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  1. Yuck Strawberry cheesecake
  2. CDCB

    231a. My Leg!

    It's been over a year and I'm still caught up in the beat of that "My Leg" song. Really fun, wacky nod to the fans. One of my favorite episodes in the last couple years.
  3. Plot somewhat revealed, among other stuff. https://www.cartoonbrew.com/feature-film/the-spongebob-movie-its-a-wonderful-sponge-will-be-an-origin-story-165568.html
  4. Found this landlubber hiding around on a tape that came in yesterday.
  5. I dislike most Illumination movies, especially Sing.
  6. From "Fools in April" Squidward: Yes, SpongeBob! I meant every word! SpongeBob: Even the part about the lima beans and the car chase? Squidward: ... Yes! Yes! Whatever.
  7. For the past several months, TheTideAndSeeker and I have been cooking up a chronological guide to every single time SpongeBob aired on Nickelodeon before Season 4 began. To determine which episode aired on which day, we've gone through old newspaper archives, fan recordings, and some cool top secret sources. While the list will obviously never be 100% complete, it's been a fun venture into the history of the show. In cases where we have footage of the airing, pictures are hyperlinked. And of course, any help with air dates, finding recordings, etc. is always appreciated. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XeKmlbo-xje_7gUncbffR1SxaD9whcy6E5KdnyOhWnE Preview:
  8. Yay, I'm in the example GIF! But seriously, I hope this campaign is really successful.
  9. Heartbreaking news. SpongeBob gave me some of the best laughs in the more difficult times I've had, and this hits me really hard. If he doesn't manage to pull through, I hope he can at least enjoy the last few years of his life.
  10. Nipple humor done right. *boooooooo woop*
  11. This one started off with some very forced gross out gags, then just went off in whatever direction it felt like. Not as bad as Snooze, but still very bland and dull. Once SpongeBob and the gang moved on from the children's party, there was zero motivation for anything. Everything in the episode just... happened. One thing that really irked me was the lack of any payoff. Throughout the episode, there was a running gag(????) of Mr. Krabs trying to get rid of this annoying kid who kept asking for his birthday cake. You would've thought they'd go the predictable route and the kid would somehow blow Mr. Krabs' cover, but nope. Instead they were unpredictable and ended the episode with a flood! Surf's up, dudes! Ha ha! Funny, right? Ehhh... not really. 2.5/10
  12. I'll say this--the episode had some pretty funny facial expressions. Annnnnd.... that's about it. The rest of it was just a poorly written gross-out episode. I don't mind gross-out humor, but I like it to have more purpose than "Ha ha! Farts and boogers!" so it's not just crammed in there for the sake of having something gross. Plotwise, jjs pretty much hit the nail on the head. We've seen this before. Plankton!, Slimy Dancing, Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy, I <3 Dancing, Squidtastic Voyage... SpongeBob has taken the premise of somebody taking control of another character's body and beaten it into the ground. I want to put out a suggestion or two for what they could have done to improve the episode, but when you've gone through the same plot device at least five times, it's tough to find any new ground to cover. Real disappointing Season 10 entry. 1/10
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