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  1. 223a. Move That Bubble Bath Bubblebath was in his basement, hosting a fake talk show with a cardboard cut-out of a Krabby Patty. He was doing this because the writers forgot how to write any sort of hobby or pop culture for Bikini Bottom that isn't the holy sandwich. Eventually his mother rightfully screams at his ass to do chores that even Bubblebath should be able to reasonably accomplish without having a heart attack. Bubblebath goes full Howard Wolowitz and chooses to scream back at her and decline so that he can go back to masturbating with the cardboard cut-out. She tosses the garbage down onto Bubblebath, hoping it will mask his already terrible stench. Bubblebath has had it and prepares himself a hot bath. Bubblebath laments being in his 20s and not being able to afford his own home. He wishes he had a get rich quick scheme. As he drenches his naked body, he looks down at the tub water and gets a devilish idea. Just like internet famous girl Belle Delfish, he could sell his own grotesque water to Bikini Bottom's gullible saps and brand it as "Gamer Boy Bath Water". All he needed were two able-bodied losers to lift his fatass and his product door to door. Bubblebath knew the perfect two people who were indebted to him. Thus we cut to Spongebob and Patrick carrying Bubblebath inside of his Bubblebath all around town. Bubblebath manages to repulse the entire female populace with his public nude poses. His comic store acquaintances are not willing to fork over either. Bubblebath is baffled that the chance to own part of his essence would be rejected. Even as a beverage it wasn't the nastiest thing these bottomfeeders had drank this season. That's when Bubblebath noticed a grief-stricken Skodwarde walking down the street with a bucket. Skodwarde was taking Gary's gathered remains to a cemetery and was working up the courage to break the news to Spongebob. Bubblebath self-absorbedly yelled towards him, demanding to know the secret of why girls couldn't get enough of swallowing his ink. Skodwarde looked up at him and could not believe his eyes.... Bubblebath's mode of transportation was actually Gyro's time machine tub from DuckTales! Skodwarde, being an extensive DuckTales lore buff, asked Bubblebath how he acquired this marvel of technology. Bubblebath explains that he took it when he was inside the Scrapped Dimension (sure that checks out) but thought it was just a replica. Skodwarde insists he must commandeer it, but the desperation only gives Bubblebath an idea. He'll give Skodwarde one ride in it if he buys his entire stock of "Gamer Boy Bath Water". Skodwarde's stomach turned, but he shook Bubblebath's hand on it and got in the tub. In no time, they were back at the Gary's critic corner moments before it went live. Skodwarde got out and grabbed Gary from the backstage, but Gary wasn't leaving without a fight. "UNHAND ME, HEATHEN. I CAN HAVE YOUR PREHISTORIC SHOW CANCELLED INSTANTLY! I CAN BE A SUCCESSFUL SPINOFF!" Gary furiously protested. "GET IN THE TUB! GET. IN. THE. TUB!" Skodwarde argued back, knowing they had to leave before Skolliam heard the commotion. Bubblebath was enamored with the talk show and wanted to get a closer look. "It's so much different than the ones I have with my Funko action figures". That's when Skodwarde got a devious idea. He told Bubblebath he could stay there and that he really just wanted Gary to not be a public celebrity. But someone of Bubblebath's talent was destined to make unsuspecting late night lame-o guests uncomfortable with his loud snarky mouth. With that kind of fame he could sell anything. Live anywhere. Be anyone. Bubblebath was salivating hundreds of pickles out of his mouth at the thought. Bubblebath chortles and bids Skodwarde adieu, such a bubbly soul he was. Skodwarde then used his God powers to do the impossible and make Gary take a bath. Back they went to the present, where Skodwarde filled Gary in on everything that had happened. Skodwarde showed him the bucket of his snail remains right before they vanished, and the proof of Bubblebath's death at the hands of Skolliam was the last piece Gary needed to realize Skodwarde had really done a commendable thing. Gary swore he'd help Skodwarde stop Skolliam even if his life was in the balance again. But before any of that, they both left to attend Bubblebath's house, where Bubblebath's mother was throwing the biggest bash Bikini Bottom had ever seen!
  2. Series Getting Screen-time in October: 12 The Walking Dead/Talking Dead (Season Premieres Month) Survivor (Hopefully Rob and Sandra Shut Up Month) Teen Titans Go (Season Premiere Month) Ben 10 (Season Finale/Season Premiere Month) Raven's Home The Simpsons (Treehouse 666th Month) Family Guy (Disney Reboot Month) South Park Spongebob Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends (Young Kukui/Zoroark Acquiry/Subzero Slammer Showcase Month) Dragon Ball Super (Goku, Frieza, and Jiren Eliminations/Android 17 Last Standing ToP MVP/Series Finale Month) November 2019: 1 My Hero Academia Probably December 2019: 2 New Looney Tunes American Dad 2020: 11 Doctor Who The Amazing Race Better Call Saul Search Party Amphibia Infinity Train Total DramaRama We Bare Bears Miraculous Ladybug DuckTales Big Brother 22
  3. I've hadden my adventure, I don't need something new! I am afraid of what I'm risking if I purchase a ticket to you!
  4. October 2019 Day to Day Schedule: October 1st: (Complete Nothingness) October 2nd: Survivor Island of Idols "YOLO, Let's Play!" and South Park "Band in China". (Complete) October 3rd: (Complete Nothingness) October 4th: Teen Titans Go Season 6 Premiere "Cartoon Feud/Curse of the Booty Scooty/Collect Them All/Butt Atoms". (Complete) October 5th: Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends "Living On the Cutting Edge!", Ben 10 "The Bentathlon/Prey or Play", and Dragon Ball Super Series Finale "A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until We Meet Again!". (Complete) October 6th: The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere "Lines We Cross" With Talking Dead Addition 126/Season 9 Premiere, The Simpsons "Go Big or Go Homer", and Family Guy "Bri-Da". (Complete) October 7th: (Complete Nothingness) October 8th: (Complete Nothingness) October 9th: Survivor Island of Idols "Honesty Would Be Chill" and South Park "SHOTS!!!". (Complete) October 10th: (Complete Nothingness) October 11th: Raven's Home "Creepin' It Real". (Complete) Saw El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie On Netflix October 12th: Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends (Inspiration) "A Timeless Encounter!", Spongebob "The Ghost of Plankton/A Cabin in the Kelp", and Ben 10 "Beware the Scare-Crow/The Night Ben Tennyson Came to Town". (2/5 Complete) October 13th: The Walking Dead (Alpha/Beta Backstory) "We Are The End of The World" With Talking Dead Addition 127, The Simpsons "The Fat Blue Line", and Family Guy "Absolutely Babulous". October 14th: Teen Titans Go "TV Knight 5". October 15th: (Complete Nothingness) October 16th: Survivor Island of Idols "Plan Z" and South Park "TBA". October 17th: (Complete Nothingness) October 18th: Raven's Home "Girls Just Wanna Have Phones". October 19th: Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends (Total Filler) "Pikachu's Exciting Adventure!" and Ben 10 Season 3 Finale "And Xingo Was His Name-O/Fear in the Family". (2/3 Complete) October 20th: The Walking Dead "Ghosts" With Talking Dead Addition 128, The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror XXX", and Family Guy "Disney's The Reboot". October 21st: (Complete Nothingness) October 22nd: (Complete Nothingness) October 23rd: Survivor Island of Idols "Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You". October 24th: (Complete Nothingness) October 25th: Raven's Home "Friday Night Tights" and Teen Titans Go "Witches Brew". October 26th: Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends (Brother/Sister) "Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!", Ben 10 Season 4 Premiere "Xingo Nation", and Ben 10 "Heads of the Family". October 27th: The Walking Dead "Silence the Whisperers" With Talking Dead Addition 129. October 28th: (Complete Nothingness) October 29th: (Complete Nothingness) October 30th: Survivor Island of Idols "Suck It Up Buttercup" and South Park "TBA". October 31st: (Complete Halloween Nothingness)
  5. Series Getting Screen-time in September: 14 OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes (Boxbots and Boxman Redemption/Tournament Theme Montage/Unused Ideas/Life Flashing By Series Finale Month) Steven Universe (Musical Spinel Movie Month) Teen Titans Go (2003 Titans Crossover DVD Movie Month) Ben 10 (Out of Order Should Be Season Finale Month) Raven's Home (Levi's Dad Month) DuckTales (Rich Louie/Glomgold Wins/Donald and Della/Lunaris Outsmarted/FOWL Reveal Season Finale Month) Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends (Primarina Evolution/Bewear vs. Matori Month) Dragon Ball Super (Android 17 "Sacrifice"/Vegeta Elimination/Ultra Instinct Mastery Month) Spongebob (RandomLand Month) The Simpsons (Season Premiere Month) Family Guy (Season Premiere Month) South Park (Season Premiere Month) Survivor (Season Premiere Month) Big Brother 21 (Season Finale Month) October 2019: 3 The Walking Dead/Talking Dead My Hero Academia Rest of 2019: 6 New Looney Tunes Miraculous Ladybug Search Party American Dad Total DramaRama We Bare Bears 2020: 5 Doctor Who The Amazing Race Better Call Saul Amphibia Infinity Train
  6. 221a. Gary's Actually Exciting Critic Corner *we see a stage similar to the Total Drama Aftermath, with Gary sitting on a couch* "Welcome Bikini Bottom, I bet you all are wondering why and how a snail has acquired the power to talk. Nevermind that, it's just as much bullshit as it sounds. Today I am here to speak my mind to a number of special guests and share some behind the scenes Skodwarde content you won't want to miss." *camera pans over to the peanut gallery with Skodwarde, Skolliam, Mr. Krabs, Pole, Plankton, Karen, and Scott* "Unfortunately my owner Papa Bob and the stinky man aren't here tonight because they are giving an even stinkier man a bath or something. Now I'll start with an easy one, Pole, come on down". Pole was elated to do as Gary said, desperate for TV attention whoring. Gary smirked his toothy snail grin and grilled her about how nobody in Bikini Bottom likes her or how barren her personality is beyond what a bunch of old male writers think current generation teenage girls act like. Pole defended herself, saying that's not true and that her daddy and even now her babysitter Skodwarde love her tons. Gary raises his eyebrow at this claim. Gary clicks his remote and the overhead screen starts playing a deleted footage song from before Skodwarde's big rescue in Pole Watching. Skodwarde: The hairs on my balls are a tangled mess. Oo, mess! They're itching so hard I think I might need my doctor to test. Oo, test! I tried to fit two cocks up my hole. Oo, hole! I ended up, Stuck Watching Pole! He got fucked, should've ducked, worst of luck, stuck, stuck watching Pole! I fell for every little thing that Krabs said. Oo, said! And when I closed my eyes, Pole hopped out of bed. Oo, bed! She's moved on, I don't want to give chase. Oo, chase! Would somebody pour hot jizz down my face! He got fucked, should've ducked, worst of luck, stuck, stuck watching Pole. Stuck, stuck, watching Pole! *the screen cuts to black, as we zoom in on Pole crying in anguish about that unflattering song* "Wait, who were those back-up singers anyways?!". Pole screamed confused. Skodwarde interjects and tells her those were some of her friends that stopped by looking for her, but they liked what they found with his dick more instead. Pole flees to go puke from the betrayal, with Mr. Krabs in pursuit. "You can forget about our previous agreement, Mr. Skodwarde!". *Gary shrugs at Krabs exiting* "Guess he'll miss out on our big 500 dollar jackpot giveaway, that my owner Papa Bob so generously donated after thinking it was gum". *Gary randomizes a winner, which turns out to be Scott* "Oh boy! This will pay for one entire college textbook!" Scott rejoiced before zipping outside, making le funny classic one-liner because he mentioned college and our terrible economy. Remember kids, vote Bernie Sanders in 2020, it's what Scott would want. "Seguing there, please give a nod to COMMUNITY COLLEGE GRADUATE Sheldon J. Plankton, and his wife who recently gave birth, Karen." *Karen is holding a baby named Chip, distracted by the little guy* "So tell me Plankton, what is it like having such a small micropenis that it can fit inside a computer's input jack?" Gary chuckled. Plankton cusses back at Gary, upsetting Karen who covers Chip's ears and leaves with him in a huff. "Wait Karen, I didn't mean to pollute our child's mind!". Plankton tries to follow behind but an anvil drops down, sending him through the floor. "That was for our Truth or Anvil segment, which I was about to explain....oh well, we're down to our last guests of the night!". Skodwarde and Skolliam sigh but oblige. Suddenly the tone of Gary's talk show gets very serious. "I wanted you here most of all tonight, Skodwarde and Skolliam. See, I know that out of everyone in town you have the juiciest gossip left to spill as two Gods. For all this time I couldn't speak, you were the question left dangling the most for me...". Skolliam starts laughing maniacally, using his God powers to take over the broadcast connection and lift Gary into the air. "Listen here mollusk, there is only ONE God present at your sham of a talk show tonight. I'm just here to get the message out and make an example. Bikini Bottom will finally accept me as king of the show or..... Skolliam crushes his fist in, causing Gary to explode in a similar way to how Frieza killed Krillin. "You'll all end up like Gary the Snail! Or should I say Shatterbox Gary. Hahaahahaha". He xat smirks at Skodwarde and blasts out of there before Skodwarde is even able to clean Gary's gross ass remains off his body. RIP Gary 2011-2019. He really is above it all now. ;( Can he still rain fire down upon this enemy?! Stay tuned...
  7. We'll know plots well before they premiere, you charlatan
  8. 217b. Man Gay Refurnishes One day Skodwarde is browsing through the papers when he sees an ad for a service called RentAFiend, a service for lonely scumbags who want a live-in guest they can feel comfortably despicable around for a price. Skodwarde scoffs at the idea, after all, he is his own best company. However, Skodwarde had been planning a trip down to see his occasional male lover Hades in Hell, and he needed a house sitter since Spongebob and Patrick had been breaking in and stealing his bras. He called the number and in a matter of hours the evil villain Man Ray was at his doorstep. Skodwarde let him in, but was getting ready to leave. Man Ray unpacked and undressed, starting to feel at home. When Skodwarde saw Man Ray's tight dad bod (a body so powerful it inspired lewd comments from lesbian SBC women), he cancelled on Hades immediately, and the two began a hot and steamy bicurious fuck week. Skodwarde was feeling a great connection he'd never had with anyone, until he started to see Man Ray remodel his precious Nazi decor without his permission. Skodwarde realized there was a level of commitment his blackened selfish heart wanted no part of and knew there was only one way to sabotage his new life without having to pay a huge RentAFiend bill. Skodwarde requests the help of Mermaid Pants and Barnacle Star, convincing them Man Ray is the reason he's HIV Positive. Mermaid Pants and Barnacle Star barge on in to to teach the scoundrel a lesson in sex safety. They wrap him in a giant condom, and he stumbles around smashing all his new furniture. Skodwarde can't look at this disaster any longer, so he uses his God powers to turn Spongebob and Patrick into ice pops. Man Ray bursts out of the condom and Skodwarde tries to explain himself. Man Ray is having none of it though, his mask is already enough suffocating rubber as it is and he's not into breath play. "THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR TRYING TO BE NORMAL!".The whole experienced has traumatized him on trusting gay/bi squids. With that he hops into his Scuber (haha that joke will never be dated), and rides STRAIGHT to his next destination. A Straight Pride Parade! And that's the story of how Man Ray Got His Groove Back!
  9. September 2019 Day to Day Schedule: (Complete) September 1st: Big Brother 21 Episode 30. (Complete) September 2nd: Saw Steven Universe: The Movie On Cartoon Network September 3rd: DuckTales "What Ever Happened To Donald Duck?!". (Complete) September 4th: Big Brother 21 Episode 31 and DuckTales "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!". (Complete) September 5th: Big Brother 21 Episode 32 (Double Eviction Night) and DuckTales "A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!". (Complete) September 6th: DuckTales "The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!", OK K.O.! "Dendy's Video Channel", OK K.O.! Special "Let's Fight to the End", and OK K.O.! Series Finale "Thank You For Watching the Show". (Complete) September 7th: Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends "The One That Didn't Get Away!" and Dragon Ball Super (17's Supposed Death) "The Approaching Wall! Hope Placed In a Final Barrier!". (Complete) September 8th: Big Brother 21 Episode 33. (Complete) September 9th: DuckTales "Timephoon!". (Complete) September 10th: DuckTales "GlomTales!". (Complete) September 11th: Big Brother 21 Episode 34 and DuckTales "The Richest Duck In the World!". (Complete) September 12th: Big Brother 21 Episode 35 and DuckTales One Hour Season 2 Finale "Moonvasion!". (Complete) September 13th: Raven's Home "Disorder in the Court". (Complete) September 14th: Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends "A Recipe For Success!", Spongebob "Mind the Gap/Breakin", and Dragon Ball Super "To the Noble, Proud End! Vegeta Falls!". (Complete) September 15th: Big Brother 21 Episode 36. (Complete) September 16th: (Complete Nothingness) September 17th: (Complete Nothingness) September 18th: Big Brother 21 Episode 37. (Complete) September 19th: Big Brother 21 Episode 38. (Complete) September 20th: Raven's Home "School House Trap". (Complete) September 21st: Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends "Spying For the Big Guy!", Spongebob "Spongebob In RandomLand/Spongebob's Bad Habit", Ben 10 Special "Roundabout", and Dragon Ball Super "Limits Super Surpassed! Extreme Ultra Instinct Mastery!". (Complete) September 22nd: Big Brother 21 Episode 39 (Penultimate Recap). (Complete) September 23rd: (Complete Nothingness) September 24th: Saw Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans Through Digital Purchase September 25th: Survivor Island of Idols Season 39 Premiere "I Vote You Out and That's It", South Park Season 23 Premiere "Mexican Joker", and Big Brother 21 Finale/Episode 40. (Complete) September 26th: (Complete Nothingness) September 27th: Raven's Home "Cali Dreams". (Complete) September 28th: Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends "A Fiery Training Camp Trick!", Spongebob "Squid's On a Bus/The Goofy Newbie", Ben 10 "Cirque-Us", Ben 10 "Forever Road", and Dragon Ball Super "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!". (Complete) September 29th: The Simpsons Season 31 Premiere "The Winter of Our Monetized Content" and Family Guy Season 18 Premiere "Yacht Rocky". (Complete) September 30th: (Complete Nothingness) Total Premieres For September 2019: 49
  10. Series Getting Screen-time in August: 12 Infinity Train (Series Premiere/Season Finale Month) OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes (Venomous Father and Laserblast Reveal/Sonic/Last Dendy and Red Action Focus/Getting Shadowy Month) Teen Titans Go (Viewers' Bumblebee Decision Month/Season Finale Month) Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends (League Announcing/Destructor Meeting/Rocket Rap Month) My Hero Academia (Therapy Brawl/Season Finale Month) Dragon Ball Super (Dyspo/Gohan/Top Elimination Month) Spongebob (Plankrabs/Karen's Baby Month) American Dad (Klaus' Funeral Month) Talking Dead (Preview Month) New Looney Tunes (Final Season Premiere Month) Miraculous Ladybug (Season Premiere Month) Big Brother 21 (Field Trip Month) September 2019: 8 Steven Universe DuckTales Raven's Home Ben 10 Survivor South Park The Simpsons Family Guy October 2019: 1 The Walking Dead Rest of 2019: 3 Search Party Total DramaRama We Bare Bears 2020: 4 Doctor Who The Amazing Race Better Call Saul Amphibia
  11. Would not have really cared if this became unrecoverable lost media Florpus is the only Nicktoon thing that needed attention this year
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Mrs. Puff Witch An exclusive item given to whoever completed the Candy Hunt at Octerror Fest 2017.1
Ghost Pet 1
Fisherman Coat An exclusive item given to whoever won Hooky at Octerror Fests 2015, 2016 & 2017.1
Fisherman Hat An exclusive item given to whoever won Hooky at Octerror Fest 2016.1
Tree Costume 1
Snowman Costume 1
Red Scarf 1
Snowman Head 1
Green Winter Jacket 1
Red Nose 2
Penguin Costume 1
Jingle Bell Hat 1
Holiday Scarf 1
Holiday Gang An exclusive item given to whoever completed the Present Hunt at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Winter SpongeBob An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Santa Claus An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Chocolate Flower 1
Chocolate Karate Glove 1
Chocolate Snail 1
Lei 1
Box Shoes 1
Box Outfit 1
Box Head 1
3D Glasses 1
Cheese Tie 1
Chrome Spray 1
Space Suit 1
Green Alien Mask 1
Jellien Eyes 1
Alien Headband 1
Jellien Hat 1
Robot Suit 1
Robot Head 1
Ray Gun 1
Skateboard 1
Trombone 1
Drastical Vuvuzela 1
SpongeBob Egg Given to whoever completed the Easter Egg Hunt during March Madness 2018.1
This One's On The House A shirt for Skodwarde fans.1
Red Propeller Cap 1
Jelly Donut 1
Horsey 1
Jolly Good Rookie Donut For he is a jolly good Rookie!1
Cotton Candy 2018 1
Bunch of Balloons 1
Mime Costume 1
Mime Beret 1
Balloon Flower Hat 1
Little Clown 1
Secret Agent Snail Badge 1
Clown Costume 2018 1
Clown Wig 2018 1
Star Necklace 1
Community Deathmatch Badge 1
Red Racer 1
No 1 Squid Does not suck eggs!1
Squid Shirt 1
It's Just Posts! A shirt for Community Deathmatch fans.1
Steel Hoodie 1
Tiara 1
Mystic Guardians Shirt 1
Ragboy Fresh from the trash!1
Soccer Cleats 1
329 Egg And nobody forget it!1
Drastical Soccer Boots 1
Drastical Soccer Shorts 1
Drastical Soccer Shirt 1
Free Toy Free toys for everyone!1
Chest Thing Helps to get this thing off your chest!1
Squidward Soccer Given to whoever completed the Soccer Ball Hunt at Sponge Cup.1
Squidward's Hair Piece 1
ChefBob Puppet Terrible at cooking. Excellent at roasting!1
Little Buddy Radio 1
SpongeBuck Given to whoever hit the yellow target in Bullseye Target at Rodessance.1
Seahorse Head 1
Seahorse Body 1
Cactus Body 1
Cactus Head 1
Vanilly Ice Cream Free coffin measurement included!1
2% Milk Think you can handle it?1
Cow Skull A barrel of laughs, but lazy. 1
Acoustic Guitar 1
Coffin Jockey 1
Cowboy Bandana 1
Peco Patrick Given to whoever won it from Seahorse Rodeo at Rodessance.1
Cowboy Boots 1
Cowboy Hat 1
Dead Eye Whip 1
Dead Eye Stache 1
Dead Eye Hat 1
Dead Eye Bowtie 1
SpongeBuck Hat 1
SpongeBuck Bowtie 1
Peco Patrick Overalls 1
Peco Patrick Pants 1
Peco Patrick Hat 1
Peco Patrick Shirt 1
SpongeBuck Pants 1
SpongeBuck Shirt 1
Kissy Kissy You will be publicly humiliated for the last time!1
Long Blonde Hair 1
TeenGirl Hair 1
Sheriff Badge No take backs!1
SpongeBuck Trophy 1
Buizel Feet 1
Buizel Neck 1
Buizel Costume 1
Buizel Head 1
Elvis Hair 1
Treat Bag 1
Black Eye For those who use toothpaste.1
Popcorn Bucket Save your appetite for this!1
Brain Head Dont worry, it grows back!1
Frankenstein Hat 1
Ghost Bucket You got this hat!1
Ghost Mop A real life ghost mop!1
Frankenstein Costume 1
Pizza Costume 1
Skeleton Costume 2018 1
Skeleton Mask 1
Swordfish Sword Youll feel like Errol Fin!1
Haunted Sleeping Bag Now thats scary!1
Dutchman Coat 1
Dutchman Hat 1
Dutchman Beard 1
Candy Bowl Thats enough of a treat!1
Fish Baby 1
Vampire Suit 1
Vampire Pants 1
Vampire Hair 1
Vampire Cape 1
Mad Scientist Costume 1
Mad Scientist Hair 1
Witch Broom 1
Witch Dress 1
Witch Nose 1
Witch Hat 2
Goldfish Hat You wont get it.1
Pearl Frankenstein Bride Given to whoever completed the Candy Hunt during Octerror Fest 2018.1
Snowball Given to whoever won it from Snowball Throw at Snowcember Ball 2018.1
SpongeBob Cookie Only for the children, not for pesky parrots!1
Ugly Xmas Sweater - Fruitcakes 1
Bauble Eyes Shopping, decorating and plenty of beauty!1
New Hairstyle Unbaked cookie dough!1
Wrench The perfect gift for any little girl!1
Candy Cane 2018 Step outside, we ve got something for you to buy!1
Gingerbread Costume 1
Gingerbread Mask 1
Wooden Clarinet Will make you feel like jerk!1
Jerk Face 2018 Dont be a jerk, its capitalism!1
Elf Shoes 1
Elf Shirt 1
Elf Nose 1
Elf Ears 2018 1
Elf Hat 2018 1
Abominable Snow Mollusk Body 1
Abominable Snow Mollusk Head 1
Ugly Xmas Sweater - SpongeBob 1
Knitted Sweater With love in every stitch!1
Gingerbread Man Given to whoever completed the Present Hunt at Snowcember Ball 2018.1
GCA Award 1
Squidward's Clarinet 1
Gift Box 1
Blue Swim Trunks 1
Hawaiian Shirt 1
Water Helmet 1
Snail - Christmas 1
Snail 1
Jellyfish 1
Worm 1
Nudibranch 1
Sea Bunny 1
Scallop 1
Rocky 1
Marshmallow Stick 1
Purple Sweater Only wear at winter!1
Blue Sneakers Hope you know how to tie them!1
Donut Conscience They re covered in sprinkles!1
Executive Tie Enter the world of business!1
Patrick Shorts 1
Plank Never enter a hat store again!1
Patrick Eyelids 1
Patrick Lei 1
Urchin Beard You are an adult now!1
Wumbo Shirt 1
Valentine Shirt 1
White Suit 1
White Pants 1
Flower Bouquet Smell the roses!1
Robot 1
Plankton Fedora 1
Acorn Balloon 1
Cotton Earmuffs If you can read this, dont wake up!1
Green Karate Gloves I love karate!1
Bellboy Pants 1
Bellboy Shirt 1
Bellboy Hat 1
Director Megaphone 1
Film Script 1
Clapboard 1
Sandy Tail 1
Director Beret CUT!1
Movie Camera 1
Papa Mask You aint my pa!1
Sandy Night Cap 1
Will Smith Autograph Given to whoever won it from the Movie Makers minigame.1
Welding Mask 1
Godfather Hair 1
Sandy Boots 1
Boom Mic Did somebody say boom?1
Old Camera 1
Sandy Helmet 1
Sandy Night Gown 1
Police Cap 1
Sandy Suit 1
Scientist Coat 1
Police Pants 1
Starlet Dress 1
Starlet Hair 1
Starlet Pearl Earrings 1
Starlet Pearl Necklace 1
Pink Karate Gloves 1
Godfather Suit Top 1
Godfather Suit Pants 1
Godfather Shoes 1
Black Gloves 1
Police Shirt 1
Police Star 1
Pink Gown 1
Sandy Top 1
Glove Feet Hats on our Captains quarters too!1
Sandy Undies 1
Twirling Flag 1
Anti-Ghost Armor 1
Anti-Ghost Helmet 1
Fishing Coat A reward for all your hard work!1
Fishing Hat Better than a powdered wig!1
Hook The hooks boyo!1
Krabs Pants 1
Krabs Shirt 1
Tied Up Rope What color is my underwear?1
Speech Bubble The ceiling is right!1
Red Eyes 1
Krabs Ascot Be the head chef on the SS Diarrhoea!1
Metal Pincher 1
Pizza Box Drink not included!1
Dime Bump Me Dime!1
Komedy Glasses Ar ar ar!1
Komedy Suit 1
Feel It Face 1
Feel It Hat 1
Komedy Bowtie 1
Klown Tie 1
Klown Nose 1
Giant Pill You hate the pill!1
Giant Wallet 1
Treasure Chest PLASTIC!1
Antique Umbrella Formerly belong to the Queen of Switzerland!1
Specter Deflector 1
Flower SpongeBob Given to whoever completed the Flower Hunt during March Madness 2019.1
Mama Krabs Bloomers Don't miss the panty raid!1
Bold and Brash More like belongs in the trash!1
Artist Beret 1
Artist Bowtie 1
Artist Nose NOW it s art!1
Artist Outfit 1
Hoop Skirt 1
Goofy Sombrero 2019 1
Boxer Shorts Oh no they re hot! 1
Lodge Robes 1
Lodge Neckpiece 1
Lodge Hat 1
Clarinet 1
Bath Hat 1
Professor Wig Good morning professor!1
Squidward Shirt 1
Squidward Neck Meh.1
Soap Pants 1
Tear Sweater Is this any better?1
Eyelash Sweater I heart you!1
Bomb Pie Well here you go!1
Umbrella Hat You re the boss, you deserve it!1
Squilliam Gown 1
Squilliam Unibrow Big and valuable!1
Snail - Snellie 1
Gary Bowl Hat 1
Doodle Crown Royal meow!1
Gary Bindle For when you don t get fed!1
Gary Shoes You can buy shoes!1
Gary Slippers 1
Gary Antennae 1
Snail Plasma Watch your nose!1
Snail Love Shirt 1
Snail - Jerry 1
Snail - Luciano 1
Snail - Larry 1
Library Robes Dream about eating shoes!1
Beary It's a bear!1
Ice Cream Hat 1
Pixel Shades 1
Squid Hat 1
Ice Cream 2019 1
Bow Kitty 1
Gary Dress 1
Pride Flag To show off your pride!1
Mrs. Puff Dress 1
Mrs. Puff Hair 1
Mrs. Puff Shoes 1
Mrs. Puff Fancy Dress 1
Mrs. Puff Fancy Hat 1
Boatmobile Outfit 1
Glove Dispenser and Tongue 1
Pig Plush 1
Winner Teddy 1
Octopus Plush 1
Lovely Lion 1
Chicken Plush 1
Unicorn Plush 1
Clown Frown 1
Topper Kitty 1
Glove Shirt 1
Glove Pants 1
Glove Hat 1
Glove Balloon An exclusive item given to whoever purchased it from the Prize Store at Spin-Off Festival 9.1
Glove Costume 1
Blue Motorbike 1
Winged Viking Helmet 1
Fist O Pain Badge 1
Gooberberry Sunrise 1
Goober Hat 1
Manly Mustache Turns you into a MAN!1
Sideburns 1
Doodle 1
Sponge 1
Goober Lollipop WAITOR!1
Spatula 1
Trendy Glasses Perfect for covering up black eyes!1
SpongeBob Shoes 1
Handsome Hair 1
SpongeBob Costume 1
Anchor Arms WIMP!1
Battle Helmet 1
20th Anni. Shirt 1
Magic Mask Has it seen a krabby patty?1
Hard Hat You re all see!1
Banjo Needs another string!1
Plankton Spongehead Don't worry; your cranium is in good hands.1
Mawgu Hammer Feel the might of his hammer!1
General Cap 1
Single Boot To match dissem! 1
Dual Ice Cream Cones But you only needed ONE!1
Patty Stealers T-Shirt 1
General Gloves 1
Rockstar Hair Guitar strum!1
I Heart Computer Wife 1
College Degree 1
Lankton Vest 1
Lankton Beard 1
Jetpack Neptune's Crown ain't gonna steal itself!1
Spot 1
Secret Formula The secret ingredient is krab!1
Anniversary Hat Celebrating 10 years of SBC!1
Patar Face 1
Zombie Makeup 1
Zombie Shirt 2001
Zombie Jeans 1
Werewolf Costume 1
Werewolf Mask 1
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