that Sandy isn't a friend, just that I know her less well." Nick rambled. "I love that guy!" Sandy laughed, as she avoided a strike from Cameron's sword. Sandy jumps up to strike Cameron, but he blocks with his sword, as they clash against each other. "Give each other some space!" Jake called out. Sandy and Cameron back up. Cameron runs and strikes at Sandy, but she slides out of the way. Sandy throws another slash, as Cameron manages to hit her sword out of her hand. Sandy quickly pulls out a small knife from her sleeve, hitting Cameron's sword away with it. Sandy grabs Cameron by the shirt, pulling him close to her. "I guess you're the better swordsman." Sandy said. "I guess you're better at stealth." Nick said, smiling. "But we're both pretty good at strategy." Sandy said, as she releases her hold. "Maybe these two need a room." Jake joked, whispering to Nick. "Thanks for lending me your sword, Jake." Sandy said, throwing it to him. Jake catches it perfectly. "You're impressive." Jake said. "Cam here is the impressive one. Amazing what the blind are capable of." Sandy said. "Wait, you know?" Cameron asked. "I noticed your pupils. You don't really respond to visual stimuli - you use your other senses." Sandy said. Cameron nodded. "I didn't mean to offend or suggest you were more or less powerful because of your blindness." Sandy said. "Don't worry, I don't think that." Cameron said, giving her a warm smile. "So, Sandy... how did you get the name Red Widow?" Nick questioned. "I think that's a little too PG-13 for this nice world you got here." Sandy replied. "Say no more!" Nick said, as everyone laughed. Meanwhile, the guardians and Debbie were seen returning to the base. "Ah, there you all are. Had a fun race?" Ranen asked. The girls blush. "You overheard?" Madison asked. "Yes. Anyway, I have received some troubling reports." Ranen said. "What is it, Ranen?" Audrey asked. "Reports of massive fires in the Nature Wilds." Ranen revealed. "Most likely not natural, huh?" Madison guessed. "I believe it may be the work of an enemy. Perhaps a fire elemental." Ranen said. "Fire?" Debbie whispered to herself, thinking of Flare. "We'll check this out." Madison said, pulling out the Heart. "Trent and Zero are busy fixing the Skyripper, but I'm sure a few of the other knights can be of assistance." Ranen said. "I'd like to help too." Debbie spoke out. Everyone looked at her. "I mean, I'm not getting home until my ship is fixed. Mine as well make myself useful. After all, you guys have shown me and Sandy such hospitality." Debbie said. "We'd love for you to tag along. Perhaps you can be something of a secret weapon." Madison said. Debbie smiled. In the Nature Wilds, we see Flare blast another tree with fire. "WHEN IS THE UNIVERSAL GUARDIAN GONNA COME?" Flare asked, frustrated. "Which guardian are you so upset with?" Thorn asked. "Her temper tantrums are worse than mine." Morgana said. "Ya know, I'm starting to think that you guys have no idea what we're after." Shadow said. "Shadow's right. Explain yourself, shark face!" Flare said, insulting Vexacus. "HEY! No one calls him shark face except me. I do it best." Morgana said. "Guys, lets not lose our heads. By the way, where is your quiet friend?" Thorn asked, referring to Syphon. "Stayed behind to watch the Fireflyer. Meanwhile, I continue to waste my time burning these trees!" Flare complained. Suddenly, a whirlpool of water is seen dissipating the flames on a tree. "They're here!" Vexacus said, grinning. The guardians, Jake, and Cameron arrive, walking into the clearing. "Do you guys ever get sick of being evil?" Jake asked. "And who are they?" Madison asked, looking at Flare and Shadow. Flare produces flames in her hands. "I guess she's the one responsible for the fires." Audrey said. "Ya think?" Tori asked, sarcastically. "None of you are who we're looking for. So, get out of our way." Shadow said. "Wait, they're not?" Morgana questioned. "It's time for all of you to be wiped out for good. I've grown tired of dealing with you pests." Vexacus said. "Yeah? Well, wait until you meet her." Madison said. At that moment, Debbie is seen flying into the area, landing on the ground with great force. Debbie blasts Vexacus with heat vision, as he hits a tree. "That's who we're here for! KILL HER!" Flare said, throwing fire bolts. The heroes avoid the fire bolts, as the fight begins. Morgana and Thorn unleash their beast forms. "How interesting..." Debbie said, flying toward them. Morgana shoots a web at Debbie, as she is pinned to a tree. Jake runs to cut her out with his sword, but he is hit by a wave of dark energy, compliments of Shadow. Shadow runs to finish off Jake, but is hit with one of Tori's whirlpool blasts. Thorn sends out a poison blast at Cameron, which he blocks with his shield. Madison creates an electric whip, hitting Thorn with it. Thorn roars in pain, sending out a poison blast at Madison. Madison flies away. Cynthia hurls boulders at Flare, who burns through them with powerful fire bolts. Debbie uses her heat vision to blast out of the web. "I'm free!" Debbie exclaims. Audrey creates a powerful wind gust around Morgana, as she sends her flying at Debbie. "DEBBIE, NOW!" Audrey yells. Debbie uses the full extent of her super strength to punch Morgana mid air. The punch sends Morgana flying halfway through the Nature Wilds. "Whoa!" Audrey said. Cameron and Madison avoid more poison blows from Thorn, as she chases them nearby a riverbank. Thorn, tired of the chase, jumps at them. Madison and Cameron jump out of the way as she falls into the river. Madison shoots an electric blast at the water, which electrocutes Thorn. "I didn't exactly mean to do that. There was no other choice." Madison said. "We can't worry right now, we need to help the others." Cameron said, as the two ran back to the clearing. Jake, Debbie, Cynthia, Audrey, and Tori jump out of the way of Flare's explosive fire attacks. Jake slides across the ground, landing near Shadow. Shadow awakens, as Jake tries to slice him with his sword, but Shadow blasts it away with dark energy. "You tried to kill me just now!" Shadow said, as they both got up. "I don't know what came over me, but I know you're dangerous!" Jake said, putting up a fight stance. Shadow quickly grabbed Jake's neck. "You have no idea..." Shadow said, trying to use his dark energy to drain Jake's life force. At first Jake began to turn grey, but the effect stopped. "What...? This usually works." Shadow said. Jake knees him in between the legs. "Oww!" Shadow said, as Jake punches him out. "Give it up! You can't take all of us!" Madison said, joining the others in sending blows at Flare. "I won't have to!" Flare said, looking at the sky. The Fireflyer flies above, as it shoots out fire bolts at all the heroes. "Run!" Madison yelled. Everyone moved out of the way, as a line of fire divided the heroes from Flare, Shadow, and the ship. "I can handle this wall of fire!" Tori said. "Don't! Let Flare leave. She knows she can't win." Debbie said. Flare was seen lifting Shadow's unconscious body, as she takes him onto the ship. The Fireflyer takes off into the sky, disappearing into a breach of light. "Syphon probably came to their rescue. On the plus side, they've left this universe." Debbie said. "And it looks like Vexacus escaped in the heat of all this." Jake said, noticing his body's disappearance from near the tree. ---- Jelliens' Mothership Jarvix is seen in his room, as there's a knock on the door. "Come in." Jarvix said. Stella and Gillard appear. "What have you been up to?" Gillard asked. "Nothing much." Jarvix said. "You sure? Not visiting the prisoner heroes?" Stella said. "How'd you know?" Jarvix asked, standing up. "You didn't erase every piece of video footage. We heard some of what you said, you idiot!" Stella replied. "You didn't take it to Queen Liza, did you?" Jarvix asked. "No, we deleted it. But, you're lucky it was us and not someone else." Gillard said. "Treachery in our society doesn't end well." Stella said. "Trust me, I know. Liza had my parents killed for it." Jarvix said. "What?" Gillard asked. "How do you know?" Stella asked. "She told me. My parents were against their 'impostor technology', and were killed for it!" Jarvix divulged. "Her own sister... it's unthinkable." Stella said. "There's no way to change that now. Fall in line, Jarvix." Gillard said. "Or else what?" Jarvix asked, intensely. "You'll probably meet a fate worse than your parents." Gillard said. "Gillard's right. We're your friends, so listen to us. Please." Stella said. Jarvix bowed his head. ---- Central Karmania At the base, we see the gang telling Ranen, Zero, Nick, Trent, and Sandy of what happened. "Well, at least Flare, Shadow, and Syphon are gone now." Sandy said. "Yeah, gone back to our world to help an alien species take over it!" Debbie said. "Stress is a killer, Debbie. Do not let it consume you." Ranen told her. Debbie nodded. "Are the repairs on the ship done?" Debbie asked. "Yes, Zero was amazing!" Sandy said. "You and Trent made for good help." Zero said. "And the program we installed into your A.I system really helped speed up the process." Trent said. "A.I system?" Jake asked. "We call her Lillian." Sandy said. "Cool." Madison said. "Well, we should get going. Our friends probably aren't in the position to save themselves." Debbie said. "Yeah." Sandy said. "Thank you guys, for everything." Debbie said, as she and Sandy started off. "Wait!" Madison said, as she and the girls looked at each other. Debbie and Sandy turned around "Me, Tori, Cynthia, and Audrey have been talking, and... we don't think it was a coincidence that the multiverse sent you guys here." Madison said. "What are you saying?" Debbie asked. "We think you guys were meant to meet us." Audrey said. "Why so?" Sandy asked. "Because we're gonna help you save your friends." Tori said. "You guys wanna come with us?" Debbie questioned. "You guys are in way over your head. You'll need all the help you can get." Madison said. "This is a nice gesture, but I do wanna point out that you don't know how long this will take." Ranen said. "Well, time moves differently on different universes. That's how it can be the middle of summer here, but late winter on our world." Debbie revealed. "So you're saying that a week on your world could equal up to a day here?" Jake asked. "Exactly." Debbie said. "We wanna help them. Perhaps the guys can stay and continue our other engagements." Madison said. "Then I wish you all good luck." Ranen said. "Actually, I'm coming with." Jake said. "You are?" Madison asked. "Mom and dad would kill me if I let you die on an alternate world! So, yeah..." Jake said. "Best of luck, guys." Cameron said, nodding. Debbie, Sandy, Madison, Tori, Cynthia, Audrey, and Jake all boarded the Skyripper. "This is pretty neat!" Madison said. "I must say, it's a pleasure to be reunited again, Captain Cheeks." Lillian said. "Who said that?" Tori asked. "Our A.I., Lillian." Sandy stated. Lillian's virtual head appeared over the central console. "Lillian, nice to be reunited as well!" Sandy said. "Did you forget about me?" Debbie asked, humorously. "Of course not, miss Universal Guardian." Lillian said. "So, Ranen told me you guys had a race. Who won?" Jake asked Audrey in a whisper. "Sorry babe, the results are top secret. The world will never know." Audrey said, giggling. "Haha, very funny. You're so telling me later." Jake said. "Alright everyone, strap in. We're about to hop universes." Sandy said, sitting in the pilot's seat. Madison and Jake looked at each other. "Did you ever think our lives would get this weird?" Madison asked Jake. Jake shrugged. Debbie, Jake, and the guardians all strapped in. ---- Kelp Labs At Kelp Labs, F.I.N agents were all over the perimeters. In the main room, Director Payne addressed Tyrone and Adam. "The bodies of the Jelliens who impersonated your friends have been recovered from multiple areas of the building." Payne revealed. "Good - maybe now we can question the suckers." Tyrone said. "... The mental implants in their heads had a kill switch. Once the Jelliens got sign that their impostors were discovered, they flipped the switch if you know what I mean." Payne told them. "Murderers. They're cold blooded murderers!" Tyrone said. "Maybe we could of seen this coming if your stupid agency had just given us the information we needed!" Adam blamed. "You're blaming this on my agency? We don't HAVE information on these so called Jelliens." Payne admitted. "So, F.I.N is as useless as everyone else. Not surprising." Tyrone said. "Useless? You have NO IDEA what we've found." Payne said. "AND WHAT WOULD THAT BE?" Sandy's voice was heard. Sandy, Debbie, Jake, and the guardians arrived inside the room. "You guys are okay!" Tyrone said. "We were worried about you. Glad we don't have to be." Debbie said, smiling. "Debbie? Sandy?" Bonnie said, walking in. "Bonnie, hey!" Sandy said. "Who are your..uh..new friends?" Bonnie asked. "I'm wondering as well." Payne said. "I'm Jake - a knight from Karmania." Jake said. "And I'm Madison. That's Tori, Audrey, and Cynthia. We're guardians of Karmania." Madison stated. "What the heck is Karmania?" Bonnie asked. "They're here to help. More than I can say about your agency." Sandy said, looking at Payne. "Guys, I'd like you to meet Bonnie Morse. She's a hero known as Black Clam." Debbie said. "So... this world just has superheroes walking around? And aliens?" Tori asked, with a hint of sarcasm. "Well, to be fair, yours has monsters." Debbie said. "Beasts." Tori corrected. "Same difference." Sandy said. "I think we're getting off track here." Audrey said. "Right. Payne, you were saying that you found something?" Sandy asked. "Sightings of the Jelliens' crafts have been sparse and random." Payne said. "True. A ship appeared once in Bikini Bottom, which kidnapped Analise." Debbie said. "And again on the night of the explosion at the barn house." Adam said. "Which is probably when they made the switch." Debbie said. "Exactly, but now we know why they haven't come up on any scanning aside from those incidents." Payne said. "I think I know what you're about to say." Jake pondered. Everyone looked at him. "The Jelliens aren't just from outer space. They're from another universe." Jake said. Everyone was shocked. Sandy and Debbie looked at Payne. "It's true." Payne said. "That's why I haven't been able to track them. It all makes sense." Adam said. "That's also why they haven't launched a full on invasion yet. THEY CAN'T." Sandy noted. "What you're saying is they can't breach their entire army over to this universe. Only one ship at a time." Bonnie said. "Well, lets be thankful that no full scale invasion is happening. However, they still have your friends." Cynthia said. "F.I.N has found the coordinates of their mothership within this alternate universe. One benefit of the multiverse being more open than ever." Payne said. "Great, we could take the Skyripper and go get your friends." Madison said, looking at Debbie. "We can't. Zero's program helped the ship, but it still isn't at full power yet. I don't think it'll be able to hop another universe so soon after we just came to this one." Sandy said. "We could wait it out." Payne said. "No. I'm not giving the Jelliens any further opportunity or time to hurt my friends." Debbie said. "So what do we do?" Madison asked. "Madison, what if we could use the Heart to open up a portal?" Debbie asked. "I don't think the Heart of Karmania is able to open a portal to an entirely different universe." Madison said. "I have an idea, but I'm gonna need the Heart. And a lab." Sandy said. Madison raised her eyebrows. ---- Karmania Back on The Guardian, we see Skipper making more coffee. "Uh, Skipper... any word from Ranen or the others?" Elana asked. "Just that Jake and the guardians left to an alternate universe to fight aliens. But, Trent made that sound normal..." Skipper said. "Yeah well, normal went out the window a long time ago. I think I'd forgotten how much of a shock it can be to find out something truly bizarre." Elana said. "Like when you first found out about Cynthia and the others being Karmanian warriors?" Skipper asked, with a chuckle. "Yeah, so I can relate to what someone else might be feeling right now." Elana said, with an expression of worry. ---- Kelp Labs Everyone awaited for Sandy and Madison to return. "I wonder what they're working on. It's been like an hour." Debbie said. "Patience is a virtue, but I'm getting real antsy." Tyrone said. In a corner, Cynthia and Audrey approached Bonnie. "I have to say, I really like your costume. Even if there's not enough of the yellow piping you were going for." Cynthia said, examining her super suit. "Well, thank you, but dressing in mostly black is good for covert missions." Bonnie said. "Okay, okay, I just have to say it! I'm a big fan of superheroes and comic books, and apparently there's loads of them in this world. I'm really excited to meet the rest of your allies! NOT that I'm excited that they're kidnapped and we have to rescue them, but just that I'll get a chance to see more superheroes. Okay, now I sound like Nick. Sorry." Audrey said. "She's a really passionate person." Cynthia said. "I can see!" Bonnie said. "What's the device around your neck?" Audrey asked. "The Clam Cry. Allows me to produce sonic waves by screaming." Bonnie said. "Interesting. I control sonic waves. We could make a pretty great team on the battlefield one day." Audrey said. "Looking forward to it." Bonnie said, smiling. At that moment, Sandy and Madison returned to the room. "Took you long enough." Payne said. "What did you guys do?" Debbie asked. "We went to the Skyripper, where I got the Inifinity Jewel. In the lab, I incised a small piece off and held it to the Heart." Sandy said. "Then what happened?" Jake asked. "The piece merged with the Heart!" Madison said. "I ran some tests to make sure the Heart was stable and... well, it is." Sandy said. Tyrone uploaded the coordinates to a projector screen. "Is that where we need to go?" Madison asked. "Yes." Tyrone said. Madison pulled out the Heart, creating a portal. "This needs to be a small mission. Only the heavy hitters." Jake said. "I'm going." Debbie said. "Me and my girls will go as well." Madison said. "Be careful. You guys don't know what's beyond that portal." Sandy said. "We'll be fine." Debbie said. Madison, Cynthia, Audrey, and Tori transformed. "Whoa, these ladies are fairies?" Payne asked. "No, mermaids..." Bonnie said. "A combination of both. It's the only thing that makes sense." Tyrone said, rubbing his chin. "Okay guys, we're gonna get going." Madison said, laughing. Going through the portal, Debbie and the guardians appeared inside the mothership's docking room. "Are we on the mothership?" Cynthia questioned. "This must be a storage for all their small crafts." Madison said. "Oooh, there's a lavender one." Cynthia said, admiring it. Suddenly, the girls heard footsteps. The five hid behind the lavender ship, as three engineers came in. "Let's knock them out." Madison whispered. "Anyone got a non violent approach?" Debbie questioned. "I got this." Tori said. Tori threw herself out onto the walkway. "Hey, you're not supposed to be here! How'd you - " one of the engineers said. " - Shut up and fall asleep." Tori said, using her mind control power. The three passed out. "Three Jelliens down, likely three thousand to go." Cynthia joked. "Tell me about it." Debbie said. Madison searched through the engineers' pockets. "What are you looking for?" Audrey asked. "Got it! A floor map." Madison said, showing the others. "Great, let's see where they might be keeping my friends." Debbie said. Madison opened up the map. "There appears to be two sets of prisoner chambers on both sides of the ship." Madison said. "We should split up and check both." Debbie said. "There's two maps, so that can work." Madison said, handing one to Debbie. "Uh, Audrey, wanna join me?" Debbie asked. "Sure thing." Audrey said. "Alright, Cynthia and Tori will go with me. Everyone keep your coms on." Madison said. The scene shifts, as we see the heroes still locked up in their cells. "Help is coming. I'm confident." Peter said. "There's a control room above." Katherine said, noticing a window overlooking the cell block. "I think I can see a guard from here." Peter said. "Any chance they might be a nice Jellien - and ya know... let us out?" Tim questioned. "No." Melondy said. "I wasn't being serious." Tim said, sighing. On the lower deck of the mothership, we see Madison, Cynthia, and Tori treading the halls. The halls on the lower deck were quiet and very dim. "Footsteps!" Tori whispered, as the girls paused. A group of Jelliens went passed, as they didn't spot the girls. "That was a close one, but we have to keep moving." Madison said. "HELP! HEEEELP!" a voice was heard, along with sounds of punching. "You guys hear that?" Cynthia asked. "I mean, it was pretty loud, Cynth.." Tori said. "There's no time for your stupid sarcasm!" Cynthia said. "Guys, focus. It sounds like those cries for help came from the upper level." Madison said, looking at the map. "There's an interrogation room up there. They could have someone." Cynthia said, as also looked at the map. "Someone they're probably torturing." Tori said, concerned. "You two go, I'll continue on." Madison said. Cynthia and Tori took off up a flight of stairs, as Madison continued on alone. As Madison turned down a corner, she ran into Stella and Gillard. "Oh crap..." Madison said, as they spotted her. "Well, aren't you an interesting creature." Gillard said. "She's no ordinary fish." Stella remarked, pulling out her blasters. "I'm not - which is why you don't wanna fight." Madison threatened. "We'll take our chances." Stella said, smiling. Stella shot at her with the blasters. Madison created a small force field of electricity, avoiding the blows. As Stella ran at her, Madison shot the electricity at her. "AHHH!" Stella screamed, being electrocuted. Gillard threw a punch at Madison, as she dodged. Madison created an electric whip, striking him across the face - effectively knocking him out. "Well, that was easy!" Madison said. All of a sudden, Madison heard a whoosh. Seid appeared, using his speed to quickly pin Madison against a wall. "I don't know who you are, but as I don't have time for explanations, I'm just going to get rid of you." Seid said, holding her by the neck. "I'm no-t ea-sy to get rid of!" Madison said, managing to zap him back with electricity. As Madison regained her posture, Seid used his super speed to quickly punch her out. "Hmm... interesting specimen. Maybe I won't get rid of you so soon." Seid said, smiling. In the control room, we see a Jellien guard listening to a music device. Suddenly, the door is blasted open by Debbie's laser beams. "HEY!" the man said, pulling out his ear phones. Debbie and Audrey walk in. "Alright, you can make this really easy or really hard." Debbie said. The man jumped out of his chair, reaching for his blasters. Audrey quickly sent him flying back with a wind gust. "Nice work. Now let's get the heroes out of their cells." Debbie said, approaching a control panel. In the prisoner block below, we see the cells open up. "... This is weird." Katherine said, stepping out. "I knew rescue was on it's way!" Peter said. "Was it Debs and Sandy?" Marshall questioned. "Actually, it was Debs and Audrey." Debbie said, walking into the room. "Debbie!" Marshall and Tomoya both cheered. "Who's your friend?" Tim asked. "I'm Audrey... and you're Barnacle Boy!" Audrey said. "Uh, well I guess my costume gives that away." Tim said, laughing. Audrey is seen containing her excitement. "Are you okay?" Tim asked. "Sorry! It's just, where I come from, I have all your comic books!" Audrey said. "She's a passionate comic book and superhero fan." Debbie said, smiling. "She's also half mermaid, half... fairy? Where did you say she was from again?" Katherine asked, skeptical. "I didn't." Debbie said, side eyeing Katherine. "I'm from another universe." Audrey said. "Wow, okay..." Katherine said. "Ya know what, we need to get back to the docking room and wait for the others." Debbie said. "There are others?" Katherine asked. "Let's just get going." Marshall said. The scene shifts, as we see Analise strapped to a chair inside the interrogation room. A Jellien stood before her, as he punches her in the face again. "Now, give us what we want and this can stop." the man said. "I'll never tell you anything about my friends." Analise said, spitting out blood. "Then you'll die." the man threatened. Analise looks at a clock in the room. "Actually in three seconds, two girls will come in here and free me." Analise said. "Wait, what?" the man asked. Cynthia and Tori barge into the room. "Told ya." Analise said, rolling her eyes. The man turns around, as Cynthia uses telekinesis to hit him over the head with a pipe. "Gotta love conveniently placed pipes." Cynthia joked. Tori frees Analise from her binds. "Took you guys long enough." Analise said. "You knew we were coming?" Tori questioned. "Yes. You're Tori and you're Cynthia. I would of waited for the introductions to play out, but I don't think we have the time." Analise said, stretching. "How do you know all this?" Cynthia asked. "Oh, I'm psychic. Had a vision where all this played out already." Analise revealed. "As cool as that is, and as much as I wanna discuss it... we need to - " Tori started. " - Go find Madison." Analise finished, as she started out the door. Tori and Cynthia gave each other an odd glare. The scene shifts, as we see Madison hand-cuffed to a bed in a hospital-like room. "Rise and shine, young lady." Seid said, creepily. "Let me go!" Madison said, shaking the cuffs. "You're a very interesting creature, you know that?" Seid asked. "I'm not a creature. I think that title is reserved for your predatory behavior. I mean, having me hand cuffed to this bed? I don't know what you're into, but I want no parts in it." Madison said. "That's funny, because you made yourself a part of it. I'm assuming you came here with Debbie Rechid in order to rescue her superhero friends." Seid said. "Why are you working with hostile aliens if you aren't one?" Madison asked. "It's all about power with me. Right now, I'm quite interested in your power." Seid said, stroking her cheek. "Get away from me!" Madison said. "Me and you are going to get very personal, very soon. I'd like to dissect you - and find out what makes you tic." Seid said, walking in circles. "If you hurt me... my brother and his army will find you." Madison threatened. "Are you talking about those silly knights of Karmania? That's where you're from, right?" Seid asked. "How do you know?" Madison asked. "Fun fact... I've been to your universe before. I actually sent some associates there recently to take out Debbie and Sandy Cheeks." Seid revealed. "Flare and Shadow? You should know that they failed. You will too." Madison said. Seid began to vibrate his hand, as he was about to stick it through Madison's heart. "STOP!" a voice was heard. Queen Liza entered. "Excuse me?" Seid questioned. "You will not kill her. In fact, this girl is needed to get back to her friends." Liza said. "Why are you doing this?" Seid asked, curious. "You're the Queen of the Jelliens?" Madison asked. "And you're a guardian of Karmania." Liza said, pulling out the Heart. "Give that to me!" Madison said, angrily. "Release her, Seid. She's the only one who can get her allies off this ship and back home." Liza said. "Debbie's here?" Seid asked. "I've gotten reports of a prison break." Liza told him. "So we're just gonna let them get away?" Seid asked. "I gave you an order." Liza said. "I'm not one of your people." Seid said. "No, but you're on my ship. And remember, this is a partnership." Liza said. "Fine." Seid said, unlocking Madison's cuffs. As Madison got up, Liza handed her the Heart. "Uh... thanks?" Madison said, taking off. "What is your play here, Liza?" Seid asked. "Our little superhero friends have already played themselves." Liza hinted. In the docking room, we see Debbie, Audrey, and the rescued heroes. "Alright, lemme see if I got this!" Audrey said. "Go!" Melondy said. "Melondy." Audrey said, pointing at her. "Lady Quick." Melondy said. "Katherine." Audrey said, pointing at her. "Miss Appear." Katherine said. "Tim." Audrey said, pointing at him. "Barnacle Boy." Tim said. "Tomoya." Audrey said, pointing at him. "Cold Reef!" Tomoya said, excitedly. "Peter." Audrey said, pointing at him. "The Quickster." Peter said. "Aaaand... Marshall." Audrey said, pointing at him. "Crossfade." Marshall said. "YES!" Audrey said, successfully remember their names. At that moment, we see Madison, Analise, Cynthia, and Tori enter. "ANALISE!" Katherine yelled, running to hug her. "I missed you so much." Analise said, squeezing her tight. "Hey, Madison... you seemed pretty shaken when we ran into you in the hall. Everything okay?" Cynthia asked in a whisper. "Fine." Madison said, giving a half-hearted smile. "Alright Madison, open up the portal back home." Debbie said. The portal opened to Kelp Labs, as the heroes all stepped out. Sandy, Bonnie, Adam, Tyrone, Jake and all the F.I.N agents cheered, as they were thankful that the mission was a success. "You brought them all home." Sandy said, hugging Debbie. "We did." Debbie said, grasping Sandy's hands. Jake and Audrey were seen hugging. "How was it?" Jake asked. "It was actually quite a rush." Audrey said, smiling. "I'm glad we were able to help..." Madisons said, walking over to them. "Yeah, now we can get home." Jake said. "Maybe not yet, bro." Madison said, feeling guilty. "Madison, you look sick. Are you okay?" Jake asked. "I need to talk to Debbie." Madison said. Madison pulled Debbie into a secluded corner. "Mads, what's up?" Debbie asked. "I was separated from Tori and Cynthia for a time. I ran into this speedster guy, and he clocked me." Madison told her. "Well... obviously you're okay now." Debbie said. "That's not the end of it. When I woke up, the Queen of the Jelliens, Liza... had the Heart." Madison said. "And she gave it back to you...?" Debbie said, thinking it was strange. "She MADE Seid let me go first. After that, she gave me the Heart and just let all of us escape." Madison said. "That's weird... but, why are you worried?" Debbie asked. "You're not getting it. I think the Jelliens may have derived power or specs from the Heart in order to increase the power in their dimension breaching technology." Madison theorized. Debbie's eyes opened wide. "I'm so sorry." Madison said. "Everything okay over here?" Jake asked, as everyone in the room stared at them. "No..." Debbie said. "Debbie... what's wrong?" Payne questioned. "We need to prepare for full scale invasion." Debbie announced. TO.BE.CONTINUED Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: (all from alternate universes) Debbie Rechid/Universal Guardian, Sandy Cheeks/Red Widow, Flare, Shadow, Syphon, Katherine/Miss Appear, Peter/The Quickster, Melondy/Lady Quick, Tim/Barnacle Boy, Marshall/Crossfade, Seid, Director Payne, Bonnie Morse/Black Clam, Tyrone, Adam, Queen Liza, Jarvix, Stella, Gillard. -Area Debuts: Teenjverse (New Kelp City, Kelp Labs), Unnamed Jellien Universe (Jelliens' Mothership, Outer Space) -Third part of the Crisis of the Jelliens crossover. -With help from the guardians, Debbie manages to rescue the captured heroes from the Jelliens' mothership. -Audrey's love for comic books and superheroes are referenced again. -It is revealed that the Jelliens may have extracted power from Madison's Heart of Karmania, thus allowing them to breach their full army to Debbie's universe.
  11. Stephen Hawking Dead at 76

    I've always enjoyed reading his opinions on extraterrestrials and the like. R.I.P Mr. Hawking </3
  12. The Quickster

    This episode continues a crossover that started with Miss Appear (Part 1), and will continue on Mystic Guardians (Part 3), and Knights of the Multiverse (Part 4). The Quickster Ep.13 (Part 2) New Kelp City As the episode opens, we see news reporters, police officers, firefighters, and F.I.N agents at the barn house on the outskirts of the city. Debbie is seen flying to the area, landing on the ground below. "BACK AWAY, WE'RE SEALING THE PERIMETER!" a firefighter said to reporters. "Debbie?" Director Payne asked, seeing her land to the ground. "Payne, I saw what happened on the News." Debbie said, walking over to him. "The heroes were inside?" Payne questioned. "Yes, they were following up on a lead. It lead here, but now I realize that it was a trap! They could be injured or DEAD!" Debbie said, out of breath. "Debbie, calm down!" Payne said, trying to comfort her. Debbie held in tears. "SOMEONE'S COMING OUT." a firefighter shouted. As the smoke settled, we see Katherine, Peter, Tomoya, Melondy, Tim and Marshall walking toward everyone. All six were seemingly unharmed. "... You guys are okay?" Debbie questioned. "I put up a telekinetic barrier before the blast occurred." Katherine said. "Needless to say, we were all very shocked." Melondy said. "But, we made it out." Tim said. News reporters rushed up to get more statements. The next morning, we see Kelp Labs filled to the brim with the heroes and F.I.N agents. "It's sure getting crowded in here." Debbie said, walking over to Sandy. Sandy was watching the morning News. "Anything interesting?" Debbie asked. "The media is getting suspicious. Within the span of two days there were sightings of a UFO above Bikini Bottom and a barn house explosion on the outskirts of New Kelp City - with six superheroes inside." Sandy said. "You're right. That is pretty... suspect." Peter said, walking over to them. "Yeah. Um, ya know I'm surprised that Katherine was able to so quickly put up a barrier and shield off an explosion she didn't know was coming." Sandy said. "We knew something was weird the second we walked in. If you two were there, you would of understood." Peter said. "Right." Sandy said. "I'm gonna go to the Speed Lab. I need to practice." Peter said, speeding off. "What was that about?" Debbie asked. "Not sure yet... " Sandy said, mysteriously. ---- Jelliens' Mothership On the mothership, we see Jarvix walking down the hall, as he bumps into Queen Liza and Seid. "Auntie..." Jarvix said. "Oh, sweetie... I'd been hoping to run into you. This is my associate, Seid." Liza said. "Your associate is... terran." Jarvix said, confused. "Yes, he is an Earthling." Liza said. "An Earthling who has made all of this possible, boy." Seid said. "I'm no boy, and what do you mean?" Jarvix asked. "Seid here is the one who pointed us in the direction of the world we'll soon be taking over." Liza said. "Speaking on that front... how are we doing?" Jarvix asked. "We made excellent progress last night, actually. Let me and Seid show you what we picked up." Liza said. Liza and Seid led Jarvix into the containment area - a large room hosting multiple pod machines. Inside six machines, we see the real Katherine, Peter, Melondy, Marshall, and Tim. The six are hooked up to cords, which are placed around their heads. "Oh my god." Jarvix said. "Six of Earth's heroes captured." Seid said. "For what reason? We already took that Analise woman as a way of leaving warning." Jarvix said. "This isn't about warnings, it's about strategy." Liza said. "What is the strategy here?" Jarvix asked. "Last night, we tricked the heroes into coming to a barn house. After they entered, we set off an explosion. Before anyone could get to the scene, we switched their real selves out with fakes." Seid revealed. "How is that possible?" Jarvix asked. "For centuries, our species has been working on a technology that allows a person to assume the form of another." Liza revealed. Jarvix looked at the cords around the heroes' heads. "The Jelliens that are impersonating these six have a device implanted inside their heads that establishes a neuro-physical link with their hosts minds and bodies." Liza revealed. "Genius, isn't it?" Seid asked. "Why didn't I know about this technology, auntie?" Jarvix asked. "Very few Jelliens do, except for the higher ups. In fact, your parents strongly opposed it." Liza revealed. "What?" Jarvix questioned. "They tried to leak the truth about the project, which... lead to their deaths." Liza revealed. Jarvix shed a tear. "You killed my parents? YOUR OWN SISTER?" Jarvix asked. "I'm gonna step out now. Give you two some much needed privacy." Seid said, chuckling. "Jarvix, please understand." Liza said, trying to touch him. "Don't touch me." Jarvix said, stepping back. "You think I wanted my own sister murdered? I had no choice! It was out of my hands. She got caught." Liza said. "You're the Queen - you could of done something." Jarvix said. "I'M DOING SOMETHING NOW! By conquering this new world, so that our people and our LEGACY can live on." Liza shouted, shedding tears. Jarvix crossed his arms. "Hate me if you want, but I will give you the world that I promised your mother I would." Liza said, leaving. ---- Kelp Labs Sandy walked up to Payne. "Director, do you and your agents wanna share with us what you have on the Jelliens? Or are you gonna keep scanning all over Kelp Labs?" Sandy questioned. "We're checking this place out for evidence, miss Cheeks." Payne said. "Well, we need info!" Debbie said, walking over to them. "I'm afraid me and my agents are keeping all potential information tight lipped at the moment." Payne said. "Why?" Sandy asked. "Because we don't know who may be compromised!" Payne said. "What do you mean?" Debbie asked. "Last night was weird. All of those heroes walked out without a scratch." Payne said. "It was weird to me too, but... Katherine can make barriers and Marshall can make himself and others intangible." Sandy said. "Well, I don't trust all of you yet. Me and my agents will continue sweeping Kelp Labs, and we'll be out of here soon enough." Payne said, walking off. "AND WHAT ABOUT INFORMATION?" Sandy yelled. Debbie sighed. Tyrone met up with Peter in the Speed Lab. "Peter?" Tyrone called out. Peter stopped speeding. "Hey!" Peter said, sweating. "I know this is a bad time, but we kinda have something to do." Tyrone said. "Yeah, fighting aliens is gonna be no joke." Peter said, grabbing a towel. "Uh, not that." Tyrone said, with a slight chuckle. "Then what?" Peter asked. "Tuesdays...?" Tyrone said. "And?" Peter asked. "We go and see Irene." Tyrone said. "OHHHH, I totally forgot man." Peter said. "Uh huh." Tyrone said, oddly. Sandy enters the room. "Hey, everything alright in here?" Sandy asked. "We're fine. Welcome to the Speed Lab!" Tyrone said, gesturing. "It's pretty cool." Sandy said, smiling. "Me and Peter have somewhere to be, but we'll be right back." Tyrone said. "I don't mean to be nosy, but what exactly?" Sandy asked. "We're going to visit our friend, Irene Hart. She's being held at a mental institution for metafish." Tyrone said. "She's a meta?" Sandy asked. "Yes, her powers just developed recently. When she touches people, she temporarily absorbs their memories and powers - if applicable. If she holds on long enough, she could murder someone." Tyrone said. "Wow, that must be difficult." Sandy said. "It tore her apart. That's why she ended up in the institution." Tyrone said. "You're awfully quiet." Sandy said, looking at Peter. "Uh, well... we should be going now. To see Iris - I MEAN IRENE." Peter said. "Dude, are you okay? Maybe you took more of a hit from that explosion than you think you did." Tyrone said, laughing. Both of them exit, as Sandy looked suspicious. The scene shifts as Peter and Tyrone arrive at Happy Dale institution. "Welcome to Happy Dale, are you here to see a patient?" a nurse asked. "Irene Hart. We're on the visitors list." Tyrone said. Tyrone and Peter were led to Irene's room. "Hey!" Tyrone said, giving her a hug. "It's so good to see you guys." Irene said. "Good to see you too." Peter said, very dryly. "Well, get over here!" Irene said, opening her arms. "Right, right." Peter said, hugging her. "You okay, today?" Irene asked. "More than okay. Cool gloves." Peter said. "These gloves are so I don't accidentally touch people. Not for the aesthetic." Irene said, sitting down. "Peter is a bit preoccupied this week. Sorry." Tyrone said. "From your texts the other day, I pieced together something about aliens and superheroes?" Irene asked in a whisper. "Correct." Tyrone said. "Well, I hope you guys are okay." Irene said. "I'm gonna get a drink of water out in the hall." Peter said, stepping out. "Is Peter acting weird because you finally told him about your own powers?" Irene asked. "Shhh!" Tyrone said. "I don't want him to know yet." Tyrone said. "Why not?" Irene asked. "He has enough to deal with, considering everything going on with you." Tyrone said. "He's your stepbrother. Not to mention the guy you loved a year ago." Irene said. "All of that means nothing. Especially since I'm very unsure that he's himself these days." Tyrone said. "What does that mean?" Irene asked. "When he comes back in... do you mind touching him?" Tyrone asked. "What? Why would you suggest that." Irene asked. "I need to know whats going on in his head. Please, Irene." Tyrone asked of her. "Fine." Irene said. Peter entered the room again. "All good?" Tyrone asked. "Yeah." Peter said. "Uh, Peter... they've actually been working on a treatment for containing my power." Irene lied. "Oh yeah? That's good. So, you can touch people now without harm?" Peter asked. "Exactly. Can I... try on you?" Irene asked. "Sure, yeah." Peter said. Irene took off her glove, touching Peter's face. Peter screamed in pain. Irene let go of his face. "I guess it didn't work, I'm so sorry!" Irene said, faking tears. "It's fine, it's fine. Uh, Tyrone, we should get going now. I'm sure the others need our assistance back at Kelp Labs." Peter said. "Yeah, you can start out. I'll wrap up with Irene." Tyrone said. As Peter left, Tyrone turned to Irene. "So?" Tyrone asked. "It's the strangest thing... it's Peter, but also feels like someone else." Irene said. "You saw Peter's memories, correct?" Tyrone asked. "Yes, but there's a gap after the explosion at the barn house. From there, something feels different about him - about his thinking." Irene said, unsure how to describe it. "I think something terrible has happened, Irene." Tyrone said. "Get to the bottom of it. Find out how compromised our friend is." Irene urged. Tyrone nodded, as he hugged Irene and then took off. In the hallway, Tyrone and Peter see Sun. "Peter! Tyrone! It's great that you're both here." Sun said. "What are you doing here?... Uh, mom." Peter said. "Are you okay, sweetie?" Sun asked, noticing his odd demeanor. "Fine." Peter said, scratching his head. "Uh huh. Well, I just came to visit Irene. They said her room was down this way." Sun explained. "Well, we gotta go mom." Peter said, pulling Tyrone along. "Boys, wait!" Sun said. "What is it, Sun?" Tyrone asked. "Tyrone, me and your father are getting a divorce." Sun revealed. "What? Why?" Tyrone asked. "It wasn't working. His long business trips, my own personal drives keeping me away... it just wasn't working." Sun said. "For what it's worth, you've been a great stepmom." Tyrone said, smiling. "Thank you. Now, I know you two are busy, so I'm gonna let you get going." Sun said, walking off. The scene shifts, as Sandy and Debbie are seen in the Speed Lab. "Hey, F.I.N just cleared out." Debbie said. "And they left us no info, huh?" Sandy questioned. "Not a lick. Said they'd check back in soon." Debbie said. Sandy got a ring on her phone. "A text message from that Tyrone dude." Sandy said. "What does he want? I thought he and Peter were visiting a friend." Debbie said. "He wants to see exclusively you and me. In private." Sandy told her. Debbie and Sandy meet up with Tyrone in an alleyway. "Tyrone... why did you have us meet you in an alley all the way across town?" Debbie asked. "Because I wanted to make sure we wouldn't be heard or found having this convo." Tyrone said. "I think I have a feeling what this is about." Sandy said. "The six heroes, including Peter, who walked out of that barn house explosion last night - I don't think it's them." Tyrone said. Sandy and Debbie looked at each other. "Me and Debbie have noticed some oddities among the heroes as well after last night." Sandy said. "I have noticed differences in Peter. He's not all there. He's spacing out, forgetting things, and hardly recognizing people he loves." Tyrone told them. "So, what... do you guys think they were all compromised?" Debbie questioned. "I think our super acquaintances were switched." Tyrone said. "Switched? With fake versions of themselves... impersonating them?" Debbie asked. "That's what it means, Debs." Sandy said. "Kay, but we have no actual physical evidence of this. Odd behavior aside..." Debbie noted. "Then we need to get some." Tyrone said. "What are you suggesting?" Debbie asked. "I don't know." Tyrone said. "Guys, I have a plan. Listen carefully." Sandy said. The scene shifts, as we see the "heroes" at Kelp Labs. Katherine, Tomoya, Melondy, Marshall, and Tim are grouped together, talking about something. Peter walks up to them. "I think Tyrone's onto us." Peter said. Everyone appeared shaken. "Why would you say that?" Katherine asked. "When we returned to Kelp Labs, he took off - quite frantic might I add. Now, Sandy Cheeks and the Universal Guardian are missing." Peter said. "Our mission here is to kill them. We cannot fail." Melondy said. "Even if they did suspect something, they would still need to return to Kelp Labs. Their ally, Adam is here." Katherine. At that moment, Adam walked into the room. "Hey guys, guess who's all back?!" Adam said, as Sandy and Tyrone entered the room. "Where did you guys go?" Peter asked. "I treated Sandy and Debbie to a meal in the city." Tyrone said. "Yeah, me and Debbie don't know a thing about New Kelp City, and we were starving for something good to eat." Sandy said. "Fighting aliens shouldn't be done on an empty stomach!" Tyrone said, awkwardly. "Where's Debbie?" Tim asked. "Actually, she's in the science lab right now." Tyrone said. "Yeah, she said she wanted to talk to Marshall in private." Sandy said. "Why me?" Marshall asked. "Well, I think she wants to reveal her true feelings to you." Sandy lied. "Romantically?" Marshall asked. "Yes! Yes, that! You remember how close you two have gotten over the last few weeks!" Sandy said. "Yeah, I guess so." Marshall said, taking off. In the science lab, we see Debbie awaiting Marshall. "Marshall, hi!" Debbie said. "What is this about?" Marshall asked, walking over to her. "I just wanted to let you know... before we all die... how I feel about you." Debbie lied, caressing his cheek. "Ya know, Debbie... nothing in my memory even suggests you have these feelings." Marshall said. "I've had these feelings since the minute you first joined me on the Skyripper. Plus, you're really hot. I'm not blind." Debbie said. Marshall put his hand around her waist. "If you're telling the truth... show me." Marshall said. As the two were about to kiss, Marshall was hit over the head with a pole. "AND HE'S OUT!" Sandy said, rushing to lock the door. "Perfect timing. I couldn't stomach faking all of that!" Debbie said. "Yeah, it was getting hard for me to watch." Sandy said. "Is Tyrone gonna get Adam out of Kelp Labs?" Debbie asked. "He should be talking with Adam as we speak." Sandy said. "So... what do we do about Marshall?" Debbie asked. "This is a science room, so... I'll fashion some tools together and get a look into his brain." Sandy said. "Great!" Debbie said. "Help me get him up." Sandy said. Meanwhile, we see Tyrone approach Adam in the kitchen. "Tyrone, hey. Why were you and Sandy acting so weird earlier?" Adam asked. "Adam, I don't know how close you are to Katherine and Tim, but you MUST have noticed that your friends are not themselves today." Tyrone said. "... I didn't wanna say anything, because I thought it might be PTSD or something from the explosion." Adam said. "Adam, you're a brilliant, smart man. Think about it." Tyrone said, grabbing onto his arms. "... The people upstairs aren't our friends." Adam whispered, in fear. "No! They've been switched." Tyrone whispered. "Oh my god, how is this possible? What do we do?" Adam asked, panicking. "Calm down, remain quiet, and come with me." Tyrone said. "Where?" Adam asked. "We're getting out of Kelp Labs!" Tyrone said, pulling him along. As the two men take off down the hallway, they are intercepted by "Tim". "You two aren't going anywhere." Tim said, pointing a ray gun at them. Adam and Tyrone look at each other in fear. In the science lab, we see "Marshall" hooked up to a brain scanning machine. "What the hell is that on the monitor?" Debbie asked, pointing. "Oh my god. It's some kind of transmitter. Implanted directly inside his head." Sandy said. Debbie bowed her head in shock. "Going over the blood work now." Sandy said, reading. "Sandy, is this our Marshall?" Debbie asked. "No. The DNA is definitely not of this world." Sandy said. "We need to get the hell out of here!" Debbie said. "The Skyripper was parked in the basement last night instead of the storage facility next door. We can get on that, get out of here, and reach out for help." Sandy said, pulling out her phone. "What are you doing?" Debbie asked. "Texting Tyrone to meet us with Adam, on board the Skyripper." Sandy said. At that moment, someone was trying to open the room door. "We're busy!" Debbie called out. A telekinetic force violently swung open the door. "Katherine!" Sandy said. "Katherine" appeared, looking sinister. "What are you guys doing to Marshall?" Katherine asked. "That's not Marshall." Debbie said. "And your not Katherine!" Sandy said, quickly tossing a poison dart at her. Katherine stopped it's motion using telekinesis, tossing it to the side. "SANDY, GET TO THE SHIP!" Debbie yelled, flying at Katherine. Sandy ran down the hall, as Debbie tackled Katherine onto the floor. Katherine used a telekinetic blast to push Debbie all the way up to the cieling. As Debbie dropped back down, she was rammed into by Peter. Debbie's body went flinging across the hall. "You can't beat all three of us!" Peter said. "Three?" Debbie asked, standing up. Melondy raced into the area. "Oh, right." Debbie said, sighing. Debbie shot at Melondy with heat vision, blasting her away. Peter quickly grabbed Debbie, throwing her at Katherine. Katherine used telekinesis to rip radiators out of the floor. As Katherine sent them in Debbie's direction, Debbie slapped them out of the way with relative ease. "I'm the Universal Guardian! DO BETTER!" Debbie said. "I CAN! Katherine said, using a telekinetic blast to tear apart the floor under Debbie. Meanwhile, we see Tim taking aim at Adam and Tyrone. "Tim... I know you're in there. Even if it's not you. The real Tim would never hurt me!" Adam said. "You're talking to a brick wall, Adam!" Tyrone said. Tim took the shot, as both of them jumped to avoid the beam. "STOP!" Sandy yelled, running behind him. Tim turned around, as Sandy kicked the gun out of his hand. Tim throws a punch at Sandy, but she dodges and kicks him down by the legs. "He's passed out, lets go!" Sandy said. Sandy, Tyrone, and Adam take off. Debbie crashes down to the Speed Lab, as Katherine and Peter follow her. Katherine controls a chain, wrapping it around Debbie's neck. Debbie coughs, as Peter speeds back and forth hitting him. Debbie manages to kick Peter's leg in while he's running back at her. "AHHH!" Peter screams, as his leg breaks in half. "BITCH BROKE MY LEG!" Peter yelled, laying on the ground in agony. Debbie rips the chain apart, as Katherine turns invisible. Katherine takes punches at her, but Debbie uses her X-Ray vision to grab Katherine by the neck. Katherine becomes visible again. "You're NOTHING like the real Miss Appear." Debbie said, punching the impostor through a wall. Moments later, Debbie is seen making way into the basement where she runs into Sandy, Tyrone and Adam. "You guys made it!" Debbie said. "Where's the ship?" Adam asked. "Over this way." Sandy said, as they all ran. Out of nowhere, an icy gust blasts Sandy and Adam across the floor. Tyrone and Debbie turn around, seeing "Tomoya". "You all forgot about me." Tomoya said, smiling. Tomoya quickly shoots out a cold energy beam at Debbie. "AHH!" Debbie screams, as the cold energy begins to harm her body. "DEBBIE!" Sandy screamed, getting up. "Enjoy turning into a statue, Universal Guardian!" Tomoya said. At that moment, Tyrone produced a massive light beam from his hands, shining it at Tomoya. Tomoya flinched in pain, as Tyrone kept up the beam. Sandy rushed to Debbie's side, as the guardian fell to the floor. "Debbie, come on, you can fight this!" Sandy yelled. "YOU GUYS NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Tyrone said. "Adam's knocked out, and we're not leaving you behind!" Sandy said. "I'LL WORRY ABOUT ADAM. DEBBIE'S TOO IMPORTANT TO LOSE. GET HER OUT OF HERE!" Tyrone said, still holding off Tomoya. Sandy helped Debbie up, as the two made their way onto the Skyripper. On the Skyripper, Debbie and Sandy came onto the bridge, as Sandy sat Debbie in a seat. "I'm beating the chill..." Debbie said, as her body was calming down. "If anyone could, I knew it'd be the Universal Guardian." Sandy said, giving her a smile. "I still feel weak." Debbie said, nearly passing out. "I'm gonna get you out of here!" Sandy said, strapping herself into the pilot seat. Sandy activated the cannons, as the Skyripper blasted out of Kelp Labs. Meanwhile, Tyrone increased the intensity of the light, as it began to burn the implant inside the fake Tomoya's head. The impostor soon turned back into his regular Jellien form, as it passed out on the floor. Tyrone appeared out of breath, as he goes over to check on Adam. "Adam, wake up!" Tyrone said, shaking him. The scene shifts as we see the Skyripper enter the Stasis Zone. "We're in the Stasis Zone?" Debbie asked. "We'll remain here and reach out to F.I.N. Get them to send backup and finally some information." Sandy said. At that moment, an explosion goes off on the outside of the Skyripper. "WHAT WAS THAT?" Debbie asked, as the blast rocked the entire ship. "LILLIAN!" Sandy called out to the ship's A.I. "It would seem that an explosive was planted on the bottom of the sh- " Lillian started, as her voice slurred. "Lillian?" Sandy questioned. Alarms started going off, and the Skyripper began to fall through the Stasis Zone. Sandy and Debbie screamed, as the ship went free falling. "THE JELLIENS MUST OF PLANTED IT ON THE SHIP!" Debbie said. "NO DUH!" Sandy said, holding on tight to her seat. "THE EXPLOSIVE MUST OF AFFECTED THE SHIP'S SYSTEMS." Debbie said. "YA THINK???" Sandy said, sarcastically. The Skyripper continues to fall through the Stasis Zone, as it breaches through into some random universe. The ship flies past a castle, as it crashes into the ground. After some time passes, Sandy and Debbie awaken. "Wha- what the hell?" Sandy asked. "What happened? How long have we been out?" Debbie questioned. Sandy looks at a wrist watch. "About forty five minutes." Sandy said. "Sandy... look." Debbie said, pointing to the windows. "We're underground? Submerged underground?" Sandy questioned. "The ship went free falling through the multiverse." Debbie said. "Right, then there was a crash. We passed out on impact." Sandy said, wiping blood from her head. "The entire ship is not likely submerged. We'll head out through a back exit and see if we can make it to the surface." Debbie said. Outside, we see the knights and guardians of Karmania, alongside Ranen. "I'm worried about whoever is inside." Audrey said, clenching to Jake's arm. "I'm worried about what danger they may pose." Ranen said, cautiously. "They could be friendly for all we know." Madison said. "Or they could be blood sucking aliens!" Nick suggested. "I wish I could see that." Cameron said, smirking. "Trust me, if they're aliens... be lucky you can't see them. They could be hideous." Cynthia said. "Or hot." Tori said. Madison looked at her oddly. "What? It's a thought." Tori said, shrugging. "Guys, listen. There's someone coming from around the back." Trent said. Sandy and Debbie are seen. "Woo, thank goodness for that back exit." Sandy said. "Sandy, look." Debbie said, as they noticed the others. Jake, Zero, Cameron, Trent and Nick pulled out their swords. "Who are you two?" Jake asked. Sandy and Debbie looked at each other in confusion. "Sandy... where are we?" Debbie asked in a whisper. TO.BE.CONTINUED NOTES: Second part of the Crisis of the Jelliens crossover. It is revealed that Katherine, Tim, Marshall, Melondy, Peter, and Tomoya were all switched with Jellien impostors after the explosion. Queen Liza reveals to Jarvix that the higher ups in their species have been working on a comprehensive impostor technology. Jarvix's parents tried to put a stop to it, leading to their deaths. Tyrone is revealed to be a metafish with light-based powers, having kept it a secret from Peter. Sandy and Debbie crash land in Karmania after the Skyripper survives an explosion set up by the impostor Jelliens.
  13. I think they can be effective and functional for a work, depending on how they're written. It all goes back to making good filler.
  14. Focus on character mythology or further world building. Don't totally ignore the main threat/plot, but rather keep it on the periphery. That's what I would do.
  15. Oh yeah, of course. I think good filler is when the episode still relates to the fringes of the main plot of the season or deepens a show/character's mythology. That was something I found myself doing a lot for Team SpongeBob's last few seasons. Lately, I've been beginning to apply the same to Miss Appear.
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